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Technical DataDonn Fineline /Fire-Rated FinelineAcoustical Suspension System

FeaturesFineline suspension systems provide a premium monolithic ceiling look with a wide varietyof layouts, low cost, quick installation and access benefits of standard exposed grid. Itsnarrow slotted profile makes the Fineline suspension system practically disappear intoacoustical panels to form a smooth, clean ceiling plane with less exposed metal. Fineline components are also included in the Logix Integrated Ceiling System which allows Designersto organize utilities along 6” channels and select from a wide variety of layouts and panelsizes. Mitered intersections give Fineline grid the crisp architectural detailing preferred intoday’s office environment. And its all-steel hot-dipped galvanized construction meansstrength, dimensional stability and superior corrosion resistance at low cost.HALCYON 2’x8’ Ceiling Panels with FL Edge, DXF Fineline, 6” x 24” Perforated Metal Connector Panels with UFL Edge,Focal Point, Avenue-6 Light Fixture)2

Designers: Able to accommodate a wide variety of panel sizessuch as 20”x60” or 30”x60”.commercial grade steel for excellent corrosion Sustainability - High recycled content (HRC) available,including high post-consumer content. Visit theLEED report tool at www.USGDesignStudio.comfor speciics Formed of G30 hot dipped galvanized and paintedresistance. G60 available for severe environments. Designed for narrow grid reveal edge panels, such asUSG Fineline edge panels, for a lush, monolithic, look. MS 174 Shadow Molding ensures quality inish atHRC Accessories available to easily accommodateT5/T5HO luorescent luminaries for superiorperimeter with no visible “mouse holes” or unpaintedexposed tile edges. DONN air diffuser availableenergy performance Mitered intersections provide clean, inishedappearance Main tees are available in both intermediate andheavy duty Reveal accommodates partition attachments andpendant-mounted light ixtures Multiple UL loor/ceiling and roof ceiling designs Comes in White, White with Black, and Silver Satin. Meets or exceeds all national code requirements,including seismic and ire rated assemblies up to1.5 hoursSee the USG Ceiling Systems Catalog (SC2000) forcolor options Accepts CELEBRATION metal ceilings for ceiling-area Superior partition attachment and re-usability ofsuspension system avoiding costly removal anddemolition of existing grid when reconiguring spaceaccents without changing grid systems. ICC-ES evaluated approach to seismic designinstallationsFor the Contractor: Quick-Release DX Clip, cross tees can be easilyremoved without tools. Simply rotate the main tee at thecross tee intersection. Tees are reusable, no repairs orrework is required Cross tees can be inserted from multiple anglesresulting in a faster installation Audible “click” ensures positive engagement when crosstees are inserted Ability to square cut panels at perimeter, and save time,when using MS 174 Shadow Molding resulting in the Cross tees can be cantilevered during installationwithout falling outFineline grid installing level to the molding with no visible“mouse hole” and no panel edges to ield paint.DetailsM-9 or M-7angle molding/4"1ceiling panels/2"1bulb1 25/32"MS-174angle moldingweb5face/16"/4"/16"19FINELINEcross teeFINELINEfire-ratedmain teeMain Tee and Cross Tee3

ApplicationsPerspective Ceiling PlanRelected Ceiling PlanDet.1Basic SystemDet.2Perimeter DetailDet.3Miter Closure Clip4Det.4Air Diffuser4Det.5Partition Detail5Det.6521T-Bolt Use2133(not shown in plan view)4

Basic System (Detail 1)FINELINE teeceiling panelmodule minus 9/16"Nominal dimension between Fineline tees is module minus 9/16". All major panel manufacturers willsupply properly sized panels to it Fineline suspension (specify when ordering panels).Perimeter Detail with M9 Molding (Detail 2a)Mac-2 (option:use wire tie)crimp or fastenin fieldFINELINE teeceiling panelM 9 moldingSee seismic applications for additional perimeter details.Perimeter Detail with MS174 Shadow Molding (Detail 2b)wire tie (option:use Mac-2 clip)FINELINE teeceiling panelMS 174 shadow moldingSee seismic applications for additional perimeter details.5

Perspective Ceiling Plan (Detail 3)fluorescent fixtureFINELINE tee*DXF 429 N(notched 4'FINELINE 1/8 tee)miterclosure clipAir Diffuser (Detail 4)8" collar standard(6" collar optional)insulation7"plenum3"diffuser framefield-cut foil-backedUSG ceiling panelSee the AC272 Donn Air Diffuser for additional air diffuser details and technical diffuser design data.6

Partition Attachment (Detail 5) Superior STC and CAC performance with partition attachment when compared to T-Bar and other narrowprofile grid systems that do not have a bolt-slot reveal. Other profiles leave gaps that must be sealed forsound control. Longer product lifecycle because Fineline suspension system do not have to be replaced when partitions areremoved and re-located because there are no unsightly screw holes left behind (as compared to T bar grids). Note: Alternate partition attachment clips on opposite sides of runner to prevent lateral movement.FINELINE teepartition attachment clipceiling trackpartitionT-Bolt Use (Detail 6)FINELINE teeceiling panel1/4 -20 nutT-boltaccessory(by others)7

Wide variety of layout options toaccommodate various panel sizes withLogix Integrated Ceiling SolutionsHALCYON 2’x8’ Ceiling Palels with FL Edge, DXF Fineline, 6”x 24” Perforated MetalConnector Panel with UFL Edge, Focal Point Avenue-8 Light Fixture8

ApplicationsLogix Integrated Ceiling System Applications Standard Donn Fineline suspension systems components areavailable for all Logix Linear and Logix Basic integrated ceilingfield panelsystems layouts. Over 18 standard layout options such asconnector panel20”x60” or 30”x60”. Refer to the Logix Integrated Ceilingslight or channel panelSystems section of the USG Ceilings Systems catalog (SC2000)to review the layout options. Additional layout options on Available in custom lengths and notch spacing to meet yourExample Logix Linear 20” x 54” ieldpanels with 6” linear channel forixture placement (channel is NOTintersected by main tees)exact speciications. Refer to your USG Ceilings representativefor further details on custom orders (minimum one cartonquantities on custom orders).20"typ.main tee5'-0"typ.54" cross tee5'-0"typ.field panelchannel panel5' cross tee5'-6"typ.5' cross teemain teeExample Logix Basic with 20” x 60” ield panels with 6” linear channel for ixture placement(channel is intersected by main tees)Logix Grid Selector:Module SizePanel SizeMain TeeCross Tee (A)Cross Tee (B)Cross Tee (C)Linear30” x r20” x 54”DXF120/20S-LGXDXF54-LGXLinear30” x 54”DXF120/30S-LGXDXT54-LGX4' x 4'21" x 24"DXF144/21-LGXDXF429SDXF429NDXF21-LGX4’ x 4’24” x 42”DXF144/42-LGXDXF429SDXF42-LGX4’ x 4’42” x 48”DXF144/48-LGXDXF429N/A4’-6” x 4’24” x 24”DXF108/24-LGXDXF429SDXF429N4’-6” x 4’24” x 48”DXF108/48-LGXDXF429NDXF4294’-6” x 4’48”x48”DXF108/48-LGXDXF4295’ x 5’20” x 54”DXF120/54-LGXDXF529S-20-LGXDXF54-LGX5’ x 5’30” x 54”DXF120/54-LGXDXF529S-LGXDXF529N5’-6” x 5’20” x 60”DXF132/60-LGXDXF529S-20-LGX5’-6” x 5’30” x 30”DXF132/30-LGXDXF529S-LGX5’-6” x 5’30” x 60”DXF132/60-LGXDXF529S-LGXDXF5296’-6” x 4’24” x 24”DXF78/24-LGXDXF429SDXF429N6’-6” x 4’24” x 72”DXF78/72-LGXDXF429NDXF6298’-6” x 4’24” x 24”DXF102/24-LGXDXF429SDXF429N8’-6” x 4’24” x 96”DXF102/96-LGXDXF429SDXF8298’-6” x 4’48” x 29DXF2299

Logix YokeConnectorPanelAir Diffuseror Light FixtureLogix AccessoriesLGXYOKE-6Logix Yoke 6' x 6' HDGCP612-S-FMLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 12" Solid, Flat White, FM edgeCP612-C116-FMLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 12" Perf. C116, Flat White, FM edgeCP612-C116D-FMLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 12" Perf. C116D, Flat White, FM edgeCP612-S-FLLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 12" Solid, Flat White, FL edgeCP612-C116-FLLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 12" Perf. C116, Flat White, FL edgeCP612-C116D-FLLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 12" Perf. C116D, Flat White, FL edgeCP624-S-FMLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 24" Solid, Flat White, FM edgeCP624-C116-FMLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 24" Perf. C116, Flat White, FM edgeCP624-C116D-FMLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 24" Perf. C116D, Flat White, FM edgeCP624-S-FLLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 24" Solid, Flat White, FL edgeCP624-C116-FLLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 24" Perf. C116, Flat White, FL edgeCP624-C116D-FLLogix Connector Panel, 6" x 24" Perf. C116D, Flat White, FL edgeCC15-2020" Stabilizer BarCC15-3030" Stabilizer BarTransitions: Seamless transition to other module layouts Easy transition to drywall ceilings using USG Drywall Suspension System, see for moldingdrywall suspension systemJ bead9/16""bolt slot" suspension systemacousticalpanel10

Seismic ApplicationsSeismic Approvals: Meets or exceeds all national code requirements with 7/8” wall molding Fulfills requirements for IBC seismic design categories A-F Certified with maximum sq.ft. weights, representing complete ceiling systems Suspension systems manufactured by USG Interiors, Inc., have been reviewed and are approved by listing inICC-ESR-1222. Evaluation Reports are subject to reexamination, revision and possible cancellation. Pleaserefer to for current reports. More information at www.USGDesignStudio.comSeismic Technical GuidesAdditional clarification of seismic ceiling design elements not prescriptively addressed in the IBC are availablefrom USG in the form of a series of Seismic Technical Guides.SC2493Seismic Technical Guide, Light Fixture Hanger Wire RequirementsSC2494Seismic Technical Guide, Specialty and Decorative CeilingsSC2495Seismic Technical Guide, Suspended Drywall Ceiling ConstructionSC2496Seismic Technical Guide, Seismic Expansion jointsSC2497Seismic Technical Guide, Compression PostsSC2498Seismic Technical Guide, Seismic Clip Perimeter InterfaceSC2508Seismic Technical Guide, Slopped CeilingsSeismic AccessoriesACM7 Seismic ClipThe Donn ACM7 seismic clip is designed to provide the most robust hold in themost stringent seismic design categories4-Way Seismic Expansion Joint ClipThe Donn DH4 seismic expansion joint clip is designed to provide the most robusthold in the most stringent seismic design categories11

M7 Seismic Interface7/8"13/4"7/8"Shadow Molding Interface1/4"13/4"5/16"Note: 3/4” gap shown for typical seismic design categories D-F. 3/8” gap is typical for seismic design category C.5/16"13/4"1/4"Note: 3/4” gap shown for typical seismic design categories D-F. 3/8” gap is typical for seismic design category C.Note: USG M9 wall molding is commonly used with narrow 9/16 in. suspension system profiles such as Fineline , DXF/DXLF and Fineline 1/8DXFF. When the USG ACM7 seismic clip is used with M9 wall molding in Seismic Design categories, D, E, and F, a slight gap between thetee end and the wall molding leg will exist – where a ¾ in. end wall clearance of the tee end is required on two adjacent sides – as thehorizontal leg of M9 is 9/16in. Therefore it is recommended that M7 wall molding be used in lieu of M9 wall molding in these applications.Fixture weight is based on single fixture only.12

Code AcceptanceGeneral:Seismic: ASTM: This system meets or exceeds load ICC-ESR-1222compliance specifications per ASTM C635. Maintees will not deflect more than 1/8” over a 48” span(or L/360) in Light Duty, Intermediate Duty or HeavyDuty categories. Must be installed in compliance with ASTM C636,CISCA, and standard industry practices L.A. Research Report Compliance: Donn brand Meets or exceeds all national code requirementswith 7/8” wall molding Fulfills requirements for IBC seismic designcategories A-F Certified with maximum sq.ft. weights, representingcomplete ceiling systems Suspension systems manufactured by USG Interiors,suspension systems manufactured by USG Interiors,Inc., have been reviewed and are approved by listingInc., have been reviewed and are approved by listingin ICC-ESR-1222. Evaluation Reports are subjectin one or more of the following L.A. Research Reportto reexamination, revision and possible cancellation.numbers: 22179, 23451, 24095, 25764Please refer to for current The City of New York BSA and MEA Reportreports.Compliance: Donn suspension systems havebeen approved by listing in one or more of thefollowing City of New York Board of Standards andAppeals, and Department of Building, Materials andEquipment Acceptance reports: BSA 618-60-SM,BSA 184-77-SM, BSA 796-81-SM, MEA 366-93-M,MEA 133-95-M, MEA 312-99-M, MEA 123-00-M.13

Performance DataLoad testDFX Main Tee Load Test DataMain TeeASTMClassificationLengthHeight4’ HangerSpacing(Lbs./LF)5’ HangerSpacing(Lbs./LF)6’ HangerSpacing(Lbs./LF)DXF 29Intermediate12’1-25/32” 29Heavy-Duty12’1-25/32” To establish the maximum lbs./ft.2 of ceiling, divide the load given in the tables by the main tee spacing in feet.All load test data and connection values are identical for DXF and DXLF.DFX Cross Tee Load Test DataCross TeeLengthHeight4’ HangerSpacing(Lbs./LF)5’ HangerSpacing(Lbs./LF)6’ HangerSpacing(Lbs./LF)DXF 292’1-25/32”59.8N/AN/ADXF .9DXF 529N2Note: To establish the maximum lbs./ft. of ceiling, divide the load given in the tables by the main tee spacing in feet.All load test data and connection values are identical for DXF and DXLF.DFX Connection Values in PoundsType IntersectionTensionCompressionMain Tee Splice (DXF 29)246250Cross Tee Connections (DXF)356250Note: All load test data and connection values are identical for DXF and DXLF.Fineline DXLF Fire-Rated AssembliesHour Rating& UL NumberModule SizePanelThicknessPanel Mfr.% Fixtures Per100 sq. ft.Air Openingsin.2/100 sq. ft.ConcreteThickness1-1/2 Hr.(Unrestrained)G26424” x 24”5/8”USG Interiors24%(24” x 24”)1132-1/2”1-1/2 Hr.(Restrained)G26424” x 24”5/8”USG Interiors24%(24” x 24”)1132-1/2”1 Hr.(Restrained)P25424” x 24”3/4”USG Interiors24%(24” x 24” or 48”)113N/A3/4 Hr.(Unrestrained)P25424” x 24”3/4”USG Interiors24%(24” x 24” or 48”)113N/AFrom the Fire Resistance Index of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.(UL) Resistance Classification (Fire), Floor or Roof, and Ceiling Construction and Beam Protection.General Notes:1. Consult with UL Fire Resistance Directory and revisions for all information listed in this table and for suspension requirements.2. Assembles are tested with method and criteria established in standard UL 263, also known as A2.1, ASTM E119 and NFIPA 251.14

Maximum Fixture WeightMain Tee to Main TeeFixture24” x 48”20” x 60”Planning Module48” x 48”60” x 60”Hanger Spacing48”48”DXF 2975 lbs.56 lbs.DXFH 2975 lbs.75 lbs. Dots indicate hanger locationsCross Tee to Cross TeeFixture24” x 24”24” x 48”20” x 60”20” x 60”Planning Module48” x 48”48” x 48”60” x 60”60” x 60”Hanger Spacing48”48”48”48”DXF 42962 lbs.70 lbs.N/AN/ADXF 529N/AN/A75 lbs.70 lbs.Note: The above fixture data is based on 48” hanger wire spacing, panel weight of 1 lb./sq. ft, maximum delection of tees not to exceed 1/360of the span, and suspension installed is accordance with ASTM C636.All sides of light fixtures adjacent to a tee.Fixture weight is based on single fixture only. For end-to-end fixtures or other configurations not shown consult your USG Interiors, Inc.representative or a qualified engineer.Ashlar connections shall be printed through the cross tee clips.**Fixture weights are nonfire-rated installation only. Consult UL design number for specific fixture location and suspension requirements onfire-rated designs.USG Resources SC2000 — Ceilings Systems Catalog– Specification Generator– LEED Report Tool– Submittal Builder– Installation Guide– UL Fire Rated Assemblies– Application Guides– Revit Files– Competitive System Comparison Guide AC3034 — Donn Fineline Ceiling Suspension Data Page AC272 — Donn Air Diffusers SC2102 — Donn Ceiling Products Warranty15

Components/4"1/2"11 25/32"5/16"/4"/16"19DXF/DXLF Main TeesDXF Main TeesDescriptionDXF293010’ Main Tee Notched 30” o.c. For use with 30”x30” panelsDXF292412’ Main Tee Notched 24”o.c. / CT Hole 12” o.c.DXF2924HRC12’ Main Tee Notched 24”o.c. / CT Hole 12” o.c. HRC, FN: FDXF2924-1010’ Main Tee Notched 24” o.c./ c.t. hole @ 12” o.c.DXF294812’ Main Tee Notched 48” o.c./ c.t. hole @ 12” o.c. For use with 4’x4’ and 2’x4’ panelsDXF144/21-LGX12’ Main Tee Notched for 21” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF144/42-LGX12’ Main Tee Notched for 42” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF144/48-LGX12' Main Tee Notched for 48" panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF108/24-LGX9’ Main Tee Notched for 24” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF108/48-LGX9’ Main Tee Notched for 48” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF120/27-LGX10’ Main Tee Notched for 27” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF120/54-LGX10’ Main Tee Notched for 54” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF132/30-LGX11’ Main Tee Notched for 30” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF132/60-LGX11’ Main Tee Notched for 60” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF78/24-LGX6-1/2’ Main Tee Notched for 24” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF78/72-LGX6-1/2’ Main Tee Notched for 72” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF96/30-LGX8’ Main Tee Notched for 30” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF102/96-LGX8-1/2’ Main Tee Notched for 96” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF102/48-LGX8-1/2’ Main Tee Notched for 48” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF102/24-LGX8-1/2’ Main Tee Notched for 24” panel for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF126/60-LGX10-1/2’ Main Tee Notched for 60” for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF144/24S-LGX12’ Main Tee Notched 24” o.c. one side/c.t. holes @12” o.c. for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF120/30S-LGX10’ Main Tee Notched 30” o.c. one side/c.t. holes @12” & 30” o.c. for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF120/20S-LGX10’ Main Tee Notched 20” o.c. one side/c.t. holes @12” & 20” o.c. for Logix Ceiling SystemsHeavy Duty Main TeesDescriptionDXFH292412’ Main Tee Notched 24” o.c/c.t. holes 12” o.c.Fire Rated Main TeesDescriptionDXLF2924DXLF Intermediate Duty Fire-Rated Main TeeEnvironmental FinelineDescriptionDXFEV291212' Main Tee Notched 12" o.c./c.t. holes 12" o.c. G60 galvanized black and whiteDXFEV292412' Main Tee Notched 24" o.c./c.t. holes 12" o.c. G60 galvanized black and white16

/4"1/2"11 25/32"5/16"/4"/16"19DXF/DXLF Cross TeesDXF Cross TeesDescriptionDXF429S4' Cross Tee Notched one side at mid-point for light fixtureDXF429N4' Cross Tee Notched mid-pointDXF429NHRC4' Cross Tee Notched mid-point HRC, FN: FDXF529N5' Cross Tee Notched mid-pointDXF529S-LGX5' Cross Tee Notched one side at mid-point for Logix Basic Ceiling SystemsDXF529N-20-LGX5' Cross Tee Notched 20" o.c. for Logix Basic Ceiling SystemsDXF529S-20-LGX5' Cross Tee Notched 20" o.c. one side for Logix Basic Ceiling SystemsDXF1291' Cross Tee no NotchDXF2292' Cross Tee no NotchDXF229HRC2' Cross Tee no Notch HRC, FN: FDXF4294' Cross Tee no NotchDXF5295' Cross Tee no NotchDXF6296' Cross TeeDXF8298' Cross TeeDXF3030" Cross Tee no NotchDXF21-LGX21" Cross Tee no Notch for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF27-LGX27" Cross Tee no Notch for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF42-LGX42" Cross Tee no Notch for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF54-LGX54" Cross Tee no Notch for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF54N-LGX54" Cross Tee, Center Notched for Logix Ceiling SystemsDXF5757" Cross Tee, No NotchEnvironmental FinelineDescriptionDXFEV2292' Cross Tee no Notch G60 galvanized black and whiteDXFEV429N4' Cross Tee Notched mid-point G60 galvanized black and whiteDXFEV6296' Cross Tee G60 galvanized black and whiteDXFEV8298' Cross Tee G60 galvanized black and white17

15/16"9/16"M9 Angle Molding (12” Lengths)M9DescriptionM912’ x 9/16” x 15/16” Wall Molding1"/8"3/8"39/16"MS174 Shadow Molding (12” Lengths)Shadow MoldingDescriptionMS17412' x 1" x 3/8" x 3/8" x 9/16" Shadow MoldingMS27410' x 7/8" x 3/4" x 1/4" x 1-1/4" Seismic Shadow Molding18

AccessoriesComponentsPAC 1 Partition Attachment Clip(3" Long)5/16"9MCC 2 Miter Closure Clip(2" Long)/16"/4"15/16"/8"1TB-1 T-Bolt7/16"/8"51"MAC-2 Molding Attachment Clip1 5/8"2 1/2"Donn Air Diffusercollar (6", 8", 10",and 12" available)insulationplenum7"3"foil-backedceiling paneldiffuser frame19

Websitesusg.comusgdesignstudio.comTechnical Service800 USG.4YOUSamples/Literature E-mailsamplit@usg.comSamples/Literature Fax888 874.2348Customer Service800 950.3839Manufactured byUSG Interiors, Inc.550 West Adams StreetChicago, IL 60661Product InformationSee for the mostup-to-date product information.NoteAll products described heremay not be available in allgeographic markets. Consultyour local sales ofice orrepresentative for information.TrademarksThe following trademarks usedherein are owned by USGCorporation or its subsidiaries:DONN, DXF, DXLF, FINELINE,QUICK-RELEASE, USG, ZXLA.PatentsPatents pending.NoticeWe shall not be liable forincidental and consequentialdamages, directly or indirectlysustained, nor for any losscaused by application of thesegoods not in accordance withcurrent printed instructionsor for other than the intendeduse. Our liability is expresslylimited to replacement ofdefective goods. Any claimshall be deemed waived unlessmade in writing to us withinthirty (30) days from date itwas or reasonably should havebeen discovered.AC3003/rev. 4-10 2010, United States Gypsum CompanyPrinted in U.S.A.Safety First!Follow good safety andindustrial hygiene practicesduring handling and installationof all products and systems.Take necessary precautionsand wear the appropriatepersonal protective equipmentas needed. Read materialsafety data sheets and relatedliterature on products beforespeciication and/or installation.

SC2493 Seismic Technical Guide, Light Fixture Hanger Wire Requirements SC2494 Seismic Technical Guide, Specialty and Decorative Ceilings SC2495 Seismic Technical Guide, Suspended Drywall Ceiling Construction SC2496 Seismic Technical Guide, Seismic Expansion joints SC2497 Seismic

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Please provide manufacturer specifications on existing acoustical ceiling tile and grid. USG Ceilings 133 White Fineline F Fissured USG DONN DXF 229 Flat White 050 2’ Cross Tee 204102 USG DONN DXF 429 N Fl

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MAX II devices are available in space-saving FineLine BGA, Micro FineLine BGA, and thin quad flat pack (TQFP) packages (refer to Table 1-3 and Table 1-4). MAX II devices support vertical migration within the same package (for example, you can migrate between the EPM570, EPM1270, and EPM2210 devices in the 256-pin FineLine BGA package).

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