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Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeAESV01Native Peoples of No. America3NEQV 1XXNative Peoples of No. AmericaAESV03Chicana Contemporary Issues3CLST 1XXChicana Contemporary IssuesAESV09Intro Mod&Contemp Lat Amer Art3ARHS 2XXX Intro Mod&Contemp Lat Amer Art3AESV10Intro to African/Pre-columbian3ARHS 2XXX Intro to African/Pre-columbian3AESV11Racial & Ethnic Group Relat3SOCL 1XXX Racial & Ethnic Group RelatAESV15Folk Dance: Ethnic Dances1 - 1.5DANC 1XX3 FDIV1 DAN5AESV20Intro to Chicano Studies3CLST 1116 Intro Chicana/o-Latina/o StdsAESV22US Hist: Chicanos3HIST 1XXX US Hist: ChicanosAESV22US Hist: Chicanos3AESV23Chicana/o/x Studies Issues3CLST 1XXX Chicana/o/x Studies IssuesAESV24Socio of the Chicano Cmmnity3CLST 1XXX Socio of the Chicano CmmnityAESV41Contemp African-American Exp.3AFAM 1XXX Contemp African-American Exp.AESV61Intro to History of East Asia3HIST 1XXX Intro to History of East AsiaAESV62Intro to Asian American Studie3NEQV 1XXAESV63US Hist: Focus on Asian Amer3HIST 1XXX Us Hist: Focus on Asian AmerAESV65Introduction to Asian Art3ARHS 2XXX Introduction to Asian Art3 FDIV3AESV66Intro Mod&Contemp LatinAm Art3ARHS 1XXX Intro Mod&Contemp LatinAm Art3AESV67Intro to Non-Western Art3ARHS 2XXX Intro to Non-Western Art3AESV02AUS Hist:Natv Amer to Recnstrct3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Natv Amer to RecnstrctAESV02BUS Hist:Natv Amer snc Civl War3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Natv Amer snc Civl War3 FDIV3 FDIVAESV21AHeritge Mexico to 1st Republic3HIST 1XXX Heritge Mexico to 1st Republic3AESV21BHeritage Mexico snc Liberation3HIST 1XXX Heritage Mexico snc Liberation3AESV40AUS Hist AfrAmer to Reconstrctn3HIST 1XXX US Hist AfrAmer to ReconstrctnAESV40BUS Hist:AfAmer snc Recnstructn3HIST 1XXX US Hist:AfAmer snc Recnstructn3 FDIV3 FDIVAESV42AAfrican Hist to 18003HIST 1XXX African Hist to 18003AESV42BAfrican History since 18003HIST 1XXX African History since 18003ORFolk Dance: Ethnic DancesCLST 1XXX US Hist: ChicanosIntro to Asian American Studie3 FDIV33 FDIV3 FDIV, FDIV3 FDIV, FDIV33 FDIV3 FDIV3 EHAP3AGV06Introduction to Plant Science3NEQV 1XXIntroduction to Plant Science3AGV10Intro to Agricultural Business3NEQV 1XXIntro to Agricultural Business3AGV12Agricultural Economics3NEQV 1XXAgricultural Economics3AGV54ConservationNaturalResources3ENVS 1XXConservationNaturalResourcesANATV01General Human Anatomy4HHSC 1XXGeneral Human Anatomy3 CM14 CM1, ESTMANPHV01Intro Human Anatomy&Physiology5HHSC 155Human Anatomy & Phys IANPHV01Intro Human Anatomy&Physiology5AND HHSC 156ANTHV01Biological Anthropology3SCEM 1XXBiological AnthropologyANTHV02Cultural Anthropology3NEQV 1XXCultural AnthropologyANTHV03Introduction to Archaeology3CLAR 1XXX Introduction to Archaeology3ANTHV06Sex, Gender, and Culture3NEQV 1XXSex, Gender, and Culture3ANTHV07Anth/Magic,Rel, Witchcrft3NEQV 1XXAnth/Magic/Rel/Witchcft3 EHBVOffice of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount UniversityHuman Anatomy & Phys I Lab4 ESTM, ESTM1 ESTM, ESTM3 CM1, ESTM3 EHBV3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeANTHV36Forensic Anthropology3NEQV 1XXForensic Anthropology3ANTHV01LPhysical Anthropology Lab1SCEM 1XXPhysical Anthropology Lab1ARCHV30Landscape Planning/Design3NEQV 1XXLandscape Planning/Design3ARCHV40Architectural Design3NEQV 1XXArchitectural Design3ARTV01Art Appreciation3ARHS 1XXX Art Appreciation3ARTV03Intro to African & Pre-Columbi3ARHS 2XXX Intro to African & Pre-Columbi3ARTV04Intro Renaissance/ Baroque Art3ARHS 2XXX Intro Renaissance/ Baroque Art3ARTV05Intro to American Art3ARHS 2XXX Intro to American Art3ARTV06Intro to Modern Art3ARHS 2004 ModernismARTV07Intro to Women in the Arts3WGST 1XXX Intro to Women in the Arts3 EHAP3ARTV08Intro to Asian Art3ART2XXX Intro to Asian Art3ARTV18Figure Illustration I3ART2XXFigure Illustration I3ARTV19Three-Dimensional Design3ART275Three Dimensional DesignARTV21Mural Painting: Hist & Practic3ART2XXMural Painting: Hist & Practic3 CCV1, ECRE3ARTV24Collage and Assemblage3ART2XXCollage and Assemblage3ARTV38Landscape Painting3ART2XXLandscape Painting3ARTV48Intro to Printmaking3ART151Intro to Draw ing & PrintmakingARTV60Responsive Web Design3ELCT 1XXX Responsive Web Design3 ECRE, LAB, TCNA3ARTV68Intro to Digital Art Applctns3ART1XXIntro to Digital Art ApplctnsARTV71Graphic Design: Typography3ART260Computer Graphics I3 ECRE3ARTV72Introduction to Graphic Design3ART2XXIntroduction to Graphic Design3ARTV73Digital Imaging3ART2XXDigital Imaging3ARTV74Fractal Design Painter3ART2XXFractal Design Painter3ARTV75Digital Prod for Graph Comm3ART2XXDigital Prod for Graphic Comm3ARTV78Flash for Animation/WebDvlpmnt3ANIM 2XXFlash for Animation/WebDvlpmnt3ARTV81Intro to Motion Graphics3ARTARHS 2001XXX Intro to Motion Graphics3ARTV02AIntro to Hist of Western Art I3ARTV02BIntro to Hist of West Art II3ARHS 2XXX Intro to Hist of West Art II3 EHAP, TCNA3 EHAP, EHAPARTV02CIntro to Non-Western Art3ARHS 2XXX Intro to Non-Western Art3ARTV02DArt of Ancient Mediterranean3ARHS 1XXX Art of Ancient Mediterranean3ARTV09AArt of the Ancient Americas3ARHS 1XXX Art of the Ancient Americas3ARTV09BIntro Mod&Contemp LatinAm Art3ARHS 1XXX Intro Mod&Contemp LatinAm Art3ARTV11AColor & Design: 2D Design3ART160Tw o Dimensional DesignARTV11BColor & Design: Theory & Pract3ART1XXColor & Design: Theory & Prac3 CCV1, ECRE3 ECREARTV12ADraw ing & Composition I3ART1XXDraw ing & Composition I3ARTV12BDraw ing & Composition II3ART153Draw ing I3ARTV13ALife Draw ing I3ART154Draw ing IIARTV13BLife Draw ing II3ART1XXLife Draw ing II3 CCV13Office of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount UniversityArt of Western World I3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeARTV13CLife Draw ing III3ART2XXLife Draw ing III3ARTV14AExploring Visual Arts I3ART1XXExploring Visual Arts I3ARTV14BExploring Visual Arts II3ART1XXExploring Visual Arts II3ARTV14CExploring Visual Arts III3ART1XXExploring Visual Arts III3ARTV15ALife Painting I3ART1XXLife Painting I3ARTV15BLife Painting II3ART1XXLife Painting II3ARTV15CLife Painting III3ART1XXLife Painting III3ARTV16ABeg Oil Painting I3ART2XXBeg Oil Painting IARTV16BBeg Oil Painting II3ART2XXBeg Oil Painting II3 ART53ARTV18AFigure Illustration I3ART2XXFigure Illustration I3ARTV18BFigure Illustration II3ART2XXFigure Illustration II3ARTV20AIntermediate Oil Painting I3ART2XXIntermediate Oil Painting I3ARTV20BIntermediate Oil Painting II3ART2XXIntermediate Oil Painting II3ARTV23ATextile Surface Design I3ART2XXTextile Surface Design I3ARTV23BTextile Surface Design II3ART2XXTextile Surface Design II3ARTV25ABeginning Sculpture I3ART1XXX Beginning Sculpture I3ARTV25BBeginning Sculpture II3ART2XXBeginning Sculpture II3ARTV26AIntermediate Sculpture I3ART2XXIntermediate Sculpture I3ARTV26BIntermediate Sculpture II3ART2XXIntermediate Sculpture II3ARTV28AVisual Tech for Grphc Comm I3ART1XXVisual Tech for Grphc Comm I3ARTV28BVisual Tech for Grphc Comm II3ART1XXVisual Tech for Grphc Comm II3ARTV28CGraphic Communications III3ART2XXGraphic Communications III3ARTV29AIllustration I3ART1XXIllustration I3ARTV29BIllustration II3ART2XXIllustration II3ARTV29CComm Illustration & Layout III3ART2XXComm Illustration & Layout III3ARTV31AHead Draw ing I3ART2XXHead Draw ing I3ARTV31BHead Draw ing II3ART2XXHead Draw ing II3ARTV32AInk Techniques I3ART2XXInk Techniques I3ARTV32BInk Techniques II3ART2XXInk Techniques II3ARTV33AIntermediate Head Draw ing I3ART2XXIntermediate Head Draw ing I3ARTV33BIntermediate Head Draw ing II3ART2XXIntermediate Head Draw ing II3ARTV34A2D Mixed Media I3ART160Tw o Dimensional DesignARTV34B2D Mixed Media II3ART1XX2D Mixed Media II3 CCV13ARTV34C2D Mixed Media III3ART2XX2D Mixed Media III3ARTV36AHead Painting I3ART2XXHead Painting I3ARTV36BHead Painting II3ART2XXHead Painting II3ARTV37AWatercolor Painting I3ART2XXWatercolor Painting I3ARTV37BWatercolor Painting II3ART2XXWatercolor Painting II3Office of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount University3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeARTV39AIntermediate Head Painting I3ART2XXIntermediate Head Painting I3ARTV39BIntermediate Head Painting II3ART2XXIntermediate Head Painting II3ARTV40AInt Watercolor Painting I3ART2XXInt Watercolor Painting I3ARTV40BInt Watercolor Painting II3ART2XXInt Watercolor Painting II3ARTV41ARelief Printmaking I3ART1XXRelief Printmaking IARTV41BRelief Printmaking II3ART1XXRelief Printmaking II3 COCV3ARTV42AIntaglio Printmaking I3ART1XXIntaglio Printmaking IARTV42BIntaglio Printmaking II3ART1XXIntaglio Printmaking IIARTV43ASilkscreen Printmaking I3ART1XXSilkscreen Printmaking IARTV43BSilkscreen Printmaking II3ART1XXSilkscreen Printmaking II3 COCV3ARTV44ALithography I3ART1XXLithography I3ARTV44BLithography II3ART1XXLithography II3ARTV44CLithography: Intro to Color3ART1XXLithography: Intro to Color3ARTV45AInt Silkscreen Printmaking I3ART2XXInt Silkscreen Printmaking I3ARTV45BInt Silkscreen Printmaking II3ART2XXInt Silkscreen Printmaking II3ARTV46ABeg Acrylic Painting I3ART257Painting IARTV46BBeg Acrylic Painting II3ART2XXBeg Acrylic Painting II3 CCV13ARTV47AInt Acrylic Painting I3ART2XXInt Acrylic Painting I3ARTV47BInt Acrylic Painting II3ART2XXInt Acrylic Painting II3ARTV51ABeginning Ceramics I3ART1XXX Beginning Ceramics I3ARTV51BBeginning Ceramics II3ART278Ceramics I: Earth and ArtARTV52ACeramic Design I3ART2XXCeramic Design I3 ECRE3ARTV52BCeramic Design II3ART2XXCeramic Design II3ARTV53ACeramic Glazing Theory I1ART2XXCeramic Glazing Theory I1ARTV53BCeramic Glazing Theory II1ART2XXCeramic Glazing Theory II1ARTV53CCeramic Glazing Theory III1ART2XXCeramic Glazing Theory III13 COCV3ARTV54ASpec Tech in Raku, Saggar & Pr3ART2XXSpec Tech in Raku, Saggar & Pr3ARTV54BSpec Tech in Raku, Saggar & Pr3ART2XXSpec Tech in Raku, Saggar & Pr3ARTV55ADecorating Techniques for Cera3ART2XXDecorating Techniques for Cera3ARTV55BDecorating Techniques for Cera3ART2XXDecorating Techniques for Cera3ARTV58AFigure Sculpture I3ART1XXFigure Sculpture I3ARTV58CFigure Sculpture III3ART1XXX Figure Sculpture III3ARTV73ADigital Imaging3ART2XXDigital Imaging3ARTV74ADigital Imaging I3ART2XXDigital Imaging I3ARTV74BDigital Painting II3ART2XXDigital Painting II3ASTV01Elementary Astronomy3PHYS 271AstronomyASTV02Astronomy and Astrophysics4PHYS 2XXAstronomy and Astrophysics3 ESTM, NFLG4ASTV01LElementary Astronomy Lab1PHYS 2XXElementary Astronomy Lab1Office of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount University3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeBIOLV01Principles of Biology3BIOL 1XXPrinciples of BiologyBIOLV03Intro to Organismal and Ecolog5BIOL 102General Biology IIBIOLV03Intro to Organismal and Ecolog5AND BIOL 112BIOLV04Intro to Cell and Molec Biol5BIOL 201BIOLV04Intro to Cell and Molec Biol5AND BIOL 112BIOLV10Intro Environmental Issues3ENVS 101Intro Enviro ScienceBIOLV12Princi of Human Biology3BIOL 260Human BiologyBIOLV14Field Biology4BIOL 2XXField BiologyBIOLV18Human Heredity3BIOL 275Human GeneticsBIOLV1LPrinciples of Biology Lab1BIOL 1XXPrinciples of Biology LabBIOLV23Introduction to Plant Science4BIOL 2XXIntroduction to Plant ScienceBIOLV29Marine Biology3BIOL 264The Marine EnvironmentBIOLV30Intro to Biotech & Molec Biol3BIOL 2XXIntro to Biotech & Molec BiolBIOLV31Intro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2MECH 2XXIntro Methods of Biotech/Mole.3 COS, ESTM2BIOLV31Intro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2BIOL 2XXIntro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2BIOLV42Contemp Issues in Cell Biology3MECH 2XXContemp Issues in Cell BiologyBIOLV01LPrinci of Biology Lab1BIOL 1XXPrinci of Biology Lab3 CM1, ESTM1BIOLV29LMarine Biology Lab1BIOL 2XXMarine Biology Lab1BIOTV31Intro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2MECH 2XXIntro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2BIOTV31Intro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2BIOL 2XXIntro Methods of Biotech/Mole.2BISV40Microcomputer Apps in Business3AIMS 2XXX Microcomputer Apps in Business3BISV42MicrocompSoftw areSurv inOffice3AIMS 1XXX MicrocompSoftw areSurv inOffice3BUSV17Computer Applications3BADM 1XXX Computer Applications3BUSV30Introduction to Business3NEQV 1XXIntroduction to Business3BUSV37Marketing Managment3MGMT 1XXMarketing Managment3BUSV53Legal Environ of Business3BLAW 2XXX Legal Environ of Business3ORORGeneral Biology II LabCell FunctionGeneral Biology II Lab3 ESTM3 CM1, ESTM, ESTM2 CM1, ESTM, ESTM3 ESTM, ESTM2 ESTM, ESTM3 ESTM3 ESTM4 COS, ESTM3 ESTM14 ESTM3 ESTMBUSV01AFinancial Accouting4BCOR 2110 Financial Accounting4BUSV01BManagerial Accounting4ACCT 1XXX Managerial Accounting4CSV04Computers/Comp Literacy3MATH 1XXComputers/Comp Literacy3CSV30Beginning C 3CMSI 1XXBeginning C 3CDV03Human Development3NEQV 1XXHuman Development3CHEM21Intro to Organic and Biochem3CHEM 2XXIntro to Organic and BiochemCHEMV20Elementary Chemistry4CHEM 1XXElementary Chemistry3 CM14 ESTMCHEMV30Chemistry for Health Sciences4CHEM 1XXChemistry for Health SciencesCHEMV01AGeneral Chemistry I3CHEM 110General Chem ICHEMV01BGeneral Chemistry II3CHEM 112General Chem IICHEMV30LChem. for Health Sciences Lab1CHEM 1XXChem. for Health Sciences Lab3 ESTM1CHEMV01ALGeneral Chem I Lab2CHEM 111Gen Chem I Lab2Office of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount University4 ESTM3 ESTM3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeCHEMV01BLGeneral Chem II Lab2CHEM 113CHSTV01Intro to Chicano Studies3CLST 1116 Intro Chicana/o-Latina/o StdsGen Chem II Lab2CHSTV02Chicano Studies Issues3CLST 1XXX Chicano Studies Issues3 FDIV3 FDIVCHSTV03Chicana Contemporary Issues3CLST 1XXX Chicana Contemporary Issues3CHSTV24Sociology of the Chicano Comm3CLST 1XXX Sociology of the Chicano CommCJV01Intro Criminal Justice3NEQV 1XXIntro to Criminal Justice3 FDIV3CJV02Concepts of Criminal Law3NEQV 1XXConcepts of Criminal Law3CJV03Police Community Relations3NEQV 1XXPolice Community Relations3CJV11Aikido1 - 1.5DANC 1XXAikidoCJV02AConcepts of Criminal Law3NEQV 1XXConcepts of Criminal Law1 DAN53COMMV01Intro to Speech Communication3CMST 1XXX Intro to Speech Commun-FRTACOMMV02Intro to Communication Studies3CMST 1600 Nature of TheoryCOMMV03Group Communication3CMST 1XXX Group Communication-FRTACOMMV05Oral Interp & Comm of Lit3CMST 1XXX Oral Interp & Comm of LitCOMMV10Crtcl Thinking in Oral Comm3CMST 2800 Advanced Public CommunicationCOMMV12Intercultural Communication3CMST 2200 Intercultural Commun-FRTA3 NFLG3 FRUTCOMMV13Forensics2CMST 1XXX Forensics2COMMV15Interpersonal Communication3CMST 1XXX Interpersonal Commun-FRTACOMMV16Mass Communication3CMST 1XXX Mass Communication3 FRUT3COUNV01College Success3LIBA1XXX College Success3COUNV03College Orientation1LIBA1XXX College Orientation1COUNV04Strategies Academic Success1LIBA1XXX Strategies Academic Success1COUNV10AOrientation Workshop: EOPS1LIBA1XXX Orientation Workshop: EOPSCOUNV10BEOPS Success Academy0.5LIBA1XXX EOPS Success AcademyCSV04Intro to Comps/Comp Literacy3CMSI 182Intro Computer Science3CSV11Programming Fundamentals3CMSI 1XXProgramming Fundamentals3 ESTM3 ESTM3 ESTM3 FRUT33 FRUT310.5CSV13Object-Oriented Programming3CMSI 1XXObject-Oriented ProgrammingCSV15Data Structures and Algorithms3CMSI 281Data Strctrs/Algorthm ICSV17Discrete Structures3CMSI 2XXDiscrete StructuresCSV19Comp Architecture and Organiz3CMSI 2XXComp Architecture and Organiz3 ESTM, FQTR3 ESTMCSV20Beginning Visual Basic3CMSI 1XXBeginning Visual Basic3CSV22Intermediate Visual Basic3CMSI 1XXIntermediate Visual Basic3CSV24Advanced Visual Basic3CMSI 2XXAdvanced Visual Basic3CSV30Beginning C 3CMSI 1XXBeginning C CSV32Intermediate C 3CMSI 1XXIntermediate C 3 CM1, ESTM3 CM1CSV34Advanced C 3CMSI 2XXAdvanced C CSV40Beginning Java3CMSI 185Computer Programming3 CM13 ESTMCSV42Intermediate Java3CMSI 186Programming Laboratory3 ESTMOffice of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount University3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeCSV44Advanced Java3CMSI 2XXAdvanced JavaCSV80Beginning C3CMSI 1XXBeginning CCSV82UNIX Systems Programming3CMSI 1XXUNIX Systems ProgrammingCSV86Fortran Programming3CMSI 1XXFortran ProgrammingDANCV01Dance Appreciation3DANC 281Hist Dance TheatreDANCV02Dance History3DANC 281Hist Dance Theatre3 NFLG3 LAB, NFLGDANCV03Anatomy for Dancers3DANC 1XXAnatomy for Dancers3DANCV04Dance Improvisation2DANC 1XXDance Improvisation2DANCV10Modern Dance1 - 1.5DANC 102Modern Dance I1DANCV10Modern Dance1 - 1.5DANC 102Modern Dance I1.5DANCV13Tap Dance1 - 1.5DANC 144Tap Dance I1DANCV14Movement for the Theatre2DANC 1XXMovement for the Theatre2DANCV15Ballet1 - 1.5DANC 120Ballet I1DANCV16Western Line Dance1 - 1.5DANC 1XXWstern line danceDANCV16Western Line Dance1 - 1.5DANC 1XXWestern Line Dance1.5DANCV17Western Dance for Pairs1 - 1.5DANC 1XXWestern Dance for PairsDANCV17Western Dance for Pairs1 - 1.5DANC 1XXWestern Dance for Pairs1 DAN51.5 DAN5DANCV18Intermediate tap dance1 - 1.5DANC 244Tap Dance IIDANCV19Classical Ballet Technique1 - 1.5DANC 120Ballet I1DANCV19Classical Ballet Technique1 - 1.5DANC 120Ballet I1.5DANCV23Ballroom Dance2DANC 1XXBallroom Dance2DANCV26Folk Dance1 - 1.5DANC 1XXFolk DanceDANCV27Street Dance2DANC 2XXStreet Dance1 DAN52DANCV29Jazz Dance1 - 1.5DANC 142Jazz Dance I1DANCV30Dance Performance3DANC 279Rehearsal & Performance IDANCV31Classical/Contemp Jazz Techniq1 - 1.5DANC 142Jazz Dance I3 LAB1DANCV31Classical/Contemp Jazz Techniq1 - 1.5DANC 142Jazz Dance IDANCV50Choreography1DANC 1XXChoreography1DANCV06ADance Pedagogy I3DANC 1XXDance Pedagogy3DANCV06BDance Pedagogy II3DANC 1XXDance Pedagogy II3DANCV06CDance Pedagogy III3DANC 1XXDance Pedagogy III3DANCV10AModern I2DANC 102Modern Dance I2DANCV10BModern II2DANC 202Modern Dance II2DANCV10CModern III2DANC 2XXModern III2DANCV10DModern IV2DANC 2XXModern IV2DANCV13ATap I2DANC 144Tap Dance I2DANCV13BTap II2DANC 244Tap Dance II2DANCV13CTap III2DANC 2XXTap III2Office of the RegistrarORORORORORLoyola Marymount University3 CM13 CM13 CM13 CM1111.53/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeDANCV13DTap IV2DANC 2XXTap IV2DANCV15ABallet I2DANC 120Ballet I2DANCV15BBallet II2DANC 220Ballet II2DANCV29AJazz I2DANC 142Jazz Dance I2DANCV29BJazz II2DANC 242Jazz Dance II2DANCV29CJazz III2DANC 2XXJazz III2DANCV29DJazz IV2DANC 2XXJazz IV2DANCV30ADance Performance I3DANC 2XXDance Performance I3DANCV50AComposition I2DANC 1XXComposition IDANCV50BComposition II2DANC 1XXComposition II2 ECRE2 ECREDRFTV51Design Animation&Modeling2ANIM 1XXDesign Anim & QV 1XXWghtTrng/Conditioning:Adaptive1.5EACV27Intro Sw im/ Aqutic Fit:Adaptiv1.5NEQV 1XXIntro Sw im/ Aqutic Fit:Adaptiv1.5ECONV01APrinciples of Macroeconomics3ECON 1200 Introductory MacroeconomicsECONV01BPrin of Micro-Economics3ECON 1100 Introductory Microeconomics3 EHBV3 EHBVEDUV01Intro to Teaching3NEQV 1XX3EDUV08Children Art Multiclt Prspctv3ELCT 1XXX Children Art Multiclt Prspctv3EDUV09Dnc&Musc Transitnl K-Elem Yrs3ELCT 1XXX Dnc&Musc Transitnl K-Elem Yrs3EDUV10Develop Literacy Diverse Clsrm3ELCT 1XXX Develop Literacy Diverse Clsrm3ENGLV10Creative Writing3ENGL 2205 Creative Wrtg for Non-MajorsENGLV14Intro to Creative Nonfiction3ENGL 1XXX Intro to Creative Nonfiction3 ECRE, NFLG3ENGLV15Introduction to Poetry3ENGL 1XXX Introduction to Poetry3ENGLV16Introduction to Fiction3ENGL 1XXX Introduction to Fiction3ENGLV18Children's Literature & Film3ENGL 1XXX Children's Literature & Film3ENGLV23Intro to Dramatic Literature3ENGL 1XXX Intro to Dramatic Literature3ENGLV26Intro to Shakespeare & Film3ENGL 1XXX Intro to Shakespeare & Film3Intro to TeachingENGLV30World Lit: Antiquity to 16503ENGL 1XXX World Lit: Antiquity to 16503ENGLV31World Lit: 1650 to Present3ENGL 1XXX World Lit: 1650 to Present3ENGLV33Intro to African-American Lit3AFAM 1XXX Intro to African-American LitENGLV34Intro to Chicano Lit3CLST 2206 Intro Chicana/o-Latina/o Liter3 AFM2, FDIV3 FDIVENGLV35Multicultural Amer. Lit.3ENGL 1XXX Multicultural Amer. Lit.ENGLV36Women in Literature3ENGLV36Women in Literature3ENGLV01AEnglish Composition4ENGLV01BCrit Thinking & Comp Thru Lit4ENGL 1XXX CrtThnk& CompThruLit-FFYS/FRTAENGLV01CAdv Comp and Critical Thinking3ENGL 1XXX AdvComp&CritThink-FFYS/FRTAENGLV11AIntermediate Creative Wrtg I3ENGL 1XXX Intermediate Creative Wrtg I3 FRUT, FYUT3 ECREENGLV11BIntermediate Creative Wrtg II3ENGL 1XXX Intermediate Creative Wrtg Ii3Office of the RegistrarORWGST 1XXX Women in Literature3 FDIV3ENGL 1XXX Women in Literature3ENGL 1XXX English Composition-FFYS4 FYUT4 FRUT, FYUTLoyola Marymount University3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeENGLV21ABritish Literature before 18003ENGL 2203 Histories: British Lit IENGLV21BBritish Literature since 18003ENGL 2204 Histories: British Lit IIENGLV22AAmerican Lit: Colonial to 18653ENGL 1XXX American Lit: Colonial to 1865ENGLV22BAmerican Lit: 1865-Present3ENGL 1XXX American Lit: 1865-Present3 FDIV3ENGLV29AAesthetics of Film 13FTVS 1XXX Aesthetics of Film 13ENGLV29BFilm as Literature II3FTVS 1XXX Film as Literature II3ENGLV29BFilm as Literature II3ENGL 1XXX Film as Literature II3ENGLV32ASurvey of Women in Lit I3WGST 1XXX Survey of Women in Lit I3ENGLV32BSurvey of Women in Lit II3WGST 1XXX Survey of Women in Lit II3ENGRV01Intro to Engineering1ENGR 1XXIntro to Engineering1ENGRV02ENGR Graphics & Design3ENGR 1XXENGR Graphics & DesignENGRV03Descriptive Geometry2ENGR 1XXDescriptive Geometry3 ESTM2ENGRV12Engineering Statistics3ENGR 200StaticsENGRV14MATLAB Program & Prob Solving3ENGR 1XXMATLAB Program & Prob SolvingENGRV16Electronic Circuits & Devices3ELEC 210Electronic Circuits AnalysisENGRV18Engineering Materials3MECH 2XXEngineering MaterialsENGRV05APlane Surveying3CIVL 2XXPlane SurveyingENGRV05BEngineering Surveys3CIVL 210Surveying3 CM13 NFLGENGRV16LElectr Circuits & Devices Lab1ELEC 2XXElectr Circuits & Devices Lab1ENGRV18LEngr Materials Lab1MECH 2XXEngr Materials Lab1ESRMV01Intro Environmental Issues3ENVS 101Intro Enviro ScienceESRMV02Intro Environmental Science3ENVS 101Intro Enviro Science3 ESTM3 ESTMESRMV03Environ&NaturalResrcMgmt3ENVS 1XXEnviron&NaturalResrcMgmt3ESRMV11Introduction to Soil Science3SCEM 1XXIntroduction to Soil ScienceESRMV14Conservation of NaturalResourc3ENVS 1XXConservation of NaturalResourc3 ESTM3 CM1, ESTMFILMV01Intro Media Aesth & Cinematics3FTVS 1010 Art of Cinema3 LABOR3 EHST3 EHST3 ESTM3 ESTM3 ESTM3 CM1, ESTMFILMV02Film Production3PROD 2XXFilm Production3FILMV04Documentary Filmmaking3PROD 2XXDocumentary Filmmaking3FILMV05Narrative Filmmaking3PROD 2XXNarrative Filmmaking3FILMV10Contemporary American Cinema3FTVS 1XXX Contemporary American Cinema3FILMV11Hist Intl Cinema: WWII-Present3FTVS 1XXX Hist Intl Cinema: WWII-Present3FILMV03ANon-Linear Editing I3PROD 2XXNon-Linear Editing I3FILMV03BNon-Linear Editing II3PROD 2XXNon-Linear Editing II3FRENV01Elementary French I5FREN 2101 French 15FRENV02Elementary French II5FREN 2102 French 25FRENV03Intermediate French I5FREN 2103 French 3FRENV04Intermediate French II5FREN 2XXX Intermediate French II5 NFLG5FRENV51ASituational Conver French I3FREN 1XXX Situational Conver French I3Office of the RegistrarLoyola Marymount University3/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeFRENV51BSituational Conver French II3FREN 1XXX Situational Conver French Ii3FRENV51CSituational Conver French III3FREN 1XXX Situational Conver French III3GEOGV01Elements of Physical Geography3ENVS 1XXGEOGV02Elem of cultural geog3GEOG 1000 Human Geography3 CM1, ESTM3 EHBVGEOGV05Intro Weather & Climate3ENVS 276GEOGV06Geography of Cali3GEOG 1XXX Geography of CaliGEOGV08World Regional Geography3GEOG 1XXX World Regional GeographyGEOGV22FundaMapping&GeogrphcInfoSys3SCEM 1XXFundaMapping&GeogrphcInfoSys3 EHBV3 CM1, ESTMGEOGV26IntroGeogrphcInfoSysSoftw are2SCEM 1XXIntroGeogrphcInfoSysSoftw are2GEOGV01LElements of PhysGeog Lab1ENVS 1XXElements of PhysGeog Lab1GEOLV02Physical Geology3ENVS 1XXX Physical GeologyGEOLV03Historical Geology3SCEM 1XXHistorical GeologyGEOLV07Geology of National Parks3ENVS 2XXGeology of National ParksGEOLV09Earth Science w / Lab4ENVS 1XXX Earth Science w / LabGEOLV11Intro to Oceanography3ENVS 1XXIntro to OceanographyGEOLV21Natural Disasters3ENVS 1XXNatural Disasters3 CM1, ESTM3 CM1, ESTMGEOLV02LPhysical Geology Lab1ENVS 2XXPhysical Geology Lab1GEOLV03LHistorical Geology Laboratory1SCEM 1XXHistorical Geology Laboratory1GERMV01Elementary German I5GRMN 2101 German 15GERMV02Elementary German II5GRMN 2102 German 25GERMV51ASituational Conv German I3GRMN 1XXX Situational Conv German I3GISV22Fundamentals of Mapping & GIS3SCEM 1XXFundamentals of Mapping & GISHEDV01Health and Wellness3HHSC 170Personal Health3 CM1, ESTM3 ESTMHEDV02Health & Wellness: Women3HEDV02Health & Wellness: Women3HEDV03Fundamentals Nutrition&Fitness3HEDV04Health & Wellness: Men3HEDV04Health & Wellness: Men3HEDV20Introduction to Public HealthHEDV22Health and Social JusticeHEDV70HEDHEDElements of Physical GeographyAtmospheric ScienceWGST 1XXX Health & Wellness: WomenOR3 ESTM3 EHBV3 ESTM3 CM1, ESTM3 CM1, ESTM4 ESTMHHSC 1XXX Health & Wellness: Women3 NSTM, NSTM3 NSTM, NSTMHHSC 2303 ESTMNutritionHHSC 1XXX Health & Wellness: Men3 NSTM, NSTM3 NSTM, NSTM3NEQV 1XXIntroduction to Public Health33HHSC 1XXHealth and Social Justice3Spiritual Health3NEQV 1XXSpiritual Health3V82Health and Fitness3HHSC 170Personal Health3V87Nutrition3HHSC 230NutritionHEDV921stAid,Safety,&CPR2HHSC 162First Aid & Emerg Response3 ESTM, NFLG2HEDV93Health and Wellness3HHSC 170Personal HealthHEDV94Intro Athletic Training3HHSC 160Principles Athletic TrainingHISTV09The Vietnam Era3HIST 1XXX The Vietnam Era3HISTV13Contemp Af-Am Experience3HIST 1XXX Contemp Af-Am Experience3Office of the RegistrarWGST 1XXX Health & Wellness: MenORLoyola Marymount University3 ESTM33/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeHISTV16US Hist:Focus Foreign Rltions3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Focus Foreign RltionsHISTV19A Survey of Asian History3HIST 1XXX A Survey of Asian History3 EHAP3HISTV20Intro to World Hist/20/21 Cent3HIST 1XXX Intro to World Hist/20/21 Cent3HISTV32US History: Women to 18603HIST 1XXX US History: Women to 18603HISTV43US Hist:Afric Amer to Reconstr3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Afric Amer to ReconstrHISTV44History of Americas to 18213HIST 1XXX History of Americas to 18213 FDIV3 EHAPHISTV45US Hist:Native Amer to Reconst3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Native Amer to ReconstHISTV46US History to 18773HIST 1300 Becoming America3 FDIV3 EHAPHISTV47Chicana Contemporary Issues3CLST 1XXX Chicana Contemporary Issues3HISTV48Heritage Mexico to 1st Repub3HIST 1XXX Heritage Mexico to 1st Repub3HISTV50Hist of Asian Amer in US3HIST 1XXX Hist of Asian Amer in USHISTV51US Hist:Afric Amer snc Reconst3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Afric Amer snc Reconst3 FDIV3 FDIVHISTV53US Hist: Women since 18603HIST 1XXX US Hist: Women since 18603HISTV54History of Americas snc 17633HIST 1XXX History of Americas snc 17633HISTV55US Hist:Nativ Amer snc Cvl War3HIST 1XXX US Hist:Nativ Amer snc Cvl WarHISTV56US History since 18773HIST 1400 United States and the World3 FDIV3HISTV57Heritage Mexico snc Liberatn3HIST 1XXX Heritage Mexico snc Liberatn3HISTV58US History: Focus on Chicanos3HIST 1XXX US History: Focus on ChicanosHISTV59History of California3HIST 1XXX History of California3 FDIV3HISTV70Intro West Civ to Sci Revolutn3HIST 1XXX Intro West Civ to Sci RevolutnHISTV73African Hist to 18003HIST 1XXX African Hist to 1800HISTV76World History to 15503HIST 1010 Premodern World HistoryHISTV78History of Modern Middle East3HIST 1XXX History of Modern Middle EastHISTV79Intro to History of East Asia3HIST 1XXX Intro to History of East AsiaHISTV82Intro WestCiv snc Sci Revolutn3HIST 1202 Civil Society Modern Europe3 EHAP3 EHAPHISTV83African History since 18003HIST 1600 African States since 18003 EHAPHIST 1050 Modern World History3 EHAP3 EHAP3 EHAP3 EHAPHISTV86World History since 15503HISTV87Intro to Hist of Sci & Techno3HIST 1XXX Intro to Hist of Sci & Techno3 EHAP3HISTV60BHist of the American West3HIST 1XXX Hist of the American West3ICAV02Intercollg Baseball4NEQV 1XXIntercollg Baseball4ICAV04Intercoll Basketball: Women4NEQV 2XXIntercoll Basketball: Women4ICAV08Intercollegiate Golf4NEQV 2XXIntercollegiate Golf4ICAV23Intercollegiate Water Polo:Men4NEQV 2XXIntercollegiate Water Polo:MenICAV36Spring Intercol Basketball3.5NEQV 2XXSpring Intercol Basketball3.5ICAV30AOff-Season Conditioning I0.5NEQV 2XXOff-Season Conditioning I0.5ICAV30BOff-season Conditioning II1NEQV 1XXOff-season Conditioning II1ICAV31BPre-Season Conditioning II1NEQV 1XXPre-Season Conditioning II1IDSV08Ethics: Modern Society3PHILOffice of the Registrar1XXX Ethics: Modern SocietyLoyola Marymount University433/4/2021

Course ArticulationsEffective Fall 2020TRANSFER COURSE INFORMATIONSUBJ004931CRSECOURSE TITLELMU COURSE INFORMATIONHOURSSUBJCRSECOURSE TITLEHRSATTRIBUTE(S)Ventura CollegeITALV01Elementary Italian I5ITAL2101 Italian 15ITALV02Elementary Italian II5ITAL2102 Italian 25ITALV51ASituational Conv in Italian I3ITAL1XXX Situational Conv in Italian I3ITALV51BSituational Conv in Italian II3ITAL1XXX Situational Conv in Italian II3JAPNV01Elementary Japanese I5JAPN 2101 Japan

ART V02A Intro to Hist of Western Art I 3 ARHS 200 Art of Western World I 3 EHAP, TCNA ART V02B Intro to Hist of West Art II 3 ARHS 2XXX Intro to Hist of West Art II 3 EHAP, EHAP ART V02C Intro to Non-Western Art 3 ARHS 2XXX Intro to Non-Western Art 3 ART V02D Art of Ancient Mediterranean 3

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Basic Heat and Mass Transfer complements Heat Transfer,whichispublished concurrently. Basic Heat and Mass Transfer was developed by omitting some of the more advanced heat transfer material fromHeat Transfer and adding a chapter on mass transfer. As a result, Basic Heat and Mass Transfer contains the following chapters and appendixes: 1.

E-mail: Office Location: B007 Consultation Hours: Tuesdays 1-3 Thursdays 1-3 INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE Course Description Horticulture is a practical oriented course that is embedded with principles and practices that are carried

Semi-Attended Transfer: transfer a call when the target phone is ringing. Attended Transfer: transfer a call having spoken to the recipient first. To perform a blind transfer Press the Tran soft key during a call. Enter the number you want to transfer the call to. Press the Tran soft key to complete the transfer.

3. Press the Transfer soft key when ready to complete the transfer or to cancel transfer. 2. Enter the number you want to transfer to, and then press the Send soft key or . 3. Press the Transfer soft key when you hear the ring-back tone. 3. Press the B Transfer soft key. 2. Enter the number you want to transfer to.