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CONTENTWELDING HOSESSwitch on. Press and Weld.3MIG Welding Torches.4Air-cooled MIG Welding Torches.4Wear Parts for Air-cooled MIG Welding Torches.8Water-cooled MIG Welding Torches.11Wear Parts for Water-cooledMIG Welding Torches.14Migair Welding Torches with Fume Extraction.16Contact Tips and Tip Adaptors.17Spare Parts for ZA.21Wire Liners.22TIG Ergo Welding Torches.23Wear Parts for TIG Ergo Welding Torches.28TIG Adjust.32Special Parts for TIG 201/221/401.33Custom-built and Special Solutions.35Wear Parts according toIndividual Requirements.36Plasma Cutting Torches.37Plasma Welding Torches.39Wear Parts for Plasma Welding Torches.40Tungsten Electrodes.41Wear Parts in Blister Packs.422

SWITCH ON. PRESS AND WELDMIGATRONICCONTACTBeing one of the leading suppliers ofprofessional welding solutions. Migatronicfocuses on developing and supplying highquality welding torches for MIG/MAG. TIG.MMA and plasma welding. Migatronic weldingtorches are in ergonomically correct design; theyfit both right and left hands. and welders avoidstraining wrists and fingers.If you have any questions. please do nothesitate to contact us.For terms of sale and delivery and warrantyconditions. please refer to www.migatronic.comIN THIS CATALOGUE YOU WILL FINDINFORMATION ABOUT: Welding TorchesTechnical DataWe reserve the right to make corrections in the event of a misprint.The products delivered may differ from the photos in the catalogue.3

AIR-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESMIG-A Twist ABBREVIATIONS MIG: Turnable swan neckML Migatronic air-cooledtorch300 Model sizeR Remote control/Dialog8 m LengthAH Advanced handle/ManagerALU Teflon linerZA Euro connectionFKS Double cooling chamber withextra cooling of gas nozzleKD Separate tip adaptor(changeable tipholder) Ergonomically correct working posture whicheverwelding angle you use Can be turned up to 90 in both directions.step-by-step at intervals of 15 Available in 60 different configurations Accessories: gas nozzles. swan necks. gas diffusersand liners Three different modules can be mounted/remountedat the handle Suits all welding machine makesArt. no.ModelArt. no.Model80191174ML140 Softgrip 360 3m 0,8 ZA80197250ML250 TWIST 3m 0,880197150ML150 TWIST 3m 0,880197251ML250 TWIST 4m 0,880197151ML150 TWIST 4m 0,880197253ML250 TWIST 5m 0,880197153ML 150 TWIST 5m 0,880197254ML250 TWIST 3m 1,080197156ML150 TWIST 3m 1,0 ALU80196250ML250 TWIST R 3m 0,880196150ML150 TWIST R 3m 0,880196251ML250 TWIST R 4m 0,880196151ML150 TWIST R 4m 0,880196252ML250 TWIST R 3m 1,0 ALU80196155ML150 TWIST R 3m 1,0 ALU80196257ML250 TWIST R 4m 1,0 ALU80191180ML161 3m RallyMIG 161i80197300ML300 TWIST 3m 1,080191181ML161 Softgrip 360 3m 0,8 ZA80197301ML300 TWIST 4m 1,080191182ML161 Softgrip 360 3m XE80197303ML300 TWIST 5m 1,080197240ML240 TWIST 3m 0,880197304ML300 TWIST 3m 1,0 ALU80197241ML240 TWIST 4m 0,880197302ML300 TWIST 4m 1,280197243ML240 TWIST 5m 0,880196300ML300 TWIST R 3m 1,080197242ML240 TWIST 3m 1,0 ALU80196301ML300 TWIST R 4m 1,080197244ML240 TWIST 3m 1,0 Alu/Stainless80197360ML360 TWIST 3m 1,080197246ML240 TWIST 3m 1,2 ALU80197361ML360 TWIST 4m 1,080196240ML240 TWIST R 3m 0,880197363ML360 TWIST 5m 1,080196238ML240 TWIST R 3m 0,8 steel80197364ML360 TWIST 4m 1,280196243ML240 TWIST R 3m 1,0 ALU80197374ML360 TWIST 3m 1,680196244ML240 TWIST R 3m 1,2 ALU80196360ML360 TWIST R 3m 1,080196249ML240 TWIST R 3m 1,2 ALU/CU80196361ML360 TWIST R 4m 1,080196241ML240 TWIST R 4m 0,880197381ML380 HD TWIST 4m 1,280196239ML240 TWIST R 4m 0,8 steel80197400ML400 TWIST 3m 1,280196245ML240 TWIST R 4m 1,0 ALU80197401ML400 TWIST 4m 1,280191190ML241 Softgrip 360 3m 1,080197403ML400 TWIST 5m 1,280191191ML241 Softgrip 360 4m 1,080197500ML500 TWIST 3m 1,280191192ML241 Softgrip 360 4m 1,280197501ML500 TWIST 4m 1,280197503ML500 TWIST 5m 1,2All models are supplied with Spring Pin.MODEL TWISTML 140ML 150/150 C/161ML240/241ML 250ML 300ML 360ML 380ML 400ML 500Duty cycle CO2 60%120 A180 A250 A230 A295 A380 A380 A400 A500 A350 A450 A350 A360 A450 ADuty cycle CO2 100%100 A160 A225 A205 A260 A400 AMixgas 60%160 A170 A220 A225 A255 A310 AMixgas 100%140 AGas flow /-5%15 l/min.Wire diameter. mmCable. mm2150 A195 A200 A270 A310 A400 A15 l/min.15 l/min.15 l/min.15 l/min.15 l/min.18 l/min.20 t. kg0.9 kg0.9 kg1.2 kg1.3 kg1.6 kg1.8 kg1.9 kg1.9 kg2.0 kgTotal weight kg. 3 m1.8 kg1.8 kg2.1 kg2.1 kg2.5 kg2.9 kg3.0 kg3.5 kg3.6 kgConnectionZAZAZAZAZAZAZAZAZA* Minimum gas flow for compliance with maximum performance.4225 A15 l/min.*

ML 161 & ML 241ML161 Softgrip801911808019118180191182 Small handle. ease of operation and large flexibility Ball-and-socket joint between hose and handle Softgrip on the side of the handle The swan neck can be turned 360 without tools Ergonomically correct working posture whichever welding angle you use Supplied with a standard range of gas nozzles.swan necks. gas diffusers and liners A module for infinitely variable adjustment of current/wire can be mounted/remounted at the handleML241 Softgrip801911908019119180191192The swan neck can be turned 360 without toolsArt. no. 80300100Keypad unitStandard equipmentConnection XE1988 - 1998Automig 180 XEAutomig 200 XEConnection ZA1998 Automig 181Automig 183Automig 221Automig 223Automig 231Automig 271Automig 273Automig 250 XEMaskin tilslutning ZAMaskin tilslutning ZAArt. no. 80300273Keypad unit withhorizontal MIG controlknob (RH).Requireselectronic box MPS-4TF.Art. no. 76116982Art. no.Model80191177ML150C/ XR 3mNo of pcs.180191178ML150C / XE 3m180191179ML150C ZA 3m 0.81ConnectionXMaskin tilslutningZA1972 - 1988Automig 120Automig 140Automig 160Automig 180 XAutomig 185 XAutomig 200 XAutomig 250 XConnectionXEMaskin tilslutningZA1988 - 1998Automig 180 XEAutomig 200 XEConnectionZAMaskin tilslutningZA1998 Automig 181Automig 183Automig 221Automig 223Automig 2315

AIR-COOLED MIG WELDING TORCHES12ZA. waterSpring pin for ZA airArt. no. 80100810Spring pin for ZA waterArt. no. 80100811* Recommended. (*) Not recommendable for maximum performance.Control unit is optionally available.WELDING TORCHES WITHOUT REGULATION680191174 1)ML140 Softgrip 360 3m 0.8 ZA(*)(*)80197150ML150 TWIST 3 m 0.8***(*)80197151ML150 TWIST 4 m 0.8***(*)80197153ML150 TWIST 5 m 0.8***(*)80197156ML150 TWIST 3 m 1.0 ALU***(*)80191180 1)ML161 3 m RallyMIG 161i80191181 1)ML161 Softgrip 360 3m 0.8***(*)80197240ML240 TWIST 3 m 0.8**(*)******80197242ML240 TWIST 3 m 1.0 ALU**(*)******80197246ML240 TWIST 3 m 1.2 ALU**(*)******80197244ML240 TWIST 3m 1.0 ALU/Stainless**(*)******80197241ML240 TWIST 4 m 0.8**(*)******80197243ML240 TWIST 5 m 0.8**(*)******80191190 1)ML241 Softgrip 360 3 m 1.0**(*)****(*)80191191 1)ML241 Softgrip 360 4 m 1.0**(*)****(*)80191192 1)ML241 Softgrip 360 4 m 1.2**(*)****(*)*Omega² 550 C/SOmega² 400 C/SSIGMA SELECT 550 C / SSIGMA SELECT 400 C / SSIGMA SELECT 300 C / SOmega Yard 300/Omega² 300Automig 300 PulseAutomig² 273i DUOAutomig² 233i DUORallyMig 161i/Focus MIG 130MIG/MAGinverter machinesMIG S 445xMIG S 385xAutomig 183-223Automig E FORWELDING TORCHES1)Automig² 183i DUO2. MIG-A Twist Trigger adjust PALArt. no.45050418Ball-and-socket jointAutomig² 233i / 273i1.Trigger with microswitchcomplete MIG-A TwistArt. no.80100420All models are supplied withspring pin.Automig² 183iTrigger and trigger stopTrigger with soft bottom stopand changeover between shortand long travel

**80197251ML250 TWIST 4 m 0.8**(*)*****80197253ML250 TWIST 5 m mega² 550 C/S*Omega² 400 C/SOmega Yard 300/Omega² 300*SIGMA SELECT 550 C / SAutomig 300 Pulse*SIGMA SELECT 400 C / SAutomig² 273i DUO(*)SIGMA SELECT 300 C / SAutomig² 233i DUO*Automig² 183iMIG S 385x*RallyMig 161i/Focus MIG 130Automig 273ML250 TWIST 3 m 0.8MIG S 445xAutomig 183-22380197250WELDING TORCHESAutomig² 183i DUOMIG/MAGinverter machinesAutomig² 233i / LE FORWELDING TORCHES WITHOUT REGULATION80197254ML250 TWIST 3m 1.0*80197300ML300 TWIST 3 m 1.0**(*)***80197304ML300 TWIST 3 m 1.0 ALU**(*)*80197301ML300 TWIST 4 m 1.0**(*)**80197302ML300 TWIST 4 m 1.2**(*)****(*)***(*)80197303ML300 TWIST 5 m 1.080197360ML360 TWIST 3 m 1.080197374ML360 TWIST 3 m 1.6 KD*(*)80197361ML360 TWIST 4 m 1.0*(*)80197364ML360 TWIST 4 m 1.2*(*)80197363ML360 TWIST 5 m 1.0*(*)80197381ML380 HD TWIST 4m 1.2*(*)80197400ML400 TWIST 3 m 1.2**(*)(*)*80197401ML400 TWIST 4 m 1.2******(*)80197403ML400 TWIST 5 m 1.2******(*)80197500ML500 TWIST 3 m 1.2***(*)80197501ML500 TWIST 4 m 1.2****80197503ML500 TWIST 5 m 1.2****WELDING TORCHES WITH REGULATION80196150ML150 TWIST R 3 m 0.8***(*)80196155ML150 TWIST R 3 m 1.0 ALU***(*)80196151ML150 TWIST R 4 m 0.8*80196240ML240 TWIST R 3 m 0.8**(*)******(*)*80196243ML240 TWIST R 3 m 1.0 ALU**(*)*****80196244ML240 TWIST R 3 m 1.02 ALU**(*)*****80196241ML240 TWIST R 4 m 0.8**(*)*****80196238ML240 TWIST R 3 m 0.8 Steel**(*)*****80196239ML240 TWIST R 4 m 0.8 Steel**(*)*****80196245ML240 TWIST R 4 m 1.0 ALU**(*)*****80196249ML240 TWIST R 3 m 1.2 ALU/CU**(*)*****80196250ML250 TWIST R 3 m 0.8**(*)*****80196252ML250 TWIST R 3 m 1.0 ALU**(*)*****80196251ML250 TWIST R 4 m 0.8**(*)*****80196257ML250 TWIST R 4 m 1.0 ALU**(*)*****80196300ML300 TWIST R 3 m 1.0**(*)**80196301ML300 TWIST R 4 m 1.0**(*)**80196360ML360 TWIST R 3 m 1.0*(*)***(*)80196361ML360 TWIST R 4 m 1.0*(*)***(*)7

WEAR PARTS FOR AIR-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESWear parts for ML 140Position no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.183080017Gas nozzle ML140 threaded conic10280130142CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 1811780120500Insulating bush10380110039Contact nozzle for ML 140 left10Wear parts for ML 150 TWIST / ML 161 / ML 150CPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.14* D801522028015003880150037Swan neck ML150 MIG-A TwistSwan neck ML 161 w/fittingSwan neck ML 150C w/fitting11115* D80120500Insulating bush1016** 8011002080110021Contact nozzleContact nozzle ML 161. ML150C101017* D80100021Retaining clamp ML120/130/1501018* D80130202CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 185019* D80140023Gas Nozzle ML120/130/150 Conic102080140500Gas Nozzle ML120/130/150 Cylindric102180140022Gas Nozzle ML120/130/150 SPOT102280100073Protection cover18110025281100223Wearparts box ML150 Ergo/Twist 0.6 steelWearparts box ML150 Ergo/Twist 0.8 steel11* ML150 pre-assembled as standard. ML161 pre-assembled as standard. D ML150C pre-assembled as standardWear parts for ML 250 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.1480152302Swan neck ML250 MIG-A Twist11580100600Retaining clamp ML25010*8011060180110602Tip adaptor ML250 M6 37mmTip adaptor ML250 M6 35mm1010*80130202CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 185080140600Gas Nozzle ML250 Cylindric1080140601Gas Nozzle ML250 Conic10811002538110022481100220Wearparts box ML 250 0.6 steelWearparts box ML 250 0.8-1.0 steelWearparts box ML250 1.0 alu11116181920** Pre-assembled as standard8

WEAR PARTS FOR AIR-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESWear parts for ML 240 TWIST/ ML 241Position no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.14801524028015140380150039Swan neck ML240 MIG-A TwistSwan neck ML 240 ManagerSwan neck ML 241 w/fitting11115*8307748083077481Gas diffuser ML/MV24 BlackGas diffuser ML/MV24 White101016*801106048307714980110603Tip adaptor ML-MV240 CuCrZr 5mmTip adaptor ML-MV240 brass 5mmTip adaptor ML-MV240 brass 7mm10101080131200CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 181080140610Gas Nozzle ML/MV240 Conic1080140611Gas Nozzle ML/MV240 Cylindric10811002148110023181100221Wearparts box ML240 0.6-0.8 steelWearparts box ML240 1.0 steelWearparts box ML/MV240 1.0 alu1111718*19* Pre-assembled as standardWear parts for ML 300 TWIST/ML 360 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.14a14b1580152502801526028012030180120306Swan neck ML300 MIG-A TwistSwan neck ML360 MIG-A TwistGas diffuser ML300/360 WhiteGas diffuser ML360 32mm 9TipTipTipTipTip10101010108011002680110300Tip adaptor ML300/360 M8-6 22mmTip adaptor ML300/360 M8-8 60M8-6M8-6M8-6M8-8M8-825mm Brass32mm Brass25mm CuCrZr23mm Brass32mmBrass80131201CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 18108024030080140701Gas nozzle ML/MV CylindricGas nozzle ML360 Cylindric nickelled10108024030380140700Gas nozzle ML/MV ConicGas nozzle ML360 Conic nickelled10108110023281100254Wearparts box ML 300 1.0 steelWearparts box ML 300 1.0 steel CuCrZr11* Pre-assembled as standard9

WEAR PARTS FOR AIR-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESWear parts for ML 380 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.1380152605Swan neck ML380 MIG-A Twist11480110413Tip holder adaptor M10-1*20L for ML 380 HD1015*80220326Insulating washer ML380 HD KD116*80110406Tip adaptor MV450-550 CuCrZr 251080110409Tip adaptor MV450-550 CuCrZr 291080220309Gas diffuser MV450/550 White101718*1980220307Gas diffuser MV450/550 CYLINDR102080231207CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 191080240300Gas nozzle ML/MV Cylindric1080240303Gas nozzle ML/MV Conic102122*2380240304Gas nozzle ML/MV super Conic102480140701Gas nozzle ML360 Cylindric nickelled102580140700Gas nozzle ML360 Conic nickelled10* Pre-assembled as standardWear parts for ML 400 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.1280152702Swan neck ML400 MIG-A Twist180120310Gas diffuser ML400 White1013a*13b80120311Gas diffuser ML400 Ceramic1013c*80120312Gas diffuser ML400 Black1014a*80110040Tip adaptor ML400 M8-8 43mm1014b80110041Tip adaptor ML400 M8-8 47mm101580231103CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 19501680140722Gas Nozzle ML400 Cylindric1080140721Gas Nozzle ML400 Conic ø 18mm1080140720Gas Nozzle ML400 Conic ø 14mm1017*18* Pre-assembled as standardWear parts for ML 500 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.1280152802Swan neck ML500 MIG-A Twist180120313Gas diffuser ML500 White1080110042Tip adaptor ML500 M10/M8 43mm. CuCrZr1013*1415*80231103CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 195017*80140723Gas Nozzle ML500 Conic ø 20mm10* Pre-assembled as standard10

WATER-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESMIG-A Twist ABBREVIATIONS MIG: Turnable swan neckMV Migatronic water-cooledtorch Ergonomically correct working posture whicheverwelding angle you use300 Model size Can be turned up to 45 in both directions.step-by-step at intervals of 15 RRemote control/Dialog8m Length Available in 60 different configurationsAHAdvanced handle/Manager Accessories: gas nozzles. swan necks. gas diffusersand linersALU Teflon linerZAEuro connection Three different modules can be mounted/remountedat the handle Suits all welding machine makes FKS Double cooling chamber withextra cooling of gas nozzleKDSeparate tip adaptor MODEL TWISTMV 240MV 400 FKSMV 450**MV 450 KDMV 500 FKSMV 550**MV 550 KDDuty cycle CO2 60%300 A415 A450 A400 A560 A550 A500 ADuty cycle CO2 100%300 A415 A450 A400 A560 A550 A500 AMixgas 60%270 A350 A400 A350 A520 A500 A450 AMixgas 100%270 A350 A400 A350 A520 A500 A450 AMin. flow ratewater cooling 1 bar1 l/min.1 l/min.1 l/min.1 l/min.1 l/min.1 l/min.1 l/min.Gas flow /-5%15 l/min.*18 l/min.*18 l/min.*18 l/min.*18 l/min.*18 l/min.*18 l/min.*Wire diameter. 4Cable. mm216161616161616Weight1.5 kg1.6 kg1.6 kg1.6 kg1.7 kg1.6 kg1.6 kgTotal weight kg. 3 m3.0 kg3.1 kg3.0 kg3.0 kg3.2 kg3.0 kg3.0 kgConnectionZAZAZAZAZAZAZA* Minimum gas flow for compliance with maximum performance. ** Integrated tip adaptorMIG-A Twist welding torches are configurable with four different modules.A module is easily replaced as required. without tools.Turn the fittingRemove the coverAttach the module Lock the fittingPlease note: all trademarks mentioned in this catalogue are property of therespective companies.Basic module80100401Potentiometer module (80100402)Sequence module.3 steps (80100403)Potentiometer modulefor Kemppi (80100410)11

WATER-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESArt. no.ModelArt. no.Model80297240MV240 TWIST 3m 1,080297700MV500 FKS TWIST 3m 1,280297241MV240 TWIST 4m 1,080297701MV500 FKS TWIST 4m 1,280297245MV240 TWIST 5m 1,080297705MV500 FKS TWIST 5m 1,280296240MV240 TWIST R 3m 1,080296700MV500 FKS TWIST R 3m 1,280296241MV240 TWIST R 4m 1,080296701MV500 FKS TWIST R 4m 1,280296242MV240 TWIST R 3m 1,0 ALU80297550MV550 TWIST 3m 1,2 KD80297602MV400 FKS TWIST 3m 1,280297551MV550 TWIST 4m 1,2 KD80297603MV400 FKS TWIST 4m 1,280297552MV550 TWIST 3m 1,280297605MV400 FKS TWIST 5m 1,280297553MV550 TWIST 4m 1,280296602MV400 FKS TWIST R 3m 1,280297555MV550 TWIST 5m 1,2 KD80296603MV400 FKS TWIST R 4m 1,280297556MV550 TWIST 5m 1,280297450MV450 TWIST 3m 1,2 KD80296550MV550 TWIST R 3m 1,2 KD80297451MV450 TWIST 4m 1,2 KD80296551MV550 TWIST R 4m 1,2 KD80297452MV450 TWIST 3m 1,280296557MV550 TWIST R 6m 1,2 KD80297453MV450 TWIST 4m 1,280296552MV550 TWIST R 3m 1,280297457MV450 TWIST 3m 1,0 KD80296553MV550 TWIST R 4m 1,280297454MV450 TWIST 4m 1,0 KDAll models are supplied with Spring Pin.80297455MV450 TWIST 5m 1,2 KD80297456MV450 TWIST 5m 1,280296464MV450 TWIST R 3m 1,0 HD ALU80296450MV450 TWIST R 3m 1,2 KD80296451MV450 TWIST R 4m 1,2 KD80296452MV450 TWIST R 3m 1,280296453MV450 TWIST R 4m 1,2Advanced Cooling SystemFKS welding torches feature double cooling chamber for efficient cooling at the gasnozzle; also available with Dialog adjustment of welding current or the digital MIGManager . FKS is designed specifically for pulse welding and spray transfer welding.12

WATER-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHES**(*)(*)(*)80297241MV240 TWIST 4 m 1.0**(*)(*)(*)80297245MV240 TWIST 5 m 1.0**(*)(*)80297457MV450 TWIST 3 m 1.0 KD****Omega²550 C/SMV240 TWIST 3 m 1.0Omega²400 C/SSIGMA SELECT550 C / S80297240WELDING TORCHESMIG S 385xSIGMA SELECT400 C / SMIG/MAGinverter machinesSIGMA SELECT300 C / SMIG/MAG conventionalstepregulated machinesMIG S 445xSUITABLE FORWELDING TORCHES WITHOUT REGULATION(*)**(*)(*)80297450MV450 TWIST 3 m 1.2 KD******80297452MV450 TWIST 3 m 1.2******(*)80297454MV450 TWIST 4 m 1.0 KD******(*)80297451MV450 TWIST 4 m 1.2 KD******(*)80297453MV450 TWIST 4 m 1.2******(*)80297455MV450 TWIST 5 m 1.2 KD******(*)(*)80297456MV450 TWIST 5 m 1.2******80297550MV550 TWIST 3 m 1.2 KD*******80297552MV550 TWIST 3 m 1.2*******80297551MV550 TWIST 4 m 1.2 KD*******80297553MV550 TWIST 4 m 1.2*******80297555MV550 TWIST 5 m 1.2 KD*******80297556MV550 TWIST 5 m 1.2*******80297602MV400 FKS TWIST 3 m 1.2******(*)80297603MV400 FKS TWIST 4 m 1.2******(*)80297605MV400 FKS TWIST 5 m 1.2*******80297700MV500 FKS TWIST 3 m 1.2*******80297701MV500 FKS TWIST 4 m 1.2*******80297705MV500 FKS TWIST 5 m 1.2*******WELDING TORCHES WITH REGULATION80296240MV240 TWIST R 3 m 1.0**(*)(*)(*)80296241MV240 TWIST R 4 m 1.0**(*)(*)(*)80296242MV240 TWIST R 3 m 1.0 ALU**(*)(*)(*)80296464MV450 TWIST R 3 m 1.0 HD ALU******(*)80296450MV450 TWIST R 3 m 1.2 KD******(*)80296452MV450 TWIST R 3 m 1.2******(*)80296451MV450 TWIST R 4 m 1.2 KD******(*)80296453MV450 TWIST R 4 m 1.2******(*)80296550MV550 TWIST R 3 m 1.2 KD*******80296552MV550 TWIST R 3 m 1.2*******80296551MV550 TWIST R 4 m 1.2 KD*******80296553MV550 TWIST R 4 m 1.2*******80296557MV550 TWIST R 6 m 1.2 KD******(*)80296602MV400 FKS TWIST R 3 m 1.2******(*)80296603MV400 FKS TWIST R 4 m 1.2******(*)80296700MV500 FKS TWIST R 3 m 1.2*******80296701MV500 FKS TWIST R 4 m 1.2******** Recommended. (*) Not recommendable for maximum performance.13

WEAR PARTS FOR WATER-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESWear parts for MV 240 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.128025210180251107Swan neck MV240 MIG-A TwistSwan neck MV 240 Manager1183077480Gas diffuser ML/MV24 Black1013b83077481Gas diffuser ML/MV24 White1013c80220311Gas diffuser ML/MV24 Ceramic1013a*14*801106048307714980110603Tip adaptor ML-MV240 CuCrZr 5mmTip adaptor ML-MV240 brass 5mmTip adaptor ML-MV240 brass 7mm10101015*80131201CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 211016*80140610Gas Nozzle ML/MV240 Conic1080140611Gas Nozzle ML/MV240 Cylindric1081100221Wearparts box ML/MV 240 1.0 alu117* Pre-assembled as standardWear parts for FKS 400 TWIST13Position no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.128025250080251501Swan neck MV400 FKS TwistSwan neck MV 400 FKS Manager111392555041Shrink FLEX Ø24 /8mm 1.2m glue11480100769Insulator for cooling unit FKS40011580100767Water cooling unit FKS 40011680100764O-Ring FKS400W (2 pcs.)180220201Insulationg ring FKS400W1080110408Tip adaptor MV400FKS 24mm101718*19*2021*80231202CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 201080240308Gas Nozzle MV400FKS Cylindric 62mm1080240307Gas Nozzle MV400FKS Conic 62mm102280240318Gas Nozzle MV400FKS Cylindric 67mm102380240317Gas Nozzle MV400FKS Conic 67mm1024a80110411Tip adaptor for isolator 400FKS1024b80220315Gas difuser isolator 400FKS1081100236Wearparts box MV 400 FKS 1.0-1.2 steel1* Pre-assembled as standardNote: 24a and 24b must be used together14

WEAR PARTS FOR WATER-COOLEDMIG WELDING TORCHESWear parts for MV FKS 500 TWIST13Position no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.1280252502Swan neck MV500 FKS Twist11392555041Shrink FLEX Ø24 /8MM 1.2m Glue11480100772Insulator for cooling unit FKS50011580100770Water cooling unit FKS 50011680100766O-Ring FKS500W (2 pcs.)11780220202Insulationg ring FKS500W1018*80110410Tip adaptor MV500FKS 38mm CuCrZr1019*8022031280220313Gas diffuser MV FKS/HD-S WhiteGas diffuser Ceramic HD-S 500FKS101020*80231202CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 201080240300Gas Nozzle ML/MV Cylindric1080240303Gas Nozzle ML/MV Conic102380240304Gas Nozzle ML/MV Super Conic102480140701Gas Nozzle ML360 Cylindric nickelled102580140700Gas Nozzle ML360 Conic nickelled1081100237Wearparts box MV 500 FKS 1.0-1.2 steel12122** Pre-assembled as standardWear parts for MV 450 / 550 TWISTPosition no.Art. no.DescriptionNo of pcs.12128025220280252302Swan neck MV450KD MIG-A TwistSwan neck MV550KD MIG-A Twist1113138025220480252304Swan neck MV450 MIG-A TwistSwan neck MV550 MIG-A Twist111480220303Insulating Washer MV450/5501015.180110401Tip adaptor MV450/550 M8 25mm Brass1015.280110406Tip adaptor MV450-550 CuCrZr 251015.3*80110403Tip adaptor MV450/550 M6 25mm Brass1016.180110402Tip adaptor MV450/550 M8 29mm Brass1016.280110409Tip adaptor MV450-550 CuCrZr 29mm1080200307Threaded Ring180220309Gas diffuser MV450/550 White1018.280220306Gas diffuser MV450/550 Black1018.380220310Gas diffuser MV450/550 Ceramic101980220307Gas diffuser MV450/550 Cylindric1080231202CONTACT TIP. PLEASE SEE PAGE 201080240300Gas Nozzle ML/MV Cylindric101718.120**212280240303Gas Nozzle ML/MV Conic1023*80240304Gas Nozzle ML/MV Super Conic102480140701Gas Nozzle ML360 Cylindric nickelled102580140700Gas Nozzle ML360 Conic nickelled1081100216Wearparts box MV450/550 1.0-1.2 steel1* Pre-assembled as standard15

MIGAIR WELDING TORCHES WITHFUME EXTRACTIONMODELML 240MigAirMV 400 FKSMigAirDuty cycle CO2 60%250 A415 ADuty cycle CO2 100%225 A415 AMixgas 60%220 A350 AMixgas 100%195 A350 ACoolingAirWaterMin. flow rate watercooling 1 bar-1 l/min.Maxs. pressure (water)-5 barMaxs. water temperature-70 CGas flow /-5%10-20 l/min.10-20 l/min.Wire diameter. mm0.8-1.20.8-1.6Cab. mm2516Weight1.4 kg1.7 kgTotal weight kg. 8 m4.8 kg4.9 kgConnectionZAZANormIEC 60974-7. IEC 60974-102Art. no.ML 240 aircooledArt. no.Description80193310ML240 MIG AIR 4m80160520Steel liner 4.4m 0.6-0.8 white80193311ML240 MIG AIR 5m80160550Steel liner 5.4m 0.6-0.8 white80160545Steel liner 4.4m 1.2-1.6 redArt. no.MV 400 FKS watercooled80160546*Steel liner 5.4m 1.2-1.6 red80293017MV400 FKS MIG AIR 4m80200345Fume nozzle long80293018MV400 FKS MIG AIR 5m80100793Fume nozzle short* Pre-assembled as standardWear parts: Please refer to MV 240 and MV 400 FKS page 1416

CONTACT TIPS ANDTIP ADAPTORSChoice of Contact TipWith the exception of ML 150/250types. a Migatronic ML/MV torch isequipped as standard with a CuCrZr(copper. chromium. zircorium) contact tip. in the most frequently useddimension as well as a gas nozzle. Thisis the most optimal choice of contacttip in terms of welding properties and/or operating costs.Contact tips for ML/MV are availablein different materials and lengths so asto ensure best possible welding result.For MIG pulse welding and weldingin aluminium. we recommend longercontact tips combined with longer gasnozzles. for optimization of weldingcurrent transmission and gas shielding.A slim contact tip will have a lowertemperature. as it will receive less radiant heat from the arc.That is why we recommend CuCrZr(copper. chromium. zircorium) contacttips which are considerably harder andless sensitive to high temperatures. Anordinary E-Cu (copper) type of contacttip will become soft and adhere to thewelding wire if the temperature in thecontact tip exceeds 300ºC. A CuCrZrcontact tip will do that much later (seegraph to the left).Please refer to the list of contact tips.Choice of Tip Adaptor - Material and DesignSome types of torches can beequipped with various designs of tipadaptors. This allows the welder tooptimise to another type of contact tip(thread/length). A tip adaptor made ofCuCrZr will increase the performanceof the torch. A standard tip adaptor ismade of Ms (brass) which ischaracterized by strength andnon-optimal thermal conductivity.CuCrZr is characterized by the strengthand ductility of Ms and the thermalconductivity of E-Cu. That is why it ispossible to achieve better performanceby using a CuCrZr contact tip.ML / MV 240MV 450/550 torches are supplied withintegrated or separate tip adaptors.MSCuCrZrMV 500 FKS is equipped as standardwith separate CuCrZr tip adaptor.Please refer to the list of tip adaptors.For maximum performance werecommend integrated tip adaptorsbut if thread for contact tip becomesdefective. the swan neck must bereplaced. The performance of a torchwith separate tip adaptor is typicallylower. but in return. the tip adaptor isMSMV 450 / MV 550MSreplaceable. FKS types have separatetip adaptors with direct connectionto the cooling water. That is why theyare up to the performance standard oftorches with integrated tip adaptors.MV 450 FKS / MV 550 FKSCuCrZrMSCuCrZrCuCrZrCuCrZrCuCrZrCuCrZr17

ML 240ML 300ML 360Item descriptionML 250Art. no.ML 150Contact tip- design andlengthML 140CONTACT TIPS80130001ø 0.6 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu nickel-plated( )( )( )( )( )80130002ø 0.8 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu nickel-plated( )( )( )( )( )80130003ø 1.0 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu nickel-plated( )( )( )( )( )80130004ø 1.2 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu nickel-plated( )( )( )( )( )80130101ø 0.6 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu( )( )( )80130102ø 0.8 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu( )( )( )80130103ø 1.0 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu( )( )( )80130104ø 1.2 M6 ø 6 x 25 mm Cu( )( )( )80130201ø 0.6 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm Cu 80130202ø 0.8 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm Cu 80130203ø 1.0 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm Cu 80130204ø 1.2 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm Cu 80131200ø 0.8 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm CuCrZr 80131201ø 1.0 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm CuCrZr 80131202ø 1.2 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm CuCrZr 80131203ø 1.4 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm CuCrZr 80131204ø 1.6 M6 ø 8 x 28 mm CuCrZr M580130140ø 0.6 M5 ø 5 x18mm E-Cu 80130141ø 0.8 M5 ø 5 x18mm E-Cu 80130142ø 1.0 M5 ø 5 x 18mm E-Cu M6 18 Mild steel Fe, stainless steel CrNi and FCW. Recommended. ( ) Alternative

Art. no.Item descriptionML 400ML 500Contact tip- design andlengthML 380CONTACT TIPS80231101ø 0.8 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm E-Cu 80231102ø 1.0 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm E-Cu 80231103ø 1.2 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm E-Cu 80231106ø 1.4 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm E-Cu 80231104ø 1.6 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm E-Cu 80231110ø 0.8 M8 ø 8 x 35 mm CuCrZr 80231111ø 1.0 M8 ø 8 x 35 mm CuCrZr 80231112ø 1.2 M8 ø 8 x 35 mm CuCrZr 80231113ø 1.6 M8 ø 8 x 35 mm CuCrZr 80231121ø 1.0 M8 ø 10 x 35 mm E-Cu( ) ( )( ) ( )( ) ( )80231122ø 1.2 M8 ø 10 x 35 mm E-Cu( ) ( )( ) ( )( ) ( )80231200ø 0.8 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231201ø 1.0 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231202ø 1.2 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231203ø 1.6 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231204ø 1.4 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231220ø 0.8 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr heavy duty 80231221ø 1.0 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr heavy duty 80231222ø 1.2 M8 ø 8 x 30 mm CuCrZr heavy duty 80231205ø 0.8 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231206ø 1.0 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231207ø 1.2 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231208ø 1.4 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm CuCrZr 80231209ø 1.6 M8 ø 10 x 30 mm CuCrZr M8 80231300ø 0.8 M8 ø 10 x 38 mm CuCrZr 80231301ø 1.0 M8 ø 10 x 38 mm CuCrZr 80231302ø 1.2 M8 ø 10 x 38 mm CuCrZr 80231303ø 1.6 M8 ø 10 x 38 mm CuCrZr 80231401ø 1.0 M8 ø 10 x 41 mm CuCrZr 80231402ø 1.2 M8 ø 10 x 41 mm CuCrZr Mild steel Fe, stainless steel CrNi and FCW. Recommended. ( ) AlternativeAluminium welding.For gas nozzles with special length (depending on torch model). Recommended. ( ) Alternative19

80231101ø 0.8 M8

4 AIR-COOLED MIG WELDING TORCHES MIG-A Twist ABBREVIATIONS MIG: ML Migatronic air-cooled torch 300 Model size R Remote control/Dialog 8 m Length AH Advanced handle/Manager ALU Teflon liner ZA Euro connection FKS Double cooling chamber with extra cooling of gas nozzle KD Separat