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1KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLSREGUI.AR MONTHLY BOARD MEETING1336 AvalonKlamath Falls, OR 97603M!S.S!-ON: PREPARING ALL STUDENTS TO SUCCEED lN AN EVER-CHANGING WORLDVISION: lndividual and Organizational ExcellenceAIMS:DOCKET OF(1) Student Excellence (2) Collaborative Excellence (31Operational ExcellenceBUSINESSTIME: 5:30 p.m.-ReSular Board MeetingDecember 12. 2011Call to Order and Pledge of AllegianceJenningsRollCallJenningsPublic WelcomeThe boord welcomes youJenningsto its monthly meeting. Public input is welcomeduring the meeting. Please use the Public Forum for this purpose. We wouldosk that you complete on lntent to Speak Card ond turn it in to the boardsecretqry. Please give your nome ond oddress ond limit your comments tothree minutes. The boord will listen to such comments but not respond tothem at this time.Public ForumJenningsThe board will heqr comments by those wishing to give informotion, ideos, oropinions on district rssues.Superintendent's CommentsHillyerGifts to the DistrictJenningsJenningsApproval of MinutesApproval of AgendaApprovol of Personnel AgendoStudent Body RepresentativesJenningsSecond Reading of Revised Policies on Eligibility for KU Activitiesa. Relations with Home-Schooled Students (IBDJA)b. Public Charter Schools (LBE)Hillyer

2KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLSREGULAR MONTHLY BOARD MEETING1336 AvalonKlamath Falls, OR 9760313)4.2 Second Readingof Revised/NewPolices.a. Student Fees, Fines and Charges (JN)/Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theftb. Expanded Options Program (IGBHE)& (IGBHE-AR)Feusahrens(ECAB)c. Educational Philosophy (AD)/Academic Achievement (lK)/District Goals (AE)d. lntegrated Pest Management (EBB) & (EBB-AR)e. Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities (IGABJO & IGBAB/JO-AR)f,3.0New Policy-Grading System (lKA)REPORTS(3) 3.2 Monthly Financial ReportBaldini(3) 3.3HillyerLong-Range Facility Planning Task Force Report5.0 NEW BUSINESS(1) 5.1 Approval ofDECA and Bridges SPED Food Programs(3) 5.2 New Policy for FirstReadingFeusahrensFeusahrens(3) 5.3Discussion on Rescinding Policy BCEHillyer(3) 5.4Discussion on Whether Or Not To Become An Open Enrollment DistrictHillyer(3) 5.5Discussion on Class Project Approval and Application for School DistrictCollaboration Grant Program UnderSenate Bill 252Hillyer(3) 5.6 PolicyJGE-Expulsion Revision ApprovalFeusharens6.0 BOARD MEMBERS' COMMENTSJennings7.0 ADJOURNMENTJennings

3KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLS1336 AvalonKlamath Falls, OR 97609Presented to the Board of Directors:ItemSubject:Gifts to the DistrictNo.1.6Attachmént:YèsFrom: Mr. JenningsReason: Preliminary BusinessDate: December 12,ZOLLBACKGROUND:The following items were donated to the Klamath Falls City Schools. The board would like to thankthe donors and express their appreciation on behalf of our schools:DONORSITEWubba'sRoosevelt ElementarYBBQRobin KragLilian BelskyNancy JohnsonSharon MillerMountain Warrior KarateCarol BassettVida & Jason NelsonStephanie RinkBrenda & Dwayne HammersleyLesly HarmonHorizon Garden & Landscapelntegrated Physical TherapyQuakenbush Coffee Co.Jenny & Neil Wallecift cert¡ficate (S25)Fun Beauty Basket (S275)Digital Movie Camera (S80)Handmade Rug & Table Runner (5100)Golf Gift Basket (5300)2 Class Certificates ( 80)2 Sets of Baby Blankets (Sa0)Dozen Famous Cupcakes ( 27)Coach Bag & Wrislet (S78)Girlie Basket (S100)Vintage Tobacco Box (S50)Large Plant (S50)2 Massages (S130)Fresh Coffee Beans ( 1s)Orthodontia & Exams (S3¿0)Rob CardozaKlamath Eye CenterGift Certificate (S25)Eye Exam S50 Gift certificate ( 175)Susan KramerJennifer & Justin CoulterBebe Bella Children's BoutiqueDouble-C Dog TrainingEmily & Darren BogatayHandmade Scarf (S50)KU Winter Family Pass (S100)Various ltems ( 100)Dog Training Gift Certificate (565)Dairy QueenGrange Co-OpBirthday Certificates (S100)Gift card ( 2s)Gift Card (S1s)Various ltems (5400)Maurice's ApparelDawnielle TehamaOIT AthleticsVictor KriegerDr. Tom TuckerWayne AmosAndrea RabePizzazz SalonKatie CavendishJen & Sean SullivanJaymie PanuncialmanJudi WerdemanAspen Family MedicineKimberly & Biago SgueraCoffee Gift Card (S25)Season Pass ( 300)Kindle (S110)Electric Tooth Brush (S100)Family KU Winter/All Season Sports Pass (S100)Mary Kay Bag (S50)Men's Haircut (S15)Photography Session ( 25)Handmade Wooden Box Sets & Various ltems (5200)Scrapbooking-Mixbook Gift Certificate (S50)Handmade Fleece Jacket (S40)Photo Rejuvenation Treatment (S250)A Dozen Bagels per Month for A Year (5200)

4KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLSREGULAR BOARD MEETINGNovember L4,ZOLLPLACE: A regular board meeting of the Klamath Falls City Schools was held at the Lucile O'NeillEducation Center at 1336 Avalon, Klamath Falls, OR,BOARD OF DIRECTORSBill Jennings, ChairRick Vaughn, Vice-ChairOTHERSDonnie BoydDr. Bill Feusahrens, Personnel DirectorGerard Collins, Curriculum DirectorMark HalversonMinda MilaniTrina PerezLori TherosDr. Paul Hillyer, SuperintendentPat Baldini, Business ManagerJeff Bullock, KUHSDaymond Monteith, PonderosaJeff Bullock, KUHSMike Herron, Mills 'Andy Peterson, Audit FirmRuth Krieger, RooseveltJeremy Macdonald, MillsScott Mahaffey, IMTCCharlene Herron, KUHSBarbara Headden, CongerSteve Campbell, KFEATony Swan, FaiviewPam Garich, FairviewMaureen Lundy, KFEAJennifer Cole, EagleRidgeShaw Nee Stearns, Board SecretaryOther lnterested Persons1.0PRELIMINARY BUSINESS7.L Call to Order: The board meeting was called to order by Chair Jennings at 6:32 p.m.L.2RollCall: All board members present.L.3A welcome was given to the public by Chair Jennings.L.4Public Forum:Mr. Mark Ahalt addressed the board regarding two laws: ORS 195.110 and HB 3681(School Choice Law). Mr. Ahalt made available a copy of a letter containinga.additional information.1.5Superintendent'sComments:a. The art work in boardroom was provided by Fairview Elementary Schoolb. The district's sports teams were congratulatedc. KUHS Play, "Gray's Anatomy" was commended by the superintendentd. The board was encouraged to attend the many musicals throughout the districte. The Facility Task Force will meet Tuesday, November 15,20Lt, @ 6:30. There aretwo meetings left: November 29,2OL1,, and December 12,2O71,.f . On Wednesday, November 16, 20L7, a meeting is scheduled at 4:00 p.m. with theCha lkBoard Association.g. The Revenue Forecast for November will be released November 77,201J.

51h.¡.2011KU's lnstructional Minutes were addressed at the last board meeting - the district isstill waiting for word from the state regarding these lnstructional Minutes.Strateg¡c Planning Update: Aim #1 Student Excellence - the district is working onstrategies regarding the graduation goal. We will be looking at better data trackingand looking ahead at what the state will be requiring. Aim # 2 Collaboration Goal-we are developing strategies including external strategies. The district is alsoimproving internal collaboration involving PLC work and EBIS teams. Aim #3Operational Excellence - Staff/Student Advisory groups are meeting on a regularto obtain ideas how the district can improve.Quality lndicators: The district will be continuing this work during the secondbasisI.semester.k.1.6Operational Excellence: The key things to keep in mind are the system problems,not people problems.Gifts to the Distr¡ct:ITEMDPatBaldiniSchoolSuppliesLink River High SchoolKlamath CommunityCollege2.OKFCS35 Dell Computers (54,300)L!-15" LCD Monitors (5450)- IMTCCONSENT AGENDA:2.tApproval of Minutes2.2 Approval of Agenda2.3 Approval of Personnel Agenda2.4 Approval of Budget Committee Member ReappointmentIt was moved by Vaughn,seconded by Milani and carriedtoapprove the Consent Agenda aspresented.3.0REPORTS3.1Student Body Representatives: Students unavailable forthe board meeting.3.2School Reports - Fairview: Principal Tony Swan again recognized the artwork that wasdisplayed in the boardroom by Fairuiew students. Mr. Swan and Fairview staff presentedthe board with updates on Fairview Elementary School along with goals for the year thatalign with the district graduation goal3.3Audit Report: Mr. Andy Peterson, CPA and partner at Molatore, Scroggin, Peterson andCo., LLP, Certifíed Public Accountants, presented the 201-0-201L report of audit.3.4Monthly Financial Report: A revenue and expenditure summary report/projection that' includes transactions through October 3L,2Ot7, was distributed and reviewed.3.5State Report Cards: Copies of the final Oregon Department of Education Report Cardsfor the 2OIO-}OLL school year were distributed and reviewed with the board. Parentswill receive copies of these reports by January L5,2OL2, to meet state guidelines.

62017SCHOOL RATING SUMMARY tandingMetKUHSln Need oflmprovementOutstandingln Need oflmprovementOutstandíngNot Metlmprovementln Need ctoryOutstandingOutstandingNot ingOutstandingNot andingMetSchoolln Need ofLRHS3.6o?.'Partlélpåtibñ1''''GÍáduatión Rateln Need oflmprovement'¡Status.Not MetCool Schools Update: Mr. Scott Mahaffey, IMTC Director, and Pat Baldini, BusinessManager, presented the board with an overview of the Cool Schools Program. ln June201-1, the board adopted Resolution 11-03, which allowed for the dístrict to participatein Oregon's "Cool Schools" pilot program and financing of energy efficiency in publicschool buildings. The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) Small-Scale Energy LoanProgram (SELP) provides low interest loans to schools districts seeking to implementenergy efficiency projects. Several audits of the proposed energy efficient measureshave been completed, the SELP school loan funds have been secured and Clean EnergyWorks of Oregon, lnc., staff are providing support in implementing the measures.At the time the resolution was passed, the interest rate had not been determined andthe projection was for at least a 1:1 debt service to modeled energy savings ratio inyear one. The interest rate, which was estimated not to exceed 4.5%, will be a fullpercent less at 3.5%. The energy savings to debt ratio will be slightly lesi thananticipated, about 85%, when based on modeled energy savings alone, but the projectas a whole should result in budget neutrality when other incentives are taken intoconsideration. The primary source of other fundíng will be SB 1149 funds.Ms. Kathy Estes, Loan Officer for the ODOE Energy Loan Program, met withScott Mahaffey and Pat Baldini on October 19th to close the loan. The documents havebeen reviewed by legal counsel and the bonds will be sold in early December.4.OUNFINISHED BUSINESS4.7First Reading of Revised Policies on eligibility for KU Activities:a.b.Relations with Home-Schooled Students (IBDJA): This policy revises home-schooledstudent participation for students enrolled in district-sponsored homeschoolprograms and those home-schooled students not a part of the district program.Public Charter Schools (LBE): This policy allows for participation by charter schoolstudents while not subsidizing this participation by the Klamath Falls City SchoolDistrict.

ber71.The superintendent recommended the board review the policies as a first reading withapproval at the next board meeting. The superintendent also recommend a wordingchange in Policy IBDJA Relations with Home-Schooled Students, #2: add the word"actual" cost. A recommended change in Policy LBD Public Charter Schools is to changethe word "extracurricular" activities to "interscholastic" activities and place (as definedin Policy IBDJA) in parentheses after this statement. These changes will be made clearon the second reading.Question: How are the calculations for charges made? Does the calculation methodneed to be in the district's policy? Discussion: These charges will need to berecalculated every year - using same formula as was used this year. Direction was givento the administration to list the expenses used in calculations and make a footnote onthe Relations With Home-Schooled Students Policy4.2IBDJA.of Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services Contract: Pat Baldini andBill Feusahrens met with representatives of Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services andreviewed our contract that provides educational services for their Regional TreatmentCenter. The added language (colored in blue) provides clarity and some legal protection.This contract was presented to the board in August - no change in substance.ApprovalLori Theros declared a potential conflict of interest.It was moved by Perez, seconded by Milani and carried to approve the Klamath Tribal Health &Family ServÍces Contract for 2O1-L-12 (Lori Theros abstained from voting).5.0NEW BUSINESS5.1Mills' Seismic Grant CM/GC/RFP: Matt Smith & Katrina Lee from ZCS presented theboard with iriformation regarding the Seismic Rehabilitation Grant for Mills ElementarySchool's auditoriumin the amount of57,495,2L2 earlier this provide professional servicesZbinden-Carter-Souders Engineering (ZCS) was selectedfor the project. As part of the contract, ZCS is assisting the district in the advertisementand selection for the project Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC). ZCShas developed the attached Request for Proposals (RFP), which has been reviewed byour legal counsel.The board, by statute and policy, is the Local Contract Review Board and, as such, needsto review and approve an RFP príor to further action. After approval, the advertisementswill be published and a district-appointed committee will review and score theresponses. The committee will make a recommendation to the board in January forselection of the CM/GC. Construction can then commence, with a tentative completiondate of September 20L2.Correction: A correction will be made on page 58 prior to publishing thethe number of seats in the auditorium.RFP regardingBoard Question: Will the committee meet on December Lgth?Answer: Yes - The committee will consist of the superintend ent, 1--or-2 board members,a principal, and the business manager.It was moved byBoyd, seconded by Theros and carriedcM/Gc/RFP as presented.toapprove the Mills' Seismic Grant

8Rorrr{ Mpcfinø5.2Nnwernher1116201'r.Approval of OSBA Resolutions: The board was asked to vote on two resolutions:Amends the Constitut¡on to allow OSBA Legislative Policy CommitteeResolutionlegislative polic¡es and priorities.membersh¡p-approvedto override#1:Resotution#2¿Amendsthe Constitution to allow consecutive terms forthesecreta ry/treasu rer.It was moved by Vaughn, seconded by Perez and carried to approve the twoOSBA Resolutions aspresented.5.3OSBA Legislative Policy Committee (leCj Vote: There is one candidate running for aposition on the OSBA Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) to represent our region (Region#4]l. This candidate is Steve Lowell from the Klamath County School District. Thiscan'didáte will take office January I,2Ot2, to represent bur region. The Administrationrecommends the board vote for this candidate and direct the superintendent to castavote via the E-Voting Center to fill an open position for Region #4 on theLegislative Policy Committee (LPC) by December 15,2OIt.OSBAIt was moved by Theros, seconded by Milani and carried to vote for Steve Lowell for theOSBALegislative Policy Committee (LPC), Position #4,5.4Approval of Business Manage/s Contract: The Business Manager's tentative contractwas distributed to the board. There are two proposed changes: 1-) The BusinessManager would be reimbursed for L0 unused vacation days, and 2) a longevity increasealong with other staff members.It was moved by Milani, seconded by Perez and carried to approve the Business Manager's Contract.5.5First Reading of Revised/New Polices:a. Student Fees, Fines and Charges (JN)/Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theft (ECAB)b. Expanded Options Program (IGBHE) & (IGBHE-AR)c. Educational Philosophy (AD)/Academic Achievement (lK)/District Goals (AE)d. lntegrated Pest Management (EBB) & (EBB-AR)e. Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities (IGABJO & IGBAB¡O-AR)f5.6.New Policy - Grading System (lKA)Century Link Ed-Tech Mini Competitive Grant: Mr. Herron, Mills' Principal, andJeremy Macdonald, Mills'teacher, sought support and approval from the board to applyfor a Century Link Ed-Tech Mini Competitive Grant. Century Link (formerly Qwest) isoffering educational technology grants to participants of region EdTech Cadres.As a participating member of the State and SOESD EdTech Cadres, Jeremy Macdonaldiseligible to make an application for Mills School to apply for approximately t0,000 toextend the current grant's efforts in the field of engineeríng.lf awarded, the money will be used to purchase 24 sets of LEGO Mindostorm RoboticsSystems, along with the associated professional development for teachers. This is amuch needed extension of the engineering element of Mills' efforts to build a learningenvironment around STEM. The robotics will help further our focus on critical thinking,problem solving and team building.It was moved by Perez, moved by Milani and carried to approve the submission of the Century LinkEd-Tech Mini Competitive Grant.

6.09November '1.4.2011Board6BOARD MEMBERS' COMMENTS:a'CM/RFPg.Mark Halverson also enjoyed the conference especially the Oregon Virtual School. Hestated they would travel to Klamath Falls to give a presentation at no cost.Mr. Halverson: District Policy on Board Committees BcE states there are to be no standingcommittees. Mr. Halverson would like to have this policy reviewed and either revoked orrevised. Jessica Knieling, OSBA, does not recommend having standing comm¡ttees outsídeof negotiating com mittees.will need one or two board members. Volunteers include Mark Halverson andpotentially Bill Jennings after he checks his calendar. Any other board members arewelcome to join the committee as well.b. The December L2th board meeting wíll begin at 5:30 p.m.c. The board chair stated he was pleased with grade-school reports received the last couple ofmonths - with the focus on graduation goal.d. The board chair was also pleased with the Audit Report presented at this meeting. patBaldini, Business Manager, was thanked for the hard work.e. Comment: Would like to have the "Cool Schools" mentioned at the Long-Range FacilityTask Force as well as the Mills' Seismic Grant and have information available for task forceto review.f' Lori Theros thanked the board for allowing her to attend the oSBA Conference in portland.h.7.0It was a very good conference.ADJOURNMENT: The Klamath Falls City School Board adjourned the regular board meeting at8:24 p.mShaw Nee Stearns,Secretary

10KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLS1336 AvalonKlamath Falls, OR 97603Presented to the Board of Directors:Subject:Item No. 3.1Student Body RepresentativesAttachment: NoFrom: Mr. JenningsReason: ReportsDate: December 12,2OLIBACKGROUND:The following student body leaders will present current happenings at their respective school sitesKlamath Union High School: Nicki Mee/Callie porterLink River High School: Riley ChivarriaRECOMMENDATION:lnformation only

11KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLS1336 AvalonKlamath Falls, OR 97603Presented to the Board of Directors:Subject:Item No.4.1Second Reading of Revised Polices onEligibility for KFCS ActivitiesAttachment:YesFrom: Dr. HillyerReason: New BusinessBACKGabDate: December 12,2OL]-UND:Relations with Home-Schooled Students (IBDJA): This policy revises home-schooled studentparticipation for students enrolled in district-sponsored home school programs and thosehome-schooled students not a part of the district program.Public Charter Schools (LBE): This policy allows for participation by charter school studentswhile not subsidizing this participation by the Klamath Falls City School District.RECOMMENDATION:The Administration recommends the board approve the revised policies on eligibility for KFCSactivities: Relations with Home-Schooled Students (IBDJA) and Public Charter Schools (LBE) aspresented.

12Klamath Falls City SchoolsCode:IBDJAAdopted: 10109106Relations with Home-Schooled Students**The districtrecognizes the rights of parents to educate students at home and acknowledges theeducation service district's role in registering and monitoring test results for students who arebeing taught at home.The district will not provide instructional materials, lesson plans or curriculum guides to studentsbeing instructed at home unless the family registers for the district home-school program.Students registered in the district home-school program may, upon parent request, be allowed toparticipate in district programs such as physical education programs, instrumental and vocalmusic programs, or other selected options if space and materials are available. Such studentsmust then adhere to regular attendance procedures as established by the school and must avoiddisruption of said programs. Parents are responsible for transportation for students attendingselected school offerings.The Board reaffirms its prerogative not to accept home instruction course credit towardgraduation requirements unless they are received through the district home-school program.Home-schooled students may participate in interscholastic activities if the following criteria aremet:1. Studentsregistered with the district home-school program pay the same participation fees asregularly enrolled students.2. Home-schooledstudents not registered in the district home-scltool program will pay theactual cost per student of the activity.3.The student can meet the district eligibility requirements except the district or classattendance requirements;4.The student need not meet class requirements of the voluntary association administering theinterscholastic activities;5.The student can achieve the minimum score on an examination from the list adopted by theState Board of Education, The minimum composite test score that a student must achieveshall place the student at or above the 23ñ percentile based on national norms. Theexamination shall be taken at the end of each school year. (Students may participate whileawaiting test results.);6.The parent shall submit the examination results to the district; or the district may adoptalternative requirements, in consultation with the parent, that a student must meet toparticipate in interscholastic activities, including, but not limited to, a requirement that a

13student submit a portfolio of work samples to the district for review to determine whether astudent is eligible to participate in interscholastic activities;7.The student must fulfill the same responsibilities and standards of behavior and performanceincluding related class or practice requirements of other students participating in theinterscholastic activity. The student must meet the same standards for acceptance on the teamor squad. The student must also comply with all public school requirements during the timeof participation;8. The student must reside in the attendance boundaries of the school for which the studentparticipates.An interscholastic activity is defined as an activity:1.'With optional student participation which complements the curriculum, encourages students'physical, academic or social development;2.Supervisedby school personnel;3.Generally conducted outside the instructional day.END OF POLICYLegal Reference(s):oRS 326.051oRS 329.465oRS 339.030oRS 339.035oRS 339.430oRS 339.460OAR 581-021-0026 to -0029oAR 581-021-0033oArì581-021-0034oAR 581-021-0071oAR 581-021-0210oAR 581-022-1350

14Klamath Falls City SchoolsCode: LBEAdopted: 519194Readopted: 10109106;121061t0Orig. Code(s): 91602Public Charter SchoolsPublic charter schools may be established as a new public school, from an existing public school or aportion of the school or from an existing alternative education program, A public charter school maynot convert an existing tuition-based private school into a charter school, affiliate itself with anonsectarian school or religious institution or encompass all the schools in the district unless thedistrict is composed of only one school.The Board may decide not to approve or rener,¡/ any public charter school proposal when it is deemedthat its value is outweighed by any direct identifiable, signif,tcant and adverse impact on the qualityof the public education of students residing in the district. To meet the eligibility criteria for Boardapproval, a public charter school proposal must meet the requirements of Oregon Revised Statutes,Oregon Administrative Rules, Board policy and regulations. The Board may require that the publiccharter school applicant furnish in a timely manner any other information the Board deems relevantand necessary to conduct a complete and good faith evaluation of the charter school proposal.The district will determine if it has any unused or underutilized buildings. Buildings may be madeavailable for public charter school use, subject to Board approval. Approved use may be limited toinstructional purposes only. Appropriate-use fees will be determined by the Board. Public charterschool use outside the district's instructional day will be subject to Board Policy KG - CommunityUse of District Facilities, and accompanying administrative regulation.Public charter school students will be allowed to participate in Klamath Falls City Schools'interscholastic activities once they pay the same participationfee charged to Klamath Falls CitySchools' students and the charter school pays the dffirence between this fee and the actual cost perstudent to offer the activity (as defined in Policy IBDJA). Any exception to this rule must beapproved by the Superintendent,The district may not provide instructional materials, lesson plans or curriculum guides for use in apublic charter school.The public charter school employer will be determined with each proposal. If the Board is theemployer, the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement will be examined to determinewhich parts of the agreement apply. If the Board is not the sponsor of the public charter school, itshall not be the employer and will not collectively bargain with public charter school employees.The superintendent or hislher designee will develop administrative regulations for public charterschools to include the proposal process, review and appeal procedure and charter agreementprovisions.END OF POLICYLegal Reference(s):oRS 327.077oRS 327.109oRS 332.107OIìS Chapter 338oRS 339.141oRS 339.147OAR 581-020-0301 to -0395No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, 20 U.S.C. 6311-6322 (2006)

15KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLS1336 AvalonKlamath Falls, OR 97603Presented to the Board of Directors:Item No. 4.2Subject:Attachment:Second Reading of Revised/New PoliciesYesFrom: Dr. FeusahrensReason: Unfinished BusinessDate: December12,20LtBACKGROUND:a. Student Fees, Fines and Charges (JN)/Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theft (ECAB): Senate Bill800 revoked the district's right to withhold grade reports, diploma, and records of the studentbecause of outstanding fees, fines, or charges.b. Expanded Options Program (IGBHE & IGBHE-AR): This update corrects an omission in thenotification of students who are eligible to participate in the Expanded Options Program toinclude eligible students who have completed course requirements for graduation but have notreceived a diploma. The AR is the notification to the parents and student of the EOP.c. Educational Philosophy (AD)/Academic Achievement (lK)/District Goals (AE): House Bill 2220changed language when referring to student achievement to reflect the terminology used in theCommon Core State Standards. lt also added that districts shall adopt a grading system thatclearly shows whether a student is achieving course requirements at the student's current gradelevel and be based on the student's progress towards becoming proficient in a continuum ofknowledge and skills. You will also see the district's new mission statement reflected in policyAD and AE.d. lntegrated Pest Management (EBB) & (EBB-AR): Senate Bill 637 requires districts to adoptanintegrated pest management (lPM) plan and policy.e. Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities (IGABJO & IGBABIO-AR): EducationRecords and Records of Students with Disabilities have been combined because of the similarrequirements and rules. The AR is added to provide district staff with detailed direction on howto manage the education records of students.f.New Policy- Grading System (lKA): This new policy clearlydefines the district's grading systemRECOMMENDATION:The Administration recommends the board approve these revised policies, revised AR's and newpolicy.

16Klamath Falls City SchoolsCode: JNAdopted: 10/09/06Readopted: 8/11/08Student Fees, X'ines and ChargesThe Board recognizes the need for student fees to fund certain school activities, which are notsufficiently funded by the district.No student will be denied an education because of his/her inability to pay supplementary fees.No student, however, is exempt from charges for lost or damaged books, locks, materials,supplies and equipment.Allstudent fees and charges, both optional and required, will be listed and described annually inthe student/parent handbook, or in some other written form, and distributed to each student.Students will be advised of the due dates for such fees and charges as well as of possiblepenalties for failure to pay them.In accordance with the law and with Board policy,a¡s'eåo. 4 hhelRestrictions and/orpenalties may be imposed until suchfees, fines or charges are paid. Documents withheld will bereleased upon payment of the debt.The distríct may waive all or a portion of the debt1.2.3,4.ifone of the following conditions are met:The school district determines that the student or the parent or guardian of the student isunable to pay the debt;The payment

Subject: Gifts to the District Reason: Preliminary Business KLAMATH FALLS CITY SCHOOLS 1336 Avalon Klamath Falls, OR 97609 Presented to the Board of Directors: Item No. 1.6 Attachmént: Yès From: Mr. Jennings Date: December 12,ZOLL BACKGROUND: The following items were donated to the Klamath Falls City Schools.The board would like to t

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541-884-7627 677 South 7th St, Klamath Falls 97601 OUTCOMES On-Time Graduation and Five-Year Completion rates separated by student group. . Klamath Learning Center Grades: 1-12 541-883-4719 2856 Eberlein Ave, Klamath Falls 97603 STUDENTS WE SERVE 79 Student Enrollment

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