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ENGINEERINGChemical EngineeringBasic Principles andCalculations in ChemicalEngineering, 8eDavid M. Himmelblau& James B. Riggs9780132346603 2012800pp Hardback 118.44IntroductoryChemical EngineeringThermodynamics, 2eJ. Richard Elliott & Carl T. Lira9780136068549 2012912pp Hardback 103.49Transport Processesand Separation ProcessPrinciples, 5eChristie John Geankoplis9780134181028 20181248pp Paperback 125.99Mass Transfer Processes:Modeling, Computations,and DesignP. A. Ramachandran9780134675626 20171056pp Paperback 118.99Course: Introduction to Chemical EngineeringBasic Principles and Calculations in ChemicalEngineering, Eighth Edition goes far beyondtraditional introductory chemical engineeringtopics, presenting applications that reflect thefull scope of contemporary chemical, petroleum,and environmental engineering. Celebrating itsfiftieth Anniversary as the field’s leading practicalintroduction, it has been extensively updatedand reorganized to cover today’s principles andcalculations more efficiently, and to present far morecoverage of bioengineering, nanoengineering, andgreen engineering.Course: ThermodynamicsIn this book, two leading experts and long-timeinstructors thoroughly explain thermodynamics,taking the molecular perspective that workingengineers require (and competitive books oftenavoid). This edition contains extensive coverageof today’s fast-growing biochemical engineeringapplications, notably biomass conversion to fuelsand chemicals.Course: Chemical Fluid MechanicsToday, chemical engineering students need athorough understanding of momentum, heat,mass transfer, and separation processes. TransportProcesses and Separation Process Principles, FifthEdition offers a unified and up-to-date treatment ofall these topics. Thoroughly updated to reflect thefield’s latest methods and software technologies, itcovers both fundamental principles and practicalapplications.Course: Mass TransferThe first one-volume text combining a modernintroduction to modeling and computation of masstransfer processes with demonstrations of theirapplication in designing reactors and separationsystems. Its unique, integrated approach balancesall the knowledge chemical engineering students willneed to be effective, rather than merely paying lipservice to some crucial topics. The text covers bothanalytical and numerical solutions to mass transferproblems, demonstrating numerical problem-solvingwith the software packages students are likely toadopt in their careers.Title available on demand60 Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019

ENGINEERINGChemical Process Safety:Fundamentals withApplications, 4eDaniel A. Crowl & Joseph F. Louvar9780134857770 2019800pp Paperback 118.99Water and WastewaterTechnology, 7eMark J. Hammer, Sr.& Mark J. Hammer9781292021041 2013472pp Paperback 57.99Bioprocess Engineering:Basic Concepts, 3eMichael L. Shuler & Fikret Kargi9780137062706 2019656pp Hardback 103.49eBook: TBC TBCCourse: Chemical Process SafetyAs chemical processes have grown more complex,so have the safety systems required to preventaccidents. Chemical Process Safety, Fourth Edition,offers students a more fundamental and engineeringscience based understanding of safety and theapplication required to safely design and managetoday’s sophisticated processes. Extensive updatesto chapters on Relief Sizing, Hazards Identification,and Risk Assessment, plus a new website containinglearning resources, including 50 new problems andsolutions.Course: Wastewater TreatmentAppropriate for courses in Water Resources,Groundwater and Wastewater. The Seventh Editionof Water and WastewaterTechnology continues itstradition of covering water processing principles andmodern management practices, but now integrates anew emphasis on sustainability throughout.Course: Biochemical EngineeringBioprocess Engineering, Third Edition, is an extensiveupdate of the world’s leading introductory textbookon biochemical and bioprocess engineering andreflects key advances in productivity, innovation, andsafety. It presents major advances in the productionof biologicals; highly productive techniques formaking heterologous proteins; new commercialapplications for both animal and plant cell cultures;key improvements in recombinant DNA microbeengineering; techniques for more consistentauthentic post-translational processing of proteins;and other advanced topics.Title available on demandPetroleum EngineeringApplied PetroleumReservoir Engineering, 3eRonald E. Terry &J. Brandon Rogers9780133155587 2014528pp Hardback 118.49Course: Reservoir EngineeringCraft and Hawkins’ classic introduction to petroleumreservoir engineering is now fully updated for newtechnologies and methods, preparing students andpractitioners to succeed in the modern industry.In Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, ThirdEdition, renowned expert Ronald E. Terry and projectengineer J. Brandon Rogers review the history ofreservoir engineering, define key terms, carefullyintroduce the material balance approach, and showhow to apply it with many types of reservoirs.Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019 61

ENGINEERINGCivil EngineeringCivil and EnvironmentalSystems Engineering, 2eCharles S. Revelle, Earl Whitlatch& Jeff Wright9781292027081 2013528pp Paperback 58.99eBook: 9781292055107 47.99Surveying with ConstructionApplications, 8eBarry Kavanagh & Tom Mastin9781292062006 2015624pp Hardback 62.99eBook: 9781292062198 50.50Course: Civil Engineering SystemsFor junior/senior-level courses in Systems Analysisor Systems Analysis and Economics as applied to civilengineering. This text is designed to enhance thestudent’s learning experience by providing exposureto modeling ideas and concepts. Network flowproblems are emphasized by highlighting their studyseparately from the general integer programmingmodels that are considered. With a wider rangeof examples and exercises that conclude manychapters, this text offers students an extremelypractical, accessible study on the most modern skillsavailable for the design, operation and evaluation ofcivil and environmental engineering systems.Course: SurveyingKnown for its state-of-the-art coverage and clear,concise approach, Surveying with ConstructionApplications, Eighth Edition covers the latest advancesand foundational principles of surveying. Coveringboth principles and a wide range of contemporaryapplications, it is well-suited to Fundamentalscourses, Applications courses, or both.Mechanics and Materials EngineeringEngineering Mechanics:Statics in SI Units, 14eRussell C. Hibbeler9781292089232 2016704pp Paperback 56.99eBook: 9781292089294 46.00Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292089331 70.02Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics in SI Units, 14eRussell C. Hibbeler9781292088723 2016792pp Paperback 52.99eBook: 9781292088785 43.00Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292088815 64.9562 Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019Course: StaticsA proven approach to conceptual understandingand problem-solving skills. Engineering Mechanics:Statics excels in providing a clear and thoroughpresentation of the theory and application ofengineering mechanics. This text empowers studentsto succeed by drawing upon Prof. Hibbeler’severyday classroom experience and his knowledgeof how students learn.Course: DynamicsA proven approach to conceptual understandingand problem-solving skills. Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics excels in providing a clear and thoroughpresentation of the theory and application ofengineering mechanics. This text empowers studentsto succeed by drawing upon Prof. Hibbeler’severyday classroom experience and his knowledgeof how students learn.

ENGINEERINGEngineering Mechanics:Statics & Dynamics, 14eRussell C. Hibbeler9780133915426 20161464pp Hardback 222.49eBook: 9780134251004 82.99Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9780134117003 251.25Mechanics of Materials in SIUnits, 10eRussell C. Hibbeler9781292178202 2018896pp Paperback 63.72eBook: 9781292178288 51.98Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292178356 68.94Statics and Mechanics ofMaterials in SI Units, 5eRussell C. Hibbeler9781292177915 2018936pp Paperback 64.99Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292178004 78.79Course: Combined Statics and DynamicsA proven approach to conceptual understandingand problem-solving skills. Engineering Mechanics:Statics & Dynamics excels in providing a clear andthorough presentation of the theory and applicationof engineering mechanics. This text empowersstudents to succeed by drawing upon Prof.Hibbeler’s everyday classroom experience and hisknowledge of how students learn.Course: Mechanics of MaterialsMechanics of Materials clearly and thoroughlypresents the theory and supports the applicationof essential mechanics of materials principles.Professor Hibbeler’s concise writing style, countlessexamples, and stunning four-color photorealisticart program – all shaped by the commentsand suggestions of hundreds of colleagues andstudents – help students visualize and masterdifficult concepts.Course: Statics and Strength of MaterialsStatics and Mechanics of Materials represents acombined abridged version of two of the author’sbooks, namely Engineering Mechanics: Statics,Fourteenth Edition and Mechanics of Materials,Tenth Edition. It provides a clear and thoroughpresentation of both the theory and application ofthe important fundamental topics of these subjects,that are often used in many engineering disciplines.The development emphasizes the importance ofsatisfying equilibrium, compatibility of deformation,and material behavior requirements.Fluid Mechanics in SI UnitsCourse: Fluid MechanicsRussell C. HibbelerFluid Mechanics provides a comprehensive and wellillustrated introduction to the theory and applicationof fluid mechanics. The text presents a commitmentto the development of student problem-solving skillsand features many of the same pedagogical aidsunique to Hibbeler texts.9781292089355 2016864pp Paperback 66.99eBook: 9781292089362 53.99Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292089447 77.98Applied Fluid Mechanics, 7eRobert L. Mott & Joseph A. Untener9781292019611 2015552pp Paperback 56.99eBook: 9781292073125 46.00New edition coming in 2019Now in full color with an engaging new design,Applied Fluid Mechanics, Seventh Edition, is the fullyupdated edition of the most popular applicationsoriented approach to engineering fluid mechanics.It offers a clear and practical presentation of allbasic principles of fluid mechanics (both statics anddynamics), tying theory directly to real devices andsystems used in mechanical, chemical, civil, andenvironmental engineering.Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019 63

ENGINEERINGStructural EngineeringStructural Analysis in SIUnits, 9eRussell C. Hibbeler9781292089461 2016728pp Paperback 59.99eBook: 9781292089478 47.99Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292089560 73.02Essentials of Soil Mechanicsand Foundations: BasicGeotechnics, 7eDavid F. McCarthy9781292039398 2013848pp Paperback 59.99eBook: 9781292054353 47.99Course: Structural AnalysisStructural Analysis provides students with a clear andthorough presentation of the theory and applicationof structural analysis as it applies to trusses, beams,and frames. Emphasis is placed on teaching studentsto both model and analyze a structure. Hibbeler’sproblem solving methodology, Procedures forAnalysis, provides students with a logical, orderlymethod to follow when applying theory.New edition coming in 2019Course: Soil MechanicsEssentials of Soil Mechanics and Foundations: BasicGeotechnics provides a clear, detailed presentationof soil mechanics: the background and basics,the engineering properties and behavior of soildeposits, and the application of soil mechanicstheories. Appropriate for soil mechanics courses inengineering, architectural and construction-relatedprograms, this edition features a separate chapteron earthquakes, a more logical organization, andnew material relating to pile foundations design andconstruction and soil permeability.Environmental EngineeringHydrology and FloodplainAnalysis, 5ePhilip B. Bedient, Wayne C. Huber& Baxter E. Vieux9780273774273 2012816pp Paperback 59.99eBook: 9780273774280 47.99Course: HydrologyThis text offers a clear and up-to-date presentationof fundamental concepts and design methodsrequired to understand hydrology and floodplainanalysis. It addresses the computational emphasisof modern hydrology and provides a balancedapproach to important applications in watershedanalysis, floodplain computation, flood control,urban hydrology, stormwater design, andcomputer modeling.Construction EngineeringConstruction Methods andManagement, 8eStephens W. Nunnally9781292039350 2013384pp Paperback 57.99eBook: 9781292054667 46.9964 Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019Course: Construction ManagementConstruction Methods and Management isdesigned to guide construction engineers andmanagers in planning, estimating, and directingconstruction operations safely and effectively.Comprehensive and up-to-date, the text integratesmajor construction management topics with anexplanation of the methods of heavy/highwayand building construction. It incorporates bothcustomary U.S. units and metric (SI) units and isthe only text to present concrete formwork designequations and procedures using both measurementsystems. This edition features information on thelatest developments in soil excavation, asphaltpaving, and earthmoving equipment.

ENGINEERINGHVAC/R Terminology: AQuick Reference GuideCourse: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning9780135929735 1997283pp Paperback 26.99Created as a HVAC/R technical reference guidefor undergraduate courses dealing with electricity,air flow, controls, refrigeration cycle, heating,psychrometrics, boilers, heat pumps, motorsheat transfer, load calculations and more. Usefulfor beginners in the field or as a reference foradvanced students.Traffic Engineering, 4eCourse: Transportation Engineering and PlanningRoger P. Roess, Elena S. Prassas& William R. McShaneThis unique text focuses on the key engineering skillsrequired to practice traffic engineering in a modernsetting. It includes material on the latest standardsand criteria of the Manual on Uniform TrafficControl Devices (2003 Edition and forthcoming 2010Edition), the Policy on Geometric Design of Highwaysand Streets (2004 Edition), the Highway CapacityManual (2000 Edition and forthcoming 2010 Edition),and other critical references. It also presentsboth fundamental theory and a broad range ofapplications to modern problems.Richard Wirtz9780132076524 2010744pp Paperback 173.99Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering:Principles and Applications,7eAllan R. Hambley9781292223124 2019896pp Paperback 60.99eBook: TBC TBCAvailable with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292223223 75.00Hughes Electrical andElectronic Technology, 12eEdward Hughes, John Hiley,Ian McKenzie-Smith & Keith Brown9781292093048 20161008pp Paperback 58.99Course: Introduction to Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering: Principles and Applications helpsstudents learn electrical-engineering fundamentalswith minimal frustration. Its goals are to presentbasic concepts in a general setting, to show studentshow the principles of electrical engineering apply tospecific problems in their own fields, and to enhancethe overall learning process. Circuit analysis, digitalsystems, electronics, and electromechanics arecovered. This edition has been updated with manynew practice tests and end-of-chapter problems.Course: Introduction to Electrical EngineeringAll engineers need to understand the fundamentalprinciples of electrical and electronic technology.This best-selling text provides a clear and accessibleintroduction to the area, with balanced coverage ofelectrical, electronic, and power engineering.eBook: 9781292093086 47.99Electric Circuits, 10eCourse: Circuit AnalysisJames Nilsson & Susan RiedelElectric Circuits is the most widely used introductorycircuits textbook of the past 25 years. As this bookhas evolved to meet the changing learning styles ofstudents, the underlying teaching approaches andphilosophies remain unchanged.9781292060545 2014820pp Paperback 68.99eBook: 9781292065472 55.99Available with Mastering EngineeringPackage: 9781292060897 87.96New edition coming in 2019Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019 65

ENGINEERINGElectronic Devices(Conventional CurrentVersion), 10eThomas L. Floyd9781292223018 2019928pp Paperback 60.99eBook: 9781292223018 49.99Course: Circuit AnalysisElectronic Devices provides a solid foundation in basicanalog electronics and a thorough introductionto analog integrated circuits and programmabledevices. The text identifies the circuits andcomponents within a system, helping students seehow the circuit relates to the overall system function.Full-color photos and illustrations and easy-to-followworked examples support the text’s strong emphasison real-world application and troubleshooting.Updated throughout, the Tenth Edition featuresselected circuits keyed to Multisim V14 and LT Spicefiles so that students learn how to simulate, analyze,and troubleshoot using the latest circuit simulationsoftware.Electron Flow version also availableDigital Fundamentals, 11eCourse: Digital ElectronicsThomas L. FloydeBook: 9781292075990 50.99Digital Fundamentals, Eleventh Edition, continues itslong and respected tradition of offering studentsa strong foundation in the core fundamentalsof digital technology, providing basic conceptsreinforced by plentiful illustrations, examples,exercises, and applications. The text’s teaching andlearning resources include an Instructor’s Manual,PowerPoint lecture slides, and Test Bank, as well asstudy resources for students.Digital Systems, 12eCourse: Digital ElectronicsRonald Tocci, Neal Widmer& Greg MossWritten for all courses in digital electronics – fromintroductory to advanced, from high school to twoand four-year college programs – this Twelfth Editionof Digital Systems thoroughly prepares studentsfor the study of digital systems and computer andmicrocontroller hardware. The text begins withthe basics of digital systems, including the AHDLhardware description language, then graduallyprogresses to increasingly challenging topics,including the more complex VHDL.9781292075983 2015912pp Paperback 62.999781292162003 20171024pp Paperback 64.99eBook: 9781292162010 52.00Integrated Circuit Design,4eNeil Weste & David Harris9780321696946 2010864pp Paperback 133.9966 Middle East Higher Education Catalogue 2019Course: Integrated Circuit TechnologyThe Fourth Edition of this authoritative,comprehensive textbook presents broad and indepth coverage of the entire field of modern CMOSVLSI Design. The authors draw upon extensiveindustry and classroom experience to introducetoday’s most advanced and effective chip designpractices. They present extensively updatedcoverage of every key element of VLSI design, andilluminate the latest design challenges with 65 nmprocess examples.

ENGINEERINGElectronics Fundamentals:Circuits, Devices &Applications, 8eThomas L. Floyd & David Buchla9781292025681 20131064pp Paperback 68.99eBook: 9781292038117 55.99Course: Introduction to ElectronicsThis renowned text offers a comprehensiveyet practical exploration of basic electrical andelectronic concepts, hands-on applications, andtroubleshooting. Written in a clear and accessiblenarrative, the Seventh Edition focuses onfundamental principles and their applications tosolving real circuit analysis problems, and devotessi

Construction Engineering Construction Methods and Management, 8e Stephens W. Nunnally 9781292039350 2013 384pp Paperback 57.99 eBook: 9781292054667 46.99 Course: Construction Management Construction Methods and Management is designed to guide construction engineers and managers in planning, estimating, and directing

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