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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL PRATAP VIHAR GHAZIABADACADEMIC PLANNER (2020-21)SUBJECT – ENGLISHCLASS – VIIIBOOKS PRESCRIBED – DAV CMC BOARDBook 1- MY ENGLISH READERBook 2- ENGLISH LITERATUREBook 3- MY ENGLISH PRACTICEMONTHENGLISH LITERATUREBOOKENGLISH PRACTICEBOOKMCBREADING WRITING SECTIONAPRILCH-1 The three questionsCH-2- Granny’s treeclimbingCh 1-TensesCh 2- NarrationUnit 1- Changing TimesSuggested topics for writing skill:1. The self-centredgeneration2. Media- impact onteenagers3. Simple living , high thinking4. Caring for the elderly*Notice writing*Speech writingMAYCH-3 The fun they hadCH 4 Fathers helpCH 5- My motherJUNECh 3 ModalsCh 4 Subject verbagreementUnit 2- CompassionateSoulsUnit 3- Enterprise*Dialogue completion*Email writing*Informal letterUnit 3 Enterprise (cont.)Suggested topics for writing skill:1. Success comes to thosewho will and dare2. Importance of valueeducationSUMMER BREAKJULYCH 6 LuncheonCh 7 Children’s songCh 5 Clauses andcomplex sentencesCh 6- LinkersAUGUSTCh 8- The case of sharpeyed jewelerCh 7 Active passive Unit 4- NaturevoiceUnit test 2/ Half yearly examSEPTEMBER*diary entry*unseen passage (practice)

OCTOBERNOVEMBERCh 9 CoupletsCh 10 Undeserved rewardCh 11 Bangle sellerCh 12 A bad dreamCh 8 Non finitesCh 9 PunctuationsUnit 5- SportsCh 10 Reading forunderstandingCh 11 Getting ready for classIXUnit 6ToleranceSuggested topics for writing skill:1. Global warming andclimate changes2. Values of games and sportsin life3. Nature conservation*Bio sketch*Message writingSuggested topics for writing skill:1. Tolerance – need of thehour2. Caring for the elderly* Article writing*Formal writing* Descriptive writingDECEMBERPre board ExamJANUARYRevisionFEBRUARYNOTE-Annual ExamGRAMMAR may be tested in any of the following forms:- Error finding/ omission- Fill in the blanks- Cloze gaps (gap filling)- Jumbled sentencesमासिक ikB ;Øe ¼2020&21½d{kk & VIIIfgUnhEkkgvizSyv/;k;1- ge ia{kh mUeqDr xxuds2- vly /ku3- vPNs iM kslh ds xq.kO;kdj.kjpukRed ys[k ovifBr cks/k “kCn HkaMkj vifBr x ka”k o¼i;kZ;okph] foykse]i ka”kokD;ka”kksa ds fy, vukSipkfjd i ,d “kCn½ vuqLokj]vuqukfld] j* ds:i] uqDrk

rRle&rn Hko milxZ] izR;;ebZ4- nksigjh5- vkJe ds vfrfFktqykbZ5- vkdk”k dks lkr lhf ;k¡ ¼dsoy i us dsfy,½ 6- vU;k; ds fo:) yM kbZ 7- nksgs8- tc Hkksykjke us iaiyxk;k vxLr9- ckrphr dh dyk10- flrkjksa ls vkxs11- ikS/ks ds ia[k¼ikB 1 ls 10 iqujko fRr½flrEcjvDVwcj fojke fpg u laKk vyadkj&vuqizkl] miek]:id]ekuohdj.k eqgkojsokD; ds fy, ,d“kCnokD; “kqf)vyadkj & mRizs{kk]“ys’k] ;ed]vfr”k;ksfDr“kCn HkaMkj¼iqujko fRr½ laf/k ¼Loj½] lekl ¼rRiq:’k]f}xq] }U}½ fuikr eqgkojs ¼vH;kl½ vuqPNsn ys[ku vifBr x ka”k oi ka”k vifBr x ka”k fp &o.kZu vuqPNsn vifBr x ka”k fp &o.kZu vuqPNsn v)Zokf’kZd ijh{kk ikB ;Øe% ikB 1 ls 10 ,oa lacaf/kr O;kdj.k] fp o.kZu] vuqPNsn]vifBr cks/k12- lwj o rqylh ds in vyadkj ¼iqujko fRr½ vuqPNsn vH;kl13- cgw dh fonk jpuk ds vk/kkj ij i ¼vkSipkfjd½14- dkepksjokD; Hksn lwpuk ys[ku lekl & vO;;hHkko]deZ/kkj; cgqfczfg “kCn HkaMkj

uoEcjfnlEcjTkuojhQjojh @ekpZ15- ,d frudk ¼dsoyi us ds fy,½16- Lkksuk17- nq[k esa gkj u ekuks18- thou dk lp ¼iqujko fRRk½okD; “kqf) vH;kllaf/k vkSipkfjd i vyadkj ¼iqujko fRRk½ vifBr dkO;ka”k“kCn HkaMkj¼Ik;kZ;okph½foykse] okD;ka”kksa dsfy, “kCnvFkZ ds vk/kkj ij okD; Hksn19- bZ’;kZ% rw u xbZ eulsiwoZ cksMZ ijh{kkikB ;Øe% ikB 1 ls 20 ,oa निर्ाारित O;kdj.k] lwpuk ys[ku]vkSipkfjd/अिौपचारिक i ] vifBr cks/kikB ;Øe iqujko fRrOkkf’kZd ijh{kk¼iwoZ cksMZ ijh{kk esa fn;k x;k ikB ;Øe½SUBJECT-MATHEMATICSSESSION (2020-2021)ACADEMIC PLANNERCLASS-VIIIMONTHSAPRILTOPICSUNIT – 1 Square And Square RootsUNIT – 2 Cube And Cube RootsUNIT – 4 Direct and Inverse VariationsACTIVITIES1.Foldable2. Observe somegiven squarenumber patternsand write their nextsteps.UNIT TEST-1 UNIT – 1 Square And Square RootsUNIT – 2 Cube And Cube RootsMAYUNIT – 4 Direct and InverseVariations(remaining part)UNIT – 5 Profit , Loss and Discount1.Mind mapping2. Role play bystudents enactingthe scene includingthe concept of

JULYAUGUSTUNIT – 7 Algebraic IdentitiesUNIT – 10 Parallel LinesUNIT – 13 Introduction To GraphsUNIT – 14 MensurationREVISION FOR HALF YEATLYEXAMprofit and loss intheir daily lives.(ex:Bank, farmer etc.)Showing identitiesby using colourpaper cutting andpasting.Making nets of solidshapes and findsurface area andvolumeUNIT – 1 Square And Square RootsUNIT – 2 Cube And Cube RootsSEPTEMBER UNIT – 4 Direct and Inverse VariationsUNIT – 5 Profit , Loss and DiscountHalf yearly UNIT – 7 Algebraic Identitiesexamination UNIT – 10 Parallel LinesUNIT – 13 Introduction To GraphsUNIT – 14 MensurationOCTOBERUNIT – 3 Exponents And RadicalsUNIT – 6 Compound InterestUNIT – 16 Rotational SymmetryShowing rotationalsymmetry bycutting and pastingsome plane figuresand capital Englishalphabets.UNIT – 9 Linear Equations in oneNOVEMBER VariableUNIT – 15 Statistics and ProbabilityUNIT – 3 Exponent and RadicalsUNIT TEST-2 UNIT – 15 Statistics and ProbabilityDECEMBERUNIT – 8 PolynomialUNIT – 11 UnderstandingQuadrilateralsUNIT – 12 Construction ofQuadrilaterals1.Show that sum ofall four angles of aquadrilateral isequal to 3600.2. show thatopposite angles of aparallelogram are

equal.JANUARYPre-board ExaminationRevision for Final ExamFEBRUARY FINAL EXAMINATIONAND MARCHAll Chapters UNIT – 1 to UNIT - 16SUBJECT-SOCIAL SCIENCESESSION (2020-2021)ACADEMIC PLANNER & SYLLABUSCLASS-VIIIPrescribed book- WE AND OUR WORLD by D.A.V College es: Utilization and DevelopmentAPRILHISTORYChp8-The Modern PeriodMAYUNIT TEST-1JULYGEOGRAPHYChp2-Natural Resources: Land, Soil and WaterHISTORYChp9-Establishment of Company Rule in IndiaCIVICSChp16-Our ConstitutionGEOGRAPHYChp1-Resources: Utilization and DevelopmentHISTORYChp8-The Modern PeriodGEOGRAPHYChp3- Natural Resources: Vegetation and WildlifeHISTORYChp10-Colonialism: Rural and Tribal SocietiesCIVICSChp17- Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and

Directive Principles of State PolicyChp18-The Union Government: The LegislatureAUGUSTSEPTEMBERHALF cultureHISTORYChp11-The First War of Independence-1857REVISIONFollowing chapters will be coveredGEOGRAPHYChp1-Resources: Utilization and DevelopmentChp2-Natural Resources: Land, Soil and WaterChp3-Natural Resources: Vegetation and WildlifeChp5-AgricultureHISTORYChp8-The Modern PeriodChp9-Establishment of Company Rule in IndiaChp10-Colonialism: Rural and Tribal SocietiesChp11-The First War of Independence-1857CIVICSChp16-Our ConstitutionChp17- Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties andDirective Principles of State PolicyChp18-The Union Government: The LegislatureGEOGRAPHYChp7-Human ResourcesHISTORYChp14-The Nationalist MovementCIVICSChp19-The Union Government: The ExecutiveHISTORYChp15- India Marches AheadCIVICSChp19-The Union Government: The ExecutiveCHP20- The Union Government: The Judiciary

UNIT NNUALEXAMINATIONGEOGRAPHYChp7-Human ResourcesHISTORYChp14-The Nationalist MovementCIVICSChp19-The Union Government: The ExecutiveCHP20- The Union Government: The JudiciaryREVISIONFollowing chapters will be coveredGEOGRAPHYChp1-Resources: Utilization and DevelopmentChp2-Natural Resources: Land, Soil and WaterChp3-Natural Resources: Vegetation and WildlifeChp5-AgricultureChp7-Human ResourcesHISTORYChp8-The Modern PeriodChp9-Establishment of Company Rule in IndiaChp10-Colonialism: Rural and Tribal SocietiesChp11-The First War of Independence-1857Chp14-The Nationalist MovementChp15- India Marches AheadCIVICSChp16-Our ConstitutionChp17- Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties andDirective Principles of State PolicyChp18-The Union Government: The LegislatureChp19-The Union Government: The ExecutiveChp20-The Union Government: The JudiciaryFollowing chapters will be coveredGEOGRAPHYChp1-Resources: Utilization and DevelopmentChp2-Natural Resources: Land, Soil and WaterChp3-Natural Resources: Vegetation and WildlifeChp5-AgricultureChp7-Human ResourcesHISTORY

Chp8-The Modern PeriodChp9-Establishment of Company Rule in IndiaChp10-Colonialism: Rural and Tribal SocietiesChp11-The First War of Independence-1857Chp14-The Nationalist MovementChp15- India Marches AheadCIVICSChp16-Our ConstitutionChp17- Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties andDirective Principles of State PolicyChp18-The Union Government: The LegislatureChp19-The Union Government: The ExecutiveChp20-The Union Government: The JudiciaryPROJECT BASED CHAPTERS –GEOGRAPHY- Chp4- Mineral and Energy ResourcesHISTORY- Chp12- Impact of British Rule on IndiaCIVICS- Chp21- Social Justice and the MarginalizedACADEMIC PLANNER (2020-21)CLASS – VIIISUBJECT- SCIENCEPrescribed Book:- The Living World (a book of Science & Technology)D.A.V College Managing CommitteeMONTHAPRILMAYPeriodic Test 1.JULYAUGUSTTOPICCh 1. CellCh 2. MicroorganismCh 4. ForceCh5. FrictionCh 19. Pollution of airCh13. Synthetic fibre and plasticCh 16. Electric current and its chemicaleffectsCh 6. Sources of energyCh7. CombustionCh 9. Crop production and its managementCh 8. Conservation of plants and animalsCh 10. Refraction and dispersion of light

SEPTEMBERPeriodic Test 2 / HalfYearly ExaminationOCTOBERNOVEMBERPeriodic Test 3DECEMBERJANUARYFEBRUARYCh18. EarthquakeRevision h18,Ch19.Ch 11. Human eyeCh 14. ReproductionCh.15 Reaching the age of adolescenceCh3. Metals and non-metalsCh 17. Stars and solar systemCh 20. Pollution of waterCh 12. SoundRevision and PreboardRevision of Annual Examination SyllabusANNUAL EXAMS WILL HELDAcademic plannerClass-viii (2020-21)Subject – ComputersMONTHTOPICSUB-TOPICMarchChapter 1: Let UsExplore-ComputerNetworkIntroduction, Need of communication,Network Devices ,Wired NetworkTechnology, Types of Network cables,AprilChapter 1: Let UsExplore-ComputerNetwork Chapter 2: HTMLWireless network technology,3G,4G,WIFI,WIMAX, Types of Network, Internet.MayChapter 2: HTMLIntroduction, Designing a Website, HTMLTags,Container tags, saving file, Viewing Webpage,Paragraph tags, Attributes, Attributes of Ptags, Body tags, Heading TagsLine Break, HR tags, Attribute of HR tags,Bold, Italic and underline tags, font tagswith attributes, center tag

JulyChapter 3: List andTables in HTMLAugustChapter 3: List andTables in HTML Chapter 4: HTML-IIISeptemberChapter 5: IdentifyingNetwork Resources andComputersHALFYEARLYEXAMWebsite Designing ongiven topic PPT on latest NetworkTechnolgyOctoberChapter 6: ProblemSolvingChapter 7:NovemberChapter 8: Looping in Qbasic and ProjrctHandling Chapter 9: The cyberworld, cyber crime andlawIntroduction, Unordered list tag, list item,attribute of unordered list, ordered listtag ,Attribute of ordered list, Nested list,Tables tags-Table caption, Table row,Table heading, table data, cell paddingand cell spacing.Image tag, Attribute of img tag,Hyperlinks, Internal and external linking,Email linkingWeb server, ,TCP/IP, security networkIntroduction, Problem solving techniquesFlowcharts, Programming language andTranslators-Assembler,Interpreter andCompilerIntroduction, Characterset, keywords,constants , variables,operators, Q basicProgamming statements-input and outpuLooping, for next, creating Projects,Project Management cycleCyber bully,effects of cyber bullying,prevention,cyber crime and cyber law

AnnualExamProject in Q basicAnd a PPT on cybercrimeACADEMIC PLANNER (2020-21)PHYSICAL EDUCATIONCLASS – VIIIS.NO.TERM IMONTH’S NAMEAPRILTOPICImportance of warming upTypes of warming up1.2.MAYDefine DoppingSide effects of Dopping3.JULYFundamental rules with theirmeasurements of the Outdoor gameGeneral Awareness4.AUGUST5.SEPTEMBERTERM IIOCTOBER6.Current AffairsHALF YEARLY EXAMINATIONComponent of Physical EducationElement of Yoga7.NOVEMBERHistory of the gameMeaning of sports environment8.DECEMBERMatch the following countries withthe game.General Awareness9.JANUARY10.FEBRUARYCurrent AffairsANNUALLY EXAMINATIONACTIVITIESFifteen Mass physical PT, School Band, Dumble Drill


April MayIntroduction of lineso Different types of lineso Doodling(creating any shapes, rhythmic lines)o Stick drawing(human figures)TexturesColourso Primary Colours/Secondary colourso Colour wheelo Cool colours and warm colours Formo Geometrical/ornamental Form Greeting card making using any kinds of forms and colour Block Printing/Vegetable printing/leaf printing(on the givensurface)Face drawing and expression(proportion and angles)Still life drawing in pencil shading(3D objects)July ARTClass-VIII

August Nature studyo Trees, leaves, flowerso Landscape Warli painting of Maharashtra(tribal art) Gond art(tribal art)HALF YEARLY EXAMSeptemberOctober Divigen of faceso Eyes, nose, lips, ears Perspective-one point and two point study Drawing and sketchingo Human and animalsNovember Compositiono Village sceneo Vegetable seller Typography/Calligraphy Poster making (any social)December CollageACTIVITIES : Warli Art Still Life LAND SCAPE WATER COLOUR PAINTINGMr. DUSHYANT MANIART TEACHERSubject – MusicClass – VIII Academic Planner (2020-21)

ACADEMIC PLANNER 2020-21Class-VIIIS. No.Month’sName1.APRILTopicDefinition – Thaat, raag, vaadi – samvadi, aalap, taan, Poemcomposing, Sangeet paddatiya, Keypad picture2.MAY1 patriotic song, Devotional song, Saneet ke rup, Alankar 1 8, Defi. Of saptek,3.JULYEssay Life & Music, Alankars on harmonium, 20 taal name(With matra & parts),ACIVITIES : 1- Our vocalinstruments,4.AUGUST5.SEPTEMBERNational anthem, Rag Yaman introduction, DAV anthem,One song notation on harmonium, ACIVITIES - 2- Essay Benefits of music.HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION6.OCTOBERDefinition – swar, taal, lay, Alankars on harmonium,ACIVITIES : 1- Essay – Life without music,7.NOVEMBER1 patriotic song (sare janha se accha ), Raag bhairviintroduction, Tabla & it’s parts, ACIVITIES : 2- Essay –Music and our musical instruments.8.DECEMBERdevotional song (Itni shakti hume dena data ), Nationalsong, Difference between taali & khali,9.JANUARY10.FEBRUARY20 raag name, 1 song notation on harmonium,ANNUALLY EXAMINATIONSUPWMONTHACTIVITIES

JanuaryFebruaryClay Pinching Pot / Paper BagClay Aboriginal Mask / Glass PaintingClay Fish / Thermocol PaintingCeramic Pottery / Paper QuillingClay Sculpture / Collage Portrait of Mahatma GandhiClay Diya / Kalash Decoration for DiwaliClay Pot Decoration / Mirror DecorationClay Wreath / Christmas Border DecorationPracticePracticeActivities :1. Glass Painting2. Ceramic PotteryBorderTeacher - Ruby Rani3.Clay Diya4.ChristmasMh-,-oh- ifCyd Ldwy izrki fogkj xkft;kcknekfld ikB;dze 2020&21d{kk 8 fo’k;&laLd rमाहअप्रैलपस्ु तक - ििु सिikB 1- lqopukfu ikB2- dzks/ksu dk;Za u fl/;frव्याकिणO;kdj.k&अपठित गद्यान ्”k ,”kCn :i] /kkrq :Ik] ]IzkR;;&DRok ]Y;i ] miinfoHkfDr ]i ]okD;&jpuk ,संस्कृत अनवु ाद मईikB 3- olq/kSo dqVqEcde izFke bdkbZ ijh{kkO;kdj.k&”kCn :i] /kkrq :Ik]Y;i ] “kr AजुलाईikB 4- vga unh vfLeikB 5- Hkk’kkl qeq[;k e/kqjkअगस्तikB &6- e/kqjopukfuO;kdj.k& अपठित O;;]milxZ]fo”ks’k.k]IzkR;;]laf/k] Lka[;k 1&50]miinfoHkfDr ]i ilxZ]fo”ks’k.k]IzkR;;], IzkR;;&DRok

laf/k] Lka[;k 1&50]miinfoHkfDr Aससतम्बर v)Zokf"kZdijh{kkikB 1 ls 6 O;kdj.kअक्तबू र ikB 7& {keLoeg’ksZ {keLoikB&8 vfo”olrs u fo”olsr “kCn :i] /kkrq :i]IzkR;; ] la[;k दी - /kkrq :i] IzkR;य] la[;kAठदसंबरikB&9 xq.kk% iwtkLFkkua xqf.k’kqikB&10 opus dk nfjnzrk]f}rh; bdkbZ ijh{kk &ikB 7 ls 10 O;kdj.kikB&11 fgraeuksgkfj p nqYZkHka op%ikB&12 Lok/;kयाr ek izen%i ] vO;;]milxZ]fo”ks’k.k] IzkR;;]miinfoHkfDr ]okD;&jpukAपवव न्कल्नात्मक परीक्षाू सजनवरीपनु रावतृ त ikB&1lsफ़रवरीवार्षवक परीक्षापनु रावतृ त -व्याकरण12D.A.V Public School, Pratap Vihar, GhaziabadACADEMIC PLANNERSession 2020-21Class - VIIISUBJECT-GENERAL KNOWLEDGEMONTHAPRILActivityMAYTOPICLanguage &LiteratureEnvironment aroundActivityEnvironment aroundSUB -TOPIC In the name of god. Terrific two's. Word pyramid. Values are invaluable. Work is workship. Gender guess. Global language. Emotions and expressions. Food for thought. Tangible talk. Wardrobe vocabulary. Praising poetry. Dramatic style. Fact file test your wisdom.A variety of adjectives are used in differentused different prefix(eg- omni, un, pre,etc) Heal with herbs. Energy capsule. Chemistry mystery. Treatment technologies. Major endocrine glands. Spectrum of therapies.thingsAll living and non-living things are dependent on energy. Make awords that form word as capsule. Miracles of light.

Great scientist.Close encounter with planets.Plant diseases.Hydro puzzle.Important inventionsvital vitamins.Surrounded by sound.Fact file test your wisdom.Make a puzzle of Great Scientist (Picture Identification)Mid May &JuneSummer RActivityArt &culture Fast fingers. River forever. Stamp it out. Facts and dates. Climb every mountain. Name game. All at sea. Great Deserts. Windy section. Tug of war. The great reformers. Indian revolutionaries. Coinage. Indain polity.Arrange the names of following presidents of India till 2018 from1947QUIZ other countries /PM/President.HALF YEARLY EXAMINATIONTOPIC – 1,2, 3 Festive fun. Art Gallery. Fab art. Performing arts. Costumes. Pilgrimage in India. Music corner. Dances of the world. Yester years of sliver screen. Royal Palaces. Road to god. Myths and legends. Gods of mythology. Museume and art galleries of the world. Fact file test your wisdom.Identify the different festivals all over the world. with theircustoms, beliefs traditions etc.

NOVEMBERMaths MagicActivityDECEMBERSports &games Delightful Dots Rack Your Brains Fun With Numbers Speaking Signs What s Next ? Naughty Numbers Activity Time Booster Blocks Brain Twisters Mathematical Terms Non – Verbal Reasoning Know Your Mathematicians Commercial Maths Blood Relationship Test Fact File Test Your WisdomMake a puzzle of Great Mathematician(Picture Identification) Baseball.The zest for judo.Turn the tables.Wrestlo Mania.A buddy Games 'kabaddi'.The naming games.Bravo Boxing.Samashing Shots.The test of strength.An Accurate aim.On your marks,get set,go!Skiing Swiftly.Indian ancient Games.Water Sports.Fact file test your wisdom.Indian Ancient Games--(Culture and traditions).ActivityWINTER VACTION Practice worksheets will be done along withcurrent affair over.Annual examination will be held.JANUARYMARCHD.A.V Public School, Pratap Vihar, GhaziabadSyllabus, Session 2020-21Class - VIIISUBJECT-GENERAL KNOWLEDGETOPIC :HALF YEARLY EXAMINATIONTOPIC :ANNUAL EXAMINATION1.Language &Literature2.Environment around3.World around4.Art &culture5.Maths Magic6.Sports &games

dav public school pratap vihar ghaziabad academic planner (2020-21) subject – english class – viii books prescribed – dav cmc board book 1- my english reader book 2- english literature book 3- my english practice month english literature book english practice book m

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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL PRATAP VIHAR,GHAZIABAD . SUBJECT-ENGLISH, CLASS-VI . Committee Prescribed Book (Practice) - Practice Book VI by D.A.V College Managing Committee Prescribed Book (Reader) – English Reader VI by D.A.V College Managing Com

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dav public school, sreshtha vihar, delhi - 110092 route list route no. 1 name of the stand morning time afternoon time gtb enclave , pkt f 7:20 2:20 sdm office 7:55 2:27 nand nagri 7:27 2:30 dtc bus stop (212) 7:31 ***

DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL,SRESHTHA VIHAR.DELHI-92 Class- V Date: 16.11.18 CREATIVITY WEEK - 2018 Dear Parent CREATIVITY WEEK: An exciting amalgamation of thoughts, ideas, talent and opportunities is to be celebrated once again. A week full of activities which aims at providing our stud


NCR Of Delhi Delhi D0897 Ashok Vihar Mata Jai Ps D NCR Of Delhi Delhi D0900 G G S I P University New . G0860 Gzb Pratap Vihar G0906 Gzb Chander Nagar (Dav) C0616 Hapur Chhajarasi L0704 GZB Loni Border S0364 GZB Sahib

DAV Silicone Wristbands: 50 wristbands for 25 Purchase banners and wristbands: DAV Sales sales@dav.org 877-426-2838, Ext. 3252 3. Download, print and customize your DAV D4URC event poster. Click here to download the customizable event poster. Consider placing a copy of the poster in your newsletter or on your website. 4.

15 DAV Public School Ashok Vihar PH-IV, Delhi 16 Deepanshu public school Jai Vihar, Kamruddin Nagar, Nangloi, Delhi 17 Delhi International School ( same) Sector 18A, Dwarka, New Delhi 18 G B S S School JJ Colony II Nangloi Delhi 19 G D Goenka Public School Plot No. 3, Pocket, 7, Sector 22,

ADVANCED SURVEYING Prepared By Pratap Kumar Pradhan Assistant Professor Department of Civil engineering VEER SURENDRA SAI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, BURLA ODISHA. Mr. Pratap Kumar Pradhan, Asst. Prof., Department of Civil Engineering, VSSUT, Burla, Odisha Course objectives: 1. To understand th

6 app ananya gupta dav public school ashok vihar d2 7 app pari gupta sachdeva public school pitampura d2 8 app saumya jain sachdeva public school pitampura d2 9 app parshvi jain vivekanand school preet vihar d2 10 app priyanka chaudhary shishu bharati shikshayatan karol bagh d2

135 04126 soham bhardwaj ahlcon public school mayur vihar ph-i 141 27 136 28218 payalarora dav public school ashok vihar ph-iv 141 27 137 34245 manas pant bal bharti pulic school sec-14 rohini 141 27 138 35038 nandika jain nk bagrodia public school sec-9 rohini 141 2

2 doe-unaided 1001165 panchsheel public school c- 84 ekta vihar (jhilmil) delhi - 110095 3 doe-unaided 1001172 rani sharda vidya mandir st no 12 vishwas nagar delhi - 110032 4 doe-unaided 1001175 dav public school sreshta vihar delhi - 110092 5 doe-unaided 1001197 green lite public school 5/1

1001183 dav public school dayanand vihar delhi c 1 0 0 1001198 lovely public senior secondary school nirman vihar, delhi - 110092 c 2 0 0 . 1002348 s.n.modern school a-393 new ashok nagar, delhi-96 c 1 1 1 1002358 universal public schoo

Mathopoly,Math checkers etc.) Task – 4: Take any composite number and do its prime factorisation by factor tree using colourful cutouts in your notebook. Task – 5: Learn tables from 2 to 20. DAV Public School (10 2), PratapVihar Ghaziabad

Beginner Book 2 addresses this problem. 39. When I was a baby, b I a yellow duck. had When I was two, I b had a red truck. b Had 40. When I was three, I b had a chimpanzee. Look him, he looks at like me! b 41. I to brush my hair, had and I to brush my had teeth. Then I to put had socks and shoes on my feet. b Had To 42. Then I to put a had hat on top of my head. Is this what you wear b when .