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TwoComponentEpoxy AmineSystems

About UsCytec Surface Specialties manufactures andmarkets a broad range of technically innovativeproducts for applications in key coating marketssuch as industrial, wood and paper, graphics,adhesives and opto-electronics.A leader in environmentally-friendly coatingtechnologies, we are a total solution provider –offering an extensive range of high-performanceproducts, supported to a high level of technicalexpertise.Product RangeCytec Surface Specialties offers a comprehensiveproduct range, including many cutting-edgetechnologies that have earned leading positionsin their target markets. These are divided intothree main groups:– Liquid Coating Resins and Additives– Radcure and Powder Resins– Adhesives, Bonding and FormulationsCytec Surface Specialties leads inUV/EB curable systemsPowder coating resinsWaterborne alkydsWaterborne epoxiesWaterborne resin systems in primer surfacer,base and clear coats for auto OEMsGlobal PresenceHeadquartered in Brussels (Belgium), CytecSurface Specialties operates ISO-certifiedmanufacturing facilities and distribution centersworldwide.Our ten technology centers – located in Europe,Asia and North America – offer customersready access to world-class technical supportand applications research.We have sales offices in more than 30 countriesacross the globe, to provide responsive service –focused on helping customers identify andcapture their emerging opportunities in themarketplace.Cytec Industries Inc.Cytec Industries is a specialty chemicals andmaterials technology company with sales ofabout 3 billion. Its growth strategies are basedon developing technologically advanced customersolutions for global markets including: aerospace,coatings, mining, plastics and water treatment.

Contents3Epoxy resins, water-reducible4Epoxy hardeners, water-reducible5Epoxy resins solid and solutions6Epoxy resins liquid and reactive diluted7Reactive diluents for epoxy resins7Epoxy hardeners, polyamines8Epoxy hardeners, adducts9Epoxy hardeners, mannich bases10Epoxy hardeners, polyamidoamines11Survey of the quantities of hardeners12Epoxy resins14General propertiesEpoxy resins15ApplicationsEpoxy hardeners16General propertiesEpoxy hardeners17ApplicationsTechnical propertiesachieved by using various hardeners18

4Epoxy resins, water-reducibleBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solid resinsolventEpoxy-equivalentweightDIN 53188 g/molf.o.d.Dynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219mPa.s, 23 CEP 122 w100–190–200700–900EP 147 w100–188–200EP 384 w53 WAMP920–1040EP 385 w56 WAVEP 2381 wVEP 2382 wVEP 2390 wWater-emulsifiable, reactive diluted A/F-liquid resin, non-crystallizing. Primers/coatings on mineral substrates, adhesivesand water washable jointing-compounds for tiles, hydraulicepoxy mortars (ECC).9000–13000 100 cylinderf.o.d.Water-emulsifiable A/F-liquid resin, non-crystallizing, containsco-reacting emulsifiers. For primers/coatings on mineral andmetallic substrates, adhesives and water washable jointingcompounds for tiles. Higher chemical resistance and hardnessthan BECKOPOX EP 122 w. Partner for epoxy-solid resindispersions.490–550400–750100 cylinderf.o.d.Solid resin (type 1) dispersion, also in combiantion with liquidresins for waterreducible, fast drying coatings for mineral andmetallic substrates.850–930480–520450–1100100 cylinderf.o.d.Internally flexibilized solid resin (type 1) dispersion, e. g.for water-reducible fast drying anti-corrosion primers andcoatings for plastics. Addition of BECKOPOX EP 147 wincreases hardness and chemical resistance.55 WA850–960470–5307000–12000 10f.o.d.Solid resin (type 1) dispersions, highly viscous form ofdelivery. Well suited for thick layer applications and singlecoats due to its shear thinning properties.75 MP620–690464–5203000–6000f.o.d.Internally flexibilized solid resin (type 1) diluted in organicsolvents, water-emulsifiable. For coatings for metallicsubstrates. Well suited for processing of water-sensitivepigments like zinc dust. Isobutanol Methoxypropanol Water Xylene Form of delivery (f.o.d)reduced withf.o.d. Form of delivery500at % solidresinf.o.d.Abbreviations for solventsIBMPWAX shearrates -1solid resinPropertiesand use25

Epoxy hardeners, water-reducibleBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solid resinsolventH-equivalent weightg/molf.o.d.pot lifeat 23 CClassificationDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219mPa.s, 23 Csolidmattershearrate s -1Propertiesand useconcentrationEH 613 w80 WA145116ca. 1,5 h 1C23000–31000 100f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct for waterreducible coatings, preferred on metallicsubstrates, e. g. with BECKOPOX EP 385 wfor anticorrosion primers.EH 623 w80 WA2001602–3 h 2Xi, N12000–21000 25f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct for waterreducible coatings on mineral and metallicsubstrates, as well as for hydraulic epoxymortars (ECC).EH 659 w50 WA210–220105–1104–5 h 2Xi17000–27000 25f.o.d.Polyamidoamine for water-reducible coatings,on mineral and metallic substrates.VEH 2106 w80 WA142114ca. 1,5 h 1C14000–25000 10f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct for waterreducible coatings on metallic or mineralsubstrates. Visible end of pot life withBECKOPOX EP 385 w or liquid epoxy resins.VEH 2177 w80 WA1751402–2,5 h 1C7000–12000100f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct for waterreducible coatings on mineral and metallicsubstrates. Better temperature and shearstability during the dispersing of pigmentsthan BECKOPOX EH 623 w.VEH 2188 w55 WA3802151,5–2 h 3Xi6000–1400010f.o.d.Hydrophobic aliphatic polyamine adductfor waterborne metal coatings, e. g. withBECKOPOX EP 384 w or VEP 2381 w foranticorrosive primers or single coats.VEH 2849 w80 WA134107ca. 1,5 h 1C18000–25000 25f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct for waterreducible coatings preferred on metallicsubstrates, e. g. with BECKOPOX EP 385 wfor anticorrosion primers. Better temperatureand shear stability during the dispersing ofpigments than BECKOPOX EH 613 w.1 with BECKOPOX EP 385w / 56WA, 20 – 23 C2 with BECKOPOX EP 122w, 20 – 23 C3 with BECKOPOX EP 384w / 53WAMP, 20 – 23 C5

6Epoxy resins solid and solutionsBECKOPOXEpoxy-equivalentweight DIN53188 g/molForm ofdelivery %solid resinsolventf.o.d.Dynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219mPa.s, 23 CmPa.s, 25 Csolid resinshearrate s-1Propertiesand useat % solidresinEP 30175 X600–700450–5257800–13000 –100f.o.d.Solid resin (type 1) for solvent-borne coatings andanticorrosion primers, additional binder for stovingpaints, e. g. based on saturated polyesters or acrylatesto achieve better chemical resistance and adhesion.Average hydroxyl number: ca. 120EP 304100–875–1000650–1000600–900500 BDG 40Solid resin (type 4) for powder coatings, stovingpaints and primers with high chemical resistance.Average hydroxyl number: ca. 190EP 307100–1400–1900 1400–2500–100 BDG 40Solid resin (type 7), especially for stoving applicationsin can coatings (with phenolic or melamine resins).With polyisocyanates for cold curing two-componentcoatings, e. g. for solvent-resistant coatings.Average hydroxyl number: ca. 200EP 309100–2400–3500 3400–12000 3000–10000 100 BDG 40Solid resin (type 9), especially for stoving applicationslike high-deformable can coatings (with phenolic ormelamine resins). With polyisocyanates for cold curingtwo-component coatings, e. g. for solvent-resistantcoatings.Average hydroxyl number: ca. 225

Epoxy resins liquid and reactive dilutedBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solid resinDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219Epoxy-equivalentweight DIN53188 g/molf.o.d.mPa.s, 23 CmPa.s, 25 Csolid resinshearrate s-1Propertiesand useat % solidresinEP 116100–175–1857800 –11000 6000 –8000100f.o.d.A/F-liquid resin, non-crystallizing. For highly chemicalresistant coatings, trowelling compounds, adhesives,casting and laminating compounds.EP 117100–175–185800–1200700 –1000500f.o.d.Reactive diluted A/F-liquid resins, non-crystallizing.For chemical-resistant coatings, concrete injections,trowelling compounds, adhesives, casting andlaminating compounds.EP 128100–190–200900 –1300700 –1000500f.o.d.Reactive diluted A-liquid resin. For chemical-resistantcoatings, concrete injections, trowelling, casting, andlaminating compounds, hydraulic epoxy mortars (ECC).EP 140100–180–19011000 –15500 –25f.o.d.A-liquid resin for highly chemical-resistant coatings,adhesives, trowelling, casting and laminatingcompounds.EP 151100–400–50025000 –38000 20000 –30000 25f.o.d.cylinderInternally plasticized A-liquid resin. Compounding resinfor unmodified epoxy resins in coatings, adhesives andcasting compounds.VEP 2085100–300–360 12000 – 4500–25f.o.d.Urethane modified, flexibilized A-liquid resin withremarkable higher values in tear-tests compared toBECKOPOX VEP 2865. For self-leveling, crack-bridgingcoatings and applications where low temperatureelasticity is required. Further applications: castingmoulds, impact resistant tools.VEP 2865100–230–3001400 –21001200 –1800100f.o.d.Flexibilized A-liquid resin, extremly low viscous for selfleveling, crack-bridging coatings, flexible even at temperatures far below freezing point. Further applications:adhesives, impact-resistant tools and casting moulds.Preferred hardener: BECKOPOX EH 610.1 technical determinationReactive diluents for epoxy resinsBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solid resinEpoxy-equivalentweight DIN53188 g / molf.o.d.Propertiesand useDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219mPa.s, 23 Cshear rate s-1at % solid resinEP 075100320 –36040 –70500f.o.d.Flexibilizing reactive diluent with neutral odour, for unmodifiedepoxy resins. (polypropylene glycol diglycidyl ether).EP 080100185–195 7500 cylinderf.o.d.Reactive diluent, relatively low vapour pressure. Strongviscosity-reducing effect, for unmodified epoxy resins(2-ethyl hexyl glycidyl ether).7

8Epoxy hardeners, polyaminesBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solidmatterH-equivalentweight g/molf.o.d.solidmatterStart ofgelation23 CDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219ClassificationmPa.s, 23 Cshearrate s -1Propertiesand useconcentrationEH 610100–955–10 min 1 C230–360500f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine, preferred use in sealingcompounds and adhesives with BECKOPOXVEP 2865 for crack-bridging coatings.EH 611100–1905–10 min 1 C, N4700–10000100f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine, flexibilized. Preferreduse in sealing compounds and adhesives.1 with BECKOPOX EP 140, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 C

Epoxy hardeners, adductsBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solidmattersolventH-equivalentweight g/molf.o.d.solidmatterStart ofgelation23 CEH 606100–1006–7 h1EH 625100–73EH 63155 XIB345EH 633100EH 637100ClassificationPropertiesand useDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219mPa.s, 23 Cshearrate s -1concentration3000–4400 100f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct, systems withvery long processing time, plasticizing effect,partner for highly reactive hardeners, verylow reaction temperature.20–25min1 C900–1400500f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct, free of phenoland phenolic derivates, curing at temperaturesas low as 5 C, good chemical resistance.Coatings, adhesives, laminates.190ca. 5 h 2Xn3600–6000 100f.o.d.Aliphatic polyamine adduct, with BECKOPOXEP 301 for solvent-borne chemical-resistantcoatings.–11330–40min1 Xn4700–6000 100f.o.d.Cycloaliphatic polyamine adduct forrelatively yellowing-resistant, chemicalresistant coatings. Preferred for airless(hot) application in thick layers.–10045–60min1 C90–120f.o.d.Cycloaliphatic polyamine adduct forrelatively yellowing-resistant coatings,casting compounds and laminates.1 with BECKOPOX EP 140, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 C2 with BECKOPOX EP 301/75 X, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 CC5009

10Epoxy hardeners, mannich basesBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solidmatterH-equivalentweight g/molf.o.d.solidmatterStart ofgelation23 CClassificationPropertiesand useDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219mPa.s, 23 Cshearrate s -1concentrationEH 614100–5410–20 min1 T3000–5500 100f.o.d.Mannich base (aliphatic polyamine), curingat temperatures as low as 5 C. Coatings ofhigh resistance against inorganic acids andorganic solvents.EH 621100–6115–25 min1 T1700–2300 100f.o.d.Mannich base (aliphatic polyamine), curingat temperatures as low as 5 C. Hydrophilicadjusted, especially suited for dampsubstrates. Coatings, adhesives, concreteinjections.EH 624100–8020–25 min1 C2300–3800 100f.o.d.Mannich base (aliphatic polyamine), freephenol-content 5 %, curing temperaturesas low as 5 C, good chemical resistance.Coatings, adhesives, laminates. Acceleratorfor low reactive hardeners.EH 628100–75ca. 25 min1 C, N480–720100f.o.d.Mannich base (aliphatic polyamine), containsalkyl phenol. Chemical-resistant coatingson mineral and metallic substrates, epoxymortars and trowelling compounds.EH 629100–7015–20 min1 T2500– 4400 100f.o.d.Mannich base (aliphatic polyamine), curingat temperatures as low as 5 C, highlychemical-resistant. Coatings, adhesives,laminates, accelerator for low reactivehardeners.VEH 2626100–73ca. 15 min 2 C1100–1700 500f.o.d.Mannich base (aliphatic polyamine),free of phenol and alkylphenols, curing attemperatures as low as 0 C. Coatings withgood chemical resistance. (No pale shadespossible).1 with BECKOPOX EP 140, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 C2 with BECKOPOX EP 116, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 C

Epoxy hardeners, polyamidoaminesBECKOPOXForm ofdelivery %solidmattersolventH-equivalentweight g/molf.o.d.solidmatterStart ofgelation23 CDynamic viscosity,DIN EN ISO 3219ClassificationmPa.s, 23 CPropertiesand useshearrate s -1concentration500f.o.d.Polyamidoamine, in combination withBECKOPOX EP 301 for solvent-borne primersand topcoats with long processing time.EH 65170 X255178ca. 8 h 1Xn550 –1700EH 654100–1002–3 h 2Xi17000 –25000 25f.o.d.Polyamidoamine, in combination with liquidepoxy resins for adhesives, trowelling andcasting compounds.EH 655100–1001–2 h 2Xi1700 –3000100f.o.d.Polyamidoamine, low-viscous. In combinationwith liquid epoxy resins for adhesives,trowelling and casting compounds, cablesealing compounds.EH 661100–3960–80min 2 C230 –360500f.o.d.Polyamidoamine, modified. For highly filledepoxy mortar or epoxy concrete, adhesives,water washable jointing compounds.VEH 2662100–5180–120min2 C, N1000 –170025f.o.d.Polyamidoamine, modified. For highly filledepoxy mortar or epoxy concrete, adhesivesand waterwashable jointing compounds.EH 663100–49ca. 90 min 3 C, N900 –1400500f.o.d.Polyamidoamine, modified. Propertieslike BECKOPOX EH 661, but develops lessintensiv odour during application.1 with BECKOPOX EP 301/75 X, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 C2 with BECKOPOX EP 140, 100 g-batch, 20 – 23 C3 with BECKOPOX EP 122 w, 20 – 23 C11

12Survey of the quantities of hardenersrequired per 100 g BECKOPOX epoxy resinResinsHardenersEP 075(340)EP 080(190)EP 116(180)EP 117(180)EP 122w(195)EP 128(195)EP 140(185)EP 147w(194)EP 151(450)EH 606(100)29,452,655,655,651,351,354,151,522,2EH 610(95)27,914,752,852,848,748,751,449,021,1EH 611(190)55,929,4105,6105,697,497,4102,797,942,2EH 613 w(145)42,622,480,680,674,474,478,474,732,2EH 614(54)15,98,430,030,027,727,729,227,812,0EH 831,0111,1111,1102,6102,6108,1103,144,4EH 624(80)23,512,444,444,441,041,043,241,217,8EH 625(73)21,511,340,640,637,437,439,537,616,2EH 628(75)22,111,641,741,738,538,540,538,716,7EH 629(70)20,610,838,938,935,935,937,836,115,6EH 7EH 633(113)33,217,562,862,857,957,961,158,225,1EH 637(100)29,415,555,655,651,351,354,151,522,2EH EH 654(100)29,415,555,655,651,351,354,151,522,2EH 655(100)29,415,555,655,651,351,354,151,522,2EH 659 w(215)63,233,3119,4119,4110,3110,3116,2110,847,8EH 661(39)11,56,021,721,720,020,021,120,18,7EH 663(49)14,47,627,227,225,125,126,525,310,9VEH 2106 w (142)41,822,078,978,972,872,876,873,231,6VEH 2177 w (175)51,527,197,297,289,789,794,690,238,9VEH 2188 w (380)EH 623 w111,858,8211,1211,1194,9194,9205,4195,984,4VEH 2626(73)21,511,340,640,637,437,439,537,616,2VEH 2662(51)15,07,928,328,326,226,227,626,311,3VEH 2849 w (134)39,420,774,474,468,768,772,469,129,8( ) Mean Epoxy Equivalent – resin (Form of delivery, f.o.d.)( ) H-equivalent weight – hardener (Form of delivery, f.o.d.)100 x H-equivalent weight (f.o.d.)Mean Epoxy Equivalent (f.o.d.) g hardener (f.o.d.) for 100 g resin (f.o.d.)

13EP 301(650)EP 304(937)EP 307(1650)EP 309(2950)EP 384 w(980)EP 385 w(890)VEP 238 w VEP 2382 w VEP 2390 w VEP 2085(905)(905)(655)(330)VEP 0,6

Epoxy resinsEP 080 EP 116 EP 117 EP 122 w EP 128 EP 140 EP 147 w EP 151 EP 304 EP 307 EP 309 EP 385 w EP 384 wVEP 2085 EP 301 w w VEP 2381 ww VEP 2382 ww VEP 2390 w VEP 2865 crosslinking with isocyanates non crystallizing water emulsifiable plasticizingreactive diluted epoxy resinreactive diluent solvent-freeEP 075solidBECKOPOXnon-modifiedaqueous emulsionsolvent-containing (w water)General propertiesliquid14

BECKOPOXsolvent-free coatingssolvent-containing coatingswater-dilutable coatingsEP 075 EP 080 EP 116 EP 117 EP 122 w EP 128 EP 140 EP 147 w EP 151 EP 384 wEP 385 wVEP 2085VEP 2865 EP 301 EP 304 EP 307 EP 309 VEP 2381 w VEP 2382 w VEP 2390 w stoving paintslaminating-resin compoundspowder coatings/esterificationscasting-resin compounds can und coil coatingadhesivestile adhesives/grouting compoundsconcrete injectionshydraulic EP mortars (ECC)flooring compoundsepoxy resins mortars trowelling compounds concrete paints priming/impregnating/intercoat bonding corrosion protection/steel structuresEpoxy resins15Applications

BECKOPOXEH 606 EH 610 EH 611 EH 613 wEH 614 EH 621EH 623 w EH 631VEH 2188 wVEH 2626VEH 2849 wEH 651 EH 654 EH 655 EH 659 wwVEH 2106 wwVEH 2177 ww wwEH 633 EH 637 w EH 661 VEH 2662 EH 663 wEH 624 EH 625 EH 628 EH 629 good adhesion to metal Polyamidoamines chemical resistance to solventschemical resistance to alkaline solutionschemical resistance to organic acidschemical resistance to inorganic acidsrelatively good resistance to yellowinggood adhesion to moist concreteplasticizing non-tacky surface in high rel. humiditywater emulsifiablecuring under waterlow-temperature curing down to 5 Clong pot life (RT)medium pot life (RT)short pot life (RT)solvent-containing (w water)Polyaminessolvent-free16Epoxy hardenersGeneral properties

Epoxy hardenerslaminating-resin compounds EH 606casting-resin compoundsadhesivestile adhesives/grouting compoundsconcrete injectionshydraulic epoxy mortars (ECC)epoxy resin mortarstrowelling compoundsepoxy-tar combinationsflooring compoundsconcrete paintspriming/impregnation/intercoat bondingsolv.-cont. primers and paints (w water)Polyamineshighly chem.-resistant solv.-free coatingsBECKOPOXhighly chem.-resistant solv.-based paintsApplications EH 610 EH 611 EH 613 wwEH 614 EH 621 EH 623 ww EH 624 EH 625 EH 628 EH 629EH 631EH 633 EH 637 VEH 2106 ww VEH 2177 ww w VEH 2188 wVEH 2626VEH 2849 w w PolyamidoaminesEH 651 EH 661 VEH 2662 EH 663 EH 654 EH 655EH 659 ww 17

18Technical propertiesachieved by using various hardenersProperties of BECKOPOX EP 140 in cured stateTest methodCuring at ambient temperature1Test standardUnitEH 610Tensile strengthDIN 53455N/ mm270Elongation at breakDIN 53455%2–3Impact strengthDIN 53453kJ/ mFlexural strengthDIN 53452N/ mm2100Modulus of elasticity calculated from the flexure testDIN 53457N/ mm3700Ball indentation hardness, 30 sDIN 53456N/ mm22101822Dimensional stability under heat according to Martens DIN 53458 C60Surface resistance at 1000 voltDIN 53482Ω1013Volume resistivityDIN 53482Ω.cm1015DIN 53483–3,39Dielectric loss factor at 10 HzDIN 53483–0,039Dielectric strengthDIN 53481kV/ mm24Tracking resistanceDIN 53480- KC600Test methodCuring at elevated temperatureTest e strengthDIN 53455N/ mm245Elongation at breakDIN 53455%2–3Impact strengthDIN 53453kJ/ mFlexural strengthDIN 53452N/ mm2110Modulus of elasticity, calculated from the flexure testDIN 53457N/ mm3700Ball indentation hardness, 30 sDIN 53456N/ mm2170Dielectric constant at 10 6 Hz62022Dimensional stability under heat according to Martens DIN 53458 C170Surface resistance at 1000 voltDIN 53482Ω1012Volume resistivityDIN 53482Ω.cm1015DIN 53483–3,90Dielectric loss factor at 10 HzDIN 53483–0,060Dielectric strengthDIN 53481kV/ mm25Tracking resistanceDIN 53480- KC600Dielectric constant at 10 6 Hz61 To ensure complete, reproducible curing for testing, the test specimens were post-cured fora further 2 hours at 100 C with access of air after having been cured at room temperature.2 Hexachloroendomethylenetetrahydrophthalic anhydride

19EH 611EH 614EH 629EH 654EH 655Triethylenetetramine209060605590ca. 802–32–34–54–52–3 600600600600600HexahydrophthalicanhydrideDMP rideDodecenylsuccinicanhydrideHET -Acid2BortrifluoridehardenerAnchor 11718060904535702–32–32–310 3252525202025600600600600600600

ContactsCytec Surface Specialties SA/NVSurface Specialties Austria GmbHErasmus Office ParkSquare Marie Curie 11B-1070 BrusselsBelgiumTel: 32 2 560 4511Fax: 32 2 560 4521Leechgasse 21A-8010 GrazAustriaTel: 43 5 03 99-0Fax: 43 5 03 99-1349Trademark notice:All product names appearing in capital letters are registered trademarks or trademarks licensed by Cytec Industries Inc. or its subsidiariesthroughout the world.Notice: Cytec Industries Inc. in its own name and on behalf of its affiliated companies (hereinafter ’Cytec Industries‘) decline any liability withrespect to the use made by any third party of the information contained herein. The information contained herein represents CytecIndustries‘ best knowledge thereon without constituting any express or implied guarantee or warranty of any kind (including, but notlimited to, regarding the accuracy, the completeness or relevance of the data set out herein). [Cytec Industries is the sole owner orauthorized user of the intellectual property rights relating to the information communicated.]The information relating to the use of the products is given for information purposes only. No guarantee or warranty is provided thatthe product is adapted to the client’s specific use. The client should perform its own tests to determine the suitability for a particularpurpose. The final choice of use of a product remains the sole responsibility of the client.Pub. No. 250172E, Version

Contents 3 Epoxy resins, water-reducible 4 Epoxy hardeners, water-reducible 5 Epoxy resins solid and solutions 6 Epoxy resins liquid and reactive diluted 7 Reactive diluents for epoxy resins 7 Epoxy hardeners, polyamines 8 Epoxy hardeners, adducts 9 Epoxy hardeners, mannich bases 10 Epoxy hardeners, polyamidoamines 11 Survey of the qu

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Note that when a new component or component update has been released that is part of the TMS Component pack, there might be some delay before the full TMS Component pack update is available that contains this new component or component update. This is due to the far more extensive testing and build procedure for the complete TMS Component Pack.

III.omponents of the Data Use for Action and Improvement framework C 12 Component 1: Investing in country data systems and analytical capacity 12 Component 2: Program monitoring 15 Component 3: Systematic data analysis and synthesis 19 Component 4: Evaluations 22 Component 5: Data Use 24 IV.ationalizing the framework Oper 27

Component 1, is assessed by two pieces of course work, however, some of the learning is used in the Component 3 exam, in Year 11, so this is a good activity workbook. Task – jot down what you remember of Component 1, below . BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 Health & Social Care 3 Component 1 Learning content to be covered A1 Human growth and development across life stages Learners will explore .

Keywords: Independent component analysis, ICA, principal component analysis, PCA, face recognition. 1. INTRODUCTION Several advances in face recognition such as "H lons, " "Eigenfa es, " and "Local Feature Analysis4" have employed forms of principal component analysis, which addresses only second-order moments of the input. Principal component

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