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2020-2021 Dual Enrollment Course-High School Subject Area Equivalency ListThis list should not be interpreted as a complete list of the dual enrollment courses available.Current law allows for any course in the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS), with the exceptionof remedial courses and Physical Education skills courses, to be offered as dual enrollment. Three credit(or equivalent) postsecondary courses taken through dual enrollment that are not listed on this list shallbe awarded at least 0.5 high school credits either as an elective or subject area credit as determined bythe local school district. Postsecondary courses that are offered for fewer than three credits may earnless than 0.5 high school credit.Course titles listed are the titles as found in the SCNS, individual postsecondary institutions may utilizealternative names.Courses indicated as Postsecondary General Education Core Subject Area courses (GE Core), may also beapplied to the General Education Core requirements for an undergraduate degree from a publicpostsecondary institution in Florida. Students should check with their postsecondary institutionregarding these requirements.EnglishCourses listed in this section shall be considered English coursework for the purposes of high schoolgraduation requirements.Courses with AML, ENC, ENL and LIT prefixes that require ENC X101 as a prerequisite as identified in theSCNS shall award 1.0 high school English credit. Other courses within these prefixes and others may beaward English credit based on district review and policy.Course rse TitleSurvey of American LiteratureIntroduction to American FolkloreColonial to The Civil War/ReconstructionColonial to 1875Civil War to Present1875 to PresentReconstruction/1900 to PresentContemporary American LiteratureContemporary American LiteratureSurvey of American LiteratureMajor American AuthorsStudies in Individual American AuthorsIssues in American Literature and 1.00.5GE Core SubjectArea

Course 20022230251273670742000081090100110118122128Course TitleFreshman Composition Skills I (GE Core)Freshman Composition Skills IIAdvanced College WritingFreshman Composition I: HonorsFreshman Composition II: HonorsLibrary Research and WritingArgument and PersuasionWriting About LiteratureFreshman Article and Essay WorkshopSpecial Topics in Freshman EnglishTechnical WritingIntermediate CompositionAdvanced Composition IAdvanced Composition IITopics in Adv. Composition (Lower Division)Approaches to Literary CriticismBritish Literature Survey: ComprehensionEnglish Literature to 1660English Literature through 18th CenturyEnglish Literature since 1660English Literature since 18th CenturyRestoration and 18th Century LiteratureVictorian and Edwardian LiteratureModern British LiteratureEnglish GrammarApplied LinguisticsIntroduction to Literature (GE Core)Introduction to Modern LiteratureIntroduction to Contemporary LiteratureIntroduction to World LiteratureWorld Literature through the RenaissanceHonors World Literature IGreat Books IHonors World Literature . Core SubjectAreaCommunicationHumanities

Foreign (World) LanguagesAll four-credit foreign (world) language courses, including American Sign Language, shall be awardedone full high school elective credit. Courses offered for three credits are awarded at least 0.5 high schoolelective credit.Course 20121130Course TitleModern Arabic IElementary Arabic II ConcentratedElementary Arabic Accelerated IElementary Arabic Accelerated IIIntm Lang: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Lang: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate Arabic IIntermediate Arabic Reading and Conversation IIAmerican Sign Language I (L)American Sign Language II (L)American Sign Language III (L)American Sign Language III (U)Basic American Sign LanguageIntermediate American Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language III (L)American Sign Language III (U)American Sign Language IV (L)American Sign Language IV (4 hours)American Sign Language IV (L)American Sign Language IV (U) (3 hours)Elementary Chinese IElementary Chinese I, ConcentratedElementary Chinese II, ConcentratedElementary Chinese Accelerated IElementary Chinese Accelerated IIIntermediate Chinese IIntermediate Chinese IISecond Year Chinese ConversationSecond Year Chinese ConversationIntermediate Chinese I (5 Credit Hours)Intermediate Chinese II (5 Credit Hours)Elementary French IElementary French IIElementary French I, ConcentratedElem French II, ConcentratedElementary French I .

Course 30131200201220Course TitleElementary French II AcceleratedIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate Conversation & Comp IIntm Reading and Conv Accelerated IIIntermediate Reading and ConversationInterm Reading and Conversation IIReading in French Literature & CultureIntermediate French Reading IIIntermediate Conversation IIntermediate French Conversation IIElementary German IElementary German IIElementary Conversational GermanElementary Conversational German IIElementary German I, ConcentratedElementary German II, ConcentratedElementary German I- AcceleratedElementary German II- AcceleratedIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate German Reading and Conversation 1Intermediate German Reading and Conversation IIIntermediate Conversation IBeginning HebrewBeginning HebrewElementary Hebrew IElementary Hebrew IIElementary Hebrew I, AcceleratedElementary Hebrew II, AcceleratedIntm Lang: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Lang: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate Hebrew Reading and Conversation IIntermediate Hebrew Reading and Conversation IIIntermediate HebrewElementary Conversational Italian IElementary Conversational Italian IIElementary Italian I- ConcentratedElementary Italian II- ConcentratedElementary Accelerated Italian IElementary Accelerated Italian IIIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate Italian Reading and Conversation

Course 01220221240241Course TitleIntermediate Italian Reading and Conversation IIIntermediate Conversation IIntermediate Conversation IIElementary Japanese I, ConcentratedElementary Japanese II, ConcentratedBeginning Japanese IBeginning Japanese IIIntermediate Japanese ISecond-Year Japanese 2Intermediate Japanese Reading and Conversation I- UpperIntermediate Japanese Reading and Conversation IIntermediate Japanese Reading and Conversation IIIntermediate ReadingsIntermediate Readings IIElementary Latin IIElementary Latin 3Elementary Latin I, ConcentratedElementary Latin II, ConcentratedElementary AcceleratedElementary AcceleratedReview Latin Grammar & TranslationIntermediate Latin Reading IIntermediate Latin Reading IIElementary Portuguese I, ConcentratedElementary Portuguese II, ConcentratedElementary Accelerated PortugueseElem Accelerated Course IPortuguese for Spanish Speakers IPortuguese for Advanced Students of Spanish IIIntm Lang: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Lang: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate Portuguese Language I- UpperIntermediate Portuguese Reading and Conversation IBeginning Russian 3Elementary Russian I, ConcentratedElementary Russian II, ConcentratedElementary Russian I- AcceleratedElementary Russian II- AcceleratedIntermediate Russian IIntermediate Russian IIIntermediate Russian Reading and Conversation IIntermediate Russian Reading and Conversation IIIntermediate Conversation IIntermediate Conversation .

Course 01Course TitleBasic Oral Expression IBeginning Oral Expression IIElementary Spanish IElementary Spanish IIElementary Spanish I, ConcentratedElementary Spanish II, ConcentratedSpanish 3Elementary Spanish I AcceleratedElementary Spanish II AcceleratedIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIntm Level: Gen Rev Basic Skills IIIntermediate Reading and ConversationReading and Conversation IIIntermediate Reading IIntermediate Reading IIIntermediate Reading in SpanishIntermediate Conversation IIntermediate Conversation IIIntermediate SpanishReview Grammar and Syntax IReview Grammar and Syntax IISpanish for Speakers of SpanishSpanish for Speakers of Spanish IIConversation and Composition IBeginning Swahili 1Beginning Swahili 2Intermediate Swahili IIntermediate Swahili

MathematicsCourses listed in this section shall be considered Mathematics coursework for the purposes of highschool graduation requirements.Course 6300033106107108113214Course TitleAdvanced Multivariable Calculus ICollege Algebra (GE Core)Combined College Algebra/Pre-CalculusCollege Algebra IITrigonometryCollege Algebra and Trig. IIPrecalculus AlgebraPrecalculus MathPrecalculus Algebra/TrigonometryCalculus for Architecture ICalculus for Business & Soc. Science ICalculus for Business & Soc. Science IILife Science Calculus ILife Science Calculus IICalculus for Engineering Technology IEngineering Calculus IEngineering Calculus IIEngineering Calculus IIICalculusCalculus I (GE Core)Calculus with Analytic Geometry IICalculus with Analytic Geometry IIIHonors Calculus IHonors Calculus IIHonors Calculus IIIApplications-Oriented AlgebraDiscrete MathematicsNumerical AnalysisDifferential Equations ILinear Algebra I (Calc. II Prereq)Linear Algebra IIntroductory Abstract AlgebraIntermediate AlgebraMathematics for Liberal Arts I (GE Core)Mathematics for Liberal Arts II (GE Core)Honors Mathematical Ideas & ExplorationsMathematics for Teachers IFinite Math-Taught through EnvironmentH.S. GE Core cs1.0Mathematics1.01.01.0

Course 300204206212100013014021023037122Course TitleElementary Mathematical LogicInformal GeometryCollege GeometryCollege Geometry IBasic Business StatisticsBasic Descript. & Inferential StatisticsDescriptive and Inferential StatisticsIntrod. to Statistics and ProbabilityStatistical Methods (GE Core)Statistics with CalculusStatistical Applic. in Social Science IH.S. GE Core atics1.01.0Performing/Fine Arts/Speech and DebateCourses listed in this section shall be considered Performing/Fine Arts/Speech and Debate courseworkfor the purposes of high school graduation requirements.Course 202Course TitleDesign ISurvey of Architectural DevelopmentArt AppreciationThe Artistic ExperienceMasterpieces of ArtHistory of Visual Ideas IIntroduction to Art HistoryIntroduction to Art History IIntroduction to Art History IIThe History of ArchitectureArt History 3Introduction to Non-Western ArtIntro. to Studio Art for NonmajorsIntroduction to Studio Art for MajorsCrafts I, LowerFabric/Fiber I, LowerMetals I, LowerMixed MediaWood, Metal and PlasticsDesign I, LowerDesign II, Lower CoreSubject AreaHumanities

Course 00101102104108Course TitleDesign III, Lower (3-D)Color and Composition, LowerSerial Content & Classic Form IDrawing I, LowerDrawing IIDrawing III, LowerDrawing I, UpperLife Drawing I, LowerFigure Drawing I, UpperDrawing TechniquesSketchbook Journal: Uses and DevelopmentPrintmaking I, LowerPrintmaking IIPainting I, LowerPainting IIPainting III, LowerPainting IV, LowerPainting for Non-MajorsAdvanced PaintingIntroduction to Electronic MediaComputer Graphics IIDigital ImagingElectronic Media IVSculpture ISculpture IISculpture II (Alternate Number)Advanced SculptureStone CarvingCeramics ICeramics IIWheel Throwing ICeramic Studio ICeramics ICeramics IICeramic SculptureArt Workshop: Research and PracticeArt Workshop: Research and PracticeVisual ThinkingArt as InterfaceContemporary/Modern Dance I for Non-Majors (L)Contemporary/Modern Dance II for Non-Majors (L)Contemporary/Modern Dance III for Non-Majors (L)Contemporary/Modern Dance I for MajorsContemporary/Modern Dance V for Majors CoreSubject Area

Course 10111112371632Course TitleModern Dance 3BalletBallet II for Non-MajorsAppreciation/Survey of Dance (L)Music and Dance (Single Course) (L)Pilates Technique for the DancerDigital ImagingIntroduction to FilmIntroduction to Film Studies (L)Introduction to Film ProductionAppreciation of Film IThe Film as Mass Com II: Rhetor & Stylis (U)History of Motion Pictures (L)History of Film IScreen WritingIntroduction to Film Production I (L)Filmmaking I (L)Motion Picture and Television Prod II (L)Cinematography (L)Post-Production Sound for Motion Pictures (L)Graphic Design for Non-MajorsComputer Based DesignGraphic Design IDesktop Publishing IIComputer IllustrationElectronic IllustrationGraphics DesignGraphics Design IIGraphic DesignAdvanced Computer GraphicsDrawing Techniques for IllustrationIllustrationMusic Skills- - Nonmusic MajorsIntro. to Music History- Apprec IIntro to Music History- Apprec IIContemporary JazzHistory and Appreciation of JazzMusic/Tribal & Folk Cultures-NonmajorContemporary Music CulturesIntroduction to Music History & LitIntroduction to Mus History IIntroduction to Music HistoryMusic History- 20th CenturyMusic in the United CoreSubject Area

Course 00511541600603Course TitleIntro. Music Lit/Music Apprec IIntroduction to Music LiteratureIntro to Mus Lit I (Music Majors)Intro to Mus Lit II (Music Majors)Jazz/Pop American MusicBasic Audio Recording TechMixed Chorus- Lower LevelChamber Chorus- Lower LevelKeyboard Ensemble-Lower LevelIntroduction to Technology in MusicMusic TechnologyFundamentals Preparatory IMusic Theory for Non Majors IMusic Theory IMusic Theory II2nd Yr Music Theory I2nd Yr Music Theory IIMusic Theory I- IntegratedMusic Theory II- IntegratedMusic Theory III- IntegratedMusic Theory IV- IntegratedBasic Photography for Nonmajors, Skills & Tech.Photography IIPhotography Techniques- AS OnlyBasic B&W Film Photography IBasic B&W Film Photography II-UpperB&W Photography III- UpperCreative VideomakingContemporary Image Making ApplicationsIntermediate Contemporary Imagining ApplicationsDigital Image ProcessingFundamentals of Broadcast Production (L)Broadcast NewsPublic Speaking/InterpersonalFundamentals of Speech (L)Fundamentals of SpeechPub Speaking Gr Disc Interpsnl & ListBusiness and Professional CommunicationsCommunication in Business (L)Fundamentals of Interpersonal ComArgumentation and DebatePersuasionPublic SpeakingPublic Speaking and Group 0.5GE CoreSubject AreaHumanities

Course se TitlePublic Speaking (L)Theatre AppreciationTheatre Appreciation and HistoryTheatre Appreciation and History IIIntroduction to TheatreIntro to Cinema ArtsIntroduction to Theatre HistoryDramatic LiteratureSurvey of Dramatic LiteratureCreative ion to Theatre DesignStagecraft IIntro to Stage LightingTheatre Costuming IAdvanced Theatre CostumingIntroduction to Acting IActing IActing IIIntro to CoreSubject AreaHumanitiesPhysical Education: Personal FitnessThese courses only satisfy the personal fitness requirement; students must still complete another 0.5credit physical education elective course to complete the 1.0 physical education graduationrequirement.*Courses within in the PEM prefix are ineligible for dual enrollment. Courses within the PEL, PEN,PEO, and PEQ prefixes should be evaluated for eligibility. **Course 3100101102003270303Course TitlePersonal Wellness Appraisal & ImprovementPersonal Wellness Appraisal & Improvmnt IIHuman PerformancePersonal HealthPersonal Health PotentialHealthful Living IWellness: Nutri., Personal Growth, FitnessNutrition and FitnessAppl. of Sci Princ to Cond ProgH.S.Credit0.

Practical ArtsFor those career and technical secondary courses that have been identified as satisfying the fine orperforming arts high school graduation requirement (s. 1003.4282(3)(e), Florida Statutes), theequivalent postsecondary CTE course will also satisfy that requirement. Each of these courses has beenidentified by a committee of representatives from Career and Technical Education and Fine Arts as apractical arts course that incorporates artistic content and techniques of creativity, interpretation, andimagination.Course urse TitleAviation Maintenance Airframe Technician 1Building Construction AssistantBuilding Construction AssistantCarpentry and Masonry Technician OCP B (150 hours)Carpentry and Masonry Technician OCP B (150 hours)Electrical and Plumbing Technician OCP C (150 hours)Electrical and Plumbing Technician OCP C (150 hours)A/C and Painting TechnicianCarpenter Helper OCP A (300 hours)Grooming and Salon Services Core, Facials and NailsCybersecurity Associate IVCybersecurity Associate IVWeb ScriptingWeb Design FoundationsWeb Interface DesignWeb Development FundamentalsMultimedia Systems3-D Animation Production AssistantModelerTexture Artist/RiggerAnimation/Motion Capture TechnicianGame/Simulation DesignerGame/Simulation Graphic ArtistGame/Simulation 3D AnimatorDigital Media ArtistDigital Media SpecialistGIS Technician AssistantGIS TechnicianCopy Center Technician OCP ALayout Design/PlannerDigital Prepress Operations (450 hours)Production AssistantDigital Assistant DesignerGraphic 333122

Course 641645650514516518Course TitleMedia DesignerDesktop Publishing Assistant/Graphic DesignerDesign Technician/Digital DesignerIllustrator/Print Media ArtistPrint Media Artist/Web DesignerPrinting History and FormatsDigital Production Printing (150 hours)Retail Sales OCP A (150 hours)Tailor, Dressmaker, Custom Sewer OCP B (150 hours)Fabric & Apparel Patternmakers OCP C (150 hours)Fashion Coordinator/Stylist OCP D (150 hours)Teacher Aide (Preschool)Business Development Manager OCP A (300 hours)Salesperson, Retail OCP A (300 hours)Assistant Digital Production Designer OCP C (150 hours)Information Technology Assistant OCP A (150 hours)Photographic Imaging Specialist 1Photographic Imaging Specialist 2Photography Specialist/Lab TechnicianPortrait Photographer 1Portrait Photographer 2Commercial PhotographerPhotography Specialist (150 hours)Photography Technician (300 hours)Studio Photographer (300 hours)Digital Photographer (300 hours)Machinist Helper OCP A (300 hours)Welder Assistant 1 (150 hours)Welder Assistant 1 (150 hours)Welder Assistant 2 (150 hours)Welder Assistant 2 (150 hours)Welder, SMAW 1 (150 hours)Welder, SMAW 1 (150 hours)Welder, SMAW 2 (150 hours)Welder, SMAW 2 (150 hours)Jewelry DesignerStone SetterWax Modeler/CastingJewelry RepairerCertified Jeweler (Jewelry Finishing Technician)Clock, Watch and Jewelry Technician AssistantStudio Assistant OCP A (450 hours)Studio Technician OCP B (450 hours)Studio Technician/Edit Assistant OCP C (450 211111111311213333

Course 874Course TitleBroadcast Announcer OCP A (150 hours)Audio Equipment Technician OCP B (300 hours)Sound Engineering Technician OCP C (300 hours)Broadcast Technician OCP F (300 hours)Audio Broadcast Technician (300 hours)Digital Video Fundamentals OCP A (150 hours)Audio and Video Equipment Technician OCP B (150 hours)Camera Operator OCP C (300 hours)Video Editor OCP D (300 hours)Multi-media Artist and Animator OCP E (300 hours)Blueprint ReaderCAD & Modeling 1CAD & Modeling 2Bldg Info Modeling CAD TechnicMechanical CAD TechnicianCivil/GIS CAD TechnicianDrafting AssistantArchitectural DrafterDrafting Detailer (1 of 2)Drafting Detailer (2 of 2)Civil DrafterH.S.Credit122221122213322231111ScienceHigh School Graduation Requirement in Science for Students Entering Grade Nine in:2014-15 or later: 3 credits in Science, one of which must be Biology I (BI), two of which must be equallyrigorous (EQ) science courses, two must have a laboratory component.All dual enrollment science courses should satisfy the equally rigorous requirement; certain courseidentified on this list will satisfy the Biology I high school graduation credit. Dual enrollment sciencecourse taken with a corresponding laboratory will be awarded 1.0 high school science credit. Dualenrollment science courses taken without a laboratory component will be awarded 0.5 high schoolscience credits. Separate lecture and lab courses may not be combined or the grades averaged forsecondary transcript purposes. The lecture and lab courses must be listed separately on the student’ssecondary transcript with the grade(s) as assigned by the post-secondary institution.Lecture and Lab courses with different course numbers may be used to fulfill a 1.0 high school credit ifthe lab course is appropriate to the lecture course as identified by the postsecondary institution.

Biology I: Dual enrollment courses in general biology identified on this list will meet the Biology I highschool graduation requirement. However, courses that are a lecture-only format, and are not taken witha corresponding laboratory, are designated as Equally Rigorous and will be awarded 0.5 high schoolcredit. *A district-determined (DD) subject area graduation code was implemented in SY 2018-19 andthereafter, which has been applied to specific courses. Schools MUST convert the DD code to anacceptable subject area code on official student records in order for a student to receive graduationcredit. For the 2018-2019 and 2019-20 school years, the only acceptable subject area codes that can beused for those courses carrying the DD graduation code will be codes BI or EQ.Note: Two lecture-only format courses in similar numbers to those designated as Biology maysatisfy the Biology I graduation requirement, students should be advised that they will still need tocomplete two laboratory courses.End of Course Assessment: Students who complete their Biology I requirement through dual enrollmentare not required to take the Biology I End-of-Course Assessment (EOC). However, students who chooseto pursue the “Scholar” diploma designation must complete the Biology I EOC. The EOC will be used forthe designation only. The content in the sequence BSC X010 and BSC X011 or BSC X007 and BSC X008are comparable to the standards for Biology I and therefore can be used as preparation for the Biology IEOC for those students who choose to take the assessment.Course NumberCourse TitleASTX002Descriptive Astronomy (GE Core)H.S.GradCodeEQH.S.CreditASTX002/LDescriptive Astronomy (GE Core)EQ1.0ASTX002CDescriptive Astronomy (GE ptive Astronomy of Solar SystemDescriptive Astronomy of Solar SystemDescriptive Astronomy of Solar SystemDescriptive Stellar AstronomyDescriptive Stellar AstronomyDescriptive Stellar AstronomyIntroduction to AstrobiologyIntroduction to AstrobiologySolar System AstronomyPlant SciencePlant ScienceIntroductory BotanyIntroductory BotanyIntroductory Science

Course NumberCourse 1005Plant Biology- Upper LevelPlant Biology- Upper LevelPlant Biology- Upper LevelLocal FloraIntroductory Plant PhysiologyBasic Plant TaxonomyOrientation to BiologyGeneral Biology (GE Core) Biology (GE Core)DD1.0BSCX005CGeneral Biology (GE io Sci I: Cells, Organisms & GeneticsBio Sci I: Cells, Organisms & GeneticsBio Sci I: Cells, Organisms & GeneticsIntroduction to BiologyGeneral Biology (GE Core)EQDDDDDDEQ0. Biology (GE Core)DD1.0BSCX010CGeneral Biology (GE General Biology (Cont.)General Biology (Cont.)General Biology (Cont.)General Biology: Habitats & OrganismsHuman BiologyHuman BiologyHuman BiologyBiology of AgingHuman Biology: DisordersHuman Biology: DisordersHuman SpeciesNutrition and DrugsNutrition and DrugsHonors Biology IHonors Biology IIMan & EnvironmentSpecialized Environmental BiologyAnatomy & Physiology (1 Sem.) (Non-Hs Maj) ScienceNaturalScienceNaturalScienceNaturalScience

Course 11Course TitleAnatomy & Physiology (1 Sem.) Non-Hs Maj.) NoPrereqHuman AnatomyHuman Anat & Phys (HS Majors/1 sem/NoPrereq)Human Anat & Phys (HS Majors/1 sem/NoPrereq)Human Anat & Phys (HS Majors/1 sem/NoPrereq)Anatomy & Physiology (1 of 2) (HS Maj.) NoPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (1 of 2) (HS Maj.) NoPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (1 of 2) (HS Maj.) NoPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (2 of 2) (HS Maj.) NoPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (2 of 2) (HS Maj.) NoPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (2 of 2) (HS Maj.) NoPrereqSurvey of Human Anatomy and Physiology- ASOnlyAnatomy & Physiology (1 Sem) (HS Maj.) WithPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (1 Sem) (HS Maj.) WithPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (1 of 2) (HS Maj.) WithPrereqAnatomy & Physiology (

ENL X 020 English Literature since 1660 1.0 ENL X 022 English Literature since 18 th Century 1.0 ENL X 230 Restoration and 18th Century Literature 1.0 ENL X 251 Victorian and Edwardian Literature 1.0 ENL X 273 Modern British Literature 1.0 LIN X 670 English Grammar