Communication With Allen-Bradley “ControlLogix .

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Application for CommunicationCommunication with Allen-Bradley “ControlLogix”Controllers via PROFIBUS ScannerApplication with Sample Code

Warranty, liability and supportComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docNoteThe Application Examples are not binding and do not claim to becomplete regarding the circuits shown, equipping and any eventuality.The Application Examples do not represent customer-specific solutions.They are only intended to provide support for typical applications. Youare responsible for ensuring that the described products are correctlyused. These Application Examples do not relieve you of the responsibilityof safely and professionally using, installing, operating and servicingequipment. When using these Application Examples, you recognize thatSiemens cannot be made liable for any damage/claims beyond theliability clause described. We reserve the right to make changes to theseApplication Examples at any time without prior notice. If there are anydeviations between the recommendations provided in these ApplicationExamples and other Siemens publications – e.g. Catalogs – then thecontents of the other documents have priority.Warranty, liability and supportWe do not accept any liability for the information contained in thisdocument.Any claims against us – based on whatever legal reason – resulting fromthe use of the examples, information, programs, engineering andperformance data etc., described in this Application Example shall beexcluded. Such an exclusion shall not apply in the case of mandatoryliability, e.g. under the German Product Liability Act(“Produkthaftungsgesetz”), in case of intent, gross negligence, or injury oflife, body or health, guarantee for the quality of a product, fraudulentconcealment of a deficiency or breach of a condition which goes to the rootof the contract (“wesentliche Vertragspflichten”). However, claims arisingfrom a breach of a condition which goes to the root of the contract shall belimited to the foreseeable damage which is intrinsic to the contract, unlesscaused by intent or gross negligence or based on mandatory liability forinjury of life, body or health. The above provisions do not imply a change inthe burden of proof to your detriment.Copyright 2006 Siemens A&D. It is not permissible to transfer orcopy these Application Examples or excerpts of them without firsthaving prior authorization from Siemens A&D in writing.For questions about this document please use the following e-mail address:mailto:csweb@ad.siemens.deV 1.0Issue 10/01/062/82

ForewordComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864ForewordObjective of the applicationThe demand for the connection of networks of different manufacturersincreases worldwide. For economic and technological reasons,interoperability is of greatest importance.In this context, the products manufactured by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell are ofparticular interest. Together with a large number of partner companies,Allen-Bradley sells a broad portfolio of controllers, I/O devices and networkcomponents, which hold a considerable market share particularly in theUSA.This application uses an example to show how SIMATIC S7 controllers canbe brought into contact with Allen-Bradley networks.Main contents of this applicationCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docThe widely ramified product range of both Allen-Bradley and Siemensmakes it impossible to comprehensively explain all possibilities in onesingle application. For this reason, this document focuses on one exampledescribing how an S7 PROFIBUS network can be connected to an AllenBradley ControlLogix network to enable a direct data exchange of the twoCPUs.The following will be explained: Which network technologies Allen-Bradley uses, which products are available to establish the connection betweenAllen-Bradley and SIMATIC networks, which technologies are used for the connection.DelimitationThis application only includes introductory descriptions of principles of programming Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers, the use of the RsLogix 5000 configuration software for these controllers, ladder logic as programming paradigm for PLC.This application does not provide in-depth knowledge on these topics.V 1.0Issue 10/01/063/82

ForewordComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Structure of the documentThe documentation of this application is divided into the following mainparts.Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docPartDescriptionApplication DescriptionYou are provided with a general overview of thecontents. You are informed on the usedcomponents (standard hardware and softwarecomponents and the specially created usersoftware).Principles of Operation andProgram StructuresThis part describes the detailed functionalsequences of the involved hardware and softwarecomponents, the solution structures and – whereuseful – the specific implementation of thisapplication. It is only required to read this part if youwant to familiarize with the interaction of thesolution components to use these components, a basis for own developments.Structure, Configuration andOperation of the ApplicationThis part takes you step by step through structure,important configuration steps, startup and operationof the application.AppendixThis part of the documentation includes furtherinformation, e.g. bibliographic references,glossaries, etc.Reference to Automation and Drives Service & SupportThis entry is from the internet application portal of Automation and DrivesService & Support. Clicking the link below directly displays the downloadpage of this view/en/23809864V 1.0Issue 10/01/064/82

ForewordComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Table of ContentsTable of Contents . 5Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docApplication Description . 711.11.2Automation Problem . 7General overview. 7Requirements . 922. Solution . 11Overview of the overall solution. 11Description of the core functionality. 13Required hardware and software components . 17Performance data . 19Alternative solutions. 20Principles of Operation and Program Structures . 2133. on Working with Allen-Bradley Products. 21Controllers . 21Networks. 22Configuration software. 23The SST PROFIBUS scanner . 28Variable management. 2844.14.2Functional Mechanisms of this Application. 31Communication via data modules. 31Limitation to “Integer” values. 3255. of the Example Program . 33Exchanged data. 33Details on programming the SIMATIC CPU 315 . 34Programming the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5500 CPU . 37SST PROFIBUS scanner configuration . 4266. to the Example Program . 44Integrating several slaves . 44Expanding the transferred variable ranges/data modules . 44Expanding the Allen-Bradley network . 45Adaptation to other Allen-Bradley controllers . 45Consistent transfer of larger data volumes . 45Transferring large data volumes . 46Structure, Configuration and Operation of the Application . 4777.17.1.1V 1.0Installation and Startup. 47Installation of hardware and software . 47Hardware installation . 47Issue 10/01/065/82

ForewordComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 238098647.1.27.2Installation of the standard software . 50Installation of the application software . 5088.18.28.3Configuration . 60Configuring the SIMATIC configuration . 60Configuring the ControlLogix CPU. 66Configuring the SST PROFIBUS scanner . 689Operation of the Application . 76Appendix and Literature . 80Troubleshooting . 801111.111.2Literature . 81Bibliographic references . 81Internet links . 82Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.doc10V 1.0Issue 10/01/066/82

Application DescriptionAutomation ProblemComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Application DescriptionContentYou are provided with an overview of Allen-Bradley network componentsand technologies and connection options with SIMATIC networks. You areinformed on the used components (standard hardware and softwarecomponents and the user configurations created in the scope of theapplication).The listed performance data show the performance of this application.1Automation ProblemCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docYou are provided with information on . the classes of controllers and networks sold by Allen-Bradley, the optionsto establish a connection to SIMATIC networks and the motivation for sucha connection. In addition, it is explained which specific solution wasselected from the various solutions as an example.1.1General overviewNoteFrom a legal point of view, Allen-Bradley is a subsidiary of RockwellAutomation, which deals with the development and the application ofprogrammable controllers. The RSLogix configuration software forcontrollers, however, is sold by Rockwell.To avoid confusion, the term”Allen-Bradley” designates all products soldby Rockwell and Allen-Bradley in this application.IntroductionAllen-Bradley currently has a significant market share particularly in theUnited States. To serve the combination of different networks and theincreasingly desired interoperability, this application uses an example topresent an option to operate a Siemens PROFIBUS network in conjunctionwith an Allen-Bradley network.Since a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of different classes ofcontrollers and networks has been developed and introduced to the marketby Allen-Bradley over the years, one single application cannot cover allpossible versions of Allen-Bradley products. For this reason, this documentonly focuses on one representative application.V 1.0Issue 10/01/067/82

Application DescriptionAutomation ProblemComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Allen-Bradley product rangeThe different controller classes which come into consideration for aconnection include (roughly sorted by ascending performance):Table 1-1: Allen-Bradley controllersClassDesignationProgrammable logic controllers:PLC 5SLC 500MicroLogixProgrammable automation controllers:1DriveLogixSoftLogix (PC-based)FlexLogixControlLogixCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docCompactLogixNetworks which are considered include (again sorted by ascending order ofperformance):Table 1-2: Allen-Bradley networksNetworkData Highway Plus (DH )DH-485ControlNetDeviceNetEtherNet/IPBoth controllers and networks greatly differ in their date of introduction,their performance and their market penetration. For this reason, a solutionwhich is valid for a large number of existing installations or which can easilybe adapted to other hardware/network combinations is presented for thisapplication.Our example presents the use of a ControlLogix controller in conjunctionwith any Allen-Bradley network.1High-end controllers which are used when complex control processes/simulations, databaseaccesses, HMI functionalities or high computing power are required are referred to as“programmable automation controllers” by Allen-Bradley.V 1.0Issue 10/01/068/82

Application DescriptionAutomation ProblemComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Overview of the automation problemThe figure below provides an overview of the automation problem.Figure 1-1: Overview of the automation CPUSST„PB-CP“S7-300CPsIO PROFIBUSDeviceNet*) DeviceNet*)-PeripherieCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.doc*) oder anderes Allen-Bradley-Netzwerk“SST‚ PB-CP” is an SST PROFIBUS communications processor, a plug-inmodule for ControlLogix controllers, which acts as a gateway toPROFIBUS. This will be referred to as “PROFIBUS scanner” in thefollowing. 2Description of the automation problemThis application solves the automation problem to provide a directcommunication of two CPUs of different manufacturers – one S7-CPU andone Allen-Bradley ControlLogix CPU. It is assumed that both CPUs in theirrespective subnetworks – any network such as DeviceNet for AllenBradley, PROFIBUS for S7 – still communicate with their correspondingdistributed I/O and simultaneously perform control tasks in the distributedI/O.In this application, the I/O devices are not directly included in thecommunication between the networks, but only indirectly via thecontrollers. 31.2RequirementsThe ControlLogix controller communicates with its I/O devices and itsinput/output modules while the S7-CPU does the same within thePROFIBUS network. The possible connection of the ControlLogix controllerto other Allen-Bradley networks (DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc.), which can2We thus follow the manufacturer’s nomenclature.3An additional application describes the alternative that the SIMATIC CPU communicatesdirectly (i.e. not indirectly via the ControlLogix CPU) with the DeviceNet I/O devices with the aidof an Anybus gateway (see \6\). The corresponding application is currently being prepared andwill probably be published in fall 2006.V 1.0Issue 10/01/069/82

Application DescriptionAutomation ProblemComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864take place simultaneously to the PROFIBUS communication, is not affectedby this.The PROFIBUS scanner coordinates PROFIBUS as master andcommunicates with the S7-CPU as slave.Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docBoth controllers cyclically exchange variable blocks simulating the processvariables of a real automation problem. Importance is attached to aconsistent variable transfer.V 1.0Issue 10/01/0610/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 238098642Automation SolutionYou are provided with information on . the solution selected for the automation problem.2.1Overview of the overall solutionA particularly simple model was selected for the communication betweenthe two subnetworks. A “PROFIBUS scanner” by SST/Woodhead (see \5\)is used to establish the connection.Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docThis is a module which is inserted into the rack of the Allen-Bradley CPU,comparable to a CP in an S7 rack. The scanner acts as a master inPROFIBUS and communicates with the S7-CPU as a slave.Both controllers cyclically exchange data which are grouped in packets –“modules”. These modules are mapped to virtual input/output ranges. Thismeans that the controllers identify the data packets as variables in their I/Oranges, the input variables of one controller acting as output variables ofthe other controller.Diagrammatic representationThe system is installed on two separate racks, one for SIMATICcomponents and one for Allen-Bradley components, between which aPROFIBUS connection is created.The following figure schematically shows the most important components ofthe solution in both racks:Configuration of the SIMATIC rackFigure 2-1: Component set of the SIMATIC rackDC 24 VPS 3075AVOLTAGES E LE CTORS M374IN/OUT 16CPU315-2 DPSFATFDC5VFRCERUNS TOPSM 374SIEMENSRUNS TOPMR ESx 23 4x 23 4x 23 4Profibus networkV 1.0Issue 10/01/0611/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864The SIMATIC rack includes the following components: PS 307 power supply S7 300-CPU (315-2) SM374 simulator moduleConfiguration of the Allen-Bradley rackFigure 2-2: Component set of the Allen-Bradley rackSlot: 01Logix 5500POWERRUNI/ORS232BAT2DC INPUTST 012345672345671234567Fuse 01234567ST 8910 11 12 13 14 15ST 8910 11 12 13 14 15FLT 8910 11 12 13 14 15Fuse 8910 11 12 13 14 15OKREMDC OUTPUT²FLT 0DIAGNOSTICRUN3PROG ST 01ELECTRONIC FUSINGSST Profibus SCANNER² COPNCOMMSYSOKCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docAllen-BradleyAllen-Bradley network (optional)Profibus networkThe Allen-Bradley rack is equipped with the following modules: 1756-PA72/BPower supply 1756-L1M2ControlLogix 5500 CPU 1756-IB16DInput module (digital inputs) 1756-OB 16EOutput module (digital outputs) SST-PFB-CLX-RLL PROFIBUS scanner, firmware version 5.01 orhigherUsed softwareFor the configuration of the SIMATIC CPU: SIMATIC Step 7 Manager, version 5.3 or higherFor the configuration of the ControlLogix CPU:V 1.0 RSLogix 5000 configuration software, version 13.03 or higher RSLinx or RSLinx lite communication software, version 2.42 or higher(for RSLinx lite)Issue 10/01/0612/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864For the configuration of the PROFIBUS scanner: SST PROFIBUS Configuration Tool, version 3.6 or higherAdditional informationA field PG is required for the configuration of the SIMATIC CPU.The ControlLogix CPU and the PROFIBUS scanner can only be configuredvia an RS-232 interface. If the used field PG does not feature this interface,a second laptop with respective functionality is required.2.2Description of the core functionalityCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docNoteThe PROFIBUS scanner can be used in numerous ways, for example, asa PROFIBUS slave. For greater clarity, the documentation is limited tothe features actually used in this application, i.e. the use as a bus master.For a related documentation on the scanner, please refer to \2\.In this application, two subnetworks are set up; one PROFIBUS DPnetwork with a SIMATIC CPU and an SM374 simulator module used for thesimulation of inputs and outputs and one Allen-Bradley network with oneinput and one output module.Connection of the subnetworksThe connection between the two subnetworks is established by aPROFIBUS scanner by SST/Woodhead, which is inserted into the AllenBradley rack as a module, similar to a CP in the S7 environment.The scanner is the only Allen-Bradley component which features aPROFIBUS interface and is thus physically connected to the SIMATICCPU. The scanner is logically configured as a master which cyclically pollsthe data of a slave – here: the SIMATIC CPU – or transfers the data to thisslave. 44Basically, the scanner can simultaneously communicate with several slaves; however, thiscapability is not used in this application. Corresponding possible expansions of the applicationare described in chapters 6.1 and 8.3.V 1.0Issue 10/01/0613/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Data exchange via “modules”In the application, the data exchange is limited to two “modules” (i.e. datapackets): 16 words from the Allen-Bradley CPU to the SIMATIC CPU(master slave), 6 words from the SIMATIC CPU to the Allen-Bradley CPU(slave master).The data modules include simulated process data, counter values andswitch positions of the SM374 module.Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docConfiguration of the modulesBasically, virtually any number of modules can be configured for thecommunication with a number of different slaves. However, the totalvolume of the data exchanged via the modules must not exceed 240 writtenor received data words per cycle and no individual module must be largerthan 16 words.The data modules are from the output memory areas of the two CPUs andwritten into the input range of the respective other CPU. This is the actualPROFIBUS DP communication; in this application, the CPU configurationsadditionally ensure that the received values are routed to the outputmodules in their slots where they are displayed. But this only visualizes thesuccessful PROFIBUS communication.Data consistency during the transferThe transfer of the data packets between the CPUs is consistent, i.e., it isnot possible to modify the contents of one of the data packets between thestart and the completion of the transfer. This ensures that all elementswithin one transferred packet always represent the same system state.It is, for instance, excluded that the system changes from state “A” to “B”during the transfer of the data so that one part of the data would still belongto state “A” and the other part already to “B”.Consistency is always only ensured within one module. If several modulesare configured, the planner is responsible for ensuring the cross-moduledata consistency.Overview of the data exchangeThe figure below schematically shows the communication paths used inthis application. Table 2-1 explains the individual steps.V 1.0Issue 10/01/0614/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Figure 2-3: Sequence of the data exchangeCPU 315-2 DPonwInput range Output rangeDPInput range Output rangevSM374SIMATICp 6 words 16 words uInputOutputProfibusscannerInput rangeInput rangesAllen-BradleyOutput rangeOutput rangeCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docLogix5500rDPqtSequence of the core functionalityThe following tables show the individual communication steps asschematically represented in Figure 2-3.Table 2-1: Sequence of the core functionality: Communication from SIMATIC to Allen-BradleyActionNote1.Data from the input range of the SM 374 arecopied to the output range of the CPU 315.The data are one data byte of whichthe value is determined by the switchpositions on the SM 374.2.Together with further simulated process data, adata module is prepared for the transfer viaPROFIBUS DP.Data volume: 6 words3.The CPU 315 transfers the data module inreply to the polling by the PROFIBUS scanner.4.The data module received at the PROFIBUSscanner is copied to the input range of theControlLogix CPU.5.The data are used to control the LEDs on theoutput module.V 1.0Issue 10/01/06Data volume: One word, whichtransfers CPU 315 counter contentand SM 374 switch position.15/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864Table 2-2: Sequence of the core functionality: Communication from Allen-Bradley to SIMATICActionA data module for the transfer to the CPU 315 isassembled in the ControlLogix from the inputrange of the input module and internalvariables.The data module is transferred to thePROFIBUS scanner.6.7.Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docNote8.The module is transferred to the CPU 315 slaveby the scanner master.9.The received data are copied to the input rangeof the CPU 315.10.Parts of the data from the input range are usedto control the SM 374.NoteData volume: 16 wordsThe individual steps are only represented in a logical order. It is in no wayensured that the actual order of the steps within a CPU cycle is identicalto the sequence in the table.On the contrary: The clock cycles of S7-CPU and ControlLogix CPU arenot matched to one another and a PROFIBUS DP communication doesnot occur during each CPU cycle.Advantages of this solutionThe application of this solution is perfectly suited particularly due to the factthat its configuration is simple and not complicated:The hardware additionally required to connect the two (assumed to bealready existing) subnetworks is limited to the PROFIBUS scanner.The configuration overhead is also insignificant; it is basically limited to thedefinition of the new data modules in the ControlLogix CPU and theCPU 315 and the registration of the used hardware in the PROFIBUSscanner. To ensure the consistency of the transferred modules, onlystandard blocks have to be used.The communication with several slaves can also be configured easily andquickly; the data are transferred at a speed that is sufficient for mostapplications.See also chapters 2.5 and 6.1.V 1.0Issue 10/01/0616/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 238098642.3Required hardware and software componentsNoteIn the tables below, components not sold by Siemens are silhouetted ingray. The respectively specified sales sources are responsible for theirprocurement (see also page 18).Hardware componentsTable 2-3: Required hardware componentsCopyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.docComponentNo.MLFB / OrdernumberNoteSIMATIC Field PG MStandard16ES7712-0AA0.0XXXOr comparable PC with MPIPS 307 load powersupply16ES73071BA00-0AA0Or comparable power sourceSIMATIC S7-300 CPU315-2DP16ES73152AG10-0AB0Or SIMATIC NET PROFIBUSCP (CP 342-5)SIMATIC MicroMemory Card 2 MB16ES79538LlOO-0AA0Or higher capacitySM 374simulator module16ES73742XH01-0AA0Or DI8/DO8 module withdigital inputs/outputsPower supply11756-PA72/BProcurement via 1ControlLogix 5500CPU11756-L1M2Procurement via 1Input module11756-IB16DProcurement via 1Output module11756-OB16EProcurement via 1PROFIBUS scanner1SST-PFB-CLXRLLProcurement via 1In addition, a PROFIBUS cable for connecting CPU 315 and PROFIBUSscanner and a null modem cable (RS232, 9-pin sub D plug) for configuringControlLogix controller and PROFIBUS scanner are required.Standard software componentsTable 2-4: Required software componentsComponentV 1.0No.MLFB / OrdernumberSimatic S7, Step 7V5.3 incl. SP3 (orhigher)16ES78104CC07-0YA5RSLogix 5000Standard Edition,V13.03 (or higher)19324RLD300DEEIssue 10/01/06NoteGerman version, procurementvia 117/82

Application DescriptionAutomation SolutionComm. with Third-Party Contr. (Allen-Bradley) ID No.: 23809864ComponentNo.SST PROFIBUSConfiguration, V3.6 (orhigher)1MLFB / OrdernumberNoteIncluded in the scope ofdelivery of the PROFIBUSscanner; if not, procurementvia 2Sources of supply for Germany:Copyright Siemens AG 2006 All rights reserved23809864 AB ProfibusScanner DOKU V10 e.doc1. Rockwell Automation regional office of Rockwell Int'l GmbHDüsselbergerstrasse 1542781 GruitenGermanyTel: 49 2104 9600Fax: 49 2104 960 121(see also \4\2. Woodhead Connectivity GmbHIm Gässle 970771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen,GermanyTel: 49 711 782374 0Fax: 49 711 782374 11(see also \5\)Example files and projectsThe following list includes all files and projects used in this example.Table 2-5: Configurations included in the applicationComponentNote2380

The RSLogix configuration software for controllers, however, is sold by Rockwell. To avoid confusion, the term”Allen-Bradley” designates all products sold by Rockwell and Allen-Bradley in this application. Introduction Allen-Bradley cur

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1756 ControlLogix Controllers 1756 ControlLogix-XT Controllers The ControlLogix-XT controllers function in the same way as the traditional ControlLogix controllers. The ControlLogix-XT products include control and communication system components that are conformally coated for extended protection in harsh, corrosive environments:

1756 ControlLogix Controllers 1756 ControlLogix-XT Controllers The ControlLogix-XT controllers function in the same way as the traditional ControlLogix controllers. The ControlLogix-XT products include control and communication system components that are conformally coated for extended protection in harsh, corrosive environments: † When .

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An Allen-Bradley PLC: PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix or FlexLogix. Connection between the Ewon Flexy and the Allen-Bradley PLC must be done through Ethernet protocol. For polling tags over serial, see "Polling Data from Allen-Bradley PLC Using Serial Protocol" from Related Documents, p. 3.

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