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SEO For Government AgenciesIn Partnership with RBFF


Agenda0102030405Who is BlastWhy SEO Matters to YouWhat is SEOBenefits of SEOHow to Begin


Services Overview Analytics Roadmaps & AuditsMeasurement Strategy (Goals/KPIs)Implementation & Automated QAClickstream AnalysisAutomation & DashboardsAnalysis InsightsAn extension ofthe RBFF team Data Strategy ManagementBusiness IntelligenceProduct & Customer AnalyticsAnalytics GovernanceAnalytics MaturityData Visualization/Dashboards PPC Management & OptimizationPaid Social MarketingAudits & Strategic RoadmapsCustom & Cross-Channel ReportingMulti-Channel RemarketingIntegrated UX, Message, Match, &Testing Content Strategy & Development SEO Audits: Content, Technical, Social,Authority, Velocity Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Local Search Management Global SEO SEO Training Testing, Strategy, & GovernancePersonalization & SegmentationTest ExecutionAnalysis & RecommendationsLanding Page OptimizationUser Research & TestingMarket Opportunity/Threat AnalysisMarketing Mix Modeling (MMM)Attribution ModelingLTV, Product Lifecycle, Demand AnalysisMarketing Dashboards5

RBFF Partnership History2013: Start of PartnershipOrganic SearchContinuous, Long-Term Growth6

Other Government Agency PartnershipsHHS.gov7

Increasing the Probability of Success for 8

Blast DifferentiatorsData BasedTransparentTraining/EnablingStrategic and Tactical9

A Unique, Proven Process10

Agenda0102030405Who is BlastWhy SEO Matters to YouWhat is SEOBenefits of SEOHow to Begin

Why SEO Matters to youDemand-driven (makes sure you’re answering user needs)where do I get a fishing licensewhen do i need a fishing licenseboat registration feeswhen does deer season start12

Why SEO Matters to youImproves availability and accessibility of informationSources: websites.pdf? ga t-websites-dont-meet-standards/21876728/13

Why SEO Matters to youLouder voice (dissemination of information)the bald and gold eagle protection act14

Why SEO Matters to youClears obstacles15

Why SEO Matters to youClears obstacles16

Why SEO Matters to youHelps you improve the user experience17

Why SEO Matters to youHelps you set and reach your goals18

Agenda0102030405Who is BlastWhy SEO Matters to YouWhat is SEOBenefits of SEOHow to Begin

SEO MethodologyRankClickConvertSuccess is achieved whenwinning all three fronts20

SEO MethodologyRank21

SEO MethodologyRanknevada fishing license22

SEO MethodologyClickOn average, five times as manypeople read the headline as the bodycopy. When you have written yourheadline, you have spent eightycents out of your dollar.David Ogilvy23

SEO MethodologyClick24

SEO MethodologyConvert25

SEO MethodologyDemand-Driven26

SEO MethodologyYou spent hours writing and designing your new content. By spending 1530 extra minutes, you can drastically increase performance. Great Content Great Design Great Code (WrongKeyword) Great Content Great Design Great Code Optimal Keyword 3,000 Visits 100 Visits27

SEO MethodologyStrategic Tactical28

Agenda0102030405Who is BlastWhy SEO Matters to YouWhat is SEOBenefits of SEOHow to Begin

Increase Brand Awareness30

Improve User Experience (UX)31

Improve User Experience (UX)RankClickConvertSuccess is achieved whenwinning all three fronts32

Improve User Experience (UX)33

Improve User Experience (UX)Landing PageOptimization34

Improve User Experience (UX)online fishing license35

Improve User Experience (UX)36

Improve User Experience (UX)SEO UX37

Improve User Experience (UX)38

Improve User Experience (UX)39

Improve User Experience (UX)40

Improve User Experience (UX)41

Improve User Experience (UX)42

Improve User Experience (UX)Google Search is just one product of many43

Audience DiversityReach AllGroups44

Easier Website Management45

Easier Website Management46

Easier Website Management47

Lower Maintenance CostsTakeMeFishing SEO Content Theme StrategyOverall Broad Keyword Theme fishing48

Lower Maintenance CostsLower Costs49

Cross-Channel BenefitI have so many questions50

Cross-Channel Benefitthe answer to all of my questions51

Cross-Channel BenefitPaid SearchSocialReferralDirectEmail52

Avoid Content Gaps53

Avoid Content GapsTakeMeFishing SEO Content Theme StrategyOverall Broad Keyword Theme fishing54

Cover Customer Journey55

Cover Customer JourneyAwareness StageInterest Stage56

Cover Customer JourneyContent Roadmap57

Rank Click Convert Benefits58

Benefit: Right Pages RankingRanknevada fishing license59

Benefit: Demand-Driving ContentRankAverage MonthlySearchesfishing hot spotsfishing tipsbest lures2k5k60060

Benefit: Beat CompetitorsClick61

Benefit: Meeting GoalsClick62

Benefit: Meet Funding RequirementsClick 63

Benefit: Greater InfluenceClick64

Benefit: Build Trust & ConfidenceConvert65

Benefit: Increased RevenueConvert66

Benefit: Getting People OutsideConvert67

Agenda0102030405Who is BlastWhy SEO Matters to YouWhat is SEOBenefits of SEOHow to Begin

SEO is a Process69

First Step: Learning70

SecondStep:Remove Roadblocks & Issues71

Action Plan: Tactical First Steps5 actions we can get moving on rightaway to help start moving the needle.1) Map keywords to top pages (Blast)2) Increase static unique content on home &category pages (Blast & RBFF)3) Remove headings from universal elements(RBFF)4) Refine heading markup (RBFF)5) Optimize meta data (Blast & RBFF)FIRSTConfirm prioritiesSECONDStart taking action with a balanceof efforts between complex highpriorities and quick wins to startmoving the needle in the shortterm and achieve long-termsustainable results.72

Action Plan: Strategic First StepsSite-Wide, Long-Term Efforts1)2)3)4)5)Develop strategy for efficient optimizationMap Keywords to all pagesChange the balance of duplicate to unique contentContinue to Develop Content SuitesContinue Filling Content Gaps (CustomerJourney/Keyword)73

Training SEO Process & Key Deliverables:Strategy Discovery Audits (Content, Velocity, Authority, Social, Technical, Velocity, Competitor, International)SEO Priorities & 3 Month Plan (update monthly)Goals & Digital Measurement Framework (DMF)Strategic Keyword ResearchContent Theme Strategy (Keyword mapping)Market Share & Opportunity Business CasesContent, Search & Customer Journey (Intent Gap)AnalysisSEO Strategies (Web, Blog, Social, Video, Image)International & Multi-Domain SEO StrategyImplementation Optimization SEO Performance Analysis & Insights Assess and evolve SEO Maturity to continually deliver measurable results and meet goalsSEO Tool Management/OptimizationIdentify SEO/UX optimization opportunities usingquantitative/qualitative data & heuristic evaluationSEO Analytics, Dashboards & ReportingSEO Mgmt & Measurement Tool SetupContent Roadmap & Tactical Keyword ResearchContent Suite & IA/Nav/Link StrategyContent Recommendations & ReviewsContent, Technical, Authority/Link ImplementationContent Marketing (Off-site optimization includingSocial, PR, Video, Image, PDF, other assets)International SEO Content & TechnicalImplementation (ccTLD/Country/Language)Regional/International OutreachDesign/Platform upgrade and domain migrationTraining SEO Training (1:1, Group/Classroom) SEO Governance - Workflows/processes, CoE centralizedresources/standards, etc.SEO Maturity Assessment74

Thank you!Blast Team

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SEO Strategies (Web, Blog, Social, Video, Image) International & Multi-Domain SEO Strategy SEO Performance Analysis & Insights Assess and evolve SEO Maturity to continually deliver measurable results and meet goals SEO Too

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