Vulcan Down – An Underwater Fetish Story Part II Scuba Battle

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www.frogwoman.orgpresents:Vulcan down – An underwater fetish storyPart IIScuba BattleAn adult underwater action story with a LOT of fetish elements ;-)(incl. rubber wetsuits and hoses, scuba peril, scuba fights, gassing, bondageelements, breath control play and various “drowning peril” elements)Notes: Please be aware that I only have limited experience in writing stories- English isn’t my first language, but I try my bestIntroduction: My story is based on the certain aspects from the epic JamesBond movie “Thunderball” (1965), but adds (even) a LOT more naughty fetishelements to it.- You can watch the original scenes with videos, pictures and my opinion, on myblog story is a follow up to “Vulcan down”, which you can find r-fetish-story-written-bymyselfI know that it is a lot to read, but if you are interested in scuba action or any ofthe fetishes listed above you might like it ;-)Take your time, don’t rush through it, you would miss a lot!!!!And be warned, don’t read this story in a public place!!!That would end in .embarrassment ;-)XXXXXXPHASE I – IntroductionJessie had explained everything in detail to Kate. How she accidently found oneof the flight maps that SPECTRE had given her and the pictures of herwww.frogwoman.org1

enchained brother and parents. Jessie had thought about talking to theauthorities, but that would have endangered Kate’s loved ones. And it had beentoo late to talk to Kate as she already had left for the air base hours earlier. Theflight was scheduled for the next night, so Jessie had been departed immediatelyand got on an flight for the Bahamas the same day.As the Vulcan had reached the target area she carefully got closer, withoutrisking that the white Yacht would spot her black boat in the dark. Jessiedescended down to the Vulcan but had a hard time to stay out of sight of theblack frogmen, even in the darkness. She had been sneaking around the plane,but the frogmen in the bomb bay were awfully close. And she wouldn’t had achance against 10 or 11 of these guys in their black rubber suits.She had noticed that Kate was in deep trouble as that bastard was playing withher air hose, but she couldn’t expose herself and attack him, without him or theother divers would see her coming.Finally as the divers had left the plane with the bombs, she swam over to thecockpit, where Kate had already nearly drowned.After her rescue, Kate and Jessie moved the boat to a safe distance from theyacht and speeded back to Jessie’s hotel after a short break.Later that night Kate had explained everything to Jessie, and told her about theterrors that Max and her jammed harness had brought over her, and the deadlyfate of her brother and parents.The information about SPECTRE’s plans, that Max had given her already hadproven very useful. He had told her a lot, maybe because she wasn’t suppose tomake it out of the Vulcan, or maybe because he wanted to impress her, as he hadbeen pretty drunk one day.But now Kate was alive and that bastard was dead.For the last two days Kate and Jessie had been spying on SPECTRE. It wasn’teasy to follow their underwater activities, but they managed to find the hiddenunderwater cave where the bombs were stored, after they had been following agroup of divers and a submarine, that carried the bombs.Kate had to do a lot of persuading with Jessie, who thought it was a crazy plangoing after such an organization with just the two of them. After a longdiscussion Kate had persuaded Jessie to help her to get revenge on SPECTRE.Kate had blood on her hands, sooner or later the dead crew of the Vulcanbomber would be discovered, and the fact that there wouldn’t be a dead Kate inthe cockpit, would make her the prime suspect.Contacting the authorities was not an option.Yes, she was had been forced to kill them, but she thought that the authoritieswould make her responsible for their deaths anyhow.The death of Max must have been a big blow to SPECTRE, but the number 2 ofthis operation had already been taken over the job.Now a redhead named Fiona Volpe was in charge. Kate had meet here once asMax introduced her to Fiona, who made quite an impression on her. The fiery,www.frogwoman.org2

long red hair, a pretty large bust size and a stone cold personality were the mostobvious characteristics after they had talked for some minutes.The goal was to ambush Fiona and her frogmen just outside the underwater cavebefore they could pick up the bombs again. The surprise factor was of utmostimportance. Both used the last two days to prepare themselves as good aspossible. They bought a lot of scuba gear, practised underwater fights againsteach other, spied on SPECTRE and planed the revenge.This was personal, Kate wanted to cripple the whole operation, in which she hadbeen forced to play her part in.x---xPHASE II – PreparationThe small, black motor boat was gently moving on the flat waves in a smallcove next the underwater cave.Jessie and Kate were tensed, it was time to get ready. Time to get revenge onthese bastards.Only in their red bikinis they sat down to put on the black rubber wetsuits.Jessie started to pull the wetsuit pants on and noticed how Kate was observingher as she was dressing herself into the rubber material.Both loved the feeling of these suits on their own bodies and enjoyed it evenmore on each other. But there was no time to give in to their sexual desires fornow. Kate pulled the wetsuit jacket over her trained body. This time shewouldn’t be trapped in a harness, besieged from a crazy frogman that enjoyedher entrapment, her desperate situation, as he played with her life giving air hosethat was connected to her oxygen mask.This time she would be much more able to fight, and the thought about beingentangled with another diver, while trying to get the upper hand over him or her,fuelled her arousal even more. She swallowed hard to suppress it.As both women had their wetsuits on, they reached for the scuba knives. Bothhad two knives each, on the upper left arm, and one on the lower right leg. Asecond knife would come in handy, as soon the first one would be lost in thestruggle against all these SPECTRE divers.As the surely were outnumbered underwater, they had bought additionalweaponry to improve their chances. Carefully they strapped very short spearguns to their right thighs, spear guns which were barely longer than a standardpistol.Slowly the long hair was disappearing under the rubber hoods. Now bothbeauties were nearly fully encased in their black rubber suits. The black fins andweight belts were also in place now and finally they grabbed the twin tanks andlifted them on their shoulders. Jessie reached behind Kate and took her doublehose regulator, placing it near her mouth.www.frogwoman.org3

J.: “Take good care of this, and watch yourself! This will be one tough battle, Istill can’t believe you convinced me of that crazy plan ”Kate placed her hands on Jessie’s breasts, squeezing them gently through therubber, kissing her shortly after.K.: “I do have my ways to motivate you. And no, it’s not crazy .let’s say it is a daring plan”Jessie smiled lustfully and reached out for Kate’s hips, pulling her closer untilshe could feel Kate’s body pressing against her own. The rubber made somesqueaky sounds as they slowly rubbed against each other.J.: “Yes, you do. But we have to focus now, it’s time to hit the water”K.: “I know, damn .let’s continue this .later on”.Kate took the two long spear guns and handed one over to Jessie.K.: “Remember, we finish off that evil redheaded-bitch and disable the smallsubmarine they need to carry the bombs. Then SPECTRE’s timetable is crushed,and they are without a leader. And don’t play with the frogmen, just finish themoff or force them to the surface.”J.: “Well, I just hope that Fiona doesn’t bring more divers than we can handle!”Kate smiled at her and jumped into the water.With the whole gear in place, Kate and Jessie started the underwater scootersand started their way to the underwater cave. Bubbles escaped the roundregulators behind their heads.Kate enjoyed the dive as they approached their target. She observed Jessie fromtime to time, how she slid elegantly through the water, with the spear gunattached to her scooter. She controlled her breath and focused to stay calm whileshe was sucking on her mouth piece. As usual the air had a slight rubber taste asit reached her mouth.She thought about Fiona Volpe, and how she wanted to finish her. Kate smiledbehind her regulator.Finally they reached their little hideout close to the entrance of the cave. Therocks and the corals provided a good cover and the air bubbles wouldn’t alert theother divers since they would be compiled inside the tiny cave.They carefully placed the underwater scooters to the sandy bottom and grabbedthe spear guns. Kate checked her clock, the divers should arrive in a matter ofminutes, if they would stick to the plan. She looked in Jessie’s direction andgave her the OK-signal which she returned as she placed one hand on Kate’sarm.SPECTRE was right on schedule. From their side position they saw the group ofdivers approaching the cave entrance. The orange submarine (with one driver) inthe middle and a group of 8 divers in black rubber wetsuits around them. Allequipped with a spear gun and a scuba knife. It was easy to spot Fiona Volpe inthat group, her large breasts were clearly visible even from this distance. Thegroup came closer, diving on a slightly higher level than their hideout was.www.frogwoman.org4

Jessie noticed that Kate and herself weren’t the only ones who were arousedfrom diving in these wetsuits. Most of the frogmen observed their curvy,well-equipped leader more or less obvious. And some of them seemed to haveproblems in hiding their arousal, as they had pretty big bulges over their crotch.The frogman at the end was even groping his dick through the rubber carefully.Jessie looked at Kate and how she observed the divers with widened eyes.Jessie, a lesbian herself, knew that her bisexual partner would be much morearoused from the view. Slightly jealous she pulled on Kate’s arm, pointing withboth forefingers towards her own head, signalling her to focus.Kate gave the OK sign and pointed her spear gun in direction of the enemy.x---xPHASE III – ForeplayThe divers reached the hidden entry of the cave and Fiona just started to handlethe opening mechanism, as Kate and Jessie fired their spear guns.The spears were speeding to their targets who were around 10 meters away. Thefirst frogman was hit right in the chest. Blood escaped his black rubber body asthe regulator left his lips. Massive bubbles were streaming from it.The second frogman screamed into his mouth piece as the spear thrusted into hisbelly. His body wreathing around in a cloud of blood.Their current position would be a deathtrap as soon the divers would close ontoit, so Katie and Jessie stuck to the plan and quickly left the cave, moving to thenext covered position. The SPECTRE divers now discovered their attackers andrecovered quickly from the surprise attack. Two frogmen took a quick shot atthem, but missed their moving targets.Fiona signalled two frogmen to attack them from both sides.“Whoever they are these bitches will pay for what they did” she thought whileshe pointed her spear gun at the point where bubbles were ascending from therocks.“They can’t hide behind there forever, and my frogmen should kill them easily,as they still have their loaded spear guns”. Fiona smiled as she sucked hard onher mouthpiece.Kate saw Fiona ordering two of the frogmen to attack, each one of them wasclosing in from one side. Quickly she signalled Jessie to take care of thefrogman who was coming closer on her side.Until now everything worked out as planned, and now only two of them wereattacking while the other four were just waiting for them to leave their cover.Safe behind the rock she let him come closer, his spear gun was pointed in herdirection, ready to fire. Her hand grabbed the short spear gun that was strappedto her right upper leg.www.frogwoman.org5

She pulled herself up a little to give him a small target to fire upon. It worked ashe shot his spear immediately at her and missed. He grabbed his knife and wasclosing in fast on her. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the short spear gun.“Got you!” she thought as she fired the spear from only 2 meters distance athim, hitting him right in the chest. He was dead instantly.Jessie was now focused on her attacker, who was coming closer slowly. He tookadvantage of the cover on the way and was only 3 meters away now, observingher closely, waiting for a chance to finish her off with his spear gun.The adrenaline was pumping inside Jessie, one false move could mean her end.Her breathing increased more and more, sending formations of bubbles to thesurface. It was like a stand-off as both were waiting for the other one to make amove. Suddenly a spear hit the rock, only centimeters away from her face. Oneof the frogmen near Fiona must have fired it.Jessie turned her head towards them, unaware that she was moving her upperbody slightly out of the cover. Another spear was fired on her, slicing throughthe rubber on her right upper arm. She screamed into her mouthpiece, as the painhit her hard. Quickly she checked the wound.“Lucky me” she thought, it was only a graze wound, two or three centimeters tothe left and the spear would stick in her arm now. With her left hand she coveredthe wound, a small cloud of blood was building up around it.Finally she saw the diver who was only half a meter away from her, with hisknife swinging at her.She pulled her arms up, grabbing his wrists. He was strong, the knife camecloser and closer to her air hose. She was breathing rapidly, as she realised thatthis guy could finish her off in a matter of seconds. The knife reached her airhose, slightly touching the rubber material.Desperately she pushed hard against his arms while she swung her right lowerleg into his crotch, hitting him hard. The frogman moaned in pain as his headpulled back.Jessie pushed his arm aside, grabbing onto his scuba mask, yanking it offquickly while enjoying the shocked expression as the water flooded down on hisface. That bastard knew he was in deep trouble now.She felt the rising arousal that added to the thrill of the fight. The frogmanpushed his knife hand hard, trying to stab her. She needed both arms to stop hisknife arm. His free hand struggled in her direction, reaching for her air hose,yanking hard on it!Jessie clawed her teeth into the rubber, trying to hold onto her life givingmouthpiece, sucking in as much air she could get.Suddenly he stopped fighting, no more yanking on her air hose, no moreattempts at stabbing her. He was a lifeless puppet now. Finally Jessie saw theknife in his chest and Kate, who was beside her.www.frogwoman.org6

Kate gave Jessie the OK sign, who ignored it. It was obvious that Jessie hadmuch more trouble in fighting off her scuba attacker than she did. Her partnerwas breathing rapidly, and her eyes were widened in the scuba mask. Slowly shegrabbed her shoulders and rubbed over her black wetsuit and winked with oneeye. It seemed to work as Jessie calmed down and produced less bubbles withher regulator.Fiona witnessed how her two frogmen failed and were now dead too. Besidesher, only 3 frogmen and the driver of the mini submarine were left. These twowomen were capable fighters, but still she and her frogmen had 3 loaded spearguns left. With these they would be in a good position since the two womenwould be exposed when they would have leave the rock formation to attack.The problem was, that Fiona and her frogmen were on a tight schedule to get thebombs, she couldn’t just wait for an attack, so she decided to end this quickly byattacking together with all her frogmen. She wouldn’t underestimate them again.And this time she would join the fight, a thought that aroused her as she wassmiling behind her mouthpiece.Kate focused on Fiona and the remaining SPECTRE divers. She ordered themclose, building up a small circle, giving hand signals to them.Kate was getting nervous since she couldn’t see these signals clearly, what wasshe up to? Until now, all was running pretty much like they had planed it.Her scuba knife was back in her hand after she had retrieved it from the deadfrogman.Swiftly the enemy divers assembled behind the submarine, which started itspropulsion and turned towards Kate and Jessie. It took up speed and was pullingthe frogmen and Fiona who all held onto it.“Damn, what are they up to?” thought Kate as she intensified her grip on theknife.x---xPHASE IV – ClimaxJessie saw from her cover that the submarine and the divers were advancingpretty fast. With the approaching danger her muscles tensed and she felt thesexual excitement returning. It seemed to her like her rubber wetsuit got tighterby the second as she sucked more intensely on the mouthpiece. She looked atKate who starred at the submarine and grabbed her arm. Kate returned her lookand signalled the maneuver they had discussed earlier.Jessie pulled her own mouthpiece out and smiled at Kate while she let a fewbubbles escape her mouth.www.frogwoman.org7

It was time to finish the two intruders and Fiona and the frogmen quickly weresome meters above them as the submarine passed the rocks where they werehiding. The plan was to get behind the cover in a optimal distance to use thespear guns while sticking together near the sub.Kate and Jessie waited until the submarine stopped and quickly swam to theother side of the rocks. Now covered they watched the 3 frogmen with spearguns swimming towards them, with Fiona closely behind them. Kate wasspeeding in the direction of their first hideout, from which they ambushed theSPECTRE divers. Jessie swam in the opposite direction, and like Kate she wasonly offering her side as a target. The frogmen were splitting up, two werepursuing Jessie, the other one followed Fiona after Kate. And he aimed at thefast moving frogwoman, shooting his spear towards her, missing her as the spearpassed her curvy body. Fiona cursed in her mouth piece, it seemed that Maxdidn’t choose the best men for the job.Jessie swam around some corals and held her breath to avoid bubbles that wouldgive away her position. She grabbed the short spear gun from her upper leg, andwas waiting for the pursuing frogmen. Their bubbles came closer quickly as shefelt the urge to exhale getting stronger and stronger. She moved slightly out ofcover and fired the spear at second frogman. His body writhed around as he wasmoaning into his mouthpiece before spilling it out. Bubbles and blood weresurrounding him.The other guy accelerated and moved around the corals with strong and faststrokes of his legs. He dropped the still loaded spear gun and pulled the scubaknife out of the holster.Jessie turned around just in time to stop the knife hand of her attacker. With bothhands she held onto his wrists. He was strong and the knife came closer. Withsome strokes of her fins she started to spin him around. Her breathing increasedas massive formations of bubbles escaped their regulators, while their entangledrubber bodies seemed to dance in the water. For a second she saw his spear gunat the sandy bottom.“Why had he dropped it?” she thought while they continued spinning around,both trying to get the upper hand.Suddenly her scuba tanks smashed against the rocks, the straps of her tankharness grinded into the rubber on her shoulders and Jessie grunted into hermouthpiece. The frogman pushed her hard, pinning her body against the rocks ashis crotch rubbed over hers.She felt his rock hard erection and saw the big bulge under his wetsuit. Thatbastard seemed to enjoy this fight much more than she did.XXXKate reached their former hideout and grabbed one of the underwater scooters.Quickly she started it and began speeding towards

Scuba Battle An adult underwater action story with a LOT of fetish elements ;-) (incl. rubber wetsuits and hoses, scuba peril, scuba fights, gassing, bondage elements, breath control play and various “drowning peril” elements) - Notes: Please be aware that I only have limited experience in writing stories

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