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ARO is a worldwide manufacturer of fluid management products that areskillfully engineered to deliver performance and serviceability, allowing success toflow freely in our customers’ businesses. That’s why ARO is fluid intelligence—thesmart choice in fluid management products for industrial operations. With over an85-year legacy of premier product performance and service excellence, AROprovides fluid management equipment for customers and industries around theglobe, including chemical, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, mining andmore.ARO has the right product to meet our customers’ specific needs. We offerair-operated diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and packages, filters,regulators, and lubricators (FRLs), lubrication equipment, and pneumatic valvesand cylinders.Product and Technical SupportEvery ARO product is backed by a highly qualified team of engineers dedicatedto designing products that promote success around the world. Because AROproducts are built to be as simple as they are smart, customers benefit fromefficient operation and high performance for the best total cost of ownership.A0t ARO we make success flow2 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-0276

Table of Contents Piston Pump Introduction4 Piston Pump Packages6 Motor Technology Features8 Lower Pump End Features10 Pump-to-Viscosity Guide12 Pump and Packages Configuration14 Warranty and Emissions15(800)(800)495-0276495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.comarotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.comAROzone.com PistonPistonPumpsPumpsOverviewOverview 3

Industry expertise merged withproven piston pump technologies.For over 85 years, the ARO Fluid Products business of Ingersoll Rand has developedpartnerships with more than 200 original equipment manufacturers and distributors,enabling us to better focus on the unique pumping needs of many industries. It’s astrategic merger of our partners’ application expertise, along with our decades-longlegacy of designing and building outstanding piston pumps.Simply VersatileARO piston pumps are capable of handling a wide variety of viscous fluids.With a wide selection of pressure ratios and displacement rates available,ARO offers a number of piston pump packages that may meet your specificapplication needs. Offered in multiple configurations,including single-post, two-post and heavy-duty two-post,our piston pump packages ensure we have the rightsolutions for the following applications as well as many others.Our partnerships create unmatchedapplication expertise in: Finishing Coatings Sealants and adhesives Lubrication Bulk material transfer and circulation High-pressure cleaningFinishingCoatingsSealantsand AdhesivesLubrication4 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-0276Bulk MaterialTransfer andCirculationHigh-PressureCleaning

Pumping fundamentalsThe versatility of piston pumps is unmatched as they are used in a seemingly endless array of applications and pumping solutions. With this inmind, it is important to remember these basic pumping fundamentals to help ensure the right product is selected for your unique application.Piston Pump ApplicationsPiston pumps are used in a wide variety of fluid handling applications. The majority of these can be broken down into four different nseMoving a low-to-medium visviscosity fluid from one locationto another. 2-ball and 4-ballstyle pumps are the mostfrequently used in transferapplications.Involves using a piston pumpto apply medium-to-highviscosity materials. Typicalextrusion applications requireaccessories like rams and fluidregulators to meet customerrequirements. Chop-checkand 2-ball pumps are used inextrusion applications.This involves application ofmaterial by either spray ordipping. Coating applicationsuse 2-ball and 4-ball pumps.Measuring and dispenseinvolves the delivery of aspecified quantity of fluid ona repetitive basis. Measuringand dispense applicationsuse 2-ball, 4-ball and chopcheck pumps.Materials of ConstructionRatioPump components are constructed of different materials toensure the pump is best suited for a particular application.Ratio is the effective areadifferential between the airmotor piston and the lowerend plunger rod. An 11:1ratio indicates the pump airmotor piston has 11 timesthe effective area of the fluidhandling piston.Higher ratio pumps producehigher fluid pressures whichallows them to either movehigher viscosity fluids ortransfer fluids longerdistances.100 PSI(6.89 bar)AIR INLETLower Pump End Component OptionsStainless Steel – Used with corrosive fluids and water-bornematerials. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant. It can beheat-treated, hard chrome-plated or Ultra-Coated to improveabrasion resistance.Carbon Steel – Provides excellent abrasion resistance. It can beheat-treated or hard chrome-plated. Not suited for water-bornefluids and corrosive materials, as it will rust and At 100 psi of inletpressure, an 11:1 pumpproduces 1,100 psi of fluidoutlet pressure.BA 23:1 pump wouldproduce 2,300 psi of fluidoutlet pressure, given thesame air inlet.1,100 PSI(75.8 bar)FLUIDOUTLET2,300 PSI(158.5 bar)FLUIDOUTLETPacking Seal OptionsPacking seals are used to seal movement of the plunger rod,both in the throat seal and piston seal areas of the pump. Theyare made of different materials to ensure chemical and materialcompatibility to maximize service life.UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) – An all-purpose packing material thatprovides excellent abrasion resistance. Commonly used with inks, acids, and some solvents.PTFE Compatible with all fluids. Provides excellent corrosion resistance but minimal abrasionresistance. Commonly used with corrosivechemicals, ketone, acids, and room-temperaturevulcanizing (RTV) materials.Leather Commonly used in combination withUHMW-PE packings for excellent sealing andabrasion resistance. UHMW-PE and leather aremost often used when pumping inks.Staggered Combining packing seals madeof different material combinations canoften maximize service life by utilizing thestrengths of both materials.(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 5

Paired to performThe right package for your applicationMost applications require more thanjust a pump. ARO piston pumps offera wide range of transfer, extrusion,and finishing packages that not onlyenhance your productivity, but alsosimplify the ordering process. Weprovide you with the rightconfiguration of air motor, pistonpump, mount, follower, controls, anddown-stream accessories; you simplyattach an air hose, connect thepackage to the fluid source, attacha fluid outlet line and you’re goodto go.23141PumpCoupled with our air motor, wecan configure our 2-ball, 4-ball,and chop-check pumps to beoptimized for your application.2Air motorAvailable in seven sizes, ourair motors provide power andreciprocating motion to ourpumps. The larger the air motor,the more power it delivers.3RamOur single-post, two-post, andcart-mounted systems are used topump material out of containers.They enable quick containerchangeover, minimizing processinterruptions. The 3.25" cylindersdeliver best-in-class down force,improving material supply to thepump.6 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-02764Follower plateConnected to the pump and theram, follower plates feed materialinto the pump from a variety ofcontainer sizes. In addition toimproving pump performance,follower plates protect yourmaterial and reduce waste.

Application packagesFINISHING, COATINGS, SEALANTS, INKS, AND ADHESIVESTPX PackageFeatures a two-post ram,pump, follower plate andcontrols designed forhigh-viscosity applicationswhen maximum down forceis required. Available for5 GAL (19L) - and 55-GAL(208L) containers.SPX PackageIdeal for medium- to heavyviscosity extrusion, ARO FluidProduct’s single-post ram withpump, follower plate, and controlsallows for easy container changeoverwhile providing industry-leadingdown force during operation.Available for 5 GAL (19L)containers.LUBRICATIONDCX PackageThe ARO line of lubricationpumps can be configuredwith a drum cover and aircontrols for the transfer andsupply of oil and grease.Available for 16 GAL(61L) and 55-GAL (208L)containers.DMX PackageSame as DCX but thishas a bung adapter tothread into containerrather than a drumcover. Available for 55GAL (208L) container.CMX PackagePopular in airless sprayapplications, thesepackages feature a highpressure pump, air control,material filter, and suctionhose — all mounted on aheavy-duty cart. Availablefor 5 GAL (19L) containers.CLX PackageWhen portability is requiredfor light- to medium-viscosity(less than 50K cPs) extrusion,our cart-mounted lift withfollower plate allows for easycontainer changeover.Available for 5 GAL (19L)containers.ALX PackageIdeal for finishing and adhesiveapplications where you need tokeep fluid mixed. Includes lift,drum cover, agitator, and aircontrols. Available for55-GAL (208L) containers.BULK MATERIAL TRANSFER / CIRCULATIONHIGH-PRESSURE CLEANINGFMX PackageIdeal for fluid transfer fromtanks and piping systems,pumps come with a floormountable stand toconnect to inlet piping.WPXWhen it is time to clean up, ourwash pump is a great high-powercleaning solution. Includes pump,wall mount bracket, suction tubeassembly, and spray wand.Available for 5 GAL (19L) and55-GAL (208L) containers.WMX PackageThe compact design of our piston pumpsmake them ideal for mounting on wallsor appropriate structures. This packageincludes the pump and bracket forvertical mounting on structures.Recommended nGunsLubricationMetersSiphonHosesWet Sol PackingLubricantsARO tors(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 7

ARO Piston Pump Motor TechnologiesN-Series / Thunder Series MotorsFor Lubrication andLight-Industrial ApplicationsARO N-Series/Thunder Series motors deliver unmatchedindustrial strength and performance in a small, compactpump and package configurations. Offered in 2" and 3"sizes, these motors are the perfect choice for lubrication andlight-industrial applications when paired with a lower pumpend. With ratios ranging from 2:1 to 50:1, the ARO N-Series/Thunder Series pumps are versatile enough to meet therequirements of the most demanding applications.Features and benefits Motor’s patented design improves flow,reduces pulsation, and extends service life Offers simple self-service maintenance dueto advanced design with 50% fewer parts- Motor has only 3 moving parts Reduces service time, due to in-lineservice design with no special tools required Features stall-free, ice-free air motor withtough, durable housing- Lubrication-free operation- Intergrated muffler design reducesnoise levels Unbalanced air valves promoteconsistent operation and performance 3" stroke length Cycle-count options available onselect models8 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-0276

12AFX ARO Force SeriesFor Industrial Lubrication andIndustrial Applications10Cut-away view of AFX pump valve block featuring our innovativeProgressive Exhaust and True Link Valve technology61194AFX reliabilityfeatures:AFX designedsimplicity features:1 Progressive Exhaust Parabolicvalve geometry and cascading expansionchambers practically eliminate variabilityin pump performance caused by changingenvironmental conditions or icing.6 Universal valve block reducesdowntime since it’s easily serviced andinterchangeable between all motor sizes.2 True Link Valve Our pulse profileis virtually undetectable. Highly polishedceramic valve plates and PTFE-filled acetalvalve components are directly linked to thedrive piston, creating an industry-leadingchangeover time of less than one-tenthof a second. There are no springs to fail orconsume energy. Patent pending.7 Universal lower end pumpconnection permits interchangeabilitybetween various sized air motors and pumpratios — you may upgrade the motorwithout buying a new pump.389 Actuation control ports provideaccess for pneumatic logic signal controls.Patent pending.3 Fiber-wound, conductive compositecylinder has superior seal wear created bythe epoxy surface; metal cylinders can seizewith piston if seal failure occurs.AFX safety features:Lubrication-free operation saves youthe cost of lubricating your pump.456'' stroke results in improvedperformance for your process with highdisplacement per stroke, improved pulseprofile, and reliability due to fewerswitch-overs per cycle.5Hydraulic motors alsoavailable for select models.8 Compact design makes it easier toincorporate our pumps into OEMequipment.10 Groundability provides safe operationwhere static charge build-up and sparkingis a concern. Our groundablepumps are ATEX-compliant.11 Optional integrated ball valveregulator enhances safety by enabling airpressure to be set using a regulator, to bechecked visually by reading the gauge, andto be dumped manually; also completelyeliminates need for installation and expenseof extra plumbing, regulators, or valves.Patent pending.7(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 9

Simply better pumpsARO Lower Pump End TechnologyWhether your application requires a 2-ball, 4-ball, or chop-check piston pump, with ARO you get a pump that’s betterengineered, from the inside out. We offer design features and performance enhancements that ensure your pump is as durableand dependable as possible — maximizing output and minimizing downtime for a long time to come.Pump selection made simpleWith an ARO piston pump, you can be assured of getting reliable equipment with the least amount of effort, calculation, or hassleon your part. There are basically four factors to take into consideration when selecting the right configuration for your application: Type of fluid Viscosity or thickness Required flow rate Required output pressurePump selection at a glanceKnowing fluid viscosity and flow rates makes it easier to choose the right pump for your application. Not sure what size air motor orpiston pump you need? No problem. You can find out by calling ARO Technical Support and working directly with our expert pumpconsultants, or by visiting our website to access specific pump performance data. Either way, you’ll be sure to get a motor and pumppackage that operates efficiently, reliably, and safely.1,000,0000Putty, Caulking,Plastisols1 2-Ball Pumps2 4-Ball Pumps3 Chop-Check Pumps3VISCOSITY (cPs)500,000Peanut Butter100,000Tooth Paste1Ketchup50,00020Water102030FLOW (gpm)Best-in-class output Our 6” stroke delivers best-in-class displacement per cycle,delivering better flow rate, better output, and less fatigueon parts.Easy serviceability Plungers and packings are easily accessible,minimizing downtime. Pump packings on the lower pumps are adjustable,featuring a wave spring and guide arrangement. Parts are available in convenient service kits so youhave the right parts at the right time.Superior performancewith abrasive fluids Plunger rods and cylinder tubes feature the exclusive ARO ceramic ultra-coating, extending service life up to twice as long.Available on 2-ball. Standard on 4-ball. Available in affordable high-grade stainless-steel construction. Electro-polished and passivated for material compatibility andcorrosion-free operation. Eight packing options are available, including ultra-highmolecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), for even bettermaterial compatibility and excellent abrasion resistance. Chrome-plated stainless steel plungersfor superior resistance to rust and corrosion.10 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-0276

2-ball pumpsSprayMaterials Oils CoatingsExtrusion Paint Chemicals4-ball pumpsTransfer& SupplyMaterials Paint Chemicals Varnishes Enamels LacquersTransfer& Supply2-ball pumps are among the most versatile inthe ARO line. They are capable of handlingapplications from simple transfer to theextrusion of low- to medium- viscosity materialsup to 100,000 centipoise (cPs) with fluiddelivery up to 18.1 gpm (68.6 L/min).ARO-Force 4-ball piston pumps are designed totransfer high volumes of low- andmedium-viscosity fluids up to 12,500 cPswith fluid delivery up to 32.8 gpm (124.0 L/min), depending on the application. A commonuse involves circulating fluid from the originalcontainer, to the point of use, and then back.Chop-check pumpsMaterials Caulking HeavylubricantsTransfer Mastics& Supply Sealants InksLubrication GreaseExtrusionThe heavy-hitters of the line, AROchop-check pumps are designed to movemedium- to high- viscosity fluids ranging from15,000 to more than 1,000,000 cPs, and atdelivery rates up to 12.2 gpm(46.3 L/min).(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 11

Pump-to-Fluid Viscosity GuideConsiderations: The chart should only be used as a guide, and not as an absolute solution to a pumpapplication. It does not take into consideration pressure losses due to sizes and lengths of hoses, piping runs,dispensing valves, hose swivels, elevations, and other restriction factors.Flow(gpm) 1.9)0.74(2.8)0.74(2.8)0.74(2.8)1.2(4.5)1.3(4.9)0- 3.1(11.7)3.1(11.7)0- 9)4.3(16.3)4.3(16.3)4.3(16.3)0- 2.2(46.2)12.2(46.2)12.9(48.8)15(56.8)15(56.8)0- 1(68.5)18.1(68.5)21.3(80.6)21.3(80.6)22.4(84.8)0- 0.2:1Hyd7:13:15:1FluidPressureRangepsi(bar)0- ‐4200(0- ‐289.6)0- ‐3300(0- ‐227.5)0- ‐3300(0- ‐227.5)0- ‐6549(0- ‐451.5)0- ‐6549(0- ‐451.5)0- ‐6549(0- ‐451.5)0- ‐2700(0- ‐186.2)900- ‐4629(62.1- ‐319.2)1800- ‐6172(124.1- ‐425.5)0- ‐7475(0- ‐515.5)180- ‐4320(12.4- ‐297.9)165- ‐3394(11.4- ‐234)0- ‐3690(0- ‐254.4)0- ‐7485(0- ‐516.1)660- ‐3412(45.5- ‐235.3)1350- ‐5459(93.1- ‐376.4)100- ‐2400(6.9- ‐165.5)0- ‐1350(0- ‐93.1)0- ‐1350(0- ‐93.1)0- ‐1350(0- ‐93.1)85- ‐2054(5.9- ‐141.6)85- ‐2040(5.9- ‐140.7)0- ‐4215(0- ‐290.6)0- ‐2085(0- ‐143.8)330- ‐1747(22.8- ‐120.5)690- ‐3495(47.6- ‐241)1200- ‐4697(82.7- ‐323.9)1320- ‐3964(91- ‐273.3)0- ‐300(0- ‐20.7)270- ‐1350(18.6- ‐93.1)270- ‐1350(18.6- ‐93.1)0- ‐600(0- ‐41.4)0- ‐600(0- ‐41.4)0- ‐600(0- ‐41.4)0- ‐343(0- ‐23.6)0- ‐351(0- ‐24.2)0- ‐351(0- ‐24.2)0- ‐351(0- ‐24.2)0- ‐351(0- ‐24.2)0- ‐600(0- ‐41.4)0- ‐600(0- ‐41.4)1350- ‐4050(93.1- ‐279.2)1950- ‐5850(134.5- ‐403.3)840- ‐3360(57.9- ‐231.7)1320- ‐3960(91- ‐273)1950- ‐5850(134.5- ‐403.3)60- ‐2670(4.1- ‐184.1)390- ‐1900(26.9- ‐131)600- ‐2250(41.4- ‐155.1)900- ‐3250(62.1- ‐224.1)40- ‐1600(2.8- ‐110.3)300- ‐1200(20.7- ‐82.7)300- ‐1200(20.7- ‐82.7)450- ‐1350(31- ‐93.1)450- ‐1350(31- ‐93.1)15- ‐386(1- ‐26.6)0- ‐150(0- ‐10.3)690- ‐2070(47.6- ‐142.7)690- ‐2070(47.6- ‐142.7)690- ‐2070(47.6- ‐142.7)60- ‐312(4.1- ‐21.5)120- ‐633(8.3- ‐43.6)10- ‐278(0.7- ‐19.2)210- ‐1009(14.5- ‐69.6)90- ‐457(6.2- ‐31.5)150- ‐702(10.3- ‐48.4)PumpModelNumber MaterialofConstructionNM2328A- ‐11- ‐X11StainlessSteelNM2322E- ‐XX- ‐P4XCarbonSteelNM2322F- ‐XX- 8B- ‐13- 0935- ‐C43- ‐CCarbonSteel650944- ‐C43- 11XXXXStainlessSteel650934- ‐XXX- 1XX24- ‐02CarbonSteelAF0409C11XXXXStainlessSteel650943- ‐XXX- ‐BStainlessSteel650945- ‐XXX- 844S11XXXXCarbonSteel650110- 1LL2DE3BCarbonSteelNM2304B- ‐11- ‐XXXStainlessSteelNM2304B- ‐41- ‐XXXStainlessSteel650313- ‐X,650314- ‐XStainlessSteel650311- ‐X,650312- ‐XStainlessSteelNM2202A- ‐11- ‐XXXCarbonSteelNM2202A- ‐41- ‐XXXCarbonSteelNM2202B- ‐11- ‐XXXStainlessSteelNM2202B- ‐41- ‐XXXStainlessSteelNM2304A- ‐11- ‐XXXCarbonSteelNM2304A- ‐41- XXCarbonSteelAF1265S11XXXXCarbonSteel650941- ‐XXX- XXCarbonSteelAF1230S11XXXXCarbonSteel650940- ‐XXX- F1015FX,AF1015JXStainlessSteel650949- ‐XXXStainlessSteel612041- 650950- l12 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-0276LowerEndType2- ‐BallChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐Check2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐BallChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐Check2- ‐BallChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐Check2- ‐Ball2- ‐BallChop- ‐Check2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐BallChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐Check2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐BallChop- ‐Check2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐BallChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐CheckChop- ‐Check2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball2- ‐Ball4- ‐Ball4- ‐Ball4- ‐Ball4- ‐Ball4- ‐Ball4- odedInletFloodedInlet7,500cPs

Warranty and EmissionsGeneral Piston Pump WarrantyNoise EmissionsIngersoll Rand / ARO Piston Pumps warrants to the original use purchaserof the Ingersoll Rand / ARO Piston Pumps-manufactured products depictedin this catalog that Ingersoll Rand / ARO Piston Pumps will repair or replacefree of charge, including return shipping costs within the continentalUnited States of America, any such product which under normal use andservice proves defective in material or workmanship, as determined by AROInspection, within five (5) years from the date of purchase, provided theclaimed defective product or thereof is promptly returned to the IngersollRand / ARO Piston Pumps factory or Customer Service Center withtransportation charges prepaid.If Ingersoll Rand / ARO Piston Pumps inspection discloses no defect inmaterial or workmanship, repair or replacement and return will be made atcustomary charges.The foregoing warranty supersedes, voids, and is in lieu of allor any other warranties, express or implied, and no warranty ofmerchantability or fitness for particular purpose is intended or made. Thesole obligation of Ingersoll Rand / ARO Piston Pumps and the original-usepurchaser’s sole remedy is as stated above, and in no event shall IngersollRand / ARO Piston Pumps be liable for any special, direct, indirect,incidental, consequential, or other damages or expenses of any natureincluding, without limitation, loss of profits or production time incurred bythe original-use purchaser or any other party.Air SystemsComponents WarrantyIngersoll Rand / ARO Piston Pumps warrant to the original-use purchaserof the air systems components depicted in this catalog that Ingersoll Rand/ ARO Piston Pumps will repair or replace, free of charge, including returnshipping costs within the continental United States of America, any suchproduct which under normal use and service proves defective in materialor workmanship, as determined by ARO Inspection, within twelve (12)months from the date of purchase provided the claimed defective productor thereof is promptly returned to the Ingersoll Rand / ARO Piston PumpsCustomer Service Repair Center or a factory-authorized service repaircenter, with transportation charges prepaid. Full warranty information isavailable upon request.Pump sound pressure levels published here have been updated to anEquivalent Continuous Sound Level (LAeq) to meet the intent of ANSI S1.131971. CAGI-PNEUROP S5.1 using four (4) microphone locations.PumpMotorSize/Stroke(in)MufflerPISTON PUMPS2” / 3”None2” / 3”None3” / 3”None4.25” / 4”67445-14.25” / 6”67445-16” / 6”67445-28” / 6”67445-310” / 6”67445-412” / 6”67445-5AirOperatingPressurepsi150 psi(10.3 bar)150 psi(10.3 bar)150 psi(10.3 bar)60 psi(4.13 bar)60 psi(4.13 bar)60 psi(4.13 bar)60 psi(4.13 bar)60 psi(4.13 bar)60 psi(4.13 bar)Cycles/MinuteSoundPressure(LAeq)12080.0 db(A)7577.8 db(A)12085.0 db(A)404081.8 db(A)to 89.2 db(A)81.8 db(A)to 86.5 db(A)84.7 db(A)4086.8 db(A)4089.8 db(A)4093.0 db(A)40(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 15

MountedRamMountedRamMounted(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 13

Base ModelsPump and Package ConfigurationARO piston pump and package models can be configured to optimize performance in a wide variety of applications.Materials of construction, pressure ratio, packing seal materials, pump type, and package type can all be configured toensure your process is handled successfully. The tables listed below provide an overview of the ARO-Force numberingsystem and the related pump and package options that can be configured:AFX Pump Numbering System6789Example:AF0645G11RK47Packing Seals (Upper / Lower)Spring / Solvent CupPlunger345678910Example:TP0645G51RK47TFluid Inlet / Outlet Thread Type2Container Suitability1Motor SizePosition10-111N122Package Options5Options4Follower Seal Type, Seal / Backer Material3Check Type / Wetted Materials2Ratio1Pump SeriesPositionConfigured to Meet Your NeedsFollower Plate MaterialSame As Pump Model NumberRam Container SizeSame As Pump Model NumberPackage TypeConfigured to Meet Your NeedsOur most common pump and package configurations are listed within the related pump brochures. If however, yourapplication requires a configuration that is not listed, feel free to contact the ARO technical support team to discussadditional configuration options that may be available. As the pump experts, there is no application that the ARO teamwill not try to solve.14 Piston Pumps Overview AROzone.com arotechsuppot@irco.com (800) 495-0276

Distributed om/aropumps(800) 495-0276ARO is a brand of Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR) advances the quality of life by creating comfortable,sustainable and efficient environments. Our people and our family of brands—including Club Car , Ingersoll Rand ,Thermo King and Trane —work together to enhance the quality and comfort of air in homes and buildings;transport and protect food and perishables; and increase industrial productivity and efficiency. We are a 13 billionglobal business committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring results. For more information,visit www.ingersollrand.com.We are committed to using environmentally conscious print practices. 2015 Ingersoll RandIRITS-0415-033

(800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot@irco.com AROzone.com Piston Pumps Overview 3 Table of Contents Piston Pump Introduction 4 Piston Pump Packages 6 Motor Technology Features 8 Lower Pump End Features 10 Pump-to-Viscosity Guide 12 Pump and Packages Configuration 14 Warranty and Emissions 15 (800) 495-0276 arotechsuppot

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For the analysis of piston input conditions and process of analysis, a lot of literature survey has been done. Comparative study is done to select best material. . gas pressure and the working condition may cause the failure of piston such as piston side wear, piston head or crown cranks and piston over heating-seizure and so on. Therefore .

surface of the piston. Pistons fail mainly due to mechanical stresses and thermal stresses. Analysis of piston is done with boundary conditions, which includes pressure on piston head during working condition and uneven temperature distribution from piston head to skirt. Jadhav failure of piston due to various thermal and mechanical stresses is