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UPDATED INFORMATION FOR THE YEAR - 2020(uploaded in the March 2021)TELANGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONALINSTITUTIONS SOCIETY, HYDERABADTHE INFORMATION UNDER SECTION 4(1) (b) OF RTI ACT, 2005S.No.1234567891011121314151617DescriptionThe particulars of organization, functions and dutiesThe powers and duties of officers and employeesThe procedure followed in the decision making process, includingchannels of supervision and accountabilityThe Norms Set For The Discharge Of FunctionsThe rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by thesociety or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functionsA statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under itscontrolThe particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultationwith, or representation by the members of the public in relation to theformulation of its policy or implementation thereofA statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodiesconsisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for thepurpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards,councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, orthe minutes of such meetings are accessible for publicDirectory of Officers And EmployeesThe monthly remuneration received by each officers andemployees, including the system of compensation asprovided in regularizationsThe budget allocated to each agency, indicating the particularsof all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursementsmadeThe manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including theamounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of eachprogrammesParticulars of recipients of concessions, permits orauthorisations grantedDetails in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced inan electronic formThe particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information,including the working hours of a library or reading room, ifmaintained for public useThe names, designations and other particulars of the public informationofficersSuch other information as may be prescribed and thereafter updatethese publications every yearPage No.2 - 126-127126-127127127-128128129-1301301

I. The particulars of organization, functions and dutiesTelangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS)(REGD. NO. 452 OF 2014) is running 268 residential educational institutions (from 5thstandard to Undergraduate level) in the state of Telangana under the Ministry ofScheduled Caste Development Department, Government of Telangana. The Society hasbeen working with the noble aim of providing quality education to the needy and deprivedchildren on par with the other advantaged children. The TSWREI Society has beenmaintaining a website www.tswreis.in showing the activities of TSWR Institutions.It’s main function is to impart quality education to the poor children, most of whombelong to SC community (75% seats are reserved for SCs and 12% for SC convertedChristians)AIMS AND OJBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANISATION.a.To objective of the TSWREI Society is to provide qualitative educationto the children belonging to Scheduled Castes and other weakersections.b.To affiliate and accord recognition to similar Social WelfareResidential Schools and Colleges established and run by anySociety and private persons in the State.c.To prepare, introduce, supervise and modify from time to timethe curriculum, syllabi and other programmes and conduct ofexaminations for the pupils in the Social Welfare ResidentialSchools and Colleges established by or affiliated to or recognizedby the Society.To organize and conduct study courses, conferences,lectures, seminars, workshops, study tours and the like for thebenefit of the staff and students of the Social Welfare ResidentialSchools and Colleges.d.VISIONThe vision is to build an outstanding government educational institution which provides highquality holistic and value based education to the marginalized children on par with the otheradvantaged children in the world.MISSIONThe mission of the TSWREI Society is to prepare the students to face the challenges of the21st century with a sense of self-confidence and collaborative behavior and provide a widerange of learning opportunities in classroom and beyond to help students realize their fullpotential to grab and take advantage of opportunities in a globalized world.2

TSWRE Institutions at a GlanceThere is a total of 268 social welfare residential educational institutions (from 5th standard toUndergraduate level) imparting education in English medium to 1,48,985 students. Of the total268 institutions, girls institutions constitute 175 (65%).NO. OF INSTITUTIONS BEFORE AND AFTER BIFURCATIONNo. of Institutions beforebifurcationNo. of Institutionsafter 2268Exclusive Schools1. School of Fine Arts & Film Making , Malkajgiri, Hyderabad –(1)2 Social Welfare Sainik School, Rukmapur-(1)Degree College for women, Bhongir[-(1)4. Centres of Excellence Colleges (COEs)-(34)5. Sports Academies-(26)6. Freedom Schools-(87)7. Vocational Colleges-(34)3. Social Welfare Armed Forces PreparatoryComprehensive Student Support and Well-beingThe Society is committed for overall social, physical, educational and emotional well-being ofthe students. We help the marginalized students to overcome their economic disadvantagesand we do this by providing the following amenities : Free accommodation and boarding facilitiesDiet charges : Rs. 950/-P.M. from Class V to VII.;Rs. 1100/-P.M from Class VIII to X; Rs. 1500/-P.M for Intermediate and Degree3 pairs of uniform (every year) and 1 Track suit, 1 Belt, 1 ID card.All Textbooks and Notebooks.Oxford English mini dictionary from 8th to Inter1 pair of Shoe and Socks, 1 Towel, 1 Bed Sheet, 1 Carpet, mattress1 Plate, Glass with Katora and one Trunk Box once in five years.Charges for washing, cosmetics and hair cutting.3

Admission ProcedureSl.No.1.2.ClassClass VIntermediateJr. Collegesand COEs3.DegreeRule of Reservation in AdmissionsSelection MethodEntrance ExamEntrance ExamEntrance ExamCommunity% of ReservationScheduled Caste (SC)75%SC Converted Christians2%Scheduled Tribe (ST)6%Backward Caste (BC)12%Minorities3%OC/EBC2%TYPES OF INSTITUTIONSS.No.Types utions(SainikSchool,Rukmapur)IndependentJunior CollegesCentreforExcellencesUpgraded Schoolsupto IntermediateVocationalCollegesSchoolsfromClass V upto IX/XclassDegree Collegesfor 0309317322682345684

ESTABLISHMENT OF SPECIALISED 16-1730 Residential Degree Colleges for Women22017-1832019-201. School of Fine Arts & Film Technology Malkajgiri - (1)2. Sainik School Rukmapur - (1)3. Social Welfare Armed Forces Preparatory DegreeCollege for Women Bhongir - (1)1. Sports Academies - (26)2. Freedom Schools - (87)3. Vocational Colleges - (34)STAFF RECRUITMENT STATUS :RECRUITMENT THROUGH TSPSC:No. of Posts Notified2785No. of Posts Filled2180RECRUITMENT THROUGH TREI-RB:No. of Posts Notified1140No. of Posts Filled1040Posts to be Notified - 1271ACHIEVEMENTS (ACADEMIC) Secondary School Certificate (SSC) :YearSocial tate 3100State Average2015-162016-172017-182018-19Social 6 Intermediate (10 2) :Year62.9566.4567.2565.005

Degree Colleges Affiliated to Different Universities of TelanganaFinal Year Graduation (2018-19)Name of UniversitySocial tma versityAverage52.0040.0030.0055.6335.0040.00TSW RESIDENTIAL DEGREE COLLEGES FOR WOMEN – 2020The Government of Telangana has sanctioned 30 TSW Residential Degree Collegesfor Women vide G.O.Ms.No.20, SCD (RS) Dept, dated02.06.2016 and sanctioned teachingand Non- teaching staff posts on regular and outsourcing basis vide G.O.Ms.No.79Finance(HRM-II) Dept. dated 22.06.2016. In which 539 staff are working on regular basis inthe cadres of Principal, Lecturers, Librarians, Physical Director and Health Supervisors and428 Staff are working on outsourcing and temporary basis in the cadre of Principal, Faculty,DEO, Record Asst., Asst. Caretaker, Office Subordinates, Security guards& others.A total of seven English medium courses viz BSC (MPC), BSC (MSCs), BSC (BZC),BSC (MZC), B.Com (Computers), B.Com (General) and B.A. (HEP) were offered in 29 TSWRDegree colleges with an intake of 40 students for each course in each college. TSWRAFPDegree college Bhongiri offered 6 English Medium viz BSC (MPC), BSC (MSCs), BSC (BZC),BSC (MZC), B.Com (Computers) and B.A. (Hep) with an intake of 30 students for each courseas list furnished below.The list of 30 colleges is furnished below:Sl. No1No. of Colleges in Location of TSWRDC FOR UniversityRegion/Old District WomenAdilabad - 3Adilabad, Mancherial, NirmalKakatiya2Khammam - 2Khammam, B,KothagudemKakatiya3Warangal – 4Kakatiya4Karimnagar -3Bhupalapally, Mahabubabad,Warangal (East), Warangal(West)Jagityal, Karimnagar, Siricilla5Ranga Reddy&HyderabadJagathgirigutta, L.B.Nagar,VikarabadShatavahanaOsmania6

Sl. NoNo. of Colleges in Location of TSWRDC FOR UniversityRegion/Old District Women6Medak – 27Medak, SiddipetOsmaniaMahaboobnagar –3Mahaboobnagar,Nagarkurnool, WanaparthyPalamuru8Nalgonda – 3Nalgonda, Bhongiri, SuryapetMahatma Gandhi9Nizamabad – 3Nizamabad,Armor,KamareddyTelanganaIn 4 TSWR Degree Colleges were started with specialized courses with an intake of40 students for each course as detailed below:Sl.No.1234CollegeCourses OfferedUniversityTSW ResidentialCollegeofPhysicalSciences, Maths, Statistics,Comptur Science)3.BSC(Maths,Physics,Comptur Science)4.BSC(Maths,Electronics, Comptur Science)5. atistics)7.BSC(Maths,AppliedElectronics,Networking and Hardware)TSW Residential 1. BSC(Botany,Zoology,Chemistry)OsmaniaCollege of Life C(Botany,Genetics,Chemistry)Mahendrahills4. BSC(Bio Technology, Botany, Chemistry)5. BSC(Botany, Chemistry,Food Scienceand Quality control)6. BSC(Nutrition and dietetics,Zoology,Chemistry)7. BSC(Bio Chemistry, Zoology, Chemistry)TSW ResidentialCollegeofCommerce,Sangareddy1. B.Com (General),Osmania2. B.Com (Computers),3. B.Com (Computer Applications)4. B.Com (Honours)5. B.Com (Taxation)6. B.Com (Banking, Finance & Insurance)7. B.Com (Bachelor of BusinessAdministration)TSW Residential 1.B.A.(History,Economics,Political OsmaniaCollege of Social Science)Sciences,2. B.A. (History, Economics, PublicIbrahimpatnamAdministration)3. B.A.( Economics, Political Science,Journalism)4. B.A.(Economics, Political Science,Psychology)5.B.A.( Economics, Political Science,English Modern Language)7

Sl.No.CollegeCourses OfferedUniversity6. B.A.( Economics, Public Administration,Mass Communication and Journalism)7.B.A.( Economics, Political Science, Sociology)Admissions were made for the academic year 2020-21 through TSUGCET – 2020(Telangana State Under Graduate Common Entrance Test) and 7760 Students were admittedto 1st year degree. A total of 19,411 Students were pursuing their under graduate in 1st yeardegree to 3rd year degree in all 30 TSWR Degree Colleges.b) PROGRAMMES FOR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT.TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure –A.PeriodS.No.Training/Camp1Conducting 2daysOrientationProgrammefor all theLibrarians ofTSWRInstitutionsand TSWRDCfor Women2Conductinghandwritingclasses to thestudents ofTSWRFreedomInstitutionsVenuesName of SIRD,Rajendranagr,HyderabadBy ResourcespersonsStudents6thto9thclass20 TSWRFreedominstitutionsM/s. 1.2019No.oftrainedNo.ofdays8

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure No.oftrainedVenuesName of nts6thto9thclassTSWRfreedomschoolSaroornagar(G), RangaReddyDistrictM/s ViduraEducationsolutions ,Rajendranagar,HyderabadM/s. DheyaCareer mentors(India) Pvt Ltd.2Teachers30TSWR/JC,Rajapet,YadadriM/s. Dream ineassessment to6th to 9thclassesstudents inEnglish andMathematicsto TSWRInstitutions04.11.201904.03.20204Conducting 5days teacherfacilitatortrainingassessmentprogram .01.201952 daysteacherdevelopmentprogramme 0199

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure –A.PeriodS.No.Training/CampFrom61 day Trainingand launchprograminvolving theteachers andselectedstudentinnovationleaders on thepedagogy andpractices offacilitation forinnovationprogram for8th gradestudents ofTSWRInstitutions72 daysteacherdevelopmentprogramme ofselectedTSWRInstitutionsBatch-II &Batch-III8Conducting 2days trainingon VedicMathematics”to theteachers (PGT& TGT Maths)of 020No.ofdaysTeachers/Students1TEACHERS &STUDENTSNo.oftrainedVenuesName of /s. Dream derabadDr.S.Usha Sri,Educe 0.01.202020.02.202042Teachersteachers10

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure ed areviewmeeting withall thePrincipals ofTSWRFreedomInstitutions10Conductingone day“SchoolLeadersConvention2020 with ing areviewmeeting forFreedomSchools withthe HeadOffice officers,and Academicconsultants12CapacityBuildingprogramme to theteachers trainedVenuesName of arsingi(G),RangareddyDistrictHead Officeofficers, all thePrincipals ofTSWR ThroughWhatsAppGroupResourcespersonsHead officeofficers andTSWR Principal,boath11

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure /StudentsNo.oftrainedVenuesName of theKnowledgepartnerconducted/programmeTo13Telecast allSubjectsconcepts forthe studentsof VI to Xclassesthrough TSAT channel14Online trainingto theRegionalResourcePersons forsubject forumson Zoom19.06.202007.07.202018Teachers255zoom online15Online trainingto the selectedArt Teachersof TSWRInstitutions onZoom21.07.202027.07.20206Teachers120Zoomonline trgTOTs16Online trainingto the TGT ofMath, Englishand Scienceof TSWRInstitutions(Except theold and newfreedomschools) onZoom04.08.202012.09.202038Teachers439Zoomonline trgSubjectAssociates hannelduringlockdownperiod.Selected TSWRTeachers,by M/s AlokitEducationLeadership PvtLimited, SanathNagar,Hyderabad12

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure –A.PeriodS.No.171819Training/CampOnlineworkshop on“Reintegration” for teachersof (forTeachersbelonging toDream aDream) to theTSWRinstitutions ion andCapacityBuildingProgrammefor the NewlyPromotedPrincipals ofTSWRInstitutionsthrough online(Zoom)Conducting3daysworkshop on“SubjectModulesFinalization”for subjectexperts(English,Telugu, Hindi,Maths,Phy.Sci,Bio.Sci andSocial)Teachers/Students79Zoomonline r, s08.09.202010.09.202030TeachersNo.oftrainedName of uesM/s. Dream aDream,Jayanagar,Bangalore13

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure ingProgrammefor the HealthSupervisors ofTSWRInstitutionsthrough online(Zoom)CapacityBuildingProgrammefor the Asst.Care takers ofTSWRInstitutionsthrough online(Zoom)Online trainingon“Reintegrationpost Covid 19” for 104Principals tothe TSWRinstitutions onZoomCapacityBuildingProgrammefor the MusicTeachers ofTSWRInstitutions Name of 202020.09.20204Teachers183Zoomonline TrgTOTs21.09.202024.09.20204Teachers183Zoomonline TrgTOTs28.09.202001.10.20204Teachers104Zoomonline trgM/s. Dream chers53Zoomonline trgTOTs14

TELANAGANA SOCIAL WELFARE RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY,HYDERABADDetails of the Trainings section from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2020Annexure /StudentsNo.oftrainedVenuesName of l, SubjectAssociatesTo24Conducting 2daysworkshop on“SubjectModulesFinalization”for subjectexperts(English,Telugu, Hindi,Maths,Phy.Sci,Bio.Sci Saroornagar, RangaReddyDistrct25CapacityBuildingProgrammefor the CraftTeachers ofTSWRInstitutions onZoom19.10.202021.10.20203Teachers20Zoomonline nline trgMs. HariniRaghavan,Director, Joy monline trgMs. HariniRaghavan,Director, Joy ofReading2627CapacityBuildingProgrammefor theLibrarians ofTSWRInstitutions on“InculcatingJoyfulReadingSystematically”15

ACTIVITIES TAKEN BY COMMUNICATION & SPECIAL PROJECTS.Name of thesectionDetails of activities taken up in the CASP section.1. Conducting Live Programmes of Secretary and other officers of theTSWREIS to interact with the staff, students of TSWR institutions onadministrative and academic matters on T SAT Channel.2. Conducting live classes of best Teachers / Lecturers & Students onT SAT Channel to improvise digital teaching and learning process inTSWR institutions.3. Conducting live teaching competitions by Super Students on T SATChannel to win SR Sankaran Super Students Lecture Trophy forjuniors & seniors from 2013-2014 academic year under “Earn whileyou Learn” concept to improve Peer tutoring in TSWR institutions.4. Conducting following Summer Camps during summer to trainTSWR students in different aspects of learning by knowledge partnersexperienced in various fields.1. Young Journalist Camp 2.Competitive Exams Coaching Camp3.NDA & NA Coaching Camp 4.Craft & Jewellery making camp & 5.Brighter Minds Camp.Communication &Special Projects6. Admission process of TSWR students into prestigious Universities& Institutions like Central Universities, EFLU,APU,TISS, HotelManagement etc.7. Preparation of Telugu matters for Pamphlets forProgramme etcImpact8. Designing of posters & pamphlets etc for different programmestaken up by the TSWREIS.9. Conducting “PEER TUTORING” programme by Green Gurus inTSWR institutions.10. Organizing programmes to attend various competitiveexams/events like NTSE, KVPY, INSPIRE, I-Parliament etc.11. Conducting “Bharat Dashan” tour programme for outstandingstudents & staff of TSWREIS.12. Grounding and strengthening of Special institutions like TSWRSainik School, Rukmapur, Karimnagar and TSWR AFPDCW, Bhongir,Yadadri Bhongir district.16

Name of thesectionDetails of activities taken up in the CASP section.13.Conducting “Gnaana Deeksha” Online classes in T-Sat NIPUNAChannel and Doordarshan online classes for the A.Y-2020-21.14.Making ‘Swaero Nagara’ Podcast files with successfulpersonalities for motivating budding swaeros and marginalizedcommunities.15.Making a short film on implementation of ‘Village Learning Circles’by the students of TSWR Educational Institutions.C)OTHER ACADEMIC ISSUESA DAY IN TSWR INSTITUTION5-00 Wake up5.15 - 6.15 Exercise (Phy. Edn. Trg) and Yoga6.15 - 7.15 Personal Time7.15 - 8.00 Breakfast7.45 - 8.45 Morning study8.45 - 9.00 Break9.00 - 9.15 Morning Assembly9.15 - 1.00 Forenoon instructional hours1.00 - 2.00 Lunch Break2.00 - 3.30 Afternoon instructional hours3.30 - 4.30 Club Activities (E / T / M / P / Quiz)4.30 - 5.00 Snacks5.00 - 6.00 Games / Sports-roll call6.00 - 6.30 Personal Time6.30 - 7.30 Dinner7.30 - 9.00 Self Study for V to VIII 9.00 Bed time (V to VIII) 7.30 - 9.30 Self study for IX toInter (7.30 - 10.30 from December) 10.30 Bed Time (IX to Inter) TSWR INSTITUTIONAll the house parents must visit their respective houses either before morningassembly or during snacks time.b) CONDUCTING EXAMINATIONS : The Society has introduced CCE for classes V to VIII to make the children capableof becoming responsive, production and useful member of the Society. The Society conducting Formative Assessments[4]i.e., FA – 1 to 4, SummativeAssessments [2] SA 1 to 2 i.e., Quarterly and annual exams for V to X classstudents17

The Society is conducting [4] Unit Tests, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annualexaminations and pre-final examinations to the Junior and Senior Intermediateclasses.c) Staffing Pattern in TSW Residential Institutions : Principal is the Head of the Institution 18 Teachers – JL, PGT, TGT & 5 Special Teachers [PD/PET, Art, Craft,Music/Librarian] & 1 Staff Nurse and 5 Non-teaching staff and 4 Class-IVemployees work in the institution.D)AMENITIES:STUDENT AMENITIES:The TSWREI Society is supplying centralized student amenities i.e., Uniform material(suiting cloth, shirting cloth, pad cloth, punjabi dress material (top and bottom withchunnies), Towels, Bed sheets, Carpets, Note Books and Intermediate Text books tothe TSWR Institutions functioning in the State at free of cost every year.The following are the details of amenities provided to every student studying in TSWRInstitutions.ItemSlNo1Particulars2Uniform (4 pairsuniform)PT DressThe Society has been providing @ (3) pairs uniforms to all the student everyyear.The Society has been providing PT Dress @ (1) pair to all the students everyyear3Night DressThe Society has been providing Night Dress @ (1) pair to all the students4TowelsThe Society has been providing Towels @ (1) no. to all the students every year5Bed sheetsThe Society has been providing Bed sheets @ (1) no. to all the students everyyear6ChunniesThe Society has been providing Chunnies @ (3) no. to Girls students from IX toDegree students every year (supplied 2 nos to RDC students during 2019-20)7Note booksThe Society has been providing note books to all the students every year as perexisting scale8OxforddictionariesThe Society has been providing Dictionaries to new inmates (V & Inter) everyyear9Trunk boxesThe Society has been providing Trunk boxes to new inmates (V & Inter) everyyear10Polar FleeceBlanketsThe Society has been providing Blankets to new inmates (V, 1st year inter, 1styear RDC students) every year18

ItemParticularsSlNo11Plate, glasskatoraThe Society has been providing 1 set of plate, glass, katora and spoon to newinmates (V, 1st year inter, 1st year RDC students) every year12Trolley bagsThe Society has been providing Trolley bags to new inmates of RDCs in placeof Trunk boxes13Belts & ID CardsThe Society has been providing belts & Id Cards every year ( Belts to all boystudents and girls from V to VIII class. ID Cards to all the boy and girl students)14Diaries (VIII toDegree &The Society has been supplying Diaries to all the students every yearCheck slip (V toVII)Deskit schoolbagsThe Society has been providing Deskit school bags (for the students whereduel desks are not available)16ShoesSociety has been providing sports shoes to the students once in two years.17SocksSociety has been providing socks for all the students @ 2 pairs every year18Rubberized Coirmattresses/ Slim foammattressesSociety has been providing rubberized coir mattresses to the students once in 5years, where cots are available.1519IntermediateText books(for Jr & Sr. interstudents everyyear)Society has been providing slim mattresses to the students every year, wherecoir mattresses are not providedSociety has been providing Telugu Academy text books to the Jr & Sr Interstudents every yeare) Special initiatives on improving communication skills in English languageThe schools were initially started with Telugu Medium and converted into English Mediumfrom the last (5) years. To develop communication Skills in English Language training is givenby EFLU (English and Foreign Languages University) to all the English Teachers, and therebythey will develop communication skills to all other subject teachers’ district wise through BootCamps.19

To develop English Language skills in reading, writing and speaking, E plus clubsare conducted everyday in all TSWR Institutions. For providing qualitative education to the students a campaign mode is made withthe following 5 point plan.1. Continuous Empowerment of students, teachers and principals.2. Improving the environment to promote quality in both teaching and learning.3. Promoting healthy and competitive spirit.4. Intensifying the use of Technology in both academic and administrative activities5. Enlisting community participation by tapping the potential of parents, alumni,mentorsand volunteers.DEPARTMENT OF ALUMNI RELATIONSTSWREIS has decided to create a separate department as “Department of AlumniRelations” in Head Office to monitor the further progress of the SWAEROES till theycomplete their higher education. The Department of Alumni activities are to empower theoutgoing SWAEROES by way of provide guidance (a) for higher studies b) availablescholarships c) Courses available in their locality d) choose right courses in apt Universitiese) provide required training to them and their parents the other stake holders of the societyetc are to be taken are.The TSWREIS has created a wing called Department of Alumni Relations andintended to track the progress of its alumni from the date of completion of their intermediatethe higher class so far in its institutions to till they achieve their livelihood i.e. becomeemployees.DAR SECTIONS.No.Particulars of workDetails1SERVICING CHARGESSynergy India Foundation has monitoring the health ofstudents under the name Panacea Command CenterPanacea Command Center monitor the health of thestudents 24/7Every month expenditure is incurred for providinglogistical and technical support by command center.20

S.No.Particulars of workDetails2.Students counselingStudent counseling is one of the successful programe.They provide personnel, life skills career counseling to thestudents.3Standard operatingprocedureThe society decided to strengthen the health monitoringprocess and developed standard Operating system(SOP) for all the general health cases, chronic diseasesfirst aid procedure, house parent s,Principalresponsibilities technical updates sanitation etc.4Future parentingAs majority of students hail from rural areas and frommarginalized sections of the society, majority of theparents are illiterate and unaware of many things likeimportance of education, Zero tolerance to early childmarriages, importance of higher education, importance ofbalanced diet, importance of community living, properparenting techniques, do and don’ts of parenting etc., So,TSWREIS is providing future parenting training to theparents with the help of Community Relation Officers.5Admission in DelhiUniversityStudents who have completed Intermediate withoutstanding performance and applied for UG courses inDelhi University, TSWREIS is providing financial supportfor the higher education to the Alumni.6.ALUMINITSWREIS has decided to create a separate departmentas “Department of Alumni Relations “ in Head Office tomonitor the further progress of the Alumni till theycomplete their higher education. The Society hasidentified certain issues to be attended for the well-beingof the students studying in these schools and studentswho completed their courses from the society run schoolsand persuade for higher education.The Department of Alumni Relations activities are toempower the outgoing SWEAROES by way of provideguidance a) for higher studies b) available of scholarships c) courses available in their locality d) choose rightcourses in premier Universities/ institutions e) providerequired training to them and their parents and otherstake holders of the society etc., are to be take care.The TSWREIS has created a wing called Departmentof alumni Relations and intended to track the progress ofits alumni from the date of completion of their intermediateto the higher class so far in its institutions to till theyachieve their livelihood i.e. become employed.7.IMPACTThis meeting is conducted to empower the parents tosend their children to school on r

3.BSC(Botany,Genetics,Chemistry) 4. BSC(Bio Technology, Botany, Chemistry) 5. BSC(Botany, Chemistry,Food Science and Quality control) 6. BSC(Nutrition and dietetics, Zoology,Chemistry) 7. BSC(Bio Chemistry, Zoology,

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