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RG Active – 16 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan – Page 112 WeekBEGINNER SPRINT TRIATHLON TRAINING PLANinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 16 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan – Page 2Key NotesPlease find below a 12 week beginner, sprint distance triathlon training plan to help you prepare for your event. This 12 week training plan is designed to get a novice triathlete through a sprint distance triathlon. It is not a complex or hugely time consumingprogramme, it will get you to the finish line in good shape. In order to be able complete the training you should have a reasonable level of fitness at the start of the training. A pre-requisite would be that you canswim 400 m continuously, you can cycle for 20 mins and run for 15 mins. The training sessions can be completed in a number of locations. The swim sessions are mostly designed for a pool, with open water sessions towardsthe latter half of the program. The bike sessions could be done either outdoors or indoors, the same goes for the running sessions. We would stronglyadvise that you do spend as much time as possible training outdoors so that you get time training in similar conditions to those that you will be racingin. We also would strongly advise that while most of the swim sessions in this programme are pool oriented you should be looking to get some OpenWater swimming done in preparation for your race. All novice triathletes benefit greatly from getting the experience of what it is actually like to swim inopen water with other swimmers. It is arguably the most daunting part of the race for all triathletes. The intensity of the training in this programme is to be executed using the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale, this allows the athlete to work totheir limits with specific barriers. We would advise that if this kind of training is new to you that you are cautious to begin with until you can understandhow your body reacts to the training. The full RPE scale is at the back of the programme. If some of the distances earlier in the program are much further than you’re currently doing for a given discipline; complete as much as you cancomfortable. Do try to complete sessions where possible, pacing yourself to do so, taking breaks on rides, or adding a walk/run element into runsessions if you struggle here. We would strongly advise that as you get closer to the race day you ensure that you train using the exact equipment that you intend to use on raceday, the same clothes, the same wetsuit, the same bike and trainers. You should not turn up on race day with brand new equipment to use. From time to time your busy lives will get in the way, we recommend that you don’t make up the missed sessions simply resume your plan on thecurrent day. Similarly, the particular days the various sessions are laid out on are an example of a suitable/ideal way to spread them out. However, youmay change them to suit your own timings or around existing club sessions that you may already attend. So long as you allow sufficient recoverybetween longer sessions, or the same discipline. At the back of this training plan is the ‘Appendix’ where you will find the RPE scale, swim sessions and strength and conditioning programsthat are referenced throughout the plan.info@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 3WEEK ION650 m15 km3.5 km45-60 min500 m12 km/3 kmINTENSITYSESSIONDETAILSDrills/IntervalsMixed effortNegative SplitDrills/IntervalsSteady stateDAYSwim:Session #24 km @RPE 54 km @RPE 6-74 km @RPE 5-64 km @RPE 7-84 km @RPE 5-6Use the gearing tokeep your cadencebetween 85-95KEY FOCUSLeg & head positionin the water. Pace &speed.Pacing & cadenceNOTESContinuing withbody positioning andbreathing techniquePace control; havingthe ability to switchpace based onperceived effort willbe a key skill inpacing in a raceRunStart your run ataroundRPE @5-6, then buildyour effort up to@RPE 8 by the end ofyour run.The aim is to completethe second half of therun faster than the firsthalf.Strength: Program1aSwim:Session #1Bike @RPE 5-6steady effortRun posture/form andability to increase paceExecution & postureduring exerciseHolding form whileworking hardGetting used torunning off the bikeThe focus of this runshould be feelingcomfortable with thedistance, focusing onyour posture and runform, finishing feelingstrong and fastThird week in, theexercises shouldstart to get easier asyour body begins toadapt. Keep payingattention to goodbody positionAs you doshorter/faster effortsit can be easy tolose techniquefocus. Try to keepyour form, evenwhen working hardFirst Brick: Runningoff the bike can feelodd as the legmovements differ.Start slow and try tosettle into acomfortable runrhythmRun @RPE 6-7steady effortCreate a routine ofplanning your sessionsin ahead of time so youknow what you’re doingon each day.If certain days don’tmatch, then make aplan of when is best todo them.Your first brick sessionwill be a chance to feelwhat it's like to run offthe bike.WEEKLYDISTANCE:34.7 KMinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 4WEEK mStrengthRunRestStrengthSwim &RunBike750 km60 min5 km60 min650 m/3.5 km17.5 kmDrills/IntervalsSwim:Session #3Steady stateStrength:Program 1aRun:Steady state;@RPE 6TempoStrength:Program 1bTempoSwim:Session #2Run:Run at around@RPE 7-8 andtarget your best timeover this distance sofar in the program.You may do this runoff-road with someundulation to keep itinteresting andchallenge yourpacing, but don’tmake it a full-on hillsession.HillsSteady state ridewith some hillsincluded. Maintainsteady cadenceand rhythm. Pacejudgement on hills.KEY FOCUSBody position,rotation through thehipsRun: Keep it light soyou can hold a steadypace throughoutLearning to run atpace and maintainitArm position,rotation & speedworkPace judgement onhillsNOTES1 arm drills help youfocus on strokedevelopment; makingsure both arms canpull equally. It willalso help you tobreath to both sidesas well as assistingrotation.Steady effort at abelow max pace,focusing on holdingform and keepingeach km the samespeed. If your formsuffers then slow thepace.The strengthprogram should begetting easier andyou should beincreasing yourweights/times ofeach exercise.Track sessions agreat for pacing, andworking on speeddevelopment. Usethis first session tofocus on settingtimes over eachdistance that youcan replicate.Running up anddown hillsincreases strength.Control pace onascent so you'reable to continue ata good pace onceat the top.Stick to the increasesin distances as bestyou can, and where itfits.Improvements inspeed are seen in theability to repeat effortsconsistently, not justgo faster on one or twoefforts.WEEKLYDISTANCE:27.3 KMinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 5WEEK SUNDAYSESSIONSwimBikeSwim &RunRestStrength &RunSwimBrickDURATION750 m20 km650 m/7.5 km45-60 min/5 km500 m17.5 km/3.5 kmDAYINTENSITYSESSIONDETAILSKick & IntervalsSwim:Session #3IntervalsInt./SteadyStrength/Track5 min warm up@RPE 4Swim:Session #2Strength Program1b5x5 workout:5 min @RPE 65 min @RPE 8Run:Maintain a steady(below threshold) paceof around RPE 5-6Run:Session #1Swim:Session #1Repeat until youreach 17 km thenride easy forremaining time@RPE 4KEY FOCUSNOTESBike @RPE 6-7Run @RPE 8Leg position high inthe water, speedjudgement onintervalsLonger thresholdefforts to get youused to race paceSwim; drills & speedFist and 1-arm drillsare there to help yourarm movement andstroke development.While this sessionmay be doneoutside on a flatloop; it's a goodone for theturbo/indoor trainertoo.Kicking should be a loteasier now, and youshould be able tocomplete the kick setsquicker.Keep sets of thesame distance similartimes.Complete yourbike/run brick in atempo/race paceformat; holding afirm but slightlybelow thresholdpace on the bikeand then runninghard off the bike.Run; steady pace &good form.Adding some funinto training but alsolearning to return tobase pace followingeffort.Shorter intervals formore speed workLearning to run hardoff a hard bikeTrack sessions agreat for pacing, andworking on speeddevelopment. Aim tomatch or bettertimes from theprevious attempt atthis session.Make sure tocontinuously breathout under water,avoid holding yourbreath. Rememberhead position; eyesdown.Practice withgearing to find andmaintain a steadycadence/rhythm soyou can control youreffort.Settle into a runpace quickly.Practice set up intransition so you cansave valuable timeIf you're consideringthings like elastic lacesin your shoes, orperhaps running withoutsocks to improvetransition time, thenpractice this now to giveyou time to get used toit.Speed work should bestarting to take effect onyour ability to hold ahigher pace in steadysessions and gymtraining should behelping with strength onhills and speed work,especially in the pool.Keep tabs on previoussessions, comparetimes too similarsessions a month ago.WEEKLYDISTANCE:55.5 KMinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 6WEEK SUNDAYSESSIONSwimBikeStrength &RunRestStrength &SwimRunBikeDURATION850 m15 km45 min/6 km60 min/750 m7.5 km22.5 on #4IntervalsHillsDrills/int.5 km Warm up@RPE 4-5Strength:Program 2aStrength:Program 2b1 min @RPE 56 min @RPE 61 min @RPE 71 min @RPE 9Run:Fartlek; random intervalsmade up on a route ofyour choosing. Youraverage pace should stillbe around @RPE 6 withtime spent between RPE5-9Swim:Session #3Repeat as manytimes through untilyou reach 13 km.SteadyHillsRun:Long steady run@RPE 5-6Pace should be keptwell within comfort.Focus on being ableto hold pace for thewhole duration ofthe run.Steady state ridewith some hillsincluded. Maintainsteady cadence andrhythm. Pacejudgement on hills.One month in you'll beable to maintain harderefforts for longer andmore consistently.If you've not already;start thinking abouthydration and fuellingfor longer rides andperhaps experimentwith various drinks/gelsif you're planning totake them come raceday.Day-to-day as well asrecovery nutrition maybe worth considering tomake sure you’rerecovered fully fromeach session.2 km @RPE 4Outdoor option:40 min as:5 min @RPE 55 min @RPE 7KEY FOCUSHip rotation with pullbuoy &Adjusting andholding speed &recovery fromeffortsAdding some fun intotraining but also learningto return to base pacefollowing effort.Speed &consistencybetween the 150meffortsRun form andsteady pacing.Pace judgement onhillsNOTESUsing the pull buoywill allow your legsto rest and focus onyour hip rotationRemember RPE 6 isyour sustainablemoderate pace,then building upthrough to RPE 8being your thresholdpace (Race pace)with RPE 9 beingunsustainable formuch longer than 1minYour average paceshould be similar to anaerobic (RPE 6-7) runbut with lots of variationin speed. This can be agood session to do witha friend, since you cantake turns to call sprints,or efforts.If you’re using aswim watch or paceclock, you should beable to seeimprovements inyour speed and yourability to hold thatspeed for longer.This will give you agood idea of whereyour base pace liesafter two months oftraining. This willhelp you pace andplan your longerruns for the rest ofthe program.Riding uphillincreases strength,but learning todescend confidentlywill be valuable tosafe riding and afast time.WEEKLYDISTANCE:52.6 KMinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 7WEEK SUNDAYSESSIONSwimBikeSwim &RunRestStrength &RunSwimBrickDURATION750 m20 km650 m/7.5 km45-60 min/4 km500 m20 km/4.5 kmINTENSITYSESSIONDETAILSTime TrialTTIntervals/SteadyTempoOpen WaterNegative splitDAYSwim:Take a couple ofeasy length to warmup and then swim a750m effort nonstop to set a time,this will give you arecord of where youare in your training.1 km warm up@RPE 5Swim:Session #2Strength:Program 2aOnce warmed upusing your pacefrom previoussession aim to hityour thresholdspeed for the rest ofthe distance.Run:Aim to run at yourfastest sustainablepace. For 7.5 km. Thiswill give you an idea ofa pace you can holdfor longer than racedistance.Run:Run the 4 km atyour target racespeed, checkingyou’re able to paceyourself and holdyour run form.warm down, easyleg spin afterwardsfor a coupleminutes.@RPE 8Swim:First open waterswim of theprogram.You’re first goal is toensure properwetsuit fitting, andspend some timegetting used to thewater which may becolder earlier in theseason.Cover the distanceaiming to swimsmoothly, keeping agood technique.Complete the firsthalf of eachdiscipline at asteady tempo,building into yourrace pace for thelast half.RPE 6-8"Time Trial" week. Thisis an opportunity to testhow far you've comeand get an idea ofwhere you'll be settingyour race target pace.Any new kit you'replanning to use shouldbe use in training to testit; new goggles (tintedfor open water),trainers, elastic laces,bike shoes, tri suit etc.You need to make sureit all fits and workswhere you need it.Open watercompetency will be amassive factor in yourcomfort, confidence andwill count come racedayKEY FOCUSPacing &consistencyMaintaining intensitywith minimal changein pace.Best effort ‘test’ to seehow well you’reprogressing.Pacing, speed work.Wateracclimatisation,Stroke adaptation &breathingSteady building intoThreshold paceNOTESTesting yourselfover the racedistance will be agood test of whereyou are in yourfitness. From hereyou can adapt yourtraining for theremainder of theplan.This should be doneon a flattish route.Alternatively, thismay also be doneon a turbo trainer,WATT bike or gymbike. The idea is totest how well youcan hold a goal racepace.This might be currentlyslower than where youplan to be in 6 week’stime, but it will giveyou a rough idea ofyou progress and ifyour target time isrealisticPacing and strengthwork. Improvingyour ability to run athigher speeds willincrease your runfitness but also giveyour more ability topush yourselftowards the laterstages of a race.Add in somesighting practice,getting better at thiswill pay off on raceday. Practicebreathing to yourweaker side, in caseyou need to on raceday.Play with position onbars for flat &climbing. Use gearsto keep your pedalcadence smooth.Learning to run anegative split out oftransition will helpwith pacing.WEEKLYDISTANCE:58 KMinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 8Week SUNDAYSESSIONSwimBikeStrength &RunRestStrength &RunSwimBikeDURATION850 m20 km7.5 km60 min/5 km650 m25 ession #4Count strokes perlength as a way ofkeeping yourtechnique in check; ifyou have to increaseyour strokes, you’relosing efficiency, orfatiguing.IntervalsIncremental set:8 km @RPE 58 km @RPE 78 km @RPE 8-9TrackFartlekStrength:Program 2aStrength:Program 2bRun:Session #2Run:Fartlek; randomintervals made upon a route of yourchoosing. Youraverage paceshould still bearound @RPE 6with time spentbetween RPE 5-91 km cool downIncreasing workrate and learning topace near/abovethreshold.If you’re doing thisset outside wherethe ground naturallyvaries, then try tomake your averageHR higher by 5-10beats every 10 km.Open WaterSwim:Further developingopen waterconfidence andskills.Spend time fittingwetsuit properlyTake time toacclimatise to thewater. Then get afeel for what it’s likein the suit; allowingthe buoyancy toassist you, relaxyour stroke andfocus on breathing.Start to add sightinginto your strokesevery 2-4 breaths.HillsHead out on aroute, aiming tokeep your averagework effort:@RPE 6If you like you canplan some hills intoyour route for someharder workintervals.Any new kit you'replanning to use shouldbe use in training totest it; new goggles(tinted for open water),trainers, elastic laces,bike shoes, tri suit etc.You need to make sureit all fits and workswhere you need it.Open watercompetency will be amassive factor in yourcomfort, confidenceand will count comerace dayPractice getting thesuit on, getting it wet(inside) in the water,warming and gettingused to it quickly sothat come race day it’sall routine.Consider gogglechoice forweather/lightingconditions.KEY FOCUSPace replicationbetween sets ofsame distance.Pace control,knowing what’seasy and what’shard.Learning to controlpace over differentdistances. Speeddevelopment.Adding some funinto training butalso learning toreturn to base pacefollowing effort.Open waterconfidence,breathing andsightingMaintain a strongbut steady paceNOTESWhen breathing aimto keep one eye inthe water, and keepyour lead hand out infront until yourrecovery arm is onthe way forward.Counting stroke perlength is a good wayof spotting efficiencyand fatigue.While this sessionmay be doneoutside on a flatloop; it's a goodone for theturbo/indoor trainertoo.If you’ve an 8-10kmtraining loop youcan aim to take offa minute eachtime.Ensure you warm upprior to running; Treatthe first could of lapseasy, or even run alap as a warm up.Your average paceshould be similar toan aerobic (RPE 67) run but with lotsof variation inspeed. This can bea good session todo with a friend,since you can taketurns to call sprints,or efforts.If you can join agroup, this may helpyou with confidenceand receive somecoaching points.Good pacing onhills is important tomaintain optimalrace pace, too easyand you lose time,to hard and you’llbe slower on theflats.WEEKLYDISTANCE:59 KMinfo@rgactive.comwww.rgactive.com

RG Active – 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan – Page 9WEEK SUNDAYSESSIONSwimBikeSwim &RunRestStrength &RunSwimBrickDURATION750 m22.5 km500 m/7.5 km60 min/5 km750 m25 km/5 ckOWSDAYSESSIONDETAILSSwim:Session #3Using a hilly route orone with at leastone good climb thattakes 3 min toascend.Mix up betweenseated and standingclimbing, keepingrhythm. Get used todescending too.Swim:Session #1Strength:Program 2bRun:Steady pace, belowthreshold.@RPE 6-7Run:Session #1Swim:Continuing with youropen wateradaptation;Practice sighting,and adapting yourstroke to a wetsuitand open water;Slow your cadenceand working with thebuoyancy of thesuit.Break your swimdown into sometime spent adaptingthen finish with a 4500 m hard effort.@RPE 7Option 1:Split into two minibricks of:15 k/2.5 k &10 k/2.5 kfor more transitionpractice and morespeed workOption 2:Complete throughonce at race pace.KEY FOCUSPace control andbeing able to repeatpace of each set.Climbing,descending,maintaining rhythmHold form and posture,look to finish at paceyou started.Focus on run formand posture. Aim tokeep 1 km slips assimilar as possible.Open wateradaptation & skillsSet at race pace.Running well off thebike.NOTESWhile aiming toswim hard on theshorter efforts, alsotry to maintain goodalignments and formin the water sincelosing technique willmake you slower.If you've not a hillyroute you can doplan a 5-8 km looparound 1 particularhill and rep aroundthat.Spend the first kmsettling into a rhythm,then hold a pace that’swithin 5-10 sec per kmthe same.Run: Keep sets ofthe same distanceconsistent times.Focus on controllingyour breathing asthis is often first togo open water asit’s colder.Swimming with agroup can buildconfidenceswimming withothers, like you’llhave to on race dayExperiment withdifferent positionson the bike; hoods,drops etc., aiming tobe more 'aero'where it counts.As the volume reachesthis level you shouldreally feel theenduranceimprovements.Focus on your ability tohold higher efforts forlongerUse hills sessions tofocus on power andcontrolKeep improving openwater skills &confidenceThrow in a quicktransition practice afteryour OWS; gettingw

Please find below a 12 week beginner, sprint distance triathlon training plan to help you prepare for your event. This 12 week training plan is designed to get a novice triathlete through a sprint distance triathlon. It is not a complex or hugely time consuming programme, it will get you to the finish line in good shape. In order to be able complete the training youshould have a reasonable .

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Table 2 showed the time for each sprint in RSA without ball conditions. Sprint 1 and Sprint 2 were shown to be significantly faster compared to Sprint 5 (Sprint 1, p 0.012; Sprint 2, p 0.038). Table 2. Sprint time without ball Sprint RSA time without ball (s) Mean SD Sprint 1 7.22 0.62 Sprint 2 7.22 0.64 Sprint 3 7.24 0.65

The financial obligations required to host Europe Triathlon Sprint Championships Events is: Event Fee Prize Money Europe Triathlon Sprint Triathlon Championships 20,000 40,000 * * 30.000 prize money for the combined Elite/U23 Championships individual Event and 10.000 for the mixed relay

Triathlon consists of swimming, cycling and running in one event. This training shell is for someone looking to complete a “sprint” distance triathlon, which is the shortest distance triathlon (o utside of a super sprint

The British Triathlon Federation (British Triathlon) is affiliated to World Triathlon and, as such, World Triathlon rules are applicable to all international events either hosted by the British Triathlon or its constituent Home Nation Associations, at which Home Nation Association members compete (e.g., European and World Championships).

1. ITU Level 1 Triathlon Coach 2. ITU Level 2 Triathlon Coach 3. ITU Performance Development Triathlon Coach (L2 Extension Programme - invitation only) ITU Coach Education Programmes - Level Descriptors ITU Level 1 Triathlon Coach ITU Level 1 coaches will be able to deliver triathlon sessions to groups of triathletes without supervision.

(prorated 13/week) week 1 & 2 156 week 3 130 week 4 117 week 5 104 week 6 91 week 7 78 week 8 65 week 9 52 week 10 39 week 11 26 week 12 13 17-WEEK SERIES* JOIN IN MEMBER PAYS (prorated 10.94/week) week 1 & 2 186.00 week 3 164.10 week 4 153.16 week 5 142.22 week 6 131.28 week 7 120.34

class event. World Triathlon will provide key operations staff to support the event (outlined below) during its operation. 1.2. From 2021, World Triathlon introduced a new event with both Elite athlete and Age-Group categories. The World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships will feature super-sprint World

Albert Woodfox were properly convicted for the 1972 murder of prison guard Brent Miller. Supporters of Wallace and Woodfox, who make up two-thirds of a group known to supporters as the "Angola Three," say that the convictions were at least partly because of the men's involvement with the Black Panther Party. "Under this new governor's office, this new day, we are making sure we right the .