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Owner’s ManualSUPER-SAVER XL HEATERTMAgricultural Building Heater – Direct Spark IgniterMODELBTUHkWSS-225-XL-120225,00065.9 Direct Spark Ignition Wash Down DesignFOR YOUR SAFETYFOR YOUR SAFETYIf you smell gas:1. Open windows2. Don’t touch electrical switches3. Extinguish any open flames4. Immediately call your gas supplierDo not store or use gasoline or anyflammable vapors and liquids in thevicinity of this or any other applianceCONSIGNES DE SECURITECONSIGNES DE SECURITESi vous sentez une odeur de gaz:1. Ouvrez les fenetres2. Ne touchez pas aux interrupteurs electriques3. Etegnex toute flamme hue4. Contactez immediatement votre compangiede gazII es interdit d′utiliser des liquidesinflammables ou degageant desvapeurs inflammables, a proximitede tout appareil fonctionnant au gazRetain Instructions For Future ReferenceHIRED-HAND, INC. 1733 County Road 68 Bremen, AL 35033 USA Phone 256-287-1000 Fax 256-287-2000Manual Part No. 4801-3031 Rev 6-09

!GENERAL HAZARD WARNINGFailure to comply with precautions and instructions provided with thisheater can result in death, serious bodily injury and property loss ordamage from hazards of fire, explosion, burn, asphyxiation, carbonmonoxide poisoning, and/or electrical shock. If you need assistance orheater information such as an instruction manual, labels, etc. contact themanufacturer.!WARNINGKeep solid combustibles, such as building materials, paper orcardboard, feathers, and dust a safe distance away from the heater asrecommended by the instructions. Never use the heater in spaces whichcontain or may contain volatile airborne combustibles, or products suchas gasoline, solvents, paint thinner, dust particles, or unknownchemicals. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a fire orexplosion, property damage, personal injury or loss of life.!WARNINGNot for home or recreational vehicle use. Installation of this heater in ahome or recreational vehicle may result in a fire or explosion, propertydamage, personal injury or loss of life.!WARNINGProper gas supply pressure must be provided to the inlet of the appliance.Refer to rating plate for proper gas supply pressure, gas pressure inexcess of the maximum inlet pressure specified at the appliance inlet cancause fires or explosions, leading to the serious injury, death, buildingdamage or loss of livestock.USE OF EQUIPMENTThe intended use of this appliance is the heating of agricultural animalconfinement buildings.ELECTRICALThe electrical connections and grounding of the appliance shall be incompliance with the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70.Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 2 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater

Table Of Contents1. And Requirements.4Warnings And Cautions .5Maintenance And Warranty .6Installation.7User Instructions.8Outside Mount (Optional).9Component And Wiring Diagram .10Ladder Type Schematic Diagram .11Servicing Instructions.12Pipe Sizing Guidelines.17Parts & Assemblies.19Be Sure To Check Delivery!Locate packing slip and make sureall of the listed parts are enclosed.If not, call your Hired-HandDistributor immediately.HEATER DIMENSIONSWEIGHT130 lb. (60 kg)Gas Leak Testing SolutionAdjustable WrenchHEIGHT30 in. (76.2 cm)WIDTH24-1/2 in. (62.2 cm)DEPTH19-1/4 in. (48.9 cm)1/4″ (7 mm)Nut DriverPipe GlueInstall screw hooks with hammer or drill.MINIMUM CLEARANCESHeater must be located a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) from ceiling, a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) from wall,a minimum of 20 inches (305 mm) from ground, and positioned so that livestock are unable to come in contact withheater or within 10 feet (3 meters) of hot air discharge. (See Figure 1 - Installation Instructions).1.Specifications And RequirementsModel No.SS-225-XLLP/PropaneGasNaturalGasMaximum InputVentilation225,000 BTUH (65.9 kW)(air required to support combustion)1000 CFM (1699 m3/hr)Maximum 14 in. W.C. (34.8 mbar) and minimum 12.5 in. W.C. (31.1 mbar) inlet gas supplypressure acceptable at gas regulator connection. Burner manifold pressure 11 in. W. C. (27.4mbar) at maximum input. Gas pressure should be checked by a certified gas technician whileheater is in operation.Maximum 14 in. W.C. (34.8 mbar) and minimum 5 in. W.C. (12.5 mbar) inlet gas supply pressureacceptable at gas regulator connection. Burner manifold pressure of 3.5 in. W. C. (8.7 mbar) atmaximum input. Gas pressure should be checked by a certified gas technician while heater is inoperation.Refer to heater ratings plate for unit voltage, amperage, and frequency ratings.Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 3 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater

2.Warnings and Cautions!WARNINGWhen Heater Is Connected To Remote ThermostatHeater May Start At Any Time!ELECTRICAL GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONSThis appliance requires a three prong (grounding) plugfor your protection against electrical shock and should be pluggeddirectly into a properly grounded three-prong must comply with all local, state, and national codes. In the absence of Local codes,in accordance with CAN1-B149.1 or .2. Installation Codes (Canada).Follow safety, maintenance, and test firing instructions packaged with Heater.Refer to model specifications label for gas type (LP or Natural Gas).Check all connections for gas leaks.Gas supply and regulator must be installed outside building.The hose assembly should be protected from traffic, building materials, and any contact with hotsurfaces both during use and while in storage.Do not open doors, or move or handle heater while hot, burning, or connected to power supply.Turn power off before servicing. (Heater may start at any time if power is connected).Heater is not recommended for heating human living quarters.Not to be used for heating where flammable liquids and vapors are stored or used.Inadequate gas volume and (or) pressure will directly influence the combustion efficiency of theheater. Adequate gas volume and (or) pressure is the responsibility of the installer.Adequate ventilation must be provided.Combustion and ventilation air must not be obstructed.Not for use with duct work other than types provided by manufacturer.Position heater properly before use. Heater must be level and in accordance with minimumclearances.For safety, this heater is equipped with air flow proving switch and manual-reset high limit switch.Keep temperature of fuel containers below 100 F (37.8 C). Containers must be installedoutside building.Heater must not be operated for one hour following wash-down.Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 4 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater

3.Maintenance and WarrantyMAINTENANCE1.The appliance area should be kept clear & free from combustible materials, gasoline and otherflammable vapors, and liquids.2The flow of combustion and ventilation air must not be obstructed.3.Your Super Saver XL Heater should be inspected before each use, and at least annually by a qualifiedservice person.4.The hose should be visually inspected prior to each use of the heater. If it is evident there is excessiveabrasion or wear or the hose is cut, it must be replaced prior to the heater being put into operation.The replacement hose assembly shall be that specified by the manufacturer. (See parts list).5.Inspect heater and gas connections periodically for gas leaks with an approved gas leak testingsolution (soap and water work well).6.Keep heater clean at all times.A.Open doors and blow out dust with high pressure air hose. Be sure interior of burnerand flared end are kept clean.B.Burner orifice and direct spark ignition assembly must be kept clean and free ofcarbon build-up.C.Check blower wheel regularly for dust accumulation and clean periodically formaximum airflow.D.Thermostat coils must be kept clean to assure proper temperature control.E.Heater must be cool before wash down. Do not operate heater for one hour followingwash-down.DISCLAIMERThis appliance rating is based on the use of ANSI LC-2 test gases including LP (2500 BTU/ft3,93.15 MJ/m3) and natural gas (1075 BTU/ft3, 40 MJ/m3). Hired-Hand, Inc. makes no guaranteesregarding the proper operation of this appliance when these conditions are not met.Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 5 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater

Limited Warranty4.WarrantyThe GSI Group, LLC. (“GSI”) warrants products which it manufactures to be free of defects inmaterials and workmanship under normal usage and conditions for a period of 12 months aftersale to the original end-user or if a foreign sale, 14 months from arrival at port of discharge,whichever is earlier. The end-user’s sole remedy (and GSI’s only obligation) is to repair orreplace, at GSI’s option and expense, products that in GSI’s judgment, contain a material defect inmaterials or workmanship. Expenses incurred by or on behalf of the end-user without priorwritten authorization from the GSI Warranty Group shall be the sole responsibility of the end-user.Warranty Extensions: The Limited Warranty period is extended for the following products:AP Fans andFlooringCumberlandFeeding/WateringSystemsGrain SystemsGrain SystemsFarm FansZimmermanProductPerformer Series Direct DriveFan MotorAll Fiberglass HousingsAll Fiberglass PropellersFeeder System Pan AssembliesFeed Tubes (1.75" & 2.00")Centerless AugersWatering NipplesGrain Bin Structural DesignPortable & Tower DryersPortable & Tower Dryer Framesand Internal Infrastructure †Warranty Period3 YearsLifetimeLifetime5 Years **10 Years *10 Years *10 Years *5 Years2 Years5 Years* Warranty prorated from list price:0 to 3 years – no cost to end-user3 to 5 years – end-user pays 25%5 to 7 years – end-user pays 50%7 to 10 years – end user pays 75%** Warranty prorated from list price:0 to 3 years – no cost to end-user3 to 5 years – end-user pays 50%† Motors, burner components andmoving parts not included. PortableDryer screens included. Tower Dryerscreens not included.GSI further warrants that the frame, basket and excluding all auger and auger drive components of the portable and towerdyer shall be free from defects in materials for a period of time beginning on the twelfth (12th) month from the date ofpurchase and continuing until the sixtieth (60th) month from the date of purchase (extended warranty period). During theextended warranty period, GSI will replace the frame or basket components that prove to be defective under normalconditions of use without charge, excluding the labor, transportation, and/or shipping costs incurred in the performance ofthis extended warranty.Conditions and Limitations:THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE LIMITED WARRANTY DESCRIPTION SET FORTHABOVE. SPECIFICALLY, GSI MAKES NO FURTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE OR USE IN CONNECTION WITH: (i) PRODUCT MANUFACTURED OR SOLD BY GSI OR (ii) ANYADVICE, INSTRUCTION, RECOMMENDATION OR SUGGESTION PROVIDED BY AN AGENT, REPRESENTATIVEOR EMPLOYEE OF GSI REGARDING OR RELATED TO THE CONFIGURATION, INSTALLATION, LAYOUT,SUITABILITY FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR DESIGN OF SUCH PRODUCTS.GSI shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation,loss of anticipated profits or benefits. The sole and exclusive remedy is set forth in the Limited Warranty, whichshall not exceed the amount paid for the product purchased. This warranty is not transferable and applies only tothe original end-user. GSI shall have no obligation or responsibility for any representations or warranties madeby or on behalf of any dealer, agent or distributor.GSI assumes no responsibility for claims resulting from construction defects or unauthorized modifications toproducts which it manufactured. Modifications to products not specifically delineated in the manualaccompanying the equipment at initial sale will void the Limited Warranty.This Limited Warranty shall not extend to products or parts which have been damaged by negligent use, misuse,alteration, accident or which have been improperly/inadequately maintained. This Limited Warranty extendssolely to products manufactured by GSI.Prior to installation, the end-user has the responsibility to comply with federal, state and local codes which apply to the location andinstallation of products manufactured or sold by GSI.Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 6 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater

5.Installation5.1 Hanging The HeaterChain SuspensionCable SuspensionMount heater with screw hooks and chains so thatback of heater is at least 12 inches (305 mm) fromceiling and wall. Heater must be a minimum of 20inches (500 mm) from floor, and located so livestockand combustible materials are unable to come incontact with heater or within 10 ft (3 meters) of hot airdischarge.If frequent height adjustment is required, usecables and pulleys. Main line cable would beconnected to a winch.Fig. 15.2 Directions For LevelingAdjust cables or chains as requiredto level the heater.Use acarpenter's level to check that theheater is level.Attach FlareDuct ToHeater WithSheet MetalScrews5.3 Installing Dual-Flare DuctFold Dual-Flare duct to shape asshown in Fig. 1. Install Dual-Flareduct to heater exhaust (Fig. 1) asshown with sheet metal screwsprovided. This provides a multidirectional heat flow that may be setby bending flaps.Flare DuctAdjust Flap ToDirect Heat FlowFig. 25.4 Connecting the Gas SupplyFor gas connection (Fig. 2) attachregulator to the Hi-Pressure Line (A)at outside of building.Connectflexible hose (B) to low pressure endof regulator with special brasscoupling. See page 1 for LP, andnatural gas requirements.Gas RegulatorBFig. 2FlexiblehosePart No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 7 of 22AHigh PressureLineSuper Saver XL-120 Heater

6.User InstructionsBefore turning on gas, check main supply valve to be sure it is open (Fig. 3). Be sure to check allconnections for leaks with a Gas Leak Testing solution, (soap and water work well). Check to see if gasvalve knob is in the ON position. If not, turn counter-clockwise until knob “clicks” into the ON position.(This may not apply to all units). Turn on gas by turning ball valve handle into vertical position.6.1 Connecting Electrical PowerMake sure a circuit breaker or similar cutoff device is provided to permit disconnection ofelectrical power to heater for service and cleaning. This heater is designed to be wired directly,with no plugs and outlets necessary. All electrical work should be performed by a certified electrician.The wiring diagrams on pages 7-8 show how to wire a line power supply directly to the heater’sterminal block. If no adjustments are made, the heater will operate every time power is supplied andthe on/off switch is activated. If an external thermostat is to be used (See Component & WiringDiagram), the heater will operate only when power is supplied, the on/off switch is activated, and thethermostat indicates a call for heat.6.2 Starting UpAdjust thermostat higher than housetemperature. Allow 20 seconds forheater to ignite. On initial start up orwhen heater has not been in servicefor some time, heater may requiremore than one attempt to purge airand ignite heater. (IF HEATERFAILS TO IGNITE. REFER TOTROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE).Adjust thermostat to desired housetemperature.Fig. 3To GasSupplyGas Ball ValveShown in"ON" PositionTo Heater6.3 Shutting OFF HeaterShut off main gas supply valve, closeball valve, and disconnect electricalpower.CAUTION!LIMITING EXCESS CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2 )In order to prevent hazardous accumulation of CO2 gases, the heater mustoperate ONLY in a properly ventilated room.Ventilation requirements are given in 'Specifications and Requirements' on page 1.Both installer and operator must ensure that the building’s ventilation rate never dropsbelow the noted limits.Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 8 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater

7.Outside Mount (Optional)Hired-Hand heaters are available in Outside Mount (OSM) models. These heaters are designed to be mounted tothe outside wall of a building. This saves valuable space inside the building and ensures fresh air intake for theheater. If you have purchased one of our OSM heaters, please read the following before installing your new heater. Slide thru-wall extension duct assembly intomounting flange, and secure with sheet metalscrews.11. Place outer flashing seal around thru-wall extensionduct and secure with sheet metal screws to insideof wall.12. Fasten directional duct to extension duct mountingflange, then bend deflectors until they force heatedair in the desired direction.13. To continue with installation of your heater, see‘User Instructions’ section on the next page.Before disposing of the box, cut the installation templatefrom the side.Position template on outside of building where heater isto be mounted. Be sure the template is level.Drill 6.3 mm (1/4″) holes through all 8 X’s shown ontemplate. NOTE: Opening for duct measures 254 mm(10″) width (W) x 254mm (10″) height (H). See Detail A.Locate 4 X’s for thru-wall extension duct and cut fromone hole to the next until opening is removed. See DetailA.If additional support is needed, add support by fasteningtwo 2' x 4' boards on outside of wall where heatersupport brackets are to be positioned. The two 2' x 4'boards are to be fastened to studs inside the wall. SeeDetail B.Assemble heater support bracket as shown in Detail C.Insert thru-wall extension duct assembly throughopening in wall. The ‘varmint’ flap, located inside thethru-wall extension duct, should be positioned as shownin Detail D.Bend extension duct mounting flange into a rectangleand fasten around exhaust outlet on front of heater withsheet metal screws provided.Place heater on support bracket. Support bracket mustbe level before heater is set in place.Detail ADetail BWHW 254 mm (10″)H 254 mm (10″)CAUTION!The minimum side clearance to combustible walls must be 305 mm (12 inches).The minimum clearance between the appliance and rear wall must be 305 mm (12 inches).Weeds, snow, or other materials must not be allowed to accumulate on heater or adjacent to heater. Heater andthru-wall extension duct must be a minimum of 500 mm (20 inches) above ground and out of reach of livestock.Detail C2Detail DLegend1981312311574610Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 9 of 221. Wall (By others)2. Rain shield, included with OSM heater.3. Door, included with OSM heater.4. Mounting brace, included with OSM kit.5. Gas shutoff valve, included with heater.6. Thru-wall extension duct, included with OSM kit.7. Dual flare duct. Use T-duct included with heateror use optional OSM Y-duct ordered separately.8. Extension flange, included with OSM kit.9. Gas hose, optional ordered separately.10. 2 x 4 Framing for Brace, not included11. ‘Varmint’ flap, included with OSM kit.12. Inner flashing seal, included with OSM kit.13. Outer flashing, included with OSM kit.Super Saver XL-120 Heater

8.Component and Wiring DiagramCOMPONENT AND WIRING DIAGRAMCONTROL BOXTHERMOSTAT OPTIONSLow Voltage ControlPiggy-BackDirect Wire ThermostatThermostator ControllerREMOVE JUMPERFOR DIRECT WIRETHERMOSTAT OPTION78INSIDE HEATER120 Volts A.C. 50/60 Hz Single PhasePart No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09Page 10 of 22Super Saver XL-120 Heater


SS-225-XL-120 225,000 65.9 Direct Spark Ignition Wash Down Design SUPER-SAVER XL HEATER Owner’s Manual . Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09 Page 2 of 22 Super Saver XL-120 Heater GENERAL HAZARD WARNING Failure to comply with precautions and instructions provided with this

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