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Personal BrandingCassandra ClarkProject Manager, Global Merchant MarketingOnline & Social Media ManagementDiscover Financial Services

What is personal branding?“Personal branding is a description of the process wherebypeople and their careers are marked as brands.” The creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person orindividual Includes, but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance,reputation, persona, and knowledge contained within,leading to an indelible impression that is uniquelydistinguishable

Start Establishing Brand YOU What have you done lately -- this week -- to make yourselfstand out? What would your colleagues, peers, or instructors say is yourgreatest and clearest strength? Your most noteworthy personal trait? What do you do that adds remarkable, measurable,distinguished, distinctive value? What are you most proud of?

FEATURE-BENEFIT MODELThink of corporate brands: every feature they offer in theirproduct or service yields an identifiable and distinguishablebenefit for their customer or client.Example: A dominantfeature of Nordstromdepartment stores is thepersonalized service itlavishes on each andevery customer. Thecustomer benefit: afeeling of being accordedindividualized attention -along with all of thechoice of a largedepartment store

Develop your brand statementI am an intelligent engineering graduate looking foran engineering role.” Using my holistic insight and innovative Total PerformanceScorecard principles, I promise to help my customers to realizetheir financial dreams. – Financial Consultant Motivational CEO/CFO turned positive-psychologist resilientlytransforming businesses & financial performance. – Consultant I inspire people to transform "stuck" career management plansto vibrant opportunity creating strategies. - Career Coach Through my natural enthusiasm and my empathy for others, Iinspire research and development professionals todevelop innovative products in biotechnology. - BiotechManager

Brand Toolkit

Digital Brand YOU:Are they really looking at my social profiles?Umm Yup.A full 73 percent of therecruiters polled said theyhired someone who was foundor introduced through a socialnetwork

Digital Brand YOU:So what are they looking for on social?Culture tionSkillsTrendingHealthIssuesLifestyleChanges

1.Culture FitPersonal Branding InconsistenciesWritten Communication SkillsTrending Health IssuesLifestyle Changes Do you use a high-percentage of swear words? Are you overly confrontational? Are you hyper-adamant in your political beliefs? Are you sensitive when it comes to diversity issues like race, religion andsexual orientation? Do you display a sense of humor? How do you handle negative comments from others? Are you happy for others as they achieve? Are you likeable?

2.Culture FitPersonal Branding InconsistenciesWritten Communication SkillsTrending Health IssuesLifestyle Changes Next step in the social media scan: a look at your character andintegrity. Are you who you say you are? The warning signs during this critical stage are 99.9% selfinflicted. Red flag: you list “work ethic” as a marketable soft skill – yetconsistently tweet, “Gawd, will this day ever end!!!” One recruiter reported scratching an interview because thecandidate talked about how they passionately supportSpecial Olympics, yet referred to your friends in casual postsas “retards”. Are you authentic?

3.Culture FitPersonal Branding InconsistenciesWritten Communication SkillsTrending Health IssuesLifestyle ChangesVS. Are you a communicator?

4.Culture FitPersonal Branding InconsistenciesWritten Communication SkillsTrending Health IssuesLifestyle Changes Do you often complain that you aren’t feeling well? Does the whole world know when you have a bad headache? How often do you call in sick? Are you always #tired? Are you dependable?

5.Culture FitPersonal Branding InconsistenciesWritten Communication SkillsTrending Health IssuesLifestyle Changes “So upset my parents are getting a divorce” “Can’t wait to move back home I can’t stand this city!” “Back at hospital again for grandma. Hope this week is better” “Can’t stop thinking about my wedding- only six months to go!” Are you focused?

Got it, now what?BUILD IT THEY WILL COME Tip#1: Annoy OthersTip#2: Be a UnicornTip#3: Get out there digitallyTip#4: Join communities, and SHOW UPTip#5: Go Shopping

Recap: YOUR Personal BrandingUnderstand branding is not just for McDonald’s, Ferrari, or James Bond YOU have your own personal brandDiscover what makes you desirable for a recruiter. What makes you unique?Establish your own feature-benefit modelDevelop your personal brand statementBuild your branding tool kitRecognize how often recruiters leverage social mediaConsider how EVERTHING you do online contributes to your personal brandimageGet heard. Get noticed.Market brand YOU.

Contact: Cassandra sandraclarkBest Wishes on Your Internship or Job Search!

What is personal branding? “Personal branding is a description of the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.” The creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual Includes, but is not limited to the body, clothing, appeara

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discussed how branding and society affect each other. Based on the knowledge of how branding theories have been developed as dependent variables of each other and the society, we are able to form a better understanding of the past, the present, and the future of branding. KEYWORDS: Branding, Evolution of

Our Blank Slate Recec ea o s o g e Co ec o oreation’s Long Term Connection to Athletics & Academics . & Themed Before . Branding Strengthens Relationships. Branding Helps Build Community. Branding Underscores Traditions & Shared History. What is all the Talk About Braad gs es

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a negative impact on that person’s personal brand. Images were seen to be more efficient than text for the purpose of personal branding and it also appeared that identity creation through images could create a more expressive society. Keywords: Social media, Instagram, Identity, Personal branding, Social interaction, Symbolic interactionism .

Personal branding is meant for an individual to create a sense of self-worth in the market. “In personal branding, there is no employer attachment, but rather an individual is selling herself rather than a company related brand (Shepherd, 2010)”(Labrecque, 2010). With the power of the web today, having a personal brand means “creating and

*DRAFT Syllabus* Course Syllabus – DRAFT ISEN 461- Sustainable Branding (1.0 credits) Northwestern University Course Synopsis: This course covers many of the fundamental topics in branding, particularly sustainable branding. Beginning with an exploration of br

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branding shots (average scores) initial branding - sec. 1-2 interim branding - sec. 46-48 ultimate branding - sec. 56-60. overall effectiveness emotional engagement. source: nielsen consumer neuroscience. critical start . 0 2 4 6 8 10 . 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27

ANN L. ECKHARDT EDUCATION Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago 9/12 Chicago, Illinois B.S.N. Illinois Wesleyan University 5/03 Bloomington, Illinois PROFESSIONAL 8/12 – present Assistant Professor EXPERIENCE School of Nursing, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois 7/06 –

INTRODUCTION Clinton Lake, located in DeWitt County in central Illinois, was constructed by Illinois Power Company to provide cooling water for the Clinton Power Station. Normal pool elevation was reached in 1978, the same year in which the Illinois Department of Natural Resources signed a 40-year lease with Illinois Power Company.

M Thrive Center for Dance - Indian Head Park, Illinois N Dixon Dance Academy - West Dundee, Illinois O VDW Dance Company - Rockford, Michigan P Engage Dance Academy - Crystal Lake, Illinois Q Steppin’ Up Northshore Academy - Lake Bluff, Illinois R Determination Dance - Huntley, Illinois S Sunshine Dance - Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Human Services Commission, Illinois 92 Human Trafficking Task Force 94 I Illinois Global Partnership, Inc., Board of Directors (inactive) 95 Illinois P-20 Council 96 Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council 98 Illinois Youth Development Council 99 Immigrant Impact Task Force, Illinois 101 Inclusive American History Commission 102

Parte I. Qué es el personal branding Capítulo 1. La revolución de la marca personal Capítulo 2. Deja huella y triunfa Capítulo 3. El personal branding no es magia Parte II. Tu lugar en el mundo Capítulo 4. Definir el rumbo y los límites Capítulo 5. La personalidad de tu marc

Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Western Illinois University Illinois State Board of Education Rural Partners Southern Illinois University, Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development University of Illinois – Cooperative Extension Citizen Members Heather Hampto

January 2021 . Introduction . Gary Schnitkey . Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics . University of Illinois . January 2021 . This publication presents crop budgets for three regions in Illinois: northern, central, and southern Illinois. Central Illinois is further divided into categories for high-productivity

Early Learning Council, Illinois 94 Eastern Illinois Economic Development Authority 97 Eastern Illinois University, Board of Trustees 98 Education Funding Advisory Board 99 Education of Children With Disabilities, Advisory Council on 100 Education, State Board of 101 Educational Commission of the States (Illinois Delegation) 102

Southern Illinois University is a multi-campus university comprising two institutions, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), with a School of Medicine at Springfield, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), with a School of Dental Medicine at Alton and a center in East St. Louis.

Linda Morford, Eastern Illinois University Joe Pacha, Illinois State University Erika Hunt, Illinois State University Valerie Jackson, Chicago Public Schools Bert Hendee, Large Unit District Association Jay Lalley, Chicago Public Schools Debbie Daniels, Kentucky D.O.E. Orin Simmerman, Kentucky D.O.E. Joseph Murphy, Vanderbilt University

Studies were divided into the following: The Branding of Commercial Products and Branding of Cities, Case studies of New York, Paris, San . Municipal Marketing was also explored, as one of the solutions for assisting i

pendidikan koresponden sampai pendidikan melalui e-learning lintas ruang dan waktu. UU No. 12/2012 tentang Pendidikan Tinggi Bagian Ketujuh Pendidikan Jarak Jauh Pasal 31 1) Pendidikan jarak jauh merupakan proses belajar mengajar yang dilakukan secara jarak jauh melalui penggunaan berbagai media komunikasi. 2) Pendidikan jarak jauh sebagaimana dimaksud pada ayat (1) bertujuan: a. memberikan .