The Texas Automotive Manufacturing Industry

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the texas AutomotiveManufacturing

ContentsOverview .1Passenger Vehicles . . .10Heavy Duty Trucks 16Trailers . 19Automotive Parts . . 20The report’s cover photos above are courtesy of the companies.From top left: Toshiba HEV motor, Peterbilt Model 579 truck, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Tundra,Chevrolet Suburban, Load Trailer gooseneck trailer, Peterbilt Model 567 truck, Caterpillar C7truck engine, Toyota Tacoma

Texas Auto Manufacturing HeadlinesToyota selects Texas for its new U.S. headquartersSee Page 12General Motors Arlingtonassembly plant celebrates 60yearsToyota announces two newTexas auto suppliers,ASI and FormaAutomotiveSee Page 11See Page 13Jobs in Texas automanufacturingsector surge over29% since 2010Caterpillar to closeSouth Carolinaplant, move C7engine assemblyline to TexasSee Page 3Peterbilt celebrates 75 yearsin Denton, TexasSee Page 17See Page 22Texas automotiveexports jump 49%over past five yearsSee Page 7Texas ranks No. 7 nationallyfor automotive manufacturingemploymentSee Page 3

Automotive Manufacturing in TexasThese sectors include the assembly of complete carsand trucks, as well as the manufacturing of motorvehicle frames, chassis, cabs, utility trailers, militaryvehicles, and automotive gasoline engines. The U.S.government’s North American Industry ClassificationSystem (NAICS) classifies the auto industry under thefollowing categories:Automotive Manufacturing Sectors2014 Chevrolet SuburbanT Motor Vehicle Manufacturing/Assembly Motor Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturingexas is home to a well-established automotive Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturingmanufacturing sector that, unlike in many otherstates, has continued to grow in the 21stcentury. A right-to-work state,Texas is nationally ranked in theMajor Automotive Manufacturers in Texastop ten for automotive manufacturing employment and establishments, the size of its vehicleretail market, and the numberof vehicle registrations. Texas isalso part of the growing NAFTAauto corridor, where billions ofdollars of assembled vehicles andauto parts are shipped betweenMexico and the Lone Star State.The state is home to two majorpassenger vehicle assembly plants,operated by global leaders GeneralMotors (GM) and Toyota. GM’sArlington plant has operated for 60years and currently produces SUVs,while Toyota began production of fullsize pickups at its San Antonio plant in2006.The automotive manufacturing industryencompasses makers of cars and trucks,motor vehicle bodies, and auto parts.1

OVERVIEWOVERVIEWAuto ManufacturingWorkforceTop Automotive ManufacturingEmployers In Texas (2013)Although it is outside the traditional automotive beltof the Midwest and Southeast, Texas is currently oneof the top ten states in the U.S. by number of automotive workers and number of auto manufacturingestablishments. More than 466 automotive manufacturing firms directly employ over 35,800 workers inTexas. Workers at these companies earn an average ofaround 58,700 annually (see table below).12345General Motors (Arlington): 4,500 Toyota (San Antonio): 2,900Peterbilt Motors: 2,200Toshiba International Corp. 2,000Caterpillar (Engine Assembly): 1,160Texas Automotive ManufacturingEmployment, by SectorTexas ranks No. 7 nationallyfor automotive manufacturingemployment- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012)Employment has increased steadily over the past fouryears, growing over 23.6% from 2010 to 2014 (seechart on page 3).The table below provides a snapshot of employmentin the Texas automotive manufacturing industry in thefirst quarter of 2014. The motor vehicle parts manufacturing sector accounts for 45% of the state’sautomotive manufacturing employment (see chart atright).Chart Source: Texas Workforce CommissionAutomotive Manufacturing Employment in Texas2014 First QuarterEmployeesFirmsAverageAnnual WageMotor Vehicle Manufacturing (3361)12,09629 75,752Motor Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturing (3362)7,424168 41,392Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing (3363)16,288269 53,30035,808466 58,753Sector (Industry Code)TOTALSSource: Texas Workforce Commission2

OVERVIEWFive-Year Trends: Texas Automotive Manufacturing Employment, 2008-2012Motor Vehicle Parts Mfg.18,000Motor Vehicle Mfg.Employment16,000Motor Vehicle Body &Trailer 20122013In 2012, Texas ranked No. 5 nationally forautomotive manufacturing establishments and No. 7nationallyforautomotivemanufacturingemployment (see table to right).Between 2010 and 2014, overall employment in theTexas automotive manufacturing industry increasedsteadily, as the nationaland global recessionThe motor vehiclemanufacturing sector has receded and thenationalautomotiveincreased employmentmanufacturing industryover 29.4 % since 2010rebounded (see chartabove).Among thethree subsectors of the Texas automotivemanufacturing industry, the motor vehiclemanufacturing sector has led the way withemployment gains of more than 29.4% since 2010.Motor vehicle body & trailer manufacturingemployment during the same period saw gains of28.9%, while motor vehicle parts manufacturingemployment increased by 16.7%.32014Source: Texas Workforce CommissionData from first quarter each yearTexas Ranks No. 7 in the U.S. in TotalAuto Manufacturing EmploymentMichigan 150,169Indiana 96,732Ohio 88,013Tennessee 48,465Kentucky 45,301Illinois 33,843Texas 33,776Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

OVERVIEWResearch & DevelopmentFrom electronics to fuel economy to tire performance, a wide range of automotive technologies aredeveloped and tested by Texas companies.Automotive SemiconductorsDallas-based electronics giant Texas Instrumentsdesigns semiconductors for a range ofautomotive applications, including bodyelectronics, power trains, hybrid chargers,brakes, and infotainment systems.Freescale Semiconductor, based in Austin, hasdesigned and manufactured automotivesemiconductors since the 1950s. As one ofthe world’s leading suppliers of automotiveprocessors, microcontrollers, and sensors, Freescale’s technology is utilized in many new vehicles,including GM’s Texas-built hybrid SUVs. Freescalehas been a GM supplier for nearly 30 years.Spansion, based in Califor nia with a major manufacturing site in Austin employing about 860,expanded its share of the automotive marketwith the 2014 debut of its Traveo line ofmicrocontrollers for electric and hybridvehicles. Spansion’s ARM-based dual-core chips aredesigned to be used for electric vehicles, batterymanagement, air conditioning and heating systems,and automotive displays.Multiple smaller semiconductor firms in Texas alsosupply the auto industry. These firms includeSMSC, which develops and supplies microelectronics for automotive multimedia systems atits Austin, design center, and SiliconLabs, an Austin-based industry leader in thedevelopment of mixed-signal integratedcircuits optimized for automotive applications.Automotive Test FacilitiesNear Fort Stockton, Texas, midway between El Pasoand San Antonio, lies Bridgestone Americas’ TexasProving Ground (TPG). Established in 1955, TPG is more than6,000 acres of flat land thatfeatures a variety of test tracks and driving environments, where tires and vehicles can be tested in reallife conditions.German manufacturer Continental AutomotiveSystems oper ates a state-of-the-art test trackfacility in Uvalde, Texas. The5,000-acreUvaldeProvingGrounds’ rural location, combined with high security, make it ideal for testingtop secret components and vehicles for ride, handling, durability, and more. The facility was originally built by General Tire in 1959.Also located in West Texas, the Goodyear TireProving Grounds near San Angelo, provides theleading tire maker with producttest facilities. Built in 1957, the7,000-acre site is one of onlythree proving grounds Goodyear operates in the U.S.In Laredo, Texas, a 2,000-acre facility owned byGerman firm MBTech Group offers avariety of special tracks and surfacesfor vehicle and tire testing. Thecompany is a joint subsidiary ofAKKA Technologies, an industrial research anddevelopment firm based in France, and Daimler, theGerman parent company of Mercedes-Benz.The Texas A&M Transportation Institute owns andoperates the Proving Grounds Research Facility, a2,000-acre complex whereresearchers test vehicles for allkinds of clients and a wide spectrum of vehicles,ranging from subcompacts to tractor-trailer rigs.The facility performs crash tests and also testsroadside safety devices.4

OVERVIEWSan Antonio Institute Puts Automotive Technologies to the TestThe Southwest Research Institute (SwRI),headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is oneof the nation’s oldest and largest zations. Employing over 2,800, theinstitute occupies over two million sq. ft. oflaboratories, test facilities, and offices. Its 2013revenues exceeded 592 million.SwRI’s world-class Office of AutomotiveEngineering coordinates operations withautomotive clients. Among these operations isthe Engine, Emissions and Vehicle ResearchDivision, which designs and tests a wide , fuel cells, and diesel systems. TheFuels and Lubricants Research Division helpsclients get automotive component and fluidproducts to market and improve them duringtheir lifespan. Additionally, SwRI’s AutomotiveFleet Testing program provides comparativedata for vehicle performance under actualoperating conditions.Automotive fuel performance evaluationSwRI currently operates seven automotiveindustry consortia to support its clients, as well asthe U.S. Army TARDEC (Tank AutomotiveResearch Development & Engineering Center)Fuels and Lubricants Research Facility, agovernment-owned facility in operation since1957. The institute also maintains automotiveoperations abroad in India and in China throughthe Tianjin-based SwARC Automotive ResearchLaboratory, a joint venture with state-ownedChina Automotive Technology and ResearchCenter (CATARC).R&D Credit RegulationIn June 2013, Gov. Rick Perry signed HB 800 into law,reinstating the R&D tax credit for Texas companies.Both the sales tax exemption and research credit areextended through 2026 and are expected to be aboost to Texas manufacturing and high-technologyindustries, including automotive. The law went intoeffect in January 2014.HB 800 reinstates franchise tax credits for companiesconducting qualified research activities (QRAs) withinthe state. The new law provides Texas companiesthe option of selecting either a sales tax exemptionon property purchased by persons engaged in QRAsor the franchise tax credit, but not both.5Engine oil oxidation testing at SwRI

OVERVIEWThe Texas-Mexico Automotive CorridorSharing the longest border with Mexico of any U.S.state, Texas is uniquely positioned for internationaltrade with this significant emerging market in theglobalautomotiveindustry.BillionsofTexas serves as adollarsinautomotiveprimary link betweenMexico’s auto plants goods are shipped fromTexas annually.and the rest of theU.S. auto industryMexican, or Canadian parts to be duty-free, has madeTexas a highly competitive location for automotivemanufacturers. The shaded region on the map belowrepresents the NAFTA superhighway corridor.NAFTA’s impact is evident in northeastern Mexico’sgrowing automotive cluster, located near the border ofTexas. Manufacturers with facilities in this region ofMexico include GM, Toyota, Peterbilt, Freightliner,and Navistar International. Some of these firms alsohave facilities in Texas, which are detailed on the mapon page 1 of this report.Texas has become animportant part of therealigned North American “auto alley,” now runningnorth from Mexico through a number ofsouthern U.S. states, to the Midwest rustAuto Manufacturing in the Texas-Mexico Corridorbelt. The traditional U.S. auto corridorradiating from Detroit has rapidly shiftedtoward the U.S. South since the 1980s.Almost all the North Americanautomotive plants built in the last twodecades were located in a southern U.S.state or Mexico. Many foreign-ownedautomotive firms, such as Toyota,Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, MercedesTEXASBenz, BMW, and Kia, have located theiroperations in southern right-to-workstates, away from the traditional center ofU.S. automotive manufacturing.Spurred by the 1992 North AmericanFree Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Texasserves as a primary link betweenMexico’s automotive plants and the restof the U.S. automotive industry. The“NAFTA superhighway,” which runsthrough Texas as Interstate 35, serves asa main artery for the southern U.S. andnorthern Mexico’s auto manufacturingindustry. The region’s large, skilled, andcost-effective labor pool, coupled withthe NAFTA provision that qualifies anyproduct with at least 62.5% American,MEXICOManufacturing PlantsTier 1 OEM SuppliersMap courtesy of Bexar County Economic Development6

OVERVIEWForeign Trade & LogisticsIn 2013, Texas ranked as the No. 3 state for transportation equipment exports, with a value of over 24.4billion, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada were the toptwo destinations for Texas transportation exports.Over the past five years, Texas automotive exportshave increased almost 49% from around 9.2 billionin 2009 to over 18.1 billion in 2013. Two of thethreemajormotorOver the past 5 years, vehicle manufacturingTexas automotivesegments grew duringexports increased 49% this period (see chartbelow), despite the 6%decrease in the motor vehicle manufacturing segmentbetween 2012 and 2013. Motor vehicle parts is thelargest of the three segments and experienced thestrongest growth, increasing 50.6% from over 5.8billion in 2009 to over 11.8 billion in 2013.In 2013, Texas ranked No. 3 nationally for transportation equipment imports, with a value of over 27.1billion, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. MexicoHisun Motors selects McKinneyfor New N.A. HeadquartersIn April 2014, China-based Hisun MotorsCorp. USA announced plans to open itsNorth America (N.A.) headquarters inMcKinney, Texas. The company expects themove to create about 80 jobs, in addition tothe existing jobs in a service center thatopened in Carrollton, Texas in 2006.Hisun Motors is the sixthmanufacturer of utilityterrain vehicles (UTVs)and all-terrain vehicles(ATVs) in the U.S. andCanada,distributingthem via outlets likeCabelas and Wal-Martusing the brand name HISUN.and Germany were the top two countries importingtransportation equipment into Texas.Exports in MillionsFive Year Trends: Texas Automotive Exports, 2009-2013Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division7largest

OVERVIEWOVERVIEWTexas Attracts AutomotiveInvestment from around the WorldSelected foreign companieswith automotive related operationsin Texas:China Hisun: McKinneyGermany Auto Kabel: El PasoBMW: Lancaster, StatewidelocationsContinental AG: SeguinHilite Intl: CarrolltonBMW Opens 50 Million DistributionCenter in LancasterIn January 2014, BMW's 50 million regionalparts distribution center in Lancaster, Texas,officially opened.The new282,000 sq. ft. Dallas-Fort Wortharea distribution center replacesBMW's regional distribution centerin Mississippi, giving New Jerseybased BMW of North America LLCthe ability to respond to thegrowing southern region of thecountry. The center will employ about 100 anddistribute parts to BMW dealerships in Texas,Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.Japan Fujitsu: McAllenJTEKT: EnnisSanden: WylieSumitomo Electric: SanAntonio, El PasoTakata: San AntonioToyoda Gosei: San AntonioToyota: San Antonio, PlanoToyotetsu: San AntonioKorea Samsung: AustinSweden Stoneridge Electronics:El PasoScania AB: San AntonioGermany-based BMW Group is a major globalautomotive manufacturer, distributing BMW,Mini, and Rolls-Royce vehicles worldwide.Switzerland HOERBIGER: GarlandUnited Kingdom Hilite: CarrolltonOrbital Traction: Houston8

OVERVIEWState GovernmentInitiativesTEF have been awarded for automotive manufacturing- related projects. The TEF table below details theseprojects and the 5,985 jobs they have committed tocreate.Business Incentive ProgramsIn 2003, the Texas Legislature created the 295 million Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), a “deal-closing”fund created to attract businesses and new jobs to thestate when Texas is in competition with another stateor country. The TEF was most recently reappropriated in 2013. To date, nearly 50.5 million from theIn 2005, the Texas Legislature created the 200 million Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) to promote and finance innovations across multiple industries, including advanced manufacturing. The TETFtable below lists the program’s 6.6 million in awardsto automotive technology-related companies since theprogram’s inception.Texas Enterprise FundTexas Emerging Technology FundAutomotive Manufacturing-Related AwardsAutomotive Manufacturing-Related ne assembly,test & painting1,714 8.5ActaCellAustinRechargeable lithiumion batteries 1.0CKBrownsTechnologiesvilleTruck componentmanufacturing121 .425FalconInternationalOdessaMilitary vehicleretrofitting .85ContinentalAutomotiveSystemsSeguinAuto sensors andactuators mfg.300 1.2KLD EnergyTechnologiesAustinMotor systems forelectric vehicles 2.8JTEKTAutomotiveEnnisAuto parts mfg.plant expansion200 .333Turbo TracSystemsMidlandInfinitely variabletransmissions 2.0ToyotaMotor N.A.Plano 40.0TOTALS—— 6.6TOTALS—Auto HQ relocation 3,650—5,985 50.46Vehicle RegistrationsTexas Vehicle RegistrationsTexas ranks No. 2 nationally for number of registered motor vehicles. In 2013, the state was home toover 23.2 million registered vehicles, according tothe Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).Approximately 55% were passenger vehicles, whichincludes cars, mini-vans, and most SUVs, while25% were pickup trucks (see adjacent table). Also in2013, Texas registered more than 1.31 million newvehicles, up from 1.23 million in 201312,818,0655,854,1584,554,80923,227,0321 Includes automobiles, mini-vans, and most SUVs.2 Includes ½, ¾, and 1 ton trucks.Source: Texas DMV

Passenger Vehiclesthe Texas truck market, then, due to its segmentdominance, decided to set up manufacturing operations in Texas.General MotorsToyota TundraProducing some of the nation’s most popularand best-selling models, Texas is also a topmarket for automobiles, including full-sizedtrucks and SUVs. In 2013, nearly one in four newvehicles registered in Texas was a full-sized pickup.The state nationally ranked No. 1 for pickup and No. 2for SUV registrations in 2012, the latest data available, and has earned the nickname “Truck Country.”According to WardsAuto, in 2013 Texas ranked No. 7for the total number of light trucks manufactured,including SUVs, with over 507,300 units.GM’s Arlington, Texas, plant is the company’s onlyremaining U.S. plant building full-sized SUVs. Thesevehicles are among the company’s most profitablevehicles, including the iconic Chevrolet Suburban,which some call “the national car of Texas.” GM’sfull-size SUVs dominated the nation’s market segment with a 75% share in 2013. The company hasbenefitted from increasing U.S. SUV/light truck sales,as the segment rose to over 50% of the total lightvehicle (LV) market (defined as cars and SUVs/lighttrucks) in 2013, according to Autodata.The GM Arlington, Texas plant celebrated its 60thyear of operation this year. The plant has won anumber of quality awards since opening in 1954;nonetheless, in early 2009 the plant was shut down forGM Arlington Fact Sheet Expanded eight times sinceGM celebrated 60 years of automotivemanufacturing in Texas in 2014 andboosted its Arlington assembly plant’sproduction to record levelsIn the U.S., the world’s second largest automotivemarket, manufacturers have increasingly focused onthe high-profit pickup and SUV segments. Profitmargins on these vehicles is estimated at 5,000 to 10,000 per vehicle. Since the 1990s, these vehicleshave accounted for a significant portion of U.S. salesfor major automakers. Two global leaders, GM andToyota, operate assembly plants in Texas to buildtrucks and SUVs. In the late 1990s, while designingthe full-sized Tundra pickup, Toyota engineers studiedopening in 1954 Occupies 4.37 million sq.ft. on 250 acres of land Approximately 1,200vehicles are produceddaily Produced over 278,346 new Tahoes,Suburbans, Yukons, and Escalades in 2013 Employs approximately 4,500 (hourlyand salaried) Operates three 8-hour production shifts Annual payroll of over 220 million Company investment of over 1.4 billionsince 199510

PASSENGER VEHICLESGM Celebrates 60 Years of Auto Manufacturing in TexasIn May 2014, the GM Arlington Assembly Plantcelebrated its 60th anniversary with Governor RickPerry and other dignitaries in attendance. Theplant began carmanufacturingin1954, switching toSUV assembly in1997. It is the onlyU.S. factory buildingGM’sawardwinning,full-sizeSUVs.From 1954 through2013, GM’s Texas plant built over 9.7 millionvehicles and grew from 1.25 million sq. ft. to a 4.37million sq. ft. facility. That includes GM’s 200million, 300,000 sq. ft. stamping plant, whichopened in October 2013. The new plant is productwo months, along with 12 other North American GMplants, because of company-wide financial problems.During this shutdown, GM filed for Chapter 11bankruptcy, restructured, and reemerged as a leanerfirm focused on its core brands: Chevrolet, GMC,Cadillac, and Buick. The carmaker returned toprofitability in 2010 for the first time since 2004, andhas reported positive revenues since then. However,in the past two years, the company has recalledmillions of vehicles, including Arlington manufac-ing auto parts that are used to manufacture inTexas, saving the company an estimated 40million a year in supply costs.GM employs a total of over 5,000 employees inTexas, including GM Financial locations in the FortWorth area, two Texas-based Customer CallCenters, and IT operations in Austin.GM’s Arlington Assembly Plant Photo courtesy of GMtured SUVs, and been embroiled in national controversy over defective ignition switches on compactmodels. GM remained the No. 1 U.S. automaker in2013 by sales volume, with 17.9% market share, andwas ranked the world’s No. 2 automaker with 11%global market share.GM Arlington added a third shift in 2013 to boostproduction, operating 24 hours/weekday. In July 2014,the plant began operating on weekends to meet thedemand for full-sized SUVs. In early 2014, GMceased production of its SUV hybrids due to lowdemand; however, the Arlington plant plans to addpolice and other commercial SUVs this year.Over the years, GM’s Texas-built vehicles havegarnered numerous industry awards, including the2013 J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Survey,where the Cadillac Escalade ranked No. 1 in the LargePremiere Crossover/SUV segment and the ChevroletTahoe ranked No. 1 in the Large Crossover/SUVsegment.2014 GMC Yukon, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, and Cadillac Escalade11

PASSENGER VEHICLESToyotaIn October 2013, Toyota celebrated its San Antonio,Texas truck assembly plant’s 10th anniversary and itsone millionth truck to be built there. Toyota officialsinitially announced that San Antonio was selected asthe site of the newest Toyota truck assembly plant in2003. A 133 million stateincentive package wasToyota’s entire U.S.extendedtoToyota,pickup production isincluding 27 million forin Texasjob training and recruitment and 15 million forthe rail district to build a second rail line to the site.The Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX orToyota Texas) plant officially opened its 1.28 billiondollar plant and began production of its Tundra fullsized pickups in November 2006. The plant is expected to add 2.4 billion to the Texas economythrough 2016.TMMTX established a new benchmark for the ToyotaProduction System: a network of 21 parts and components suppliers that are integrated on site (see pageToyota Texas Fact SheetToyota Moving North AmericaHeadquarters to PlanoIn April 2014, Gov. Rick Perry announced aTexas Enterprise Fund award of 40 million toToyota Motor North America (N.A.) to consolidate its three separate N.A.headquarters (HQ) for manufacturing (Kentucky), sales (California),and marketing and corporateoperations (New York) to a new,state-of-the-art campus in Plano,Texas. The investment will create nearly 4,000new jobs and over 300 million in capitalinvestment. Separately, Toyota FinancialServices, currently based in California, alsoannounced it will move its HQ to Plano.“Over the past decade, Texas and Toyota havedeveloped a strong partnership that hasresulted in good-paying jobs for thousands ofTexans,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. “We’reproud that both the Tundra and Tacoma bearthe words ‘Made in Texas,’ and we’re excitedour state will be the nexus for Toyota’s NorthAmerican operations moving forward.” Opened in 2006 and expanded in 2010sq. ft. on 2,000acres Produced 122,583Tundra and 106,400Tacoma pickups, for a total of 228,983trucks in 2013 Employs approximately 2,900 workers On-site suppliers employ approximately3,150 additional workers Operates 2 production shifts 2.3 billion in capital investment to date15) to achieve quality and environmental improvements. TMMTX was the first automotive assemblyplant to co-locate supplier parts-production facilitieswith the main assembly plant.Toyota's entire U.S. pickup truck production nowtakes place in San Antonio. Toyota consolidated allTundra truck production in Texas in 2009, when itceased production at an Indiana plant. Additionally,Tacoma pickup production was moved to TMMTX inJuly 2010, ending production in California. Thetransfer of Tacoma pickup production to San Antoniorepresented 100 million in new direct investment andabout 1,000 new direct jobs.After two years of reduced production due to the Occupies 2.2 million12

PASSENGER VEHICLESglobal recession, Toyota product recalls, and anearthquake which disrupted Toyota’s supply chain,TMMTX increased truck production to a recordsetting 228,983 units in 2013 and is experiencingincreasingly high demand. Toyota was the No. 3 U.S.automobile manufacturer by vehicle sales in 2013,with 14.3% market share, and was ranked No. 2globally with 12% market share.The Tacoma ranked No. 5 and the Tundra ranked No.6 as the best-selling U.S. pickup trucks in 2013, bothfor the second year in a row. The Tundra has wonnumerous awards over the years, including the No. 1spot in the large pickup segmentThe Tacoma holdsof IntelliChoice’s Best Overall70% of the U.S.Value of the Year awards sincecompact truck market 2011. The Tacoma has beennamed the nation’s best-sellingcompact pick-up truck everyyear since 2005. In 2013, the Tacoma held about 70%of the U.S. compact truck market, up 20% from 2012.Toyota Suppliers Invest 21 Millionin San AntonioIn early 2014, two Toyota parts suppliers filedplans to invest a combined total of over 21million to build new manufacturing facilities atTMMTX.Toyotetsu Texas, an existing supplier, plans toinvest 4.7 million to addmanufacturing space to itsexisting facility at the Toyotaplant.Arvin Sango Inc. (ASI), an Illinois-based mufflerssupplier, plans to spend 16.6 millionto build a new manufacturing facility atTMMTX and create at least 45 new jobsin Texas.The two TMMTX supplier projectsshould be completed by January 2015. Theyunderscore the success of Toyota’s innovativeon-site parts supplier model.2014 Toyota Tacoma and TundraToyota Texas Welcomes TwoNew On-site SuppliersIn September 2014, Toyota Texas officially announced theaddition of two new on-site suppliers, Arvin Sango Inc. (ASI)and Forma Automotive LLC. Each company plans on hiringabout 50 workers by mid-2015.Forma Automotive is owned by Rosa Santana, making it thefirst direct tier 1, Hispanic woman-owned supplier for Toyota. The company will assemble Tacoma truck beds insidethe Toyota plant, while ASI, a exhaust systems supplier, willoperate from a new facility next to the Toyota Texas plant.13Joe DaRosa, Toyota Texas president, welcomes RosaSantana, Owner, President and CEO of FormaAutomotivePhoto courtesy of Toyota

PASSENGER VEHICLESToyota Texas’ On-Site SuppliersToyota Texas operates an innovative on-site suppliernetwork, integrating separate parts and componentssuppliers into the same production campus. Thecompany was the first automotive assembly plant toco-locate supplier production facilities alongside themain assembly plant. In addition to this group,Toyota has many other suppliers located throughoutTexas and the world.See page 15 for a full list of the 23 on-site suppliersto Toyota Texas.The Texas Pickup MarketAs standard equipment for many small businesses andcontractors, truck sales are often viewed as an indicator of the nation’s economic health. In 2013, nationalpickup sales increased for a fourth consecutive year,accounting for just over 50% of the light vehiclemarket, according to The Detroit News.In fiscal year 2013, Texas was home to over 5.8million registered pick-up trucks, representing over25% of all the state’s total registered vehicles,according to the Texas Department of Motor VehiclesFiscalYear2011In 2013, Texas accounted for almost 15% ofthe nation’s new, full-sized pickup market(DMV). The adjacent table provides details on totalTexas pickup truck registrations from the last threeyears.More than 315,730 full-sized pickup trucks (trucksless than 1 ton) were newly registered in Texas in2013, up more than 3.5% from 2012. Nationwide, there were 2.18 million full-sizedTexas Pickup Truck Registrationspickups sold in 2013. Assuming that Texas’2013 new truck registrations represent newTotal Pick-UpTotal VehiclesPick-Ups %truck sales, Texas a

SwRIs world-class Office of Automotive Engineering coordinates operations with automotive clients. Among these operations is the Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division, which designs and tests a wide range of automotive technologies, i

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