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Biographies / Autobiographies

BiographiesA biography gives facts about a person’s life. Itis not written by the subject of the book but byan author who has done their research andknows a great deal about that person.Biographies are written in the third person andcan be written about someone who is no longeralive.

Other Important Features of aBiographyA biography is a life story written in chronologicalorder.It can include information about when and wherethe subject was born, their childhood, importantevents in their lives including information aboutwhat they did or achieved.If the person is no longer alive, it may includeinformation about when and how they died.The biography may also include directquotes from the subject or quotes fromothers about the subject.

What Does the Prefix ‘Auto’ Mean?

Autobiographies‘Auto’ means ‘self’ therefore an autobiography is self-written. It is anaccount of someone’s life, written by the person themselves, inchronological order.An autobiography is different to a biographybecause it is written in the first person,explaining important events in their life. Thesubject may write about what has influencedthem and include details of their feelingsduring different experiences they have had.To remember thedifference auto selfAutobiographies are primary historical sourcesof information whereas biographies aresecondary sources.

Quick QuizBiographical or Autobiographical Writing?How do you know?He was born andgrew up in London,moving to France atthe age of 13.He died at the ageof 98, with hisfamily at hisbedside.I never enjoyed writinguntil I met my idol,Jacqueline Wilson, whoignited my interest.‘‘She never could sitstill at school!’’ wasthe comment madeby Mrs Alice Hall, anold teacher of hers.Dancing became my passion. I would dance every dayand used to get angry and frustrated when I was toldoff for practising in the living room. I think my motherwas always more concerned about me knocking overher priceless ornaments.

Biographies A biography gives facts about a person’s life. It is not written by the subject of the book but by an author who has done their research and knows a great deal about that person. Biographies are written in the third person and can be written about someone who is no longer alive. A biography is a life story written in chronological order. It can include information about when and .

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