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DOCUMENT RESUMEED 091 526TITLEINSTITUTIONCE 001 294Automotive and Power Service: Cluster Guide.Central Michigan Univ., Mount Pleasant.; MichiganState Dept. of Education, Lansing. Special NeedsProgram.PUB DATENOTEAVAILABLE FROM73244p.; For the other guides in this series, see CE001 286-293 and CE 001 295. For the program guide,see CE 001 296University Press, Central Michigan University, Mt.Pleasant, Michigan 48859 ( 30.00 per set of 11documents)EDRS PRICEDESCRIPTORSIDENTIFIERSMF- 0.75 HC Not Available from EDRS. PLUS POSTAGEAir Conditioning; *Appliance Repairing; *AutoMechanics (Occupation); Behavioral Objectives;Cooperative Education; Employment Qualifications;Instructional Materials; Job Skills; OccupationalClusters; Occupational Information; *RefrigerationMechanics; Repair; *Special Education; Task Analysis;Teacher Developed Materials; *Teaching Guides;Vocational Education*MichiganABSTRACTThis teacher's guide is one of a series ofpublications focusing on the occupational preparation of persons withspecial education needs. The material was developed and tested bycooperating teachers over a period of three years. Task analysisinformation is presented using occupational descriptions from theDictionary of Occupational Titles, covering entry level occupationsgenerally available in Michigan. Instructional task modules arepresented in detail under the headings: behavioral taskknowledges/task skills, instructional methods, task-relatedcompetencies, instructional materials, basic information forcooperative teaching (language of the task and quantitativeconcepts), and suggestions. An instructional materials bibliographyis included, followed by two appendixes, an instructional materialscod,indicating probable learning sensations, and a task-relatedcol,,etencies code. This guide describes 15 tasks common to theauti:motive and power service cluster, 23 tasks for eight selectedent.,4 occupations in the auto mechanics subcluster, 12 tasks for fourselcted entry occupations in the auto body repair subcluster, 24taus for five selected entry occupations in the small enginessubcluster, 8 tasks for six selected entry occupations in theappliance repair subcluster, and 9 tasks for five selected entryoccupations in the air conditioning subcluster. (SA)

au ter GuideJS DE1-441141TMC 4410F HEALTHEDUCATION 24 WELFARENATIONAL INSTITUTE OfEOUCATION44-F4,FICHE OW4),4.4HI I444,C140:Ernest L. Minelli Univ.C.cAtral MichiganAn Instructional Resource Guide to Enhance CooperativeVocational Education / Special Education Teaching4.4.4 4'4,.

Copyright 0 1973 by Central Michigan UniversityAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, electronic or mechanicalincluding photo-copy, recording or any other information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from Central Michigan University.Pei mission was obtained from The U. S. Department of Labor Manpower Administration to repaintselected portions of the "Dictionary of Occupational Titles" Volume 1 Third Edition.

AUTOMOTIVE AND POWER SERVICES CLUSTER GUIDEVOCATIONAL EDUCATION/SPECIAL EDUCATION PROJECTM. LeRoy ReynoldsDirectLr:Ronald J. LutzCoordin tor:Special EducationConsultant:Cleo B. JohnsonVocational EducationConsultant:L. Allen PhelpsSecretary:Jackie ChampionFunding SourceVOCATIONAL EDUCATION AMENDMENTS of 1968Part B - HandicappedFunding AgencyMICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONVocational Education and Career Development ServiceSpecial Needs ProgramsEducational AgencyCENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITYMt. Pleasant, Michigan 48859

PREFACEThis teacher's guide is oneof a series of publicationsfocusing upon the occupationalpreparation of persons with special education needs.It is intended to be used jointly by concerned teachersas they work collectively to serve students with uniqueeducational problems. Developed and tested by cooperating teachers, these materials represent the culminationof three years of intensive listening, communication,cooperation, and positive action between vocational andspecial education teachers. If the exciting ideas inthese pages are actively and cooperatively implemented,the impact upon our young people could well be tremendo'is.ii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSField Evaluation TeachersMartin GottesmanAutomotiveVic TreschSmall EnginesGloria ChampionChuck RaabMaxine FeidlerSpecial EducationBay City Central High School1624 ColumbusBay City, Michigan 48706Hank TyszkaVolkswagen RepairFrank RichardsSmall EnginesMary FoutyCareer EnglishMichigan School for the Blind715 Willow StreetLansing, Michigan 48906Chuck McIntoshAutomotiveCalhoun Area Vocational Center475 East RooseveltBattle Creek, Michigan 49017Small EnginesNancy RowbothumChuck DunhamKip HoganSpecial EducationJoseph SmithAppliance RepairKitty MedlerSpecial EducationCareer Opportunities Center2102 Weiss StreetSaginaw, Michigan 48602Dick MooreHeating/AirConditioningBill SchellAuto BodyFrank DavenportLois HowellSpecial EducationBay-Arenac Skill Center4155 Monitor RoadBay City, Michigan 48706Rarer WilburConsultantsLouis EckerDepartment of IndustrialEducation and TechnologyCentral Michigan UniversityMt. Pleasant, Michigan 48859Advisory PersonnelThe occupational task analysis data/information for the Automotive and PowerService was obtained from the Ingham Intermediate School District.In early 1973,the Intermediate School District completed a comprehensive task analysis projectcovering 50 different occupations in a three-county area.The key analysis occu-pations selected for this cluster were identical to those automotive and powerservice occupations identified and analyzed by the project.Acknowledgement is due the Ingham Intermediate School District and the MichiganDepartment of Education for arranging for the release of this data.iii

A Special Thanks is Extended to:MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONVocational Education and Career Development ServicesSpecial Needs Section, Disadvantaged and Handicapped UnitMr. Robert Kennon, SupervisorMr. Lawrence Barber, SpecialistPROJECT CONSULTANTSDonald Burke, Professor of Special EducationMichigan State UniversityEsther Kuenker, Consultant for Blind and Deaf Educationiv

CONTENTSPREFACEiiACKNOWLEDGEMENTSiiiTASK ANALYSIS INFORMATIONCluster OrganizationClustered OccupationsDictionary of Occupational TitlesCluster Commonality AnalysisSubcluster Commonality Analysis:Auto MechanicsSubcluster Commonality Analysis:Auto Body RepairSubcluster Commonality Analysis:Small Engine RepairSubcluster Commonality Analysis:Appliance RepairSubcluster Commonality Analysis:Air Conditioning1235678910INSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULESCommon Cluster Tasks (CT)Subcluster: Auto Mechanics (AM)Subcluster: Auto Body Repair (AB)Subcluster: Small Engine Repair (SE)Subcluster: Appliance Repair (AR)Subcluster: Air Conditioning (AC)INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS al Materials CodeTask-Related Competencies Code231233V



CLUSTERED OCCUPATIONSCLUSTER:OE PROGRAM CODE17.0117.0101lAUTOMOTIVE AND POWER SERVICESSUBCLUSTER TITLED.O.T.Air .0217.0201Appliance Repair1OCCUPATIONAL TITLESAir Conditioning Mechanic,CommercialAir Conditioning Mechanic,DomesticRefrigeration MechanicRefrigeration Unit RepairmanAir Conditioning allatir4 ManAppliance 88717.0317.030217.030304.16Auto 84806.381915.867Electrical-Appliance Set -upManElectrical-ApplianceServiceman HelperAutomobile-Service MechanicAutomobile-Mechanic HelperMuffler on MechanicUsed Car RenovatorNew Car Get-Ready ManAutomobile - Service - StationAttendant17.0301Auto Body Repair806.287*807.381845.781807.88717.31Small Engine Repair620.281*625.281625.281623.281Shop EstimatorAutomobile Body RepairmanPainter, AutomobileAutomobile-Body RepairmanHelperMotorcycle RepairmanGasoline Engine RepairmanPower-Saw MechanicOutboard-Motor MechanicSnowmobile Mechanic*Key Analysis Occupation2

DICTIONARY OF OCCUPATIONAL TITLESThe following is a list of occupational descriptions taken from theThesethird editie7A (1965) of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.represent the key analysis occupations for the Automotive and Power ServiceClusf:er.Each occupational title represents an entry-level occupation which isgenerally available (in demand) across the state of Michigan at the presentHowever, teachers and curriculum planners must carefully study thetime.generalizability of this information/data to their specific community. Localor regional manpower information and data must be carefully reviewed andanalyzed in making decisions related to local vocational program offeringsand specific curriculum or course content.637.281AIR CONDITIONING MECHANIC, DOMESTIC Services and repairsdomestic air-conditioning units, usually ranging from 1/2to 2 tons capacity, in private residences and small business establishments:Examines unit visually for defectiveparts, or determines cause of malfunction by listening tomachine in operation, utilizing knowledge of mechanical,Dismantles wholeelectrical, and refrigeration theory.or part of machine, as indicated by type of malfunction,and repairs or replaces such pares as switches, relays,fan motors, thermostats, and other components, using handtools and power tools.Replaces filters, lubricates unit,Reassembles machine, making necessaryand adjusts controls.adjustments to insure efficient operation.May estimatecost of repairs or adjustments. May remove machines fromcustomer's premises for major repairs or overhaul in shop,or for return to manufacturer for more extensive repairs.MayMay repair sealed refrigeration units of machines.install air conditioners.827.281ELECTRICAL-APPLIANCE SERVICEMAN Installs, services, and repairsstoves, refrigerators, dishwashing machines, and other electrical household appliances, using handtools and test meters andfollowing wiring diagrams and manufacturer's specifications:Connects appliance to power source and test meters, such as wattmeter, ammeter, and voltmeter, and observes readings on metersand graphic recorders. Observes and listens to appliance duringoperating cycle to detect excess vibration, overheating, fluidleaks, and loose parts.Disassembles appliance and examinesmechanical and electrical parts.Traces electrical circuits,following diagram, and locates shorts and grounds, using ohmmeter.Calibrates timers and thermostats, and adjusts contactpoints. Cleans and washes parts, using wire brush, buffer, andsolvent to remove carbon, grease, and dust.Replaces worn ordefective parts, such as switches, pumps, bearings, transmissions, belts, gears, blowers, and defective wiring. Repairsand adjusts appliance motors. Reassembles appliance, adjustspulleys, and lubricates moving parts, using handtools andlubricating equipment.3

620.381AUTOMOBILE-SERVICE MECHANIC Performs minor repair and tuneReplaces and adjusts fuel, electricalup of motor vehicles:and cooling system components, such as carburetor, fuel andwater pumps, distributor, voltage regulator, coil and generator, using handtools.Replaces and adjusts system componentparts, such as distributor breaker points and generatorbrushes.Sets spark plug gap, using feeler gage. Replacesdefective chassis parts, such as shock absorbers, tie rodends, ball joints, suspension, brakeshoes, and wheel bearings.Install windshield wiper blades, fan belts, and batteries.May add oil to crankcase or drain oil from crankcase andrefill with new oil. May lubricate moving parts of chassiswith grease, using grease gun.807.381AUTOMOBILE-BODY REPAIRMAN Repairs damaged bodies and bodyparts of automotive vehicles, such as automobiles and lightExamines damaged vehicles and estimates cost oftrucks:repairs.Removes upholstery, accessories, electrical andhydraulic window and seat operating equipment, and trim togain access to vehicle body and fenders.Places dolly blockagainst surface of dented area and beats opposite surfacewith hammer to remove dents. Fills depressions with solderor other plastic material.Removes excessively damagedfenders, panels, and grills, using wrenches and cutting torch,and attaches replacements by bolting or welding them inposition.Straightens bent frames, using hydraulic jack andpulling device.Files, grinds, and sands repaired surfaces,using power tools and handtools. Refinishes repaired surface by painting with primer coat and sanding it smooth.Aims headlights, alines wheels, and bleeds hydraulic brakesystem.625.281GASOLINE-ENGINE REPAIRMAN Repairs fractional horsepower gasoline engines used to power boats, lawnmowers, brushsaws, gardentractors, and similar machines, using handtools: Locatescauses of trouble, using handtools and instruments.Dismantlesengines and examines parts for defects. Replaces or repairsparts such as rings and bearings, using handtools.Cleans andadjusts carburetors and magnetos.Starts repaired engines andlistens to sounds to test performance. Replaces engines onmachines.4

CLUSTER COMMONALITY ANALYSISAUTOMOTIVE AND POWER SERVICE CLUSTERc41-10:4.z r.wowCOMMON CLUSTER TASKS (CT)1:14WWWR(APS)INSTRUCTIONAL TASKSCTO2Order replacement partsCTO3Use mechanic's hand toolsCTO4Use power and special toolso ,41Prepare service orders1-1cluzp2. . ,, I.XXXXXXXXXXXXCTO5Perform solderingCTO6Inspect and measure worn or defective partsCTO7Use a screw extractorCTO8Cut external threadsCTO9Cut internal threadsCT10Operate and maintain pneumatic/hydraulic equipmentCT11Adjust and use a torque wrenchCT12Service batteriesXXXCT13Measure with a micrometer0XXCT14Perform arc welding operationsX0CT15Operate a gas welding and cutting unitXX00XXX00XXX00XXXXX00XXX0-#x - essentialo - desirable5

SUBCLUSTER COMMONALITY ANALYSISHLDWHC44a EnIC21AUTO MECHANICStjg tx4LDP44II44 C) 41SELECTEDENTRYOCCUPATIONS,-4riri g1:41:4 41CD a,Z C.) Z ,-4C) 44 C) 44CDL-4E4 Z H OZ.4.4iE-1Gx4H0ZEn En0i; En 44 H C)H 41 4 En riLD .4 tnC4 0 4 Hg .4 E-4 zHdVIH44C) 44E. cD,-4104 4H 0E.) CDCD E-4PI H44 ZZ 4En En E.)D4P P4C) E-4I-I41 104u,44C) ZEL,E-4R.4EdZHINSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULES.xxxxxxxxxxxxoOoxxoOxooxo000xxAMO2i4aintain and service the components ofthe mechanical systemMaintain and service cooling systemsxAMO3Maintain and service lubrication systemsAMO4:iaintain and service fuel and carburetionsystemMaintain and service ignition systemsAMO1AMOSO.AAMO6Aaintain and service exhaust systemsAMO7Maintain and service electrical system.x)E-- xxx.1AMO8AM09AM10AM11Maintain and service cranking motorsystemsMaintain and service charging systemsxxo0xxo00Maintain and service standard transmissionsMaintain and service clutchesxxxxo0xxxo0ox000.AM12xMaintain and service differentialsx.AM13Maintain and service driveshafts,xxxo,AM14Maintain arid service brake systemsxxxxAM15Maintain and service suspension systemsxxooAM16Maintain andcomponentsMaintain andsystemsMaintain andsystemsMaintain andservice hydraulic systemxxxxservice air conditioningxxxo0AM18AM19xx-x.,.service front end alignmentAM21Lubricate vehicle chassis and changeengine oil and filterMount, balance, and rotate tiresAM22Install auto accessoriesAM23Wash and wax carsAM20o.service emission controloo,

SUBCLUSTER COMMONALITY ANALYSISAUTO BODY REPAIRW.4H43CD 4 144caSELECTEDENTRYOCCUPATIONSZA4r40 2 0H 0mg m1 aa HHadr 1r 1icA4.1CL4INSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULES 40 Ci)04CI:11-IpGra.10460Z 5LI-ilb4e4IA 1-IMI4H 41:14xoxRemove and replace body componentsxxxABO4PreTares surface for paintingoxxABO5Apply masking tape and paperxxABO6Operate spray paint equipmentxoAB07Perform lacquer refinishingxoAB08Perform enamel refinishingx0ABO9Remove and install glassABO1Remove, overhaul, and replace trim and hardwareABO2Perform bumping operationsABO3xxooxx0.AB10Preparing vehicle for deliveryooAB11Estimating damage repairsXxAB12Select and use appropriate Materials and suppliesxxxessentialo - desirable70Xxx

PSUBCLUSTER COMMONALITY ANALYSISUHH4A414a SMALL W0o4''HINSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULES0g20ZN.40Remove and replace engine ean the engine and chassisxxxxxSE03Remove and replace the blower housingxxlxxx5E04Service the mechanical and air vane governorxxxxxSE05Service the ignition systemxxxxx5E06Service the connecting rodxxxxxI,SE07Service the cylinderxxxxxSE08Service the pistonxxxxxSE09Service the valvesxxxxxSE10Service the crankshaftxxxxxSEllService the main bearingsxxxxxSE12Service the camshaftxxxxxSE13Service the crankshaft bearing sealsxxx.xSE14Service the cylinder headxxxxxSE15Remove and replace enginexxxxxSE16Service the rotary mower bladexSE17Service the impulse and rewind starterxxxxSE18Service the lubricating systemxxxxxSE19Service the fuel systemxxxxxSE20Service the exhaust systemxx.xxSE21Service the cooling systemxxxxxSE22Prepare engine for winter storagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA.SE23Complete engine check-up procedures.,SE24Perform engine tune-up procedureb8

SUBCLUSTER COMMONALITY ANALYSISAPPLIANCE REPAIRSELECTEDENTRYOCCUPATIONSiii hCL444ra4P41144E.4-30-3fliAi0-30 Alt§41.All 44gmz';irtelgqc.) WL)H -3Z0C.)V.-,1wW,c-)w E-1NH2 .46,34w rn0INSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULESxx1c24941adA ilWtIE-4 E-44El43 eft Mgailo0ARO1Service small appliancesAR02Service disposersAR03Service room air conditionersxoxxoxARU4Service refrigeratorsxoxxoxAR05Service dryersxxxxxxARO6Service automatic washersxxxxxxAR07Service rangesxxxxxxAR08Service dishwashersxxxxxxxx - essentialo - desirable9,.W-"

SUBCLUSTER COMMONALITY ANALYSISAIR CONDITIONINGSELECTEDENTRYOCCUPATIONSAoI A0i1.41-4Rz0g E1 1E1E:ICLIMc.,,C.)8tT4AHZ 'A0EaC.)I-144f 44 M4AGxU1-4 1-4c.5 d1-1 1-44xEnE.zz006 61-4HH c.)I-401-4HA c4 p HZ0 0z cnN.4H'In,.48 r4HHPerform basic wiring4u00C4ACO1Wi0ioC.)INSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULESC4xxxxxo.-xAC03Cut, thread, and install iron and copper pipingsystemsMeasure and record refrigerant temperatureAC04Install refrigerant filter and drierxxxxxAC05Replace metering devicesxxxxxAC06Charge and test a refrigeration systemxxxxxAC07Service refrigerators and freezersxxxxxACO8Apply principles of refrigerationxxxxxAC09Apply principles lexo10.


COMMONCLUSTERTASKSINSTRUCTIONAL TASK MODULESCTO1Prepare service ordersCTO2Order replacement partsCTO3Use mechanic's hand toolsCTO4Use power and special toolsCTO5Perform solderingCTO6Inspect and measure worn or defective partsCTC'Use a screw extractorCTO8Cut external threadsCTO9Cut internal threadsCT1OOperate and maintain pneumatic/hydraulic equipmentCT11Adjust and use a torque wrenchCT12Service batteriesCT13Measure with a micrometerCT14Perform arc welding operationsCT15Operate gas welding and cutting unit11

cuIVW ,-Wct .,---0r- 430 0I- 0 C -04-2 9-4 0wo717 17StudentProgressTASK:Prepare service ordersBehavioral Task Knowledges/Task SkillsCTO11.write up a service order following aprescribed procedure:a.determine from customer descriptionthe work requiredb.estimate job cost by computingparts and laborc.order parts (see CT02)d.complete service repair order bylisting parts, labor time, taxand other chargesGiven the necessary tools, materials,equipment, and requisite knowledge, thelearner will:Code: APS -1Instructional MethodsStudent Name:Sheetof3c2aD la,bPHYSICALC la,b,3,8APPLICATIONNUMBERSB 2,3,4d,5,6A ce ordersSales tax chartsFlat rate pricing guide manualManufacturer's parts andservice manualsTitleInstructional Materials141614MediaBib.2516,1718,19Teacher encourages small peer group cooperation and inter-Teacher explains use of parts manual, pricing guide, taxchart and manufacturer's suggestions for service procedures.Teacher discusses keeping records and coding in braille(for visually impaired student).Teacher leads class discussion and demonstrates writingservice orders.COMMON CLUSTER TASKS,

Prepare service ordersDiscuss listing/description of parts.TimeTaxtotals.Compute sales tax on various salesrates.Discuss time charges and hourlyLaborComputeJob costQuantitative ConceptsBasic Information for Cooperative TeachingTASK:Language of the TaskAPS- CTO1Supportive Instructional Materials:Code:COMMON CLUSTER TASKSCollect sample service orders fromvocational auto teacher.Suggestions:.

Behavioral Task Knowledges/Tas SkillsOrder replacement parts4:ctL. C MI r I00 atransfer the necessary cataloginformation to the order formcheck several catalogues for comparative pricing5.6.interpret the necessary informationfrom the catalog listing or chartpartcheck for name, number, or otheridentifying information on a specificuse the index efficiently in locatingthe part listingselect the appropriate catalog(s)listing the desired part4.3.2.1.-o w wGiven the necessary tools, materials,w a .0 ,- -0 equipment, and requisite knowledge, the"0 0 u learner will:a 0StudentProgressCode: APS - CTO2TASK:Instructional MethodsStudent Name:Sheet1of1D la,2a/b,3cPHYSICALC 1,2a,3,6,8APPLICATIONB 1,2A uto Supply CatalogMediaOrdering formsTitleInstructional MaterialsTeacher matches successful students who are interested inhelping those having difficulty.Para-professionals provide sustained involvement withstudents having difficulty with this task.27Bib.Teacher duplicates an order form from a common supplier andstudents complete the formssimulate the ordering procedure.COMMON CLUSTER TASKS

Supportive Instructional Materials:J.C. Whitney CatalogOrder formIndex/table of contentsCatalog numberUse a transportation chart to determineshipping costs (i.e. air, truck, UPS,parcel post, etc.)List item weights and add the poundsand ounces to determine the weightof the entire order.Multiply total by sales tax % todetermine sales tax amount.Add cumulative costs to determine total.Multiply number of identical parts bythe cost for one part.Part numberSerial numberList items and item costs.Quantitative ConceptsBasic Information for Cooperative TeachingTASK: Order replacement partsLanguage of the TaskCT02Order numberCode: APSCOMMON CLUSTER TASKSCollect sample order forms andduplicate them for students tosimulate ordering.Suggestions:

,.-culcu .cig0WTASK:1.4-'4cc'"sk0-00.r.-.Use mechanic's hand toolsGiven the necessary tools, materials,equipment, and requisite knowledge, theBehavioral Task Knowledges/Task SkillsCTU3demonstrate the care and storage ofmechanic's hand tools in accordancewith the manufacturer's recommendationsand shop storage facilitiespractice safety precautions by usingmechanic's hand tools according to classsafety instructionswithout the aid of references, identifymechanic's hand tools and their usesa.wrenchesopen end2.adjustable3.ratcheting boxocket4.hex-head cking (channel-lock)3.hose clamp4.retaining ring5.diagonal cutters6.4.5.use the mechanic's hand tools in performing operations associated with eachof these toolsidentify mechanic's hand tools by visualand tactual examination and verbal description3.2.1.V 0 0 ' learner will :o ooarStudentProgressCode: APSInstructional MethodsStudent Name:Sheetof23c2cD la,dPHYSICALC 2APPLICATIONB 2NUMBERSA C's of HandtoolsTitleInstructional Materials18MediaTeacher provides a variety of "hands-on" opportunities forstudents to learn the appropriate use and function of eachtion.Bib.Teacher organizes and administers a test on tool identifica-Students view a movie, ABC's of Handtools.Teacher demonstrates the use and application of eachspecific tool.COMMON CLUSTER TASKS

Use mechanic's hand toolsSpark plug gaugeInstructional Materials:Supportive InstructionalFor specific tool identification,get informatioa from the vocational instructor.Socket wrenchBolt headNutBoltMetric measureWrenchBorrow a set of sockets for studentto work in pairs of matching boltheads with sockets by size or trialand error.Collect from the vocational educationinstructor or a hardware store anassortment of different kinds andsizes of bolts and nuts.Recognize common wrench sizes inEnglish and metric sizes.sizes.Select appropriate spark plug gaugeCounter-clockwiseClockwiseDistinguish between:clockwise/counter-clockwisecircular motionQuantitative ConceptsBasic Information for Cooperative TeachingTASK:Language of the TaskCode: APS- CTO3COMMON CLUSTER TASKSSuggestions:

Use mechanic's hand toolsBehavioral Task Knowledg es/Task SkillsCTO3TASK:EL0ct u54 ) A .rules1.1 ft. print2.1 ft. braillewheel pullerwire stripperpickups1.magnetic2.grip-itwire brushC et3.screwstarternutdriverratchet and accessorieshammers1.ballpeensoft tip2.feeler gaugespark plug gauge and cleaner toolflat chiselpunchespin1.2.centerhacksawscraperGiven the necessary tools, materials, rw "--13Uequipment,and requisite knowledge, the ,co017)u 1 learner willo z 0L. .- I:, I-StudentProgressCode: CompetenciesCOMMON CLUSTER TASKSTitleInstructional MaterialsInstructional MethodsStudent Name:Sheet2MediaofBib.2

ILanguage of the TaskQuantitative ConceptsBasic Information for Cooperative TeachingTASK:Supportive Instructional Materials:Code:COMMON CLUSTER TASKSSuggestions:

a)4C)g0W''';:lgg rMI4,lgL.Use power and special toolsBehavioral Task Knowledges/Task SkillsTASK: tools using appropriate cleaningmethods and materialstoolsidentify specific techniques for careand maintenance of power and specialemploy the safety precautions inmanipulation and operation of powerand special toolsdemonstrate a degree of skill inproperly using power and special toolstoolsidentify the different applicationsor operations for the use of selectedidentify by name specific power andspecial toolsGiven the necessary tools, materials,equipment, and requisite knowledge, theg g c);Ilearner will:C me r15 75 WStudentProgressCode: APS- CTO4Instructional MethodsStudent Name:Sheetoff . g2a,b3b,c,d,e,D la,dPHYSICALC 3,5,6APPLICATIONNUMBERSB 4d,fA l chartsToolsABC's of HandtoolsTitle-.Instructional Materials1618MediaTeacher encourages small peer group cooperation and inter -Teacher provides students work experience in a tool crib.tool.32Bib.Teacher demonstrates the use and application of each specificStudents view a movie, ABC's of Handtools.COMMON CLUSTER TASKS

Use power and special toolsDrill/drill pressValve grinderDrum latheArmature latheScope analyzerCoil-condenser testerBattery-starter testerAir impact hammerRidge reamerCylinder honeRing expanderValve compressorBrake adjusterHammerPunchesPullerVoltmeterAmp meterOhm meterPilot shaftGrease gunLifter testerDwell meterTiming lightScrewdriverikllen wrenchRead gauges for:degrees of angularityvoltageamperageUse simple multiplication.meters.Read numbers and decimals when usingQuantitative ConceptsIHave students aztually handle tools inclassroom, getting "feel" of tool.Suggestions:Check with vocational education teacher to get a selection of the tools currently b*ing studied, a few at a time asthe vocational education teacher is using them in project activity.Supportive Instructional Materials:Torque wrenchWrench-CombinationPliers1Basic Information for Cooperative TeachingTASK:Language of the TaskCode: APS - CTO4COMMON CLUSTER TASKS

,U :,.%)CU4-0A:2500 0 0 14-) 1-4 0 lagw wl' 7,StudentProgressTASK: Perform solderingtin the metal surface to be solderedaccording to manufacturer's specificationsapply the appropriate solder to thesurface3.4.spread the solder over the area beingtinned, if necessaryselect and apply liquid or paste flux2.5.clean and tin the metal surfaces to besoldered byburning the paint off with a torcha.sanding the surfaceb.1.Given the necessary tools, materials,equipment, and requisite knowledge, thelearner will:Behavioral Task Knowledges/Task SkillsCode: APS - CTO5Instructional MethodsStudent Name:SheetLofg3b,c,d,e2bD la,b,c,d,fPHYSICALC 3,5,6,8APPLICATIONNUMBERSB 2a,b4f,hKNOWLEDGEA 2,3,7,8,9Task-RelatedCompetenciesaction.Auto Body Repairing andRepainting pp. 78-79TitleInstructional Materials13MediaTeacher encourages small peer group cooperation and inter-components.Students practice on samples or on actual damaged auto orTeaches demonstrates soldering procedures and techniques.COMMON CLUSTER TASKSBib.

CTO5JointSweat fitSolderFluxTin-lead mixture (solder)StrikerPropane torchTemperatureRosinGunPerform solderingThe higher the percentage of tin, thelower the melting point and the moreexpensive.Solder flow temperature:469 -543 FMelting temperature of solder:361 -437 FQuantitative ConceptsBasic Information for Cooperative TeachingTASK:Language of the TaskAPS-Supportive Instructional Materials:Code:COMMON CLUSTER TASKSISuggestions:

'0CUCUCU.-.CUTASK:Given the necessary tools, materials,c5,-Irt parts and components forfunc

This teacher's guide is one of a series of . 17.0301 Auto Body Repair 806.287 Shop Estimator *807.381 Automobile Body Repairman 845.781 Painter, Automobile 807.887 Automobile-Body Repairman Helper . customer's premise

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