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Baking, Roasting,Moisture PlusThe cookbook


ForewordDear connoisseurs,Memorable moments and livelyconversations happen when we meetover a meal. Food is the thing thatconnects us, whether it's a specialoccasion or simply the evening meal.Your new Miele oven offers youprecisely this potential: as a true allrounder, you can use it to prepare quickand healthy everyday meals and alsoculinary menus of the highest quality.This book is designed to be a genuineaid in the kitchen. Every day,knowledge, curiosity, routine and theunexpected all converge in our Mieletest kitchen. We have condensed ourexperience, passion and pleasure ofexperimenting with food into thiscookbook by creating recipes that areas imaginative as they are successful.You can also get more recipes andinspiration in our Miele@mobile App.If you have any questions or comments,please give us a call on the numbershown at the back of this book.Happy cooking fromYour Miele Test Kitchen Team3

ContentsForeword . 3About this book . 8Overview of functions . 10General notes. 12Miele accessories. 16Cakes.Tips on preparation .Apple sponge .Apple pie .Apricot tart with cream topping.Belgian sponge cake .Pear cake with almond topping.Deep sponge base .Sponge base filling.Swiss roll .Swiss roll fillings .Yeast butter cake.Fruit cake ( 15 cm) .Fruit cake ( 20 cm) .Fruit cake ( 25 cm) .Baked cheesecake .Marble cake.Fruit flan (puff pastry).Fruit flan (shortcrust pastry).Sachertorte.Sand cake .Chocolate hazelnut cake .Stollen .Fruit streusel cake aking.Biscuits.Blueberry muffins .Linzer biscuits.Almond macaroons .Drop cookies .Vanilla biscuits.Walnut muffins.Choux buns .5354555658606162634

ContentsChoux bun fillings. 64Bread .Tips on preparation .Baguettes .Swiss farmhouse bread.Spelt bread .Flat bread .Plaited loaf.Swiss plaited loaf .Nut bread.Mixed rye bread .Seeded loaf .Tiger bread .White loaf (in loaf tin) .White loaf (free form) .Dark mixed wheatgrain bread .Ginger loaf .66677071727374757677788081828384Bread rolls .Multigrain rolls .Rye bread rolls .White rolls.86868889Pizza & Co. .Tarte flambée.Pizza (yeast dough) .Pizza (Quark dough) .Quiche Lorraine .Swiss style quiche (puff pastry).Swiss style quiche (shortcrust pastry).90919294969798Meat. 99Tips on preparation . 100Stuffed duck . 102Stuffed goose . 104Goose (without stuffing) . 106Chicken . 107Chicken thighs. 108Stuffed turkey . 110Turkey drumstick . 112Roast fillet of veal . 114Fillet of veal (low temperature cooking). 116Veal knuckle . 1175

ContentsRoast saddle of veal.Saddle of veal (low temperature cooking) .Braised veal .Osso buco .Rack of lamb with vegetables .Leg of lamb.Roast saddle of lamb .Saddle of lamb (low temperature cooking).Beef Wellington .Minced beef hash.Roast fillet of beef .Fillet of beef (low temperature cooking) .Braised beef .Sirloin joint (roast).Roast sirloin joint (low temperature cooking) .Yorkshire pudding .Meat loaf.Roast gammon .Gammon (low temperature cooking) .Roast pork.Ham roast.Pork belly.Roast fillet of pork .Fillet of pork (low temperature cooking) .Christmas ham .Rabbit .Saddle of venison.Roebuck saddle 37138139140141142144145146147148150Fish .Tips on preparation .Bream/Snapper .Trout .Salmon fillet.Australian salmon .Blue grenadier fillet.Pikeperch fillet on vegetables .151152153154155156157158Bakes and gratins.Chicory gratin .Swedish potato gratin .Potato gratin .Potato and cheese gratin .1591601611621636

ContentsCheese soufflé.Lasagne.Moussaka .Pasta bake.Shepherd's pie .164166168170171Dessert .Viennese apple strudel .Pavlova .Lemon meringue pie.Mini chocolate sponges .1721731741751767

About this bookBefore you start, we have preparedsome tips on how to use this cookbook.For every Automatic programme there isa matching recipe, which facilitates yourintroduction to using your Miele oven.In many Automatic programmes youcan fine tune the cooking result to yourtastes - the degree of browning forbread and baked goods and the degreeof doneness for meat.About Automatic programmes– Automatic programmes are notavailable on all models. Even if theappropriate Automatic programme isnot available, you can still make allthe recipes. To do this, you can usemanual settings. Any differences willbe outlined in the preparation text.– At the end of every recipe with anAutomatic programme, the path forselecting the Automatic programmeis shown under setting details.– The median programme duration isalways shown for Automaticprogrammes and is set at the factory.With many programmes the actualduration depends, however, on theselected degree of doneness. Selectthis prior to the start of the Automaticprogramme.8About ingredients– If a comma (,) comes after aningredient, the subsequent text willdescribe the food. In most cases thefood comes with such a descriptionwhen purchased: e.g. Eggs, Size M;Milk, 3.5% fat.– If a vertical line ( ) is shown after asingle ingredient, the descriptionrefers to how the food is handled orprocessed, which is generally carriedout by the person doing the cooking.This processing step will then not bementioned in the preparation text:E.g. Cheese, aromatic grated;Onions finely diced; Milk, 3.5% fat lukewarm.– In the case of meat, if no otherdescription is available, the weight ofthe meat is given.– For fruit and vegetables, the weightrefers to a peeled, non-pittedcondition.– Fruit and vegetables should alwaysbe cleaned/washed or, if necessary,peeled. This processing step is notrepeated in the preparation text.

About this bookFeatures of individual ovenmodelsThis cookbook is included with ovenswith different oven compartment sizes.When the ingredient quantities orsettings deviate from one another, thesettings to be selected are specified inthe recipes in the following order:– ovens with 5 shelf levels– [ovens with 3 shelf levels] in squarebrackets– (90 cm ovens) in round bracketsIf the settings are the same for allovens, they are shown withoutbrackets.If your oven does not have Specialapplications Prove yeast dough, insteadselect Automatic programmes Cakes Yeast dough. Alternatively, you can usethe Conventional Heat function at atemperature of 30 C and place a damptowel over the dough.little higher: if possible, fit these runnersone shelf level lower than stated in therecipe and place the tray/dish on them.If you are using FlexiClip telescopicrunners that are fitted between shelfrunners of a shelf level and therefore siton the same level, the shelf levelsstated in the recipe will apply.About the settings– Temperatures and durations:temperature and duration ranges aregiven. Generally select the lowersetting and then visually check thefood or use a food probe todetermine if the duration needs to beextended.– Shelf levels: the shelf levels whichtrays and racks are placed on arenumbered from bottom to top.If your oven does not have the MoisturePlus Conventional Heat, Moisture Plus Auto Roast, Moisture Plus Fan Plus orMoisture Plus Intensive Bake functions,select the Moisture Plus function. WithMoisture Plus Conventional Heat, selecta temperature 20 C lower than thatgiven in the manual settings.If your oven does not have Specialapplications Low temperature cooking,usethe Conventional Heat function. Pre-heatthe oven at 120 C for 15 minutes. Afterplacing the food in the oven, reduce thetemperature to about 100 C.For oven models with FlexiCliptelescopic runners that

For baking and roasting with moisture injection. This function is ideal for baking bread and biscuits and for cooking fish and meat. With Moisture Plus, bread comes out with a particularly even crumb (the inside of the bread) and crispy crust (crunchy on the outside but not brittle). Yeast-based doughs prove particularly well. Meat and fish are cooked gently and stay succulent. Choose from the .

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