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ProgressivePHONICST.M.BeginnerBook12ten red getShort Vowel “E”Written and illustrated byMiz Katz N. RatzT.M.

Letters & words used in this yetcanvanbadhadamatcathatmatsatyesThe red letters and words are newlyintroduced in this book.Copyright 2004–2015 by Miz Katz N. RatzAll rights reserved. This book or any portion thereofmay not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoeverwithout the express written permission of the publisherexcept for the use of brief quotations in a book review.Produced in the United States of America.Fifth Edition, 2015.Progressive Phonics CoLos Angeles, CAwww.ProgressivePhonics.com2

TABLE OF CONTENTSQuick Start Guide .4Intro to “eh” sound .5“en” word family .6hen, men, ten“ed” word family .20bed, redLetter “b” vs. letter “d” .32“eg” word family .49legLetter ‘g’ note .50“et” word family .55get, let, vet, wet, yet“es” word family .86yes3

Quick Start GuideRead the book WITH your child.You read the “regular” text, andhe/she reads the big, red words,sort of like reading the differentparts in a play.Help your child soundout the words asneeded.Read the book several times.This helps develop the eye musclesand left-to-right reading patterns.Don’t rush it. Bodybuilders don’t train ina day – neither does a child.And most important ofall, HAVE FUN!4

(Read this page TOyour child.)Today we are going topractice the “eh” sound.Can you say, “eh”?The “eh” sound is in lotsof words, like –Elephantelevator.Endlesseggs.Empty envelopes.5

”en” familytenmenhen6

I Am Tenam ten,and I have tenpets. bI7

ten lovely.worms all slimyand wet.bb8

Myten littleworms eat dinneron my plate.bb9

bhad spaghetti. b.then one day I10

Hey!.and a wormsaid, “Hey!bb11

(Read this page TOyour child.)Usually when there is more thanone of something, we add a “sss”sound to the end of the word toshow there is more than one.catcatshenhensBut it’s different with the word ‘man.’ Wedon’t say, “mans” – we say, “men” –manmenmans12

Three Men And A Henmanand a mat.One13

menand a hat.Two14

menand a hen.Three15

men,an egg and a bhen.Three16

”ed” familybedred17

(Read this page TOyour child.)The letters ‘b’ and ‘d’look a lot alike.bdOn the next page is a trick tohelp remember which is which.18

Make a fist with both of your hands withthe thumbs sticking up.Now pretend that this is a bed –This handis theletter ‘b’bedThis handis theletter ‘d’19

Betty’s Bedbed is nota baby bed.My bed is nottoo small. bMy20

bed is fine –the problem is. bMy21

amreally tall. b.that I22

Bad Foodbunder my bed.I hid some food23

.but then the foodwentbbad.24

bad foodjumped up and bThedown on my head.b25

badfood kicked me bout of bed.Then the26

I Like Redred.I like red a lot.I like27

So I alwaysbwear somethingbred on top.28

Like my littlebred ribbon,29

or my little,red hat.30

.or my big,bred wig,31

which is fullof cats.bb32

Red Nosehad a badcold, so I hadto stay in bed.I33

My nose wasbrunny and really,reallybred.34

My runny,rednose tried to runaway.bb35

bglue to make my bred nose stay.So I used some36

”eg” familyleg37

(Read this page TOyour child.)Here’s a way toremember theletter ‘g’The letters ‘b’ and‘d’ have arms thatreach up abovetheir “bodies”But the letter‘g’ has a FOOTunder its “body”38

A foot is always at the end of a leg,not the middle or the top:So it helps to remember that the letterwith the little “foot” (the letter ‘g’) isalways at the end of the word, ‘leg.’leg39

Hold your left handflat to makethe letter ‘l’ –Point your rightthumb down tomake the letter ‘g’ –eCurl your thumbto make thelittle “foot.”leg40

One Leg In The WaterThis is how I like tostand: oneblegin the water, onebleg in the sand.41

leg inthe water, I never, bever know if some- bthing in the water. bBut with one42

.wants to bitemy toe.bb43

I Can Stand On One Legcan standon one leg.I44

can stand onthe other leg too.I45

can I standon no leg at all?But46

bI just fall. bWhen I try,47

”et” familygetletvetwetyet48

For My BirthdayFor my birthday, I willbget a bike. I willget a cake anda dog called Spike. balso49

geta collar, and Spike bwill get a leash.And Spike will50

Wait! Why will Spikebget anything?On my birthday, Ibam the king! b51

Purple Pillget sick,if I get ill,If I52

I alwaysgettwo purple pills.b53

The pillsgetstuck inside mymouth.bb54

Then I have toget my brotherto pull them out. b55

Let Me Wear Your Hatcat said tome, “Please, letme wear your hat.”My56

cat said, b“Please, let meThen mywear your pants.”b57

cat said, b“Please, let mewear your shoes.” bThen my58

at me,now I am you!”“Look59

I Let My FishLast night, Iblet my fishwatch a little TV.b60

Then Iletmy fish sleep inbbed with me.61

I forgot that mybhad waterin his bubble. bfish62

bedhas a really big bpuddle. bAnd now myA puddle is a small pool of water.63

The Vet’s Vanvet vacuumedhis van today. Whenthe van was clean,the vet said, “Yay!”The64

bbjumped into the bvan.But then a vulture65

band chocolate on his bhands. bwith mud on his feet66

“Oh, no!” said thevet.van is dirty.That vulture is a bad,bad birdie.”“Now my67

Wet Vetwet spongein his wet hand, thevet washed thewet van.With a68

brinse off the soap, the bvet turned aroundand said, “Oh, no!” bWhen it was time to69

Splash! The vulturesprayed thebvet.70

.and that is howbvet gotwet.the71

Not YetThevet and thevulture made a cake.bbso that it could bake. bThey put it in the oven72

vet sat downon his little vet “beddy,”saying, “Wake me up bwhen the cake is ready.” bThe73

Ten minutes later.)“Oh, vulture,” said the bvet, “is the cakeready yet?”(74

“Notyet, Vet,bwill wake you when bit’s time to eat.” bgo back to sleep. I75

Ten minutes(bbirdie, is the cake bready yet?”later.) “Tell me, little76

yet, Vet.No, no, not yet.”“Not77

A little while later, thebvet was awake. Hewent downstairs to beat some cake.b78

But the cake wasbgone, and the disheswere dirty.bb79

bvet. “That bad,bad, birdie.” b“Oh, no!” said the80

”es” familyyes81

Where Is My Cake?Yes, it is my birthday,and yes, I have a cake,but where is the cake? bIt is not on the plate. b82

I have acat, soI looked in her mouth.I saw no cake, butbbyes, I saw a mouse. b83

byou seen the cake?” bMy dog said, “Yes,go ask the snake.” bI asked my dog, “Have84

Yes, I guess,the snake ate bthe cake. b85

The EndNext:Progressive PhonicsBook 3: Short Vowel “I”ProgressivePhonics.com86

Written and illustrated by Miz Katz N. Ratz T.M. Short Vowel “E” Progressive PHONICS Beginner T.M. Book 1 2 ten ed get

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