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API Reference Guide

API REFERENCE GUIDEGRAMINTRODUCTIONBACILLIA well-established method for microorganism identification to the species level, bioMérieux’s API identificationproducts are test kits for identification of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and yeast.RELIABLE AND ACCURATEAPI strips give accurate identifications based on extensive databases and are standardized, easy-to-use test systems.The kits include strips that contain up to 20 miniature biochemical tests. Set up of the strips is quick, safe and easy toperform.GRAMBACILLIEconomical to run and user-friendly, API strips have a long shelf life, enabling every laboratory to keep the test kits onhand.LARGE AND ROBUST INTERNET-BASED DATABASEOXIDASEAPIWEBTM is a user-friendly website containing all of the API databases for a reliable automated interpretation of APIstrip results.OXIDASEAPIWEB is easy to use – key in the biochemical or numerical profile of the strip to obtain the organism identification.The software provides a detailed report that is displayed on the screen and can be RSNONFERMENTERSAPI 20 NEAPI 20 ERapid 20 EAPI 50 CHE

API REFERENCE GUIDEOTHER sCurved orspiral bacilliGrowth in CO2 atmosphereSmall Gram-negative bacilliAnaerobesCATALASEGrowth in microaerophilic atmosphereCATALASEAnaerobesOXIDASEAPI NHHaemophilusAPI 20 ARapid ID 32 ABacteroidesFusobacteriumPrevotellaAPI CAMPYCampylobacterSpores presentSmall bacilliof characteristic shapeShort bacilliwith rounded endsMobile at 20 - 25 CImmobile at 37 CLarge bacilliwith sporesTaperedbacilliAPI 20 ARapid ID 32 AAPI CoryneAPI ListeriaAPI CHBAPI 50 acterium

API REFERENCE GUIDECOCCIYEASTSGRAMYEASTSCOCCICATALASECATALASEAPI STAPHAPI 20 occusGRAMAPI 20C AUXCOCCIGrowth aerobicallyGram-negative diplococciGrowth anaerobicallyAPI NHAPI 20 ERapid ID 32 KloeckeraPichiaRhodoturelaTrichosporon

API REFERENCE GUIDEAPI SPECIES GUIDEREFERENCE #PRODUCT NAMEREAGENTS TO BE ORDEREDORGANISM/EEEPIA2AUXY0EPHD 3 0 CH 0 CHB 0 CH LENE AMPSTR ORYN ISTER 0 C A 0 A2IAHT000DDPIPII N PI SI2I5 I5I2I2ICICI2I 5 CHI2ILAPAPAP APAPRAAPAPAAPAPAP 50APAPRAGRAM NEGATIVE IDENTIFICATION20100REF.ADDITIONAL REAGENTS70380Zn (2x10g)70402TDA (2x1 ampule)VP 1 (2x2 ampules)VP 2NIT 1 (2x2 ampules)NIT 2ZYM A (2x1 ampule)ZYM B (2x1 ampule)NIN (2 ampules)BCP (1 ampule)EHR (1 ampule)XYL (2 ampules)James (2x1 ampule)FB (2x1 ampule)PYZ (2 ampules)20100API 20 EGram-negative bacilli (25 tests)20160API 20 EGram-negative bacilli (100 tests)20701Rapid 20 ETMEnterobacteriaceae7042220050API 20 NENon-fastidious, non-enteric Gram-negativebacilli7044220800API CampyCampylobacter10400API NHNeisseria, HaemophilusGRAM POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION20500API StaphStaphylococci20600API 20 StrepStreptococci20900API CoryneCorynebacteria10300API ListeriaListeriaAPI 20 C AUX32300API 20 ARapid ID 32 A202302007070700YeastsANAEROBES20300X20050 20800 10400 20500 20600 20900 1030020210 20300 32300 50300 -50430 /21/81/81/81/81/41/41/20XSUSPENSION 42705627049220701AnaerobesAnaerobesNaCl 0.85% Medium(5 mL)NaCl 0.85% Medium(2 mL)Suspension Medium(2 mL)X1/41/41/45030050430API 50 CHAPI 50 CHB/E MediumEnterobacteriaceae5030050410API 50 CHAPI 50 CHL MediumLactobacillus5030050430API 50 CHAPI 50 CHB/E 10501207010070900API OF MediumAPI M MediumMineral OilMcFarland StandardXXXXXXXXRecommended quantity of additional reagent(s) for each strip kit ordered(e.g., TDA: Order 1 box of Ref. 70402 TDA reagent for 8 boxes of Ref. 20100 API 20E)OTHER1/10XXXXXXXXXX additional product requiredXX

API REFERENCE GUIDESET-UP OVERVIEWSTRIPSREFMICROORGANISMSSUSPENSIONAPIWEB – ANYTIME, ANYWHEREINOCULUM TRANSFER MEDIUMapiweb.biomerieux.comINCUBATIONTIMETEMPAPI 20 E2010020160Enterobacteriaceae and othernon-fastidious Gram negative bacilli5 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium or5 mL API Suspension Medium1 colonyN/AN/A18-24h/48h37 CRapid 20 E20701Enterobacteriaceae2 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium0.5 McFN/AN/A4h37 CAPI 20 NE20050Non-fastidious, non-enteric Gramnegative rods2 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium0.5 McF200 µLAPI AUXMedium24h30 CAPI Campy20800Campylobacter3 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium6 McF80-100 μl150 μlAPI AUXMedium24h37 CAPI NH10400Neisseria, Haemophilus andMoraxella catarrhalis2 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium4 McFN/AMedium2h37 CAPI Staph20500Staphylococcus, Micrococcus andKocuriaAPI Staph Medium0.5 McFN/AMedium18-24h37 CAPI 20 Strep20600Streptococci2 mL API Suspension Medium4 McF500 µlN/A4h/24h37 CAPI Coryne20900Coryneform bacteria3 mL API Suspension Medium 6 McF500 µlMedium24h37 CAPI Listeria10300Listeria2 mL API Suspension Medium1 McFN/AAPI GP18-24h37 CAPI 20 C AUX20210Yeasts2 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium2 mL API Suspension Medium2 McF100 µlN/A48-72h30 CAPI 20 A20300Anaerobes4 mL API 20 A Medium3 McFN/AN/A24h37 CRapid ID 32 A32300Anaerobes3 mL API Suspension Medium4 McFN/AN/A4h37 CAPI 50 CHAPI 50 CHB/E5030050430Enterobacteriaceae5 mL API NaCI 0.85% API 50 CHB/E Medium2 McF2 McFN/AMedium24-48h37 CAPI 50 CHAPI 50 CHL5030050410LactobacillusAPI 50 CHL Medium2 McFN/AN/A48h30/37 CAPI 50 CHAPI 50 CHB/E5030050430Bacillus5 mL API NaCI 0.85% API 50 CHB/E Medium2 McF2 McFN/AAPI AUX24-48h3/6-24h30 C55 CRefer to package inserts for complete instructions.USER-FRIENDLY Internet platform Easy-to-use tool, integrated intuitive interface Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Reading assistance for each identification stripHIGH-PERFORMANCEAPIWEB contains all the regularly updated API databases.Each identification is associated with a complete report: species proposed comments reflecting the reliability of the identification, selected after thecalculation of two indices:– the identification percentage (probability of species identification)– and the typicity index (typical character of the profile studied) complete biochemical profile additional information and testsSECURITY Secure site, personalized access codes Data encoding ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your results

2019 bioMérieux, Inc. BIOMÈRIEUX and the BIOMÈRIEUX LOGO, API and APIWEB are used, pending and/or registered trademarks belonging tobioMérieux or one of its subsidiaries, or one of its companies. Patents: PPRN 053594 01.ATo place and track orders, visitwww.biomerieuxDIRECT.combioMérieux, Inc. 100 Rodolphe Street Durham, NC 27712 USA Tel: (800) 682 2666 Fax: (800) 968

api 20 e rapid 20e api 20 ne api campy api nh api staph api 20 strep api coryne api listeriaapi 20 c aux api 20 a rapid id 32 a api 50 ch api 50 chb/e 50 chl reagents to be ordered. strips ref microorganisms suspension inoculum transfer medium i

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Pre-Requisite(s): NUTR*3090 Clinical Nutrition I, plus 1 of BIOM*2000 (Concepts in Human Physiology) OR BIOM*3100 (Mammalian Physiology I) OR BIOM*3110 (Mammalian Physiology II) OR BIOM*3200 (Mammalian Physiology) Co-Requisites(s): none Restriction(s): Registration in the B.A.Sc. AHN major

The BIOM 5 series continuously incorporates the principle of indirect ophthalmoscopy in the operating microscope. The OCULUS BIOM was a revolution in vitreoretinal surgery and forever changed fundus viewing. The OCULUS BI

The BIOM 5 series continuously incorporates the principle of indirect ophthalmoscopy in the operating microscope. The OCULUS BIOM was a revolution in vitreoretinal surgery and forever changed fundus viewing. The OCULUS BI

Take off the drive belt. Before sterilising, check that the drive module is secure. If it is loose, tigh ten the Allen screw, 2 mm, (1) at the drive module, or call in your hospital technician Fig. 5-2: Remove additional components of the BIOM 5c or BIOM 5cl 1 2 1 3

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APIListeria 10300 Listeria 2 mL API Suspension Medium 1 McF N/A API GP 18-24h 37 C API20 C AUX 20210 Yeasts 2 mL API NaCI 0.85% Medium 2 mL API Suspension Medium 2 McF 100 µl N/A 48-72h 30 C API20 A 20300 Anaerobes 4 mL API 20 A Medium 3 McF N/A N/A 24h 37 C Rapid ID 32 A 32300 Anaerobes 3 mL API Suspension Medium 4 McF N/A N/A 4h 37 C .

For AOl or A02 Transactions where abo·ve situations apply. 9 characters 853: Date (mm/dd/yy) DESCRIPTION: REQUIRED: LENGTH: ENTER: CODES DEFINED: EXAII1PLE: 033-1 c6/0084 2.105 (Rev. 05/90) ITEM 856 - DEMOTION REASON Explanation of employee's preference in voluntarily demoting or choosing a demotion other than that which was directed (e.g., layoff, reassignment, etc.). For A02 Transaction .