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Contents2Pearson Baccalaureate omprehensive resources forCthe International Baccalaureate Diploma.4 Putting historiographyback into History Keely Rogers and Joanna Thomas,IB History teachers, outline howthe latest books offer studentsfresh historical perspectives onpopular Paper 3 topics.7 Gateways to Global Success New and upcoming resources tohelp students interact with globalissues and foster internationalmindedness.8eText focus9Comprehensive series listingWelcome!Last year saw us commission our 37th IB Diploma title.The majority are in our popular Pearson Baccalaureateseries which is complemented by recent new titles in theEssentials series. Together these two series support learningand teaching for the Diploma and the new Career-relatedProgramme.We have been updating the Extended Essay sections of ourresources and spending time meeting teachers from aroundthe world at conferences and in the classroom. This contactis always inspiring for us and is our most important source offeedback. We are also very grateful to the fabulous responsefrom IB Historians who contributed to the survey on yourPaper 3 needs – we are excited to share what has emerged onpage 4.This year we are also expanding our free resources to supportinterdisciplinary learning with the IB programmes. See page7 for more details and plenty of engaging ideas: ideas whichsupport everything from individual projects to whole-schoollearning.The educational world is ever changing and next year we willbe publishing for the new Psychology Guide and workingon early stages of the Diploma Maths review. We are alsoconsidering how our two series can continue supporting newdirections and new needs at the same time as offering all the‘old favourite’ classic textbook components.We’d love to hear from you with any comments or ideas atglobalschools@pearson.comThe Pearson Baccalaureate team04Pearson materials are developed independently from the IBO and are not endorsedby the IBO in any way. International Baccalaureate is a registered trademark of theInternational Baccalaureate Organization.06

Evaluate the wholePearson Baccalaureateseries online30fordaysinstant access to online

Pearson Baccalaureate SeriesGroup 1 Studies in Language and LiteratureS TA N DA R D L E V E LSLS TA N DA R D L E V E LHIGHER LEVELHLHIGHER LEVELEnglish: AIB DIPLOMADEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR THEConrad Hughes teaches English and ToK at theInternational School of Geneva (Campus desNations) where he coordinates the DiplomaProgramme. He leads workshops for the IB onEnglish and DP coordination and has taught inFrance, India, and Switzerland for more thanten years. He holds a PhD in English literature.www.pearsonbaccalaureate.comP E A R SO N B ACC A L AU R E AT EEnglish: ALiteratureJAN ADKINS CONRAD HUGHESSupporting every learner across the IB continuum19/10/2015 15:07Group 2 Language AcquisitionNM/SLNS/HLFrançais BAlso available:Essentials seriesLivre de professeurP E A R S O NBACCALAUREATESee page 9AMÉLIE NADEAUWith integrated onlinelearning resources!Visitwww.pearsonbacconline.comGroup 3 Individuals and SocietiesNEWNEWGroup 4 SciencesGroup 5 Mathematics“Core Curriculumross the entire IB continuum.aching ToK, Psychology,ons International Schoolxaminer and is currentlysince 1990. He helpeda school mainly fundedgramme school in Westce 1999. In the 1990s,ramme. He has been an2010. Since 1995, heols in combination withcurriculum developmentssessor 2000–2005. Hever the last ten years. Heppsala Sweden.www.pearsonbaccalaureate.comTheory of Knowledgeer courses and their life outside the Prescribed Essays.TOK Teacher, American School of Paris, France2nd EditionFramework and additional Areas of Knowledge.ues and all the IB curriculum framework areas.Presentation.”P E A R SO N B ACC A L AU R E AT E2nd Editioner across the IB continuumaureate Theory of Knowledge 2nd Edition is aB practitioners, it covers everything you needo help you to prepare thoroughly for yourThis is a superb supporting textbook for theTOK course. It is comprehensive and deep,within reach of students without compromisingon high level thinking . students seeking toimitate this approach are almost sure ofsucceeding in the course.Supporting every learner across the IB continuumdgeAll of our IB Diploma titlesare available as a printedtextbook with eText, or asa standalone eText.LiteratureJan Adkins has been teaching IB Englishat St Petersburg High School in Florida forover 20 years. She has also worked as anIB North America workshop presenter, andas a consultant for IBM, producing variousinstructional products for IBM Education inAtlanta and Thornwood, New York. She is therecipient of the Robert O. Lawton Award forTeaching Excellence at Florida State Universityand the Teaching Excellence Award at EckerdCollege. Jan holds a PhD in English.N A L AU R E AT EP EPAERASORNS BOACCSupporting every learner across the IB continuumBACCALAUREATEe IB continuumP E A R SO N B ACC A L AU R E AT ETheory ofKnowledge2nd EditionSUE BASTIAN JULIAN KITCHING RIC SIMSSupporting every learner across the IB continuum09/07/2013 17:032P e a r s o n B a c c a l a u r e a t e 2

Pearson Baccalaureatefor the InternationalBaccalaureate DiplomaSupporting every learner across the IB continuumThe Pearson Baccalaureate series provides everything you need to teach andstudy the IB Diploma, offering textbooks, eTexts and additional online supportmaterials. Each book in the series provides comprehensive subject guidecoverage, including any Options material for the most up-to-date syllabus.Dozens of textbooks andeTexts, covering six subject groupspacked with additional digitalmaterial provide support for teachersand students at each level.Written by experienced IBteachers, workshop leaders andexaminers, meaning you can restassured that the need-to-knowcontent will be covered properly andclearly.Clear links to ToK throughouteach book, as well as advice on theInternal Assessment and ExtendedEssay.Packed full of exam-styleassessment using questions frompast papers, as well as guidance fromsubject experts and examiners forexam preparation and practice.Supported by Essentialsguides – the only EAL-specific IBDiploma support available.Supporting ever y learner across the IB continuum3

Putting historiography back intoHistoryKeely Rogers and Joanna Thomas, IB History teachers and co-authorsof Pearson Baccalaureate’s two new History Paper 3 titles, outline how itoffers students fresh historical perspectives on a popular Paper 3 topicPearson Baccalaureate Diploma History textbooks alreadyprovide support for Papers 1 and 2 of the new Historycurriculum. Now our latest title, European states in theinter-war years (1918-1939), is our first textbook to offersupport for Paper 3.Pearson received an overwhelmingly positive response tothis venture from teachers, with our survey on the subjectreceiving responses from 47 different countries. From thisresearch, ‘European states in the inter-war years (1918-1939)’emerged as the most popular topic amongst teachers andas such will be the first title in this exciting development forPearson Baccalaureate’s History list.that they need to successfully answer the essay questions onPaper 3. Throughout the book we also focus on and developthe six key concepts that have particular prominence inthe Diploma History course: change, continuity, causation,consequence, significance, and perspectives. Each chapterwill identify the key concepts covered within it.Interactive eText version includedThe book is also accompanied by an enhanced eText tosupport learning, containing worksheets, multiple choicequizzes to test knowledge and examination skills, enlargedsource material, and essay writing quizzes- including sampleessays with examiner comments.This research also revealed that the most consistent requestamongst students and teachers alike was for textbooks thatcovered historiography, by offering varied perspectives,opposing viewpoints, and historical debate.History Paper 3: European states in the inter-war years(1918-1939) publishes spring 2017 as both print and eTextversions. Visit to sign upfor online samples.Our brand new feature ‘Historians’ Perspectives’ providesthis, offering students an insight into different historians’opinions and sometimes opposing contemporary opinionon a historical event, action or period in time. Studentswill often be asked to identify evidence to support differentperspectives, to consider the reasons why sometimescontemporaries and historians have drawn differentconclusions and to reflect on the similarities and differencesbetween historians’ views and their own perspectives.Keely Rogers has taught IB History since 1996. She taught in South EastAsia for 5 years, and is currently teaching in Surrey, UK.How will the new Pearson Baccalaureate Historytextbook provide support for Paper 3?European states in the inter-war years (1918-1939) iswritten to specifically match the International Baccalaureate2015 History curriculum. It follows the outline of contentas prescribed by the IB for this topic. Thus the domesticpolicies of Germany, Italy, and Spain for this period arecovered in depth. For the additional case study we havechosen to cover the Soviet Union, as policies and eventswithin this country are key to the dynamics of Europe inthe inter-war period.The book will equip students with the knowledge and skills4P e a r s o n B a c c a l a u r e a t e 2 017Jo Thomas has taught IB History since 1990 as Head of History at threeleading IB Schools.

A tale of two seriesTeaching, Learning and AssessmentStudent material is available as a printed book withfree access to an online eText which can be viewedon a computer, whiteboard or select tablets.“I can see using this eText to illustrate studytechniques/note taking/highlighting. ThePDF files of chapters would allow studentsto tailor study notes for themselves theeText/PDF files would allow projectionof text and diagrams for discussion andillustration.”Sample spread from Pearson Baccalaureate Biology 2nd EditionIB Coordinator, Halifax, Nova ScotiaHome learningOnline eTexts offer all the great things about the printed textbook plus a host of additional interactive content. Access content anywhere and anytime.Digital note-taking, sharing, highlighting and bookmarking make study and revision more effective.Search for key terms to speed up learning.Downloadable files for offline use.Self-marking quizzes, worksheets, animations and posters.Access all your eBooks fromyour bookshelfSearch and jump to pagescontaining specific wordsFind digital resources, likevideos, animations, quizzes,worksheets and more byselecting the “Resources”iconDownload chapters foroffline useBookmark pages for quicknavigationGlossary of key terms toprovide language supportTurn pages by swiping orusing side butonsHighlight key words andphrasesA tale of two series5

Global PoliticsOur new course textbook andeText for Global Politics, containscomprehensive concept-basedcoverage of the new Global Politicssubject guide.Focusing on the overarching concepts, suchas Power, Sovereignty and Peace, this newtextbook and eText also supports students withkey terminology and language, plus theoreticalunderpinnings and help with exam skills (essaywriting and presentations in particular).Key features include: comprehensive concept-based coveragefollowing the Global Politics subject guide up-to-date and relevant case studies andexamples that allow students to developan understanding of the local, national,international and global dimensions ofpolitical activity focus on preparing students for theirInternal and External Assessments written in clear accessible language, withvocabulary and audio support – perfectfor EALs only contains the essential information –great for revision too truly blended learning approach withprinted textbook and eText with flexibleinteractive digital resources.Review from a GlobalPolitics teacher atthe Canadian InternationalSchool of Beijing:“It takes all of the essentials from the IB subject guideand presents them in a way that is useful and concise.The specific examples of each of the concepts is helpfulfor teacher planning. The ebook features look great andreally play to the students’ love of technology and easeof taking notes and finding definitions. The marginsthat feature vocabulary and synonyms are helpfulfor students studying for TOEFL and IELTS as they arealways keen to increase their vocabulary. The charts,graphs, and graphics are also helpful for EAL studentsas well as students studying for those language tests(as interpreting graphs is often part of those tests). Iwould definitely use the book and would recommendit to other GloPo teachers. I think that this is what weas teachers have been waiting for and GloPo would beoffered in more schools once this book is available andteachers become aware of it.”6P e a r s o n B a c c a l a u r e a t e 2 017

Gateways to Global IssuesWe are excited to announce our new and upcoming IB resources tohelp your learners interact with global issues and foster internationalmindedness in busy schools and classes.We currently have some articles whichidentify key ways your students can becomesuccessful learners in their chosen subjects.As well as these, we are looking to add thefollowing resources to our website.International Women’s DayBy Christian Bryan and William TolleyInternational DaysWatch out for ways of using a simple calendar to unlock keyconcepts in the IB programmes. We plan examples of daysthat are celebrated at suitable intervals and we will offertalking points to guide discussion, activities to bring thespecial day alive as well as links and tags to allow use bothacross the whole school and as special focus for the MYP andDP/CP programmes. The dates so far identified (we are alwaysopen to suggestions from you!) are:8th MarchInternational Women’s Day12th AprilInternational Day of Human Space Flight20th JuneWorld Refugee Day18th JulyNelson Mandela International Day2nd OctoberInternational Day of Non-ViolenceNovemberMen’s Health Awareness MonthContentsFeminism(Whatcan schoolsdo? 1)Issuesfacingwomenand girlsTypesof work(Whatcan schoolsdo? 2)Widerbenefits(Whatcan schoolsdo? 3)5keylessonsFeminismFeminist movements and ideologies are varied.However, some general points of focus are as follows:Women's rights as a specific gender focused entity.Theory of Knowledge blogLater this year will see the start of a regular Theory ofKnowledge (ToK) blog from our Essentials series editor,Psychology and TOK author – Christian Bryan. In his recentpost, Christian argues that TOK deals with some potentiallyunwieldly ideas and offers illustrated points of view to helpmake the unwieldly accessible to learners, teachers, parentsand you. Keep an eye out for these – we see them as achallenging treat to look forward to!How women have been disempowered from socio-cultural, political,religious and economic power structures throughout history.Power dynamics that empower men at the expense of women.The socially constructed nature of some elements of gender roles and identity.The role of language.The role of culture.There have been problems with some elements of feminismparticularly regarding how it is received by wider society.For example:It has been interpreted as 'anti-man' with the role of boys and men in creatinga fairer and freer society for women excluded or downplayed.It can mean equality is interpreted as 'sameness'. Individual and cultural expression ofgender identity and roles are discouraged.It can generalize too much and assume all problems facing women are due to externalpatriarchal forces that exclude and disempower women.It has been used to create a 'one model fits all' for notions of female empowerment thatundermines the role of cultural nuances and personal identities in people's lives.However, these problems are often one of communicationand interpretation rather than one of substance.Gthea t ewomen'sw a y s rightst o Gmovementlobal IssuesOverall, feminism andaims to empower women to make the world a betterplace for everyone.7

eText FocusAll the great things about a printed textbook with additionalinspiring interactive content.IB Diploma Science courses contain some highly complexconcepts and ideas – some of which students find hard tounderstand properly without additional support. Althoughordinary textbooks contain the necessary information, it cansometimes take time for concepts to sink in properly.Pearson Baccalaureate’s science eTexts (available individuallyor bundled with textbooks for all new titles) help studentsunderstand complex subjects using quizzes, worksheetsand even videos and animations created by well-known IBteachers such as Rich Thornley, whose YouTube channel isused by IB students around the world for Chemistry revisionand support.Each eText also allows students to search, highlight text,bookmark pages and create virtual sticky notes for moreeffective revision.Chapters can also be downloaded for offline use and there’seven a glossary of terms with explanations of must-knowscience terminology.Unlike some other online textbooks, all Pearson eTexts arehosted on Pearson’s own platform, meaning we have theflexibility to make updates to our books quickly based onfeedback from teachers and students. This means our eTextsstay up-to-date, for longer.Includes popular ‘Common Mistakes’ videosmade especially for us by IB Chemistry teacher,Rich Thornley. Rich’s YouTube videos arewatched by thousands of IB students aroundthe world.8P e a r s o n B a c c a l a u r e a t e 2 017

PEARSON BACCALAUREATE IB DIPLOMATo place an order, contact your customer services team or local consultant OF KNOWLEDGELANGUAGESTheory of Knowledge, 2nd edition (print and eText)978 1 447944 15 7 31.20 VATENGLISH ATheory of Knowledge, 2nd edition (eText only edition)978 1 447944 14 0 25.40 VATEnglish A: Literature978 0 435032 62 3 30.00 VATEnglish A: Literature (eText only edition)978 1 447952 23 7 27.20 VATEnglish A (print and eText)978 1 447960 48 5 36.50 VATEnglish B (print and eText)978 1 447944 13 3 34.50 VATEnglish B (eText only edition)978 1 447944 17 1 26.70 VATFrançais B Student Book (print and eText)978 1 447980 59 9 36.00 VATFrançais B Student Book (eText only edition)978 1 447952 25 1 27.20 VATFrançais B Teacher Book978 0 435074 54 8 35.00 VATEspañol B Student Book (print and eText)978 1 447990 66 6 36.00 VATEspañol B Student Book (eText only editon)978 1 447952 24 4 27.20 VATEspañol B Teacher Book978 0 435074 52 4 35.00 VATEssentials: Psychology (print and eText)978 1 447951 52 0 20.10 VATEssentials: Psychology (eText only edition)978 1 447951 53 7 16.40 VATEssentials: Economics (print and eText)978 1 447950 37 0 25.70 VATEssentials: Economics (eText only edition)978 1 447950 38 7 20.50 VATEssentials: Environmental Systems and Societies (printand eText)978 1 447950 34 9 20.10 VATEssentials: Environmental Systems and Societies (eText 978 1 447950 35 6only edition) 16.40 VATEssentials: Biology (print and eText)978 1 447990 68 0 24.99 VATEssentials: Biology (eText only edition)978 1 447990 69 7 19.99 VATEssentials: Theory of Knowledge (print and eText)978 1 447990 70 3 20.99 VATEssentials: Theory of Knowledge (eText only edition)978 1 447990 71 0 16.99 VATEssentials: Global Politics (print and eText)978 1 447999 26 3 17.99 VATEssentials: Global Politics (eText only edition)978 1 447999 27 0 14.50 VATEssentials: Chemistry (print and eText)978 1 292134 53 6 24.99 VATEssentials: Chemistry (eText only edition)978 1 292134 54 3 19.99 VATSCIENCESBIOLOGYBiology Standard Level 2nd Edition (print and eText)978 1 447959 04 5 37.00 VATBiology Standard Level 2nd Edition (eText only edition)978 1 447959 05 2 29.60 VATBiology Higher Level 2nd Edition (print and eText)978 1 447959 00 7 47.60 VATBiology Higher Level 2nd Edition (eText only edition)978 1 447959 01 4 38.10 VATPHYSICSPhysics Standard Level 2nd Edition (print and eText)978 1 447959 08 3 37.00 VATPhysics Standard Level 2nd Edition (eText only edition)978 1 447959 09 0 29.60 VATPhysics Higher Level 2nd Edition (print and eText)978 1 447959 02 1 47.60 VATPhysics Higher Level 2nd Edition (eText only edition)978 1 447959 03 8 38.10 VATCHEMISTRYChemistry Standard Level 2nd Edition (print and eText) 978 1 447959 06 9 37.00 VATChemistry Standard Level 2nd Edition (eText onlyedition)978 1 447959 07 6 29.60 VATChemistry Higher Level 2nd Edition (print and eText)978 1 447959 75 5 60.80 VATChemistry Higher Level 2nd Edition (eBook only edition)978 1 447959 76 2 48.40 VATMATHEMATICSStandard Level Mathematics 2012 (print and eText)978 0 435074 97 5 43.40 VATStandard Level Mathematics 2012 (eText only edition)978 0 435141 91 2 33.80 VATHigher Level Mathematics 2012 (print and eText)978 0 435074 96 8 59.20 VATHigher Level Mathematics 2012 (eText only edition)978 0 435141 92 9 46.50 VATMathematical Studies 2013 (print and eText)978 1 447938 47 7 31.80 VATMathematical Studies 2013 (eText only edition)978 1 447938 48 4 25.40 VATHISTORYThe Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries 2ndEdition (print and eText)978 1 447982 36 4 28.40 VATThe Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries 2ndEdition (eText only)978 1 447982 37 1 22.70 VATCauses and Effects of 20th Century Wars 2nd Edition(print and eText)978 1 447984 15 3 28.90 VATCauses and Effects of 20th Century Wars 2nd Edition(eText only)978 1 447984 16 0 22.70 VATAuthoritarian States 2nd Edition (print and eText)978 1 292102 57 3 30.90 VATAuthoritarian States 2nd Edition (eText only)978 1 292102 58 0 22.70 VATNEW The Move to Global War (print and eText)978 1 292102 59 7 24.80 VATNEW The Move to Global War (eText only)978 1 292102 60 3 19.80 VATNEW History Paper 3: European States in the InterWar Years (1918-1939) (print and eText)978 0 435183 15 8 26.50NEW History Paper 3: European States in the InterWar Years (1918-1939) (eText only)978 0 435183 14 1 21.50History Paper 3: The Cold War and the Americas(1945-1981) (print and eText978 0 435183 12 7 26.50History Paper 3: The Cold War and the Americas(1945-1981) (eText only)978 0 435183 13 4 21.20ENGLISH BLANGUAGES - FRANÇAIS BLANGUAGES - ESPAÑOL BIB DIPLOMA ESSENTIALS SERIESENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS AND SOCIETIESEnvironmental Systems and Societies 2nd Edition(print and eText)978 1 447990 42 0 39.20 VATEnvironmental Systems and Societies 2nd Edition(eText only)978 1 447990 43 7 30.70 VATPsychology (eText only edition)978 1 447938 53 8 23.90 VATPsychology (print and eText)978 1 447990 65 9 38.10 VATEconomics (eText only edition)978 1 447938 49 1 30.50 VATEconomics (print and eText)978 1 447990 67 3 48.70 VATPSYCHOLOGYECONOMICSPrices shown in UK

Next stepsIf you like what you see here, then to findout moreBrowseSearch the website by subject or individualproduct. You can also view the online catalogues,download price lists and buy online.SampleEvaluate the whole Pearson Baccalaureate series,and more, online for 30 days.Stay ConnectedSign up to email updates to keep fully up to datewith the latest IB news, features and offers.Find an eventFind out which IB conferences and workshopswe’ll be attending throughout the year.Pearson Global Schools. Bringing you the very best primary and secondary schoolresources from around the globe to help your learners flourish.

Pearson Baccalaureate Series Group 1 Studies in Language and Literature Group 2 Language Acquisition Group 3 Individuals and Societies Group 4 Sciences Group 5 Mathematics Core Curriculum PEARSON BACCALAUREATE HIGHER LEVEL STANDARD LEVEL HIGHER LEVEL STANDARD LEVEL

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