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FOREWORDOffice of the Attorney General, Union of My!lnr:nar,has published Year-booksof Myanmar laws,promulgated by the State Law ahd Order Restoration Counciland the State Peace and Development Council,every year since 1988 in theMyanmar language.·Moreover, it translated laws into English and published in three volumes as"Myanmar Laws( 1988-1989)", "Myanmar Laws( 1997)" and "Myanmar Laws( 19981999)". This issue "Myanmar Laws(2000)" is the·con inuation of the publicationmentioned above. "Myanmar Laws(1990)" is under arrangement for publication inthe near future.Office of the Attort:ley Generc;1l also has plans to publish the LawYear-books in English version for the period from 1991 to 1996. It will also issuethe English version of Myanmar Laws ye ;lrly !ln.d reprint law books 'which ·ran out ofprint for the time has been publishing Law Journal which iflcludes a sec. tion in the English langu·age.Office of the Attorney Geqeral believes that Yearb ooks and Law Journal as well,will bring better understanding on.Myanmar Lawsby' local and overseas is also learnt that thos "Myanmar Laws" Yearbooks and Law Journal are welcomed and appreciated by· read rs.A decision·has been made to better these developments.Should any divergencies or ambiguities arise between the-.Myanmar language text and English language text of those "Myanmar Laws", ,the Myanmarlanguage text, which is original and authenticJshall prevail and interpretation bemade in accord with Myanmar text.OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERALYANGONUNION OF MYANMARJANUARY,2001.

MYANMAR LAWS (2000)CONTENTSSr. No.Page. ParticularsLaws1.2.3.4·. ·5. ·6.7.8. ·The JV yanmar Medical Council Law(Law No.1/2 00) ·.The Traditional Medical Council Law(Law No.2/2000).The State Supplementary Appropriation Law,2000(Law No-.3/2000):The State Budget Law' (Law No.4/2000) :' The Judiciary Law·· (Law No.5/2000) ·The Law Amending the Code of Civil Procedure .· (Law No.G/2000)The. Law Amending the Political Pension aw . . ·(Law ,No 7/2000) .The Highways Law(Law No,8/2000)Ord rs. of1. 17 .27418187.8991the Ministry of Home Affairs9.Order Supplementing Order No.1/9910.Order Directing Not To Exercise Powers UnderCertain Provisions of The Towns Act,1907 andThe Village Act, 1907(Order No.1/99 of the Ministry of Home Affairs)99102

. . . . (

1The State Peace and Development CouncilMyanmar Medical Council Law(The State Peace and Development Council Law No.1/2000)The 9th Waxing Day of Pyatho, 1361 M.E.(14th January, 2000)The State Peace and Development Council hereby enacts the following Law:Chapter 1Title and Definition1. This Law shall be called the Myanmar Medical Council Law.2. The following expressions contained in this Law shall h ve the meanings givenhereunder:(a) Medical Science·:.,·:.:· ;r. - ;.mean br chof tdies related 't o all health care activities --- ·; J. . including upgrading of he lth status,prevention of disease, diagnosis ofdisease, treatment of disease, rehabilitation and research;(b) Council means the Myanmar Medical Council formed under this Law;(c) Council Member Means any member of the Myanmar Medic ; I Council;(d) Registration Certificate means registered medical practitioner certifficategranted under this Law by the Myanmar Medica Council;(e) Registered Medical Practitioner means a person whose name has beenentered in the medical practitioners' registration list and has been grantedmedical practitioner registration certificate;(f)Medical Practitioner Licence means a General Medical PractitionerLicence,Special Medical Practitioner Licence and Limited Medical PractitionerLicence granted under th!s Law by the Myanmar Medi l Council;(g) General Medical PractitiOner Ucence means a medical practioner Licencegranted bythe Myanmar Medical Council to the registered Medical practitioner

2who has obtaineda recognized .basic medical science degree and has.completed the prescribed interne period;(h) Special Medical PractitionerLicence meansa medicalpractitio r. licencegranted by the Myanmar MedicalCouncil to a qualified registered medical.practitioner who has obtained a recognized post- graduate degree or postgraduate 9iploma and a registeredmedi al practitioner who is detemined.'.as being qualified and having expertise in the relevant branch of medical. .science;(i)Limited Medical Practitioner Licence means a medical practitionerlicence granted by the Myanm r·Medi cai Co ncil to a for igner-medicalpra,.ctitioner lim thig thE3 .ranch of medical sc .e'1ce in which pmctice i llowed,the locality in which and the period during which practice isallowed.· Chapter II.Objectives3: The objectives of this La,w are asfollows:"(a) to nable the public to enjoy qualified and effective health care assistance;(b) to maintain and upgrade the qualification and standard of the health careassistance of medical practitioner;(c) to enablestudying.andlearning of the medical science of a high standard.abr a t of the times;a(d) to enal; l continuous study of the development ofthe m dical practiti oners;. (e) to maintain and.promote the dignity of the medical practitioners;(f) to supervise the abiding and observing in conformity with the moral conductand ethics of the medical practitioners;'.'.

3Chapter IllFormation of the Myanmar.Medical Council4. The Minister for the Ministry of Health shall:(a) with the approval of the government form the Myanmar Medical Councilcomprising the following persons:-(1) the respective Directors -Generai under the Ministry of Health:(2) Director of Medical Service, Ministry of Defence;(3)Rectors of the Institutes of Medicine;(4) Rector of Tatmadaw lnstituteofMedicine;(5) Chairman of the Myanmar Medical Association;(6) Heads of States and Divisions of the Department of Health;(7) Professors/Heads of Facutty of Forensic Medicine,Institutes of Medicine;(8) one Professor-cum -head of Faculty of Forensic Medicine,TatmadawInstitute of Medicine;(9) one senior Pr.ofessor-cum -head practitioner from each Institute ofMedicine;(1 0) one senior Professor-cuni medical the TamadawInstitute of Medicine;( 11) three representatives from the Myanmar Academy of Medical Science;(12) three retired f!ledical practitioners; ·(13) one non-government servant medical practitioner elected by medicalpractitioners ho1ding licence from r-espective States and Divisi.ons.(b) in forming the Council under.sub-section{a), a Chairman, a Secretary and aJoint Secretary shall be determined.

45. The Council may assign duty as a Treasurer to any Council member.lf no suchassignment has been made,the Secretary ofthe Council shall act as Treasurer.'6. The Minister for the Ministry of Health shall form the Executive Committeecomprising the·following persons to carry out the.'duties and functions of the Council:(a) Chairman of the Council-Chairman·(b) Two Council Members-Vice-Chairmen·(c) Ten Council Members-Members -d) Secretaiy of the Council- Secretary(e) Joint-Secretary of the-Council-Joint-Secretary7. {a) The tenure of the Council for one term shall be four years commencingfrom its formation.(b) The term of .office of the Council members shall be the same as the tenureof the Council.(c)A Council member may act as such only for three consecutive erms.·/(d)' Whena:vacancy occurs in the post ofanyCouncilmember it shall be filled ·by substitution or election as -contained in sub-section(a) of section 4.Theterm of office the·Council member so appointed shall' be till the expiry ofthe tenure of the existing Council.(e) The Council shall, on the expiry of its terms of offrce, carry out the function ofa· new Council.a:The formation ofthe·Council;theformation of the Executive Council, holding ofmeetings and finanical'matters shall be ;arried out in accordance ith th stipulations:

5Chapter IVDuties and Powers of the Councilt. Tlie duties of the Council are as follows:-(a) recognition or refusal of recognition of medical degrees conferred by.anylocal or foreign lnstitute·of Medicine or Medical College or any otherorganization formed for the purpose of medical science;(b) issuing notification form time to time on the medical degrees recognizedby the Council;(c) determining moral. conduct and ethics to be observed by the medicalp11actitioners and supervision ther.eof; . .(d) compiling and keeping the list of regi teted medical·.pra titioners and thelist of licensed medical praotiti0ners and publishing the said lists fromtime to time;(e) studying,examining,taking appropriate action and communi ting with the overnment departments and organi enable maintaining andupgrading of the qualification and standard of the medical practitioners inthe performanee of health care;.(f)prescribing necessary norms and.standards·for.maintaining and upgradingthe level of health' care of the State-owned and private hqspitals andclinics, and. submitting suggestion thereof to the Ministry of Health;.(g). submitting suggestions, after studying and reviewing the teaching ·systemsof medical science·which are .b eing develop.ed and changed.,to th.eMinistry of Health for upgrading the standard of teaching medical scieJ: ceand emergence of qualified medical experts.;(h) submitting suggestions to the Ministry of Health for.enabling medicalpractitioner to study medical ed cation continuously in conformity with the

6health care requirements of the State;(i)submitting suggestions to the Mi"nistrY of Health for upgradirg ·health careand standard of medical science;0)investigating,examining and taking action in case of failure to abide byand observe in conformity with the moral conduct and ethics of the medicalpractitioner.10. The powers of the Council are as follows:(a) forming the following committees and prescribing the.functions and.dutiesthereof:(1)Committeefor Scrutiny of Registration Certificate and Medical. Practition r.'Licence;.(2) ?,ommittee for Observance of Moral Conduct and Ethics;(3) Committee for Maintenance ·of Discipiine;, 4}Standardization Com'!litte ;(5) Committee for Continuous Medical Education;: ·. ·(6) Health Committee;.(7) ·other necessary committees;.(b) issuing, r-efusing .t o ·issue and cancelling registration certificate;o IJ ,oo(c) issuing,refusing to issue,cancelling and ·revoking subject to a time limit ofmedical practitioner licence;'(d) determining the.tenure,extending the tenure and refusing to·extend theI' tenure of medical practitioner licence -(e) communicating and cooperating,with th.e approval of the Minist,YofHealth,*I; ·with international,. regional,localand .foreigngovernment departments,.·.;organizations and experts on matters that ill prove beneficial to the Stateand the Council;

7(f)prescribing and collecting the registration fees,iiences fees, extensionof tenure of medical practitioner licence fees and late fees;(g) exercising theotherpowers conferred from time to time. by the .Minstryof:.Health for successful implementatiol) of the objectives of the Cotmcil. ·Chapt rVRights of the Members of the Council and Members of theExect tive11. ·CommitteeThe rights of the embers of the.Council ahd members of the ExecutiveComrrittee follows:·.(a) . having the right to enjoy. th benifits.prescribe·d by the Sta!e from timeto time; .· (b) having the·right to receive travelling allowance aCtually incurred anddaily subsistence.allow rice p es· ribed from time to time 'if travellingon duty is involved;(c). having the right to receiv remuneration prescribed from fime to time.,;.·. .·.·:.if attending m etihgs relatingt the Council is invovled.Chapter VI. .·. ;"1.t · Cessation.of Membership of Council12. .-.··,If any of th 'following .events has :Occured,the Courtcll shall, .with the approvalof the Ministry of Health,cease the .Me bership of ny member: - .' - (a) ; re ignation; · ·,. .(b} failure to attending the meeting for three consecutive times without

8applying for leave to the Council;(c)gorng abroad for six months and above without applying for leave;(d) cancellation from the medical practitioners' registration list;(e) -cancellation of the medical practitioner licence or revocation of· the same subject to a time limit;(f)action being tak n and subsequently convicted for any offence relatingto misconduct or affecting security of the State;(g) finding by the Council on examination to have failed to observe the. moral ethiCs.Chapter VIIHolding Meetings13.The meetings shall"be held as follows;(a) holding regutar meeting of the Coundl once in every three monthsand holding extraordinary meeting when necessary;(b) holding the-Ex-ecutive Committee meeting once·a month and holding ·.extraordinary meeting when necessary;ic) submitting the activ ties of the ExecUtive Committee to the nearestregular meeting of the Council and obtaining the approval thereof;14.The Col:lncil and the Execut veCommittee shall ·report their a tivities to theMinistry of Health once in eveiy·three months regularly. In addltion,they may reportas may be necessary from time to time.

9ChaptrVIIIFormation of Staff Office and As igning Duties Thereto1.5.In ordert carry out the functions and duties of the Council and the ExecutiveCommittee, the Co ncil s all,with the permission of the Ministry of Health form theStaff Office as follows: (a) appointing a Head of Staff Office and a Deputy Head of Staff Officeand assigning duties thereto;(b) constituting the staff as may be necessary and assigning duties thereto.Chapter IXFinance16.The MinistryofMealth shall bear the expenditures of the Council,the ExecutiveCommittee and the St.a ff Offic;e .17.The Council may, with the approval of the Ministry of Health,acceptdonations,property and other assistance from organizations q.nd dohors locally·and abroad.18.The CounCil shall accept .utilize and keep the accounts of income andexpendtture in accordancewith the existing financial rules and directives.,.

10Chapter XRegistration Certificate of Medical Practitioner19. .Any of the following persons desirous of obtaining the registration certificatemay apply to the Council in accordance with the stipulations; (a) a person who has ·obtained the degree of medical science conferredby any local Institute of Medicine;(b) .a person who has obtained the degree of medical·science conferred·by.any foreign. Institute of Medipine,any Medical or anyorganization formed for mediCal education and also recognized by theCoundl; ·(c) a person who has obtained a ·degree-conferred by any foreignInstitute of Medicine, any M ical College or any organization formedmedical education but not yet recognized by the Co.u eCouncil ay,after scrutin1zing made under section 19 . ·in accordance with the stipulations and causing the r-egistration fee to be paid, ··issue -or i sue the .registration ce ificate.21.The.Council shall,in respect of any registered medical praCtitioner, cancel·from the registratjon list on finding out that any of the following events has occurred:. -(a) · using narcotic·drugs and p ychotropic substanc s; ·{b) . being convicted by the .Court for. any offence related to the moralconcluo anc(- thicsof a medical practitioner and determined by theCouncil as being n t suita le to continue ·serving as.a medicalpractitioner;

1.1(c)a houghnot convicted by a Court,perversion of moral conduct andethics of a medical practitioner and being not suitable to continueserving as a medical practitioner;(d)surrrend ring the citizenship,cessationor revocation of citizenship,oradopting the citizenship of XIMedical Practitioner Licence22.The registered medical practitioner .desirous of performing medicalpractice shall apply to the Council to-obtain the General Medical PractitionerLicence in accordance with·the stipulations.23.The Council may,after scrutinizing the application made under sectin 22 inaccordance with the stipulations and causin ;J the licence fees to be paid, issue orrefuse to issue the General Medical Praetitioner Licence.24.The regi tered medical practitioner who has already obtained the GeneralMedical Practitioner Licen.ce a·nd is·fully qualified·may apply to the Council to·obtain the Speciaf Medical Practitioner Licence.25.The Council may,after scrutinizing the application made under s·ection 24in ac·cordance with the stipulations,and causing the licence fees to be paid,issueor refuse the Special Medical Practitioner Licence.26.A foreign medical practitioner desirous of performing medical practice inthe Union of Myariniar shall apply to the Cou· obtain the limited MedicalPractitioner Licenee iri acciordance with the stipulations.27.' ·.The Couridr tnay,after ·scrutinizing the application made·llnder section 26in accordance with the stip.u lations,-ahd causing·the licence fees to bepaid,issue the Limited Medical Practitioner Licence limiting the branch of medical

12science in which practice is allowed,the locality in which practceis allowed and the period during which practice is allowed or refuse to issue.28.'.A General Medical Practitioner Ucence holderor Special Medical Practitiqner.Licence holder desirous of continuing his medical practice after expiry of thetenure of the medical practitioner licence shall to the Council in accordancewith the stipulations for the extension of the tenure of his licence before theexpiry of the tenure of the relevant m·edical practitioner licence.·29:The Council may,after scrutinizing the application made under section 28in accordance with the stipulations for the extension of the tenure of medicalpractitioner licence,extend the tenure or refu e to extend the ,.tenure.· .'30.' \.'The Councjl may, in respect of any medicalpra itioner holding medical. .'practitioner licence or revoke it subject to athpe limit o finding out that any ofthe following events has occurred;-.-(a)being cancelle . f pm th.e m ical praCtitioner reg!stration list;(b)being unable to cany put the functiQns and duties ofa medicalpr:actitioner.due to mental illn s. being de.void of knQwledge or physical disabil ;.;. .·.(c) failure to carry out the duty as igned by the State;(d). carrying·out the·duties of a medical practition e r inconsiderately andnegligently.;(e)failure of compliance and observance in coriformity.with the moral nduct and eth!cs of a medical practitio.ner;(f)being unable to Cany out in aecord t:l with the qualificatiOJ:l of a'medicalpractitioner;(g) falilure to extend the tenure of the medical practitioner licencewithout suffcient ground during the period determined by the Council.' ·'·'.'.

13Chapte! Xil -.,Duties and Rights of the Regi tered Medical Practitioner and the MedicalPractitioner Licence Holder31. · The regis'tered medical practitioner:-.,,(a) shall abide by the rules,prooedures,. notifications,ordersand directives.issued under this Law;(b) shall observe the m.oral conduct and ethics of medic ! practitionerprescribed ··by the ·couhcil;(c)has a right io ' d\iise the Council for prog ess and achievement of thefunctions and duties of the Council;(d) has a right to sul:!mit his grievances of the Council and may also h vea right ·to obtain the advice of the Council:.32.-aThe medical practitioner l!cenee holder has tight to ·carry out the medicalpractitfon r tb the type of.licence which he holds in accordance with the stipulations.33.In electing the member of Council c t in.ed in clause '(13) of sub-section.'.(a) of section (4) the medical practitioner licence holder ! (a) has the right to vote;··(b) has right to be elected as a riiember of Council if he possesses.'J , : qualification ·determined-by the Council.

14Chapter XIIIAppeal34.A person dissatisfied with an order or decision passed unde section 20 orsection 23 or seGtion 25 or section 27 or section 29 or under section 30 that the· medical practitioner lioonce is revoked for a period under 5 years by the ExectuiveCommittee may ftle an appeal to the Council within 60 days from the date ofpassing such order ()r decision.35.The decisioA of.theCOOflcH passed in an appeal under section 34 shall befinal and.conclusive.36.· A per:son dissatisfied with an order or decision passed .under section21 orwider section 30 that t e medical practitioner licence ·i revoked for a periodof 5 years and above.or cancelled by theEx utive Committee.rri y file an appealto the Minister .f or the Ministry of Health within 60 days from the date of passingsuch order or decision.37.The decision of the · Minister fodhe Ministry of Heaith passed in.anappeal u·n der section 36 shall be firi ll and conclusive. · I

15Chapter XIVProhibitions and .Penalties38.No one-shall give medical treatment without a medical practiti.oner licencegranted by the Councilunderthis. Lav.t. .39.No medical practitioner lioonce holder in performing the medical, shaH assign duty to any ther person except one who has obtain ed a licence,registration certificate, permi ,oortifjcate of the·relevant depa ment, organizationthat he is skillfull in the ·rel vant medical treatmEmt work.40.No registereg medi al piactiti ner s all ,l:Jse the terms and expressionswhich are inapproproate with the degree wnich he has obtained,rank and technical know-how togeth r.with his name.,- :o 41 .Whoever violates the prohibition containedin section 38 shall, on con vic.tion, be punished with imprisonment for a teflT! which may extend to 5 years andmay al o be liable toa fine .,·42.Any medical practitioner holding the medical practi ioner licen whoviolates the prohiqition contain d · in section 39 shall;on c.onyiction,be punished'.with imprisonment for a term which-may extend to 5 years or with fine or Y!ith bo ·43.Any registered medical practitioner who violates the prohibition containedin section 40 shall,on conviction ,be punished with imprisonment for a term whichmay extend to 3 years or with fine or with both.

16Chapter. XV. Mj cellaneous .44.The provision c.ontained in this Law shall not persons who have theright of medical treatment under any other existing law.45:A medical certificate which is ·not a medical practitioner licence holderhimself shall not be deemed to be a legal medical certificate.46.In prosecuting an offender under section 42 or section 43 of this Law ,priorsanction of the Ministry of HeaHh shall be obtained.47.Rules,orde and directives isused under the Myanmar Medical Act, 1957 maycontinue-to-be applicable in so·.far as they are not inconsistent with this Law.48. · ··Funds owned by tbe Union of Myanmar Medical Gouncil formed under theMy nl"!'lar·Medical [\ct,195 7 movable nc:timmovable prop.erty, works which are inthe:.processes f being performed,works which have been completed, assets andliabilities shall devolve respectively on the Council.49. · The Union .ofMyanmar Medical Council formed under the Myanmar Medical Act, .1957 may continue to carrying out its duties and powers until the formation of ·theMyanmar Medicai'Councifurid Law.50.For.the purpose of carrying outthe provisionsof this Law: .(a)the Ministry of Health may, with the ap roval of the Government, issuesuch rules and proceaures as may be necessary;·(b)the Ministry of Health and the Council may issue such notifications,orders and directives as may be neces ary.51 . The Myanmar Medical Act,.1957 is hereby repealed . './" Sd"./-Than ShweSenior GeReralChairmanThe State Peace and Development Council·.

17The State Peace and Development CouncilThe Traditional Medical Council Law TheState Peace and Development Council Law No. 2/2000)The 9th Waxing Day of Pyatho, 1361 M.E .(14th January, 2000)The State Peace and Development Council hereby enacts ·thefollowing Law:Chapter 1 ··Title and Definition1.This law shall be-called the Traditional Medical Council law:2.·The-following expn:issions contained-!n·this-law shall have the meanings.given hereunder-i.(a)Traditional Med cine means medicine,forthe physieal.well-being.and longevity of people in -accordance ith anyone of-the-f9ur nayas·of ·traditional medicine,name Oesana naya. ethistsa naya, Netkhataveda naya and Vissadara·naya; .(b)Council means the Tr ditional Medical Council formed urtder thisLaw;. (C)Council Merr-ber means any p rson included as member inthe Traditional Medicai Council,formed-under.thisLaw;(d)Traditional Medical Practitioner means any person qualified intraditional medicine and registered under-this Law;(e)Registration Certificate means the certificate issued byttre Councilto the person entitled for r-egistration as a traditi-onal medicalpractitioner.

18Chapter IIAims·3.The aims of this Law are as follows; "'(a)to protect public health by applying any type of traditional medicineby the traditional medical practitioners collectively;(b)to supervise tr ditional medical practitioners for causing abidanceby their rules of conduct and discipline;(c).:-to carry out modernization oftraditional medicine and confonilitytoscientific method;(d)to cooperate with the·relevant government departments, organizationsand international organization of traditional medicine.Chapter IllFormation of the-Traditional Medical .Council.4.The Ministry of Health ·shan;·with the approval of the Government ,from the-Traditional Medical Council comprising the·following persons:(a)Director-General··· ·ChairmanDepartment of Traditiona Medicine(b)fourtrad ional edical-practitioners assignedmemberduty by the Ministry of Health(c)five persons elected by the traditional medicalmemberpractitioners from among themselves(d)5.officer assigned duty by the fy1inistryofHealthSecretaryThe council may assign duty to any Council member as the Treasurer.lf no

19 .such assignment has been made, the Secretary shall act as the Treasurer.6.(a)The tenure of office ofthe Council member is the same asthe tenure of the Council.(b)A Council member has the right to act as such only for 3 consecutivetenures of the Council.(c)When a vacancy occurs in the·post of any Council member: (i)if it is the post of a Council member a signed duty by theMinistry of Health ,·such Ministry shall assjgn duty for it in·substitution; ·(ii)if it is the post of a Council member elected by the traditionalmedical practitioners,they shall elect for it in substitution;(d)The tenure ofa CouACil member assigned duty orelected in substitutionunder sub-section (c) shalt onlybetilltheexpiryof the current tenure ofthe Council.7.(a)The tenure of the Council is 4 years at a time.commencing from-thedate of its formation .(b)The .Council shall ,although·.its tenure has expired,carry outits functions and duties until a new Council has been formed.8.Matter relating to convening of meetings and financial matters of the Councilshall be disposed of in accordance with the stipulations.9. · 'The Council shall have-perpetual succession,and a.comr.non seal with theright to sue or be sued.

20Chapter IV·outies and 'Powe.s·of the Council10.The duties and powers ofthe Council are as follows:(a)issuing registration certificate after scrutinizing the applications forregistrations as traditional medical practitioner:(b)prescribing registration fees and annual fees for registration astraditional medical practitioner;,(c). stipulating the rut uct and discipline to be abided bytrad ionalmedical practitioners;(d)takin.9 ctto ag jnst tr ditional medical practiti6ne·rs who havev!ol ed the rul con uc nd discipline; .(e).submitting necessary advice to the inistry of H alt.h in respect·. developrne11 .eonformity.instruction of tra.ditional medicin ;-(f)tendering advice and recommendation to the Ministry of Health inrespect of granting a right of practice to medical practitioners who ·practise by tr dition i ·medicine of any foreig co try;.(g)communicating and coordinating With the relewarit govermentciE artmerlts and governmental organizations to enable modernization to traditionalmedicine;(h)forming necessary committee and organizations and pr scribing theduties and powers thereof in order to carry out the duties assignedand exercise the powers .conferred by the Council.

21Chapter VRegistration as the Traditionai,Medical Practitioner11 .A person possessing any of the followirtg qualifications may apply to theCouncil for registration as traditional medical practitioner:(a)a person.who has.graduated from the Traditional Medical Institute orTrad!tional Medical University;(b)a person who has attended and pas·s ed the Traditional MedicalPractitionerTraining Course opened by the Department of TraditionalMedicine;(c)aperson hohas passed the qualifying examination held by theTraditional Myanmar Medical Practitioners Board or the Departmentof Traditional Medicine;(d)a person who is recognized as p ; ssessing qualifications deservingof a traditional medical practitioner,according to the scrutiny of theCouncil.12.U, after scrutinizing the appl.icatiqn under section 11 the Council finds that itis in conformity with the.stipul tions,it hall issu.e.the registration certifieate to theapplicant, after causing the prescr bed regis tion .fees to be paid.

22Chapter VI·Duties and Registration of the ·Traditional Medical Practitioner13.The traditional medical practitioner shall:(a)abide by the rules,procedures,orders and directives issued underthis law;' (b)abide by and observe the rules of conduct and discipline prescribedby the Council;-{ c)14.·p ay-the annual fees prescribed by the Council from time to time.The traditional medical practitioner has the right to:(a)be assigned the duty of ,be elect and ·t o a Council member;(b)practise·tradttiorial medicine

Myanmar language. · Moreover, it translated laws into English and published in three volumes as "Myanmar Laws( 1988-1989)", "Myanmar Laws( 1997)" and "Myanmar Laws( 1998-1999)". This issue "Myanmar Laws(2000)" is the·con inuation of the publication mentioned above. "Myanmar Laws(1990)"

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