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AWARDS RUNNING ORDERResearch Poster of the YearOUR FINALISTSQUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING POSTER AWARDSQuality Improvement Project Poster of the YearEducational Intervention Project Poster of the YearResearch Poster of the YearPatient Safety Poster of the YearLeadership Project Poster of the YearRachel GoodwinChair’s Poster of the YearPractitioner Researcher & PhD Student, CambridgeCommunity Services NHS TrustTrainee / Student Research Paper of the YearTrainee / Student Quality Improvement Project of the YearTrainee / Student Leader of the YearTitle: Evaluation of NeuroText as a memory aidfor people with Multiple Sclerosis: A randomisedcontrolled trialTrainee / Student Educator of the YearEducator of the YearAnath VijendrenST5 ENT, Luton and Dunstable University HospitalNHS Foundation TrustQUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING POSTER AWARDSQUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDSTitle: Do ENT surgeons develop postural adaptionfrom years of otological procedures?Meng WangST3 Haematology, Cambridge University HospitalsNHS Foundation TrustTitle: Targeting Ion Transporters in MAPK-dependentHaematological Malignancies89

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING POSTER AWARDSQuality Improvement Project Poster of the YearEducational Intervention Project Poster of the YearJonathon HollandEmily GelsonST2 Paediatrics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings LynnNHS Foundation TrustST6 Obstetrics and Gynaecology, West Suffolk HospitalNHS Foundation TrustTitle: Improving Paediatric Headache CareTitle: Home-made simulation training - does it work?Gemma PartridgeElinor JappST5 Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Colchester HospitalUniversity NHS Foundation TrustDental Foundation Training Programme Director,Health Education East of EnglandTitle: Aspirin for the prevention of pre-eclampsia:how can we do better?Title: Supporting Dental Trainees in Difficulties Educating the EducatorsKim WildMohsan Munir MalikST7 Anaesthetics, West Suffolk Hospital NHS FoundationTrustFY1, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS TrustTitle: A Service Improvement Project: Moving FromIntraoperative Intravenous to Preoperative OralSimple Analgesics in Day Surgery10QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING POSTER AWARDSTitle: The effect of cognitive rehearsal on assessmentof acutely unwell patients11

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING POSTER AWARDSPatient Safety Poster of the YearQUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING POSTER AWARDSLeadership Project Poster of the YearAdulis BeyenneAnn WilliamsFY2, Cambridge University HospitalsNHS Foundation TrustClinical Leadership & Development Nurse, Luton andDunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustTitle: Safe Surgical HandoverTitle: Ward Manager Leadership RoleRotimi JaiyesimiAssociate Medical Director for Patient Safety and ConsultantObstetrician & Gynaecologist, Basildon & ThurrockUniversity NHS Foundation HospitalTitle: Reducing Sepsis Mortality Using QIMethodologyJennifer ParrishChair’s Poster of the YearStuart Bloom, Chair of Health Education East ofEngland will be presenting the Chair’s Poster of theYear Award.This award will give the Chair a chance to reflect onthe excellent submissions from all poster finalists,before selecting an independent winner of his choice.DCT Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Southend UniversityHospital NHS Foundation TrustTitle: An Audit of The Modified WHO Checklistin an OMFS Outpatient Department1213

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDSTrainee/Student Research Paper of the YearSam BehjatiMeng WangST5 Paediatrics, East and North Hertfordshire NHS TrustST3 Haematology, Cambridge University HospitalsNHS Foundation TrustGenome sequencing of normal cells revealsdevelopmental lineages and mutational processes.In this paper Sam devised and employed a novel method toreconstruct embryology and to study mutational process innormal cells, using whole genome sequences of single cellclones. The paper was awarded the Donald Paterson Prizeof the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, a prizeawarded for the best scientific articles written by a preConsultant paediatrician.Alexander DurstST4 Trauma and Orthopaedics, West Suffolk Hospital NHSFoundation TrustAutoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) afterAllogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation:Analysis of 533 Adult Patients Who UnderwentTransplantation at King’s College Hospital.AIHA is a poorly characterised post-transplant complication,with no consensus on optimal treatment. Limited case seriesand small retrospective studies indicate that post-transplantAIHA can be very aggressive and resistant to treatment.To better understand the risk factors, prognosis andmanagement of post-transplant AIHA, Meng carried out aretrospective analysis of 533 adult patients that underwentbone marrow transplants at King’s College Hospital.An evaluation of multimodal spinal cord monitoringin scoliosis surgery: a single centre experience of 354operations.The paper’s aims were to show that multimodalneuromonitoring can effectively prevent neurologicalcomplications in spinal deformity surgery, for which therewere loose national guidelines but no current consensusopinion. This research shows high sensitivity and specificityfor its use, and that it should be the gold standard indeformity surgery. This is reliant on an experienced anddedicated team structure.1415

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDSTrainee/Student Quality Improvement Project of the YearSuhas KumarEmma StevensSenior Clinical Fellow, Norfolk and Norwich UniversityHospitals NHS Foundation TrustFY2 Doctor, East and North Hertfordshire NHS TrustOrganisational learning and In-situ simulation:A theory put into practice.Standardised storage of venepuncture andcannulation equipment: Can it deliver efficiencysavings and improve patient care?The project was developed to promote the culture oforganisational learning in the Intensive care unit (ITU). Itinvolves creating a safe learning environment at work. Thiswas possible only by engaging all the individuals in the ITUand bringing them together in improving education, teamworking and the environment. In-situ simulation was atheoretically ideal tool but has not been used previously forthis purpose.This project is based on a problem identified by juniordoctors working in a surgical department. It hasdemonstrated that the use of a standardised storage ofequipment needed for basic, commonly performed wardbased tasks improves efficiency and patient care. Throughcollaborative working with departmental clinicians andmanagers, the outcome of the project has resulted inchanges in the targeted wards.Talitha Mirja de VriesCT2 Anaesthetics, Basildon and Thurrock University HospitalNHS Foundation TrustUse of the National Hip Fracture Database for QualityImprovement in Anaesthesia for Hip Fracture Patients.The aim of this quality improvement project was toimplement the recommendations of the Anaesthetic SprintAudit of Practice 2013 in order to give hip fracture patientsthe best care possible. The project showed very good results- quickly reaching its target rate for spinal anaesthetics,showing that interventions do not need to consume manyresources to be effective.1617

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDSTrainee/Student Leader of the YearAisha GaidoKirsty ThomasAdult Nursing BSc (Hons) Student, Anglia Ruskin UniversityOccupational Therapy BSc (Hons)Student, University of EssexNominated by Joe Laryea, Clinical Learning EnvironmentLead, Health Education East of EnglandAisha is a very keen and enthusiastic student nurse who goesout of her way to assist students both in practice and in theuniversity. She has a very kind, caring and compassionatemanner and treats people with respect and dignity, as seenin the university and from feedbacks from practice. Thisdedication has seen Aisha voted in by unanimous vote foreach year of her course as a course representative by all hercolleagues and as a faculty representative by students withinthe FHSCE in her final year.Nominated by Jo Jackson, Dean of HealthKirsty has held the post of Chair of the OccupationalTherapy society for the past year. Kirsty has demonstratedoutstanding team working skills in co-ordinating the OTsociety and continually promotes the profession throughevents such as the special senses day at Colchester zoo andOT week at the university. Kirsty also initiated a trainingafternoon focussed on leadership.Daniela PetrovaFY2, Cambridge Academic Foundation ProgrammeNominated by Group Captain Andrew Timperley, DeputyAssistant Chief of Staff, Centre of Aviation Medicine, RAFHenlowDaniela has shown excellence in leadership both nationallyand internationally throughout 2014-2015. She singlehandedly organised and chaired the Human SpaceflightPanel at the Royal Aeronautical Society President’sConference. Daniela brought a maturity and innovativethinking far beyond that expected for her years or level oftraining and there are very few that could have performedto such a high standard in the rapidly evolving specialty ofAerospace Medicine.1819

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDSTrainee/Student Educator of the YearChrishan GunasekeraVass VassiliouST2 Ophthalmology, Cambridge University HospitalsNHS Foundation TrustSpR Cardiology, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation TrustNominated by Timothy Ariyanayagam, ST2 Radiology,Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS FoundationTrustChrishan is a most dedicated teacher with a deep interestin medical education; he takes a unique approach toteaching and prioritises enhancing student confidence andimproving clinical skills. Chrishan’s students give universallypositive feedback, and both quantitative and qualitativeanalyses performed on these courses actually demonstrateda significant improvement in pass rate and studentconfidence.Nominated by Manoj Goonewardene, ConsultantCardiologistDr Vassiliou consistently and clearly demonstrates hisimmense passion for education and his exemplarydedication in the training of doctors. He has receivedexcellent feedback for his clinical supervision of CambridgeUniversity undergraduates and trainees who he supportedwith bedside teaching, exam preparation and helping to getthe “so desired” first publication.Veronica MelchiondaFY2 Doctor, Southend University HospitalNHS Foundation TrustNominated by George Zachariah, Royal College TutorVeronica has been actively involved in various teachinginitiatives organised by the postgraduate faculty. Someof them were initiated by her and it is a proof to herorganisational skill that she managed to run the ‘Falls Series’- teaching for junior Doctors to reflections around thechallenges faced in opening a new ward with suggestionsfor process and engagement for the future. Veronica seesevery challenge as an opportunity and also puts it to paper.2021

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDSEducator of the YearKunle AshayeKevin O’ReganConsultant Psychiatrist, Hertfordshire Partnership UniversityNHS Foundation TrustHealth Visitor Practice Teacher, Cambridge CommunityServices NHS TrustNominated by Peter Goodleman, Jackie Knight, PhilipAnthony, Ravi Raja, Dilini Jayalath, Nancy Nyamande, SonikaBhasin, Juanita Hoe, Victor AsamoahNominated by Sue Mills, Clinical Lead for Health Visiting,Health Education East of EnglandKunle’s enthusiasm, passion and most important value forcontinuing professional development is outstanding fromboth an inter-professional and intra-professional learningperspective. Kunle’s dedication towards training, development,education and research, for which he received the ChiefExecutive Officer’s award, is exemplary. His dedication isevident by spending long hours after work ensuring all histargets relating to training and education are being met.Kevin is an unsung hero for years who has impacted onnumerous lives by teaching and nurturing student healthvisitors to be competent, kind, professional and skilfulpractitioners making a difference to children and families.Kevin has shown excellence in the education of healthvisiting students and carries out his work with a wonderfulhumour and a positive approach.Patricia EdwardsLead Pharmacist for Education and Training, Luton andDunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustNominated by Cathy Geeson, NIHR Clinical DoctoralResearch FellowPatsy is a dedicated and talented educator, who consistentlydemonstrates her outstanding abilities through hernumerous, and highly valued, contributions to thedevelopment of healthcare professionals within manydisciplines. She also shows great insight and innovation inher educational approaches, as evidenced by her work todevelop medical student teaching within the Trust, which wasrecognised and praised by the Sub-dean of University CollegeLondon and held as an exemplar for other trusts to follow.2223

QUALITY IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING AWARDS Trainee/Student Leader of the Year Aisha Gaido Adult Nursing BSc (Hons) Student, Anglia Ruskin University Nominated by Joe Laryea, Clinical Learning Environment Lead, Health Education East of England Aisha is a very keen and enthusiastic student nurse who goes out of her way to assist students both in practice and in the university. She has a very kind .

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