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1Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

Company Background-Established in 1982-Represent largestnames in energysector-Awarded 1st prize forperformance inengineering categoryby PFBA in 2007 and2009Marketing International Ser vices (Pvt) Limited ( MISL) has asuccess stor y spanning over f ive decades. The Company wasinitially established in 1946 as a tender department ofMohamed Ebrahim and Company (Pvt) Ltd (“ MECO”). InOctober 1982 MI SL expanded t o assume an independentidentit y of its own and was then incor porated as a privat elim ited company.Business OverviewMISL believes in keeping the company on the cutting edge oftechnolog y. This include s some of the most modern tools ofthe time. Some being used here include Enterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP), paperless off ice, f iling & cataloguing system.W e use best business pract ices and maintain high ethicalstandards, winning on our merits based on deliver y ofsuper ior perf ormance to our clients and principals. T heinterests of our customers are always at the f oref ront of ourconsiderat ions.W e represent some of the wor ld’s largest multinationals in thef ield of Aerospace and Energy. W e tend to work on the mostsophist icated products and high technolog y as we have thecapacit y to add value to our customer wher e high endproducts ar e concer ned.The company has played a major role in transf er of cuttingedge technologies t o various f acets of engin eering sect or inPakistan.In 2007 and 2009 t he company was awarded f irst prize byPakistan France Business Alliance, f or best perf ormance inthe engineer ing category. MISL is deeply committed tomaintaining leadership in today’s dynamic and competit iveenvironment.ExperienceAt MISL, our Eng ineers are energetic, suitably qualif ied andhighly exper ienced in their respective f ields. Each engineer isf ully capable to address the specif ic need of the customerthrough our Pr incipals. MI SL has represented Dresser Inc f ornear ly 50 years and now in addition to other largemultinational concer ns, represents market leaders such as:-GE Energy – Dresser RootsCrane Process Flow TechnologiesSPX Process Equipment2Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

---ExperienceClose to 60% of allrotary gas meters inuse in Pakistansupplied by MISL-Nearly 70% of safetyvalves on boilerapplications suppliedby us-Extensive experiencein EVCs-----Almost all major pipelines in the country ar e f itted wit heither some or all of the equipment supplied by MISL,including the 700 k m W hite Oil Pipeline f rom Karachi tomid-Countr y.Near ly 60% of all rotary posit ive gas meters used inPakistan ar e supplied by MISL.70% of saf ety valves used in large utilit y boilers isanother one of our accomplishments.Most major SCADA systems are depending on ourproducts.W e have been supplying Dresser Roots Rotar y Posit iveDisplacement Gas Flow Met ers (Industrial) to Su iNorthern Gas Pipelines Lim ited and Sui Sout hern GasCompany f or the last 45 years.W e have provided Repair & Testing services of Saf etyValves to many organizations.Dresser PENSTOCK Couplings are being used at TarbelaDam. There are only t wo manuf acturers of PENSTOCKCouplings in the wor ld.W e enjoy strong relations w it h Chem ical and Fert ilizerPlants f or the Supply of PTFE Valves and Spar es f romXOMOX-Germany, the leaders in TEFLON Lined Valves.W e have repair ed the valves of National Ref iner y Ltd.W e have repaired the gas meters f or Sui Southern GasCo. Ltd.Company Policy-Presence in threelargest cities-Dedicated andtrained engineers-Long-term customerrelationshipsThe Company' s management philosophy is based on ourclients’ sat isf action through eff ective coordinat ion wit h theprincipals. MISL has an environment and structure which iscustomer f ocused. To reach our clients we have located ouroff ices in the Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi with pr incipaloff ice in Karachi. O ur dedicated Engineers and their suppor tteam use the most modern man agement tools to cater f or theever-changing needs of our customers. W e maintain a closeliaison with all our Principals ensuring clear communicationchannels are maint ained to enable quick resolution of ourclients’ needs.3Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

Major Brands Represented4Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

Our Products & Supply ProgramsGE Energy - Texsteam Chemical Injection PumpsPneumatic PumpSolar PumpsElectric PumpBear PumpGE Energy - Gas Flow Meters and Electronic AccessoriesPositive Displacement Rotary MetersElectronic Volume CorrectorsGas Meter ProversGE Energy – Roots Blowers & Centrifugal Compressors / Vacuum Pumps / ExhaustersAir, gas & steam blowers & centrifugalcompressorsAPI CompliantGE Energy – Mooney Pressure RegulatorsPilot Operated Industrial Regulators Sizes 2” to 12”GE Energy - Dresser Piping Specialties & line FittingsWater, Wastewater ApplicationsValves, Fittings, Coupling, Saddles, Tapping Sleeves, Flange Adapters, RepairClamps, Expansion Joints, Service Connectors & Change-Out KitsGas Service ApplicationsPipe Joining - SealSleeves - Service ConnectorsPipe Repair ClampsValves, Fittings & StrainersGE Energy - Becker Precision EquipmentControl valvesSupply Gas SystemsPilot Petitioners InstrumentationRP Series Valves ActuatorsSPX IncPlenty Side Entry MixersPlenty Mireless PumpsJohnson PumpsLIGHTNIN Top Entry MixersAPV Heat ExchangersBran LuebbeCrane XOMOX PTFE Lined Valves – GermanyButterfly ValvesPlug ValvesBall ValvesPTFE / Teflon Lined ValvesMultiport ValvesJacketed ValvesTank Bottom ValvesValve Actuators5Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

Our Products & Supply ProgramsCrane Saunder’s – UKDiaphragm ValvesFood Grade Machined Block ValvesFood grade Standard 2-Way ValvesMultiport Diverter ValvesCrane Positive Displacement Pumps – ELRO & DEPA GermanyDiaphragm PumpsPowder Pumps Series DPHygienic PumpsChemical & Oil PumpsWaste water PumpsDEPA Accessories & AutomationCrane Valves – CRANE USAHigh Performance Non-Slam Nozzle Check ValvesCrane Resistoflex PTFE Lined Piping System – GermanyHosesFlanged PipesElbows, Tees,Swaged PipesReducers, BellowsExpansion JointsMIR Valves - API 6D Pipeline Ball Valves, 2”-60”Side Entry Ball ValvesFully Welded Ball ValvesTop Entry Ball ValvesTrunnion Mounted Ball ValvesAST – Control Valves & Safety Relief Valves, ItalySafety Relief ValvesVacuum Release ValvesPilot Operated Safety ValvesControl ValvesCooper Power Tools – USAApex, Cleco, DOTCO, Master Power, DGD, Quackenbush, Recoules, Airtool, Gardner-DenverTube Cleaning EquipmentTube ExpandersTube Pullers & CuttersGrindersHammer & Pneumatic ToolsTube Testing EquipmentWASCO EnergyPipe coatingJutasama Shell & Tube HeatExchangerPipe LiningGSI Inc – Screw Gas CompressorsWeir MineralsWarman Centrifugal PumpHazelton Specialty Slurry PumpsFLOWAY Vertical Turbine PumpsCyclones, Crushers6Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

--Three main businesssegments:Measurement, FlowSolutions and PowerMain product linesinclude: actuators,instruments, blowers,meters and naturalgas fuelled enginesGE Energy - Dresser Inc.GE is one of the lar gest companies in t he world and the 6 t hlargest in the US. MISL represents t he Dresser businesssegment of GE Energy.Their products include valves,actuators, instruments, meters, switches, regulators, pipingspecialties, natural gas f uelled engines, blowers, retail f ueldispensers, and outdo or payment and point -of -sale systems.GE Energy - ROO TS METERS & INSTRUM ENTS a part ofDresser Flow Solutions manuf actures Roots rotar y positivedisplacement meters, electronic instruments and accessor ies.The time-proven Roots meter is the pref erred gas meter in thedistr ibut ion, transmission and production segments of thenatural gas industr y f or accurate measurement of gas f romthe well to the burner.GE Energy - RO OTS BLOWERS & COMPRESSORS :Dresser Roots manuf actures a f ull line of rotary -lobe blowersand centr if ugal compressors f or air, gas & steam applicat ions.Roots pioneered the rotary positive displacement blowerdesign and have extensive experience with a wide range ofapplications and industries. Dr esser Roots manuf actures:ROOTS rotary- lobe blowers. For variable pressureswith constant volumes, at pressures f rom 1 -20 PSIG(70-1,400 mbar), f lows f rom 2 to 40, 000 cf m (3 to68,000 m 3 /hr) and vacuums up to 28" Hg (950 mbar).ROOTS centrif ugalcompressor s.Forconstantpressures and variable volumes at pr essures to 50PSIG (3,450 mbar ) and capacit ies f rom 4,000 to300,000 cf m (6,800 to 510,000 m 3 /hr).MOONEY CONTRO LS is a leading manuf acturer of PilotOperated Regulator s. The Mooney Flowgrid Regulator is apatented, pilot -oper ated pressure r egulating valve f or bothgases and liquids, and is now known f or its unparalleled hig hperf ormance, ease of maintenance, low minimum dif f erential,reliabilit y and versatilit y.BECKER is a company that supplies equipment f or control ofnatural gas. One of the major product lines f or Becker is thenon-bleed control valves powered by the gas circuit. Thisproduct line is replacing the convent ional controllers becauseof environmental dangers and f or controlling of unaccount edf or gas (UFG). In short, wher eve r pr ecise control of gas tocompressors, bypass systems or turbines is requir ed thisequipment may be used.TEXSTE AM manuf actures chemical injection pumps, blockvalves, specialt y ball valves and electric actuators. Chem icalinject ion pumps are positive displacement designs of f ering awide range of f lows and discharge pressures.7Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

CRANE COCrane Co. (Crane) is a diversif ied manuf acturer of engineeredindustrial pr oducts with over US 2 bn annual turnover.CR ANE Process Flow Technol ogiesCrane Process Flow Technologies GmbH can call on manyyears of experience in the manuf acture and supply ofindustrial valves, actuators and posit ive - displacement pumps.In April 2001, Cr ane Co established Crane Process FlowTechnologies throug h the acquisition of the Saunders, Depa,Elro and Revo pr oduct ranges f rom Alf a Laval.XOMOX CorporationXOMOX Corporat ion with approximat ely 1000 employeesworldwide ranks among the most successf ul and well knownEuropean manuf acturers of industr ial valves, actuat ors andf low control products f or demanding ser vice f luid f lowapplications in the p rocess industries. Since 1956 XOMOXmanuf actures and markets a complete product line of quarter turn valve products, actuators and accessor ies. W e supplysleeved plug valves, f ully lined valves and accessories, metalball valves, high perf ormance butterf ly valves as well asactuators and accessor ies. XOMOX valves have beensuccessf ully used worldwide in a wide f ield of industr yapplications;principallychemical,petrochem ical,pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, f ossil f uel, nuclear powergeneration plants, desa lination plants and off shore projects.ResistoflexResistof lex started manuf acturing polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)lined braided hose in New Jersey in 1936. Resistof lexinvented PTFE lined hose in 1953 f or the aerospace andchemical industries, and in 1956 introduced the wor ld’s f irstpipe and f ittings lined wit h TEFLON PTFE.Today,Resistof lexIndustrialmanuf acturescorrosion resistant plastic lined pipe, f ittings, and TEFLON chemicalhoses in their 220,000 sq. f t. plant in Marion, NC.SaundersSaunders is the inventor of diaphr agm valves. Saunder sDiaphragm Valves are primar ily used in chem ical or slurr yapplications. Saunders produces valves f or seawater ,sewer age, chemical or chlor ine ser vices.Saunders is the only valve manuf acturer that produces it sown diaphragms.8Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

SPX LIGHTNIN / Plenty MixersSPX Inc manuf actures products such as positive displacementpumps, mixers, diaphragm metering pumps, valves, f ittings,and heat exchangers.The division's products are used to pump, meter, and mix anynumber of materials f or a diverse group of industr iesincluding automotive, beverage, personal car e, water andwastewater, ref ining, and pulp and paper. SPX ProcessControls' brands include Plent y, LIGHT NIN, Bran Luebbe,W aukesha Cherr y-Burrell, and W CB -Flow Products.LIGHTNI N MixersLIGHTNIN has over 80 years of unrivalled experience inmixing technolog y, process knowledge, and technologicalinnovat ion. LIGHTNIN enjoys a global reputation f or durable,long -lasting mixers, agitators, aerators, and f locculators f orf luid processing systems. They of f er a f ull spec trum ofimpeller designs f or diverse applications:PORTABLE/FIXED MOUNT MIXERSSANITARY MIXERSSTATIC MIXERSHEAVY MIXERSCommon Applicati ons : Chemical Pr ocessing, Flue GasDesulf urizat ion, Food & Beverage, Mining & Miner als,Oil & Petroleum, Pharmaceut ical & Biotechnology, Pulp &Paper Industries, W ater & W astewat er TreatmentPLENTY Side Entry MixersPlent y is the market leader f or side entry mixers. LIGHTNINand Plent y have combined their capabilities to off er the mostcomprehensive range of products and solut ions f or side entr yf luid mixing applicat ions with a combined experience of over130 years in the key side entr y markets of oil, edible oil,waste water treatment, chemical processing and pulp andpaper. Plent y also produces a line of ro tary positivedisplacement pumps f or use in oil and gas, petrochemical andsugar industries.TRIRO TRIPLE SCREW PUMPSMAG MO SUGAR PUMPSTW INRO TW IN SCREW PUMPSVANE PUMPSCommon Applicati ons : Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, ChemicalProcessing, Tank Storage, Sugar Processing, Power, Mar ine9Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

APV Plate Type Heat ExchangersThe f irst commercially successf ul plate -and-f rame heatexchanger in the world was introduced in 1923 by AluminumPlant and Vessel Company Ltd., commonly known today asAPV.The ver y f irst Paraf low Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger wasconstructed of cast gunmetal plates and enclosed within af rame that set the standard f or today’s computer -designedthin metal plate heat exchanger known around the wor ld.Heat Exchanger Function-Compact & durabledesign-High efficiency due tofull concurrent flow-Easy to clean-Resistant to thermalstress-Largest PHEs in themarket-Applications: GasCompression,Gas/Oil/WaterSeparation,Dehydration /Desalting,DesulphurizationA plate heat exchanger is a unit that transf ers heatcontinuously f rom one media to another media without addingenergy to the pr ocess. The basic concept of a plate and f rameheat exchanger is two liquids f lowing on either side of a thincorrugated metal p late so heat may be easily transf erredbet ween the t wo. The plate heat exchanger eff iciencyrequires less f loor space compared to other types of heattransf er equipment and is lighter in weight.Heat Exchanger DesignsParaflow Plate Heat Exchangers : The Paraf low is theoriginal plate t ype heat exchanger designed by APV toprovide maximum eff iciency and cost eff ectiveness inhandling a wide var iety of heat transf er applications. Unitscome in dif f erent conf igurations, as f ollows:Single Wall Gasketed (Pa raflow ) Plate HeatExchangers - The tradit ional plate and f rame heatexchangerDouble Wall (Duo-Safet y) Plate Heat Exchangers Used to pr event cross contamination of the f luidsSemi-Welded (Paraw eld) Plate Pair Plate HeatExchangers - No gaskets on one pl ate channel,gasket on the other side f or the ultimat e in f lexibilit yand saf etyParaBrazed Plate Heat Exchangers : ParaBr azed heatexchangers are a compact, cost eff ective unit designed todeliver high thermal eff iciency while maintaining lowerpressure dr ops. It’s the perf ect choice f or many single andtwo phase heat transf er applications for industr ial andref rigeration duties.Hybrid Heat Exchanger - All W elded Design: All weldedHybr id heat exchangers combines the advantages of aplate and f rame heat ex changer with those of a tubularexchanger. The APV Hybrid heat exchanger has a ver yf lexible design f or a wide range of temperatures andpressures.Plate Type EvaporatorScrape Surf ace heat ExchangersTubular Heat Exchanger10Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

IHS Inc.IHS is one of the leading global pr oviders of critical technicalinf ormation, decision -support tools, and related ser vices t ocustomers in the energy, def ense, aer ospace, construction,electronics, and automotive industr ies. W e have developed acomprehensive collection of technical inf ormation that ishighly relevant to the industries we ser ve. Our decision support tools enable our customers to quickly and easilysearch and analyze this inf ormation and integrate it into theirwork f lows. Our ope rational, r esearch, and strategic advisoryser vices combine this inf ormation and these tools with ourext ensive industr y expert ise to meet the needs of ourcustomers. Our customers rely on these off erings to f acilitatedecision making, support key processe s, and improveproduct ivit y.The Company is or ganized into t wo operating segments –Energ y and Engi neering:The Energy segment provides a com prehensive suite ofinf ormation ser vices to the oil and gas industr y – f rom welland pr oduct ion data to economic and consult ing products andser vices. Energy segment services and solutions support oiland gas prof essionals as they evaluat e subsurf ace issuesrelated to geology, t echnolog y, and reserves potential, and asthey assess the econom ic impact of polit ical, f i scal andenvironmental risks. IHS helps its customers make inf ormeddecisions quickly, while managing and understanding therisks associated wit h f inding and producing oil and gas. W ith17 technical teams positioned wor ldwide and pr of iciencies in42 languages, IHS covers the petroleum industr y in over 90countries.TheEngineeringsegmentdevelops and implementsengineering, technical and regulator y inf ormation solutions f orcustomers in over 100 countries. IHS solut ions includeInternet subscriptions via custom ized solut ions such as dataconversion, inf ormation portals and systems integration viaIHS Enterprise Solut ions, CD - RO M, and hardcopy documentsvia IHS Global Engineer ing Document s. The Engineeringsegment provides solutions f or the f ollowing vertic rgy,government/departmentofdef ense,electronics/telecom munications, petrochemical and ut ilit ies.IHS is an ISO 9001 registered company.11Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

Selected Customer ReferencesFERTILIZERPROCESS / CHEMICALFFCL / FFBLIttehad Chemicals Ltd.Fatima / Pak Arab FertilizerSitara Chemical Ltd.Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd.ICI Soda Ash Ltd.Dawood Hercules Ltd.Pakistan PTA Ltd.REFININGEXPLORATION & PRODUCTIONPakistan Refinery Ltd.Pakistan Oilfields LtdNational Refinery Ltd.Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.Pak-Arab Refinery Ltd.Marri Gas Ltd.Attock Refinery Ltd.ENI Pakistan LtdUTILITYPOWER GENERATIONSui Northern Gas Co. Ltd.Aes Lalpir Thermal Power StationSui Southern Gas Co. Ltd.KESCKAPCO12Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

Management TeamMISL employs 25 fulltime staff with the following team members:Product Sales TeamElectronic TechniciansBranch ManagersElectrical TechniciansMechanical EngineersNetwork & I.T. DepartmentFacilities AvailableThe facilities of our sister concern MECO, which has a large coveredmanufacturing area of 90,000 sq ft, are available to us. Themanufacturing facility currently houses welders, fitters & turners,mechanics in different trades and includes the following features:A covered area of 90,000 ft2.Paint shop, conveyer belt drivenShearing machineBrake pressMechanical pressesVacuum pumpsBackup generatorLathesMilling machinesMould making equipmentArgon arc weldingElectric weldingContact InformationMISL’s headquarters are in Karachi, with regional offices in Lahore andRawalpindi.Marketing International Services (Pvt) Limited500/14 Sarwar Shaheed Road,Sir Jehangir Kothari Mansion,Saddar,Karachi-74400PakistanTelephone: 92 (21) 35683523, 35683521, 35683511Fax: 92 (21) 35681700e-mail: info@misl.orgWeb: www.misl.org13Energy Sector Profile – MISL 2011 All Rights Reserved

MIR Valves - API 6D Pipeline Ball Valves, 2”-60” Side Entry Ball Valves Top Entry Ball Valves Fully Welded Ball Valves Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves AST – Control Valves & Safety Relief Valves, Italy S

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