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Illinois Central College

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Illinois Central College4th - 10th GradesSession 1 – June 10-20Session 2 – July 8-18

4th - 10th GradesDear College for Kids Families,Welcome to ICC’s College for Kids 2013! Weare excited to offer another summer of funand educational opportunities for studentsentering grades 4 through 10. At College forKids, your child will explore areas of interest,learn new things, make new friends, andspend time on a college campus. From cakedecorating to robot building there is alwayssomething for everyone.All classes are held at the ICC East Peoriacampus and are led by highly qualified andstate certified teachers. Students may enrollin one, two, or three classes per session.Classes meet for 2 hours daily Mondaythrough Thursday for 2 weeks. Club CFK isalso available for those wishing to extend theirstay at College for Kids. On Fridays, we offeroptional day-long field trips.In an effort to ensure a positive experiencefor students and maintain high standards forsafety, a mandatory orientation is held onthe first day of College for Kids. A parent orauthorized adult must attend one orientationwith their student. Please bring your child’scompleted Emergency Medical and Assumption of Risk and Release form to orientation.These can be printed from our CFK website, orcompleted upon registrations that are done inperson at the ICC North Hickory Hall location.Remember to choose a lunch option whenregistering your child for College for Kids.For additional information and details, pleaserefer to the CFK website at www.icc.edu/cfkor give us a call at (309) 690-6900.Session 1June 10-June 20Session 2July 8-July 18General Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Club CFK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Lunch Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Adventures and More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Computers and Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Foreign Language . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Interpersonal and Study Skills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Language Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Mathematics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Performing Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Science and Social Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Visual Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Class Grid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9Thank you for sharing your children with us!We look forward to seeing you this summer!Friday Fun Trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11Best Wishes,Daily Schedules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12Register early! Class sizes are limited.Pick-up Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12The College for Kids StaffICC Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

General InformationCost 75 per class unless otherwise notedClub CFK – 65 per sessionFriday Fun Trips – cost variesRefer to Friday Fun pages 10-11Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checkand cash are accepted. Payment is expectedat the time of registration. Enrollment is notguaranteed without full payment.ScholarshipsLimited scholarships are provided by theICC Educational Foundation. The scholarshipamount is 50 per class with a maximum oftwo scholarships per child, not to exceed 100 total. Limit of four scholarships awardedper family, not to exceed 200 total. Additionalclasses will be charged at full price.Scholarships are awarded on a first-come,first-served basis and are subject to availabilityof funds and verification of financial need. ClubCFK and Friday Fun trips do not qualify forscholarships.Scholarship application is available online atwww.icc.edu/cfk or call (309) 690-6914 for additional information. Do not register online ifyou are requesting a scholarship.GRADES 4-10Need more College for Kids?Want to extend your fun?Come join us at Club CFK with games, art activities,computers, crafts, snacks, and more! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, ClubCFK will take the ICC Cougar bus to the new CougarPlex Fitness Center.Students will have an opportunity to play on the basketball courts,participate in group exercise, and learn about health and nutrition. ClubCFK is led and supervised by certified teachers. Enrollment is limited,so sign up early. Dress for exercise, tennis shoes preferred.3:15-5:00 pm Session 13:15-5:00 pm Session 2 65per sessionA parent or other authorized adult MUST come to Homeroom 303A to signout their student. Students may be picked up at any time during Club CFK.A late fee will be assessed for students picked up later than 5 p.m.RegistrationOnline at www.icc.edu/cfkBy phone at (309) 690-6900In person at ICC North Hickory Hall, 5407N. University, Peoria. Office hours are Mondaythrough Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Full payment is expected at the time of registration. Class enrollment cannot be confirmedwithout full payment.Registration deadline is one week prior to thefirst day of each session.Cancellations and Class ChangesYou may cancel or change your registrationup to 5 working days prior to the first day ofa session and receive a full refund.NO REFUNDS OR CLASS CHANGESWILL BE GIVEN AFTER THAT TIME.College for Kids reserves the right to cancelany class due to low enrollment. A full refundwill be given for classes cancelled by Collegefor Kids if an alternate class is not available.Discipline PolicyStudents are expected to maintain properbehavior while attending CFK. Parents willbe contacted if a child displays disruptive,disrespectful, or inappropriate behavior. Ifthe behavior continues, the student will bedismissed from class with no refund given.Students are expected to abide by the rulesand regulations of ICC in that no weapons(i.e. knives, guns of any kind, etc.) are allowedon campus. This is a zero tolerance policy, anystudent choosing not to abide by the rules andregulations of ICC will not be allowed to returnto College for Kids. These policies help ensurethe safety of our students and staff.Lunch at College for Kids12:30-1:05 pm Monday-Thursday Tranquility Room (located next to the Cafeteria)There are 4 options for lunch . . .1 Bring a sack lunch. You are responsible for keeping track of your lunch.We do not have lunch collection bins or access to a refrigerator.2 Bring cash and purchase your lunch. May be used in vending machines and the cafeteria.3 Lunch Punch card – cost is 55 per session and has a fixed daily menu for 8 days(see website). Meals include an entrée, side dish, beverage and dessert. Students areserved lunch in the Tranquility Room. May not be used for vending machines or othercafeteria items.Two ways to purchase Lunch Punch cards: Online when you register with a credit card Orientation day at the Lunch Punch card table. Look for the sign and we will issue you a Lunch Punch card. Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted for payment.No refunds are given for Lunch Punch Cards for any reason, including unused punches andabsences.4 Pre-paid CaféCash gift card – cost: You choose the amount to put onto the pre-paid card.Students use the card to buy their own choice of lunch from the cafeteria and take their lunchto the Tranquility Room. Prepaid CaféCash gift cards must be purchased in the cafeteria. Thismay be done prior to the start of College for Kids or on orientation day. CaféCash gift cardscannot be purchased online. Cash, check, and debit/credit cards are accepted.www.icc.edu/cfk

Adventures and MoreFashion DesignGrades 4-6 Session 1Grades 4-6 Session 2NEW!1:101:10Do you like to draw and design fashions?Learn to draw and design just like the pros.Experiment with different fabrics, trims andaccessories as you design your own fashionline and create garments using 1/4-size dressforms. Take a look at the current fashiontrends and learn about the fashion industry. Ifyou are ready to design and create fashions,this class is for you!Crazy about Candy?Grades 4-6Grades 4-6Session 1Session 2Who doesn’t like CANDY? Have you everwondered what you can create with candy?Join in on the fun to create a candy bouquet,candy airplanes, candy kiss flowers, andmuch more! Create your own candy recipebook to share with family and friends! We willalso make some of our own candy and learnhow candy is made.Grades 4-6Session 1NEW!8:15From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, you will beentering the world of Disney! Learn about thehistory of Disney, play games, create Disneyart and more! If you love all things Disney, thisis the class for you.Move It!Grades 4-6Grades 4-6NEW!Session 1Session 210:3010:30Don’t just sit there – get up and move!Exercise your body and mind while learninghow a healthy lifestyle can help you make themost of your summer. This fun and interactiveclass will explore many different aspects offitness, health and nutrition through classroomactivities, games and more. Please dress forexercise – you won’t be sitting for long!LEGOS , LEGOS, LEGOSGrades 4-6Session 110:30Do you love LEGOS and enjoy building withthem? Did you know that children around theworld spend 5 billion hours a year playingwith LEGO bricks? The tallest LEGO toweris a 94.3 ft-high pirate ship mast made with465,000 bricks! In this class you will learnthe history of LEGOS and have fun buildingawesome new LEGO creations!Summer Fun 101Grades 4-6Session 18:15 or 10:30Come join Summer Fun 101 and make thebest of your summer! From competing in ourvery own Summer Olympics to cooling down2Fun with Arts and CraftsGrades 4-7Grades 4-7Session 1Session 210:3010:30Bring your creative side and learn to make avariety of arts and crafts. Some of the projectsinclude making a memory board, finger knitting, making stained glass pictures and awaterproof beach bag! These projects makegreat gifts – or keep them for yourself!Grades 4-8Grades 4-8Session 1Session 28:15 or 10:308:15 or 10:30Are you feeling crafty? Want to create somefun things to hang around your house? Learnhow to create pop-books, puppets, steppingstones, birdhouses, and more! Students willcomplete one project a day. Students willneed to provide a t-shirt for tie dying.Fun with BalloonsGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Session 1Session 2Cheer Up!Grades 4-8Grades 4-88:158:15Session 1Session 28:158:15Hey girls! Want to learn how to bring it on justlike the cheerleaders in the movies? Learnhow to do jumps and basic cheer movements,as well as numerous chants and a full cheerto take back to your school – or share withfriends! A hip-hop dance routine will help youkick up your dance moves and boost yourconfidence. There will be a performance forfriends and family so you can show off yournew moves! Perfect for those who want to explore cheerleading or just improve their skills.Digital ScrapbookingGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Feelin’ Crafty1:101:10Wild About Disneywith homemade yummy summer recipes,you’ll become a summer specialist. Thiscure-your-summer-blues-class will find youfar from the couch. Enjoy tie-dying, bubble art,a make-and-take yard game, summer fruitsmoothies, water games, and more.Session 1Session 28:158:15We have taken scrapbooking to a whole newlevel! Digital scrapbooking has become verypopular over the past couple of years; it’s fun,exciting, and easy to learn. We will creatememories from pictures that you have savedto a flash drive. We can even scan your pictures during class and upload them into yourdigital scrapbooking pages. It’s that easy!Have your photos saved or have photos readyto scan when you come to class on the firstday. Let’s get started creating memories thatwill last a lifetime.Join the “pop” culture by exploring the funof balloon twisting and balloon sculpture.Balloon twisting and sculpture is a funactivity which also helps children with manual dexterity,self-esteem, and evenstructural engineering.Learn the secrets ofballoon art as aprofessional balloonartist shows you thebasics of twistingballoons into simpleobjects, animals, andcomplex structures. It is a funhobby that can last a lifetime.Minute to Win ItWhat’s (Not) CookingLearn the fundamentals of cake decorating.Learn how to use a piping bag and beginnertools for cake decoration. You will learn avariety of decorating tips to make stars, roses,borders, flowers, and pipe messages. You mayjust be the next great Cake Boss! Studentswill be icing styrofoam and prebaked cakes.Grades 4-8Grades 4-8Session 1Session 21:101:10NEW!Get ready to cook – without an oven. Learn tomake toaster oven treats, no-bake cookies,smoothies, deserts and more. You will learnabout kitchen safety, measurement, healthyfood choices and make your own recipe cardfile. Join us as we learn to cook and createdelicious foods that you can make for yourselfor share with your family!Caution: We will be cooking with chocolate,nuts, peanut butter, milk, eggs, etc. this is notthe class for you if you have a food allergy.Grades 5-8Grades 5-8Session 1Session 21:101:10Do you think you have what it takes to compete on the show Minute to Win it? In thisclass, students will explore some of thechallenges that contestants must face andcreate some of their very own with everydayobjects. Students will create blueprint designsand challenges for one another that they canshare with friends and family at home.Cake DecoratingGrades 5-8Grades 5-8Session 1Session 21:101:10NEW!Strategy SurvivalGrades 6-8Session 21:10Will your colony survive on the newly discovered continent? Would you survive on adeserted island? Will you be able to formkinships and exploit resources? Put yourgeographic, economic and survival skills tothe test with exciting competitions. The funnever stops as we create new twists andturns and challenge each other.Monday-Thursday classes 2 hours 75 (plus materials fee if noted)

A Wedding StoryGrades 6-8Grades 6-8Session 1Session 2Robot Revolution10:3010:30Planning a wedding is a lot of fun, and a lot ofwork! In a Wedding Story, you will plan yourdream wedding. From invitations to a reception hall – you choose everything, and unlikea real wedding, you don’t have to worry abouta budget! Create a dream wedding book toshowcase your ideas and learn how to makesome fun wedding crafts!Film Festival 2013Grades 6-9Grades 6-9Session 1Session 210:3010:30Do you love movies? Learn about creatingstoryboards, casting actors, and producingfilms. Find out what goes into making moviesand create a director’s notebook or a filmposter for a movie of your own! Look outHollywood – here comes the next greatdirector!What Not to WearGrades 6-9Session 11:10Need help pulling your clothes together?Applying make up? This is the class for you!Just like TLC’s, What not to Wear, learnhow to dress your body type, appropriatelyapply make up to enhance your features,accessorize, and learn what colors worktogether. Have fun while learning to be thebest you can be!Computers andTechnologySession 1Session 2Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 210:3010:308:158:15Materials Fee: 15We are experiencing an explosive growth ofrobotics both at home and at work. Join us toexperience this robot revolution in action. Wewill explore three old friends: Spider III, HyperLine Tracker, and the Robotic Arm Trainer.These favorites will be joined by five newrobots to explore: Rockit Robot, Jungle Robot,Wall Hugging Mouse, Soccer Pro Robot andSound Activated Walking Robot. Studentswill learn robot history and do hands-onexploration activities to discover real-worlduses for robots in this exciting age of robotics.Game Maker IGrades 4-7Grades 4-7Session 1Session 28:15 or 1:108:15 or 1:10Have you always wanted to design computergames, but you don’t want to spend a lot oftime learning how to become a programmer?Then you’ve come to the right place. GameMaker is a program that allows you to makeexciting computer games without the need towrite a single line of code. You can makegames with backgrounds, animated graphics,music, and sound effects. Once you get moreexperienced, there is a built-in programminglanguage that gives you full flexibility. GameMaker can be used free of charge, and youcan use the games you produce in any wayyou like – you can even sell them!Computer Aided Design CADStart from SCRATCHGrades 4-6Grades 4-6Grades 4-6Grades 4-6Grades 6-8Grades 6-88:15 or 10:308:15 or 10:30Programming made easy is what Scratch isall about. Scratch is a dynamic programminglanguage that allowsstudents to create animations, games, interactivestories, music, and art.Students will unleash theircreative potential utilizingthe programming tools thatScratch provides. Scratch isdeveloped by the LifelongKindergarten Group atthe MIT Media Lab.Grades 6-8Grades 6-8Grades 8-10Grades 8-10Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 210:3010:301:101:10Students will enjoy activities which includecreating mechanical images that are used incareers like engineering and manufacturing. You will be introduced tothe units of CAD navigation, drawing basic objects, modifying thoseobjects, orthographic projections,isometrics, and dimensioning.AutoCAD will be the principlesoftware used.Computer Programmingwith EtoysGrades 7-10Grades 7-10Session 1Session 210:30 or 1:1010:30 or 1:10Are you a right brain and left brain person?Do you have a need to create and use yourpowers of logical thinking? Then this courseis for you! Here you will learn the basic skillsof computer programming. You will sketchyour own worlds and elements. Then learnhow to program their movements andactions just like the pros. You can alsocreate animated storybooks. If you wish,your finished projects will be submitted toEtoys Illinois, a collaboration with the University of Illinois and Google, to be posted on theWorld Wide Web for all to view. An awesomeexperience awaits you!Robot RevolutionBuildingGrades 8-10Grades 8-10Session 1Session 21:101:10Materials Fee: 70Want to build your own robot? Build your ownHyper Line Tracker robot in June and yourown Spider III robot in July. The Hyper Linerobot will be able to follow a pathway of yourown design. The Spider III robot uses its infrared sensor and sees objects to avoid,changes direction, and finds a new path.Take your robot home with you.Advanced Game MakerGrades 8-10Grades 8-10Session 1Session 210:3010:30Prerequisite: Game Maker i (or instructor’spermission). Advanced Game Maker showsyou how to create several exciting gamesusing new graphics while advancing the skillsyou learned from Game Maker i. This classcovers a range of genres, including action,adventure, and puzzle games, complete withprofessional quality sound effects and visuals.It discusses game design theory and featurespractical examples of how this can be appliedto making games that are more fun to play.Game Maker allows games to be createdusing a simple drag-and-drop interface, soyou don’t need to have any prior coding experience. It includes an optional programminglanguage for adding advance features to yourgames when you feel ready to do so.Web DesignGrades 7-10 Session 1Grades 7-10 Session 28:158:15Give your “techy side” a boost by creatingyour own eye-catching website, while learningbasic HTML coding. Students will markuptext, add images, incorporate sound files andanimated pictures, and link those elementstogether to form a website that is truly fun andunique.ALL CLASSES MEETAT THE ICCEAST PEORIA CAMPUS3

Foreign LanguageAmerican Sign Language IInterpersonaland Study SkillsGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Life Skills for Middle SchoolSession 1Session 28:158:15This class teaches the basics of ASL.Students will learn the manual alphabet,numbers, and common phrases. Studentswill learn ASL vocabulary through games andother hands-on activities. Students will learnabout the deaf community and how to signThe Pledge of Allegiance and some songs.American Sign Language IIGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Session 1Session 21:101:10NEW!This class will continue where ASL for Beginners finished. We will review the alphabet andcommon phrases. The class will use gamesand role playing activities to help studentsunderstand old and new concepts. Studentswill also learn a new song and present it atthe end of the session. We will also watch amovie in American Sign Language.German for FunGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Session 1Session 210:3010:30Speaking German is fun! Conversationswill be a big part of this class with enhancedvocabulary including numbers, time, colors,food, days, month, seasons, school objects,and weather expressions. Listening andspeaking skills are practiced through roleplaying, games, songs, and poetry. Therewill be awards and prizes for all!French for FunGrades 4-7Grades 4-7Session 1Session 210:3010:30Come along with us and becomeFrench for a session. You will experience French culture and enjoy Frenchcuisine. Learn how to conversein French about avariety of fun topics. Play gamesin French withcolors, numbers,the alphabet,and more!Session 1Session 28:158:15In this session you will experience Frenchculture and enjoy French cuisine. Greet andconverse in French about where you live, thedate, weather, school, things you like (anddon’t!), and foods. Learn French vocabularythrough many games. We will also learnabout Paris and what makes it the “City ofLights.” Come explore with us for a session!4Session 2Grades 6-10Grades 6-1010:30Learn important skills necessary for successin middle school. We will role play trickysituations requiring anger management andcoping with bullying. We’ll talk about makingand keeping friends and dealing with everyday annoying situations. We will also practiceorganizational skills which will help get youand your homework to the right place at thesame time. We will discuss how to earn morefreedom by taking more responsibility, learnabout internet safety, and make a plan forinvolvement in school activities and seekinga leadership role in your school. This class isled by a current middle school counselor.Grades 6-8Session 21:10Are you a “take charge” person? Do youenjoy helping others to experience success?Learn how to use your talents and personalityto become a better leader at your school andin your community. Learn about setting goalsand taking steps to reach them. This courseis based on the book, the Seven Habits ofHighly Effective teens by Sean Covey.Work SmarterGrades 6-8Grades 6-8Grades 9-10Grades 9-10Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 2Starving for theHunger GamesSession 1Session 210:30 or 1:1010:30 or 1:10Prepare for the journey into Panem! If youenjoyed the Hunger Games series, thisclass is for you. We’ll look at some of theinspirations Suzanne Collins used in writingthe books, take a look at some examples ofdictatorships throughout history, and buildsome of the things used in The Arena. Comeprepared to dive further into the book thanyou imagined and be prepared for the oddsto ALWAYS be in your favor!Grades 8-10Grades 8-10Language ArtsNot Just for PoetsNEW!Poetry is more than just rhyming words.Learn how to express yourself throughdifferent forms of poetry. You will finish severalpieces of writing and create some artworkto go with it. Become a better writer and discover your inner poet! In an effort to improveyour student’s skills, lessons for this class aredesigned to meet the Illinois Common CoreStandards for Language Arts.Session 1Session 28:158:15NEW!“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary” – Join us as we studyEdgar Allan Poe, one of the great writers ofour time. Explore his writings and discoverthe secrets behind the darkness of his tales.Become a better writer and complete yourown original pieces of work. Lessons for thisclass are designed to meet the Illinois Common Core Standards for Language Arts.Hip-Hop PoetryGrades 8-10Grades 8-101:101:1010:3010:30Edgar Allan Poe8:158:1510:3010:30This course is designed for junior high andhigh school students in anticipation of thefuture. You will learn study skills, strategies,habits, attitudes, and self-awareness that willserve you through your high school andcollege careers. We’ll practice goal-setting,time management, organization, memory,reading strategies, note taking skills, testtaking skills, researching and writing, andlearn to reduce test anxiety.Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 2Expelliarmus! Come arm yourself against thedark arts in a course that explores the worldof Harry Potter with a critical eye. Take thisopportunity to examine everyone’s favoriteseries and see what makes this story a timeless epic. You’ll get to join the house that fitsyour personality, play gamesagainst your rivals, and conjure up spells that bring yourmagical fantasies to life. Wewill focus on “Harry Potter andthe Goblet of Fire,” but wizards andwitches of all experience levels areencouraged to join.Grades 7-10Grades 7-10Leadership TrainingGrades 4-6Grades 4-6French with FlairGrades 8-10Grades 8-10Grades 4-6Harry Potter UnveiledSession 1Session 28:158:15What do Tupac Shakur and Robert Frost havein common? They were both poets!! Do youenjoy hip-hop music and poetry? Did youknow that the two are closely related? Joinus as we analyze how hip-hop music andpoetry compare in motifs, themes and poeticdevices. Examine “classical” poems that aretraditionally studied and uncover how theseare related to hip-hop music. You will create aportfolio of your own original hip-hop poetryand maybe uncover a hidden talent for musicand writing.Monday-Thursday classes 2 hours 75 (plus materials fee if noted)

MathematicsMath Trick or TreatGrades 4-6Grades 4-6Session 1Session 210:3010:30Let’s use math tricks in the kitchen tocreate some treats. We will review fractions,conversions, multiplication, division, and learnto read amazing math “recipes” (story problems). To finish off this class we will eat andmake our math worries disappear.Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 210:3010:308:158:15Do you like to investigate things?Use your math and forensic skill tosolve a mystery. Begin each daywith a Brain Teaser, then get readyto sharpen your math skills! Fromproblem solving, applying basic mathoperations, fractions and basic algebraskills you will be on your way to solvingmysteries and improving your math skills.Junior AchievementMore Than Grades 4-6Grades 4-6Session 1Session 210:3010:30Ja More than Money teaches students aboutearning, spending, sharing, and saving money.Through a series of fun, hands-on activitiesand games, students will learn to manage abank account and identify personal skills andinterests. This class will also connect studentswith possible business opportunities, helpthem learn about market research, identifythe basic steps for starting and operatinga small business, practice making smartconsumer decisions, and learn to recognizedeceptive advertising and the importance ofethical business practices.SportisticsGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Grades 4-7Grades 4-7Session 1Session 21:101:10In this course, students will compute statisticsfor their favorite sports and learn how toevaluate some of their favorite athletes froma mathematical perspective. With a focus onbaseball, students will create a fantasy teamand compute daily scores and statisticsbased on their team’s performance. Studentswill also spend time exploring statistical information for basketball and football, and willhave the opportunity to earn prizes based ontheir team’s performance.Session 1Session 21:101:10NEW!Brush up on the basics – facts, fractions,decimals, and more. Experiment with handson algebra and geometry. Make a math modelor craft and sample a tasty math-made treateach day. See how “magical” and fun mathcan be!Geometry All Around UsGrades 6-9Grades 6-9Math SceneInvestigationGrades 4-6Grades 4-6Grades 7-9Grades 7-9Performing ArtsMath MagicSession 1Session 28:158:15Students will explore basic geometry conceptsand discover how geometry isall around us! We willuse hands-on activities and real lifeexamples to improveour basic geometricthinking skills.Students will havea firm grasp ofgeometry and willfeel more confidentin the classroomafter taking this class.Algebra BasicsGrades 6-9 Session 1 10:30Grades 6-9 Session 210:30Students will be introduced to andexplore algebra concepts using hands-onlearning activities as well as real life examplesto gain comfort with algebra skills. We will firstexplore pre-algebra skills and then introducethe basics of algebra. Students will enter theiralgebra classes with confidence and enthusiasm and parents can be assured that theirstudents will have a good grasp on algebraskills after taking this class.Risky BusinessGrades 5-8Grades 5-8Session 1Session 210:3010:30Buy low, sell high! Meet the Bear and theBull. Wipe those Wall Street blues away asyou learn about business and economicsand invest in your future! Create your owncompanies and participate in a simulationstock market game. Earn play money andthen spend it during a live auction the last dayof class.Broadway BoundGrades 4-6Grades 4-6Grades 7-10Grades 7-10Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 28:158:1510:3010:30Join us for a “Gleefully” fun time in the footlights as we explore the world of theater. Ifyou love the show “Glee” and are interestedin dancing, singing, acting and performing,this class is for you! You’ll love experiencingtheater with fun and games including thespontaneity of improvisation, the body movements of pantomime, basic musical theaterstage movements, as well as learning propervocals while learning performance-basedmusical numbers. No experience necessary,just the desire to have fun. Who knows, youmay someday be.Broadway Bound!Let’s SingGrades 4-6Grades 4-6Grades 7-10Grades 7-10Session 1Session 2Session 1Session 210:3010:301:101:10Join us for two weeks of singing! This will bean exciting opportunity to sing a variety ofmusic, learn healthy vocal production, and improve your own singing voice. This summer’ssession features some Broadway and popularfavorites! You will get to keep some of thepieces that we sing. We will also have a finalday performance to showcase all we havelearned!Stage StruckGrades 4-8Grades 4-8Session 1Session 21:101:10Are you struck by t

From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, you will be entering the world of Disney! Learn about the history of Disney, play games, create Disney art and more! If you love all things Disney, this is the class for you. Move It! Grades 4-6 Session 1 10:30 Grades 4-6 Session 2 10:30 Don’t just si