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Syllabus for Pharmacy CoursesPageDr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad1(B. Pharm & M. Pharm.)



Syllabus of Pharmacy Course(B. Pharm and M. Pharm)PageDr. Babasaheb AmbedkarMarathwada University, Aurangabad4Including amended Regulations, Structure,Scheme of Examination and Equivalence in Subjects

All India Council for TechnicalEducation, New DelhiDr. Babasaheb AmbedkarMarathwada University,AurangabadIndustry Institute Partnership CellGovt. College of Pharmacy,AurangabadIIPC, GCPAurangabad5Dr.BAMUAurangabadPageAICTE,New Delhi

CONTRIBUTORS:Dr. Pravin S. WakteChairman, Board of Studies, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, AurangabadDr. Prashant K. PuranikSubject Chairman, Asso. Prof., Govt. College of Pharmacy, & Senate member, Dr.B.A.M.U, AurangabadDr. Uday A. DeokateSubject Chairman and Assistant Professor, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Chairman and Assistant Professor, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Co-Chairman and Principal, Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Co-Chairman and Associate Professor, Shri. Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadDr. S. S. KhadabadiConvener of Meeting and Principal, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadMr. Irfan. A. FarooquiSubject Chairman and Associate Professor, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadDr. Rajesh B. NawaleSecretary, Syllabus Framing committee and Assistant Professor, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadDr. Mayura A. KaleSubject Chairman and Assistant Professor, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadMr. Inayat B. PathanDr. M. H. DehghanDr. Aquil R. SidhiquiDr. Sachitanand S. AngadiDr. S. R. LahotiDr. Aruna BirajdarDr. Santosh S. MokaleDr. Heman D. UneMr. Purushottam R. PatilSubject Co-Chairman and Principal, Yash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Co-Chairman and Principal, Shri. Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Co-Chairman and Principal, K. T. Patil College of Pharmacy, OsmanabadSubject Co-Chairman and Associate Professor, Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Co-Chairman and Associate Professor, Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Co-Chairman and Assistant Professor, Govt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSubject Committee Members:V.V.ChangediyaYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadN.N.SarafBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadYuvraj GirbaneR.R.ChandakYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadV.K.MahajanV.P.Patil College of Pharmacy, AurangabadV.P.Patil College of Pharmacy, AurangabadVijayalaxmi ChavanBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadGeeta N.SapkaleK.T.Patil College of Pharmacy, OsmanabadSweta S. SabooGovt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadA.G.NikaljeY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadM.H.JoshiS. BhamaBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadUlhas S SurvaseK.T.Patil College of Pharmacy, OsmanabadPreeti SableBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadH.N.GuptaGovt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadV.A.ArsulV.P.Patil College of Pharmacy, AurangabadBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadRoul J.T.Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadD.D.GadadeBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadP.V.MhaskeGajare G.K.Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadN.A.TribhuwanBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadP.B.RathiN.S.SakhaleMd. Mukhtar KhanY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadObaid ShaikhY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadMohd Nazre AlanY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadKiran M. BhusariBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadMohd Ismail M.Y.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadZ.RanaY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadSyed Ayaz AliY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadN.B.DarbhaleBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadSayad Imran W.Y.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadS.D.ShelkeYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadS.MariaY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadS.G.VaishnavYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadGajanan N. ParikhV.S.MundheBhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadA.A.KondapureV.P.Patil College of Pharmacy, AurangabadBharti KulkarniY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadR.S. ToshniwalY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadYash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadM.S.GhodkeY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadAbubakar S. B.Y.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadA.S.NaruteSubur W.KhanY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadY.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadAmrapali JadhavGovt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadJ.N.SangshettiK.S.GhugeO.R.WarmaGovt. College of Pharmacy, AurangabadGovt. Polytechnic, Aurangabad6Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, AurangabadPageN.S.Taur

AB. Pharm. Syllabus0081.Ordinance and Rules0093.Guidlinces for evaluation of candidate in practical0164. of SyllabusEquivalance in subjectSyllabus of First Semester B. Pharm.Syllabus of Second Semester B. Pharm.Syllabus of Third Semester B. Pharm.Syllabus of Fourth Semester B. Pharm.Syllabus of Fifth Semester B. Pharm.Syllabus of Sixth Semester B. Pharm.Syllabus of Seventh Semester B. Pharm.014017019029039049059069081Syllabus of Eight Semester B. Pharm.Ordianance and Rules (M. Pharm.)1011.Ordinance and RulesStructure of SyllabusSyllabus (Pharmaceutics)102115D.Syllabus (Quality Assurance Techniques / Quality Assurance)137E.Syllabus (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)159F.Syllabus (Pharmaceutical Analysis)179G.Syllabus (Pharmacology)201H.Syllabus (Pharmacognosy)219B2.C.09110772.PageTABLE OF CONTENT:

PART - APage8B. Pharm. Syllabus

Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarMarathwada University, AurangabadBachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.)0.527There shall be eight semester examinations leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy(B. Pharm.) namely:1.The First semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of First semester B. Pharm.3.The Third semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Third semester B. Pharm. Fourth semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Fourth semester B. Pharm.5.The Fifth semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Fifth semester B. Pharm.7.The Seventh semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Seventh semester B. Pharm.6.0.528The Second semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Second semester B.Pharm.8.The Sixth semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Sixth semester B. Pharm.The Eighth semester B. Pharm.: Examination at the end of Eighth semester B. Pharm.Each semester will be of six months/ 90 working days duration. The examination specifiedabove shall be once per semester at such places and on such dates as may be notified by theUniversityAn applicant for the admission to the examination specified in ordinance shall complete aregular course of the study in the course prescribed for examination concerned not less thanone academic semester (six month) in the college of Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical SciencesA candidate shall be admitted to the first semester B. Pharm. if he / she has: Passed the HSC (Std XII) examination of Maharashtra Board of Secondary andHigher Secondary Education or its equivalent examination withoooEnglish as one of the subjectBoth subjects mentioned in Group IAny one of the subjects mentioned in Group IIGroup I Group II :1 Physics1. Mathematics2. Chemistry2. BiologySecured minimum 45% marks (40% for backward class candidates for MaharashtraState only) in the subject Physics, Chemistry and the subject of maximum marks amongst the subject mentioned in group II of above added together.Appeared for Common entrance test conducted by competent authority of Govt. ofMaharashtra or Govt. of India, for that academic year and secured non-zero score inthat common entrance test.The above and further eligibility criteria may be subjected to change fromtime to time depending upon the rules and regulations of Govt. of If admitted candidate has not appeared for the subject Mathematics / Biology in hisHSC (Std. XII) examination then he has to pass this subject from University9Maharashtra.Page0.530recognized by the Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarMarathwada University, Aurangabad.

examination (Remedial Mathematics / Remedial Biology) or Maharashtra Board ofSecondary and Higher Secondary Education examination with minimum passing0.531 marks. the First semester B. Pharm. examination.A candidate shall be admitted to the Second semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passedA candidate shall be admitted to the Third semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passed the Second semester B. Pharm. examination. the Third semester B. Pharm. examination. the fourth semester B. Pharm. examination. A candidate shall be admitted to the Fourth semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passedA candidate shall be admitted to the Fifth semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passedA candidate shall be admitted to the Sixth semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passedthe Fifth semester B. Pharm. examination.A candidate shall be admitted to the Seventh semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passed the Sixth semester B. Pharm. examination. the Seventh semester B. Pharm. examination.A candidate shall be admitted to the Eighth semester B. Pharm. if he/she has passedNo candidate shall be admitted to the Fifth semester B. Pharm., unless he / she passexamination of all the subjects (including theory, practical) of First and second semester B. Pharm. examination.No candidate shall be admitted to the Seventh semester B. Pharm, unless he / shepasses examination of all the subjects (including theory, practical) of First, Second, Third and Fourth semester B. Pharm.No candidate shall be admitted to the Fifth semester B. Pharm. unless he / she passthe subject Mathematics / Biology of Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or Remedial Mathematics/ Remedial Biology of University.No candidate (Directly admitted candidate to Third semester B. Pharm.) shall beadmitted to the Seventh semester B. Pharm. unless he / she pass the subjectMathematics/ Biology of Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or Remedial Mathematics / Remedial Biology of University.No candidate shall be allowed to admit for the examination,if he / she does not fulfillthe attendance criteria as per the university norms. A candidate shall haveminimum 75 % attendance at theory hours as well as practical sessions. The Head /Principal / Director of the department / college / institute shall establish a suitableAn applicant for admission to an examination shall satisfy the Head / Principal / Director ofthe Department / College / Institute in the terminal and other tests conducted during therespective semester regarding his / her suitability to take the examination.Page0.532sheet for each subject, thumb impression attendance machine etc.10method for monitoring the attendance of admitted candidates like daily attendance

0.533Every candidate shall require to undergo at least one month practical training (continuousor in part) at any time after the end of sixth semester B. Pharm. examination in therecognized pharmaceutical manufacturing concern or in an analytical laboratory orpharmaceutical research organization or hospital failing which he / she will not be eligiblefor conferment of degree of the University.The candidate has to submit a project completionreport based on his/ her practical training.The Principal of College / Institute shall issue a0.534R.646R.647R.648R.649R.650certificate regarding successful completion of his training.No candidate shall be admitted to any of the examination if he/she has already passed thesame examination or equivalent examination of any other statutory university / board.The structure of B. Pharm. course, scheme of examination including maximum marksallotted to the sessional examination in each paper, the written part and practical part foreach of the four examinations, shall be as indicated in (Annexure A).The scope of the subjects shall be as indicated in the syllabus(Annexure A).The head / Principal / Director of the Department / College / Institute shall maintain acomplete record of the marks obtained by the candidates in the sessional examinations.The head / Principal / Director shall send sessional examination marks secured by thecandidate to the registrar / Controller of examination of the university in the sealed covernot less than 15 days before the commencement of semester examination.In order to pass examination, candidate must have obtained At least 40% of marks in theory examination (excluding sessional examinationmarks) and 45 % marks in practical (excluding sessional examination marks) R.651separately in each subject theory and practical and Must obtain at least 50% of the total marks assigned to that examination. Fourth, Fifth, sixth and seventh semester B. Pharm. examinations.There shall not be classification of successful examiners at the First, Second, Third,The rank in order of merit of first five students shall be declared on the basis ofaggregate marks obtained at the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth semester B. Pharm.basis of the aggregate marks obtained at the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth semester B.Pharm. examination taken together.The following shall be the mode of Awards of the class at an examination R.654 Candidate obtaining 75% or more marks of grant total: First class with distinctionCandidate obtaining 60% or more but less than 75% marks of grant total: First classCandidate obtaining 50% or more but less than 60% marks of grant total: Second classAn examinee who is successful at an examination and obtained not less than 75% marks11R.653The division of successful examinee at the B. Pharm. examination shall be declared on thePageR.652examination combined together.

of the total marks prescribed in a subject shall be declared to have passed theexamination with Distinction in that subjectExplanation: Distinction in a subject will be awarded at the fifth, sixth, seventh and R.655eighth semester B. Pharm examination separately.Only those candidates who have passed an examination in one attempt will be eligiblefor any award, scholarship, to be awarded for that examination.A candidate at First, Third, Fifth, Seventh semester B. Pharm. examination, who fail to securethe prescribed minimum marks in all theory papers and practical examinations may athis/her option, be admitted to a subsequent examination in that paper or practical only onpayment of fresh fee. An examinee under this provision shall be allowed to keep term in thenext higher class. He/She may take both examinations simultaneously, but his/her result atthe higher examination shall not be declared unless he / she is declared successful at thelower examination.A candidate at First and Second, Third and Fourth, Fifth and Sixth semester B. Pharm.examination (taken together), who fail to secure the prescribed minimum marks in not morethan two theory papers and not more than two practical examinations (taken together asFirst and Second, Third and Fourth, Fifth and Sixth semester) may at his/her option, beadmitted to a subsequent examination in that theory paper or practical only on payment offresh fee. An examinee under this provision shall be allowed to keep term in the next higherclass (Third, Fifth, Seventh semester). He/She may take both examinations simultaneously,but his/her result at the higher examination shall not be declared unless he / she is declaredR.656successful at the lower examination.An examinee failing in all theory papers and all practical at the First, Third, Fifth and Seventhsemester examination may at his / her reappear as ex-student at subsequent examination inthe subject in which he / she has failed, on payment of fresh fee. Such candidates will beallowed to keep the term in next higher class.An examinee failing in more than two theory papers and / or more than two practicalexamination at First and Second, Third and Fourth, Fifth and Sixth semester B. Pharm.examination (taken together), may at his / her appear as ex-student at subsequentexamination in the subject in which he / she has failed, on payment of fresh fee. Suchcandidates will not be allowed to keep the term in next higher class at Third, Fifth and At least, one sessional examinationswill be held by the teaching institute every semesterfor the purpose of theory internal assessment. The sessional examination marks will be examination conducted) of these examinations.There shall not be sessional examination for practical internal assessment. Theevaluation of candidates shall be carried out for practical internal marks as perAnnexure Aprovided in this document.12calculated as the average of the best of two performances (If more than one sessionalPageR657Seventh semester.

A candidate failing in any of the university examination may, at the discretion of theHead / Principal / Director of the department / institute / College be permitted, for suchperiod as the head / Principal / Director consider necessary to attend the courseinstruction on the paper or practical in which he / she has failed as the case may be, insuch case the Head / Principal/ Director shall award him / her fresh sessional examination marks on the basis of his / her fresh performance.A separate Improvement sessional shall be conducted for assessment of suchperformance on the complete syllabus of the particular subject. One improvementexaminations shall be conducted by the department / institute / college every semester.Separate time table shall be declared after application of candidate for such examination.Provision of ordinance related to condition of deficiency of marks for passing anexamination shall apply to the examination under the concerned ordinance implemented time to time.This new curriculum (including regulation, structure and syllabus) will be for theacademic year 2013-14 onward for First and Second semester B. Pharm., for academicyear 2014-15 onwards for Third and Fourth semester B. Pharm., for academic year2015-16 onwards for Fifth and Sixth semester B. Pharm., and for academic year 2016-17onwards for Seventh and Eighth semester B. Pharm.The candidate failing in an examination with old course (All previous courses) will haveto clear that examination as per the equivalence given in the Annexure Bgiven in thisAll the candidates of with previous course will have to take the subsequent higher13examinations as per the carry on rule decided by the University time to time.Page document.

Annexure AStructure of macognosy – IHuman Anatomy & Physiology1Functional English & Communication SkillsRemedial Mathematics / HSC Mathematics ORRemedial Biology / HSC BiologySEM TOTALComputers & Statistics4Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry235Pharmaceutics-IPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – I4433--363--1521534--3*4466Environmental scienceSEM TOTALPhysical Pharmacy II2164-1561PathophysiologySEM TOTALPharmaceutics – II4164-1864Pharmacognosy – II4--123423Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – IIPharmaceutical MicrobiologyPharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry - IPharmaceutical Analysis - ISEM TOTAL44441666-6123344---802080 *20 *802080803320403--803423323344----80--20100--100 3--310CREDITSTHPR44107020--32040TOTAL MARKSTHPR1001004032080338020PR ITH MARKSEXTINT8020PageAbbreviations: TH: Theory, PR: Practical, SC: Subject Code, INT: Internal, EXT: ExternalHRS. /WEEK EXAM HR.S.SEM SCSubjectN.THPR.THPRI1101Physical Pharmacy I4634

5404Pharmacology – 123451234SubjectPharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry – IIMedicinal Natural ProductsBiochemistrySEM TOTALHospital & Dispensing PharmacyPharmacology – IIPharmaceutical Analysis - IIPharmaceutical JurisprudenceSEM TOTALPharmaceutics – IIIPharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry - IIIClinical Pharmacy and TherapeuticsHRS. /WEEKTHPR.4-4--42012464664446--64--16184466EXAM HR.THPR3-3--34433333117* Not as a regular University examination of First semester B. chnologySEM TOTAL804100100320--4208042010044Pharmaceutical Industrial Natural Products802080100--3Biopharmaceutics& Pharmacokinetics4008020--20--SEM TOTAL48080--CREDITSTHPR480Project Work--420TOTAL MARKSTHPR100------4--80PR MARKSEXTINT---34Pharmaceutical Analysis III4TH Pharmaceutical EngineeringSCPage510S.N.1SEM

Guideline for Evaluation of candidates in practical The evaluation of candidates for their performance in practical shall be done on day to day basis candidate zero marks shall be allotted.The marks out of 10 shall be allotted for each practical conducted. For absentThe distribution for marks out of 10 shall be as followsoooo Attendance: out of 02Result and interpretation: out of 02Conduct of experimentJournal writing and other: out of 04: out of 02A viva voce shall be conducted during each practical for regular monitoring ofprogress of candidate.At the end of semester (during sessional examination) the average marks of all theexperiments shall be computed and double of the computed marks shall be allottedThe journal / record book assessment of the candidates shall be done on day to day16basis. So that the progress of candidate can be monitored.Page as sessional practical examination marks.

Annexure BEQUIVALENCE IN SUBJECTSEquivalence in the subject from previous syllabus (from academic year 2012-13 known as revised syllabus) to this syllabus shall begiven as per following table.Previous syllabus subjectSubjectSub.CodeSemesterIIPharmaceutics – IIHuman Anatomy and Physiology1.1.1First B. Pharm.Pharmaceutics-I2203.1.3First B. Pharm.Anatomy Physiology & Health Education130First B. Pharm.Dispensing of Medication & Hospital PharmacyFirst B. Pharm.Computer B. Pharm.BiochemistryFirst B. Pharm.Pharmaceutical Inorganic ChemistryFirst B. Pharm.Pharmaceutical MathematicsFirst B. Pharm.Second B. Pharm.Pharmaceutical tical Inorganic Chemistry610VIPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I210IIComputer and StatisticsSecond B. Pharm.Pharmaceutics-II (Physical Pharmacy)310Physical Pharmacy IISecond B. Pharm.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-II330IIIPharmacognosy – I320120IIISecond B. Pharm.Second B. Pharm.Pathophysiology and Clinical BiochemistryHospital and Dispensing PharmacyNo equivalent subject (candidate has to appear for original subject)230340IIIIIIIIIPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IPharmaceutical MicrobiologyPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry IIPharmacognosy – IPathophysiology17ClassEquivalent SubjectPageSr.No Sub.Code

Subject14.2.6Second B. Pharm.16.3.1Third B B. Pharm.Third B Pharm.Third B Pharm.Third B Pharm.Third B Pharm.Third B Pharm.Third B Pharm.Final B. PharmFinal B. PharmFinal B. PharmFinal B. PharmFinal B. PharmFinal B. PharmFinal B. PharmSub.CodeSemesterPharmaceutical Analysis-I430IVPharmaceutical Analysis – IPharmaceutical Cosmetic Technology410IVPharmaceutics – II420IVPharmaceutical EngineeringPharmacognosy-IIMedicinal Chemistry-IPharmacology and ToxicologyBiopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsPharmaceutical Analysis-IIBiotechnologyDosage Form DesignPharmacognosy and PhytochemistryMedicinal Chemistry-IIPharmacology and BioassayPharmaceutical ManagementQuality Assurance TechniquesPharm.Jurisp.& Intellectual property 10720840530 &740640VVIIVIIVIIIV & VIIVISubjectPharmaceutical EngineeringPharmacognosy – IIPharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry – IPharmacology – IBiopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsPharmaceutical Analysis-IIBiotechnologyPharmaceutics – IIIIndustrial Natural ProductsPharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry – IIPharmacology – IIPharmaceutical ManagementPharmaceutical Analysis-II andPharmaceutical Analysis-IIIPharmaceutical Jurisprudence18ClassEquivalent SubjectPagePrevious syllabus subjectSr.No Sub.Code

Page19Syllabus for First Semester B. Pharmacy

Class:Subject:OBJECTIVE:First semester B. Pharm.Physical Pharmacy I (Theory)Subject Code:Allotted Hrs.:1103PageTo acquaint the students with the fundamental principles & their applications with reference toPharmacy. To study the physical, colligative and thermodynamic properties of matter. To study physico-chemical properties of solutions like phase rule, refractive index, electrochemistry etc. To study ionic equilibrium, kinetics and absorption phenomenon.Sr. No.Unit and ContentsHrs.SECTION A1Composition & physical states of matter4Intermolecular forces & their impact on state of the matter. Various physicalproperties of matter, dipole moment, dielectric constant, Van Derwaal’sequation & critical phenomenon, liquefaction of gases, aerosols.26Colligative PropertiesThe liquid state, vapor pressure, ideal & realsolutions. Raoult’s law, elevation ofboiling point, depression of freezing point, osmotic pressure, determination ofmolecular weight based on colligative properties.310ThermodynamicsFirst, second & third law of thermodynamics. Thermochemical laws,isothermic & adiabetic processes, reversible processes, work of expansion, heatcontent, enthalpy, heat capacity. Gibb’s & Helmoltz equation & chemicalpotential.45ChemicalEquillibria57Phase ruleOne, two, & three component systems along with their applications. Solid- solid,solid - liquid, & liquid-liquid systems. Distillation of binary systems, azeotropicmixtures, steam, vacuum, & fractional distillation.SECTION B6Refractive index2Refractive index, specificrefractivity, molar refractivity, refractometers.7Solutions8Solubility, factorsa ffecting solubility, solubility curves. Types of solutions,effect of co-solvancy, pH & other factors on solubility. Solubility of gases inliquids, liquids in liquids, & solids in liquids, critical solution temperature, lawof partitioning & it sapplications. Solute solvent interactions. Expression ofconcentration of pharmaceutical solutions & calculations. Molarity, molality,mole fraction & percentage expressions.8Electrochemistry6Properties of electrolyte solutions, electrolysis. Faraday’s law of electrolysis,electron transport, electrical cell, single electrode potential, concentration cells,half-cells & half-cell potential, type sof half cells, sign convention, Nerstequation, salt bridge, electro motive series, standard potential, SHE.Measuring the relative voltage of half cells , Calculation of standard potential.Reference & Indicator electrodes. Standard oxidation-reduction potential.9Ionic equilibrium6Theory of conductivity, equivalent conductance, mobility of ions, specificconductance.10Kinetics6Order of reactions, derivation & internal form of rate laws, molarity of reaction,derivation of rate constants.TOTAL6020

Reference Books: Glasstone, Samuel, Text Book of Physical Chemistry, Mc Milan Publishers Carstensen, J.T., Advanced Pharmaceutical Solids, Marce lDekker Connors, K.A., Chemical Stability Of Pharmaceuticals, WileyJ. Martin, Alfred, Physical Pharmacy, Waverley Publishers Conners,K.A., Thermodynamics Of Pharmaceutical Systems, WileyJ. Raymond, Chang, Physical Chemistry with Applications to BiologicalS ystem, CollierMcMilanInternationalEd.Class:First Semester B. Pharm.Subject: Physical Pharmacy I(Practical)Subject Code:Allotted Hrs. :1106Page21OBJECTIVE: To train students on safe handling of chemicals, glassware, & instruments /equipments. To give students training o nuse of correct technique/s, methodology insetting up theexperiment/s. To familiarize the students about use of various instruments, including proper handling,precautions during use, & appropriate maintenance techniques.Sr.No. Laboratory Experiments1.Introduction to apparatus, equipment, & instruments.2.Determination of specificgravity of liquid solutions.3.Determination of critical solution temperature of phenol-water system.4.Determination of critical solution temperature of triethylamine-water system.Determination of partition coefficient of benzoic acid [or anyother simple molecule]5.intoluene- water.Determination of partitioncoefficient of iodinein CCI4–water.6.7.Determination of specifi refractivity & molar refractivity using refractometer.8.Determination of molecular weight by Rast’s camphor method.9.Determination of heat of solubilization of benzoic acid in water.10.Determination of buffer capacity of asolution of aweak acid & it’s salt.11.Study of mutual solubility of ternary system:benzene-acetone-water.12.Study of mutual solubility of ternary system:toluene-acetone-water.13.Determination of order of reaction for hydrolysis of ester.Determination of molecular weightof a macro molecule like [albumin/gelatin/peptoneetc.] osmotic pressure.15.Determination of half-cell potential of Cu-Cu.16.Determination of half-cell potential of Zn-Zn.17.Determination of half cell potential of concentration cells.Multiple experiments from the above list can be given depending on their significance

Class:Subject:First Semester B. Pharm.Pharmacognosy – I (Theory)Subject Code:Allotted Hrs.:1204Page22OBJECTIVE: To create the awareness regarding importance of Pharmacognosy To provide knowledge regarding relationship of Pharma

Syllabus of Sixth Semester B. Pharm. 069 11. Syllabus of Seventh Semester B. Pharm. 081 12. Syllabus of Eight Semester B. Pharm. 091 B Ordianance and Rules (M. Pharm.) 101 1. Ordinance and Rules 102 2. Structure of Syllabus 107 C. Syllabus (Pharmaceutics) 115 D. Syllabus (

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**Godkänd av MAN för upp till 120 000 km och Mercedes Benz, Volvo och Renault för upp till 100 000 km i enlighet med deras specifikationer. Faktiskt oljebyte beror på motortyp, körförhållanden, servicehistorik, OBD och bränslekvalitet. Se alltid tillverkarens instruktionsbok. Art.Nr. 159CAC Art.Nr. 159CAA Art.Nr. 159CAB Art.Nr. 217B1B

produktionen sker på ett reproducerbart sätt. Alla geler som produceras testas därför för att kontrollera att de upprätthåller den kvalité som krävs för produktion av läkemedel. De biologiska läkemedlen kan sorteras på olika egenskaper och för geler som separerar med

Assistant Pharmacy Diploma - Degree Audit 3 Assistant Pharmacy Diploma - Evaluation Details 6 New Program – Grading System 8 Assistant Pharmacy Diploma – Course Details 1. Pharmacy Practice & Dosage Forms–I 10 2. Pharmacy Practice & Dosage Forms–II 12 3. Pharmacy Practice –

pharmacy benefit manager’s website, and in either the contracted pharmacy’s contract with the pharmacy benefit manager or through a pharmacy provider manual distributed to contracted pharmacies, pharmacy service administ

Hospital Pharmacy, Final Basel Statements. December 2008. NEW ZEALAND - Pharmacy Council of New Zealand. Competency Framework for the Pharmacy Profession. August 2006. THAILAND - Thai Pharmacy Council. Standard criteria for pharmacy practitioners 2002. Bangkok: Thai Pharmacy Council. 2002 U

143 Al-Hilal Multi-Specialty Medical Center -Riffa Polyclinic. 144 . 180 Rashid Hameed Physiotherapy Center Physiotherapy 181 Al-Haiki Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center Physiotherapy 182 Al Hilal Pharmacy (Branch of Nasser Pharmacy) Pharmacy 183 Al Jazeera Pharmacy (Branch of Nasser Pharmacy) Pharmacy .

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AI with Python i About the Tutorial Artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the intelligence displayed by humans.