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N GREW E IT ATEMScElEbRATING DERbySATuRDAy, MAy 2ND, 2015“The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports”PARTy KITS & EquESTRIAN GIfTS10920 PlANTSIDE DRIvE, SuITE clouISvIllE, KENTucKy 40299Toll fREE: 800.993.3729locAl: 502.261.7111fAx: 502.719.9200WWW.DERbyGIfTS.coM

in Style on Derby Day!OFFICIAL 2015 KY DERBY 141MINT JULEP GLASSESLists the names of everyKentucky Derby winner throughouthistory from 1875 to 2014Limited EditionGold Numbered141st KentuckyDerby Glasswitht certificate ofauthenticity13-2015G 50.00Single(Made in the USA)132015 6.00Set of 2Set of 4Set of 12Set of 36Case of 7213-2015/213-2015/413-2015/1213-2015/3613-2015/72 10.00 20.00 60.00 154.00 275.00Estimated shipping per case: 32.50 eachcase. Varies from coast to coastKD CollectorsClear ShotGlass - 2 oz.41-0109 6.00Official Oaks 141Glass - Set of 213-2015Oaks 12.00KD 141 Cordial2 oz.41-0110 6.00Official KentuckyOaks 141 Lapel Pin41-0904 5.00Official Derby 141Logo Lapel Pin41-0903 5.00KD 141 Horse /JockeyLapel Pin41-0913 6.002KD 141 ExecutiveGlass - 15 oz.41-0112 11.00Mint JulepLapel Pin41-0905 5.00KD 141Lusterware ShotGlass - 2 oz41-0118 15.00KD Black EnameledLapel PinWith Silver Horse Head41-0920 7.00KD 141 JockeySilk Lapel Pin41-0906 6.00KD 141 SquareGold PlatedLapel Pin41-0912 6.00KD 141 MiniPilsner Glass41-0115 13.00KD Green EnameledLapel PinWith Gold Horse Head41-0919 7.00141 Derby LogoLapel Pin41-0902 6.00

Official Kentucky Derby 141141 Derby PennantWool embroidered13" W x 32" H41-0116 29.00IT’S BACK!Official 15 KentuckyDerby FlagTwo sided OutdoorFlag45" L x 28" W41-0117 39.99The Kentucky Derby Icon25' Paper Streamer84-0209 5.00KD Frosted Cups10 oz. 25 per sleeve41-0106 12.59Party InvitationsThese officially licensed141st Kentucky Derbyinvitations are printed onlinen finish paper.8 invitations/envelopesper pkg. 4.25" x 5.5"41-0101 6.50KD 7" PaperPlates8 per pkg.41-0104 3.99KD BeverageNapkins24 per pkg.41-0102 4.00KD 9" Paper Plates8 per pkg.41-0105 4.99KD LuncheonNapkins24 per pkg.41-0103 4.99“Make your Pick!” “If the Shoe Fits!”Horse and JockeyGold HorseshoeBamboo PicksBamboo Picks50 per package50 per package26-0041 7.5026-0042 7.50KD 141CollapsibleCan Holder41-0119 5.50KD Beverage Cups16 oz. 8 per pkg.41-0107 5.9917 oz. Pint Glass41-0108 20.00Unofficial CupGreat consolation prize!Lists the last placefinishers of the KentuckyDerby thru 2014You might recognizea few names.41-0122 2.00KD 141 FoamCan Holder(printed on bothsides)41-0120 3.992015 Kentucky DerbyParty Balloons11" latex helium quality(printed on both sides)(100% Biodegradable)10/pkg 41-0111 6.503

Minty MixingWilliamsburg ColonialMint Julep MixThis mix makes a sweetsimple syrup state manymint julep enthusiastsagree to be in the traditionof a "true" mint julep. 4.5oz. Approximately 18servings 22-0019 6.50A different twist forMint Juleps. 16generous Juleps“Ginger Syrup”22-0006 19.95Polished PewterKentuckyMint Julep Cup 9 oz.29-9099 52.00 eachTraditional StrawsReady for the sippin’!100 per pkg.58-0001 6.00Horse HeadSwizzle Sticks10 per pkg.KD Swizzles30-0108 5.008 per pkg.41-0113 6.50isThis tsa be r!elselPlastic Mint Julep CupsGive tables a lustrous touch with disposableplastic mint julep cups.4-1/2" tall x opening3-3/16". Base is 3" in dia.49-0010Single Cup 4.9949-0011Set of 12 45.0049-0012Set of 36 126.00Mint Julep SyrupSlow sippin’Southern traditionServes approximately:1 Julep22-0001 2.9910-15 Juleps22-0002 5.9930 Juleps22-0003 9.99Silver-platedJulep CupsCelebrate anyspecial occasionwith these elegantcups. 15 oz.Set of 4 29-9098 140.00Polished Stainless SteelMint Julep Cupby Arthur Court 15 oz.28-2794 30.00Mint Julep RecipeFlower Sack Towel30" x 30"93-0392 10.504Boxed Stemless Etched WineGlasses with Ky Derby IconAn excellent hostess gift set of 2Not dated40-0125 29.99Churchill Downs Mint Julep Cupby Arthur Court – polishedaluminum, 15 oz., beverage safe.3.5" x 4" tall 29-0176 30.00

Official Derby ArtworkThe Official Art of the141st Kentucky Derbyand Oaks are a profusionof rich color and energyabide in this beautifultribute to the first Fridayand Saturday in May atChurchill Downs, bySusan Easton Burns.Kentucky Derby 141stDerby Poster 30”W x 17”H41-0220 40.00Kentucky Oaks 141stOaks Poster 15”W x 17”H41-0221 30.00Official Art of the Kentucky Derby 141 Limited Edition PosterLimited Edition 15”H x 36”W41-0222 295.00Oversized KD 141 PostcardShare your Derby memoriesin a big way.8" x 6"41-0224 4.00Art of the DerbyParty Invitations10 per package with Envelopes.Size 7" x5" (flat - 2 sided)41-0223 18.00Canvas Tote Bag with theOaks Poster on one sideand Derby on the other.15.5” W x 16” H41-0228 32.00Art of the Derby Towel100% Cotton will be anadded touch to the bar,kitchen or powder room.41-0227 26.00Official Art of the 141stKentucky DerbyNotecard Set10 blank notecards withwhite envelopes41-0225 19.50Art of the Derby MugSturdy ceramic mug features both the Oaks andDerby 141st Posters. 8" W x 2.5" H41-0226 20.00ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.5

Personalize your Derby events!“Mint Julep”20 Imprintable Notecards6" x 9" notecards withenvelopes.60-0198 23.00Race Horse StickersTo add stat final touchto your envelopes.10 per pkg62-0003 3.00custom PrintingWe offer imprinting on all of our invitations and notecards.“Gallop”20 imprintable 6" x 9"Notecards with envelopes60-0800 23.00Cost is 1.00 per card and 50 cents per two line return address on envelopes with aminimum order of 24.00.64-0001Please allow 10 (ten) working days.Please type or clearly print the date, time, address, host’s name and responseinformation on order.Fax # is needed for signed proof on all orders.“Silks” Letter Sheets15 imprintable 8.5" x 11"sheets with envelopes81-6005L 22.00“Silks” Notecards20 imprintable 6" x 9"notecardswith envelopes81-6005 23.00“Post in Sight”20 imprintable 6" x 9"notecards with envelopes60-0196 23.006“Now That’s a Hat”20 imprintable 6" x 9"notecards withenvelopes60-0197 23.00“Winner”20 imprintable 6" x 9"Notecards with envelopes60-0007 23.00“Sport of Kings”20 imprintable 6" x 9"notecards with envelopes60-0015 23.00

Race Day Every Day & Night !Long Sleeve Black or WhiteLadies Fitted T- Shirt with BlingKentucky Derby runs down the leftsleeve in Bling and GoldHorseshoe with Red Rose onfront. Specify: White or Black withsize (S, M, L, XL)06-0401 59.99Bling Caps with GoldHorseshoe and Red Rose06-0402 White 25.0006-0403 Black 25.00Kentucky Derby IconBling Tote Bag100% Cotton23” tall by 15.5” x 5”06-0404 60.00Short Sleeve Ladies Tee“Ponies”Black on Cobalt 100%Preshrunk CottonM, L, XL.XXL06-0101 25.00Kentucky DerbyWine Glass15 oz. with theexcitement of theDerby with roses,racing horse,horseshoes, ladieshat and more.Beautifully Boxed13-0040 29.95“At the Track” LongSleeve TeeBlack on Turquoise100% Preshrunk CottonM,L,XL,XXL06-0102 29.99“At the Track”3/4 Sleeve TeeBlack on Grey 100%Preshrunk CottonM,L,XL,XXL06-0104 29.00Long Sleeve KentuckyDerby Logo 141 Shirt41-0310 18.00Kentucky Derby Day Wine GlassAdd fun and color to everyone’s homewith this 19 oz. beautifully boxedWine glas showing the spirit of thefirst Saturday in May all year long.13-0041 29.95ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.7

Finish Line Dining“They’re Off” SeriesInvitations 8 per pkg. with envelopes49-0001 9.00Beverage Napkins 24 per pkg.49-0002 4.00Luncheon Napkins 24 per pkg.49-0003 5.008" Paper Plates 10 per pkg.49-0004 5.0010.5" Paper Plates 10 per pkg.49-0005 6.00“Mare & Foal” SeriesInvitations 8 per pkg52-0001 9.00Beverage Napkins 24 per pkg52-0002 4.008" Paper Plates 10 per pkg52-0004 5.0010.5" Paper Plates 10 per pkg52-0005 6.00Cups - 10 Ounce 25 per sleeve52-0006 10.00“Jockey Silk” SeriesInvites 8 per pkg46-0001 9.00Beverage Napkins 24 per pkg46-0002 4.00Dinner Napkins 24 per pkg46-0003 5.008" Paper Plates 10 per pkg46-0004 5.0012" Paper Plates 10 per pkg46-0005 7.00“Horse withBlanket”SeriesInvitations 8 per pkg. with envelopes45-0001 9.00Beverage Napkins 24 per pkg.45-0002 4.00Dinner Napkins 24 per pkg.45-0003 5.008" Paper Plates 10 per pkg.45-0004 5.0012" Paper Plates 10 per pkg.45-0005 7.008

Finish Line Dining“Regal Horse” SeriesInvitations 8 per pkg.53-0001 9.00Beverage Napkins 24 per pkg.53-0002 4.00Dinner Napkins 24 per pkg.53-0003 5.008" Paper Plates 10 per pkg.53-0004 5.0010.5" Paper Plates 10 per pkg.53-0005 6.00GuestTowelsRose PetalsScatter these reusable petals forstunning details.Box of 3541-0021 12.0016 per pkg.53-0009 7.50Table CoverDisposable Paperwith plastic liner54" x 102"53-0008G 6.00Place Cards or handyGift Tags. Package of8 folded cards60-0002 9.00Kentucky DerbyHorseshoe withRose KitchenTowels – Set of 231-1079 17.50Horse & JockeyKitchen Towels– Set of 231-1078 17.50“God Bless MyOld KentuckyHome”Guest Towel40-0019 16.00Name Tags25 racing storoughbredself-adhesive tags.Ideal for your guests to helpremember folks they seeonce a year!61-0001 5.00Magnetic Wine and Drink Charms!Lucky Horse shoes, Ladies in Hats,Mint Juleps, Racing Horse and more.Make it easy on your guests to keeptrack of their glass!32-0015 Derby Days (left) 14.9932-0016 Racing (right) 14.99Both Sets 32-0017 24.99ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.9

Sweet additions to any Derby Party.Bourbon Chocolatier SauceA perfect marriage of darkchocolate and aged bourbon.Enjoy this gourmet sacue overice cream, pancakes bilinis,bananas, strawberries and more!11.5 oz.26-0046 12.99Golden Pecan PieFilling is smooth and rich –pecans are “flash baked” to be crunchy in contrast tothe rich, custard-like vanilla goodness by the creators20-0003 21.99of World Famous Derby Pie . World Famous Derby Pie A dessert so unique, the name is trademarked.Delicious chocolate and nut pie is a Derby favorite!20-0001 18.99 (serves 8)Derby Pie Derby Pie Tart 20-0002 3.99 (serves 2)Mini Crème dementheBite sized flavoredChocolate Horseshoes36 pieces of “GoodLuck”21-0011 12.00Bottle ShapedBox withBourbon Balls12 mouth wateringBourbon Balls fillthis unique reusable BourbonBottle ShapedBox.21-0187 22.00ModjeskasA Kentucky traditionof quality for over 100years. Handmade rich butteredcaramel over asmooth marshmallowcenter.6-10 pieces, 8oz20-0017 8.99Maker’s Mark Bourbon BallsWorld-famous bourbon candydipped in dark chocolate andtopped with a pecan.16 oz. box (32 pieces)21-0008 34.998 oz. box (16 pieces)21-0009 24.49Woodford ReserveBourbon BallsA Southern delight 8 oz15 pieces21-0049 16.002 oz. Box (4 pieces) 21-0004 5.992 piece Box 21-0007 3.00Re-usable Cold Pack can be addedfor shipping in warm weather toensure delivery of chocolates safely.21-0000 2.00NOTE: We normally ship food items at thebeginning of the week, as we don’t wantthem to sit on a truck over the weekend.Horse PoopDoubled Dippedin ChocolatePeanut PretzelBalls8 oz.21-0078 9.5010Kentucky Woods Cake is theoriginal, one and only BourbonBarrel Cake . Moist brown sugarcake with pure maple andchocolate cake, topped withwalnuts, chocolate and caramelbourbon icing. 10", 3 lb. 2 oz.Serves 12 to 15. Packed in ahandmade, U.S. wood barrel box.21-0181 27.99New Baby Cake 7 oz.21-0181B 7.99Individual Buttercream Mintspackaged in a “Horse” wrapper.Cool, refreshing mints withcreamy richness. 50 per pkg.21-0149 9.95Chocolate CoinsOne dozen horsehead foil-wrappedchocolate coins.21-0035D 9.00

Official KD 141 GearChurchill DownsAt the Post Tee (not dated)41-0307 Yellow41-0306 White 16.00Winner’s TeeLogo on front left, winner’slistedon back. Black or WhitePreshrunk 100% CottonSizes, M, L, XL, XXL 18.0041-0302 Black41-0303 WhiteCardinal Derby SpiritPreshrunk 100% Cotton41-0309 - M, L, XL, XXL 18.00KD 141 Tote Bag100% Cotton16” x 12” x 5.5”41-0908 25.00Horse andJockey Cap41-0314 18.00Plush Churchill CharlieCuddly and soft! Makes acute little centerpiece.4" x 9"41-0316 20.00Derby Trophy TeeDerby Spirit TeeM, L, XL, XXL41-0308 18.00KD 141 Gamblers Hat41-0315 25.00KD 141 Logo CapsStone 41-0311 16.00White 41-0312 16.00Green 41-0313 16.00ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.11

Arthur Court DesignsThe brilliant cast aluminum captures the strengst andbeauty of horses in this beloved collection. Dramaticdesign elements of flowing manes and pounding hoovesare balanced by earsty rope and wheat accents stat allequestrian fans will appreciate.All items can be chilled or frozen or warmed to 350 in the oven.Horse Round Tray12" Dia28-1815 65.00For our complete line of Arthur Court designs,please visit our website www.partykits.comChurchill Downs Trivet13" Long x 8.25" Wide28-2795 45.00Equestrian Marble 2 PieceCheese SetMarble 7” Dia. Knife 6.5” L28-4017 25.00Hoseshoe Napkin RingsSet of 428-9442 35.00Horseshoe Coaster/HorseStopper SetCoaster 6” Dia.Stopper 5.5” L28-4022 49.00Horse Oblong Tray19”L x 6”W 28-2790 55.00Horse BottleOpener6” L 04-1092 20.00Horse Catch-All Tray9.5" L x 7" W28-1817 25.00Horse Paper Towel Holder15.5” Tall x 7” Diameter31-0243 59.00Thoroughbred Oblong Tray18" L x 6" W 31-0242 55.0012

Arrhtur Court DesignsThoroughbred Pitcher2.5 Quarts8.5” L x 6” W x 10” H31-1020 135.00Horse Stand Acrylic Bowl11”Dia x 9” H 31-0352 139.0014”Dia x 12.5”H 31-0350 150.00Horse Centerpiece Tray24.5” L x 8” W28-1801 85.00Horse Plate w/ Cheese Server18" Dia28-2763 35.00Horse Chip & Dipcup holds 6 oz.14” Dia.10-3140 99.00Horse Rope Pitcherholds approximtely 23/4 quarts10” H x 8:”W x 6”30-0102 135.00Churchill Downs 3 Qt Casserole withPyrex Insert. 20" L x 10.25" W x 3" H28-2796 85.00Barrel BottleOpener31-3966 20.00Barrel Catch All31-3964 45.00Churchill Downs Picture FrameHolds a 4" x 6"28-2768 35.00HorseBreadTray6" x 12"31-0172 39.006” Barrel Bowl31-3912 29.00ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.13

Derby Gift Ideas CollectionWin, Place, Show Tie100% Silk 45.0007-0098R Red07-0098N Navy07-0098P PinkMint Julep Afternoon TieA must for every southerngentleman. 100% Silk Yellow07-0097 45.00Hold Your Horses Tie100% Silk Turquoise07-0099 45.00Cuff Links – Galloping HorsesHandsomely Boxed07-0096 49.99Mint Julep AfternoonBow Tie100% Silk07-0097B 39.99Seabiscuit FlaskBoxed gift set includes 4cups and funnel10-0070 35.0014Cuff Links – SeabiscuitBoxed Cuff Links.what aperfect accessory toremember The Derby!36-0701 39.99Win, Place & ShowBow Tie100% Navy07-0101 39.99Seabiscuit Money ClipPerfect for holding your“stash”36-0702 39.00Brass HorseshoesUse for napkin rings,or decorations.2" 58-0006 5.003" 58-0007 8.00“At the Races”Wine Charms34-0910 18.50Degas - Before theRace Playing Cards Double Deck33-0019 20.00

Just the Right TouchGrapevine Wreath Wall Hanging14-0048 Round Racing Wreath18" – Medium 99.0014-0052 Round Racing Wreath24" – Large 129.0014-0051 Round Racing Wreath34" - 36" – X-Large 200.0014-0049 Oval Racetrack Wreath19" x 24" – Large 120.00Candle HoldersWe find the horse to be a majestic creature, full ofpoise, intelligence and grace. These are made ofpolyresin and dressed in a ebony hue.32-0001 Colt 7.5”x1.75”x3/75” 24.9532-0002 Standing 8.5”x2.24”x8.50” 29.9532-0003 Trotting 8.5”x2.25”x8.50” 29.9532-0004 Grazing 8.5”x2.75”x5.75” 29.95Kentucky Derby Die-cut Framed PhotoThis is great to display in every home. The diecut Derby features iconic images from theKentucky Derby and Churchill Downs.Measures 12" x 20" It is single matted, in awood frame with glass cover.41-0123 50.00Racing ShadesMake your table an event!Set the scene in or out of doors with thesevibrant shades. Set of 6Fit standard size wine glasses. Intendedfor use with flameless tea lights.32-0014 24.99Stately Horse StatueAcrylic 5”32-0901 18.00Talk about a snazzy cake topper!Long Shot Door Mat100% Polyester face, dye printed & faderesistant, nonskid rubber backing,durable polypropylene web trim.27” x 18”28-4081 35.00ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.15

Horse Lovers DelightMariein Lime06-0116 75.00Lyau BraceletBrass hand-crafted beads withexquisit horse head clasp06-0203 59.00Tortoise CuffBracelet06-0106 50.00GladysBlack with red trim06-0115 75.00Rutlataed Quartzwith horse head clasp06-0204 69.99SavannahA 5” edged brim gives themost shade. USF 50 . Rollsup for packing Internaldrawstring adjusts fit06-0117 55.00Ankara BraceletAluminum hand-craftedbeads with exquisit horsehead clasp06-0202 59.00Celeste5 wire-edged adjustablebrim can be worn up ordown - or both!06-0118 55.00StellaAmple 4” brim, soft metalic bandwrapped around the crown06-0119 Natural & Gold06-0120 White & Silver 50.00 each16ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.

The Southern FlairCarolineBlack with a rose06-0121 75.00Lillyin Pink06-0176 75.00Classy Pearlwith Horse Charm18.5” 06-0105 54.00Clutch Bag with SnaffelHandbags areextraordinary as thewomen who carry them!06-0109 75.00Tortoise CharmBraceletwith Race Horse06-0106 44.00KentuckyBe ready for Derby Daywith these hand stampedbangle bracelets. Eachone is cut, stamped,formed and finished withpride by artisans in theUSA. Made of Brass withsilver-plated copper wire oraluminum with brass wire.06-0112 Brass 25.0006-0113 Aluminum 25.00Pearl Strands60" strand of creamy glass pearlsaccented with your choice of gold orsilver tone horseshoe medallions.Wear doubled or tripled for aluxurious layered look. May also beworn wrapped as a dramaticbracelet. Hand made in the USA.06-0110 Gold Horseshoes 65.0006-0111 Silver Horseshoes 65.00Oval Bali Bag withBow & SnaffelEach one unique7”x5”x4”06-0108 130.0017

In the Gate Party SuppliesA Day at theRaces GiantDoor PosterAll weatherplastic.30" x 60"56-0618 6.50“Day at the Races”Triangle Banner12' in length with 11 flags.55-0611 5.00Flag - A Day atthe Races PrintedRayon 36" x 60"55-0613 15.00“Day at the Races” PennantDouble sided with red jockey onone side & yellow opposite.8" x 23" Glossy cardboard55-0610 4.50Horse & Jockey Coasters4 sets of designs perpackage. Cardstock on foamcore. 8 per pkg., 10 cm55-0614 4.50NEW Plastic Tablecloth withRacing Scene around the sides.57-0618 7.50Welcome Race Fans BannerOutdoor/Indoor Banner with metalgrommets 21” x 50”56-0262 20.00Consolation Prizethe other end ofthe horse!56-0031T 17.50Leather Riding CropAuthentic Dark BrownLeather look56-0617 6.00Nylon Jockey CapColorful and fun, these jockeycaps come in 4 different colors.Nylon sewn with elastic tocreate flexible sizing fromchildren to adults.Sold individually, we try to equally assortthe colors for multiple piece orders.57-0011 8.0018Inflatable Horse30" Inflatablebrown horse56-0616 7.00Grand PrizeTrophy10" tall withwoodfinish base56-0031 17.50Plastic Game or CakeTopper Horse & JockeyHand Painted 2” x 3.25”56-0021 (set of 5) 10.00

The First Turn Party SuppliesBetting Tickets56-0003 Win 100/pkg 5.5056-0004 Place 100/pkg 5.5056-0005 Show 100/pkg 5.5056-0006 Assorted (Pkg of 60: 20Win, 20 Place, 20 Show) 7.00Tote Board SetOne 17" x 25" Tote Board Poster with a place for20 horses (the Derby field limit is 20 horses) andsix 4" x 12" racing party themed banners: Coltsand Fillies (for the powder rooms), WateringTrough (the bar area), and Feed Bag (food area).You will know what to do with Cashier and Seller.56-0002 15.50The ultimate“Last Place” Prize!Kentucky Thoroughbred HorseManure is the real stuffDoublewrapped for freshness.58-0005 5.00Program BlanksSing along with your copy of“My Old Kentucky Home”.Includes past finishers onback with blank spacesinside for the big race.10 per pkg41-0229 4.00Lucky Royal BlueHorseshoe Beads56-0077 3.00 eachBackyard BookieCalculates odds instantlyand displays them just likea tote board. Winnings arecalculated in a flash.Handles Win, Place,Show, Exacta, Trifecta,Daily Double, and Pick 3stru Pick 6 bets. Allowsyou to hold back part ofthe pot or pay it all out.58-0023 50.00Race Horse Glasses– Set of 656-0622 7.50DerbyCelebrationBeads with HorseAdorn your& Jockey Medallionguestswith this14-0044 5.00festive 40"Rose Lei84-1470 5.00Horse & Jockey with Roses Flag28”x44” 55-0020 25.00Garden Flag 55-0020G 12.50ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.19

The Third Turn Party SuppliesDERBY Sounds - “Call to the Post”performed by Churchill Downs'official bugler, Theve Buttleman andsolo trumpet version of “God BlessAmerica” and “My Old KY Home”.58-0025 12.00Sounds of Kentucky CDfeatures “Call to the Post”, “Runfor the Roses”, “My Old KY Home”and nine others!58-0021 13.95Derby Silks30” x 14” 55-0024 30.00Garden Flag13” x 18” 55-0024G 17.50Jockey Helmets are wonderful hats ordecorations. Durable plastic in adult size,randomly assorted colors.57-0010 4.00 eachLatex Balloons11" Assorted colors 10 per pkg.Can be filled with heliumRacing Horses 55-0003 4.50Frolicking Horse 55-0002 4.50Colorful Jackpot HorsesMake picking your horseeasy when drawing fromthese 20 laminated3" x 5" reusable horsecards.58-0026 20.00Tinted Visor for yourfavorite bookie!56-0022 4.50Do you stink anybody will knowwho you are in these fun“Good Luck” Sunglasses?34-0330 5.00Yard signrequiresadditionalshipping.Derby Party Yard SignMark your party with thisdistinctive two-sided yard sign.18.5" H x 24.5" L84-0213 25.0020Jockey N’ HorseGreat as a Cake Topper ortable centerpiece.Plastic 6" x 6" One per pkg56-0030 7.00Extra LargeMylar Horse Balloons43" 9.00 eachPalomino 55-0079Black55-0080Brown55-0081White55-0083

Down the Stretch Party SuppliesHorse & Jockey BalloonWeight Centerpiece56-0091 9.00Hangin at the TrackGarden Flag 13” x 18”55-0029 19.50Horse & Jockey 3”Mylar Confetti(100 Pieces)56-0010 4.00Almond Horseshoe SoapMade in Italy31-0091 6.00Decorative Appetizer SpreadersSet of 4 20.00 per setCowboy BootRace HorseHorse31-0233CB31-023331-0234Track TimeGarden Flag 13” x 18”55-0030G 19.50Garden Flag 13” x 18”55-0025G 17.50Derby Time Nylon appliqueindoor/outdoor will certainly addto the excitement of the day.30” x 14” 55-0025 30.00A real “DirtyHorseshoe”with genuinetrack dirt fromChurchill Downs.58-0004 5.00Carry your theme to the ultimate with theseNovelty Powder Room Tissues! 9.00 eaHorses 56-0025Horseshoes 56-0026Uncashed Tote Ticket 56-0033For more party supplies and gifts, visit our showroom or online @ www.derbygifts.com.ORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.21

Tailgating Kentucky Style!Derby Country HamA fantastic tradition! Moist cookedslowly up to 24 hours in a glaze ofbrown sugar and spices for anunforgettable tathe.Whole Boneless SlicedPre-Cooked Ham(Appx. 7-9 lbs.) Serves 20-2524-0019 89.95Sliced Derby Ham3 lb. Family Package24-0021 52.95Moonshine Horse Piss Pepper Sauceis best when applied to beans, greens, french fries,meats and other vegetables. Secretly bottledsomewhere in the U.S.A. Also a good prize for the onewhose horse comes in 4th - just out of the money!21-0300B Charred 1.75 oz. 3.9921-0300C Clear1.75 oz. 3.9921-0301 Set of both Clear & Charred 1.75 oz. 7.0021-0302B 13 oz. 6.9921-0302C 13 oz. 6.99“B” is charged in a Bourbon Barrel,the other is clearly delicious!Maker’s Mark Gourmet SauceExcellent with meats and a tasty horsd’oeuvre when poured over cream cheeseand served with crackers.2 oz. 23-0004 3.9515 oz. 23-0002 12.50Let us know when you wantyour ham to arrive for yourevent (any event)! This itemis charged separately, aswell as additional shippingbased on weight.Order by Phone, Fax or Online!502.261.7111 and 502.425.2126800-993-3729Fax: 502 719-9200Party Kits & Equestrian Giftswww.derbygifts.cominfo@partykits.comThe importance of publishing our catalog in atimely manner made it necessary tophotograph the prototypes of some of our newproducts. There may be variances in colors,but we will always make every attempt tomaintain our standard of quality. Becky BieselPlease provide your telephone number and/or email address for questions about your order. Credit cardorders must include expiration date, CVV code, and billing address. We are always glad to speak with you onthe phone and offer personal service Monday through Friday. If our order lines are busy, please leave a messageand we will return your call as soon as possible.All order in the continental US are shipped UPS Ground. UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes – be sure togive a complete street address. Additional charges for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, other countries and PO Boxes.We strive to ensure your satisfaction and accept most merchandise for return or exchange within 15 daysof purchase. Food items and hats are not returnable. Sorry, no returns of dated merchandise less than 15working days prior to the event. There is a re-stocking fee of 25% for any returns. If a package isdamaged in transit, please take a picture of it and call UPS 800Pick UPS (742-5877) as soon as possibleto report the damage.As we cannot be responsible for replacing melted chocolates, we strongly recommend Express Shippingand a Cold Pack for chocolate items being sent to warm climates to minimize risk of melting.Please allow specified time for custom orders. Special orders are not returnable. All orders to be deliveredwithin Kentucky must include 6% KY Sales Tax. All prices are subject to change without notice.In Loving MemoryJ. Andrew BieselSept. 22, 1939 Sept. 20, 201122

Party Kits & Equestrian Gifts2239 Millvale Road Louisville, Ky 40205(502) 261-7111 FAX (502) 719-92001-800-993-3729 info@derbygifts.comwww.derbygfits.comOrdered By:NameStreet(No P.O. Boxes Please)City State ZipEmailPhone: Daytime () Evening ()Gift Card? ( ) Message:QtyItem #DescriptionSize/ColorAmountFor additional merchandise, please use a separate sheet of paper.Ship To:(If different from sender)Sub Total6% Sales Tax(For KY Deliveries Only)*ShippingStreet(See Chart Below)(No P.O. Boxes Please)CityTotalState ZipMethod of Payment:( ) Check( ) MasterCard( ) VISA( ) Discoverw/ 3 digit Security code on back of card near signature( ) American Express( ) JCBw/ 4 digit Security codeCC # / / / Exp. Date Security CodeSignatureComments:* ESTIMATED Shipping & Handling Rates 5.00- 50.00 7.75 - 16.01 50.01 to 100.00 16.02 - 21.26 100.01 to 200.00 21.27 - 27.83 200.01 to 300.00 27.84 - 31.45 300.01 to 400.00 31.46 - 37.12 400.01 & above will be adjuthed accordinglyWe use UPS ground service as our primaryshipping resource.* Express shipping is available upon request. 2 Day Air and Next Day Air rates aredetermined by destination, weight and dimension of package after it is packed.* Shipping rates include insurance and may be adjusted for oversized items.* Some items may be shipped separately and will arrive on different days.info@derbygifts.com www.derbygifts.comORDER TODAY! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON SOME ITEMS.

S INSIDE!MEIT002REOVSee you at the Races!Kentucky’s Premier Race Track - Louisville14” x 36” 32-0912 120.00 (Includes Shipping)The Louisville RacesPick a Winner Since 1875Kentucky Wall Art23”x31” 32-0910 119.99(Includes Shipping)Mint Julep18” x 18”32-0913 105.00(Includes Shipping)Racing ShadesMake your table an event! Set the scene in orout of doors with these vibrant shades.Fits standard sizewine glasses.Intended for usewith flameless tealights.32-0014 Set of 6 24.99PresortedStandardUS PostagePaidParty Kits, Inc.Party Kits & Equestrian Gifts2239 Millvale RoadLouisville, KY 40205800 993-3729 502 261-7111Louisville’s DayThoroughbredSpoken 11 125.00(IncludesShipping)Traditional Mint Juleps “Sipthe Nector of the Gods”The Race Track of the South18”x30”32-0914 110.00(Includes Shipping)

Oversized KD 141 Postcard Share your Derby memories in a big way. 8" x 6" 41-0224 4.00 Official Art of the 141st Kentucky Derby Notecard Set 10 blank notecards with white envelopes 41-0225 19.50 Art of the Derby Mug Sturdy ceramic mug features both the Oaks and Derby 141st Posters. 8" W x

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Danielle Turner Derby Intermediate - Purple . Katrina Turner Derby Senior - Purple . Vocal Solos . Camila Brashear Derby Intermediate - Blue . Ella Giebler River City Kids Intermediate - Purple . PIANO SOLOS . Katrina Turner Derby Senior - Purple . Amelia Stockemer River City Kids Junior - Blue

JOCKEYS, KENTUCKY DERBY (1875-2020) Most Wins Jockey Derby Span stMts. 1 2nd 3rd Kentucky Derby Wins Eddie Arcaro 1935-1961 21 5 3 2 Lawrin (1938), Whirlaway (’41), Hoop Jr.

JOCKEYS, KENTUCKY DERBY (1875-2019) Most Wins Jockey Derby Span stMts. 1 2nd 3rd Kentucky Derby Wins Eddie Arcaro 1935-1961 21 5 3 2 Lawrin (1938), Whirlaway (’41), Hoop Jr.

High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Smart Little Kitty Kwackin Dual Pep Crackin SIRE: COW KWACKER NCHA LTE: 3,800.04 with limited showing. NCHA Certi cate of Ability. 2010 Finalist Big Sky Montana Open Derby. 2010 Finalist ICHA Open Derby. 2010 Finalist South Point Open Derby. 2010 Idaho NCHA Weekend Open Derby Reserve Champion.

Year (Gr.) Horse Prep Derby 1982 Water Bank 5th 4 1982 thMuttering 1st 5 1982 Cassaleria 3rd th13 Aventura, Gulfstream Park (2-0-0-0) Year (Gr.) Horse Prep Derby 2005 High Fly st1 10th 2003 Supah Blitz 2 13 Bahamas, Hialeah (5-0-0-0) Year (Gr.) Horse Prep Derby 1992 Pistols and Roses 1st 16th

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Faculty of Engineering and Technology University of the West of England Bristol, UK saad2.liaquat@uwe.ac.uk Ashiq Anjum, Nik Bessis, Rich rd Hill School of Computing and Mathematics University of Derby Derby, UK {a.anjum, n.bessis, r.hill}@derby.ac.uk Abstract—The ability to seamlessly bridge clouds across

I felt it was important that we started to work on the project as soon as possible. The issue of how groups make joint decisions is important. Smith (2009) comments on the importance of consensus in group decision-making, and how this contributes to ‘positive interdependence’ (Johnson 2007, p.45). Establishing this level of co-operation in a