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ContentsAbout this book.2About Cambridge English: Starters . 3Where are the Young Learners? .4My body . 5At the zoo .6–7At the clothes shop . 8–9My friend’s birthday.10–11My favourite food . 12–13At home .14–15At school . 16–17At the beach .18–19My street .20–21Some games. 22–24A–Z Word List for Cambridge English: Starters . 25–29Answers. 30My notes . 311

About this bookYou can use this colourful picture bookto help children when they are juststarting to learn English.The book has many of the words fromthe Cambridge English: Starters WordList. You will find the words in:ʺͶ the colour picturesʺͶ the ‘Let’s talk!’ sectionsʺͶ the activity pages.At the zoochickensnakemouse / miceʺͶ Oh dear! Where’s the yellow snake?ʺͶ Look at the goats. Which goathas yellow eyes? What colourare yours?doggiraffesheep6Let’s uckspidermonkeylizardhippoʺͶ OK, have you got a favouriteanimal? Which animal don’tyou like?elephantThe full Cambridge English: Starters WordList is at the end of this book.ʺͶ Talk about the picturesIf you are a parent or a teacher, find time to sit with the children and look at the book.Talk to them about what you see. As a start you could ask some of the ‘Let’s talk!’questions on the picture pages.ʺͶ Find words in the picturesThere are lots of words to find in the pictures.Can the children find them all?See if the children want to test your English too!What can they ask you to find in the pictures?27

About CambridgeEnglish: StartersCambridge English: Young Learners, also known as Young Learners English (YLE), is a seriesof fun, motivating English language tests for children from 7 to 12 years old. The tests arean excellent way for children to gain confidence and improve their English.There are three levels of test:ʺͶ Cambridge English: StartersʺͶ Cambridge English: MoversʺͶ Cambridge English: Flyers.Cambridge English: Starters is for childrenwho are just starting to learn English.3

Hello!Where are the Young Learners?Here are 17 Young Learners from the ‘My body’ picture. They are also in the pictures in thebook. When you find them in the book, tick here and write the name of the picture.The answers are on page 30.3AlexWhich picture?At homeJillKimLucy & Tony4GraceDanSamAnnaSue & TomBillBenMayPat & AnnNick’

My bodyLet’s talk!hairheadarmʺͶ What’s your name?leghandʺͶ Here are lots of children playing.Are they happy or sad?bodyfaceʺͶ Who’s waving at you?eyefootfeetearmouthsmilenose5

At the zoochickencowfroghorsebirdtigersheepmouse / mice6goatduckmonkeylizard

snakecrocodileLet’s talk!tailʺͶ Oh dear! Where’s the yellow snake?ʺͶ Look at the goats. Which goathas yellow eyes? What colourare yours?doggiraffeanimalspiderhippoelephantʺͶ OK, have you got a favouriteanimal? Which animal don’tyou like?7

At the clothes shopblack hatpurpleglasses8white skirtclothesblue jacketbrown bagpinkhandbagshoesock

watchgrey/graytrousersyellowshirtangrymanLet’s talk!ʺͶ Wow! How many hats do you see?ʺͶ What’s your favourite colour?red T-shirtgreenjeansʺͶ What clothes do you like to wear?orangedress9

My friend’s monsterboygirlchild10balloonmenwomenchildrengive a toy

dad/daddy/father mum/mummy/motherMr ParkMrs ParkfamilyLet’s talk!ʺͶ Is the alien very ugly or reallybeautiful?ʺͶ Whose birthday is it? How old is he?ʺͶ What do you do on your ndfather/grandpa11

My favourite ausage eggbeanspeasfruitmeattomatomilkbreakfast

��s talk!juiceʺͶ Is the door open or closed?lemonadeʺͶ Do these people like eating?drinkʺͶ What do you eat for breakfast?dinnerburgerlunchchips/friesicecreamʺͶ What’s your favourite food?carrot13

At homebox14dining t/flathouse/home

hallgardenwallflowerdoorphoneLet’s talk!ʺͶ Can you show me the white flowers?paintingsofatelevision/TVʺͶ Where do you sleep at night?roomarmchaircatʺͶ Where are the children watchingtelevision?ʺͶ Do you live in a house or a flat?lampmatliving room15

At schoolpartdraw/do sroomclasshockeybasketball

bookcomputermouseLet’s talk!keyboarddeskcloseopenʺͶ Look at the woman in the blue skirt.Is she standing up and writing asentence?ʺͶ Do you enjoy reading books andlistening to stories?tickmusicʺͶ Do you like to spell?cross17

At the beachhita ballpianopaintpaint(ing)baseballguitarjumpwalksing a songtable tennis18kicka ballcamerafishingtake a photo

throwa ballcatcha ballkiteLet’s talk!sportʺͶ What colour is the boy’s camera?badmintontennisʺͶ Do you see the boy with the yellowand blue shorts? What did his mumgive to him?ʺͶ There are a lot of games here. Whichgame do you like?sandswimseasunshell19

My fternoondayevening

fly a planebusLet’s talk!boatdrive a carlorry/truckhelicoptermotorbikeride abikestopgoʺͶ Can you point to the car underthe bridge?ʺͶ What’s in front of the fruit shop?ʺͶ What colour bag does the boy see?21

Some gamesCan you find the words?Y O U N GK D DELNL W W ZD OSSC N UOEELU N OEIOFNJLBCA N DIGILN DV G X ARTLEA Q HALALELBA UH M W TR O HSPAETELP M O CXEM RKPQ BRFEBSYYTID V V QA N GRY W FG O O DSRLPDon’t worry if you don’t find them. The answers are on page dpardon

Which number?Can you show which number goes with which and write in the letters?1wgs n23456honev tw yxl nnu ee7h t8n9f fw ehf rn tv1112131415161718192023

Where is Monkey?Choose from:in front ofbetweennext tounderbehindonin1 between23462457

Starters A–ZWord ListGrammatical minerdiscourse possessiveprepositionpron pronounvverbAa detabout prepadd vafternoon nagain advAlex nalien nalphabet nan detand conjangry adjanimal nAnn nAnna nanswer n vapartment n(UK flat)apple narm narmchair nask vbaby nbadminton nbag nball nballoon nbanana nbaseball nbasketball nbath nbathroom nbe vbeach nbean nbeautiful adjbed nbedroom nbehind prepBen nbetween prepbig adjbike nBill nbird nbirthday nblack adjblue adjboard nboat nbody nbook nbookcase nbookshop nbounce vbox nboy nbread nbreakfast nbrother nbrown adjburger nbus nbut conjbye (-bye) exclcake ncamera ncan vcandy n (UKsweet(s))car ncarrot ncat ncatch (e.g. aball) vchair nchicken nchild/children nchips n (USfries)chocolate nat prep of placeBC25

choose vclass nclassroom nclean adj vclock nclose vclosed adjclothes ncoconut ncolour n vcome vcomplete vcomputer ncorrect adjcousin ncow ncrocodile ncross n vcupboard ndad(dy) nDan nday ndesk ndining room ndinner ndirty adjdo vdog ndoll ndon’t worry excldoor ndouble adjdraw vdrawing ndress ndrink n vdrive vduck near neat vegg nelephant nend nEnglish adj nenjoy veraser n (UKrubber)evening nexample neye nface nfamily nfather nfavourite adjfind vfish (s pl) nfishing nflat n (USapartment)floor nflower nfly vfood nfoot/feet nfootball n (USsoccer)for prepfriend nfries n (UKchips)frog nfrom prepfruit nfunny adjgame ngarden nget vgiraffe ngirl ngive vglasses ngo vgoat ngood adjgoodbye exclGrace ngrandfather ngrandma ngrandmother ngrandpa ngrape ngray adj (UKgrey)great adj exclgreen adjgrey adj (USgray)guitar nhair nhall nhand nhandbag nhappy adjhat nhave vhave got vhe pronhead nhelicopter nhello exclher poss adj pronhere advhers pronhim pronhippo nhis poss adj pronhit vhobby nhockey nhold vhome n advhorse nhouse nhow inthow many inthow old intDEFGH26

II pronice cream nin prep of place timein front of prepit pronits poss adj pronjacket njeans nJill njuice njump vkeyboard n(computer)kick vKim nkitchen nkite nknow vlamp nlearn vleg nlemon nlemonade nlesson nlet’s vletter n (as inalphabet)like prep vlime nline nlisten vlive vliving room nlizard nlong adjlook vlook at vlorry n (UStruck)a lot adv prona lot of detlots adv pronlots of detlove vLucy nlunch nmake vman/men nmango nmany detmat nMay (as ingirl’s name) nme pronme too dismeat nmilk nmine pronmirror nMiss titlemonkey nmonster nmorning nmother nmotorbike nmouse/mice nmouse(computer) nmouth nMr titleMrs titlemum(my) nmusic nmy poss adjname nnew adjnext to prepnice adjNick nnight nno adv detnose nnot advnow advnumber nof prepoh disoh dear exclOK adj disold adjon prep of placeone det prononion nopen adj vor conjorange adj nour poss adjours pronpage npaint n vpainting npardon intJKLMNOP27

pencil nperson/peoplenphone n vphoto npiano npick up vpicture npineapple npink adjplane nplay vplayground nplease dispoint vpotato npurple adjput vradio nread vreally advred adjrice nride vright adj (as incorrect)right disrobot nroom nrubber n (USeraser)ruler nrun vsad adjSam nsand nsausage nsay vschool nsea nsee vSee you! exclsentence nshe pronsheep (s pl) nshell nshirt nshoe nshop n (USstore)short adjshow vsing vsister nsit vskirt nsleep vsmall adjsmile n vsnake nso dissoccer n (UKfootball)sock nsofa nsome detsong nsorry adj intspell vspider nsport nstand vstart vstop vstore n (UKshop)story nstreet nSue nsun nsupper nsweet(s) n (UScandy)swim vtable ntable tennis ntail ntake a photo/picture vtalk vteacher ntelevision/TV ntell vtennis ntest n vthank you disthanks disthat det pronthe dettheir poss adjtheirs pronthem pronthen disthere advthese det pronthey pronthis det pronthose det pronthrow vtick n vtiger nto preptoday adv nTom ntomato nTony ntoo advtoy ntrain ntree ntrousers ntruck n (UKlorry)try n vT-shirt nTV/television npark npart nPat npea npear npen nQquestion nRST28

Uugly adjunder prepunderstand vus pronwe pronwear vwell diswell done diswhat intwhere intwhich intwhite adjwho intwhose intwindow nwith prepwoman/women nword nwould like vwow! exclwrite vyoung adjyour poss adjyours pronVvery advWwalk vwall nwant vwatch n vwater nwatermelon nwave vX(No words at this level)Yyear nyellow adjyes advyou pronZzoo nLetters & numbersCandidates will be expected to understand and write the letters of the alphabet andnumbers 1–20.NamesCandidates will be expected to recognise and write the following PatSamSueTomTony29

AnswersPage 4Page 23Where are the Young Learners?Which number?Alex – At homeDid you get all the answers? Well done!Grace – My streettwo1Dan – At the beacheightsixteen2Jill – At the zooSam – At home3Anna – At schoolKim – At the zoo4Sue & Tom – At the clothes shop5Ben – At the y & Tony – My street6Bill – My street7thirteen8sevenPat & Ann – My friend’s birthdayNick – At school9eighteen10nineteenMay – My favourite foodtenfifteentwelvefourPage 22Page 24Can you find the words?Where is Monkey?Y O U N GL W W ZD OENLSSC N UEIOEELU N ONJLBCGILN DLEA Q H ALH M W TAETELM RKPQ BRFSYYTRID V V QA N GRY W FG O O DS30K D DLEOFA N DIV G X ART1. between2. next to3. in4. in front of5. onLBA UR O HSPA6. behindP M O CXE7. underPEBLfive11121314151617181920

My notes31

Thank you forreading this bookUse your favourite colours to colour in the Young Learners.32

Parents and teachers can use the CambridgeEnglish: Starters Word List Picture Book tohelp children get better at English and learnnew words.Sit down and talk to children about thepictures. Can they find many of the differentwords in the fun, colourful pictures? Canyou help them answer the questions in the‘Let’s talk!’ sections?The Cambridge English: Starters Word ListPicture Book includes many of the wordschildren might see in their Cambridge English:Starters test.At the zoochickensnakemouse / miceʺͶ Oh dear! Where’s the yellow snake?ʺͶ Look at the goats. Which goathas yellow eyes? What colourare yours?doggiraffesheep6Let’s uckspidermonkeylizardhippoʺͶ OK, have you got a favouriteanimal? Which animal don’tyou like?elephant7Cambridge English Language Assessment is part of theUniversity of Cambridge. We develop and produce the mostvaluable range of qualifications for learners and teachers ofEnglish in the world. Over 4 million people take CambridgeEnglish exams each year in 130 countries. More than 13,500universities, employers, government ministries and otherorganisations accept our certificates.Cambridge English Language Assessment – a not-for-profitorganisation.Contact usCambridge EnglishLanguage Assessment1 Hills RoadCambridgeCB1 2EUUnited 1634 3Y05 UCLES 2013*0482819061*

º vCambridge English: Starters º vCambridge English: Movers º vCambridge English: Flyers. Cambridge English: Starters is for children who are just starting to learn English. Cambridge English: Young Learners, also known as Young Learners English (YLE), is a series of fun, motivating English

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English for Starters is a communicative course in English, which takes into account the most modern methodology. English for Starters Level 8 aims to stimulate the child’s interest in learning English and to develop confidence through a range of enjoyable activities. The focus at this stage of the course is on all four skills – listening,

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