Defence Against Different Approaches Of Password Hacking .

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International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518988Defence against Different Approaches ofPassword Hacking In Context to PakistanImran Mazhar*1, Maria Latif*2, Tamoor Wakeel*3, Iqra Amjad*4Abstract- Technology has flourished and impacted our lives like never before. With the ever-increasing impact of technology the issuesrelated to technology have increased. Specifically, the issues related to the passwords hacking and password breakouts gave rise to a newalarming situation. In this research, we discuss how hackers started hacking passwords in the USA in the beginning. It describes differenttypes of tools and applications i.e. Cain and Abel, John the ripper that uses CPU core to crack the password etc. This research alsoprovides information of how and which type of passwords users select i.e. mnemonics and randomly generated a password and alsodiscuss all the types of passwords i.e. textual, graphical passwords etc. and identify the different methods of attacks for hacking them i.e.dictionary attack, hybrid and brute force approaches. By the study of existing research, we identify which hacking method is most commonin history and analyze the appropriate used solution to prevent password hacking.IJSERKeywords-Password, Hacking, Attacks, Brute force, Dictionary, Key Loggers, two-factor AuthenticationI. INTRODUCTIONThehuge developmentof internet hasbrought varied nice things like electronic commerce, email,and straightforward access to tremendous stores ofreferencematerial then forth. AssociateDegree everincreasing the range of computers gets related to the net,wirelessdevicesandnetworks squaremeasure blasting. attributable to the propel innovationof thenet,theadministration, non-public trade andthereforethe regular pc shopper havefearsoftheir data or non-public knowledge being contained by acriminalhacker.These formsof hacker‘s squaremeasure referred to as black hat hackers who can covertlytake the association's knowledge and transmit it to theopen net. Duringthis approach, tobeat fromthesereal problems, another category of hackers appeared andthese hackers square measure named as moral hackers orwhite hat hackers. This paper portrays moral hackers, theirtechniques andtheway theyapproach servingto their purchasers and fitting up security openings. duringthis approach, if there ought to be an incident of PC security,neither hurt the target frameworks nor take knowledge. Imran Mazhar is pursuing master’s degree program in InformationTechnology in University of Lahore, Gujrat Pakistan. PH 92344626360. E-mail:[email protected] Tamoor Wakeel is pursuing master’s degree program in InformationTechnology in University of Lahore, Gujrat Pakistan. PH 923016261819. E-mail:[email protected] Iqra Amjad is pursuing master’s degree program in SoftwareEngineering in University of Lahore, Gujrat Pakistan. PH 923328398122. E-mail:[email protected] [email protected] 2019http://www.ijser.orgofLahore,GujratPakistan,

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518these tiger teams or moral hackers would utilize similartraps and techniques that hacker utilizes nevertheless in avery legitimate approach and that they would. Rather, theymight assess the target framework's security and report backto the proprietors with the vulnerabilities they foundand pointers fortheway tocurethem.Thispaper can characterize moral hacking,show some ofthe usually utilize terms for aggressors, provides a summingup of the quality administrations offered by suggeststhat of moral hackingtobattleassailants, pointout problems and their preventions [3].II. WHAT IS HACKING?989noteworthy distinction: moral hacking is legitimate. The setof moral hacking is to seek out vulnerabilities from ahacker's perspective. It is a piece of a general information.Probability administration program that takes intoconsideration progressingsecurityenhancements. Moral hacking will guarantee that sellers‘regarding the safety of things area unit legitimate [3].PASSWORD HACKING:Password hacking is the process of repetition and guessingand try to hack the system. The recovering of passwordsfrom data that are in a computer system is also a passwordhacking [6]. In history, the first hacker came as an expertprogrammer to solve any technical problem. The wordhacker came from English language word ―Russian‖ thatmeans ―the people who chop badly‖. They do severaldisgusting acts to their victims, with their skills to attack andhack the system with computer [4]. Whereas the password isa secret word and string of characters against any systeminformation and resources. It is kept protected and hides forthose who are not authentic to use their systems [6].IJSERHacking is not a basic activity or arrangement of charges aconstant variety of people suppose. It is selected term;there square measure varied types of hacking. Hacking isunapproved utilization of system assets. Laptop hacking isthatthe act offixing laptop instrumentality associatedprogramming to attain an objective outside of themaker's distinctive reason. People who participatein laptop hacking may be a coder who breaks intoperson's laptop or data while not authorization [3].anotherHACKING CULTURE:ETHICAL HACKING:The art of testing your computers and system for securityvulnerabilities and stopping terrible people get a chance tomisusethem. Moral hackingand moralhacker areaunit terms accustomed to portraying hacking performedby a company or individual to assist acknowledge potentialto a laptop or system. To induce a criminal, combat ananalogous attitude asacheat. Thatisthe reasonfor moral hacking. .includes similar apparatuses, traps, andsystems that hackers utilize, nevertheless with oneIn 1960 and 1970 as the result of intelligent movement:knowing the unknown information and methods andexploring them, and do what others cannot are thebeginnings of hacker culture. Many hacker cultures aredeveloped independently and in combination with otherhacker culture. After combining these links are able to shareany kind of information, their experiences, knowledge,humor, and skills with each other. In this first hacker culturebegins [4].IJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518990Identify the reasons and methods of password hacking.III. CHARACTERISTICSIn the aspect of previously all researches, examine the issues.Password hacking is increases incredibly and an amazingrate every year. The effects of password hacking aredisgusting and expensive. Millions of sensitive, amazingand important information are stolen by hackers every yearat a higher rate. For the year 2002, from the survey by theComputer Security Institute, Business Company andorganizations can afford a loss of more than 70 million bythe stolen of proprietary information by the hackers. In 2002,from credit 55,000 and from UD Universe .com300,000 credit cards numbers have been stolen by hackers[1].Suggests and perform our solutions.VI.LITERATURE REVIEWBefore ten years ago, few famous tools used for passwordhacking i.e. Cain and Abel and John the Ripper arefrequently. For cracking the hashes of a password into aplaintext form CPU core power is used by these passwordhacking tools. It will take days and years, if the password iscomplex and strong i.e. include special characters, numeric,alphanumeric etc to bring out the plaintext of passwordsfrom a hash of passwords.IJSERIV. PROBLEM STATEMENTBy reviewing the previous works of literature on passwordhacking adaptation from the citizens perceptive. It isconcluded the password hacking is broad in their field in allover the world. Our main problem issue is passwordhacking .the main reason behind password hacking is aweak password. The people mostly select numbers as theirpassword which is easily hacked and don‘t provide strongprotection against password hacking. In this researchdiscuss methods of password hacking and also provide avarious solution how to minimize password hacking. Thuswe need is to provide strong both in logical and theoreticallyframework for protection against password hacking.Here are the main TEN best hacking approaches recordedbeneath:NMAPThis is often also alluded to as in light of the fact that theSwiss knife of hacking. This is often to a great utilized infoot printing segment to examine the ports of the targetedworkstation ports is open.V. OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCHThe main purpose of our research is to found out all reasonsand also all possible different methods of password hacking.For this purpose analyses all the relative previous researchesand examine password hacking issue, then suggests the bestsolution that provides security to users and also providescomfort and the implement our solution.IJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518991WIRESHARKAIRCRACK-NGIt catches all networks movement including a networkconnector. It breaks down for succulent data like usernamesand passwords to perform network investigating.Air cracking might be an arrangement of apparatuses wontto split wireless constancy passwords. This moreover comesbeneath Linux setting.CAIN AND ABELNESSUSIt is the speedy method in history created with the aim ofhacking the weak UNIX and Windows LM hashes andpasswords. This could be wont to split window watchword.It moreover performs man inside the center assaults, catchesnetwork passwords and so forth [7].This is often a thoroughly programmed shortcomingscanner. One should give data preparing address as info andit'll check that deliver to search out the shortcoming in thatframework[13].IJSERTHC HYDRAJOHN THE RIPPER:It is locally password hacking application developed withnetwork administration and penetration testers in mind. Itrecords VOIP conversation, examine routing protocols byperforming as a sniffer in networks, it uses brute forceattacks and cryptanalysis attacks to hack passwords [3].This is a fast saltine instrument. It splits passwords ofremote systems in the network. It will split passwords of thenumerous protocols and also FTP, HTTP. It comesunderneath Linux setting [3].HPING3METASPLOITIt's an expansive data of exploits. It's the last word hackinginstrument to "hack" a PC. It's the best utilization in Linux.Burp suite might be a net intermediary instrument that isutilized to check the internet application security. This couldsavage power any login compose in an extremely program.This apparatus is beneath windows and Linux conditions[3].Hping3 sends ICMP, UDP or correspondences parcels soshows answers. This apparatus is a great degree supportiveonce endeavoring to follow course/ping/test that hasfirewalls blocked normal pings. This comes beneathwindows and Linux [13].IJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518 PUTTY992MNEMONIC PASSWORDS:The 20% hackers hack mnemonic passwords because thisincludes phrases which are easy to memorize.It is a horrendously incredible instrument for the hacker.SSH and telnet, which might be won't interface with remotecomputers. The utilization putty after you need to join yourarrival machine from your PC. It might likewise to performSSH burrowing sidestep firewalls [3]. RANDOM PASSWORDS:This type of password includes both upper case and lowercase letters. It is created from the internet by using therandom generator. It is difficult to hack [5].VII. TYPES OF PASSWORD’S HACKING:The different types of password and their methods ofhacking them are as follow:1. TEXTUAL PASSWORD:IJSERVIII. METHODS OF PASSWORD HACKING:There are many methods of hacking password discussedhere.In this password is in the form of text form and in graphicalform. It is the easiest password type to use. But this methodis hacked very easily. The methods by which textualpasswords are hackers are as follow: The textual passwordin lengthen is short which is hacked by hackers by guessingin two or three attempts. It is easily guessed by shouldersurfing of users. The suddenly break down of a user doesnot shut down the site that user open, by restarting, thehacker easily guessed a password [14]. DICTIONARY: This is simply a collection of words. Ifyour password is simple word it is easily hacked. HYBRID: This includes text as well as numbers and itis similar to dictionary attack but hacker insertsnumbers at the end.2. GRAPHICAL PASSWORD:A Textual password is based on graphical password. Theseimages are set as a password. It is performed or constructedin the grid format. It is also be guessed by shoulder surfing[2]. The hackers select the following two types of passwordsmost commonly for hacking. IJSER 2019http://www.ijser.orgBRUTEFORCE: forcefully select each and everynumber in every attempt and don‘t give up until apassword is cracked. The most common variation ofpassword hacking is to select user names. The usersimply used password as a word with their name firstand then any other characters. e.g.: aishanthna. In thisAisha is simply a password. It is viewed that it‘ssimply be cracked in just 8 attempts [6].

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518 KEY LOGGER ATTACK: A hacker uses a program totrack all of a user‘s keystrokes. So at the end of the day,everything the user has typed—including their loginIDs and passwords—have been recorded. A key loggerattack is different than a brute force or dictionaryattack in many ways. Not the least of which, the keylogging program used is malware (or a full-blownvirus) that must first make it onto the user‘s device(often the user is tricked into downloading it byclicking on a link in an email). Keylogger attacks arealso different because stronger passwords don‘tprovide much protection against them, which is onereason that multi-factor authentication (MFA) isbecoming a must-have for all businesses andorganizations [1]. 993RAINBOWPHISHING: There's an easy way to hack: ask the userfor his or her password. A phishing email leads theunsuspecting reader to a faked log in the pageassociated with whatever service it is the hacker wantsto access, requesting the user to put right some terribleproblem with their security. That page then skims theirpassword and the hacker can go use it for their ownpurpose [2]. SOCIALENGINEERING: Social engineering takes thewhole "ask the user" concept outside of the inbox thatphishing tends to stick with and into the real world. Afavorite of the social engineer is to call an officer posingas an IT security tech guy and simply ask for thenetwork access password. You‘d be amazed at howoften this works. Some even have the necessary gonadsto don a suit and name badge before walking into abusiness to ask the receptionist the same question faceto face [2].IJSERWith two-factorauthentication (alsocalledmulti-factorauthentication, 2FA, and advanced authentication), auser is required to not only provide a password to gainaccess to the system, but also a another security―factor,‖ like a unique one-time access code generatedfrom a token device or secure mobile app on theirSmartphone. A network protected by MFA is nearlyimpenetrable to an outside attack; even if a hacker isable to attain a system password, he won‘t be able toprovide the needed second security factor. [1].TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION: MALWARE: A key logger, or screen scraper, can beinstalled by malware which records everything youtype or takes screenshots during a login process, andthen forwards a copy of this file to hacker central.Some malware will look for the existence of a webbrowser client password file and copy this which,unless properly encrypted, will contain easilyaccessible saved passwords from the user's browsinghistory [2]. OFFLINETABLE ATTACK: Rainbow tables aren't ascolorful as their name may imply but, for a hacker,your password could well be at the end of it. Rainbowtables are attractive as it reduces the time needed tocrack a password hash to simply just lookingsomething up in a list. However, rainbow tables arehuge, unwieldy things. They require seriouscomputing power to run and a table becomes useless ifthe hash it's trying to find has been "salted" by theaddition of random characters to its password ahead ofhashing the algorithm. They would likely only workwith a predefined "random character" set andpassword strings below 12 characters as the size of thetable would be prohibitive to even state-level hackersotherwise[2].IJSER 2019http://www.ijser.orgCRACKING: It‘s easy to imagine thatpasswords are safe when the systems they protect lockout users after three or four wrong guesses, blockingautomated guessing applications. Well, that would betrue if it were not for the fact that most passwordhacking takes place offline, using a set of hashes in apassword file that has been ‗obtained‘ from acompromised system.

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518 SHOULDER SURFING: The most confident of hackerswill take the guise of a parcel courier, aircon servicetechnician or anything else that gets them access to anoffice building. Once they are in, the service personnel"uniform" provides a kind of free pass to wanderaround unhindered, and make note of passwordsbeing entered by genuine members of staff. It alsoprovides an excellent opportunity to eyeball all thosepost-it notes stuck to the front of LCD screens withlogins scribbled upon them [2].SPIDERING: Savvy hackers have realized that manycorporate passwords are made up of words that areconnected to the business itself. Studying corporateliterature, website sales material and even the websitesof competitors and listed customers can provide theammunition to build a custom word list to use in abrute force attack [2]. 994IX. HACKING PROTECTION TECHNIQUESIn the importance of various hacking exercises, some of therecommended insurance systems zone unitSECURITY INFRASTRUCTUREOne among the principal basic frameworks for forcinginformation security is the firewall that goes for forbiddingaccess of approaching and leaving movement through thesetup of control sets [2].IJSERGUESS: The password crackers best friend, of course,is the predictability of the user. Unless a truly randompassword has been created using software dedicated tothe task, a user-generated ‗random‘ password isunlikely to be anything of the sort. Instead, thanks toour brains' emotional attachment to things we like, thechances are those random passwords are based uponour interests, hobbies, and pets, family and so on.Password crackers are very likely to look at thisinformation and make a few - often correct - educatedguesses when attempting to crack a consumer-levelpassword without resorting to dictionary or brute forceattacks [2].INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMIt is a shields network by gathering info from diffusion ofthe framework and network offer, therefore examining theknowledge for security problems. It provides day and ageperception and examination of shopper and frameworkaction. once all is claimed in done, there is a unit a pairof types of IDS, significantly Network Intrusion DetectionSystem (NIDS) screens varied has by viewing networkactivity at the network limits and Host Intrusion DetectionSystem (HIDS) can screen application logs, recordingframework adjustments like Microsoft word document andadministration records[4].X. DEFENSE AGAINST PASSWORD HACKING:Password-based on text is easier to hack. Hacker commonlyhacked passwords of servers of a large organization and theuse it again and again for all these computers who use thispassword [7].The users must follow the following instructions to protecttheir password against hacking:Passwords can be cracked quickly if has the only consistedof numbers. So, never use only numbers. Special numbersIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518995and characters, upper and lower case letters are used forpasswords.temporary password send to you and mobile, you are notlogin into your own account [1].Produce acronyms from a recipe or a term or misspell wordsand use it as a password. E.g. American Standard Code forInformation Interchange is an abbreviation of ASCII code, soas a part of password they can be used for passwordsecurity [4].XI. Application and other particular assaults:If they‘re suspected of being compromised on passwordhacking, instantly alter passwords every 7 to 13 months.Applications take an excellent deal of hits by hackers.Projects, as an example, the email server softwaresystem and internetapplications usually areaunit pummeled: machine-readable text Transfer Protocol(HTTP) and straightforwardIJSERFor mesh or webbing framework hosts, i.e. firewalls, servers,and routers Linux systems Use different passwords for eachsystem. So, they cannot be hacked easily [8].If user‘s hard drives are encrypted, unlocked screens are agreat way for systems to be compromised or be protected.So, Use password-protected screensavers for passwordsecurity. [9]. Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) applications areaunit often ill-treated on the grounds that almost all firewallsand alternativesecuritysystems areaunit organized to modify full access to those comes from theweb. Malicious software system (malware) incorporates [6]. Infections, worms, Trojan steeds, and spyware. Malwareobstructs networks and brings down systems. Spam(garbage email) is wreaking ruin on the framework Accessibilityand storeroom.Andit will conveymalware. Moral hacking uncovers such assaults againstyour laptop systems [7].Password Managers:In this research use randomly generated alphanumericcharacters of at least 20 in lengthen. Last Pass, Dash lane,Robo Form, 1 Password or Secure are rood stage favors thatmoreover to native apps work via the mobile Web.Two-Factor Authentication:Apple, Twitter, Dropbox etc all use two-factorauthentication, when new device login into the site orservice. Within a temporary password, it sends you a textmessage when the user tries to log in to the site. Even if ahacker has your account password, it alerts you thatsomeone tries to hack your password. Thus without yourXIV. METHODOLOGYThe purpose of this paper is to understand the passwordhacking and methods i.e. how we do password hacking. Forthis purpose i.e. understand this issue collect data from allrelative research paper, relative books, magazines, articles,and reports of all the previous researchers. So, in thisresearch collect the secondary data and then implement oursolution to avoid the issue of password hacking and providecomfort to users to use their accounts. Examine and evaluatethe all previous researches to understand which methodsmostly hackers used to perform password hacking andIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518which solution is widely and commonly provided by theprevious researches to solve this issue and that providecomfort to the user [8]. To achieve our purpose of reducingthe password hacking, first, see the previous research onpassword hacking methods and how they affect the usersand then focus on the solutions of these issues. So, in thisresearch collect data and perform an action on it. So,Experimental methodology is used in this research [9].XV.SCOPE & LIMITATIONS:LIMITATIONS:The solution that suggests after a thorough analysis ofprevious researches of different researchers may not solveall issues of password hacking. As new technologyintroduces every day, at that time the outcomes of ourresearch may not be so effective.The solutions that provided is not generalized, it only isapplicable in Pakistan.The research main purpose is to solve password hackingissue with respect to Pakistan. But besides discussing themethods and providing solutions to this problem, define thescope and also limitation of our research [9].SCOPE:996The solutions may be applicable only according to the time,as time changes new technology is introduced and that timeour research may not be useful for the users and itsoutcomes may not be very affected [9].IJSERXVI. CONCLUSION:The methods and solutions that we provide to solve thepassword hacking issue are only applicable inside Pakistan,so it is not generalize.The solution that suggests solving the password hackingissue is only within the computer hacking domain. So it isnot generalized.First study all the previous researches of differentresearchers of different countries on password hackingproblem then analyses all the possible solutions that theyprovide to avoid password hacking.Our research provides a base for future work, as very littleeffort has been made in Pakistan to solve the issue. In thisway, the next researcher can work on it more deeply andprovide a much more effective solution to eliminate thisissue [6].Nowadays password hacking is a great issue in Pakistan.The feel hesitation for creating accounts online due to fear ofpassword hacking. The main objective of this research is toidentify the various passwords types and define differentmethods, how to hack them and which resources are usedfor the hacking by hackers and to identify the solutions ofthese problems by studying the researcher‘s previous papersand discuss which method is most commonly is used toreduce the password hacking issue. The most effectivesolution to solving this problem is to use two-factorauthentication. In this for login into your own account, yourmobile and temporary password which is provided by thesystem admin is required. When some other people whohave your correct password try to use your password andattempt to hack it, the system automatically alerts the users.As technology gets vast in its field from time to time,password hacking is also increasing incredibly. As thegovernment gives permission to legally hack the passwords,but the ratio of illegal password hacking is very high. TheGovernment takes strict reaction on this type of action.IJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10,Issue 1,January-2019ISSN 2229-5518XVII. REFERENCES:[1]V. C Jason. Computer Hacking: Making the Case fora National Reporting Requirement: No. 2004-07 ,4/2004.[2]C. Banita & Dr G. Puneet .3d Password –A SecureTool: January 2014, Volume 4, Issue 1.John A. Chester, ―Analysis of Password Cracking[3]Methods & Applications‖, 2015.IJSER[4]History & Impact of Hacking: final paper fromhistory of computing.[5]B. Jorgen , W. N Rune ,Martin J. Gilje . All in a day'swork: Password cracking for the rest of us.[6]T. Predrag .Passwords attacks and generationstrategies.[7]O.Jim and M. Jeanna . A Study of Passwords andMethods Used in Brute-Force SSH Attacks .[8]Q. Sahar . Using SMS Authentication to DiminishPrivacy Issues in E Services.[9] Harold Tipton and Micki Krause. Information SecurityManagement Handbook 4 th Edition, Volume 3. Boca Raton:Auer Bach Publications, 2002.IJSER 2019http://www.ijser.org997

hacking .the main reason behind password hacking is a weak password. The people mostly select numbers as their password which is easily hacked and don‘t provide strong protection against password hacking. In this research discuss methods of password hacking and also provide a various so