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708413LONBAD003UJ Enamel Pin Badge (supplied onUJ backing card)LONBAD004Union Jack Embroidered Badge (on UJ backing Card) AELONBAG001London Reusable Union JackShopping Bag AE ALP1.11.260.992424LONBAL003S Ball Rugby UJ ALP240.942412041876LONFLA001Union Jack 9” x 6” Hand WavingFlag ALPLONFLA003Union Jack 12” x 18” Hand WavingFlag ALPLONLIG001Union Jack Lighter 2005434 S Ball Football UJ ALP22/10/2018Nov. 30, 201824736974LONPON001London Poncho Union JackReuseable UJ241.12126048226LONPEN001Union Jack Rubber Tipped PencilAELONPEN002Set of 4 Union Jack Rubber TippedPencils 2015662 AE0.20.831443615/03/20190.921483LONMUG004Union Jack 11oz Mug AE10980LONPEN003Union Jack Soldier Head Ballpen2039052 AELONPEN004Union Jack Ballpen AE0.980.3436316736904LONPLA001Union Jack Playing Cards in PlasticBox AELONSHO001Union Jack Bikini Shot Glass20457240.981.2124121692

121737LONTEA003Union Jack Tea Towel1.922409/11/20182.25108LONKEY028London Purple Crown SpinnerKeyring AE ALP0.9245624458LONKEY030London Royal Heritage AE0.991344220LONKEY027London Silver 3 Charm Keyring AE1.11.2240.98461LONTEA009London Royal Heritage Tea Towel**LONGLA006Processions Tankard Mini1.891.671.14101424549LONMUG010London Repeat Design 11oz MugAELONPLA003Playing Cards Processions in PlasticBox AELONTEA004London Repeat Tea Towel1.120.981.981224LONPLA004London Royal Heritage PlayingCards in Plastic Box AE**LONSPO001Crown Bead Silver Plated Spoon AE121479LONBAD011London Royal Heritage CollectorsPin2409/11/2018LONSHO002Union Jack Bikini Shot GlassesBoxed Twin Pack AE24593240.712244121194121192LONMIT001Processions Oven Glove1.3371912LONBIB001Processions Bib1.6580324LONSHO018London Royal Heritage FrostedShot Glass**12

204LONBAB003Royal Baby Acrylic Keyring245263LONBAD008London Bus/Big Ben Pin Badge onBacking Card**LONBAD009London Crown Pin Badge (suppliedon backing ndon Tower Bridge/Beefeater PinBadge on Backing Card **62LONBAD010London Red Rose Pin Badge(supplied on backing card)**1.124LONFLA008England St. George 2 Yard Flag**0.8412LONKEY022London Keyring Guardsman0.922424148052801680LONCER001London I Love Hugging Model SetLONFLA006Union Jack 2 Yard Flag 2070502 ALPLONFLA007England St. George 1 Yard Flag**1.822.510.6412319012LONKEY017London Guardsman with SpinningFace AELONKEY019London Union Jack/Coin MetalKeyring AE0.990.9924820LONKEY024London Guardsman Bottle OpenerKeyringLONKEY026London Crown Keyring AE0.921.22416762424LONKEY021London Keyring 5 Colour Star**0.39102012208824NKEXQ01London Bus Soft uPVC Keyring**0.2924259

377LONKEY032London Glitter Union JackKeyring**0.5624692432LONMAG011London Scenes Small Ceramic MugMagnet**0.660.880.5924LONMAG019London Scenes Teapot PolyresinFridge Magnet AE**0.921.08LONHAT001Policeman’s Helmet AE ALP1.34848948121488LONNAIL002Queen Nail FIle0.29110460312243231246NMHGI03London Bear with Heart SmallDangle Polyresin Fridge Magnet*0.350.11216112NBOTB37Teddy Bear Guard Polyresin BottleOpener**NRESA01Teddy Bear Beefeater 7.5cmPolyresin Model**1.150.9912LONPEN012London Pencil and Guardsman UJPencil Topper AE**LONPEN013London Pencil and Bus UJ PencilTopper AE** Bobble Big Ben PolyresinFridge Magnet**LONMUG003London Cartoon Bus 11oz Mug AE36108LONMAG003London Bobble Guardsman/ScenePolyresin Fridge Magnet AE**LONMAG018Bronze Big Ben/Bus Free StandingPolyresin Fridge Magnet**12670LONKEY033London Union Jack Bottle OpenerKeyring**2414412LONSHO008London Skyline Graduated ShotGlass1.15111121644

LONSHO011London Shot Hanging Out inLondon1.299351267840LONSHO014London Heart Pack of 6 Full Wrap**LONSHO017London Queen for the NightCeramic Shotglass**2.651.23LONSPO004London Tower Bridge Spoon ModelTop Silver Plated Spoon AE8ALP1204S Tea Towel Keep Calm**1.891.4512COISET0018 Piece Framed Historic Coin SetALP10.556LONQUE90006London Queen 90th I Love ButtonBadge 38mm**0.2342574412COISET0023 Piece Framed Royal Family CoinSet ALP6.252546120.5612036108120CROBOO001Crown Bookmark Queen0.891224COISET013A Lucky Penny from London0.9915512LONTHI004London Montage Bone ChinaThimble Boxed**1.046NRESC52Union Jack Flag Molded CeramicFridge Magnet AE**936LONSPO002London Big Ben Model Top SilverPlated Spoon1.8924COISET003British Heritage Note Collection25.9534NP-00992Tower Bridge Notepad**0.43012LONTHI003London Big Ben Bone ChinaThimble (Boxed)**1.0437350

0CROBOO002Crown Bookmark OBOO005Crown Bookmark Charles50CROKEY002Crest Hand Painted Metal KeyringCROMUG001Crown Mug and Coaster Set1.333.33240CROSPO001Crown Spoon Queen1.9954CROSPO004Crown Spoon Harry0CROBOO004Crown Bookmark Harry0.89203CROPEN002Crown Ballpen in Box1.7722CROSPO003Crown spoon Kate50CROKEY001Crown Keyring1.33226CROPEN001Crown Pencils set of four1.330.8918CROCOI001Crown Coin Set of 30CROBOO003Crown Bookmark Kate6109CROSPO006Crown Spoon Charles1.9961254CROSPO002Crown Spoon William1.996214CROSTA001Crown Book A53.3313212

392CROTEA001Crown Tea Towel2.33121.65125LONPET004London Pet Dog Bowl Union JackIcons ALPLONPET005London2.29012ROYBAD001Harry and Meghan Wedding DayMDF Heart Magnet0.791250ROYPOS004Harry and Meghan Wedding DayPostcardROYPOS005London Bus Composite0.15002550503050115112ROYFLA001Harry and Meghan WeddingPostcard0.15050LONPET002London Pet Toy Squeaky UnionJack Bone ALP1.450ROYMAG005London By Night039001176LONPET001London Pet Toy SqueakyGuardsman ALPLONPET003London Pet Toy Telephone BoxBottle Cruncher ALP2.492400503400ROYMAG006Harry and Meghan Wedding DayPostcardROYPOS003London 050200500AC-27528London0.08257450

4550AC-27538London0.08500.0850AC-33963London Pman Beefeater & Guard0.083005050500.08505050AC-34094London 15 View Composite0.085030505050AC-33977London Eye0.0855050AC-33751London Bus Composite0.082000AC-33731London By Night0.080AC-33973London Houses of Parliament0.08200AC-34049London Tower Bridge50AC-33747London Composite0.0850200AC-33730London By Night0.08200AC-33969London Buckingham Palace0.0845050AC-33734London Buses0.0850AC-33978London Buckingham Palace0.080.080AC-33733London By Night700AC-27539London50AC-34096London 15 View Composite0.0850350

1200AC-39904London St Pauls Cathedral0.08500.05000.05000009500200C-34088London Trafalgar Square0.0545050C-14047London Tower Bridge0.051950C-39484London 4 View0.05750400AC-41660London Royal HRH QueenElizabeth 110.080C-25142London Eye0.05050C-13991Union Jack London Postcard0.050C-39483London 5 View0.05100700AC-39909London Coldstream Guards0.080C-18148London Through the Seasons0.052650C-34121London Fireworks50C-13187London Big Ben and Parliment0.0550C-14052London Buckingham Palace0.050.08200C-11155London Comp1100AC-39908London Royal Carriage00C-39485London 4 View0.050

50C-39486London 4 View0.0500.050000C-41363London Houses of Parliament0.05000C-57153London Her Majesty the Queen0.05000C-41360London 9 View Comp0.0500C-41354London Big Ben0.05100C-41359London Tower Bridge0.0500C-41353London Eye0.05250C-41357London0.050C-41362London Vision of London0.050.05350C-41356London **50C-39487London 9 View00C-57154London The Royal Carriage0.050

ORDER FORMDate:Account Number:Name:Organisation:Address:Delivery Address (if different):Tel:Email:Delivery required by:Signature required by:TO PLACE AN ORDER: Fill in your details in the form above. See the attached range sheet and fill in the quantity of each product requiredin the box underneath its picture. Please ensure that you order in multiples of the minimum order quantity.YOU CAN SEND YOUR ORDER BY: Telephone on 01424 420919. Email to Post to Judge Sampson Ltd, 176 Bexhill Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea,East Sussex, TN38 8BN.LONMUG004 priceIMPORTANT NOTE: Carriage will only be paid (free of charge) for all goodsordered totalling 125 or more.Terms and ConditionsPlease see overleaf for our full sales terms and conditions.118Union Jack 11oz Mug6

TERMS AND CONDITIONS(By definition the word Company shall mean Judge Sampson Ltd)1. Payment termsa) New Customers: –Bespoke work - A part payment of 50 is required for each new product line or newpicture to be purchased.Goods despatched upon(i) approval of two satisfactory Trade References and one Banker’s reference when acredit account may be opened.(ii) payment of a proforma invoice.Payment is required in full within 30 days of invoice date.b) If payment of the price or any part thereof is not made by the due date, the Companyshall be entitled:(i) to charge interest on the outstanding amount at a rate of 2% over bank base rate percalendar month on overdue accounts. The customer shall be liable for all costsincluding legal costs incurred in the collection of sums due to the company.(ii) to require payment in advance of delivery for undelivered goods.(iii) to refuse to make delivery of any undelivered goods whether ordered under thecontract ornot and without incurring any liability whatever to the customer for non-delivery oranydelay in delivery.(iv) to terminate the contract.c) Payment Terms(i) where a discount is allowed for prompt payment, this discount will only be allowed ifthepayment is received at the Company Head Office by the date specified on the invoice.(ii) the Company, will not be responsible for delay in the post and have the right todisallowdiscount where payment has been delayed by either the customer or the postal service.(iii) the Company reserve the right to charge any debtor a handling fee to cover the costsof administration and bank charges involved in processing and handling anydishonoured payments.2. PricesAll prices charged are determined by the price ruling at time of order confirmation and areexclusive of Value Added Tax. Prices include carriage where the customer requires delivery toan address in the United kingdom subject to a minimum order value of 125. Overseas ordersare supplied strictly ex works and F.O.B. costs are for the customers account. Quotations arebased on current costs and are valid for a period of 60 days. The Company reserves the rightto renegotiate the price of goods if there is a fluctuation in the currency of the country ofsupply and Sterling, the relevant period for measurement of such fluctuation being betweenthe date of the order confirmation and the date of importation by the Company.3. DeliveriesClaims for damaged goods or shortages must be reported in writing immediately on receiptof goods and should reach us within 3 days of the delivery date. We must be informed within7 days of the invoice date of any non delivery so we can obtain the necessary documentationfrom the carriers.The customer is not entitled to reject a delivery on account of any quantity discrepancy,but shall pay pro rata for the quantity actually delivered. Orders are accepted subject to theavailability of stocks and will be shipped to the extent of stock availability. At our option theremaining balance will be shipped as soon as further stock is available or shall be treated ascancelled.Delivery dates are estimated only and the Company is not liable for any loss arising out ofdelay. If delivery is delayed by strikes, lockouts, fire, accidents, defective materials, delaysin receipt of raw materials or bought-in goods or components or any other cause beyondthe reasonable control of the Company a reasonable extension of time for delivery shall begranted.4. ReturnsReturned goods will not be accepted into our warehouse unless written authorisation hasbeen received from the Company by the customer. Goods returned following the receipt of awritten authorisation remain the responsibility of the customer until they are received into ourwarehouse.Returned goods must be sent carriage paid and are subject to a 15% handling charge.5. RiskThe risk in the goods supplied shall pass: –(i) where the customer collects or arranges transport, on delivery to the customer or itscarrier.(ii) where goods are otherwise delivered to an address on the British Mainland, ondeliveryto that address.(iii) in other cases on delivery to the carrier.Every effort will be made to carry out the contract but its due performance is subject tocancellation by the Company or to such variation as it may be necessary as a result of inabilityto secure labour, materials or supplies or as a result of any act of God, war, strike, lockout orother labour dispute, fire, flood, drought, legislation or other cause (whether of the foregoingclass or not) beyond the Company’s control.6. PropertyUntil we have received full payment for all goods which we have supplied to the customerat any time, the goods shall remain our property and the customer shall store the goodsseparately and mark them in such a way that they can readily be identified as being ourproperty. The customer shall be at liberty to sell the goods in the ordinary course of business.We may revoke such power of sale if the customer is in default in payment of any sum due tous or if we have bona fide doubts as to the solvency of the customer. The power of sale shallautomatically terminate if:(i) a receiver or administrative receiver is appointed over any of the assets of the customerorthe customer goes into liquidation or a petition is presented or an order made for theappointment of an administrator, or the customer becomes bankrupt or an interim orderismade in respect of him, or(ii) the customer suffers any similar proceedings, or(iii) the customer becomes insolvent within the meaning of section 123 or 268 of theInsolvency Act 1986 or any other law relating to the insolvency.Upon termination of the customer’s power of sale, the customer shall immediately place thegoods at our disposal and we shall be entitled to enter any premises of the customer for thepurpose of removing our goods.7. Retention of titleTitle to these goods shall remain vested in the Company and shall not pass to the Buyer untilthe purchase price for these Goods has been paid in full and received by the Company.Until title to the Goods passes:(i) the Company shall have authority to retake, sell or otherwise deal with and/ordispose of all or any part of the Goods;(ii) the Company and its agents and employees shall be entitled at any time andwithout the need to give notice enter upon any property upon which the Goods,or any part are stored, or upon which the Company reasonably believes themto be kept;(iii) the Buyer shall store or mark the Goods in a manner reasonably satisfactory tothe Company indicating that title to the Goods remains vested in the Company;and the Buyer shall insure the Goods to their full replacement value, and arrangefor the Company to be noted on the policy of insurance as the loss payee.Irrespective of whether title to the Goods remains vested in the Company, risk in the Goodsshall pass to the Buyer upon delivery.8. VATWhere applicable VAT will be added at the appropriate rate at the date of supply.9. Third Party Claimsa) If any claim is made against the customer that goods supplied by us and notaltered in any material respect:(i) infringe any patent, registered design, copyright design right or similar rightsin the United Kingdom (or other country to which the goods are delivered by us)or that sale or use (for the intended purpose) in any such country by the customeror direct or indirect purchasers from the customer constitutes such infringementor that sales in the United Kingdom or such other country under the trade marksor get up under or in which such goods are sold by us is an infringement of anytrade mark or amounts to passing off or unfair competition, or(ii) are defective or not reasonably fit for their intended purpose, then the customershall promptly notify us of such claim and promptly pass to us unanswered alldocuments and communications received in connection with such claim. Thecustomer shall not make an admission of false liability or compromise any claimwithout written consent and shall permit us to defend such claim (and prosecuteor defend any appeal) in the customer’s name. The conduct of such proceedingsshall be in our absolute discretion and we will (provided the customer and alldirect and indirect purchasers from the customer take no part in such proceedingswithout our written consent) indemnify the customer against all costs anddamages in connection with such claim except so far as arising in consequenceof any matter applied to the goods or packaging used at the customer’s request.b) Except as provided in (a) neither we nor our officers, employees or agents shall be liablein any way, whether in contract or in tort, if it shall be alleged or held in that thepossession, resale or use of goods supplied by us is an infringement of any patent,copyright, design right, registered design, trade mark or similar right amounts to passingoff or unfair competition, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere except(i) in circumstances where such exclusion would fail to satisfy the requirement ofreasonableness contained in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or any statutoryenactment or modification or(ii) if the customer is a consumer within the meaning of the Act.10. Third Party RightsAny order involving reproduction from existing drawings, pictures, photographs or threedimensional objects, or involving special packaging, is accepted on the understanding that thecustomer is the owner of any copyright, design right, patents or registered designs (or anysimilar rights) or conversion arising out of such reproduction and against all costs incidental toor consequent on any such claim. Customer’s property and all property supplied to theCompanyby or on behalf of the customer will be held, worked on, and carried at customer’s risk.11. DefectOur liability in respect of defective goods is, except as set out in these conditions, limitedto replacement of such goods and we will not be liable whether in contract or in tort for anyconsequential loss however arising except(i) in circumstances where such exclusion would fail to satisfy the requirement ofreasonableness contained in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or any statutoryreenactment or modification or(ii) if the customer is a consumer within the meaning of that Act.12. WaiverThese conditions can only be varied in writing signed by a director. No other person hasauthority to agree any variation on our behalf. These conditions prevail over any inconsistentterms and conditions offered by the customer. The Company will not be bound by any of itsdocuments, unless the customer specifically states in writing separately from such terms thatit intends such terms to apply and the Company accepts such notification in writing signed bya director.13. LawThe contract shall be covered by English law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction todetermine any dispute.14. Exclusive OrdersWhere items are printed for customers’ exclusive orders, the Company has the right to deliverand invoice 10% or -10% of the quantity ordered.

Harry and Meghan Wedding Day Postcard 0 ROYMAG006 0.15 3400 London Buses 50 ROYPOS003 0 200 Harry and Meghan Wedding Day Postcard 0 ROYPOS004 0.15 3900 London Bus Composite 50 ROYPOS005 0 3050 London 50 ROYTEA002 0 0 London 50 AC-27528 0.08 0. London 50 AC-27538 0.08 4550 London 50 AC-27539

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Gloria Sampson 1408 Third Avenue Columbus, Ga. 31901 Telephone: (706) 322-4041 Email: Contact: Biography: Mrs. Sampson is a native of Montana, where she lived unti

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