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ISO 50001EVERYTHING YOUNEED TO KNOWThe Complete Guide about ISO 50001for Companies that wish to savemoney in Energy.

INDEX04WHAT IS ISO 50001?06WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ISO 50001?08HOW DO I IMPLEMENT ISO 50001?PREPARING THE COMPANYA COMPLETE GUIDETO ISO50001 FORCOMPANIESTThe Staff NeededDocumenting the ProcessLa Tecnología que Necesitas1420he publication ofISO 50001 has made it possible forcompanies who go ahead and obtain certified status toachieve systematic savings in energy usage, and consequently incosts.HOW DO I IMPLEMENT ISO 50001?INSTALLING THE TECHNOLOGYBut the process of implementing ISO 50001 is not straightforward,HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO IMPLEMENT ANENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS)?and this has caused a fair few headaches both for energy sectorprofessionals and for company managers.2430HOW DO I IMPLEMENT ISO 50001?A PRACTICAL EXAMPLEFor all those who are in the midst of this process, or consideringwhether or not it is worthwhile to begin it, DEXMA has publishedCERTIFICATIONWho evaluates whether or not I qualify for certification for my EnergyManagement System?How Will they Evaluate Me?How much will it cost?How much time will it take for my certification to be issued?How long is my ISO 50001 certification valid for?How can I evaluate compliance with ISO 50001?36this Complete Guide to ISO 50001and how to implement it inyour business.SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND MORELEARNING RESOURCESdexmatech.com2ISO 50001dexmatech.com3ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 standard was published on the 11th June 2011WHAT IS ISO 50001?under the title "Energy Management Systems- requirements withguidance for use".Thanks to the significant advantages it can offer to companiesthat adopt and implement it, in 2014 ISO 50001 had alreadyachieved a 40% annual rise in reconcentratedin Europe, where 80% of the global total are located. Half ofthe certified companies on a global scale are concentrated inIGermany, where ISO 50001 has been driven forward thanks toSO 50001 is an International Regulation of Standardization,the restrictive energy legislation. The country with the secondespecially created for energy management systems.most certified businesses is the United Kingdom.All of the standards created by the ISO, the InternationalThe ISO 50001 establishes the process to define, implement andOrganization for Standardization, are voluntary, and thereforemaintain an energy policy, a process that should be supportedso is ISO 5001. ISO is an independent and non-governmentalby the senior management of the organization.organization.It seeks a commitment, from the core of the business- that erableenergyandadvantagesmustcontrolforthisto say, from those who make the key decisions- to systematicenergy conservation.significant operating cost. The advantage of ISO 50001 is thatit is designed so that any company can use it, regardless of theiractivity, size or geographical location.dexmatech.com4ISO 50001dexmatech.com5ISO 50001

WHAT IS THEPURPOSE OF ISO50001?Professionals who have already implemented ittend to highlight six key points concerning theutility of ISO 50001:1. COST SAVINGS:a. Derived from a reduction in energy consumption.b. Derived from savings in production costs.2. REDUCTION IN ENERGY CONSUMPTION.In addition to this reduction it has an impact on the reduction ofC02 emissions and other harmful substances that contribute toYclimate change.ou may well be asking yourself this question, given thatthis is a voluntary implementation. It is important not toconfuse concepts when talking about ISO 50001.3. COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION.Certain countries have developed specific laws relating to energyefficiency (we will return to such a case later on in this guide)requiring the implementation of ISO 50001 in specified businesses.It is not a 'law', it is a methodology. It proposes a process thatwill guide you when implementing an efficient system with whichto manage your energy, generate savings, and consolidate thosesavings. .In other cases the benefit of implementation is that it will scorehighly in bids or public competitions.4. STANDING OUT AGAINST COMPETITORS.5. rs, suppliers and shareholders.The most basic and essential purpose of the regulation is toimplement an energy management system.dexmatech.com6ISO 50001dexmatech.com7ISO 50001

HOW DO I IMPLEMENTISO 50001?PREPARING THECOMPANYThe Staff NeededIt is advisable for the company to have an EnvironmentalManager, who, whilst s/he may have other responsibilities, willlead the project internally. The Environmental Manager mustbe a capable decision maker and carry authority within theorganization.In addition, you may find it necessary to appoint a technicalauditor. This figure is external to the company and is responsiblefor drafting the energy audit. The audit is not mandatory, but itis a good practice before implementing the Energy ManagementSystem (EMS).The ISO 50001 will impact upon all the processes of yourcompany, and so the first thing that you must do is prepareyour company!Three prerequisites to have ready before beginning include:personnel, documentation and the necessary technology.Let'scheck them, one by energymanagement equipment must be taken into account, alongsidebuilding maintenance or environment.If the condition is too low, or else if workload restraints aresuch that the installation of the EMS cannot be orenergyservices company (in DEXMA we work with more than 200 suchbusinesses worldwide). The task of this person is to install yourenergy analysis technology and adjust and adapt it to the ISO50001 standard.dexmatech.com8ISO 50001dexmatech.com9ISO 50001

Documenting the ProcessBe careful with this step, because in order to comply with theregulation ISO 50001 it is necessary to document the followingsteps of the implementation hoserequirements considered appropriate. The energy policy of the businessISO 50001 advises companies to have at their disposal, as a The energy plan (energy review, baseline energy consumption,minimum, the monthly consumption of the last 12 monthsenergy performance indicators, programme objectives Theresultsofmonitoringandmeasurement.from all energy sources that are representative of the globalYoushouldenergy consumption within the organization.document the processes of testing and measurements, even ifthey are internalWith this information at hand, you will be ready to begin the The evaluation of legal complianceimplementation process. And we are not simply talking about The results of the internal audit and review carried out by of the energy,ofISOdiesel 50001Water,includeshowever,gasisbeyond the scope of ISO 50001.dexmatech.com10ISO 50001dexmatech.com11ISO 50001

The Technology you WillNeedThe hardware, or devices for measurement, includes all meters,concentrators, gauges, etc. that are installed in switchboards, gasmeters or simply in the building itself to take measurements ofImplementing ISO 50001 will require you to manage yourenergy consumption. There are also specific ones for monitoringconsumption data in real time. Only in this way will you be ableother conditions that affect energy use such as humidity,to correctly measure your installation, monitor your progresstemperature, etc.and as such, guarantee the cycle of continuous improvementthat is offered by ISO 50001.Two fundamental technologies are involved when it comes toachieving this: energy efficiency hardware and software. Software is the tool that collects all of this data and presentsit to you so that you can analyse and understand it and thusmake decisions. At ISO 50001 standard, it is taken as given ocess.Of course, it is very much recommended for your software toincorporate measurement and verification tools. This functionhelps demonstrate the savings generated by the energy plan.dexmatech.com12ISO 50001dexmatech.com13ISO 50001

5 keys to remember when choosing yourEnergy Analysis Technology:1. STRAIGHTFORWARD INSTALLATION: Being able to rely on meters that can beconfigured in less than 5 minutes, and an online platform, will help you analyzeyour energy consumption more quickly. 2. SCALABLE FUNCTIONALITY: Ideally, choose a technology that both covers yourcurrent basic needs, but also offers more advanced tools. In this way, you canfulfil the commitment to continuous progress promoted by ISO 50001. 3. EASY TO USE AND HIGHLY VISUAL:Undoubtedly your day-to-day affairs arecomplicated enough as it is without the additional strain of having to learn howto use new technological platforms. Indeed, the world of energy is sufficientlycomplicated in and of itself. What can you do in this situation? In this case wewould always recommend that you see your platform for yourself before buyingHOW DO I IMPLEMENTISO 50001?it (for example, through a DEMO account). What should you look for as you test aplatform? You should ensure that the technology that you have in front of you iseasy to learn and proactive in regards to the user. A glance should be sufficient tounderstand what you are seeing.4. POSSIBILITIES FOR COLLABORATION: ISO 50001 promotes the implication ofthe entire company, and especially the management, in the energy plan. Yourtechnology should help you to achieve this, for example by offering the option ofcreating dashboards for each role within the company.5. ISO 50001 CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS:Before taking the plunge, ask if you willbe able to create personalized reports that are 100% adaptable to your businessand adaptable to ISO 50001. These reports will help you with the documentationprocess and above all in subsequent audits and when renewing the certificate.dexmatech.com14ISO 50001dexmatech.com15ISO 50001

REGULATION ISO 50001 OUTLINES STEPS WITHINTHE OVERALL PROCESS, PROPOSING A MODEL FORAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Therefore, it not only deals with ‘actions’ to carry out, such asspeedy reforms, but rather with entire processes that will haveto be put in place, which your organization may not already have.ContinuousimprovementEnergy PolicyIn order to access the complete requirements of this EMS, the ISOhas made available the complete text of the regulation (whichEnergy Planmust be purchased through the organization’s nitoring ofmeasurementand analysisVERIFICATIONAnomalies, immediatecorrective andpreventative actionInternal auditof the EMSWhen implemented, you will see that ISO 50001 places great emphasison highlighting what is a process and what is ongoing.dexmatech.com16ISO 50001dexmatech.com17ISO 50001

On a global level, we recommend you applythese six pieces of advice for success:Installing theTechnology1. INVOLVE THE WHOLE TEAM: ISO 50001 insists that the company must beconvinced of, committed to, and supportive of the energy management plan. Butit is also important to involve all staff that may have an impact upon the energyplan. The channels of communication must be kept open throughout the entireprocess. Therearehundredsofenergymonitoringtechnologieson2. CARRY OUT A STRONG INITIAL ANALYSIS: It is advisable to carry out an initialthe market, but far fewer that offer the capacity to analyzeaudit that draws on previous internal work: it is important to identify how theconsumption and to control the full cycle of the Energyorganization works in relation to energy.Management System as the ISO 50001 model requires. 3. COMPLY WITH LEGISLATION:As you begin to implement an Energy ManagementSystem it is important to check if the Company is affected by any environmental orenergy-related legislation, or if your home country or community have legislatedDepending on which one you choose, the installation could besmooth and simple or else a string of detail which certifications are acceptable demonstrations of compliance. Forinformation we recommend that you visit the OFGEM authority web page (forAt DEXMA, we are committed to developing a complete platformUK) or the web page created by U.S. Energy Information Administration. Both are(from monitoring to control) in the cloud precisely for this reason:valuable official sources of information on legislation and energy ensure that technology is not an obstacle.4. BE SURE OF HAVING SUFFICIENT MEANS:There is little point in beginningthe implementation of ISO 50001 if professionals cannot be provided with theMonitoring technology- the hardware- may be installed duringappropriate means for managing a system and maintaining its performance.the first week of work in the building. Bigger projects will5. RECRUIT AND MOTIVATE THE RIGHT TALENT:The Company must be able torely on specific figureheads who understand the keys to energy efficiency. If youchoose to work with external consultants, choose those who specialize in energymanagement.perhaps require a few more days.The installation of the analysis and control platform, in thecase of DEXCell Energy Manager, takes no time at all. There isno need to install anything in your computers. We simply create6. REVIEW THE SYSTEM AND THE PROCESSES INVOLVED:This is an indispensablestep in order to obtain ISO 50001 certification. External reviews will follow, but itis also essential to put in place internal quality control and monitoring processes.dexmatech.com18ISO 50001your account and you can begin configuring the meters andreceiving instant data.dexmatech.com19ISO 50001

Thus the most common approach is to install the meters andimmediately access the account, configure it and check that datais being received as it should. This can usually be done in aperiod of 48-72 hours.How long does it taketo implement an EnergyManagement System (EMS)?What if you already have measuring equipment? DEXCell Energyhardware,The timeframe depends on the characteristics of each organiza-therefore you can feel secure that your measurements will betion. In general, it can very between 3 months and 1 year, inintegrated and you will receive data with the same rapidity.the case of larger or more complex companies.Manager,forexample,isneutralintermsofAnd if you already have a tool for viewing data, but want to changeit? Data migration is no problem either, thanks to the elasticityof our solution. We have migrated data for large companiesHowever, when estimating your own case, thinkin less than 48 hours.about the variables that can affect the timeframeof implementation, including: The type of organization El tipo de organización The current state of your energy plan (if you have a monitoring En qué estado está la planificación energética (si ya tienes monitorizaciónsystem or not, whether or not you have carried out an audit in theo no, si has realizado alguna auditoría en el pasado, aunque sea parcial )past, even if it was only a partial audit ) Complejidad de tus instalaciones The complexity of your installations Complejidad de tu proceso de producción (influye especialmente en el The complexity of your production process (especially importantsector industrial)in the industrial sector) Recursos que vas a dedicar a la implementación. No es lo mismo con The resources that you are going to dedicate to implementation.tar con un equipo de cinco personas que con un único responsable deHaving one sole implementation manager is not the same asimplementación.having a team of five people.dexmatech.com20ISO 50001dexmatech.com21ISO 50001

How Much Does thisTechnology Cost?According to our experience, the most sensible approach is toinvest the equivalent sum to your monthly bill. That is to say, if yourinstallation consumes an average of 30.000 a month, this isHOW DO I IMPLEMENTISO 50001?A PRACTICAL EXAMPLEyour estimate for the cost of energy management.Why? If we paint a ‘pessimistic’ picture in which you only save 8.5% ayear, you will already have a 1 year ROI (the month that you saveof the whole year is approximately 8.55%).Normally the cost is split into 60% hardware and installation,30% external services and 10% analysis software.However it is pretty nice to think that from the second year onwardsyou will only have to keep paying for the external services and thesoftware, as a result of which the cost is practically marginal whenIn this section we want to present a practical example, basedon the real case of one of our clients. The following is a realEnergy Management System ISO 50001 certification process.compared to the savings achieved.Thus the technology, perhaps surprisingly, is the least significant of the costs involved in implementing ISO 50001. More significant costs will be the initial audit, if one is carried out (it is advisable) and those of the certification body (which we will talk about atthe end of this guide).dexmatech.com22ISO 50001dexmatech.com23ISO 50001

Due to their concerns over cost, the hotel has been preparing anenergy plan for a few months now, but with the recent publicationof the Royal Decree 56/2016 the hotel group has seen themselvesobligated to fulfil this aim.The headquarters have opted to fulfil this requirement throughthe implementation of an Energy Management System with ISO50001 Certification in every hotel.But our particular hotel has no kind of preparation in place forthis. For this reason, it decides to carry out a preliminary energyaudit and the result is a series of recommendations for energyretrofits:Firstly, let’s imagine a hotel It is necessary to improve the insulation of walls and roofs Windows with thermal break are detected and must be replaced El tipoBuiltde22organizaciónyears ago El tipoorganizaciónThedeboilerscan be replaced by new and more efficient models: En Withqué 408estadoroomsestá la planificación energética (si ya tienes monitorización En quéestado estála planificaciónenergética (si ya tienes monitorizacióncondensation,low temperature,biomass o no,It siishassituatedrealizadoonalgunathe auditoríaSpanish encoastline,el pasado,inaunquean areasea withparcial )a warmo no,Insi hasrealizadoalguna auditoríaen el pasado,seaoughtparcial )addition,thermicor photovoltaicsolaraunqueenergyto be Complejidadclimate de tus instalaciones Complejidaddesupporttus instalacionesinstalled tothe system Complejidad Its façade isdebricktu andprocesowindows,de producciónwith a terrace(influyein eachespecialmentebedroomen el Complejidadde remainedtu procesoantiquatedde producción(influyeespecialmenteen el Lighting hasfor years.A moreefficient LEDsector Theindustrial)management is concerned about air conditioning, hot-sectorindustrial)systemwould help reduce consumption, as would automatic Recursoswater andque lightingvas a dedicarcosts a la implementación. No es lo mismo con- Recursosque vas a dedicar a la implementación. No es lo mismo conlightingtar Theycon unhaveequipoa demaintenancecinco personasmanagerque con withun únicosomeresponsableenergy detarcon un equipode cincopersonasque con unsystemsúnico responsable Freecoolingand/orinverterair conditioningcould be deimplementación.knowledge, but it is the aspect that the financial department isimplementación.incorporated.most concerned about for costsdexmatech.com24ISO 50001dexmatech.com25ISO 50001

There is a preliminary step to achieving the reforms. Does thehotel have energy analysis and management technology? No,in this instance the hotel did not have that technology s a voluntary process, of course, but IIt is at this point when it would be even more interesting to installwouldfirst set of data on an energy analysis platform, such as DEXCellrecommendanymanagertotakea step forward and implement it. It’s a toolmeters (if you do not have them already) and begin receiving theEnergy Manager.that allows us to systematically achieve andcontrol the level of energy efficiency that wehave established."Why is it important to do this at this stage?Without technology that can monitor, analyzeand control energy correctly, it will be difficultto fulfil ISO 50001 standards because: We will not have tools that can certify, in figures, the impactof the EMS. We will not be able to determine a basic requirement of the ISO50001: the calculation of the baseline energy consumption. The hotel will not be able to fulfil another basic requirement of theISO 50001: the establishment of a process of self-sustainabilityand cyclicality that will contribute to the continued improvementin energy usage of the organization. If you are not able to measureISABEL BALSACHyour energy consumption, it is difficult to determine how to reduceProject & Energy Manager at Leading Pharma Companyit, to highlight problems or inefficiencies, to identify areas wherethe hotel’s energy policy is not being applied, etc.dexmatech.com26ISO 50001dexmatech.com27ISO 50001

Therefore in this case the hotel decided to improve theirmeasurement system through the installation of new meters,connecting them with the DEXGate2 concentrator in order tosend data to the internet and analyse it with DEXCell Energy"The implementation of an ISO 50001-appro-Manager.ved Energy Management System allows youto develop and justify businesses’ actions inenergy efficiency."Thus, energy reforms were undertaken. With the llALEX CIURANAEnergyEnergy & Sustainability Director at PGI GroupManager, the hotel management and the Head of EnvironmentalMaintenance have the necessary data and knowledge to makeinformed decisions.dexmatech.com28ISO 50001dexmatech.com29ISO 50001

CERTIFICATIONHere we will outline:1. The energy policy of the hotel El tipo de organización2. The reach of the policy, the reforms, etc. En qué estado está la planificación energética (si ya tienes monitorización3. The desired results o no, si has realizado alguna auditoría en el pasado, aunque sea parcial ) Complejidad de tus instalacionesWe proceed with reforms, and this is the ideal moment to start the Complejidad de tu proceso de producción (influye especialmente en elprocess of obtaining Energy Management System certification.sector industrial) Recursos que vas a dedicar a la implementación. No es lo mismo conIn the next section of our guide we will outline what exactly thistar con un equipo de cinco personas que con un único responsable deprocess consists of: keep reading!implementación.WHO EVALUATES WHETHER OR NOT IQUALIFY FOR CERTIFICATION FOR MYENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM?When certifying your work, you will have to work with an accredited certification body.And of course, throughout the whole process,the hotel is documenting the work, in order tofulfil the requirements of ISO 50001 dexmatech.com30Some the most well-known entities are: TÜV Rheinland UK BSIISO 50001dexmatech.com31ISO 50001

The second phase consists of groundwork. The auditors willappear at the place in which the Energy Management Sytem hasHow Will they Evaluate Me?Normally the accredited certification bodies carry out two phasesof evaluation (although the methodologies of these can changefrom one body to another, of course).been implemented to check that it is functioning correctly andthat it complies with ISO 50001 requirements.From here, you will either receive certification for your systemor else a report of non-compliance, with highlighted areas forimprovement. In this last case, the company must present anaction plan for the resolution of these problem areas.How Much will it cost?The first phase is an initial audit, in whichThe cost of the certificate depends on the function of thethe accreditation body with check: El tipo de organizaciónorganization. En qué estado está la planificación energética (si ya tienes monitorización1. That the implementation of the EMS has been correctlyo no, si has realizado alguna auditoría en el pasado, aunque sea parcial )documented Complejidad de tus instalaciones2. That the scope of the system and its requirements (if relevant) have Complejidad de tu proceso de producción (influye especialmente en elbeen correctly expressed and defined by the organisationsector industrial)3. That the internal reviews and checks, orientated to continuous Recursos que vas a dedicar a la implementación. No es lo mismo conimprovement, have been planned for and are being realizedtar con un equipo de cinco personas que con un único responsable de4. Given the insistence of ISO 50001 that the energy managementimplementación.plan is an active strategy, understood and supported by themanagement of the company, the auditors can check the degreeof internal understanding of the EMS.dexmatech.com32ISO 50001Alex Ciurana, of PGI Group, a partner Company of gyManagement Systems, commented that, in his experience, “thecost varies between 2.500 to 4,000 per year.”If the auditing process includes more than one building, thecost increases in proportion with the number of buildings. Alexcontinues: “for each visit an auditor will usually cost around 600, and they can carry out a couple of visits a day."dexmatech.com33ISO 50001

How Much TimeWill it Take for myCertification to BeIssued?How Can I EvaluateCompliance with ISO50001?The aforementioned accreditation bodies have the last wordThe timeframe for the issuing of the certification depends onthe accreditation body.However, there are some recommended timeframes that maynot be exceeded. For example, no more than three monthson whether or not a company has complied with the proposedmethodology for ISO 50001.After the first cycle, periodic checks will be made to ensure thatISO 50001 requirements are consistently being met.should pass between the execution of phases 1 and 2.Take care here to:How Long is my ISO50001 Certification ValidFor? Correctly maintain and update your records Review the EMS to ensure that everything is functioning as it should Review changes in legislation or requirements that the companyhas promised to fulfil in its energy plan.Three years. After three years you will have to renew with theaccreditation body you have chosen.What happens during this time? It is usual to expect annualaudits from the same body from which you have received youraccreditation in order to monitor activity and guarantee theprocess of continued improvement is being carried out correctly.dexmatech.com34Failure to comply with ISO 50001 requirements can cause theloss of your certification, at least for the period of time thatpasses between the negative report from the accreditation bodyand the implementation of the necessary measures to resolvethe highlighted problems.ISO 50001dexmatech.com35ISO 50001

No fine or penalty will ever be imposed, of course. Rememberthat at the start of this guide we commented upon the fact thatISO 50001 is not a law.Start Saving EnergyTODAYHowever, as we also mentioned in this guide, some businesses Identify where you are consuming energy and which areas you can improve uponhave begun to take an interest in the regulation because of Monitor your changes in real timelegislative changes that affect them and oblige them to take Control your efficiency plan and make good decisionsaction to improve their energy SOSRegulations in 2014. This law is mandatory for any UK companythat either employs 250 or more people, or has an annual turnoverin excess of 50 million euro, and an annual balance sheet total inexcess of 43 million euro. But also applies to overseas companiesestablished in the UK with more than 250 workers in UK.Companies affected must have an implemented EMS certifiedby ISO 50001 or pass an energy assestment.FREE DEMOIf you enjoyed it.share it!dexmatech.comFREE Trial of DEXCell Energy Manager36ISO 50001dexmatech.com37ISO 50001

SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND MOREABOUT THE AUTHORS OF THE GUIDELEARNING RESOURCESSources of information: ESOS Regulation web page by UK Government ISO, Win The Energy Challenge with ISO 50001, available here in PDF AENOR, General Rules for Certification of Energy Management Systems,Spain, 2008. Energy Efficiency Regulation in UK, Database by International EnergyALFONS MIQUEL PRATSEVALLMARÍA FERNÁNDEZEnergy Efficiency AuthorMarketingAgency. Energy Efficiency Regulation in US, Database by International Energy Agency.AlfonsRecursos para aprender más: Case Study: Radisson Blu Hotel in East Midlands Airport (free download) SMART Goals in Energy Efficiency, Free Recorded singandTechnical Architecture, holds a MastersRelations Graduate and has more xperienceworkingtechnology companies as a marketingfor a Masters in Renewable Energies andspecialist.The ISO Surveydexmatech.com38ISO 50001inManagement and is currently studyingEnergy Efficiency.ISO Implementation Stats:Publicdexmatech.com39ISO 50001

ABOUT DEXMADEXMA provides an energy analysis platform to companies whoneed to measure, analyze, understand and reduce their energyconsumption. The platform DEXCell Energy Manager is a powerfulset of tools in the cloud with which companies can take informeddecisions to reduce their energy consumption without affectingtheir productivity or business.DEXMA was founded in 2007 in Barcelona and already workswith more than 1,000 clients in 33 countries, having consolidatedits expansion thanks to a comprehensive network of partners.After over nine years of working in the energy sector, DEXMAis leading its own initiative for the sharing of knowledge aboutenergy efficiency, to promote the best practices and to trainprofessionals in energy usage. Consult our free learning resource

ISO is an independent and non-governmental organization. However, ISO 50001 has considerable advantages for organizations who consume energy and must control this significant operating cost. The advantage of ISO 50001 is that it is designed so that any company can use it, regardless of their activity, size o

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ISO 50001:2018 TIMESCALES ISO 50001:2018 was published 22 August 2018 and is the replacement for ISO 50001:2011. For organizations currently using ISO 50001:2011 there is a three-year transition period to switch to ISO 50001:2018. STRUCTURE OF ISO 50001:2018 The structure of ISO 50001:2018 follows the high level structure being applied to all .

Ref.No.EN ISO 50001:2018 E National foreword This British Standard is the UK implementation of EN ISO 50001:2018. It is identical to ISO 50001:2018. It supersedes BS EN ISO 50001:2011, which is withdrawn. The UK participation in its preparation was e

implementing ISO 50001 2. Can be expected to achieve full conformance to ISO 50001, or is a less rigorous approach needed . 3. Find value in third-party certification of ISO 50001 conformance . 1 See US DOE’s .

1. Energy Management System Conformance to ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard 2. Energy Performance Improvement (5% minimum over 3 years 7 ISO 50001 Components in place: Baseline Policy Plan Team/Leader Superior Energy Performance Single facility ISO 50001 conformance with validated energy pe

ISO 50001 certification were provided. The plant had already started complying with the U.S. Management System for Energy (MSE 2000) standard . before developing an EnMS. MSE 2000 is widely seen as the forerunner of ISO 50001. “Starting with MSE 2000 meant moving to ISO 50001 certific

internationale Norm EN ISO 50001 ersetzt, welche in Deutschland als DIN-Norm „DIN EN ISO 50001“ veröffentlicht ist. Die neue ISO 50001 beinhaltet die Anforderungen der DIN EN 16001, geht aber über diese hinaus. Zusätzlich legt sie den Fokus auf Energie-Leistung

The ISO 50001 approach to energy management is based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) continual improvement process. Figure 1 shows how the key components of ISO 50001 map to the PDCA process. Important components of an ISO 50001-conformant En

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edition of the ISO 50001 energy management system standard was released in 2018. After 20 August 2021, following a three-year transition period, ISO 50001:2011 certificates will no longer be valid. High-Level Structure ISO 50001:2018 is based on the High-Level Structure (HSL), which has been established as

on ISO 50001, including the 50001 Ready Navigator, which provides step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the ISO 50001 implementation process, as well as other supporting tools. Recognition from national energy agencies can provide motiva-tion to p

Scope:ISO 50002 Applicability of an ISO 50002 energy audit to an ISO 50001; – ISO 50002 helps in developing energy review and energy performance. – The use of an energy audit is not a requirement for ISO 50001, other procedures may be utilized to complete the ene

ISO 50001 can be easily linked with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 50001 focuses on energy efficiency, whilst ISO 14001 emphasizes the significant environmental impacts of an organization. Both s

conformance to the principles of ISO 50001. 50001 Ready Is A promoter of consistent energy management principles and energy performance improvement Provides guidance based on the ISO 50001 standard used across the globe Consistent output across sectors, geography, service territor

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Significant changes to ISO 50001:2018 Among the major changes in ISO 50001:2018 is the imple-mentation of the High Level Structure (HLS), which has been incorporated into all new and revised ISO standards. The High Level Structure was introduced in 2012 by the International Orga

ISO 50001 following trend of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 TODAY 2020 Adoption of management system standards have typically seen an inflection point 10 years after introduction. Global - Initial 26 Years Number of ISO 50001 certifications United S

Building on the popularity of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO developed energy-specific management standards. This culminated in the launch of ISO 50001, which uses a sim ilar methodology to ISO 14001 concerning the creation, structure, and implementation of 4 ISO has continued to update i

ISO 18400-107, ISO 18400-202, ISO 18400-203 and ISO 18400-206, cancels and replaces the first editions of ISO 10381-1:2002, ISO 10381-4:2003, ISO 10381-5:2005, ISO 10381-6:2009 and ISO 10381-8:2006, which have been structurally and technically revised. The new ISO 18400 series is based on a modular structure and cannot be compared to the ISO 10381

AAMI HE75, Human factors engineering – Design of medical devices, Clause 9, Usability Testing, provides an excellent guide to the types of formative evaluations that are useful in early device UI development such as cognitive walkthroughs, heuristic evaluations, and walk-through-talk-through usability tests. Annex D of IEC 62366 also provides descriptions of these formative techniques .