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YOUR NEWIKEA KITCHENfrom startto finishThis guide will help you through all thesteps you need to take along the way,including everything from finding yourstyle and measuring your IKEA kitchento planning, ordering and installing it.

INTRODUCTIONLET’S GETSTARTEDWITH YOUR NEWIKEA KITCHENAt IKEA, you’ll find all the products you need to realizea complete dream kitchen. Whether your kitchen islarge or small, we can offer you a wide range ofwell-designed and coordinated kitchen productsthat’ll support your every need, style and personality.Plus, we’re here if you need help with planning,delivery, installation or financing.02

We know that planning and buying a kitchenis a complex project, with lots of choices anddecisions to consider. To make your journeytowards your new kitchen as convenient andstress free as possible, we have highly skilledkitchen experts available for you at the IKEAstores and Customer Support Center And, if you feelyou need help with any of the steps described inthis planning guide, we can offer you a servicethat best fits your needs, see page 15.We also know that kitchens cost money.If you’ve found the perfect IKEA kitchen, butneed some help spreading the cost, we can offeryou financing options to help make your dreama reality, see page 15.03

TABLE OF CONTENTSp.06p.09Find yourstylePlanOutline your kitchen and see whatit will look like. We provide you withrecommendations and tips.Take some time to dream a little.What does an ideal kitchen look liketo you, and what should it include?We show you where to search forinspiration and ideas.p.07MeasureThe measurements are importantas they will be the base for yournew kitchen. We show you how todo it.Table ofcontents04

p.15ServicesYou can do everything yourself, butyou don’t have to. Here you’ll findall our available services.p.14p.18Order, get ithome andinstallMoreinformationand guidanceWe’ll help you finalize and processyour order. Some items are availableto take home yourself, or we can arrangedelivery directly to your home. Installationservices are available in many areas, pluswe offer an installation guide if you chooseto install your kitchen yourself.To make the whole process of gettinga new kitchen as fun and easy aspossible, we have everything frominspiring brochures and 3D plannersto a hands-on installation guide tohelp you along the way.05

FIND YOUR STYLEFind your styleTake some time to dream a littleThis is when your dreams and ideas will start to take shape. Add your needsand what your ideal kitchen looks like and you’ll for sure find a perfectmatch at IKEA.Consider if you’remore of a classictype who likes akitchen with lots ofvisible drawers anddetails.Or if you like a moremodern approach withstreamlined designsand drawers hiddenbehind larger fronts.Or, perhaps you’resomewhere inbetween and wantthe best of bothworlds?Discover all the styles, functions and ideasthat we can provide for you.The IKEA storeThe IKEA websiteAt your local IKEA store, you canstroll around in several built-upkitchens in different sizes andstyles. Open up doors and drawersto reveal what’s inside, check outthe functions in our appliancesand have a chat with our kitchenexperts to get even more ideas.On our website, you’ll find anabundance of stylish and functionalideas. In the kitchen gallery, we’veprepared kitchens in differentstyles and sizes. Plus, we’vebroken down each kitchen into itscomponents to make it easier foryou to mix, match and create thekitchen of your dreams. See more kitchenbrochureThe kitchen brochure is alsoa great source of ideas andinspiration. Here you can seesome of the thousands ofpossible combinations you cancreate. Pick it up at your localIKEA store or flip through itdigitally on our website.

MEASUREMeasureBe thorough when measuringTo measure the room in which you will install your kitchenisn’t hard to do, but it’s important that you get it right. Yourmeasurements will be the basis for all your planning.Give yourself plenty of time to measure precisely. Make sureto take your measurements in inches to ensure your newkitchen correctly fits your space. Here’s how you do it.A: Measuring your room01 Start by measuring from the floor to the ceiling.Then measure the distance between walls and fromthe corners to the doors.02 Measure each window and their distances from thefloor, the ceiling and the corners of your room. Do thesame for the door(s).03 Make note of anything that sticks out into the room,such as radiators, ventilation shafts and pipes.Measure and mark the position of existing poweroutlets and light switches. Detail where you want newones to be, too.Note the position of your drains and water supply. If youplan to relocate these, indicate their new positions.Read more about our Measurement service and IKEA Home planner on page 1507

MEASUREB: Measuring your worktopIt is important to get the measurements foryour countertop right, especially if you planto order a custom-made one.01 Start by measuring yourcountertop from the corner whereit will attach to the wall. Ensure yourmeasurements run parallel to thewall and always start from the samepoint.0802 When measuring the depth,start from the wall and measureout. Don’t forget to add 1½" for anoverhang, too.03 If you need to measure for afreestanding countertop (a kitchenisland, for example), simply startfrom one side, measure to theother side and add 3" extra for anoverhang.

PLAN YOUR KITCHENPlan your kitchenNow it’s time to make your dreamsand ideas take shapeThere are a lot of things to consider and think about.Take your time to make sure you end up with the kitchenyou wished for. On the following pages we’ve gatheredrecommendations and tips that’ll help you along the way.Think about how you normally use your kitchen and whatfeels comfortable for you. Look at your existing kitchenand make a list of the things you like and what you’d wantto change.A: Work flowWhen planning your kitchen,keep the three work zones inmind:Preparing/cookingWashingFood storageHow you position your workzones and the distance betweenthem is called a working triangle.A good working triangle helpsyou to move quickly andeasily from task to task – andit improves efficiency whilemultiple people are working inthe kitchen at the same time.01 A good natural flow between the fridge/freezer, the cooking zone and the washingzone will make your everyday kitchen life alot easier.Read more about our Planning services and IKEA Home planner on page 1509

PLAN YOUR KITCHENA: Planning02 Straight-line kitchens are perfect when space islimited. It’s not strictly speaking a triangle, but thethree points are still connected.03 Parallel kitchens are great if you have many peoplecooking at the same time. There’s lots of room for foodpreparation and storage, too.04 L-shaped kitchens make the most of a corner.They’re ideal if you want to add a small dining tableor kitchen island as well.05 If you have space, adding an island to your kitchengives you extra storage, lots of work space – plus, it’s agreat social hub. Give yourself 48" between the islandand other cabinets to move around freely.06 If you have a large room, the U-shaped layoutis great. It gives you maximum space and plenty ofstorage options.10

PLAN YOUR KITCHENDo’s and don’tsHere are some recommendations, tips and what toavoid in order to get the most of your kitchen.48"15"C: Recommendations24"01 The best place for preparing foodis the work surface between thecooktop and the sink.15"02 Make sure that the distancebetween opposite rows of cabinets iswide enough for doors on both sidesto be opened at the same time, andfor multiple cooks to move aroundsafely.15"04 Make space next to the cooktopfor pot stands to put hot pans on.03 Place the wall cabinets highenough not to block the view overthe countertop.2"05 For safety and functionality,mount the extractor hood/fan atthe recommended height above thecooktop as shown in the assemblyinstructions.2"06 Leave space for cover panels ifyou’ll have wall cabinets next to theextractor hood/fan.2"07 Place a 2" filler piece betweencabinets and the wall to ensure thereis enough space to open doors anddrawers fully.08 Place the sink and cooktop in thesame line to avoid having to movehot objects over the floor.Read more about our Planning service and IKEA Home planner on page 1511

PLAN YOUR KITCHEND: Tips1201 An elevated oven means youwon’t have to bend down to reach it.02 Locate the dishwasher close to thesink to make loading and unloadingeasier and to avoid spills on the floor.03 Keep utensils, pots and pansclose to the cooktop and sink for easyaccess when preparing and cooking.Keep flatware in a drawer close to thedining table.04 Drawers offer great overviewand easy access to the things youneed. Add drawer mats or drawerorganizers to keep things frommoving around in the drawers andto reduce noise when putting thingsin drawers.05 Place your recycling bins in adrawer under, or close to, the sinkfor easy access.06 Electrical push-openers are greatif you have your hands full and needto open a drawer with your knee orelbow – and to avoid leaving stainson the fronts and handles with stickyfingers.07 Optimize the space behindyour fronts with inner drawers.The outside can stay sleek whilethe inside is filled to the brim withdrawers.08 Use drawer lighting to find whatyou’re looking for when the kitchenisn’t fully lit.09 Display your finest glasses ontempered glass shelves behindglass doors. Add cabinet lighting toenhance a cozy atmosphere as well asto make the room look bigger.10 Use wall rails and accessoriesto make best use of wall space aswell as to minimize clutter on thecountertop. In addition, you’ll get thethings you use often close at hand forefficient cooking.11 If you have the space, add a cartor a workbench for more storagepossibilities and work space.

PLAN YOUR KITCHENE: Keep in mind01 A sink by the window is nice whenwashing up. If your windows openinwards however, make sure theywon’t be blocked by the faucet.02 Placing a sink next to a wall or atthe end of a row of cabinets disruptswork flow by limiting available workspace.03 An oven next to a wall disruptswork flow by limiting available workspace, and it’ll put the wall at riskfrom heat and cooking stains.04 Positioning appliances like ovens,dishwasher or extractor hoods incorners might block cabinets anddrawers from opening fully.F: Small space solutionsWhen space is limited, you sometimes have tocompromise to make it work.18"4"01 Use a small sink that fits into a24" cabinet. Make sure to have atleast 4" between the sink and theedges of the countertop to ensuresturdy construction.02 To have a good preparation area,try to squeeze in at least 18" of workspace between the countertop andthe sink.03 Follow manufacturer’s installationinstructions when installing a cooktopnext to a combustible wall.15"04 If your space is too narrow for24" deep cabinets, you can use15" deep cabinets instead.05 Make use of the wall to maximizestorage opportunities and free upspace on the countertop.Read more about our Planning services and IKEA Home planner on page 1513

ORDER, GET IT HOME AND INSTALLOrder, get it homeand installWhen you’re satisfied with your kitchen plan,it’s time to order itHowever, we recommend that you drop by your local IKEA store to visit our kitchenexperts before you do. They’ll help you with anything you feel uncertain about, andthey’ll go through your plan to make sure everything fits. Afterwards, you can placeyour order right there and then if you like.You have four options for how to placean order for your kitchen:IKEA Kitchens are designed to beinstalled by you01Installing a kitchen is a big project, but ifyou’d like to do it yourself, start by pickingup the kitchen installation guide at your localIKEA store (or use the digital version on theIKEA website). It shows you how to do ityourself, step by step. In addition, it’s importantthat you follow the assembly instructions thatare included in all product packaging.0203In the kitchen department at yourlocal IKEA storeBy phone: call Customer Service at1-866-390-3145Let our independent installation providers do theinstallation for you. For information about ourinstallation services, see page 17.Installation guideOn our guide will give you anoverview of the order in whichto install yourIKEA kitchen. Italso provides tipsand ideas on howto solve trickyINSTALLATIONchallenges.GUIDERead more aboutour installationservices onA guide toinstall a newIKEA kitchenThis guide provides you with tips andstep-by-step instructions on how toinstall your kitchen onyour 17.0414Directly in theIKEA Home Planner

SERVICESServicesYou can do it yourself,but you don’t have toOur service offer gives you the freedom to design yourown price tag by choosing not only the products thatsuit your budget but also deciding how much you wantto do yourself and how much you want us to do for you.On these pages you’ll find the different services thatare available to help and support you.For more details about our services, talk to aco-worker at your local IKEA store or visit us Projekt Credit CardYour dream home is now within reach. With thespecial financing options on our IKEA Projekt creditcard*, you don’t have to put off loving every room inyour home.*Subject to credit approval.IKEA Projekt Credit Card Accounts are issued byComenity Capital Bank.To learn more visit or dropby your local store.Free Kitchen Planning ServiceWe offer two no cost options to have your kitchenprofessionally planned. You will receive a detailedlayout of your kitchen including cabinets,appliances, and countertops, and a parts listto make it easy to order.Most Convenient & available to everyonein the continental US:Planning from Your Home Make a 90-minuteappointment, online or in your local IKEA store.Allow time for you to measure your kitchen andselect products before your appointment. Aprofessional IKEA Kitchen Planner will work withyou interactively online to plan your dream kitchen.You will be able to discuss every detail and viewyour plan being created. Your planner will followup with a second session to make any changes.Visit an IKEA store:Planning from the Store You can make anappointment online or at your local IKEA storefor a two-hour in-store appointment with one ofour professional IKEA Kitchen Planners. Allow timefor measuring your kitchen and selecting productsbefore your planning appointment.Prior to your appointment, you will need to:Kitchen Measurement ServiceIt’s important to have your kitchen accuratelymeasured before planning begins. An experiencedIKEA Measurement Technician will come to yourhome, take all of the essential measurements,and enter the data in the IKEA Home Planner.Your Measurement Service fee is refunded whenyou have IKEA install your kitchen. Available forcustomers living within our service area. Measure your space – The first step is gettingyour kitchen measurements. Instructions will beprovided if you want to do this yourself. But if youlive in an IKEA service area, a professionalIKEA measurement technician can visit yourhome to measure your kitchen for you. Choose your products – Start browsingour kitchen products now to get a betterunderstanding of what you want. You mustknow this before your planning session tomake it productive.Services and prices may vary. For more information about our services, visit or your local IKEA store.15

SERVICESYOU CAN DO IT YBUT YOU DON’TIKEA Home PlannerYou can plan your kitchen on your computerwith our online 3D IKEA Home Planner’sfree, it’s fun and it calculates your price asyou click along. You can PRINT, SAVE, andCHANGE your kitchen plan as many timesas you want. Then come to the store andget advice – you can access the same planyou’ve been working on – and share it withour IKEA Kitchen Specialists.Installation Price QuoteUpon completion of your Kitchen Plan onour IKEA Home Planner, we can scheduleyour Installation Price Quote. An experiencedprofessional from IKEA will contact youand provide an itemized installation pricequotation.Installation Price Quote Confirmation of the scope ofkitchen installation. Confirmation of the time schedule ofkitchen installation. Confirmation of the price of kitcheninstallation.DeliveryWhether you’re shopping in the store or online,and no matter how big the purchase, we canhelp do the heavy lifting and arrange delivery, byan Independent Service Provider, to your homeor business.16Services and prices may vary. For more information about our services, visit or your local IKEA store.

SERVICESYOURSELF,HAVE TOIKEA Kitchen Installation Service5-Year WarrantyProfessional IKEA kitchen installation makesyour dream kitchen come true. Check withyour local store to see if installation is availablein your area. Professional kitchen installerswill handle assembling and installing yourIKEA cabinets, doors, drawers, interior fittings,handles and knobs. Your kitchen will be installedto the highest industry standards.Professional Kitchen Installers are professional,licensed, insured, and warranty their work for5 years post completion on IKEA supplied kitchenproducts.*Kitchen installation includes: Assemble cabinets, drawers, doors, andinterior fitting Install IKEA cabinets, toekicks and side coverpanels (excludes 26 36" and 36 96" panels) Adjust all IKEA cabinet doors and drawerfronts for appearance Clean-up of your kitchen job site, whichincludes:‐ Daily broom cleaning of job site‐ Vacuum inside of cabinets, floors, and othersurfaces upon completion of installation Attach IKEA knobs and/or handles to cabinetdoors and drawers*Installation warranty is for the installation ofIKEA kitchen products only. In the event of defectsin workmanship, the IKEA product or materials willbe repaired or replaced; provided, that the defectwas not due to a product defect, normal wearand tear, accidents, alteration by the customer,misuse, abuse, or neglect.17

MORE INFORMATION AND GUIDANCEIKEA HomePlannerIKEA-USA.comOn our webpage you’ll find lots ofinspiration and ideas to get the mostout of your SEKTION kitchen, whetherit’s new or old and looking to freshenup. Plus, here you’ll find all the productsthat you can imagine to personalize andcreate the kitchen of your dreams.Design the SEKTION kitchen of yourdreams in a 3D environment and geta price on every detail as well as thetotal kitchen. Print out your drawingsand product list at home, or save tothe IKEA website. At the IKEA storeyou can discuss your design and getlots of advice and guidance fromour kitchen experts. Learn more brochure full of inspirationalpictures of kitchens in all styles andsizes. Here you’ll find everything fromfull-sized kitchens to all those littleextras that make everyday life in thekitchen easier and more fun.More informationand guidance18

MORE INFORMATION AND GUIDANCEBUYING GUIDESHOP AT IKEAMETOD kitchen cabinetsIKEA online:For more information aboutShop at IKEA visit the IKEA store:For opening hours and directions to yournearest IKEA store, visit our website METOD kitchen has a25-year guarantee. Read morein the guarantee folder.Make the most of your METOD kitchen cabinetsWhat does your dream kitchen look like? How much time will youspend in it and what will you do in there? When it comes to kitchens, we’re all different. We have different dreams, different needsand different preconditions. So, to meet this diversity, what couldbe better than a flexible kitchen system with cabinets that cansuit everyone, and be planned in almost everywhere? Whateverthe size of your home or family, with cabinets in different sizes,drawers with endless possibilities and interior organisers made tomatch, you can turn the kitchen of your dreams into the kitchenin your home.50 years of kitchen experienceWe’ve been developing kitchens for half a century. For decadeswe’ve been listening to people all over the world in order todesign kitchens that will meet your everyday needs for years tocome. Our long experience has led to stylish, functional and hardworking kitchens that you’ll love spending countless of hours in.So, rest assured – we have the experience and knowledge neededto guide you every step of the way to your dream kitchen.All the products (shown here) may not be available at the store. Please contact the staffor look at for more information. For more detailed product information,see the pricetag and the Internet. All units require assembly. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2018CF: 201901-bgms01aPrices are valid until 31 August 2019CF: 201901-bgms01aTF: 00000-xx 000SEKTION kitchencabinetsThis buying guide offers all youneed to know to plan the positionof your cabinets as well as theinside in the most efficient guide toinstall a newIKEA kitchenINSTALLATIONGUIDEThis guide provides you with tips andstep-by-step instructions on how toinstall your kitchen on your own.A guide tobuying IKEAappliancesA guide tobuying anIKEA kitchenAPPLIANCESIKEAKITCHENSAll our appliances are developed tofit perfectly with our kitchens andyour needs. Whether you preferheating up food in the micro or lovespending hours in your kitchen cooking, this buying guide includes all theappliances you’ll need to make yourkitchen work like a charm for yearsto come.Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen system like METOD orone of our other kitchens, this buyingguide includes the products, pricesand helpful information you need tochoose the kitchen of your dreams.Kitchen systemand AppliancesInstallationguideThis guide provides you with tipsand step-by-step instructions onhow to install your kitchen on yourown. these buying guides you’ll findall the products, details and pricesto choose exactly what you need tomake your dream kitchen a can pick up all brochures and guides at yourlocal IKEA store, or flip them through onIKEA-USA.com19

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2018 / Aug 2019ChecklistKeep in mindBefore visiting our kitchen experts at the IKEA store, pleasehave the following in mind to make your planning as easy andefficient as possible:You’ll need to bring:Your kitchen measurementsYour IKEA Home Planner login detailsIt’s good if you’ve considered:Cabinets, drawers and frontsDoors and handlesRemember, it’s okay tochange your mindFor complete peace of mind,if you get your kitchen home andyou have a change of heart, you’vegot 365 days to return it. Just keepyour receipt safe to make returnseasier.For more information, please seeour return policy OvenMicrowave ovenCooktopsHood - what kind of ventilation do you have?Fridge/freezerIf you have any questions, please don’thesitate to contact us:DishwasherCustomer servicesLighting – work and ambient lightPhone: 1-866-390-3145Contact about services, onA high standard of accuracy has been sought in the preparation of this buyingguide. We apologize for, but will not be bound by or responsible for, errors andomissions in this planning guide.

a complete dream kitchen. Whether your kitchen is large or small, we can offer you a wide range of well-designed and coordinated kitchen products that’ll support your every need, style and personality. Plus, we’re here if you need help with planning, delivery, installation or financing. WITH YOUR NEW IKEA KITCHEN

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The IKEA sustainability strategy - People & Planet Positive - was launched in 2012 with ambitious goals to transform the IKEA business, the industries in the IKEA value chain and life at home for people all across the world. * IKEA: one brand - many companies. The IKEA business is operated through a franchise system.

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