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BAKING, ROASTING AND COOKINGMore and more cooks are discovering just how versatile the Mieleoven is. Whether baking, roasting, cooking or grilling, you will soon see howmany ways your oven can be used. Notonly is it ideal for well-loved classicssuch as pizza, cakes, souffles and gratins, but roasts, bread and desserts arecooked to perfection too. Features whichprofessional cooks have long taken forgranted are now increasingly availableto the keen amateur, for whose creativity the sky is now the limit. Be enthusedby more than 140 exclusively developedrecipes which have their inspiration incuisines from all over the globe. Be it asavoury apple tart with liver, roast vealwith a prawn crust or a Creole mangogateau – it has never been so easy toachieve perfect results in the kitchen.M-Nr.: 7 143 490 GTM.-Nr.: 7 253 800 OeEdition 2BÖ 4052 (Mohn) - 12/08BAKING, ROASTING AND COOKING with the Miele ovenwith the Miele ovenBAKING, ROASTING AND COOKINGwith the Miele oven

GraphicsFood photographyPubished by Verlag Zabert SandmannMunich2nd Edition 2008Georg FeiglSusie Eising(see PHOTOGRAPHY at end of INDEX forreference to other photography)RecipesEditiorialMichael KochEdelgard Prinz-Korte, Martin Kintrup,Alexandra Schlinz, Eva-Maria HegeProductionLithographyKarin Mayer, Peter Karg-CordesMM Intec GmbH, MiesbachPrinterMohn media Mohndruck GmbH, GüterslohEnglishTranslation Dept. and Training Kitchen, Miele UKThis book is the result of a joint project between the publisher,Verlag Zabert Sandmann ( and the Miele Company (



Foreword6Vegetables and bakes102Introduction8Desserts126Starters12Cakes and biscuits146Fish and seafood28Bread and rolls200Poultry46A-Z index226Meat68


F OREW O R DDear Reader,An oven that can roast, bake and cook to perfection? Why not! Miele ovensare well suited to the needs of the modern kitchen, extremely easy to use andproduce perfect results. Now every household can enjoy high quality, modernappliances which offer the enthusiastic cook the opportunity of creating disheslike a true professional. And to make it all the easier, this book has over 140recipes which not only encompass the entire spectrum of oven functions, theyare also unusual and interesting, allowing you to introduce variety to every daymeals. Whether you are creating light appetisers or a full roast dinner, a pastabake for the family meal or an exotic dish for dinner guests, these recipes willturn cooking into a real pleasure. You will be amazed and enthused by thesesubtle and sophisticated dishes, be they influenced by the Mediterranean,a recreation of a traditional favourite, or inspired by the Orient. And mostimportantly, because you can rely on the oven for perfect results, you can relaxand enjoy the whole cooking experience.7

I NT R ODU C T IONThe multi-talentedovenAt the heart of the kitchenToday, modern ovens can do much, much more than simplyproduce heat. They are so cleverly designed that for every typeof food there will be just the right oven function to prepare it inthe best way. For after all, the art of cooking is all about understanding the different characteristics of each type of food andknowing how to develop flavours to the full. The ideal ovenwill be capable of everything: baking, roasting, cooking andgrilling – to perfection.We recommend using the Fan plus function for baking androasting on several levels at the same time. A lower temperature can be selected than for Conventional heat as the heatis distributed around the food by the fan. Select Bottom heattowards the end of the cooking time, for example to finishoff pastry bases. Intensive bake is ideal for dishes which require a moist topping and a crisp base, such as pizza. SelectEconomy grill for grilling flat items and browning the tops ofsmall dishes. The Full grill is more suited for browning largedishes and grilling bigger items. The Fan grill is excellent formixed grills and chicken pieces. To avoid having to seal largepieces of meat on the hob, simply select Auto roast and atthe outset select the temperature you want the meat cookedat. The oven will then do the rest. Moisture plus will produceoptimum results when cooking not only bread and cakes, butalso roasts, baked dishes and pizzas as moisture is used in addition to Fan plus. Food will be moist and tender on the insideand crispy on the outside. All recipes in this book which usethe Moisture plus function are marked with thesymbol. Onovens without the Moisture plus function, select Fan plus.The display is exceptionally easy touse and is highly intuitive.Cooking with ease: The shelf levelsare clearly marked on the front ofthe oven cavity.8

I NT R OD UCT IO NIndividually cooked for perfect enjoymentThe food probe monitors the temperature of the cookingprocess precisely by measuring the core temperature ofmeat, poultry or fish, and allows you to determine preciselyhow well done or rare you want your food to be cooked. Forexample, beef fillet and roast beef will be cooked rare at acore temperature of 60–65 C, medium at a core temperatureof 70–75 C and well done at a core temperature of 80–85 C.Boned and rolled poultry, on the other hand, will require a coretemperature of 85 to 90 C. It is important to ensure that the tipof the probe is not inserted into fat or bone.Precise roasting: The food probemeasures the core temperature.The correct shelf levelThe number of shelves varies from oven to oven. The recipes in this bookare designed for an oven with five shelf levels. The shelf levels are countedfrom the bottom of the oven upwards. The table below will tell you whichlevel to use if your oven does not have five shelf levels.Ovens with 5 shelf levelsOvens with 3 shelf levels5th shelf from the bottom4th shelf from the bottom 2nd or 3rd shelf from the bottom 2nd or 3rd shelf from the bottom3rd shelf from the bottom2nd shelf from the bottom 1st shelf from the bottom 1st or 2nd shelf from the bottom1st or 2nd shelf from the bottom1st shelf from the bottom9

I NT R ODU C T IONPerfect resultsevery timeThe clear display, the retractablecontrols with their lightrings, andthe sensors controls make it easyto select the correct setting.The Moisture plus function allows you to bake and roast using a combination of Fan plus and moisture. It is ideal for alltypes of bread and rolls as a crispy, glossy finish is achieved.You will be able to produce biscuits, cakes and pastries whichare every bit as good as you could buy from the local baker. Itis not only baked items which benefit from moisture. Fish willbe tender and moist and maintain a firm consistency. Whenroasting meat with a high fat content, the hot steam draws outthe fat and an excellent outer crust is produced.10

I nt r od uct i o nEasy to useRolls baked in an oven containingmoisture are light and cooked toperfection on the inside, with a goodcrust on the outside.When you select Moisture plus, you can choose between 4different bursts of steam (Automatic burst of steam; or 1, 2or 3 manual bursts of steam). The amount of water the ovenrequires will depend on the selection. For 1 burst of steam, filla glass with approx. 80 ml of water, hold under the filling tubeand allow the water to be drawn into the oven. Approx. 150 mlwater is required for 2 bursts of steam and approx. 230 ml for3 bursts of steam. If the automatic choice has been selected,the burst of steam will be injected automatically when therequired temperature has been reached. With 1, 2 or 3 burstsof steam, these have to be injected manually, allowing you toindividually perfect the cooking or baking process.Bread should be exposed to steam in the first few minutesas it will rise better and will achieve a good outer crust whileremaining light and soft on the inside. Meat should be roastedin an open dish or directly on the rack so that it can absorbthe steam.The great advantage of Moisture plus is that food does notdry out – it will be soft and succulent, but still with a crispyouter crust.The filling tube is pulled forwardand the quantity of water required isdrawn in automatically.11

StartersGone are the days when you could dazzle yourguests with a cold starter of charcuterie, salad orcrudités. Tasty appetisers straight from the ovenrequire very little preparation and are guaranteed to be a success ful culinary surprise. Earnpraise and applause with crispy tuna rolls, pizzawith fennel salami or apple tartlets with chickenliver. These delicacies are also ideal for a lightlunch.

S T AR TERSCarrot quichewith lemon grass and corianderMakes 1 quiche (26 cm Ø)1To make the pastry, make a pileof the flour and sprinkle with 1 tsp ofsalt. Add the diced butter and workin well using a knife. Beat the egglightly, add to the flour mixture andknead in. Add 2 tbsp of cold waterand knead quickly to a dough. Wrapthe dough in clingfilm and place inthe fridge for 30 minutes.2 For the filling, wash the lemongrass and strip off the tough outerleaves. Pat dry and chop finely.Place in a saucepan with the doublecream, bring gently to the boil.Remove from the heat and leave tostand, covered, for 15 minutes. Peelthe carrots, cut into thin slices andboil in salted water for 6 to 8 minutes until cooked but still firm. Pourthe cream through a sieve, thenstir in the crème fraîche and eggs.Season with salt and pepper.3 Roll the pastry out to a thicknessof 3 to 4 mm. Grease the quiche dishwith butter. Line with the pastry,pressing it well into the edges.14Ingredients:For the pastry:300 g plain flourSalt160 g cold butter, diced1 medium eggFor the filling:3 stems of lemon grass200 ml double cream1 kg carrots · Salt100 g crème fraîche4 large eggsGround pepperAlso:Butter for greasing the dish1 bunch of coriander2 apples (Braeburn orCox’s Orange Pippin)2 red chillisSalt · Ground pepperOlive oil4 Spread the carrots out over thepastry and pour the egg and creammixture over. Bake the quicheat 160 C (Intensive bake) on thesecond shelf for 40 to 45 minutes.Remove from the oven, leave to coolslightly, then remove from the dish.5 To make the garnish, wash thecoriander, shake dry and tear off theleaves. Wash and core the apples,and either cut them into thin stripsor grate them. Cut the chillis in halflengthways, remove the seeds andchop into thin strips. Mix the ingredients lightly together and seasonwith salt, pepper and olive oil. Cutthe quiche into slices and servetopped with a little of the garnish.8 TipsFor extra bite, add chopped saltedpeanuts to the garnish. Thepastry can be prepared well inadvance. Wrapped in clingfilm, itwill remain fresh in the fridge forup to a week.

S T AR TERSSavoury apple tartletswith chicken liver and rocketFor 4 tartlets (12 cm Ø) or 1 tart (24 cm Ø)1To make the tartlets, defrost thepuff pastry. Peel and core the applesand cut into slices. Peel the onionand garlic. Cut the onion into slicesand finely chop the garlic. Wash themarjoram, shake it dry, tear off theleaves and chop them finely.2 Heat the olive oil in a frying panand sweat the onions until cookedbut not brown. Add the lardonsand garlic, and cook. Add the appleslices and continue cooking, thenstir in the marjoram. Season withsea salt, pepper and sugar. Put themixture to one side.3Fold the sheets of puff pastry inhalf and roll out thinly on a flouredsurface. Cut to fit the size of thetartlet tins. To make one large tart,place the sheets of pastry on top ofeach other and roll out to the appropriate size.4Divide the apple mixture between the tins and cover with thepuff pastry. Chill the tarts in thefridge for 10 minutes.16Ingredients:For the tartlets:4 sheets of puff pastry(approx. 75 g each; frozen)2 sharp apples(eg, Granny Smith, russet)1 onion1 clove of garlic1/2 bunch of marjoram1 tbsp olive oil50 g lardons, or choppedsmoked streaky baconSea salt · Ground pepperSugarAlso:200 g chicken (or duck) liver1 tbsp olive oilSea salt · Ground pepper2 sprigs of rosemary1 tbsp sugar3 tbsp balsamic vinegar3 tbsp apple juice2 small bunches of rocket5Bake the tarts at 180 C (Moistureplus with 1 automatic burst ofsteam) on the second shelf for 30 to35 minutes for the large tart or 15 to20 minutes for the tartlets.6Cut the liver into walnut sizedpieces. Heat the olive oil in a fryingpan and fry the liver for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from the frying pan,season with sea salt and pepper,and keep warm.7Wash the rosemary and shake itdry. Place the sugar, balsamic vinegar, apple juice and rosemary in thehot frying pan used to cook the liver.Bring gently to the boil and removethe rosemary.8Wash and dry the rocket anddivide between the serving plates.Turn the tartlets out of their tinsand arrange on the beds of rocket.If making one large tart, cut it intofour. Top with the liver and drizzlewith a little balsamic sauce.

S T AR T E R SBaked figswith mascarpone and San Daniele hamServes 4–61Beat together the mascarpone,honey, thyme and orange zest, andseason with salt and pepper.2Wash the figs, and pat them dry.Cut a lid approx. 1 cm thick from thetop of each fig. Scoop out about ateaspoon of the flesh from insideeach fig to make room for the filling.3 Fill the figs with the mascarponecream, place the lids on top andpress down lightly. Wrap each fig ina slice of ham.Ingredients:250 g mascarpone1 tbsp honey1 tbsp chopped thyme1 tsp orange zestSalt · Ground pepper12 medium sized figs12 slices San Daniele ham,or prosciutto12 slices French breadOlive oil for greasing the dishand drizzling4Spread the fig flesh on the slicesof French bread. Grease a bakingdish with olive oil and arrange thebread in the dish. Place a fig on eachslice and press down slightly. Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 160 C(Fan plus) on the second shelf for 20to 25 minutes.8 TipsSan Daniele ham is air driedham from Italy. If you can’t findit, use Parma ham instead. Oromit all together for a vegetarianalternative.17

S T AR TERSGrilled vegetables and mozzarellabaked in paniniFor 10 panini1To make the dough, place theflour in a bowl and make a well in thecentre. Crumble the yeast and dissolve in 300 ml of lukewarm water.Stir in the honey and pour the mixture into the well in the flour. Stir theflour in from the edge to make a thindough. Cover the bowl with a damptea towel and leave the dough to risefor 15 minutes in a warm place. Stirin the salt and olive oil and kneadthe dough for 5 minutes using thekneading hook of an electric mixeruntil it is shiny. Cover again andleave in a warm place for 45 minutesto rise.2 Peel the onion. Wash the aubergine and courgettes. Chop all threevegetables into 1 cm thick slices.Place in an ovenproof dish. Cut thepeppers into quarters and removethe seeds. Add to the dish. Crushthe garlic. Wash the thyme, shakedry and tear off the leaves. Add thegarlic and thyme to the dish alongwith the olive oil. Season with seasalt and pepper, and leave to standfor 20 minutes.3Grill the vegetables at 220 C(Full grill) on the third shelf for 15 to20 minutes, turning halfway through.Remove the skins from the red peppers. Stir the vegetables.18Ingredients:For the dough:500 g strong bread flour20 g fresh yeast1 tbsp honey1 level tbsp sea salt3 tbsp olive oilFor the vegetables:1 onion1 large eggplant/aubergine2 zucchini/courgettes2 red peppers1 clove of garlic1/2 bunch of thyme80 ml olive oilSea saltGround pepper4Knead the dough briefly oncemore and divide into 10 pieces. Rollout on a floured surface into squares14 x 14 cm. Place the vegetableson one half of each piece. Pat themozzarellas dry and cut into 10 slices.Place on top of the vegetables. Foldthe dough over the filling and pressthe edges firmly together. Place thepanini on the floured baking tray andleave for 15 minutes.5Dust the panini with flour andbake at 200 C (Moisture plus with1 automatic burst of steam) on thesecond shelf for 15 to 18 minutes.Cool the panini slightly and servewith pesto (see Tips).Also:2 balls of mozzarella(125 g each)Flour for the baking tray andfor dusting8 TipsThe panini are delicious servedwith lovage pesto. In a foodprocessor, purée the leaves of halfa bunch of lovage and 1 bunch ofparsley with 100 ml olive oil,1 tbsp grated parmesan and1 tbsp roasted pine nuts.

S T AR TERSBraised celeriacwith ginger and prawn kebabsServes 4–61Peel the ginger and cut into thinstrips. Heat the oil in a frying pan.Fry the ginger for 2 minutes, stir inthe honey and place to one side.2 Peel and cut the celeriac into11/2 cm cubes and mix with the ginger and honey. Season with salt andpepper and place in an ovenproofdish. Drizzle with olive oil and cookat 160 C (Fan plus) on the secondshelf for 40 minutes. Wash and drythe basil and tear off the leaves. Puta few to one side as garnish. 10 minutes before the end of the cookingtime, stir the basil into the celeriac.3Peel the prawns, make a cutalong the length of each one andremove the black vein. Wash theprawns and pat them dry. Bendthe prawns, and place in pairs onwooden skewers.Ingredients:150 g ginger1 tbsp oil1 tbsp honey1 bulb of celeriac(approx. 1 kg)Salt · Freshly ground pepper2–3 tbsp olive oil1 bunch of Thai or normal basil12 jumbo prawns1 clove of garlic1–2 red chillis3 shallotsJuice of 1 lime1 tbsp palm sugar2 unwaxed limes4To make the marinade, peel thegarlic. Wash, deseed and finely chopthe chillis. Peel and finely chop theshallots. Pound the garlic, chillis andshallots together with the lime juiceand palm sugar using a pestle andmortar, or purée in a food processor. Arrange the prawns on a bakingtray and brush with the marinade.Grill at 240 C (Full grill) on the thirdor fourth shelf for 5 to 8 minutes.5Wash the limes in hot water, patdry and cut into quarters. Arrangetwo prawn kebabs on a bed ofbraised celeriac on individual serving plates, and garnish with basilleaves and lime wedges.8 TipsThe braised celeriac can beprepared a day in advance andheated up shortly before serving.If palm sugar is not available,use unrefined sugar.20

S T AR T E R STortillawith smoked trout and cressServes 4–61Cut the potatoes into thin slices.Flake the smoked trout into smallpieces. Beat the eggs into the crèmefraîche. Stir in the horseradish andlemon zest.2 Place the sliced potatoes andsmoked trout into a large bowl andstir in the egg mixture. Season withsalt and pepper. Butter an ovenproof dish, pour in the potato mixture and press down.3 Bake the tortilla at 140 C (Moisture plus with 1 automatic burst ofsteam) on the second shelf for 25 to30 minutes. Leave the tortilla to cooluntil lukewarm.Ingredients:600 g boiled waxy potatoes(can be peeled and boiled theprevious day)200 g smoked trout fillet(plus 1 fillet for garnish)5 medium eggs50 g crème fraîche1 tbsp grated horseradish1 tsp unwaxed lemon zestSalt · Ground pepperButter for greasing the dish1 container of mustard cress1 bunch of watercress1 bunch of rocket2 tbsp white balsamic vinegar1 tsp honey2 tbsp olive oil4Wash and dry the cress androcket, and mix together. Whisk thebalsamic vinegar, honey and 2 tbspof olive oil together and use to dressthe leaves.5To serve, cut the tortilla intocubes and scatter over the salad.Garnish with flakes of the remainingtrout fillet.8 TipsYou can make a crisp little dishon which to serve the tortilla bydeep frying a piece of spring rollpastry (12 x 12 cm), pressing itdown lightly with a spoon.21

S T AR TERSCrispy tunarolls with mango chutneyServes 4–61To make the chutney, halve anddeseed the red pepper and roast at160 C (Fan plus) on the second shelffor 30 to 35 minutes. Allow to coolthen remove the skin and chop thepepper in small pieces.2Peel the mango, cut the fleshaway from stone and dice it into1/2 cm cubes. Wash the springonions and slice finely. Wash thecoriander, shake it dry and chop.Mix everything together along withthe ground coriander, cinnamon,salt, pepper and vinegar.3To make the tuna rolls, seasonthe tuna well with salt and coarselyground pepper. Fry in hot oil for 1minute.4Wash and dry the chicken breastand cut into smal

Whether baking, roasting, cook-ing or grilling, you will soon see how many ways your oven can be used. Not only is it ideal for well-loved classics such as pizza, cakes, souffles and gra-tins, but roasts, bread and desserts are cooked to perfection too. Features which professional cooks have long taken for granted are now increasingly available to the keen amateur, for whose creativi-ty the .

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Important safety instructions 9 Miele tumble dryers and Miele washing machines can be installed as a washer-dryer stack. A Miele washer-dryer connection kit is required as an optional accessory for this. Please ensure that the washer-dryer connection kit is suitable for the Miele tumble dryer and the Miele washing machine.

For baking and roasting with moisture injection. This function is ideal for baking bread and biscuits and for cooking fish and meat. With Moisture Plus, bread comes out with a particularly even crumb (the inside of the bread) and crispy crust (crunchy on the outside but not brittle). Yeast-based doughs prove particularly well. Meat and fish are cooked gently and stay succulent. Choose from the .

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Miele tumble dryers and Miele washing machines can be installed as a washer-dryer stack. A Miele washer-dryer connection kit is required as an optional accessory for this. Please ensure that the washer-dryer connection kit is suitable for the Miele tumble dryer and the Miele washing machine.

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