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City of TracyEngineering Design &Construction StandardsSTANDARDSPECIFICATIONSDevelopment Services DepartmentResolution No. 2020-031 February 18, 2020

Note: Only the sections of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SSPWC)and State of California Department of Transportation Standard Specifications referenced in theseCity of Tracy Standard Specifications apply. All other sections of the SSPWC and State ofCalifornia Department of Transportation Standard Specifications are not applicable to the City.Whenever a conflict exists between these City Standard Specifications and either the SSPWC orthe State of California Department of Transportation Standard Specifications, the City of TracyStandard Specifications shall govern.

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSResolution 2020-031-TABLE OF CONTENTSPART 1 - GENERAL REQUIREMENTSSECTION 100 – GENERAL100.01 Definitions .100.02 Reference to Other Specifications .100.03 Application .100.04 Notifications .100.05 Permission to Work in Public Right of Way .100.06 Insurance.100.07 Hold Harmless and Indemnification Clause .1122222SECTION 101 – SCOPE AND CONTROL OF THE WORK101.01 Removal of Defective and Unauthorized Work .101.02 Shop Drawing Submittals .101.03 Construction Staking .101.04 Inspection of Work and Materials .101.05 Testing of Work and Materials .101.06 Materials and Workmanship .101.07 Protection of Work and Materials.101.08 Certification .33334444SECTION 102 – RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONTRACTOR102.01 Contractor’s Responsibility for the Work.102.02 Laws to be Observed .102.03 Permits and Fees .102.04 Coordination and Cooperation.102.05 Use of Premises .102.06 Construction Staging and Field Office .102.07 Site Security.102.08 Construction Water .102.09 Project Site Maintenance .102.10 Protection and Preservation of Property .102.11 Restoration of Adjacent and Existing Improvements .102.12 Archeological Remains.102.13 Access to Private Property .102.14 Public Convenience and Traffic Control .102.15 Safety .555566666999101013SECTION 103– PROSECUTION, PROGRESS AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE WORK103.01 Construction Schedule .103.02 Construction Sequence .103.03 Recording Existing Conditions .103.04 Hours of Construction .103.05 Prosecution of Work .103.06 Suspension of Work .151515151515City of Tracy Standard SpecificationsFebruary 18, 2020-i-

103.07103.08103.09103.10103.11103.12Final Completion .Final Acceptance .Risk of Loss .Use of Improvements During Construction .Contractor’s Guarantee .Correction of Defective Work During the Guarantee Period .151616161616SECTION 104 – UTILITIES104.01 Contractor’s Obligation to Identify and Protect Subsurface Infrastructure .104.02 Location .104.03 Protection .104.04 Shut Down Notification .104.05 Removal .104.06 Relocation .104.07 Cooperation .17171718181818PART 2 – CONSTRUCTION MATERIALSSECTION 200 – ROCK MATERIALS200.01 Aggregate Subbase .200.02 Aggregate Base (A.B.).200.03 Concrete Aggregate Material.200.04 Pipe Bedding .19202222SECTION 201 – CONCRETE, MORTAR, AND RELATED MATERIALS201.01 Portland Cement Concrete .201.02 Precast Concrete Manhole Sections.201.03 Transit Mixers.201.04 Temperature of Concrete Mix .201.05 Admixtures .2323232323SECTION 202 – MASONRY MATERIALS . 24SECTION 203 – BITUMINOUS MATERIAL203.01 Asphalt Concrete (A.C.) .203.02 Prime Coat and Tack Coat .203.03 Fog Seal .203.04 Slurry Seal .25252525SECTION 204 – LUMBER AND TREATMENT WITH PRESERVATIVES . 26SECTION 205 – PILES . 27SECTION 206 – MISCELLANEOUS METAL ITEMS206.01 Drop Inlets and Catch Basins . 28206.02 Manhole Frame and Covers . 28206.03 Chain Link Fence. 28City of Tracy Standard SpecificationsFebruary 18, 2020-ii-

SECTION 207 – PIPE207.01 Sanitary Sewer Pipe .207.02 Storm Drain Pipe .207.03 Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe .207.04 Water Pipe .29292929SECTION 208 – PIPE JOINT TYPES AND MATERIALS . 30SECTION 209 – ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS209.01 Poles .209.02 Mast Arms .209.03 Luminaries .209.04 Anchor Bolts .209.05 Pull Boxes .209.06 Foundations .313131343434SECTION 210 – PAINT AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS . 35SECTION 211 – SOILS AND AGGREGATE TEST. 36SECTION 212 – LANDSCAPE AND IRRIGATION MATERIALS212.01 Trees .212.02 Tree Stakes .212.03 Mulch .212.04 Irrigation System Material .212.05 Anti-Desiccant .212.06 Tree Root Barrier .212.07 Drain Rock.212.08 Cast-Iron Tree Grates and Frames .212.09 Engineered Fill Soil .373737373737373737SECTION 213 – ENGINEERING FABRICS . 38PART 3 – CONSTRUCTION METHODSSECTION 300 – EARTHWORK300.01 Preservation of Property .300.02 Disposal of Materials .300.03 Slopes .300.04 Import Borrow .39393939SECTION 301 – TREATED SOILS, SUBGRADE PREPARATION AND PLACEMENT OFBASE MATERIALS301.01 Subgrade Preparation . 40301.02 Curb and Gutter Subgrade . 40301.03 Base Thickness . 40SECTION 302 – ROADWAY SURFACING . 41City of Tracy Standard SpecificationsFebruary 18, 2020-iii-

SECTION 303 – CONCRETE AND MASONRY CONSTRUCTION303.01 Curb and Gutter .303.02 Sidewalk .303.03 Driveways .303.04 Concrete Alley Approach .303.05 Manholes .303.06 Handicap Ramps .303.07 Median and Traffic Divider Islands .303.08 Median Surfacing .303.09 Portland Cement Concrete Finishing .303.10 Backfilling .303.11 Protecting Concrete .303.12 Rock Pockets .424242424243434343434344SECTION 304 – METAL FABRICATION AND CONSTRUCTION . 45SECTION 305 – PILE DRIVING AND TIMBER CONSTRUCTION . 46SECTION 306 – UNDERGROUND CONDUIT CONSTRUCTION306.01 Trench Safety.306.02 Subsurface Obstructions .306.03 Trench Bottom .306.04 Pipe Bedding .306.05 Bedding Densification .306.06 Maximum Length of Open Trench .306.07 Trench Widths .306.08 Excavated Material .306.09 Dewatering .306.10 Existing Ditches.306.11 Street Crossings .306.12 Trench Resurfacing.306.13 Removal or Abandonment of Pipe and Structures .306.14 Corrosion Protection .306.15 Water Main Pressure Testing and Disinfection .306.16 Testing .306.17 Televised Inspection of Sewer or Storm Drains .306.18 Backfilling of Trenches .306.19 Sewer Service Connections .306.20 Manhole Construction .306.21 Cleanouts .306.22 Storm Drains Using Cast-in-Place Pipe ON 307 – STREET LIGHTING AND TRAFFIC SIGNALS307.01 Regulations and Codes .307.02 Excavation and Backfill.307.03 Conduit .307.04 Bonding and Grounding .307.05 Street Light Service .307.06 City Review and Inspection .545454555555City of Tracy Standard SpecificationsFebruary 18, 2020-iv-

SECTION 308 – LANDSCAPE AND IRRIGATION INSTALLATION308.01 Topsoil Preparation and Conditioning .308.02 Plant Staking and Guying .

Agreement – The written contract between the City and the Contractor covering the performance of the Work. 2. City - City of Tracy, California, acting through the City Council or other duly authorized agents. 3. City Council - The City Council of the City of Tracy. 4. City Regulations - All written laws, rules, and policies established by the .

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