Usage Of Blockchain In The UN System

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Usage of Blockchain in the UN SystemA DESK REVIEW, August 2017TechNovation Day: BlockchainHeather Starkie, OICT – Digital Blue

Objective and Scope Provide a rapid high-level overview of the interest andusage of blockchain in the UN system. The following slides summarize the findings of an internetbased desk review conducted during the month of August2017. Based on keyword searches for blockchain-related projectson the websites of large UN system entities. It is not an exhaustive catalog of blockchain projects, but ahigh level

The United Nations gradually embracingBlockchain15UN entities carryingoutBlockchain

Summary (Ongoing research)ProofOfConcept &Scale UpEvents&WorkshopsPublications&InvestmentsUN EntityDescriptionRemittances, Car Fleet Mgmt., considering fund transfers andUNDPtrackingBlockchain backbone for a variety of use cases, current application toWFPcash based transfer programmesTeamed up with Alibaba Group co-founder for planned “e-Trade forUNCTADAll” applicationUN Women Blockchain Hackathon eventUNICRIITUDESAEmerging Technology & SecuritySecurity Aspects of BlockchainRemTech AwardsUNODCCryptocurrency Investigation Train-the-TrainersUNEPUNECEFintech and Sustainable Development Assessing the ImplicationsBlockchain White PaperUNOPSECLACUNRISDOCHAUNICEFUnite all UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes working on their ownBlockchain projectsProspects for Blockchain-based Settlement Frameworks as aResolution to the Threat of De-risking to Caribbean Financial SystemsHow Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Play a Role inBuilding Social and Solidarity Finance?Blockchain for Humanitarian Sector: Future OpportunitiesInnovation Venture Fund; Identity App Prototype;

UN Development ProgramProof of concept:Blockchain technology for alternate financing.See the Alternative Finance Lab in Istanbul.Looking into Blockchaintechnology as means tomanage UN car fleets.Img: UN Photo/JC

World Food ProgrammeProof of Concept:Scale-up Phase (After Successful Pilot):Designed and implemented blockchain system for 10,000Syrian refugees in Jordan to purchase food with a scan of theeye! Already distributed more then USD 1 million Improve Cash BasedTransfers and UNinteroperability. Additionalapplications could includedigital ID and supply chain.Open for collaboration.Img:

UN Conference on Tradeand DevelopmentProof of Concept:Plans to develops “e-Trade for All”, an application to helppeople from all over the world start their own online businessBased off of Estonia’s“e-Residency” appwhich uses Blockchaintechnology to managehealth care dataImg: and ICTs/

UN WomenEvents & Workshops:Partnered with Innovation Norway to hold BlockchainHackathon which produced several decentralized applicationsOne application produced,called “VIPI Cash”, wouldallow secure financialtransactions betweenwomen entrepreneursImg:

UN Interregional Crime andJustice Research InstituteEvents & Workshops:Recently held Emerging Technology & Security course ontopics included Blockchain as well as biotech, AI/robotics, VR,nanotech, and 3D printingThough development intechnology opens upnew opportunities, it alsoopens up new threatsImg: focus/on/training threats peace

International TelecommunicationUnionEvents & Workshops:Considered whether Blockchain technology should be newsecurity standard & provided platform for policy discussionsOrganized “Workshopon Security Aspects ofBlockchain”Img:

Department of Economicand Social AffairsEvents & Workshops:Part of joint competition project known as RemTech Awards inwhich contestants from all over the world could participateTheme is the use ofBlockchain as means todemocratize industry ofremittanceImg: ts

UN Centre for Trade Facilitation& Electronic BusinessPublication:Published Blockchain White Paper and held mini conferencesto clarify and explain potential applications of BlockchainExplored use ofBlockchain in regardsto facilitation of trade &other s

UN Office on Drugs and CrimeEvents & Workshops:Worked with Blockchain analytics startup Chainalysis todevelop/launch training on “BitCoin tracing as part of widerfinancial investigation”Law enforcementexperts from 22countries participatedImg:

UN Environment ProgrammePublication:Combining technologies such as Blockchain, artificialintelligence, and the Internet of Things could enable thesustainable development agenda at scale.Implementation of newtechnologies couldreduce overall hevents

UN Office for Project ServicesRequest for Information:Special Advisor for UN Engagement and BlockchainTechnology at UNOPS, releases RFI regarding BlockchainCame together withseveral UN entitiesworking on their ownBlockchain

Economic Commission forLatin America and the CaribbeanPublication:Views Blockchain technology as possible solution to multipleissues such as combating bank de-risking and transactioncosts and surveillanceThough potential isseen, claimstechnology notdeveloped enough tobe used as solutioncurrentlyImg:

UN Research Institute forSocial DevelopmentPublication:Sees Blockchain & Bitcoin as possible currency forremittancesCreates potential for localmerchants in poorercountries to participate ininternational commerceImg:

Office for the Coordinationof Humanitarian AffairsPublication:Delves into the main features of Blockchain technology andit’s potential use in transferring financial value but data as wellCan be used in a variety ofhumanitarian related issuesincluding donor financing,securing/monitoring supplychains, and data protectionImg: hevents

UN Children’s FundInvestment: 11.2 million Innovation Venture FundInvested in Blockchain startup projects & developedapplication prototypes of their ownNext to investments,initiatives include training,knowledge sharing andmuch more!Img:

Thank You.Let us know about your Blockchain projects.Contact OICT Global Services [email protected]@UN CITOUnitedNationsUnite

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UN Women Blockchain Hackathon event UNICRI Emerging Technology & Security ITU Security Aspects of Blockchain DESA RemTech Awards UNODC Cryptocurrency Investigation Train-the-Trainers UNEP Fintech and Sustainable Development Assessing the Implications UNECE Blockchain White Paper UNOPS Unite all