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Annual Report IISc 2015-16ANNUAL REPORTIISc 2015-16www.iiscpress.iisc.inINDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE

VisitorThe President of IndiaPRESIDENT OF THE COURTK KasturiranganChairman of the CouncilP Rama RaoDIRECTORAnurag KumarDEANSScience: T N Guru RowEngineering: M Narasimha MurtyUG Programme: Umesh VarshneyREGISTRARV Rajarajan

IISc ranked India’s top UniversityIn 2016, for the first time the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework),under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, cameout with rankings for Indian Universities and institutions of higher education.Amongst Universities, IISc was ranked Number 1.

ContentsForeword2IISc at a Glance41. The Institute142. Staff (administration)183. CommitteeSenateFacultiesBiological SciencesChemical SciencesElectrical SciencesInterdisciplinary ResearchMechanical SciencesPhysical & Mathematical SciencesCentres under the Director4. Awards/Distinctions2305. Undergraduate Programme2386. Students2407. Events2628. Other Institute Units2709. Campus & On RollSC/ST StudentsScholarships/FellowshipsAssistance ProgrammeStudents CouncilHostelsInstitute MedalsAwards & DistinctionsPlacementExternal Registration ProgramResearch ConfermentsInstitute D - BuildingsOfficial Language UnitSC/ST CellCounselling and Support CentrePublic Information OfficeHealth CentreGymkhanaFaculty ClubTata Memorial ClubAuditoriaAmenities10. Finance27811. endowed chairs280

ForewordThe Indian Institute of Science (IISc, or just 'TheInstitute') was established in 1909 by a visionarypartnership between the industrialist JamsetjiNusserwanji Tata, the Maharaja of Mysore, and theGovernment of India. Over the 107 years since itsestablishment, IISc has become the premier institutefor advanced scientific and technological researchand education in India. Since its inception, theInstitute has laid a balanced emphasis on the pursuitof basic knowledge in science and engineering, aswell as on the application of its research findingsfor industrial and social benefit. In the words of itsfounder, J. N. Tata, the objectives of the Institute are“to provide for advanced instruction and to conductoriginal investigations in all branches of knowledgeas are likely to promote the material and industrialwelfare of India.”During the year 2015-16, the Institute participated innational (NIRF) and international rankings (QS andTHE), and was invariably the top-ranked institutionof higher education in India. The Institute activelypursues a policy of true academic freedom in orderto enable academic excellence in all areas of itsactivities. The Institute faculty, numbering about500, is active in a broad spectrum of research,in science and in engineering, and maintains ahigh annual publication output. Several facultymembers of the Institute have won national andinternational awards and honours in recognition oftheir contributions to the growth of knowledge inscience and engineering. Among the current facultymembers, there are 51 Shanti Swarup BhatnagarAwardees, 74 INSA fellows, 97 IASc Fellows, 57NASI fellows, 50 INAE fellows, and 56 J.C. BoseNational Fellows, which is indicative of the highlevel of academic excellence of the Institute faculty.ForewardOut of a student population of about 4000, about2600 are enrolled in doctoral degree programs inscience and in engineering.In2011,theInstitute introduced an undergraduate program,with separate classrooms, laboratories, and itsown Dean. The undergraduate degree is the fouryear Bachelor of Science (Research), in which,apart from their course and laboratory work, thestudents are exposed to research in the laboratoriesof the Institute. Students in the four-year Bachelorof Science (Research) degree can also choose tograduate with a dual degree (i.e., a Master of Scienceas well) by putting in a total of five years of study.There are about 500 students enrolled in theseundergraduate programs. The Institute also offersseveral Masters degree programs in engineering(MTech, MTech (Research), MDes, and MMgmt) inwhich about 900 students are enrolled.The support for recurring expenses, and also for apart of the annual research expenses, is providedby the Ministry of Human Resource Development,Government of India. The faculty of the Institute alsoundertake a large number of research projects fundedby various agencies, including the Department ofScience and Technology (DST), the Department ofBiotechnology (DBT), the Council of Scientific andIndustrial Research (CSIR), the Defence Researchand Development Organization (DRDO), the Ministryof Communications and Information Technology,and many other organizations, in the public andthe private sectors. Over the past 10 years, theexternal funding for such research has grown at anannual rate of about 19.5%. Interactions betweenthe Institute and industry are strengthened throughthe Centre for Scientific and Industrial Consultancy(CSIC), the Society for Innovation and Development

(SID), and several centres specifically set up forinteraction with the government, the society, andthe industry.Substantial expansion of funding is required tocatapult the Institute from being the leader in Indiato being among the best in the world. The IndianInstitute of Science was established as a resultof a “private-public partnership.” In keeping withthis history, in the recent years, several initiativesat the Institute have been supported by fundingfrom private sources. Neuroscience research hasreceived a major boost by a Rs. 75 crore grant fromthe Tata Trusts. Mr. and Mrs. Kris Gopalakrishnanhave committed Rs. 225 crores to the establishmentof a Centre for Brain Research (CBR) which will bededicated to translational research on diseasesof the aging human brain, and also a sum of Rs.10 crores for the Shri. K. Vaidyanathan Chair inneuromorphic computing. The IISc Council haspermitted CBR to be set up on the IISc campus ina building that will also be developed by Mr. andMrs. Gopalakrishnan. The Infosys Foundation hasendowed international visiting chairs in Physicsand Mathematics. Recently major memorandaof understanding have been signed with the TataConsulting Services (TCS), General Electric (GE),Hewlett Packard (HP), and with Robert Bosch, forpromoting a variety of interactions between IISc andthese leading companies. The Office of Developmentand Alumni Affairs (ODAA) was established in2014-15, and has already been able to tap variousprivate sources of funds for establishing a newSkill Development Centre in the new IISc extensioncampus at Challakere (Chitradurga District), andfor various academic and institutional developmentinitiatives.filtration device, a multi-analyte device for diabetesmonitoring, a micro-fluidics based cell counter fordiagnostics, and optical fibre sensors for structuralmonitoring, have chosen to take the “start-up” route.I am honoured to present the IISc Annual Reportwhich reports the academic output and relatedachievements during the period 2015-16. The volumeof high quality work reported goes to the credit ofthe intellectual activities of the faculty membersand the students, to the support of the technical andadministrative personnel, and to financial supportfrom various funding agencies.As I complete my second year as Director of thisunique institution, I place on record my personalgratitude to the Chairman and the Members of theCouncil of the Institute for their valuable supportand guidance.Anurag KumarDirectorSeptember 2016In keeping with the founder’s vision of promoting“the material and industrial welfare of India,” overthe past one and a half decades, the Institute hasbeen encouraging its faculty and students to protecttheir intellectual property, and convert the resultsof some of their scientific investigations to practicevia technology licensing or via entrepreneurship.In the recent past, several technologies, such asgas flow sensors, electrical storage devices andrelated test instrumentation, and fungal pesticides,have been licensed. Inventors of other technologiessuch as an enhanced electric gradient based water3

Academic StructureDivision ofBiologicalSciencesDivision ofChemicalSciencesDivision ofElectricalSciencesDivision l Animal FacilityCESCentre for Ecological SciencesCIDRCentre for Infectious Disease ResearchCNSCentre for NeuroscienceMCBMicrobiology and Cell BiologyMBUMolecular Biophysics UnitMRDGMolecular Reproduction, Development and GeneticsIPCInorganic and Physical ChemistryMRCMaterials Research CentreNRCNMR Research CentreOCOrganic ChemistrySSCUSolid State and Structural Chemistry UnitCSAComputer Science and AutomationECEElectrical Communication EngineeringEEElectrical EngineeringESEElectronic Systems EngineeringBSSECentre for Bio Systems Science and EngineeringCCSCentre for Contemporary StudiesCISTUP Centre for Infrastructure, SustainableTransportation and Urban PlanningCeNSECentre for Nano Science and EngineeringCDSComputational and Data SciencesMSManagement StudiesICERInterdisciplinary Centre for Energy ResearchICWRInterdisciplinary Centre for Water ResearchRBCCPS Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical SystemsSERCIISc at a Glance 2015-16Supercomputer Education and Research Centre

Division ofMechanicalSciencesDivision ofPhysical andMathematicalSciencesCentresunder theDirectorOther Centres/ActivitiesAEAerospace EngineeringCPDMCentre for Product Design and ManufacturingCHChemical EngineeringMTMaterials EngineeringMEMechanical EngineeringCiECivil EngineeringCEaSCentre for Earth SciencesCAOSCentre for Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesCSTCentre for Sustainable TechnologiesDCCCDivecha Centre for Climate ChangeCCTCentre for Cryogenic TechnologyCHEPCentre for High Energy PhysicsIAPInstrumentation and Applied PhysicsMAMathematicsPHYPhysicsLIBJRD Tata Memorial LibraryAPCArchives and Publications CellOIROffice of International RelationsCCECentre for Continuing EducationCSSPCentre for Sponsored Schemes & ProjectsODAAOffice of Development and Alumni AffairsIPTeLOffice of Intellectual Property and Technology LicensingCCChallakere CampusCSICCentre for Scientific and Industrial ConsultancyDIGITSDigital Campus and IT Services OfficeSIDSociety for Innovation and DevelopmentCBRCentre for Brain ResearchKVPYKishore Vaigyanik Protsahan YojanaKSCSTKarnataka State Council for Science and TechnologyIIScAAIISc Alumni Association5

Students3.1Students – Admissions, On Roll and Degrees Awarded 2015-1625002,338n Admissionsn On Rolln Degrees 7MSc (Engg)2554725 40 15Int PhDME/MTechMDes13 29 14MMgtExternal Registration (199)Continuing Education (914)SponsorsParticipantsGovernment/ UndertakingsIndustries10594WomenMesses (4)IISc at a Glance 2015-1627BSc (Research)Q.I.P.34Short Term20Proficience860Scholarships/Fellowships (2,622)Hostels (2945)Men1132179766IIScUGC/CSIR/Others2081541

FacultyStaff (1,058)InteractionsSC/STOBCGNTeaching (516)Institute Support ,315Interdisciplinary288Departments: 42Biological Sciences8Chemical Sciences5Electrical Sciences4Mechanical SciencesPhysical & Mathematical SciencesInterdisciplinary res delivered554Thesis Examiners265Meetings chaired364Awards and Distinctions (145)Publications (2,746)Academic Divisions: 6On CampusFellowsNational Academies7Others35Bhatnagar1Royal Society1Awards44Medals/Prizes13Others44105107

Students: Admissions,Conferments, On RollStudent Admissions from 2011 to 060502011-1202012-132013-142014-15Total: 1,0052015-16Conferments from 2011 to 22013-142014-152015-16Total: 647On Roll from 2011 to tal: 4,071n PhD/Int PhD n MSc (Engg) n Master Programme (ME/MTech/MDes/ MMgt) n BSc (Research)IISc at a Glance 2015-16

Faculty: Induction, Academicand Technical StaffNew Faculty Inducted during 142014-152015-16Academic, Scientific and Technical Staff On Roll from 02011-122012-132013-142014-152015-169

Finance 2015-16Receipts( in .0036,158.6012,000.0012,854.46n Non-Plan Grant – RecurringTotal: 96,069.84n Plan Grantsn Developmental Projectsn Sponsored Research SchemesPaymentsn Scientific & Industrial Consultancy( in lakhs)n Continuing Education Programme2,066.681,633.76n Sponsored Scholarships (CSIR/UGC/AICTE etc)230.201,112.753,081.97n Academic/Other Incomen Interest earnings/Project Overheads27,747.3425,789.918,807.7714,133.71Total: 84,604.09IISc at a Glance 2015-16

Publications 2015106363n Journal Publicationsn Conference Publicationsn Popular Articles682n Books and Book Chaptersn Reports1,928Total: 2,746Degrees Awarded 2015271514n PhD47289n BSc (Research)2891975847141527Total647n MEn MTechn MSc (Engg.)58n MMgtn MDes19711

ProgrammesResearchl PhD l Int. PhD l MSc (Engg)Coursesn ME n MTechn MDes nMMgtªBSc (Research)Science EngineeringBiochemistryl lEcological Sciencesl lMicrobiology and Cell Biologyl lMolecular Biophysicsl lMolecular Reproduction Developmentand Geneticsl lNeuroscienceslInorganic and Physical Chemistryl lMaterials Researchl lOrganic Chemistryl lSolid State and Structural Chemistry l lMathematicsl lPhysicsl lAstronomy and Astrophysicsl lHigh Energy Physicsl lEarth Sciencesl nInterdisciplinary ProgrammelUndergraduate Programme ªCivil EngineeringComputer Science and AutomationElectrical EngineeringElectrical Communication EngineeringElectronic Systems EngineeringAerospace EngineeringChemical EngineeringMechanical EngineeringMaterials EngineeringProduct Design and ManufacturingAtmospheric and Oceanic SciencesInstrumentationComputational and Data ScienceNano Science & Nano TechnologyEnergy ResearchManagement StudiesBio Systems Science and EngineeringWater Researchll n ll n nll n ll n ll n ll n ll n ll n ll n ll nnll nll nll nlnlll nllCourses Offered 2015-16Teaching Courses are offered from 100 level to 300 level for undergraduate, postgraduate and advancedresearch topics.1836105245243316n Biological Sciences69n Chemical Sciences10n Electrical Sciencesn Interdisciplinary Research1745n Mechanical Sciences178405n Physical Sciences71543100 Leveln Undergraduate200 LevelTotal: 1,068300 LevelIISc at a Glance 2015-16


1 The InstituteThe Indian Institute of Science is an institution of higher learning and research established in 1909 under theCharitable Endowments Act 1890. With the establishment of the University Grants Commission in 1956, theInstitute came under its purview as a Deemed University. The principal authority governing the Institute is theCouncil, which is advised by the Court in the formulation of policies. The Director is the Chief Executive of theInstitute and is assisted in its management by the Senate and the Faculties of Science and Engineering.1.1 CourtThe membership of the Court is drawn from different cross sections of the country such as Industry, Universities,Scientific Institutions, etc. In addition to eminent persons of science, learning and industry, it also containsthe nominees of the Government of India, the Government of Karnataka and the Tata Trusts. The Professors ofthe Institute and the members of the Council are also ex-officio members of the Court. The following are themembers of the Court:K KasturiranganPradeep Vasant NaikRajinder Singh MakerPresident of the CourtFormer Chairman, GoverningCouncil, Raman Research InstituteBangalore (Nom. Council)Former Chief of the Air StaffPune (Nom. GOI)Director GeneralThe Employers Federation ofIndia, Mumbai (Rep. EmployersFederation of India)Som MittalChakravarthy MohanAnil D SahasrabudheFormer PresidentNASSCOM, New Delhi(Nom. Visitor)CommissionerDept. of Collegiate EducationBangalore (Nom. GOK)ChairmanAICTE, New Delhi(Rep. AICTE)Suresh Chandra MukulR K Krishna KumarGirish SahniFormer Air MarshalNew Delhi (Nom. Visitor)Director, Tata Sons LimitedMumbai (Nom. Tata Trusts)Director GeneralCSIR, New Delhi (Rep. CSIR)Vinaysheel OberoiSaroj K PoddarHar Sarup ChahalSecretary, MHRDDept. of Higher Education, GOINew Delhi (Nom. GOI)ChairmanGillette India Ltd.Kolkata (Rep. FICCI)Former Vice Chancellor ofMaharshi Dayanand UniversityRohtak (Rep. Indian Universities)Apparao MallavararupuS N AgarwalC K KokateChairman and Managing DirectorCentum Electronics, Bangalore(Nom. GOI)Chairman, Bhoruka PowerCorporation Ltd. Bangalore (Rep.All India Orgn. of Ind. Employers)Vice ChancellorK L E University, Belgaum(Rep. Indian Universities)The Institure

Harish PadhRatan N TataVice Chancellor, Sardar PatelUniversity, Vallabh Vidhyanagar(Rep. Indian Universities)Former Chairman, Tata Sons Ltd.,Mumbai (Nom. Council)L N SatapathyV S RamamurthyFormer Director, NationalInstitute of Advanced Studies,Bangalore (Nom. Council)PresidentIISc Alumni Association(Rep. Assn. of Past Students)All Professors of theInstitute(Ex-officio)All Members of theCouncil(Ex-officio)V RajarajanAnurag KumarRegistrar (Ex-officio Secretary)Director (Ex-officio)During the year, the Court met once on 12th March 2016.1.2 CouncilThe Council is the principal governing authority of the Institute and its membership includes the Nominees ofthe Court, Parliament, Government of India, Government of Karnataka, Tata Trusts, Representatives of IndianUniversities, University Grants Commission and Scientific bodies. The following are the members of the Council:P Rama RaoR VenkataramanHarish PadhChairman of the CouncilFormer Vice ChancellorUniversity of HyderabadHyderabad (Nom. GOI)Executive TrusteeSir Dorabji Tata TrustMumbai (Nom. Tata Trusts)Vice Chancellor, Sardar PatelUniversity, Vallabh Vidhyanagar(Rep. Indian Universities)Vinaysheel OberoiS K JoshiSecretary, MHRDDept. of Higher Education, GOINew Delhi (Nom.GOI)Former Director GeneralCSIR, Gurgaon, (Rep. UGC)ChairmanAICTE, New Delhi(Rep. AICTE)Praveen KumarMurli Manohar JoshiJoint Secretary (Admin), MHRD,Dept. of Higher Education, GOI,New Delhi (Nom.GOI)Member of Parliament(Lok Sabha), New Delhi(Rep. Parliament)Girish SahniBharat Lal MeenaSuresh C AngadiAnurag KumarPr. Secretary to GOKHigher Edu. Dept.Bangalore (Nom. GOK)Member of Parliament(Lok Sabha), New Delhi(Rep. Parliament)T N Guru RowI S N PrasadS N AgarwalPr. Secretary to GOKDept. of FinanceBangalore (Nom. GOK)ChairmanBhoruka Power Corporation Ltd.Bangalore (Nom. Court)J J IraniV S RamamurthyDirectorTata Sons Limited,Mumbai (Nom. Tata Trusts)Former DirectorNational Institute of AdvancedStudies, Bangalore (Nom. Court)Anil D SahasrabudheDirector GeneralCSIR, New Delhi (Rep. CSIR)Director (Ex-officio)(Ex-officio)Dean, Science FacultyM Narasimha Murthy(Ex-officio)Dean, Engineering FacultyV RajarajanRegistrar (Ex-officio Secretary)The Council met quarterly on 20th Jun 2015, 19th Sep 2015, 19th Dec 2015 and 12th Mar 2016.15

1.3 Finance CommitteeThe following are the members of the Finance Committee:P Rama RaoDipti Aditya KanadeV S RamamurthyFormer Vice ChancellorUniversity of Hyderabad,Chairman of the Council(Ex-officio)Deputy Secretary(Budget & Resources)Finance DepartmentBangalore (Nom.GOK)Former DirectorNational Institute of AdvancedStudies, Bangalore(Nom. Council)Darshana M DabralR F SavakshaL A C SinghJoint Secretary & FinancialAdviser, Dept. of Higher EducationMHRD, GOI (Nom. GOI)Secretary & Chief AccountantSir Dorabji Tata TrustMumbai (Nom. Tata Trusts)Pr. Accountant General (G&SSA)Karnataka, Bangalore(Ex-officio)Praveen KumarBurzis S TaraporevalaAnurag KumarJoint Secretary (Admin), MHRDDept. of Higher Education, GOINew Delhi (Nom.GOI)Secretary & Chief AccountantSir Ratan Tata TrustMumbai (Nom. Tata Trusts)Director (Ex-officio)V RajarajanRegistrar (Ex-officio Secretary)The Finance Committee met quarterly on 19th Jun 2015, 18th Sep 2015, 18th Dec 2015 and 11th Mar 20161.4 SenateThe Senate is one of the authorities of the Institute that consists of the Director as the Chairman, all Professors and Associate Professors, one elected representative (Assistant Professor) from each of the Faculties,the Librarian, and the Registrar (Secretary). The Senate meets at least once a term.This principal academic body functions to (a) plan and coordinate the research activities of the Institute; (b)regulate and organize courses of instruction and study, admission of students, examinations, etc; (c) formulate conditions for the award of Degrees of the Institute; and (d) recommend names to the Council for theaward of Degrees.During the year, the Senate met on 19th May 2015, 6th Jul 2015, 23rd Nov 2015 and 22nd Feb 2016.The Senate recommended the award of various degrees as follows: PhD. 289 MSc (Engg). 47 ME/MTech. 255 MDes. 15 MMgt. 14 BSc (Research). 27Total. 647The Institure

1.5 FacultiesThe faculties act as advisory bodies to the Senate and assist in the discharge of its duties. Each Faculty consistsof the respective Dean as Chairman, all Professors, Associate Professors, Chief Research Scientists, PrincipalResearch Scientists, Assistant Professors and Senior Scientific Officers as members and the Assistant Registraras the Secretary.The Science Faculty met on 22nd Apr 2015 and 14th Oct 2015. The Engineering Faculty met on 23rd Apr 2015 and15th Oct 2015 during the year.The Joint meetings of Faculty members were held on 27th Aug 2015 and 11th Jan 2016. The Director chaired theJoint meetings.17

2 Staff (Administration)Director: Anurag KumarDeputy Directors : S Ramakrishnan (Infrastructure and Planning)Jayant M Modak (Administration and Finance)DeansScience: T N Guru RowEngineering: M Narasimha MurtyUG Programme : Umesh VarshneyRegistrarSr. Security OfficerInternal AuditorV Rajarajan, MSc(TNAU,Coimbatore)M R ChandrasekharBSc (Mysore), LLB (Bangalore)P Somasekhar, BE (Bangalore)Joint RegistrarSr. Hindi OfficerOfficer-In-Charge(Health Centre)K Panneer SelvamMA (Madras) LLB (Bangalore)PhD (Gandhigram Rural)V Thilagam, PhD (Bangalore)C Sathish RaoSr. Sports OfficerMedical OfficerC P PoonachaBA (Mysore), MPEd (Karnataka)Aditya Malladi, MBBS (NTR)R Nirmala, MBBS (Madras)C Sathish Rao, MBBS (Mysore)L Sharada, MBBS, DGO(CMC, Vellore)Assistant RegistrarAparna Kandi, BE (Gulbarga)V Nagaraja, MA (Mysore)Veeranna Kammar, MSc (Bangalore)M C Jayaprakash, MCom, MBA, BLJoydeep Deb, MSc (Jadavpur)B N Sreedhar, MBA (KSOU)P Selva Kumar, MA (KSOU)Section Officer(Public Relations)N Krishna Murthy, MA (Mysore)Staff (Administration)Financial ControllerIndumati Srinivasan, MA (JNU)MPhil (JNU), PGDPPM (IIMB)Deputy FinancialControllerM Krishna Murthy, MCom,MBA (Bangalore), PGDPM & IR(Bangalore), PhD (Bangalore)P Manivannan, MA (Madras)Authorized MedicalOfficerDr. P SubhashiniMBBS (Bellary), MS (Rajiv Gandhi)

ConsultantsDentistP Beena BDS (Mysore)DermatologistRadiologistM N Srinivasan, MBBS (Mysore)DMRD (Davangere)DNB (Bangalore)HostelsChairman – Council ofWardensAshok M Raichur, PhD (Nevada)A L ShamprasadMBBS (Bangalore), MD (Bangalore)PhysiotherapistWardensV Yogesh, BSc, BPT (Mangalore)ENTProject Engineer-cumEstate OfficerAbha Misra, PhD (IIT-B)Aveek Bid, PhD (IISc)Dipshikha Chakravorthy, PhD (Pune)Ganesh Nagaraju, PhD (IISc)M Shekar, PhD (IISc)P Thilagar, PhD (IIT-K)Sanjay B PatilMBBS (Karnataka), MS (Karnataka)GynaecologistManonmani, MBBS (Bangalore)MD (RGUHS, Bangalore)OphthalmologistMalavika KrishnaswamyMBBS (Bangalore), MS (Bangalore)PhysicianS S Kumar, MBBS, MD (Madras)M D Satyanarayana, BE (Mysore)Assistant ExecutiveEngineerG Lohithesh Kumar, BE (Kuvempu)MTech (Visvesvaraya)Technical OfficerG Radhaswamy, BE (Elec) (Mysore)B SridharMSc (Hort) (UAS, Bangalore)GymkhanaPsychiatristHon. PresidentVAP GhorpadeMBBS, MD (Nimhans)R V Ravikrishna, PhD (Purdue)Advisors(Students Affairs)Nagasuma R Chandra, PhD (Bristol)Satish V Kailas, PhD (IISc)Students CounsellorsVishwesha Guttal, PhD (Ohio State)Ambedkar Dukkipati, PhD (IISc)Prabal K Maiti, PhD (IIT/K)Partha Pratim Mondal, PhD (IISc)Ravishankar Narayan, PhD (IISc)Guest HouseP Selva Kumar MA (KSOU)19

3 Departments Centres Units

3.1Division ofBiological SciencesChairperson: D Narasimha RaoDEPARTMENTS/CENTRES/UNITSBiochemistryCentral Animal FacilityCentre for Ecological SciencesCentre for Infectious Disease ResearchCentre for NeuroscienceMicrobiology and Cell BiologyMolecular Biophysics UnitMolecular Reproduction, Development and GeneticsCore Research AreasThe Division of Biological Sciences forges important links between basic science and innovative research. It iscommitted to enhancing frontline studies in almost all aspects of modern biology: Neuroscience in health anddisease, Infectious Disease, Structural Biology, Oncology, DNA Repair and Genomic Stability, Systems Biologyand Bioinformatics, Immunology, Enzymology, Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Diverse EcologicalStudies and so on.ThemesInvestigators in the Division focus on numerous processes central to the understanding of life, emphasizing onareas with considerable translational potential, namely, Cognition and Neuronal Reprogramming, InfectiousDiseases, Drug and Molecular Design, Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Cancer, Gene Targeting, GeneticDisorders and Genetic Diversity.Departments Centres Units

in numbers78 Faculty Members84 Fellowships of Science Academies in India340 PhD students, 65 Integrated PhD students50 PhD students graduated in 2015-16 A protein associated with a deadly form of braintumour called glioblastoma has been discovered. Itcould serve as a target for new drugs. [REFERENCE:Nijaguna MB, et al., and Somasundaram K.Glioblastoma-derivedMacrophageColonystimulating Factor (MCSF) Induces MicroglialRelease of Insulin-like Growth Factor-bindingProtein 1 (IGFBP1) to Promote Angiogenesis. J BiolChem., 2015, 290(38):23401-15] Regions of the prefrontal and parietalcortex which are activated duringattention have been identified usingfMRI. [REFERENCE: Work in progressin Sridharan Devarajan’s lab] The genome and transcriptome of the Asianelephant has been sequenced. Its comparison withthat of the African counterpart has revealed manynovel transcripts and variants, some of which mayexplain differences between the two species ofelephants. [REFERENCE: Reddy PC, Sinha I, KelkarA, Habib F, Pradhan SJ, Sukumar R and GalandeS. Comparative sequence analyses of genomeand transcriptome reveal novel transcripts andvariants in the Asian elephant Elephas maximus.J. Biosci., 2015, 40 (5): 891-907]23

3.1.1 Biochemistryfact fileEstablished: 1921Phone: 91-80-2293 2473Fax: 91-80-2360 0814Email: office@biochem.iisc.ernet.inURL: http://biochem.iisc.ernet.inChairperson: C JayabaskaranDegree Programs Offered: PhD and Int. PhDCore Research AreasProteins, natural products and metabolic engineering; DNA repair, Genomic stability and RNA transactions;Biology of chaperones; Immunobiology.Current ResearchPROTEINS, NATURAL PRODUCTS AND METABOLIC ENGINEERING Non-structural protein (NSm) of Groundnut Bud Necrosis Virus (GBNV) participates in cell to cell movementand spread of the virus. The zinc finger transcription factor Mxr1p of the methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris functions as a globalregulator of multiple metabolic pathways. Curcumin prevents experimental cerebral malaria in a mouse model. Mismatch repair helicase, UvrD is important for the process of homologous DNA recombination in thegonorrhoea-causing pathogen, Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Helicobacter pylori Topoisomerase I (HpTopoI)participates in natural transformation. The anticancer compounds, vincristine and vinblastine were purified in large amounts from endophyticfungi isolated from various tissues of Catharanthus roseus and their cytotoxic activity was demonstrated indifferent human cancer cell lines. The effect of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genotype heterogeneity on possible cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL)response to influenza H1N1 genomes was studied using bioinformatics methods. The work presents a novelDepartments Centres Units

in numbers17 Academic Staff10 PhD and 3 Int PhD Conferments84 PhD and 15 Int PhD Students111 Publicationsconceptual framework towards understandinghow genetic heterogeneity influences diseasesusceptibility in individuals and in populations. Five genes were identified whose mRNAs undergotranslational read through in endothelial cells. Thegoal is to understand endothelial cell function andangiogenesis regulation at the level of translationunder various pathophysiological conditions.DNA REPAIR, GENOMIC STABILITY AND RNATRANSACTIONS RecBCD enzyme complex is an example of asequence-regulated, DNA-processing machine.Mycobacterium tuberculosis RecD was shown toinhibit DNA strand exchange promoted by RecAand structural studies on M. tuberculosis RecAuncovered molecular plasticity and interspeciesvariability. New telomerase inhibitors were alsosynthesized that could stabilize human telomericG-quadruplex DNA. RAD51 paralogs regulate DNA damage responsesand maintain genome integrity of Mycobacteriumtuberculosis. The functional significance of SUMOylation andSUMO-E3 ligase su

10 crores for the Shri. K. Vaidyanathan Chair in neuromorphic computing. The IISc Council has permitted CBR to be set up on the IISc campus in a building that will also be developed by Mr. and Mrs. Gopalakrishnan. The Infosys Foundation has endowed

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an Act of Parliament in 1956. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a premier research and teaching institute established in 1909. The IISc Bangalore and IITs are well-known, the world over, for quality education in engineering, science, management and research in frontier areas. The aim of these

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