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Visa Business Card and Visa Business Gold CardTerms and Conditions of use effective date 24th May 2021These conditions apply to the agreement(referred to as ‘this Agreement’) between thecustomer and AIB Group (UK) p.l.c., tradingunder licence as AIB (NI), for using any VisaBusiness Card / Visa Business Gold Card.Within this Agreement some words havespecial meanings:‘Account’ means the Visa Business Card /Visa Business Gold Card Account in the nameof the customer which the Authorised Usersoperate by using their Card.‘AIB Group’ comprises Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c.,its subsidiaries and associated companiesfrom time to time. This includes AIB Group(UK) p.l.c.‘Authorisation’ means our confirmation toa bank or any Outlet that they can accept aCard for a Transaction.‘Authorised User’ refers to a person,nominated by you as an Authorised User,whom you have given permission to useyour Account.‘Banking App’ means any applicationprovided by us which can be downloadedfrom a software application distributor(s)and which can be used for authenticationpurposes as required when makingTransactions, to access banking services orsuch other uses as we may designate fromtime to time.‘Banking day’ means any day of the weekexcluding Saturday, Sunday and NorthernIreland bank and public holidays.‘Card’ means any Visa Business Card / VisaBusiness Gold Card, issued by us to you foryour Authorised Users for the purpose ofcarrying out Transactions on the Accountincluding any virtual or digital versions of theCard registered in a Digital Wallet.‘Card Number’ means the number on thefront of the Card or any digital versions ofthe Card Number.‘Cash Advance’ means getting cash, currencyor a similar facility using your Card.‘Cash Machine’ means any automated tellermachine which is capable of dispensing cashor providing other services associated withyour Card.‘Chip’ means an integrated circuit used in aCard.‘Credit Limit’ means the maximum debitbalance permitted on an Authorised User’sCard.‘Credit line’ means the maximum debitbalance permitted on your Account, asadvised by us.‘Contactless Transaction’ means aTransaction that is authorised by youtouching the Card or Device against aterminal, generally without the need to insertyour Card. Whether this is available or notdepends on the amount of the Transaction.You may or may not have to use your PIN orSecurity Details. Not all terminals can processsuch Transactions.‘Continuous Payment Authority’ is whereyou have entered into an agreement with acompany or service provider for them to takerepeated payments from the Account usingthe Card details.‘Device’ means a mobile phone, tablet,watch or other electronic device in which aDigital Card has been registered or that youuse to access a Digital Wallet, or a BankingApp.‘Digital Card’ means virtual or digital versionsof your Card.‘Digital Wallet’ means any electronicpayment system which stores your DigitalCard for the purposes of carrying outTransactions.‘Digital Wallet Agreement’ means any termsand conditions applicable to a Digital Wallet(as may be amended from time to time)which is either offered by us or by a thirdparty provider in agreement with us.‘Direct Debit’ means setting up a Direct Debitfrom your bank account giving a company ororganisation permission to take the amountsout of your bank account on the dates theyare due, and to amend those amounts whennecessary.‘EEA’ means the current members ofthe European Economic Area as may beamended from time to time.‘Liable’ means to be held legally responsible.‘Our Branch’ means any of our branches.‘Outlet’ refers to any business or individualaccepting a Card as a means of payment.‘Payee’ means the owner of an account towhich a payment is to be credited.‘Payer’ means the owner of an account fromwhich a payment is to be debited.‘Payment Service’ means a cash depositor withdrawal, an electronic payment (forexample a Direct Debit, standing order,credit transfer, Debit Card or Credit CardTransaction) or a Transaction carried outthrough our Online Services.‘Payment Service Provider’ means anorganisation that offers any payment servicesto customers including, but not limited to us,AIB Group (UK) p.l.c., trading under licence asAIB (NI).‘PIN’ stands for ‘Personal IdentificationNumber’ and means any number we giveyou, or any number that you later choose, touse with your Card.‘Principal Cardholder’ means abody corporate, a partnership, otherunincorporated body, or an individual(s) inwhose name an Account is maintained andwho is Liable under this Agreement.‘Safeguard System’ means a system to aid thesecure use of your Card online for example,Visa Secure, as such system or name maychange or be replaced from time to time.‘Security Code’ means the last block of 3digits which appears on the signature panelon the reverse of your Card.‘Security Details’ means any security detailsarising out of any security procedure that wemay require you to follow or use to make aninstruction, confirm your identity or accessa Device or certain functionality on thatDevice (for example, a password, passcode,access code, Security Code, or biometricdata (to include but not limited to, voice or afingerprint)).‘Transaction’ means a Cash Advance, orpaying for anything using your Card, CardNumber, PIN, or any other service you getwith your Card including through the use of aDigital Wallet.‘Validity Period’ means the time during whicha Card can be used, starting on the first day ofthe ‘VALID FROM’ month and ending on thelast day of the ‘EXPIRES END’ month shownon the Card.‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to AIB Group (UK)p.l.c. trading under licence as AIB (NI), itssuccessors or assigns.

‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘customer’ refer to theCompanies/Incorporated Society or SoleTrader/Partnership in whose name the VisaBusiness Card / Visa Business Gold CardAccount is held and who is Liable under thisAgreement.‘Website’ refers to our internet site, InformationAbout us:AIB (NI) is a trade mark used under licenceby AIB Group (UK) p.l.c. incorporated inNorthern Ireland. Registered Office 92 AnnStreet, Belfast BT1 3HH. Registered NumberNI018800. Authorised by the PrudentialRegulation Authority and regulated bythe Financial Conduct Authority and thePrudential Regulation Authority and enteredon the FCA Register (registration number122088).Contacting Us:You can contact us through Our Branch, byemail, by phone, by writing, by text message(if applicable) or by any other electronicmeans. At the date of issue of these Termsand Conditions of use our contact detailsare as set out below. These may changefrom time to time and up to date details canbe found on your statements and on ourWebsite.Our address is:AIB Card ServicesPO Box 333Belfast BT1 3FTFor lost, stolen or misused Cards telephoneus, 24 hours a day, at:freephone 0800 0391 141 or00 44 28 9033 0099For all other queries telephone us at:00 44 28 9024 1822Contacting You:Subject to applicable law, we may contact youin person, by phone (including text messageor push notification), post, hand delivery,by fax, by email or online (for example, viaany message facility available on our onlinebanking or similar systems) or other electronicmeans.If we contact you by phone we may need toidentify you. We’ll do this by asking for certaininformation known only to you.However, we will: NEVER ask you to make payments fromyour Account to any account; and NEVER ask you to provide your SecurityDetails.If you suspect that a call may be fraudulent,or if you are unsure about the source ofa call please hang up and call us on atrusted number found on our Websiteor correspondence that is known to beauthentic, such as a statement. Fraudsterscan keep the original line open and use it togather your details.We may on occasion send you productrelated or marketing surveys via email, if youhave told us you are happy to receive suchinformation from us via email. It is importantto note that these mails will not ask you forSecurity Details or personal information.Always contact us on a trusted number foundon our Website or correspondence that isknown to be authentic, such as a statement.Do not call the number provided on the text,letter or email without first confirming that itbelongs to us.Please visit the Security Centre on our Websiteto find details of specific current securitythreats to our customers and alerts that youshould be aware of.Complaints:If at any time you are dissatisfied with ourservice please let a member of staff in OurBranch (or business centre) know, givingthem the opportunity to put things rightas quickly as possible. If you wish to makea complaint you may do so in person, bytelephone, in writing and by email. Please beassured that all complaints received will befully investigated. You can register a complaintthrough our contact centre, our branches,our Website, by phone, by email or in personat Our Branch. We ask that you supply asmuch information as possible to help our staffresolve your complaint quickly. We ask thatyou provide the following information: Your name, address, Sort Code andAccount Number. A summary of your complaint. If feasible, any relevant documentation.We value your feedback and will try to resolveyour complaint as soon as possible.In the event that your complaint cannot beresolved to your satisfaction you may havethe right to refer the matter to the FinancialOmbudsman Service. You must refer yourcomplaint to the Financial OmbudsmanService within six months from the date of ourfinal response letter. You can contact them at:Financial Ombudsman ServiceExchange TowerLondon E14 9SRTelephones: 0800 023 456700 44 20 7964 1000 (for calls from outsidethe UK)Email: will be able to contact the FinancialConduct Authority if you think that we havenot complied with the Payment ServicesRegulations 2017. If the non-compliancerelates to Cash Machine charging informationor access to a payment account you willbe able to contact the Payment SystemsRegulator.About our Credit Cards:Subject to the Agreement, our Credit Cardservice allows you to pay for goods andservices purchased from Outlets, or towithdraw cash from Cash Machines or by anyother means where the appropriate CreditCard logo is displayed.1 Looking after Cards, PIN and otherSecurity Details1.1 You must only use your Card inaccordance with the terms of thisAgreement.1.2 Your PIN will be sent in a sealeddocument, which you should openimmediately and destroy as soon asyou have memorised the number. Youmay also change it at any AIB GroupCash Machine. Do not choose a PINthat is easy for someone else to guess(such as your date of birth or 1234).You must never tell anyone your PINor Security Details. You should neverwrite down or record your PIN on yourCard (or anything you would normallykeep with or near it) in any way whichmight be recognised as a PIN, or givesomeone else access to a Device youkeep your details on.1.3 Authorised Users should sign theirCard as soon as they receive it. Theyshould take all reasonable steps tokeep their Card and Device safe andtheir PIN and other Security Detailssecret at all times. The PrincipalCardholder should tell us immediatelyif you change your name, phonenumber or address. Cards remain ourproperty at all times.1.4 Authorised Users must not let anybodyelse use their Card, Device, PIN,Security Details or any other codeallocated to them by us or chosen bythem.1.5 Authorised Users must not tell anyonetheir Card Number, except whencarrying out a Transaction or to registeror activate the Card in a Digital Walletor to report that the Card is lost, stolenor likely to be misused. If they wantto, they can register their Card and itsnumber (but not their PIN, SecurityDetails or any other code allocated tothem by us or chosen by them) with arecognised card protection company.

1.6 You or an Authorised User must notgive their Device to other people orallow others to use it as they may beable to access or use their Digital Cardor Banking App.1.7 Before you or an Authorised Userreplaces or disposes of a Device, theymust ensure they delete any DigitalWallet or Banking App from thatDevice. They should also immediatelydelete any information such as a textmessage sent or received by them inconnection with their Card or Account.They must not have any reference(s) toor details of their PIN or any SecurityDetails on their Device.2 Loss or misuse of a Card, Device orSecurity Details2.1 If you or an Authorised User thinksomeone else knows their PIN, SecurityDetails or any other code, allocatedto you by us or chosen by you or theAuthorised User, or if any Card orDevice is lost, stolen or likely to bemisused, or compromised in any way,you or the Authorised User must tell usimmediately. Call us, on the numbernoted in the ‘Contacting Us’ section.2.2 We will accept notice from a cardprotection company if you or anAuthorised User have a Card registeredwith them or from Visa, if the Card,PIN or Security Details has been lost,stolen or is likely to be misused.2.3 You will not be Liable for lossesresulting from use of the Card(other than where the Card wasused by an Authorised User) afteryou have reported the loss, theft ormisappropriation of the Card to us inaccordance with clause 2.1 above. Subject to clauses 2.4 and 2.5, we willbear the full losses in the followingcircumstances:a) in the event of misuse when wehave sent the Card to you or anAuthorised User and you or theAuthorised User do not receive it;b) in the event of unauthorisedTransactions after we have hadeffective notification that a Card orDevice has been lost, stolen or thatsomeone else knows or may knowthe PIN, Security Details or othersecurity information; orc) if someone else uses your Carddetails without your permission andthe Card has not been lost or stolen.2.4 You will be responsible for all lossesincurred where the Card has beenused by a person who acquiredpossession of or uses it with your orany other Authorised User’s knowledgeor permission. You will not be responsible for anylosses incurred: before you received the Card; after notice under Conditions 2.1 to2.2; or where the Card was used to makepurchases online or telephoneor mail order, with some limitedexceptions, unless by someoneacting or to be treated as actingwith your permission.2.5 To the extent permitted by law andexcept as otherwise set out in theseTerms and Conditions of use we shallonly be Liable to you for delay, mistakeor omission on that part or that of ouragent(s) in carrying out your paymentinstructions for an amount up to andincluding face value of your instructiontogether with any related interest andcharges. We shall not be Liable to youfor any other claims, demands, losses,cost, liability or expenses (includinglegal costs). For the avoidance of doubtwe shall not be Liable to you for anyindirect, consequential, special oreconomic loss or damage as a resultof any delay, mistake or omissionon our part or that of our agent(s) incarrying out your payment instruction.This clause does not affect yourrights under the Payment ServicesRegulations 2017, or any other law,relating to unauthorised Transactionsor incorrectly executed Transactions(for example, instructions not followedcorrectly or Transactions not carriedout properly).2.6 If there is an unauthorised Transactionon an Account, you and any otherAuthorised Users must co-operate withus, and if applicable the police, in anyinvestigations. You and any other Authorised Usersmust give us all the information you orthey have regarding the circumstancesof the lost, stolen or misused Card orAccount or the disclosure of the PINor other Security Details. If we suspectthat a Card has been lost, stolen ormight be misused, or that the PIN orSecurity Details have been disclosed,we can give the police any informationthey think is relevant. If we can show that you or anyAuthorised User has acted fraudulentlyin relation to a Transaction that you tellus is unauthorised, we will not refundyou the amount of that Transaction,nor any related interest and charges.2.7 Once a Card has been reported lost,stolen or likely to be misused, it cannotbe used again. If found, it must be destroyed bycutting through the Chip.3Use of a Card3.1 Any Credit Limit on the Account will beset by us. We may vary this limit at anytime. You may tell us, at any time, thatyou want to reduce your limit or thelimit of an Authorised User. If you askus to increase your limit or the limit ofan Authorised User, this shall be at ourdiscretion. You can contact us on thenumber noted in the ‘Contacting Us’section.3.2 The Card may be used only withinthe Validity Period shown on it, andonly when its use would not resultin excesses to the Credit Limit forAuthorised Users and/or the Creditline on your Account. The Card maynot be used if it has been cancelled orsuspended by us.3.3 In assessing whether your Credit lineor the Credit Limit for AuthorisedUsers has been exceeded, in additionto the balance of the Account andthe individual Authorised Userbalances, we may also take accountof Transactions which we haveauthorised but which have not yetbeen charged, including estimatedamounts.3.4 When necessary we may giveAuthorised Users a replacement Cardand/or PIN, but we will not issue anymore Cards on your Account if you askus not to do so. You may contact us onthe number noted in the ‘ContactingUs’ section.3.5 New cards may be issued by us to youfrom time to time. Before the new Cardis used, we may require the user totake an extra step to activate it and ifrequired, we will send details on howto do this with the Card.4Transactions and charges4.1 The Card can be used in the followingways:a) in conjunction with the PIN forpoint of sale Transactions, orTransactions using a Cash Machine;b) for Transactions by mail, telephone,mobile phone or other portabledevice, online or by use of aSafeguard System (including theuse of a Digital Card through aDigital Wallet);c) a Card or a Device can be usedto make a Contactless Transactionwithout using the Chip and PIN

or Security Details. Informationabout Contactless Transactions(for example monetary limits) areavailable on our website at or by contacting us as setout in the Contacting Us’ sectionof these Conditions. Some limitsmay not be disclosed for securitypurposes;d) use of the Card is subject toTransaction and daily limits as setby us. You can contact us to agreespending limits for using your Cardonline, subject to our Transactionand daily limits. Our contact detailsare set out in the Contacting Us’section;e) when requested, if you or anAuthorised User are unable toprovide your PIN, Security Detailsor complete any authenticationprocess, we may decline toauthorise the Transaction.4.2 Charges will be levied in accordancewith the details published from time totime and will be advised to you at theoutset of this Agreement. If the chargesare to be varied at any time we willadvise you in writing or any other waywe have agreed to contact you, givingyou at least two months’ notice beforethe new charges take effect (unless,by law or regulation, we are able togive you shorter notice). On receipt ofsuch notification you may terminatethis Agreement in accordance withconditions 10.4 and 10.5 of these Termsand Conditions of use.4.3 The amount of each Transaction willbe debited to your Account even if youor an Authorised User are in breach ofthis Agreement or it has ended.4.4 You cannot stop or reverse aTransaction that has been madeusing the Card or Card Number oncethe Transaction has been completed(whether or not a PIN or SecurityDetails were entered, signed a voucheror by way of Contactless Transaction)as we guarantee the payment.4.5 If you have recurring Transactions(also known as ‘Continuous PaymentAuthorities’) set up on your Card(such as broadband or magazinesubscription) and you wish to cancelthem, you can do so by contacting usup to the last business day before thepayment is due to leave your Account.You should also contact the companyor service provider to advise themthat you are cancelling the recurringTransaction. All Cards are automaticallyenrolled in a card updater service withVisa. This service allows participatingOutlets to access Card details throughVisa so they can continue to processa Transaction, recurring or otherwise.As not all Outlets participate in thisservice, you should still notify eachOutlet when the Card details or thestatus of the Account changes. If you do not notify the Outlet, theAccount may or may not still becharged. You are responsible formaking sure the Outlet has the newCard details to process a Transaction.If you would like to opt out of thecard updater service, please contactus using the details set out in the Contacting Us’ section of theseConditions.4.6 When an Authorised User wants tomake a Transaction online, we mayneed to confirm it’s the AuthorisedUser before the Transaction can beauthorised. We’ll do this by usinga Safeguard System and may alsouse an authentication service. TheCard is automatically enrolled fora Safeguard System, however theAuthorised User may need to registerfor an authentication service. Thisauthentication service will requirethe Authorised User to enter theirSecurity Details to identify themselves,for example, using a Banking App,or any other way made available byus. If we ask the Authorised User toidentify themselves and they can’tor they don’t follow the instructionsfor the Safeguard System or theauthentication service, we will take itthat their Transaction is not authorisedand it will not go ahead. For thisreason, it is important to ensure thatthe personal information we holdabout the Authorised User is up-todate (for example their mobile phonenumber and email address). To findout more about this please go to If we have reason to believe that:a) the security of the Card, Account,Security Details or Device iscompromised;b) the Card, Account, Security Detailsor Device could be used to commitfraud, or by someone who doesnot have authority to use it;c) the Transaction seems unusualcompared with the way you or anAuthorised User normally use theAccount, Card or Device;d) in the case of a Payment Servicethat offers you credit there is asignificantly increased risk that youmay not be able to pay back themoney you have borrowed; ore) the Transaction would damage ourreputation, then we may take whatever actionwe consider appropriate, includinginvestigating, intercepting, refusingor delaying payments to or from yourAccount or declining to authoriseTransactions on the Account for anyvalid reason (for example, where wemay suspect fraud, money laundering,terrorism, if we believe we have beenprovided with incorrect information orwe have concerns about the security ofyour Account). We may contact you tosatisfy ourselves in relation to the natureof the Transaction or payment on theAccount.4.8 Where applicable, unless to do sowould be a breach of security or beagainst the law, we will try to contactyou before we take a decision todecline a Transaction, but it may notalways be possible for us to do so.Please refer to the ‘Contacting You’section for the ways in which we cancommunicate with you. If we contactyou by text message you may be askedto confirm a Transaction by respondingto the text message with a ‘Y’ or ‘N’reply. The text message will come from 447537414900. This is a numberfor texting only and it won’t answerif you ring it. This text message fromus will not ask you for any personalinformation, account numbers, PINor other Security Details. If you arenot happy to answer the text, contactus on a trusted number found onour Website or correspondence thatis known to be authentic, such as astatement. If you do not have a mobilephone or your phone does not receivetext messages, we will try to call you.If we are unable to make contact withyou by phone we will send you a letterasking that you contact us.4.9 You are Liable (except as mentioned incondition 2) for payment of:a) all Transactions, andb) all interest and charges as advisedto you and as amended from timeto time, andc) all losses and reasonable costswhich we incur because of anybreach of this Agreement.4.10 Where a Card is used for a CashAdvance facility, a Transaction charge

is applied to each Cash Advance and isdebited to your Account on the samedate as the Cash Advance.4.11 The amount of any non-sterlingTransaction will be converted tosterling at the rate of exchangeapplicable on the date the Transactionis debited to the Account inaccordance with the procedures of Visaand accordingly the date of conversionmay not be the date of the Transaction.We have no control over when theTransaction will actually be processedby Visa. For Transactions within theEEA, we provide a comparison by wayof percentage mark-up between (i)our rate which is made up of the CardScheme exchange rate for that day inaddition to our currency conversionfee, and (ii) the European CentralBank foreign exchange rate. This isavailable on our website as outlined above, this may not bethe actual rate that will be applied asexchange rates may fluctuate betweenthe date of a Transaction and the dateon which the Transaction amount isdebited to the Account. In addition tothe fees and charges advised to you,you may also be charged a Transactionfee by the local bank which processesthe Transaction. Our contact details areset out in the ‘Contacting Us’ section. We have no control over third partiesthat might apply a charge to you forprocessing the Transaction or whoconvert the local currency into sterlingand charge for doing this. We alsohave no control over the rates theymay apply.4.12 Payments for goods and servicesordered by mail, telephone, online orother electronic means may require, insome instances, a Security Code.4.13 When you make a Transaction usingyour Card, the balance on yourAccount will usually be increasedimmediately by the amount of theTransaction. Sometimes, an Outlet (forexample a self-service petrol stationor a hotel) may obtain a specificpre-authorisation for an amountagreed with you. This may reduceyour available credit, although thatpre-authorised amount may only becharged by the hotel or petrol stationto your Account where you haveobtained goods or services to thevalue of the pre-authorised amount.Once the Outlet instructs us to, we willremove the pre-authorised amount assoon as possible. We recommend that you review yourAccount details online on a regularbasis. Please contact us if you have anyqueries.5Refunds and non-acceptance5.1 If a Transaction is unsatisfactory andthe Outlet agrees to give you a refund,the Outlet must issue a refund to yourCard. Once the refund is received byus the amount will be credited to yourAccount. For non-sterling Transactionsthe amount actually credited to yourAccount may, following deduction ofrelevant fees and charges, differ fromthe original amount of the Transactioncarried out on your Account. Wewill not accept any other method ofrefund. Unless the law says otherwise,you cannot use a claim you have madeagainst an Outlet as a defence or claimagainst us.5.2 We cannot be held Liable (whether ornot you or an Authorised User make ortry to make the Transaction) for:a) any person failing or taking longerthan expected to accept the Card,Device or Card Number, orb) the way in which any other personcommunicates that they failedor took longer than expected toaccept the Card, Device or CardNumber or refused to authorise aTransaction; orc) the publication of a refusal ofAuthorisation of any Transaction.5.3 Refunds are not treated as paymentsmade to your Account and thereforewill not be reflected in the currentamount due for settlement. Theamount due, which is advised to you,should be settled in the normal wayand will be recognised and taken intoaccount on your next statement.5.4 You should carefully examine allstatements and any other Accountinformation received by youor accessed by you online andimmediately report any disputedTransactions, errors or omissions to us.We recommend that you review yourAccount details on a regular basis. Inthe event you have a query concerninga Transaction on your Account pleasecontact us immediately. Our contactdetails are set out in the ‘Contacting Us’section.5.5a) You must notify us without unduedelay on becoming aware ofany unauthorised or incorrectlyexecuted Transaction on yourAccount. Where you are not Liableunder condition 2.4 and you notifyus without undue delay we willrefund you the amount of anypayment debited to your Accountwhich was not authorised by youand restore your Account to thestate it would have been in had theTransaction not taken place.b) Where you have given your Carddetails to an Outlet and at thetime you do not know the exactamount that will be debited fromyour Account (for example to booka hotel room or hire a car) you maybe entitled to a refund if:i. the authorisation you gave didnot specify the exact amount ofthe payment; andii. the payment made fromyour Account was more thanreasonably expected, takinginto account your previousspending pattern, the Terms andConditions of use of your Accountor Card and the circumstancessurrounding the payment. To apply for a refund in thesecircumstances, you must tell us withoutundue delay if both of the abovehappen and, in any case, no later thaneight weeks after the amount is takenfrom your Account.5.6 If condition 5.5 (b) applies, we willrefund you within 10 Banking daysof your request or of receiving anyinformation we ask you to provideto us. If we refuse your request for arefund we will inform you of this withinthe same timeframe along with ourreasons.You are not entitled to a refund if:a) you gave the Payment ServiceProvider direct permission to carryout the Transaction; andb) the Payment Service Provider gaveyou information on the Transaction,or made that information availableto

Business Card / Visa Business Gold Card Account is held and who is Liable under this Agreement. ‘Website’ refers to our internet site, General Information About us: AIB (NI) is a trade mark used under licence by AIB Group (UK) p.l.c. incorporated in Northern Ireland. Registe

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