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Docker in a

Agenda What is Docker?Advantage over classical virtualizationHow to install DockerExercise: How to use 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium

What is Docker? Docker allows to package an application into astandardized unit for software development:– The Docker Container A Docker Container wraps apiece of software in a completefilesystem which contains allneeded resourcesA Docker Container runson Linux, Windows, macOS,and most Cloud infrastructuresImage source: 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium

Docker promise: Build, Ship, Run! Docker enables reliable deployments–Build here, run

Advantage over classical virtualization Setting up a Virtual Machine requires additional tools forprovisioning such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, shell scriptsand more .– Tools such as Packer do support builder and provisionersBut .–Docker comes with template Docker images hosted–Easy to extend with custom software, libraries, files defined ina single Dockerfile–Images are version controlled and lightweight–Supports the Dev&Ops paradigm 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium

Exercise: How to install Docker There are official installation guides available forvarious operating systems.– installation guides are self-explanatory andDocker is pre-installed on all working stations, we canskip to the next

Exercise: How to use Docker Check if correct Docker version is installed:docker version Run first Docker container:docker run hello-world First, Docker Image is searched locally, when not found Then, Docker Image is pulled from DockerHub. Split up command:docker pull hello-worlddocker run

Exercise: How to use Docker States of a Docker application:–Dockerfile –Docker Image –Dockerfile–Image can be loaded by Docker and is used to createDocker Container.Docker Container Configuration to create a Docker Image.Instance of a Docker Image.Dockerfile islocated here!Build a Docker Image from Dockerfile with:docker build -t username/imagename

Exercise: How to use Docker Docker Image–List all Docker Images:docker images–Remove Docker Image with name 'imagename':docker rmi imagename Docker Container–List all Docker Containers with size:docker ps -as–Remove Docker Container 'containername':docker rm

Exercise: How to use Docker Remove the Docker Container and Docker Image of thehello-world application.Then pull the image (with the pull command) and run

Exercise: How to use Docker Other useful Docker commands:––––– dockerdockerdockerdockerdockercreate imagenamestart containernamestop containernamerestart containernamekill containernameThe „httpd“ Docker Image can be used to test abovedocumented

What we have learned Your are familiar with basic usage and commands

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Exercise: How to use Docker States of a Docker application: – Dockerfile Configuration to create a Docker Image. – Docker Image Image can be loaded by Docker and is used to create Docker Container. – Docker Container Instance of a Docker Image. Dockerfile – Build a Docker Image from Dockerfile wi

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Docker Quickstart Terminal Docker Quickstart Terminal Docker . 2. docker run hello-world 3. . Windows Docker : Windows 7 64 . Windows Linux . 1.12.0 Docker Windows Hyper-V Linux 1.12 VM . docker . 1. Docker for Windows 2. . 3. . 1.11.2 1.11 Linux VM Docker, VirtualBox Linux Docker Toolbox .

Docker images and lauch Docker containers. Docker engine has two different editions: the community edition (Docker CE) and the enterprise edition (Docker EE). Docker node/host is a physical or virtual computer on which the Docker engine is enabled. Docker swarm cluster is a group of connected Docker nodes.

3.Install the Docker client and daemon: yum install docker-engine. 4.Start the Docker daemon: service docker start 5.Make sure the Docker daemon will be restarted on reboot: chkconfig docker on 6. Add the users who will use Docker to the docker group: usermod -a -G docker user .

o The Docker client and daemon communicate using a RESTAPI, over UNIX sockets or a network interface. Docker Daemon(dockerd) listens for Docker API requests and manages Docker objects such as images, containers, networks, and volumes. Docker Client(docker) is the primary way that many Docker users interact with Docker. When docker run

Introduction to Containers and Docker 11 docker pull user/image:tag docker run image:tag command docker run -it image:tag bash docker run image:tag mpiexec -n 2 docker images docker build -t user/image:tag . docker login docker push user/image:tag

Open docker-step-by-step.pdf document Introduction to Containers and Docker 19. Backup slides. Docker cheatsheet Introduction to Containers and Docker 21 docker pull user/image:tag docker run image:tag command docker run -it image:tag bash docker run image:tag mpirun -n 2

What is Docker? 5 What is Docker good for? 7 Key concepts 8 1.2 Building a Docker application 10 Ways to create a new Docker image 11 Writing a Dockerfile 12 Building a Docker image 13 Running a Docker container 14 Docker layering 16 1.3 Summary 18 2 Understanding Docker—inside the engine room 19 2.1 architecture 20

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