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—ABB Digital SubstationOMAINTEC 2107, 23 OCTOBER 2017Digital Substation, bridging the gap between analogue and digital technologies.Claudio Marchetti, Power Grids, Global Product Manager

—INTRODUCTION: ABB Digital substation are synchronizing technologies for reliable power. Bridging the gap between analogue and digital technologies brings unseen. Opportunities for modern utilities. Built on the international standard IEC 61850. ABB’s world-leading digital substations achieve new heights in reliability. Interoperability and real-time performance. We protect investments while stepping up tomeet the challenges of tomorrow.COURSE OBJECTIVES: Introduce digital substation concept and its components and benefits.October 16, 2017Slide 2

—COURSE CONTENT Introduction and context Rational for Digital Substation Digital Substation Concept Digital substations for Transmission and for Distribution applications Non-conventional instrument transformers Solutions for retrofit Monitoring and Diagnostics Long term field experience Customer values SummaryOctober 16, 2017Slide 3


—Current challenges and changes facing utilitiesTransitioning workforceAging infrastructure40% of the workforce at America’selectric and natural gas utilities willbe eligible for retirement in the nextfive years6Nearly 70% of the transformers inthe US are more than 25 years old.1ReliabilityThere is increasing pressure tocontinually improve reliabilityand customer satisfaction.Renewables penetration Need for improvedcustomer engagementCustomers expectations of“engagement” are changing.25 billion devices (not countingsmartphones, tablets orcomputers) will be connectedto the IoT by 2020.3RiskAvoid ManageMinimize Optimize2.5 GW of electricity will be generatedby 20% of Fortune 500 companies,who will wholesale their distributedenergy resource excess power throughutility-independent subsidiaries.4October 16, 2017Slide 5Spending justificationContinued revenue challenges andregulatory inspection will driveTotex focus and cost constraints.Cyber securityBusiness model disruptionBy 2020 non-utility players will seize20% of the energy retail market.CostGlobal renewables capacity hasincreased by 8-10% y-o-y since 2010,and the trend will continue with over150GW added annually (2/3 of allcapacity addition).PerformanceExceed Meet or beatAttacks on critical infrastructureare increasing in terms ofregularity and sophistication.Through 2018, 50% of IoT devicemanufacturers will not be able toaddress threats from weakauthentication practices.71 Harris Williams & Co. 2 ARC Advisory Group, November 2014 3 Gartner. Predicts 2016: Unexpected Implications Arising From the Internet ofThings. December 2015 4 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Utilities 2017 Predictions 5 IDC Energy IDC FutureScape: Worldwide DigitalTransformation 2017 Predictions 6 APPA 7 Gartner. Predicts 2016: Unexpected Implications Arising From the Internet of Things. December 2015IDC Innovators 2017

—Grid of the FutureRapid rate of change and requires higher velocity of decision makingThe world of energy is changingSupply Dramatic renewables growth Increasing intermittency Greater volatility, less predictability More feed-in, take-off points(eg, data centers and ev-charging) Increasing complexity, need for stability On-and off-grid Control Automation on “local” levelDemand Continuing electrification of society Emerging market consumption growthControl & information flow is keyOctober 16, 2017Slide 6Residential loadsSolar powerIndustrial loadsMicrogridsWind power

—Utility customers will increasingly have to deal with very dynamic gridsThe need for faster decisions and real-time action requires visibility of the entire businessTime ization is the only answer for the necessary agility and decision-making velocityOctober 16, 2017Slide 7

—ABB – uniquely positioned and a pioneering technology leaderEnabling a smarter stronger greener gridStrongerSmarterGreenerUltra High Voltage DC and ACDigital substationsEco-efficient Gas Insulated SwitchgearResilient transformersGrid automationPower quality solutions & FACTS1Sensor-based technologiesUltra low loss, amorphous core andbiodegradable oil transformersInterconnectorsEnterprise software solutionsContinuously breaking records:more power over longer distances(12 GW over 3,000 km)1 FlexibleOctober 16, 2017Slide 8Digital substation: smartconfiguration and interoperability,up to 80% less cabling, up to 50%less outagesAlternating Current Transmission SystemsSource Conversion3 Gas Insulated Switchgear2 VoltageHVDC Light2 and FACTS for renewableintegrationTransformers: up to 70% less lossesGIS3: up to 100% less greenhouse gasesFACTS: more capacity in existing lines

—What is a Digital Substation?

—How ABB Ability solutions deliver valueWhat is Digitalization?Digitization Conversion of analog information in any form to digital form withsuitable electronic devices so that the information can be processed, stored, andtransmitted through digital circuitsDigitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model andprovide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; moving to a digital business.ABB Ability value proposition – expertiseProviding expertise to our customers conveys clear customer benefit.Expertise will be the focus of differentiation to position ABB as a high-value providerusing a combination of people, products/technology, and digital know-how.Partnerships will be keyOctober 16, 2017Slide 10

—Digital solutions with ABB AbilityProviding an end-to-end solution from the field to the board roomABB Abilityenables the digitaltransformation ofTime horizonFieldControl RoomOperations CenterBoard RoomDigitalSubstationsNetworkControlConnectedAsset LifecycleManagementEnergy eksMonthsABB Ability ABB’s deep expertise Digitalization Best in Class Partner capabilitiesOctober 16, 2017Slide 11Years

—Digital substationsThe power of data analysisIndustry 4.0How to react autonomously?“Self-optimizing”Industry 4.0 maturity levelBusiness valueWhat will happen?“Be prepared”Why it is happening?“Understand”What is stry 3.0October 16, 2017Slide 12VisibilityIndustry 4.0Source: Reinhart, Gunther; 2017; Handbuch Industrie nt roadmap

—Substation evolutionFrom wired to optical communicationOctober 16, 2017Slide 13

—Digital Substation and IEC 61850ConventionalConventional substationsIEC 61850 Station BusReplace wiring and legacy protocols between baysby digital communicationInterface to fieldHardwired point to point connections betweenprimary and all secondary equipmentThousands of hardwired point-point connectionsOctober 16, 2017Slide 14IEC 61850 Station Bus

—Digital Substation and IEC 61850DigitalDigital substations with process bus–All signals digital on station and process level–All information available on communication networkanalog measurements, switchgear status, monitoringdata–Control and protection commands on highly availablefiber optics–IEC 61850 Station BusIEC 61850 Process BusInformation is acquired ones and distributed on thebusSAMUSAMUSAMUSAMUThe process bus reduces cabling and efficientlydistributes informationOctober 16, 2017Slide 15NCITNCITNCITNCITNCITNon-conventional instrument transformersSAMUStand-alone merging units

—Digital Substation and IEC 61850IEC 61850 communication servicesClient-Server– Reliable point to point sessions for central monitoring andcontrolStationComputer– Commands, reporting, logs, file transfer, Client-ServerEthernet SwitchGOOSE– Real-time data broadcast for station wide applications e.g.interlockingSampled Values (SV)– Real-time data broadcast for collecting measurementsfrom process– Sampled analog valuesSlide 16Station busGOOSE– Binary data, indications, commandsOctober 16, 2017GatewayProt & CtrlDevicesSV,GOOSEProcess busSAM600SAM600Merging UnitBay 1Bay n

—What is a digital substation?Substation automationprotection and controlsystem with IEC 61850station busAdvanced system andequipment supervision forefficient asset managementCommunication systemIEC 61850 process bus,connecting the switchyardto the protection andcontrol systemOctober 16, 2017Slide 17Stand-alone merging units,bridging the gap betweenanalog and digital world.Compliant to IEC 61850Non-conventionalinstrument transformersincrease safety andreduce footprint

—ABB Digital Substation solutionsPrimary system solutions

—Digital substationsAsset HealthCenterUtilitycommunication onMPLS/TP andexisting SDHnetworks ISDM600DatamanagerStation busMobile workforcemanagementCyber security onsubstationborders, systemlevel and in theelectronic devicesRelay room withprocess bus basedprotectionProcessbusFOCS optical CTs:free-standing orintegrated in DCB*SAM600 processbus IO to bridgethe gap betweenanalog and digitalGIS w. NCIT for U&ISAM600 todigitize bushingCTmeasurementsSmart local controlcubicle withMSM ring withCoreSenseHigh VoltageFrom high voltage to medium voltage, AIS and GISOctober 16, 2017Slide 19UniGearDigital MVswitchgearwith NCITsMedium VoltageFrom process to network levelDigital technology from end to end

– System-wide engineering viaintegrated software– Visualization, system andaccess control on the field level– Connection to higher-levelnetwork management andasset management solution viaMLPS-TP– Connectivity to MicrosoftAzure CloudStation Level– Communication via IEC 61850Communication networksSecurity & DataManagement SDM600AssetManagementNetworkControl CenterPSGuardWAMSIEC104, DNP3.0AFR677 RouterAFF66xFirewallVPNSecurity & DataManagementSDM600Computer iplexerIEC 61850AFS family EthernetSwitchBay Level– Digitization of the signalsin the process levelAFS family EthernetSwitchIEC 61850 / Process busNSD570TeleprotectionSystem EngineeringSoftware ToolsAFS family EthernetSwitchIET600Relion 670/650 Bay controlRTU540Relion 670/650 ProtectionREB5xx Busbar protectionProcess LevelPortfolio and architectureeNetworkLevel—ABB solutions for digital substationsSAM 600IEC 61850 / Process busFOCSProcess busMerging unitI/O system for AIS optical CTSystemDeviceconfiguration configurationSAM 600CP-MUProcess bus Merging unitI/O system for GIS NCITsSlide 20ITT600SystemTestingAIS and GIS Primaryswitchgear (NCIT)FOCSOctober 16, 2017PCM600CP3,04,14

—ABB solutions for digital substationsInstrument transformers with NCIT (sensors)IEC 61850-9-2LEMerging UnitCombined Current & Voltage sensorIEC 61850-9-2LEFOCS sensor head and electronicsOctober 16, 2017Slide 21NCIT, Non-Conventional Instrument Transformer

—Targets of digital solutionsSmaller and saver GIS substations with reduced maintenanceSmart primary equipmentIncreased safety through NCITs– GIS with non-conventional instrument transformersfor current and voltage measurementOptical process bus replaces tons of copper cables– Smart local control cubicles with IEC 61850connectivity for smooth integration into substationautomation systemsDigital GIS for even more compact substations withhigh safety and short installation timeOctober 16, 2017Slide 22NCIT, Non-Conventional Instrument Transformer

—ABB solutions for digital substationsNCITs solutions for GISELK-CP NCITs for GIS– Redundant, combined current and voltage sensors forgas insulated switchgear (Rogowski coils, capacitivedividers)– Metering, protection and control accuracy in a singledevice– World’s first IEC 61850-9-2LE-compliant, UCA-certifiedmerging unit– Available for transmission level GIS since 1997 (initiallywith proprietary communication)October 16, 2017Slide 23NCIT, Non-Conventional Instrument TransformerCP3CP14CP04

—Targets of digital solutionsSmaller and safer AIS substationsSmart primary equipment FOCSIncreased safety and higher flexibility through NCITs– Optical current sensors eliminate the risk of open CTcircuits and do not know saturationMore compact substations through combination ofvarious functions in one primary apparatus– Integration of optical CTs in circuit breakers– Modular and compact mixed technology systemsStandard compliant connectivity– IEC 61850 on process levelDigital AIS substations can be more compact, arequicker to install and safer to operateOctober 16, 2017Slide 24FOCS, Fiber Optical Current Sensor

—ABB solutions for digital substationsNCITs solutions for GISSensors solutions for HV AISFree standing optical CT, FOCS-FSFOCS-FS– Filled with N2 instead of SF6 it is safe and environmentally– Metering, protection and control accuracy in a single deviceFOCS sensor headDisconnecting circuit breaker (DCB) with FOCS– Disconnecting circuit breaker with integrated optical CT formaximum space reduction– Metering, protection and control accuracy in a single deviceFOCS sensor and electronics– Installation of sensor heads on bushings of dead tank breakers,transformers etc. Redundant FOCS replaces many CT cores Less foundations No iron core No saturation and linearOctober 16, 2017Slide 25FOCS, Fiber Optical Current SensorFOCS DCBFOCS electronics

—ABB solutions for digital substationsModular GIS system with direct IEC 61850 connectivityPASS (Plug and Switch System) with Motor DriveTM 1.4– Digitally controlled motordrive for CB operation– Drastically reduction of moving party enables highestreliability– Local control of all switching objects in PASS– IEC 61850 interface for integration in protection andcontrol systemOctober 16, 2017Slide 26

—ABB solutions for digital substationsMV switchgear solutionUnigear Digital switchgear solution– Non-conventional current and voltage sensors– 615 series IEDs exchange GOOSE and IEC 61850-9-2 sampledvoltage values on station bus within the switchgear– IEDs can act as publisher and receiver of sampled values– Only voltage values are exchangedFeatures– Lower losses due to sensors– Faster delivery due to flexibility– Environmentally friendly– Smaller foot-print (no extra metering cubicle)– Easier engineering, less hard wiring– IEC 61850 standardOctober 16, 2017Slide 27

—ABB solutions for digital substationsPrimary equipment monitoringMSM modular switchgear monitoringMSM SF6 monitoring allows users to:– Early detect SF6 leakages and thus minimize SF6 emissions– Have more time to prepare countermeasuresData collection andvisualizationIEC 61850Substation HMIHistorian databaseVisualizationWeb interface– Get a detailed report of banked SF6 in the equipment andsimplify preparation of SF6 balance sheets– Reduce inspection work and maintenance cost 1)Early detection ofcritical leakage ratesHow much time do Ihave?SF6 density SF6 stage 1 gas warning SF6 stage 2 gas alarmTimeOctober 16, 2017Slide 281 Up to 90% of GIS maintenance is related to SF6Local playLocal controlcubicle

—ABB solutions for digital substationsPrimary equipment monitoringCoreTec transformer monitoring– Transformer electronic ControlCoreTEC– Monitoring and diagnosticsfunctionsCoreTEC– Cooling control– Dissolved gas analysis by CoreSense– Connectivity of CoreTEC to IEC61850– Data Analysis in Asset HealthMonitoring to optimize operationand maintenanceCoreSenseOctober 16, 2017Slide 29

—The ABB offering for digital substationsSecondary system solutions

—ABB solutions for digital substationsModular process IO system for new and retrofit installationsSAM600 process bus IO systemBridging the gap between analog and digital technologiesSAM600 modular process bus IO system is placed in the fieldto connect conventional equipment to IEC 61850 process busSAM600-CT– Current measurement for protection and meteringSAM600-VT– Voltage measurement for protection and meteringSAM600-TS– For time synch and moreSAM600-IO– Scalable IO for binary signals from disconnectors, earthingswitches, breakers, transformers October 16, 2017Slide 31

—SAM600 – ABB’s process bus IO systemDigitizing primary signals made easyModular IO systemFor interfacing primary equipment to IEC 61850 process bus– Connects to conventional current or voltage transformers– Provides time synchronization (optional)– Adapt to different applications types by chanining SAM600modules into a systemCompact and optimized form factor– DIN-rail mountable for fast installation and replacement– Installation in station panel or marshalling kiosksTermination of primary cabling on SAM600 modules– Termination of process and auxiliary signalsSAM600 modulesin outdoor cubicleOctober 16, 2017Slide 32

—SAM600 seriesEnabling digital substation solutionsBenefitsEasy to use– The module-per-primary object concept allows for intuitive andflexible system designUnrivalled flexibility– SAM600 modules fit to any substation layout (double busbar,1½ breaker, )– Large number of communication ports minimize the need forswitches in process busCost saving retrofits– Modular system enables “non-invasive” retrofit with minimumoutage time and step-wise commissioningUnique modular approachOctober 16, 2017Slide 33

—SAM600 – the digital substation enablerApplication example – transformer feederOctober 16, 2017Slide 34

—ABB solutions for digital substationsProtection and control for any applicationRelion series protection and control IEDs650/670 series protection and control IEDs– IEC 61850 process bus for all application– Support of pure digital as well as mixed applicationswith digital and conventional IO– Redundant communication on station and process bus– Precise time synchronization over Ethernet(IEEE1588/IEC 61850-9-3)PWC600 Switchsync– Controlled switching with process bus connectivityREB500 distributed busbar protection– For any station size and layout supports IEC 61850-9-2process busOctober 16, 2017Slide 35

—Relion 670 and 650 seriesEnabling digital substationsSupport for various digital substation architecturesUp to 6 Ethernet ports that can easily be configured for MUsTypical solutions– Station bus is with redundancy PRP– Process bus with redundancy HSR– Time sync via PTP IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 (Legacy PPS)Connectivity to 3rd party IEDs/sensors/MUs using standardizedmethods:– Communication: IEC 61850-8-1, IEC/UCA 61850-9-2LE– Time sync: IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 (PTP)– Redundancy: IEC 62439-3 (link redundancy PRP/HSR)Easily adaptable to most digital substation y,transparentIEC 61850 servicesOctober 16, 2017Slide 36

—Relion 670 and 650 seriesEnabling digital substationsConditional blockingWith conditional blocking, only dependentfunctions are blocked instead of everythingIncreased availability by providing protection,control, monitoring as much as possible basedon quality of inputsIn the example here: with loss of NCIT inputfrom one side of the transformer, onlydependent functions are blocked (greyed out)E.g., OC4PTOC.Beh BlockedIncreased availability, cost effectiveOctober 16, 2017Slide 37

—Targets of digital solutionsIntelligent station HMIsSubstation data managementStation level systems and HMIs in digital substationsgain on importance, fulfilling functions like– Substation monitoring and control– Data management– Cyber security management– Primary equipment monitoring– Secondary equipment management– Providing data to higher level asset health systemThe intelligent station HMI provides better data forefficient operation and maintenanceOctober 16, 2017Slide 38

—ABB solutions for digital substationsStation solutionsStation level solutions for any station sizeMicroSCADA Pro– Monitoring and control of all kinds of substations forany voltage level. From local and remote.RTU500 series– Flexible and modular RTU to adopt to a variety ofelectrical and process automation applicationsSDM600– Substation data manager for service and security dataacross substations. E.g. to: Collect disturbance records Consolidate version information Manage user accounts and receive security eventsOctober 16, 2017Slide 39

—ABB solutions for digital substationsSDM600 System data managerSee the unseen from a new perspectiveThe comprehensive software solution forautomatic management of service andcyber security relevant data across yoursubstations– Disturbance recorder handling– Cyber security management– Maintenance and service datamanagementSDM600 sets new marks in ease ofconfiguration and visualization of dataOctober 16, 2017Slide 40

—System Data Manager SDM600Management of disturbance recorder dataIndependent and automatic– Automatic upload of disturbance recorder (DR) files from IEDs– Supported protocols: IEC 61850-8 (MMS), FTP, ABB RTU500 andWindows File System access to integrate legacy protocols– Polling the IEDs for new files– Seamless integration into existing substation automationsystem– Send DR info and Short Report via email– Visualization of DR Data– Export DR files to file system for integration into anothersystemOctober 16, 2017Slide 41

—System Data Manager SDM600Central user account managementManage your users– System wide user management– Role based access control (RBAC) according IEC 62351-8– Enforce password policies– For Relion 670/650 2.1, Windows PCs, MicroSCADA Pro and anyRADIUS capable device.– In accordance with NERC CIP and BDEW whitepaperrequirementsOctober 16, 2017Slide 42

—System Data Manager SDM600System wide cyber security event loggingMonitor your system– Store user activities and other security events from IEDs orsystem level components– Integration of any device using Syslog protocol (UDP and TCP)– Integration of Windows computers (converting Windows EventLogs)– Categorization of unknown events based on rules– Built in visualization and reporting– Integrate SDM600 into an existing event logging systemOctober 16, 2017Slide 43

—System Data Manager SDM600Track service relevant dataCollect and track service data– Reading service relevant data from supervised Devices– Tracking configuration versions from IEC 61850 IEDs, WindowsPCs, RTU500 and SNMP devices– Visualization of changes in the dashboard and dedicated eventlistOctober 16, 2017Slide 44

—System Data Manager SDM600Where did it happenUser interfaceDR Event representationCorrelationsUser activity and configuration changesWhen did it happenOctober 16, 2017Slide 45

—Targets of digital solutionsHighly available and reliable utility communicationTechnology shifts in utility communicationIEC 61850 instead of copper wires for truly digitalintegration of utility communication equipmentUsing the benefits of IEC 61850 to communicate acrosssubstationsMove from TDM to packet-switched communication foroperational, maintenance and protection dataUtility-grade equipment to ensure the reliableoperation of the power grid is requiredOctober 16, 2017Slide 46

—ABB solutions for digital substationsUtility communicationUtility communication for digital substationsFOX615: fiber optic multiplexer– Hybrid SDH/MPLS-TP multiplexer with integratedteleprotection functionality and IEC 61850 GOOSEinterfaceNSD570: teleprotection– Solution for the transmission of protection commandsover all kind of communication media.– Support for IEC 61850 GOOSEAFS switch family– IEC61850 Ethernet family including switch, router andfirewall functionalityOctober 16, 2017Slide 47

—ABB solutions for digital substationsRevenue meters for digital substationsMetering with IEC 61850-9-2 process busLandis Gyr E880– Grid meter with IEC 61850-9-2LE connectivity.– First installations already back in 2004– Proven track record on accuracy with ABB NCITs– (See Cigré paper B3-211, Cigré 2014 von Jakob Widmer,Landis Gyr)Prosoft ARIS EM– Revenue meter capable to handle multiple IEC 61850-9-2LEstreamsABB NCITs provides measurements with 0.2s accuracy class *)SAM600 provides measurements with accuracy of 0.1%October 16, 2017Slide 48*) AIS FOCS measurements with 0.1s accuracy class

—Concepts and applicationsDigital substations

—Station and process bus conceptsSeparate station and process busFully separated station and process busStation HMI– Fully separated station and process busenables highest availability, performance andsecurity.– Mission critical data (e.g. SV and goose fortrip) is separated from the bulk data onstation busCritical forcontrol“only”– Clear separation of bulk and protection dataenables safe and simple maintenance– Separate security zonesCritical forprotectionand controlGPS clockStation busMMS, GOOSEPTP (SV of BB voltage)Bay level IEDsacting as PTPboundary clocks– Highest performance on process bus networkGatewayControlProtectionProcess busGOOSE, SVPTPMergingunitSwitchgearcontrol unitOptional station bus connection formonitoring and health data (MMS)October 16, 2017Slide 50

—Digital substations for greenfield and brownfieldModular process IO system for new and retrofit installationsSAM600 process bus IO systemBridging the gap between analog and digital technologiesSAM600 modular process bus IO system is placed in the fieldto connect conventional equipment to IEC 61850 process busSAM600-CT– Current measurement for protection and meteringSAM600-VT– Voltage measurement for protection and meteringSAM600-TS– For time synch and moreSAM600-IO(release Q4/17)– Scalable IO for binary signals from disconnectors, earthingswitches, breakers, transformers October 16, 2017Slide 51

—Digital AIS substationAir insulated switchgearStation level:MicroSCADA Pro station HMI and gatewayRTU500 series as Gateway, HMI, data collectionSDM600 Substation data managerIET600/ITT600/PCM600 on engineeringworkstationProtection and control panels:Relion series protection & control IEDs withIEC 61850 station & process bus9-2 revenue meters (e.g. from Landis Gyr)Outdoor panels:SAM600 process bus IO systemFOCS opto-electronic modules/mergingunitsPrimary equipment:Disconnecting CB with integrated FOCSoptical CTFOCS-FS, free-standing optical CTOctober 16, 2017Slide 52SAM600SAM600SAM600FOCS

—Digital GIS substationGas insulated switchgearStation level:MicroSCADA Pro station HMI and gatewayRTU500 series as Gateway, HMI, data collectionSDM600 Substation data managerIET600/ITT600/PCM600 on engineeringworkstationProtection panels:Relion series protection IEDs with IEC 61850station & process bus9-2 revenue meters (e.g. from Landis Gyr)Integrated local control cubicle (LCC):REC650/670 bay control IED and processinterfaceMerging units for NCITs and CITs (whererequired)MSM switchgear monitoringNon-conventional instrument transformer:ELK-CP NCITs for current and voltageOctober 16, 2017Slide 53SAM600

—Digital GIS/AIS substationPower transformersStation level:MicroSCADA Pro or RTU500 station HMI andgateway, including IEC 61850 data from CoreTecCoreTec Web HMIData connection to Asset Health centerTransformer protection and control:RET670 transformer differential protectionwith 9-2 (and conventional inputs)Tap change control in separate IED orintegrated in RET670Outdoor cubicle:SAM600 stand alone merging units todigitize bushing CT measurementsSAM600-IO for binary data (e.g. tap changerpositions and controls)Monitoring equipmentCoreTec with CoreSens and other sensors October 16, 2017Slide 54SAM600SAM600

—Testing and maintenance

—Engineering and testing of digital substationsTools overviewConformance certified configuration toolsInteroperable system design using conformancecertified engineering tools.IET600System Engineering– IET600 system configuration tool andPCM600 IED configuration tool are IEC 61850Ed.2 conformance certifiedSimple and save testing using easy to usesoftware– IET600 SA Explorer is a easy to use IEC 61850testing tool for station and process busITT600System TestingOctober 16, 2017Slide 56PCM600IED Configuration

—Testing and maintenanceImpact on protection and control testing“Wiring” testDone automatically through self-supervision features ofNCITs, MUs and IEDsProtection and control testingProtectionControlProcess bus– “Non-conventional” secondary injection Simulation of IEC 61850-9-2 LE traffic instead ofsecondary injection9-2simulatorSAMUBIEDMU– Test modes to simulate U/I, by NCITs and merging units– Primary injectionSecondaryinjectionNCIT Stability and directional tests– Software based isolation of trip circuitsOctober 16, 2017Slide 57SAMU: Stand-alone merging unit to integrate conventional CTs and VTsBIED: Breaker IED to integrate breakers, disconnectors PrimaryinjectionSW basedisolation

—Efficient analysis of digital dataTesting of binary signalsHardwired signal exchangeIEC 61850 GOOSE signal exchangeIEC 61850station busBay levelIEDsIEC 61850process busHardwiredconnectionsSAM600GOOSETesting wire bywire, signal bysignal with voltmeterTesting of several signals at the same timeTime measurement between status changesRecording for offline analysisOctober 16, 2017Slide 58

—Efficient analysis of digital dataTesting of analog measurementsHardwired CT/VT connectionsIEC 61850 sampled analog valuesIEC 61850station busBay levelIEDsIEC 61850process busHardwiredconnectionsSAM600SampledvaluesTesting requiresaccess to CT andVT circuitsOctober 16, 2017Slide 59Collection, display and evaluation ofsampled analog values—Oscilloscope display—Phasor diagram—Quality information—Online and offline analysis

—Efficient testing without system down timeIEC61850 Ed2 – Test mode and simulationTesting procedure1. Prepare protection IED and Switchgear controller fortesting by setting IEC 61850 “Mod” and “Sim”attribute The protection IED shall accept simulated SV andsend GOOSE marked as test The switchgear con

Substation automation protection and control system with IEC 61850 station bus IEC 61850 process bus, connecting the switchyard to the protection and control system Stand-alone merging units, bridging

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projects bringing ABB's latest technologies to the Japanese market where Hitachi will be the prime contractor. Hitachi and ABB will take equity interests of 51 percent and 49 percent respectively. This is the first step of a strategic partnership between the two companies to contribute to the evolution of Japan's power network.

ABB Turbocharging Type VTR201-2 HT845577 nMmax 0 t Mmax 650 nBmax 0 t Bmax 0 1/s C 00250 12 100 100 Year 2020 . ABB Turbo Systems Ltd ABB. . Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Printed on naturally white paper, bleached free from chlorine and environmentally acceptable. .

1 – MMI 3G Einheit Audi A4 8K, A5 8T, Q5 8R, Q7 4L 2 – MMI 3G Einheit Audi A6 4F, A8 4E 3 – AMI Steckverbindung (Handschuhfach) Audi A4 8K, A5 8T, Q5 8R Lösen Sie die benötigten Schrauben vom Handschuhfach (Abb. 2 - 4) und trennen Sie die originalen Steckverbindungen vom CD-Wechsler (falls vorhanden). Abb. 2 Abb. 3 Abb. 4

NIEC-Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation. ABB news 3 14 2 Grimsel in the Swiss Alps is a nice place to escape the hot summer in Switzerland This is, obviously, not the reason I am mentioning it here, Grimsel is also a place where the latest record frequency converter from ABB, taking advan-tage of ABB’s great IGCTs, was installed. More than 1,000 IGCTs make sure that the pumped stor-age .

speed feedback when the ACS800 with DTC is used. IndustrialIT enabled ABB industrial drives are IndustrialIT enabled. This guar-antees the user that ABB industrial drives can be easily integrated into ABB Industrial IT systems. Single drives The single drive configuration contains a rectifier, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit.

Catalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 3 Contents ABB industrial drives, ACS800, multidrives ABB industrial drives 4 Multidrive main features 8 Technical data 11 Drive and supply units 400, 500 and 690 V 12 ACS800 liquid-cooled multidrives 18 Drive and supply units 400, 500 and 690 V 19 Brake options 25 3-phase high power brake units 26

ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives, designed for industrial applications, specifically for those in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries. The drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of

Mar 15, 2012 · ABB i-bus KNX ABB Powernet KNX Innovations -102 The design of this display is available in four different colours. The light scene function has 40 memo objects and the alarm function has 50 alarm objects. The simulated presence records tele-grams from up to 20 objects (1bit or 1 byte) via

ABB is one of the PLC pioneers and offers PLC since 1970 ABB is the pioneer in wireless communication and wireless power supply for factory automation ABB has about 130.000 employees worldwide ABB is a leading innovator thanks to over 6.000 R&D employee