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11/12/2015BLACKBELTTransforming the Public SectorStrategic PlanningSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Making state government in Ohiosimpler, faster, better,and less costly.SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.1

11/12/2015StrategicSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.An organization plans strategically if it.Examines the environmentin which it exists/competesQuestions fundamentalassumptions about itsbusinessCreatively attempts toconceive its role in adifferent, more effective wayLooks beyond the statusquo and to the futureSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Hockey Great Wayne Gretsky “I skate to wherethe puck will be.”SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.2

11/12/2015Strategic Planning Definition Strategic planning is adisciplined effort toproduce fundamentaldecisions and actions thatshape and guide what anorganization is, what itdoes, and why it does it,with a focus on the future.(John M. Bryson, Strategic Planning inPublic and Nonprofit Organizations)SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Why Strategic Planning?Prepare for changeProvide direction & focusand decision guidanceProvide common purposeIdentify organizational goalsMaximize resource utilizationImprove effectiveness andefficiencyEncourage innovation andchangeSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.VisionWhere WeWant to BeBARRIERSCSFsSituationAssessmentInternal &External CSFsSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.3

11/12/2015Lean Ohio ServicesSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.How and Who11SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.A Typical Strategic Planning sPre-workanddatagatheringMetrics vesEvaluateReviseSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.4

11/12/2015Strategic Planning PreparationProcess Planning Review previous plans and progress Determine timeline/timeframe Take stock of internal resources forplanning Evaluate need for external resources toassist Outline the steps you will take and when13SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Strategic Planning PreparationPre-work and Data Gathering (inputs)InputPerspectiveCurrent state analysisVoice of theprocess/businessExternal analysisVoice of the customerInternal analysisVoice of the employeeBenchmarkingPeer comparison14SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.A Typical Strategic Planning sPre-workanddatagatheringMetrics vesEvaluateReviseSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.5

11/12/2015Defining Who We Are:Vision, Mission, and ValuesVision provides a pictureof the desired future forthe organization.Mission describes whatyou do, and for whomyou do it.Values are beliefs orguiding principles thatset the foundation forhow an organization willoperate.SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Organizational Analysis:Defining our Challenge Utilize inputs that have beenprepared Look for key insights fromacross ALL of the availableperspectives Also review mandates,programs, products & services Use tools that help youUNDERSTANDSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.SWOT AnalysisStrengths: (Internal)Weaknesses: (Internal)Keys to past and future successes Potential problem areas thatof the organizationimpact successOpportunities: (External)Threats: (External)Potential areas for growth Partnerships Funding TrendsOutside factors to be mitigated Competitors Future liabilities Public’s perceptionSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.6

11/12/2015SWOT Activity19SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Strategic Priorities and Objectives:Setting our Course Identify critical issues Define strategic priorities Develop goals andobjectives to movetoward the future vision Determine measures ofsuccessSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.20Strategic Priorities: Setting ourCourse This part of the process isabout making choicesabout what is trulyimportant to the strategicfuture of your organizationand what is not Use tools that help youDECIDESIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.217

11/12/2015Force Field Analysis ActivitySIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.22What makes a good objective?A formula to apply:(verb noting direction of change) (area of change) (targetpopulation) (degree of change) (time frame)SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.23What makes a good TimeframeObjectiveIncreaseKnowledge and application of traumainformed care practicesAmong all direct care staffBy ensuring that 85% are trained usingthe SAMHSA curriculumBy 12/31/2015SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.248

11/12/2015A Typical Strategic Planning sPre-workanddatagatheringMetrics eReviseObjectivesSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Strategic Plan Implementation Action plans – steps necessary toachieve the objective and who isresponsible Metrics and Performance Management– How you measure and communicateresults (i.e. KPI, Balanced Scorecard,Dashboards) Evaluate/Revise – Decide on a scheduleand process. Stick to it!SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.Testing your plan: Does it answerthe Fundamental Question?A strategic plan must answerthis question:Taking into consideration thecurrent and anticipatedenvironment, how will wefulfill on our mission, meetour stakeholdersexpectations, move towardsour vision, and attainsuccess?SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.279

11/12/2015Common Strategic Planning Pitfalls Making a list of what youare already doing Objectives that are justextra work Trying to do too much Failure to adjust as thingschange Not asking for helpSIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY.2810

(John M. Bryson, Strategic Planning in Public and Nonprofit Organizations) SIMPLER. FASTER. BETTER. LESS COSTLY. Why Strategic Planning? Prepare for change Provide direction & focus and decision guidance Provide common purpose Id

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PART ONE Introduction to Strategic Management and Business Policy 1 CHAPTER1 Basic Concepts of Strategic Management 2 1.1 The Study of Strategic Management 5 Phases of Strategic Management 5 Benefits of Strategic Management 6 1.2 Globalization and Environmental Sustainability: Challenges to Strategic Management 7 Impact of Globalization 8

Sep 05, 2017 · STRATEGIC PLAN FORMAT 2017-2020 . The sample strategic planning format uses a one page Strategic Map format to identify areas of focus for the Plan. From the Strategic Map, a Strategic Plan is created to advance strategic priorities for the coming 1-3 years. The plan accomplishments a

strategic planning and have them master the mechanics of strategic planning for their school or educational organization. Course Objectives: To define strategic planning and determine the rationale for developing strategic plans To identify the key steps in strategic planning To manage the strategic planning process

1. 4 Tools for strategic analysis 1. 4a SWOT 1. 4b TOWS 1. 4c Hambrick Model: Strategy Diamond 1. 4d BCG matrix 1. 4e General Electrics Stoplight Matrix 1. 4f Balance score card . 3 Management Strategic Management Strategic Analysis 1. 5 Summary 1.2 Introduction Strategic Management is the process of strategic decision-making that sets the long .

Strategic Objectives – are key priorities which, taken together, build toward realization of Strategic Goals Action Plans – outline the detailed steps that must be taken to achieve Strategic Objectives. Strategic Goals and Strategic Objectives, developed by staff from throughout the Airport are outlined in the following pages.

Strategic IT Planning Provider Case Studies 2015 1 1 Introduction the leadingage center for aging services technologies (cast) is pleased to provide the following six case studies on strategic Planning and strategic it Planning. We hope they will demonstrate for providers the benefits of strategic Planning and strategic it Planning.