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StittsvilleWard 6DevelopmentOverviewApril 2017Prepared by CouncillorQadri

Porter Place – Patten HomesChenier lands 6279 Fernbank Road Residentialdevelopment locatedin South end ofStittsville, north ofFernbank Rd and Westof Stittsville Main St.

Porter Place – Patten HomesChenier lands 6279 Fernbank Road 148 lots being a mix of22 single, 26 semidetached and 100townhouse units. Draft Approved, underconstruction

Traditions II – Mattamy HomesRathwell Landings - Valecraft HomesStittsville South Area 6 Residentialdevelopment located insouth end of Stittsville,south of Fernbank Roadand east of StittsvilleMain Street.

Traditions II – Mattamy HomesRathwell Landings - Valecraft HomesStittsville South Area 6 Approx. 339 single detached, 162 multiple attachedand 152 low-rise apartment dwelling units as well astwo parks and a stormwater management pond Active and File Pending Approx. Development Timelines 2017-2020

Eden Wylde - Tartan HomesStittsville South Area 6 Residential subdivisionlocated to the east ofthe Mattamy andValecraft development,it is south of Fernbankand west of Shea Road.

Eden Wylde - Tartan HomesStittsville South Area 6 Residential Development Approx. 329 singledetached units, 108 semidetached units, 122townhouse units and 172low risestacked/apartment unitsas well as a park. Active and File Pending

Commercial Plaza5960 Fernbank Road Proposed commercialdevelopment at southwestcorner of Fernbank and Shea. Grocery store, two retail storesand a restaurant. Approx. total of 5,511 squaremetres of retail space Active and File Pending

Tartan Fernbank Lands6041 Fernbank Road Residentialdevelopment locatedwithin FernbankCommunity Design Planarea. Located north ofFernbank Rd, west ofShea Rd.

Tartan Fernbank Lands6041 Fernbank Road 264 lots for single detached dwellings and 141 blocks for 282 semidetached units. A neighbourhood park and linear park are alsoproposed. Draft Approved. To be developed after Eden Wylde.

CRT Lands Fernbank Residentialdevelopment located inFernbank lands north ofFernbank, South ofAbbott St and east ofShea Road.

CRT Lands Fernbank 523 lots including 25 blocksfor attached and stackeddwellings (approximately300-350 units). Includes a Community Park,a Neighbourhood Park,stormwater managementareas, proposed OCDSBsecondary school andCEPEO elementary school. Draft Approved

Metric Homes Fernbank Lands950 Terry Fox Drive Residentialdevelopment located inFernbank CDP and iswest of Terry Fox Dr andnorth of the TransCanada Trail.

Metric Homes Fernbank Lands950 Terry Fox Drive Approx. 245 dwelling units, made up of 101 lots fordetached dwellings, 16 blocks for townhouses and oneblock to be developed with low-rise apartment buildings. Draft Approved

Abbottsville – Mattamy Homes570 Hazeldean Road Residentialdevelopment located inFernbank CDP, west ofTerry Fox and south ofTrans Canada Trail.

Abbottsville – Mattamy Homes570 Hazeldean Road 600 dwelling units, with 393 detached homes, 117townhouse units and 90 back-to-back townhouse units. 2 parks, portions of land for future district park, an openspace corridor abutting the storm water facility and theCarp River West Tributary Draft Approved, under construction

Bradley Commons – Richcraft Homes590 Hazeldean Road Residentialdevelopment located tothe west of theMattamy Homesdevelopment, south ofHazeldean Road andnorth of the TransCanada Trail.

Bradley Commons – Richcraft Homes590 Hazeldean Road Approx. 700 dwelling units, with 200 detached homes and 70 blocks forapprox. 500 townhouse units. 2 blocks for commercial development fronting onto Hazeldean Road Proposed elementary school site, a portion of Fernbank District Park,community park and open space along the Carp River West Tributary Active and File Pending Approx. Development Timelines 2017-2023 with construction to startfrom south end.

5618 Hazeldean RoadFernbank lands Mixed use developmentlocated west of theRichcraft development,north of Trans CanadaTrail, east of Iber Road,and north of HazeldeanRoad.

5618 Hazeldean RoadFernbank lands Approx. 1845residential dwellingunits of low, mediumand high densityhousing types Commercial blocks,proposed elementaryschool, a park andride, a stormwatermanagement pond, 4parks and open spacecorridors along thewatercourse andHydro transmissioncorridor. Active and FilePending and PublicMeeting TBC

Richcraft Lands1620 Maple Grove Residentialdevelopment locatednorth of HazeldeanRoad and the Lowesplaza, west of the CarpRiver, south of MapleGrove Road and east ofthe FairwindsSubdivision.

Richcraft Lands1620 Maple Grove Approx. 947 units with 72 singlelots, 45 attached street dwellingunit blocks and two mediumdensity housing blocks. 2 park blocks, a proposed OCDSBelementary school site, stormwater management, onecommercial block, one block forKanata West Sanitary PumpingStation, and open space CarpRiver Corridor. Draft Approved Development must wait tillKanata West Pumping Station isconstructed, which is estimatedfor 2018.

The Keg Steakhouse15 Huntmar Drive Northwest corner of HazeldeanRoad and Huntmar. The development will consist ofa single storey 228 seat KegRestaurant with an enclosedpatio on the west side of thebuilding.The building will have a GrossFloor Area of 1037.6 squaremetres. Construction will be startingsoon with anticipated opening ofNovember 30, 2017

Wellings of Stittsville5731 Hazeldean Road Residential carefacility located onnorth side ofHazeldean Road,west of the Keg siteand east of CedarowCourt.

Wellings of Stittsville5731 Hazeldean Road Mixed use development with 4buildings in total2 two-storey commercial buildingsfronting Hazeldean Rd.Four-storey residential care facilityalong the eastern property lineconsisting of 256 units.Five-storey retirement home alongthe western property line is a fivestorey retirement home consisting of185 units.

195 Huntmar Approx.1120 residential units consisting of 174 detached dwellings, 285 townhousedwellings, approximately 520 stacked townhouse dwellings and 140 units in low-riseapartment buildings.The commercial use for small retail, restaurants, service commercial uses. The threeautomobile dealership blocksIncludes district park blockActive and File Pending and Public Meeting TBC

Potter’s Key – Minto Homes6111 & 6141 Hazeldean Rd Residentialdevelopment locatedon former Flea Marketparking lot. North of HazeldeanRoad, west of JacksonTrails and east ofEchowoods

Potter’s Key – Minto Homes6111 & 6141 Hazeldean Rd 400 residential units consisting of141 townhouses and 259 singledetached dwellings. Two parks and Feedmill CreekCorridor Draft Approved Construction ProgressPhase 1 (North of Creek) start all this year/close in 2018Phase 1 (South of the Creek) approx. 40% to start thisyear and close 2018 with remainder to occupy in 2019Phase 2 – to start home construction and close in 2019– Tree removal & blasting complete– Sewers and Road Installation – February –December 2017– House Construction Start – August 2017– Home Occupancies – starting in March 2018

Hazeldean Gardens6176 Hazeldean Road Five-storey retirement residence willprovide Independent SupportiveLiving, Assisted Care and MemoryCare.Phase 1 is 173 unitsPhase 2 is 57 units.Development Approved and underconstruction. Opening 2018

Wildpine Court ResidenceWildpine Court/Stittsville Main St Four-storey retirement homewith a total of 189 retirement(rooming) units. File Active and Pending

Stittsville Walk1491 & 1493 Stittsville Main ST Rear approved for 22 townhouses, 4 stacked townhouse unit.Front approved for five-storey building with retail on the ground floor,offices on the second and third floor and residential apartments in thefourth and fifth floors .

Key ContactsKey Websites Councillor Shad Qadri Councillor Qadri’s Planning &Development section ofwww.shadqadri.comwww.shadqadri.com- Register for weekly enewsletter under ContactShad.Qadri@ottawa.ca613-580-2476 Development InformationOfficer– In-person at a Client ServiceCentre– diokanata@ottawa.ca– 613-580-2424, ext. 33321 File lead for a developmentapplication is listed on the onsite sign and DevApps City of Ottawa Websitewww.ottawa.ca/planning Development ApplicationSearch (DevApps)www.ottawa.ca/devapps GeoOttawa maps and zoninghttp://maps.ottawa.ca

Eden Wylde - Tartan Homes Stittsville South Area 6 Residential Development Approx. 329 single detached units, 108 semi-detached units, 122 townhouse units and 172 low rise stacked/ap