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Kollmorgen Synchronous MotorsSelection GuideSynchronous Motors

About KollmorgenS Y N C H R O N O U SKollmorgen is a Danaher company, and is recognizedworldwide as the leading manufacturer of synchronousmotors. Over 40 years ago, Kollmorgen developed andpatented their synchronous motors.The Kollmorgen family of automation products includes:M O T O R S Step Motors Step Motor Drives Motion Controls Synchronous MotorsThis catalog highlights the latest selection of high torquesynchronous motors from Kollmorgen. Our line of NEMA size42 high torque motors complements and extends the range ofour size 23 and 34 high torque motors. These motors provideworld-class performance, and represent the best value of anylineup ever offered by Kollmorgen. They provide twice thetorque (and in some cases more than twice the torque) ofolder conventional synchronous motors.Your partner in Motion ControlKollmorgen offers a comprehensive line of motors, drives,controls, and actuators designed to optimize the performanceof motion control systems. These address a wide array ofrequirements, ranging from simple repetitive moves tocomplex multi-axis motion. On-going product developmentenables Kollmorgen to provide innovative, leading edgesolutions to our customers.One of the best reasons to select a Kollmorgen product is oursuperior service and support. Our products are availableglobally through the industry’s most extensive and experienceddistributor network. These trained distributors providevaluable technical assistance, in addition to fast delivery andservice. A team of application engineers backs our distributornetwork. The combined experience of this support systemensures that our customers receive prompt, quality attentionto their needs, no matter where they are located.Kollmorgen has extensive experience customizing motors tomeet specific design requirements. Our engineering staff willwork with you to achieve your product performance goals.Further assistance and support is provided on the web atwww.kollmorgen.com. Visitors to this site will find productinformation, technical specifications, and information on ourdistribution network.Table of ContentsIntroduction to Synchronous Motors 3Synchronous Motor Characteristics 4-5KS06, KS09, KS11 Series – High Torque – NEMA 23, 34, 42 6-9SS240, SS450 Series – NEMA Size 34 10-13Hazardous Duty Motors – NEMA Sizes 42, 66 14-16Phase Shifting Components 17Gearbox Kits & Gearmotors 18-20Application Assistance 21-22Conversion Factors 232K O L L M O R G E N

Introduction to Synchronous MotorsS Y N C H R O N O U SThese motors offer substantial advantages in applicationsneeding their very unique capabilities.High Torque Motor ConstructionReliable High Temperature InsulationSpecial All Copper WindingsRugged Square FrameConstructionLeads Locked in PlaceM O T O R SStainlessSteel ShaftRobust BrushlessDesignScrew for GroundConnectionKollmorgen synchronous motors are high pole count motorsthat naturally turn at slower speeds (72 or 60 rpm).They only need a resistor – capacitor (RC) network to operatefrom single-phase AC utility power. For loads that operate at72 RPM or slower, they are very cost effective and simple touse.Other motor technologies (induction, DC, servo and stepmotors) either need gear reducers, or electronic drives tomatch the speed of Kollmorgen synchronous motors. The costof just the gear reduction or the cost of the electronic drivewill usually exceed the total cost of the Kollmorgensynchronous motor.For even slower speeds planetary gear reducers are offered.Kollmorgen synchronous motors produce very low speedswith only modest gear reductions.Performance Features 72 rpm motor speed (with 60 Hz voltage) 60 rpm motor speed (with 50 Hz voltage) Constant speed does not vary with the load 120 volt or 240 volt AC models Torques: 70 to 1,500 oz-in (50-1,069 N-cm) Gear reducers with ratios up to 125:1and torques up to 5,000 oz-in (3,670 N-cm)Laminated Rotorswith PermanentMagnetsLong Life DoubleShielded Ball BearingsTypical ApplicationsDue to their ease of use and inherent slow speeds, Kollmorgensynchronous motors are used in a wide variety of applicationsincluding: Stirring Valve operation Metering pumps Cryogenic pumps Simple position & process controls Linear actuators Edge guides Variable transformers Dampers UL and CE hazardous duty versions Conveyor systems Fast starting, stopping, or reversing Table lifts Can be stalled indefinitely without overheating Remote control of switches, antennas, etc.w w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o m3

Synchronous Motor CharacteristicsM O T O RPhase-Shifting NetworkC H A R A C T E R I S T I C STypical Starting Characteristicsfor a 72 rpm Motorto 25 milliseconds.10080AVG. SPEED 72 RPM400-4001020304050Time From Start in MillisecondsTypical Starting CharacteristicsThe KS series and forhazardousduty Motormotors use a two-phasea 72 RPMwinding design. They are usually operated from single-phaseAC power using a phase shifting network consisting of one ortwo resistors and a capacitor. These motors can also be operateddirectly from a two-phase power source.The SS240 – SS450 series use a three phase winding design.They can be driven directly from three-phase voltage or canbe operated from single-phase power using only a phase shiftingcapacitor.Ratings and part numbers for the phase-shifting componentsare shown in the motor charts. Detailed phase shiftingcomponent information is given on page 17. Be sure to selectthe correct components for the frequency of the AC powersource, since the components needed for 50 hertz operationmay be different from those required for operation at 60 hertz.TemperatureAll Kollmorgen AC synchronous motors are rated for continuousduty at a maximum ambient temperature of 40 C (104 F). Motorshell temperature must not be allowed to exceed 100 C (212 F)measured with a thermocouple. The minimum ambienttemperature at which the motors may be operated is-40 C (-40 F).4Starting and Running CurrentIt is not necessary to consider high starting currents whendesigning a control system for a Kollmorgen Synchronous motor,since starting and operating current are, for all practicalpurposes, identical.StallingIf a motor becomes stalled, it will not overheat and will continueto draw only rated current. However, if the motor is stalled byrunning up against a stop, it will vibrate against the stop.Operating the motor continuously in this manner may eventuallycause bearing failure.Torque Versus VoltageAs indicated in the curve, the torque output of a Kollmorgenmotor is approximately proportional to the applied input voltage.For intermittent operation, this characteristic can be used toprovide increased torque by increasing the voltage. For example,assume that an application has a torque requirement of 200ounce-inches (141 N-cm). Normally, a 240 ounce-inch (169N-cm) Kollmorgen motor would be adequate, but this applicationis subject to wide voltage fluctuations and, therefore, the 40ounce-inch (28 N-cm) safety margin may be insufficient. Therecommended practice is to use a motor having a higher torquerating. However, a larger motor may not fit in the availablespace. In this case, a step-up transformer could be used toincrease the voltage to the 240 ounce-inch motor byapproximately 10%. Because operation at a higher voltage willcause a greater temperature rise, care must be taken to assuremotor shell temperature does not exceed 100 C (212 F).Typical Torque VersusVoltage for a Kollmorgen Motor110100% OF RATED TORQUES Y N C H R O N O U SStarting and StoppingRapid starting, stopping and reversing are among the advantagesof Kollmorgen synchronous motors. The motors will start within1-1/2 cycles of the applied frequency and will stop within 5 .As shown in the typical starting curve, these motors will startand reach its full synchronous speed within 5 to 25 milliseconds.908070605040302010002040Input volts60Typical Torque VersusFor a Slo-Syn MotoK O L L M O R G E N

Synchronous Motor CharacteristicsContact factory for voltage, current and holding torquespecifications.Typical Connections for Applying DCCurrent to Increase Holding TorqueThe speed of a synchronous motor is directly proportional tothe applied frequency, as shown in the Speed vs. Frequencychart. However, because the winding impedance is also afunction of frequency it is necessary to adjust the voltage, toprovide a constant current and torque at different excitationfrequencies.The voltage required at a specific frequency can be obtainedfrom the Voltage vs. Frequency curve. When a two-phase motoris operated from a two-phase source or a three-phase motoris operated from a three-phase source, it is only necessary tochange the voltage and frequency to obtain the desiredsynchronous speed. When operating from a single-phasesource it is necessary to change the values of the phase shiftingcomponents at each new frequency to provide the requiredphase shift.VOLTS PER PHASE (120-VOLT M OTORS)Typical Voltage VersusFrequency for a Kollmorgen Motor242004840030010020050100w w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o Y1500C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S1020304050607080M O T O RSpeed72 rpm at 60 HertzModels1224364860728496(Hertz)S Y N C H R O N O U SHolding TorqueThe permanent magnet construction of a Kollmorgen motorprovides a small residual torque which helps hold the motorshaft in position when the motor is de-energized. Whenadditional holding torque is required, DC current can be appliedto one winding when the ac input is removed. DC current canalso be applied to both windings if more holding torque isneeded. The diagrams show typical connections for applyingDC current to increase holding torque.Speed Versus FrequencyTypical Connections for Applying DCCurrent to Increase Holding Torque0Frequency (hertz)5

KS06, KS09, KS11 SeriesHigh Torque 60mm, 90mm, and 110mm Frame Sizes (NEMA Sizes 23, 34, 42)S Y N C H R O N O U S Latest high torque construction Motor torque up to 1500 oz-in (1059 N-cm) 72 RPM @ 60 Hz - 60 RPM @ 50 HzM O T O R S 120 and 240 volt AC versionsK S 0 6 , Gearboxes available on KS09, NEMA 34 motors Patented RRC network for smoother operation Leaded or terminal box connectionsSee pages 18 & 19 for ratingsK S 0 9 ,K S 1 1S E R I E SLTKSL LeadedT Terminal box12306091106 NEMA 2309 NEMA 3411 NEMA 42# of StacksIE Motor LengthKS06 KSc 061T1YKSc 061T1YKSc 062T1YKSc 063T1YTorque (min) # Load Inertiaoz-in N-cm lb-in2 09KSc 091T1YKSc 092T1YKSc 093T1Y240450700KS11120 Volt, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 72 RPMKSc 111T1WKSc 112T1WKSc 113T1W* Type Number1693184947004941,100 7771,500 1,059amps0.250.250.350.40T1T2WXYT1 120 VoltsT2 240 VoltsW 60 HzX 50 HzY 50/60 HzE Rear ShaftG cc Gearbox Ratio (KS09NEMA size 34 motors only)Phase Shifting ComponentsResistor(s)Capacitator (240 VAC)WiringDiagram Kit Number ohmswattKit NumberµFR/R/C 201052-034 60012201053-068 1.5R/C 201052-033 1,00012201053-0382R/C 201052-035 60025201053-0443R/C 201052-049 00200201053-032201053-081201053-08112.52020 Use this RRC phase shifting arrangement if very smooth operation is desired.6K O L L M O R G E N

KS06, KS09, KS11 SeriesHigh Torque 60mm, 90mm, and 110mm Frame Sizes (NEMA Sizes 23, 34, 42)KS06KS09KS11KSc 111T2WKSc 112T2WKSc 113T2W1693184947004941,100 7771,500 1,059R/R/C 201052-039R/C 201052-045R/C 6240450700R/R/C 201052-039R/R/C 201052-043R/R/C 201052-046KSc 111T2XKSc 112T2XKSc 113T2X1693184947004941,100 7771,500 25015050100200201053-030201053-028201053-082347.5S E R I E SKSc 091T2YKSc 092T2YKSc 093T2Y* Type NumberK S 1 1KSc 062T2YKSc 063T2YTorque (min) # Load Inertiaampsoz-in N-cm lb-in2 kg-cm2140992.36.70.151851312.67.60.20Phase Shifting ComponentsResistor(s)Capacitator (370 VAC)WiringDiagram Kit Number ohmwattKit NumberµFR/R/C 201052-036 1,10025201053-063 0.75R/R/C 201052-050 05KS11240 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, 60 RPMR/CR/CR/C9001,000600K S 0 9 ,240450700K S 0 6 ,KSc 091T2YKSc 092T2YKSc 093T2Y0.150.20ampsM O T O R SKSc 062T2YKSc 063T2YTorque (min) # Load Inertiaoz-in N-cm lb-in2 kg-cm2140992.36.71851312.67.6* Type NumberPhase Shifting ComponentsResistor(s)Capacitator (370 VAC)WiringDiagram Kit Number ohmswattKit NumberµFR/R/C 201052-036 1,10025201053-063 0.75R/R/C 201052-050 1,00025201053-063 0.75S Y N C H R O N O U S240 Volt, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 72 RPM# This is the maximum rigidly attached load inertia the motor will reliably start. If the load is attached to the motor with acoupling that has a 5 flex, the motors can start loads up to seven times listed.Connection DiagramsR/R/C ConnectionR/C ConnectionRED1RCWRGROUND SCREWREDGROUND WHITENOTE:1 - Direction or rotation is determined whenviewed from end opposite mounting surface.2 - Number in diagrams represent terminal connectionwhen motors are supplied with terminal boards.Single-Phase OperationTwo-Phase Operationwwwww.w.kkoollllmmoorrggeenn.ccoomm77C Connection3 Ø Connection

KSL06 Leaded2.24[56.9] MAXS Y N C H R O N O U SMAX. LENGTHKSL061 SERIES 2.21 [56.1]KSL062 SERIES 3.06 [77.7]KSL063 SERIES 4.06 [103.1].750 .04[19.1 1.1]1.856[47.14]4X 1.48[37.6]4 MTG HOLESØ .205 [5.21].81 .02[20.3 .51].688 .010[17.5 0.25]USABLE FLAT.21 [5.3]Ø .2500 [6.350].2495 [6.337]ØSEE NOTE.002 [.051]- A -Ø .2500 [6.350].2495 [6.337]M O T O R S#4-40 GND SCREWWHEN APPLICABLE1.500 .002[38.10 0.06].003 [.077]12" [305] MINLEAD LENGTH#22 AWG P0.35MM2]DOUBLE ENDED SHAFT.05 [1.3] NOTE:.003 [.077].09 RADMAXØ .3125 [7.3120 [7.295 (4.95]ASEE SHAFT DETAIL FOR63 SERIESA63 SHAFT DETAILK S L 0 6KST06 Terminal BoxL E A D E DMAX. LENGTHKST0 61 SERIES 3.41 [86.6]KST0 62 SERIES 4.26 [108.2]KST0 63 SERIES 5.26 [133.6]REMOVABLE COVERFOR ACCESS TO#22 AWG [0.35mm2]LEADSDimensions are shown in inches (mm).50 - 14 NPTKSL11 Leaded4.325[109.85]4 MTG HOLESø.328 [8.33]3.500[88.90]MAX. LENGTHKSL111 SERIES 3.89 [98.81]KSL112 SERIES 5.91 [150.1]KSL113 SERIES 7.92 [201.2]1.25 .06[31.75 1.52]2.19 [55.63]1.375 [34.93]ø .7500.7495[19.050][19.037].48 [12.19].830.813[21.08][20.65]ø 2.186 .002[ø 55.524 0.051].1875.1855[4.763][4.712]ø .5000 [12.700].4995 [12.687]DOUBLE ENDED SHAFTKST11 Terminal Box12" [305] MINLEAD LENGTH2#18 AWG [ 0.96 mm.06 [1.52]]MAX. LENGTHKST111 SERIES 5.20 [132.1]KST112 SERIES 7.22 [183.4]KST113 SERIES 9.23 [234.4]Dimensions are shown in inches (mm)8K O L L M O R G E N

KSL09 Leaded3.365[69.60]4x 2.24[56.9]MAX. LENGTHKSL091 SERIES 2.57 [65.1]KSL092 SERIES 3.77 [95.6]KSL093 SERIES 4.97 [126.0].19 [4.8]4 MTG. HOLESØ .223 [5.66]1.19 .02[30.2 0.60]1.00[25.4]USABLEFLATR .09[2.29]"B"Ø2.875 .002[73.03 0.06.002 [.051]- A -"C"Ø .3750 [9.525].3745 [9.512]S Y N C H R O N O U S2.7401.19 .04[30.2 1.1][69.60]M O T O R S.0030 [.77].063 [1.60]DOUBLE ENDED SHAFT12" [305] MINLEAD LENGTH#18 AWG [0.96mm2]#6-32GND SCREWShaft DimensionsA"B" Dia.in mmKS c 091KS c 0920.3750 9.525KS c 0930.3745 9.5120.5000 12.7000.4995 12.687"C" Flatin mm0.328 8.330.450 11.43L E A D E DMAX. LENGTHKST0 91 SERIES 3.90 [100]KST092 SERIES 5.10 [130]KST0 93 SERIES 6.30 [161]MotorSeriesK S L 0 9KST09 Terminal Box.0030 [.77]REMOVABLE COVERFOR ACCESS TO#6 TERMINALS.50 - 14 NPT"A"MAXKS09 GearmotorsSee pages 18 & 19for gearbox information"B"MAX.125 [3.18].120 [3.2].001 [0.025].25 MAX[6.35]#405 WOODRUFFKEY SUPPLIEDC.41[10.49]Ø 2.91[73.92]MAX3.26[82.81]MAX.500 [12.7] .56 [14.22].498 [12.64] .57 [14.48]- C .20[5.11]MINMotorSeriesKSc 091KSc 092KSc 093GearboxRatio3:1 thru 5:19:1 thru 25:127:1 thru 125:13:1 thru 5:19:1 thru 25:127:1 thru 125:13:1 thru 5:19:1 thru 25:127:1 thru .246.060.530.246.060.530. [27.94] MINLENGTHØ (500)[12.7]1.79 0.03[45.47 0.77]Leaded MotorsLeadedASeriesinch 151566.16156KSL0936.781727.35187Ø 3.39 [86.11]MAX.2X Ø 0.223 [5.66] THRU 180APARTON A Ø 3.88 [98.55]Terminal Box 68.68220Dimensions are shown in inches (mm)w w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o m9

SS240, SS450 Series90mm Frame Size (NEMA Sizes 23, 34, 42)S Y N C H R O N O U S Motor torque up to 450 oz-in (1059 N-cm) 72 RPM @ 60 Hz - 60 RPM @ 50 Hz 120 and 240 volt AC versions Needs only a capacitor to operate from single-phase powerM O T O R S Available with integral capacitor for single phase operation Operates directly from three-phase power Leaded, connector or terminal box connectionsS S 2 4 0 , Planetary gearboxes available – See pages 18 and 20SSS S 4 5 0S E R I E S241242451452Torque in oz-in, and Last# indicates Voltage1120 Volts2240 VoltsSS241 240 oz-in, 120 VSS452 450 oz-in, 240 VGcc Gearbox RatioLT(blank)CCTELeads - Base offeringTerminal BoxConnector on LeadsCovered CapacitorCapacitor in Terminal BoxRear Shaft120 Volt, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 72 RPM* Type NumbervoltageSS241cSS451c120120Torque (min)oz-inN-cm240169450318# Load .80CC240 Volt, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 72 RPM* Type NumbervoltageSS242cSS452c208/240208/240Torque (min)oz-inN-cm240169450318# Load .30CC240 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, 60 RPM10* Type NumbervoltageSS242cSS242cSS452c240220220/240Torque (min)oz-inN-cm240169240169450318# Load 0.30CCCPhase ShiftingCapacitator (250 VAC)Kit Number201053-037201053-042µF7.514Phase ShiftingCapacitator (250 VAC)Kit Number201053-038201053-044µF23Phase ShiftingCapacitator (250 VAC)Kit Number201053-038201053-041201053-061µF22.54K O L L M O R G E N

SS240, SS450 Series90mm Frame Size (NEMA Sizes 23, 34, 42)S Y N C H R O N O U SThree Phase, 208 - 240 Volt, 60 Hz, 72 RPM* Type NumberTorque (min)voltageSS242cSS452c208/240RED208250RED475 GROUND SCREW1R CWCW1RCW2ACINPUTCCWCCW2C33ACCCCWACCCW2C33# cmBLACKWHITEWHITE 0.204123Ø4.513terminal0.303Ø2 - Number in diagrams representconnection2 - Numberin diagramsrepresent terminal connectionS S 4 5 0viewed from end opposite mountingsurface.viewed fromend opposite mounting surface.12Torque (min)INPUT* Type NumbervoltageBLACKoz-in BLACK N-cmSS242c208250177WHITEWHITENOTE:NOTE:cSS452 1 - Direction or rotation208475335is determinedwhen1 - Directionor rotation is determined whenACINPUT3ØGROUND3 Ø SCREWS S 2 4 0 ,Three Phase, 208 Volt, 50C Hz, 60 RPM1CWWiringDiagramM O T O R S# Load Inertiaamps2Connectionlb-inR/R/Ckg-cm2 R/R/C Connection1772.570.20RREDRREDGROUND335 GROUND SCREW4.5130.30SCREWR/C ConnectionR/Coz-inConnection N-cmwhen motors are supplied withterminalwhenmotorsboards.are supplied with terminal boards.Two-Phase OperationTwo-Phase OperationS E R I E SSingle-Phase OperationSingle-Phase OperationConnection DiagramsTerminationsC Connection C ConnectionREDCWREDMOTORFOR SINGLEOFFPHASEOPERATIONINPUT LINESINGLEPHASEConnectorMotorRedBlackWhitePin # 7Pin # 6Pin # 2MOTORFOR SINGLEPHASEOPERATIONPHASE A(RED)CCWPHASE A(RED)Terminal # 13ØTerminal # 3Terminal # 2Connection3 Ø ConnectionREDREDINPUT LINESINGLEPHASECCWCWCWCCWBLACKBLACKPHASE B(BLACK)PHASE B(BLACK)WHITEWHITEPHASE C(WHITE*)PHASE CWHITEWHITE(WHITE*)DIRECTION OF ROTATION DIRECTION OF ROTATIONDETERMINEDWHEN VIEWEDDETERMINED WHEN VIEWEDINPUTFROMFROM NAMEPLATE END OF MOTOR.LINE NAMEPLATE END OF MOTOR.3-PHASE*WHITE IS NOT "NEUTRAL".*WHITE IS NOT "NEUTRAL".DIRECTION OF ROTATION DIRECTION OF ROTATIONDETERMINED WHEN VIEWEDDETERMINED WHEN VIEWEDFROM NAMEPLATE END OF MOTOR.FROM NAMEPLATE END OF MOTOR.Single-Phase OperationSingle-Phase OperationMating Connector with LeadsPart number 225505-001Mating connectors with 36” (914mm) long leads are availablefor making connections to motors that have connectors.w w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o mTerminalBox MotorCWOFFCCWLead ColorINPUTLINE3-PHASEBLACKBLACKThree-Phase OperationThree-Phase OperationCONNECTOR AMP #64143TERMINAL AMP #6430636"(914 mm)11

SS240, SS450 Series90mm Frame Size (NEMA Sizes 23, 34, 42)SK YB NM C H3 5R O N O U SLeaded MotorM O T O R SS S 2 4 0 ,S S 4 5 0S E R I E SMotor TypeSS241LSS242LSS451LSS452LinchAmmSS241LE2.72 69SS242LESS451LE4.32 110SS452LETerminal BoxMotor TypeSS241TSS242TSS451TSS452TinchAmm4.05 1035.65 144ConnectorMotor mensions are shown in inches (mm)12K O L L M O R G E N

SS240, SS450 Series90mm Frame Size (NEMA Sizes 23, 34, 42)Motor TypeAmm4.69 1196.29 160M O T O R SSS241CSS242CSS451CSS452CinchS Y N C H R O N O U SCovered CapacitorS S 2 4 0 ,Capacitor in Terminal BoxAmm5.48 139S E R I E SSS241CTSS242CTSS451CTSS452CTinchS S 4 5 0Motor Type7.08 180GearmotorsSee pages 18 and 20for gearbox informationMotorSeriesSS240SS450Gearbox RatioLeaded & Connector MotorsBinchmm Leaded Motors3:1 thru 5:11.19 30.29:1 thru 25:11.81 46.027:1 thru 125:12.38 60.53:1 thru 5:11.19 30.29:1 thru 25:11.81 46.027:1 thru 125:12.38 ccSS451LGccSS451GccSS452LGccSS452GccTerminaol Box 0170Motor 41335.861496.431636.841747.461898.03204Covered Capacitor MotorsMotor 81496.501657.071807.481908.102068.67220Capacitor in Terminal Box MotorsMotor ons are shown in inches (mm)w w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o m13

Hazardous Duty MotorsNEMA Size 42 & 66H A Z A R D O U S Motor torque up to 1500 oz-in (1059 N-cm) 72 RPM @ 60 Hz - 60 RPM @ 50 HzD U T Y 120 and 240 volt AC versions UL Listed and CE certified versionsM O T O R S UL Listed versions - Class 1 Group D requirements UL Listed versions have conduit connection CE certified versions – EEx d IIC T5 CE certified versions have integral 10 ft (3 M) cableXXCEXXCEMeets UL Standards(conduit connection)Meets CE Standards(includes 10' (3m) cable)Torque in oz-in, andLast # indicates voltage0 120 volts2 240 voltsX250 250 oz-in, 120 VX1102 1100 oz-in, 240 V UL Certified Motors (Prefix "X")CE Certified Motors (Prefix "XCE")Motors having an “X” prefix (X250, etc.) are designed to meetUL Standard 674 for motors operating in Class 1 Group Dhazardous locations.Motors having a “XCE” prefix are designed to meet requirementsin hazardous locations as defined by CE directive 94/9/EC. Theyhave a flameproof enclosure, for use in surface industriesexposed to gasses including hydrogen and acetylene. Themaximum surface temperature is 100 C.Class 1 is defined as locations in which gases or vapors are,or may be, present in the air in quantities sufficient to produceexplosions or ignitable mixtures. Group D includes atmospherescontaining gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, alcohol, acetone,lacquer solvent vapors or natural gas.14K O L L M O R G E N

Hazardous Duty MotorsNEMA Size 42 & 66WiringampsDiagram0.6RC1.1RC3RC3RC# Load Inertialb-in2 kg-cm38.810309261235Phase ShiftingResistorCapacitor (660VAC)WiringampsDiagram Kit Number ohms watts Kit NumberµF0.4RC201052-015 50050201053-012 1.750.6RC201052-028 500100 201053-03031.5RC201052-026 400160 201053-02841.5RC201052-018 250200 201053-0168# Load Inertialb-in2 kg-cm38.810309261235Phase ShiftingResistorCapacitor (660VAC)WiringampsDiagram Kit Number ohms watts Kit NumberµF0.4RC201052-015 50050201053-012 1.750.6RC201052-028 500100 201053-02841.5RC201052-026 400160 201053-02961.5RC201052-018 250200 201053-0199240 Volt, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 72 RPM* Type 1502Torque (min)oz-inN-cm2501777004941,1007771,500 1,059240 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, 60 RPM* Type 1502Torque (min)oz-inN-cm2501777004941,1007771,500 1,059Phase ShiftingResistorCapacitor (330VAC)Kit Number ohms watts Kit NumberµF201052-013 15050201053-010 6.5201052-027 150100 201053-032 12.5201052-025 100160 201053-026 17.5201052-02055375 201053-01430# Load Inertialb-in2 kg-cm38.810309261235M O T O R STorque (min)oz-inN-cm2501777004941,1007771,500 1,059D U T Y* Type 1500H A Z A R D O U S120 Volt, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 72 RPM# This is the maximum rigidly attached load inertia the motor will reliably start. If the load is attached to the motor with a couplingthat has a 5 flex, the motor can start loads up to seven times listed.Connection DiagramR/R/C ConnectionR/C ConnectionRED1RCWRGROUND CKWHITEWHITENOTE:1 - Direction or rotation is determined whenviewed from end opposite mounting surface.2 - Number in diagrams represent terminal connectionwhen motors are supplied with terminal boards.Single-Phase OperationTwo-Phase Operationw w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o m15C Connection3 Ø Connection

Hazardous Duty Motor DimensionsH A Z A R D O U SX250, X252, X700, X2CE250, XCE252, XCE700, XCE702D U T YM O T O R SD I M E N S I O N SX250XCE250A Max. B Max. C Max.inch mm inch mm inch mmX252 5.06 129 1.17 29.7 4.20 107XCE252 5.70 145 1.17 29.7 4.50 114X700XCE7007.45 189 1.38 35.1 4.20 107XCE702 8.06 205 1.38 35.1 4.50 114Motor SeriesDimensions are shown in inches (mm)X1100, X1102, X1500, X1502, XCE1100, XCE1102, XCE1500, XCE1502A Max.inch mmX1100X1102 7.10 180XCE1100 XCE1102 7.60 193Motor SeriesX1500X1502 8.41 2.14XCE1500 XCE1502 8.91 22616Dimensions are shown in inches (mm)K O L L M O R G E N

Phase Shifting ComponentsKit Number FigureCOMPONENT DIMENSIONSFIGURE 474“D”Resistor KitsFIGURE C2C1C2C1C1VACC O M P O N E N T S201053-010201053-012.50 [ 12.7 ] min. clearancerequired above terminals.201053-014PHASE SHIFTING COMPONENT DIMENSIONS201053-016.50 [ 12.7 ] min. clearance 201053-019required above terminals.PHASE SHIFTING COMPONENT DIMENSIONS201053-026.50 [ 12.7 ] min. clearance201053-028required above terminals.“B”201053-029“B”201053-030PHASE SHIFTING COMPONENT DIMENSIONS.50 [ 12.7 ] min. clearance201053-032“B”required above 8.18 [ 4.6 ] dia. �C” C1“A”“A”201053-042.18 [ 4.6 ] dia. hole.18 [ 4.6 ] dia. hole201053-044FIGURE C1201053-061FIGURE C1“D”“C”“A”201053-063.18 [ 4.6 ] dia. hole201053-068FIGURE ”201053-072201053-073“D”FIGURE C2“B”201053-074201053-075“B”FIGURE C2201053-076“D”201053-081201053-082µfdS H I F T I N GPHASE SHIFTINGP H A S ECapacitor KitsCKit 2-033* 201052-034201052-035* 201052-036201052-037* 201052-039201052-041* 201052-043201052-045* 201052-046201052-047201052-049* 25.425.425.425.435353525.41935353528.728.728.7* Kit contains two resistors. Dimensions shown are for one resistor.w w w. k o l l m o r g e n . c o m17

Gearbox Kits & GearmotorsG E A R B O X Ratios from 3:1 to 125:1 Up to 5,000 oz-in (3,530 Ncm) torqueK I T S 150 lb (68 kg) radial load capacity& 100 lb (45 kg) axial load capacityG E A R M O T O R S Typical output shaft backlash is 2 (degrees) Maintenance free Kits for field installation to NEMA 34 motors.* Note: Gearboxes for KS093 motors must beinstalled at the factory.Kollmorgen gearmotors mate NEMA 34 synchronous motorswith step-down gearboxes for applicati

SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS About Kollmorgen Kollmorgen is a Danaher company, and is recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of synchronous motors. Over 40 years ago, Kollmorgen developed and patented their synchronous motor

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The History of Kollmorgen 1916–2016 100 Years of Innovation. 2 Dear Kollmorgen Associates, 2016 marks Kollmorgen’s 100th anniversary. With . Lowering periscopes to East 32nd Street, Manhattan, in front o

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Synchronous Motors are three-phase AC motors which run at synchronous speed, Synchronous motors have the following characteristics: A three-phase stator similar to that of an induction motor. Medium voltage stators are often used. A wound rotor (rotating field) which has the same number of poles as the

2 Dyneo Synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets Dyneo Synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets - 5729 en - 2020.03 / a This catalogue presents the synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets of the Dyneo range,

2 ABB / AMZ Synchronous Motors EN 08-2005 The Global Power in Synchronous Motors ABB is the world’s leading supplier of synchronous motors and generators, with more than a century of ex

SYNCHRONOUS RELUCTANCE MOTOR (SyRM) (or) SYNREL MOTOR The PM synchronous motor operates as a synchronous reluctance motor, if the magnets are left out or demagnetized .i.e. the synchronous reluctance motors do not have any field winding or permanent magnet on the rotor. The rotor has salien

nent magnet synchronous motors (PM motors). They are operated exclusively with frequency inverters and are characterised by a significantly higher efficiency ( IE3) and an improved part load behaviour than asynchronous motors. In addition PM-motors can reach a higher output than asyn-chronous motors of the same size. Because of the rotor fol-

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