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REGISTER OF THETAX INSTITUTEACCREDITEDPROVIDERS/COURSESContact optionsFax 61 2 8223 hip Division, The Tax InstituteGPO Box 1694 Sydney, NSW 2001Fellow membership of The Tax Institute requires a minimum of one undergraduate and one postgraduate course/unit in Australiantaxation law. As at 1 June 2012, the following course providers offer accredited subjects/courses to satisfy the equivalence of CTA1Foundations or CTA2 Advanced (or both).Course providerCodeCourseGriffith University3106AFE and 3108AFEEquivalent to CTA1 Foundations or CTA2 AdvancedUniversity of Southern QueenslandLAW3130 and LAW3131Equivalent to CTA1 Foundations or CTA2 AdvancedCharles Sturt UniversityLAW514This was a full year course and constitutes one introductoryand one advanced Australian taxation law subject. Thisequivalence will be retired after 1 July 2013.Sydney UniversityCommercial law IIIThis was a full year course and constitutes one introductoryand one advanced taxation law subject. This equivalence willbe retired after 1 July 2013.Sydney University information as highlighted as at the 1 June 2012 the following individual units are accredited byThe Tax Institute. Please note from 1 July 2013 applicants to membership with the Institute will also have to demonstrate theRequired knowledge of TASA 2009 and the Code of Professional Conduct. Please visit to registerfor this online course.CTA1 FoundationsCourse providerCodeCourseEquivalenceAustralian Catholic UniversityLEGL300Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsAustralian National UniversityBUSN3014Principles of income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsBendigo College ofAdvanced Education2141TLTaxation (1989)CTA1 FoundationsCentral Queensland UniversityLAWS20023Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsCentral Queensland UniversityLAWS19033Taxation law and practice ACTA1 FoundationsCharles Darwin UniversityPRBL003Australian taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsCharles Darwin UniversityCMT301Taxation 1CTA1 FoundationsCharles Sturt UniversityLAW3014Income tax law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsCharles Sturt UniversityLAW320Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsCharles Sturt UniversityLAW301Taxation law (principles)CTA1 FoundationsCPA AustraliaACCG909Advanced taxationCTA1 FoundationsCurtin UniversityBLW22TaxationCTA1 FoundationsCurtin University11041Taxation 231CTA1 FoundationsCurtin University6798Taxation 301CTA1 FoundationsCurtin University3381Taxation 303CTA1 FoundationsCurtin University11041Taxation 331CTA1 FoundationsCurtin University11945Taxation 531CTA1 FoundationsDeakin UniversityMLC204Income taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsDeakin UniversityMLC204Income taxation law andpractice (1997)CTA1 FoundationsDeakin UniversityMLC301Principles of income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsDeakin UniversityMLC703Principles of income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsDeakin UniversityMLC301Principles of income tax law (2005)CTA1 FoundationsEdith Cowan UniversityLAW2410Income tax framework IICTA1 FoundationsEdith Cowan UniversityLAW3109Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsEdith Cowan UniversityLAW5300Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsEdith Cowan UniversityLAW2400Taxation law II (1985)CTA1 FoundationsFlinders UniversityBUSN9122Perspectives on taxation lawCTA1 Foundations

CTA1 Foundations (cont)Course providerCodeCourseEquivalenceFlinders UniversityCOMM3003Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsGriffith University7106AFEIncome tax lawCTA1 FoundationsGriffith UniversityLAWBB13A13Introduction to taxationCTA1 FoundationsGriffith University3102LAWIntroduction to taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsGriffith University3106AFERevenue law: Theory andpolicy in actionCTA1 FoundationsGriffith UniversityBB13A08Taxation 1CTA1 FoundationsJames Cook UniversityCO3503Taxation ICTA1 FoundationsJames Cook UniversityC03513/LA4023Taxation I / Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsJames Cook UniversityCO5120Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsKaplan Business SchoolCLWM4100Australian taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe University111ITAccounting 1982CTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe UniversityITL3Income tax law 3CTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe University2141TLTaxationCTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe UniversityACC3TAXTaxationCTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe UniversityACC30TAXTaxationCTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe UniversityACC32TAXTaxationCTA1 FoundationsLa Trobe UniversityBLAWTTaxationCTA1 FoundationsMacquarie UniversityBUSL320Revenue lawCTA1 FoundationsMacquarie UniversityACC857Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsMonash UniversityBTC3150Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsMonash UniversityBTF3931Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsMonash UniversityBTX5651Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsMonash UniversityBTX9651Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsMonash UniversityLAW5152ETaxation law 506CTA1 FoundationsMonash UniversityBTW2221Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsMurdoch UniversityBUS 313.1Course TaxationCTA1 FoundationsQueensland Universityof TechnologyAYB3252001 – Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsQueensland Universityof TechnologyN/ATaxation lawCTA1 FoundationsQueensland Universityof TechnologyANY438Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsRMITAC461Taxation 1CTA1 FoundationsRMITJUST1031Taxation 1 (2003)CTA1 FoundationsRMITLAW2471Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsSouthern Cross UniversityN/ATaxation (1998)CTA1 FoundationsSouthern Cross UniversityACC00717Taxation practiceCTA1 FoundationsSouthern Cross UniversityAC031Taxation proceduresCTA1 FoundationsSunshine Coast UniversityACC311Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsSwinburne UniversityHBC616Income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsSwinburne UniversityBC331TaxationCTA1 FoundationsSwinburne UniversityHBC331NTaxationCTA1 FoundationsSwinburne UniversityLBC301TaxationCTA1 FoundationsSwinburne UniversityCA529-001Taxation fundamentalsCTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityCLAW3001Australian taxationCTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityN/AAustralian taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityCLAW3201Australian taxation systemCTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityCLAW6026Concepts of Australian taxationCTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityN/AIncome tax law ICTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityN/APersonal taxation (1991)CTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityN/APrinciples of taxation law (1995)CTA1 FoundationsSydney UniversityLEC12Taxation and revenue lawCTA1 FoundationsTAFE8672PIncome tax law for accountantsCTA1 Foundations2 - THE TAX INSTITUTE

CTA1 Foundations (cont)Course providerCodeCourseEquivalenceTAFE9434QIncome tax law principlesCTA1 FoundationsTAFEFNSACC502APrepare income tax returns for individualsCTA1 FoundationsTAFEFNSACCT502APrepare income tax returnsCTA1 FoundationsTAFEFNSACCT502BPrepare income tax returnsCTA1 FoundationsTAFE8635PATaxation law and practice ACTA1 FoundationsUniversity of BallaratBL731Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of BallaratBULW5916Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Canberra7037Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Canberra6279Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of MelbourneLAWS70323Australian income tax systemCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Melbourne730-407TaxationCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Melbourne306-687Taxation for businessdecision makingCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of MelbourneBLAW30002 (732-303)Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of MelbourneLAWS50046Taxation law and policyCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of NewcastleACFI 3170Taxation in AustraliaCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of NewcastleACFI3004Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New EnglandLS392Principles of taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New EnglandGSB750Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New EnglandLS352Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New EnglandMBA750Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New South WalesLEGT2751Business taxationCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New South WalesLAWS3147/ LAWS2051Elements of income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New South WalesLAWS4440Elements of income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New South WalesLEGT7751Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of New South WalesLEGT5551Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Notre DameBS245TaxationCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of QueenslandLAWS7012Business taxationCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of QueenslandCO324Income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of QueenslandLAWS 3101Income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of South AustraliaACCT5017Taxation law M (2005)CTA1 FoundationsUniversity of South AustraliaACCT3002Taxation law 1CTA1 FoundationsUniversity of South AustraliaBU137Taxation law and practice 1 (1993)CTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Southern QueenslandLAW8220Goods and services taxCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Southern QueenslandLAWS3101COMM3205CO323CO223Income tax lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Southern QueenslandLAW3130Revenue law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Southern QueenslandLAW 5230Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of TasmaniaBFA391TaxationCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Technology Sydney77938Introduction to taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Technology Sydney76212Revenue lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Technology SydneyGCC7921Revenue lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Technology Sydney79017Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Technology SydneyAFCC22012Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsThe University of Western AustraliaN/ATaxation 331 (1998)CTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Western Sydney200397Revenue law (PG)CTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Western Sydney200187Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Western SydneyF3002Taxation law (2001)CTA1 FoundationsUniversity of Western Sydney Nepean616523Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsUniversity of WollongongLAW315Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsTaxation Institute of AustraliaTHE TAX INSTITUTE - 3

CTA1 Foundations (cont)Course providerCodeCourseEquivalenceVictoria UniversityBLO5539Australian income tax lawand practiceCTA1 FoundationsVictoria UniversityBAO5567TaxationCTA1 FoundationsVictoria UniversityBLB3134Taxation lawCTA1 FoundationsVictoria UniversityBLO2206Taxation law and practiceCTA1 FoundationsCTA2 Advanced* (can also be deemed equivalent to Foundation Tax)Course providerCodeCourseEquivalenceCengage EducationLAW302Advanced taxation lawCTA2 AdvancedCentral Queensland UniversityLAWS19034Taxation law and practice BCTA2 AdvancedCharles Sturt UniversityLAW340Entity and international taxationCTA2 AdvancedCharles Sturt UniversityLAW501Tax planningCTA2 AdvancedCharles Sturt UniversityLAW302Taxation law (issues)CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University12973Estate planning 326CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University301342Estate planning 526CTA2 AdvancedCurtin UniversityBLW31International taxationCTA2 AdvancedCurtin UniversityMT621Superannuation andretirement planningCTA2 AdvancedCurtin University12972Superannuation andretirement planning 321CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University13315Superannuation andretirement planning 621CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University3382Taxation 304CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University11042Taxation 332CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University10863Taxation 333CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University10864Taxation 334CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University10862Taxation 335CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University306536Taxation 532CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University5904Taxation 570CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University5751Taxation (advanced) 569CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University12453Taxation (capital gains) 571CTA2 AdvancedCurtin UniversityMT532Taxation (GST and indirect taxes)CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University10861Taxation (international) 347CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University10964Taxation (international) 547CTA2 AdvancedCurtin UniversityMT568Taxation (trusts)CTA2 AdvancedCurtin University5274Taxation (trusts) 568CTA2 AdvancedDeakin UniversityMLC305Business tax lawCTA2 AdvancedEdith Cowan UniversityLAW3608Advanced taxation lawCTA2 AdvancedEdith Cowan UniversityLAW3510Income tax framework IIICTA2 AdvancedEdith Cowan UniversityLAW3500Taxation law III (1986)CTA2 AdvancedGriffith UniversityFF13L30Revenue law: Theory and policy in actionCTA2 AdvancedGriffith UniversityBB13A11Taxation 2CTA2 AdvancedGriffith UniversityLAW3103GTaxation lawCTA2 AdvancedICAAVariousTaxation, or Taxation and financial reportingCTA2 AdvancedJames Cook UniversityCO3504Taxation IICTA2 AdvancedLa Trobe UniversityATA3Advanced taxation 3CTA2 AdvancedLa Trobe UniversityTEN3Tax entities 3CTA2 AdvancedLaw Society of NSWN/ABusiness & Personal Tax Specialist AccreditationCTA2 AdvancedMacquarie UniversityACCG852International taxationCTA2 AdvancedMonash UniversityLAW5153Advanced taxation law 506CTA2 AdvancedMonash UniversityBTX3350Business taxationCTA2 AdvancedMonash UniversityBTW3242Business taxation and goodsand services taxCTA2 AdvancedMonash UniversityBTF4230Investment taxationCTA2 Advanced4 - THE TAX INSTITUTE

CTA2 Advanced (cont)Course providerCodeCourseEquivalenceMonash UniversityBTF5230Investment taxationCTA2 AdvancedMonash UniversityBTF4240Workplace taxationCTA2 AdvancedQueensland University ofTechnologyAYB1222000- Goods and services taxCTA2 AdvancedQueensland University ofTechnologyAYB3232001 – Tax planningCTA2 AdvancedQueensland University ofTechnologyAYB3282001 – Taxation law 2CTA2 AdvancedQueensland University ofTechnologyN/AGoods and services taxCTA2 AdvancedQueensland University ofTechnologyAYB328Taxation of business entitiesCTA2 AdvancedRMITBAF12075Superannuation andretirement planningCTA2 AdvancedRMITLAW2466Taxation 2CTA2 AdvancedSouthern Cross UniversityLA005Taxation law and practiceCTA2 AdvancedSunshine Coast UniversityFIN320Tax and estate planningCTA2 AdvancedSwinburne UniversityBC336Advanced taxationCTA2 AdvancedSwinburne UniversityHBCO506International taxationCTA2 AdvancedSwinburne UniversityCA530-002Taxation practiceCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS6828Advanced goods and services taxCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityN/ABusiness taxation (1991)CTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS 6153Comparative corporate taxationCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS6030Corporate taxationCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS 6214Goods and services tax principlesCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityN/AIncome tax law IICTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityN/ANew income tax systemCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS6840Tax of business and investment income ACTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS6841Tax of business and investment income BCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityCLAW3202Tax strategies in business environmentCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityN/ATaxation of business entities (1995)CTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS6244Taxation of corporate groupsCTA2 AdvancedSydney UniversityLAWS6118Taxation of partnerships and trustsCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACC603AImplement tax plans and evaluate taxcomplianceCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACCT603AImplement tax plans and evaluate taxcomplianceCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACCT603BImplement tax plans and evaluate taxcomplianceCTA2 AdvancedTAFE9434YAIncome tax law applicationsCTA2 AdvancedTAFE8672ZGIncome tax law for tax agentsCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACC601APrepare complex returnsand lodgementsCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACCT601Prepare complex returnsand lodgementsCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACCT601APrepare complex returnsand lodgementsCTA2 AdvancedTAFEFNSACCT601BPrepare complex returnsand lodgementsCTA2 AdvancedTAFE8635PBTaxation law and practice BCTA2 AdvancedThe Tax InstituteN/ACertificate in applied taxCTA2 AdvancedThe University of AdelaideCORPFIN 6002EXSelf-managed super 1 – Establishment andaccumulationCTA2 AdvancedThe University of AdelaideCORPFIN 6001EXSelf-managed super distribution and estateplanningCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of Canberra7055Taxation of entities and tax planningCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of Melbourne740-418Advanced taxationCTA2 AdvancedTHE TAX INSTITUTE - 5

CTA2 Advanced (cont)Course providerCodeCourseEquivalenceUniversity of MelbourneLAWS70024Corporate taxation A (Shareholders, debt andequity)CTA2 AdvancedUniversity of MelbourneLAWS70252Corporate taxation BCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of MelbourneLAWs70031Goods and services tax principlesCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of MelbourneLAWS70331Taxation of mergers and acquisitionsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of Melbourne730-659 LAWS70049Taxation of small and medium enterprisesCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of MelbourneN/ATaxation of superannuationCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of MelbourneLAWS70333Taxation of trustsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of NewcastleACFI 3070Issues in taxationCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of NewcastleLAWS2003ATortsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New EnglandGSB606Advanced taxation lawCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesLAWS3152/ LAWS2052Advanced revenue lawCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South Wales29-5521Cadastral surveying 1CTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesLEGT3752/5589Capital gains taxCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0318/0418Consolidations and group structuresCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesLEGT5586Corporate law, tax and strategyCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesLEGT3757Corporate tax strategyCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0337/0437Double tax agreementsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesLEGT2756International business taxationCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0308/0408International taxation: Anti-avoidanceCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0320/0420/0620Principles of Australianinternational taxationCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0123/0323/0423/06 23Principles of goods andservices tax lawCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0006/0106Tax administrative lawCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0327/0427Tax strategies in financial planningCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesLEGT3755Taxation of business entitiesCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0311/0411/0611Taxation of capital gainsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0307/0407/0607Taxation of corporate financeCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0303/0403/0603Taxation of corporationsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX 0325/0425/0625Taxation of employee remunerationCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0355/0455/0655Taxation of property transactionsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0310/0410/0610Taxation of superannuationCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of New South WalesATAX0305/0405/0605Taxation of trustsCTA2 AdvancedUniversity of South AustraliaACCT3006Taxation law 2CTA2 AdvancedUniversity of Southern QueenslandLAW3131Revenue law and practice IICTA2 AdvancedUniversity of Western Sydney200186Advanced taxation lawCTA2 AdvancedVictoria UniversityBLO3313Advanced taxation law and practiceCTA2 AdvancedVictoria UniversityAL253Taxation B (1992)CTA2 Advanced0111 12/13*Where two postgraduate subjects have been completed but no undergraduate subject one of the postgraduate subjects will be counted as equivalent to CTA1 Foundationsand one as equivalent to CTA2 Advanced.6 - THE TAX INSTITUTE

Griffith University BB13A11 Taxation 2 CTA2 Advanced Griffith University LAW3103G Taxation law CTA2 Advanced ICAA Various Taxation, or Taxation and financial reporting CTA2 Advanced James Cook University CO3504 Taxation II CTA2 Advanced La Trobe University ATA3 Advanced taxation 3 CTA2 Advanced La Trobe Univ

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Silat is a combative art of self-defense and survival rooted from Matay archipelago. It was traced at thé early of Langkasuka Kingdom (2nd century CE) till thé reign of Melaka (Malaysia) Sultanate era (13th century). Silat has now evolved to become part of social culture and tradition with thé appearance of a fine physical and spiritual .

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On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

Dr. Sunita Bharatwal** Dr. Pawan Garga*** Abstract Customer satisfaction is derived from thè functionalities and values, a product or Service can provide. The current study aims to segregate thè dimensions of ordine Service quality and gather insights on its impact on web shopping. The trends of purchases have

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.