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ELL07 6-12.22-33 (RR1-0897).058/11/0612:36 AMPage 30Penguin Readers Beginning – AdvancedPenguin Readers are a series ofadapted novels and original storieswritten for true-beginning toadvanced students.These graded readers are written atseven language competency levels,each with carefully controlled vocabulary,grammar, and narrative content. The seriesprovides language practice while promoting anenjoyment of reading.CategoriesClassics: American/Traditional A variety of well-known classic novels and short stories insimplified versions, all with carefully graded language. American authors include Louisa May Alcott, Jack London,and Mark Twain.Biographies: Movies/Television These titles allow students to read and understand at theirown language level while learning about celebrities andpopular media.ContemporaryA few subject areas featured in this array of adaptedcontemporary literature and non-fiction stories include socialissues, business, science fiction, thrillers, and humor.OriginalsNew and provocative stories from our own authors provide areading selection to students from the Easystart Level throughLevel 5.Audio Readers Hearing the stories on audiocassette while readingprovides the opportunity to improve pronunciation andlistening skills.“Penguin Readers with accompanying audiocassettesare invaluable in improving reading fluency.Together the book and audiocassette promoteefficient and motivating reading.”Dr. Patrick KennellFlorida State UniversityTallahassee, FL30O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.22-33 (RR1-0897).058/11/0612:36 AMPage 31 6.75 each13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBN13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBN13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNEasystarts — 200-word vocabularyBiographiesJulia Roberts978-0-582-50496-70-582-50496-1Long Road, The978-0-582-50494-30-582-50494-5Tom 0288-3Carnival!*978-0-582-50530-8Dead Man’s River*978-0-582-40292-8Flying Home*978-0-582-40286-7Hannah & the Hurricane* 0286-70-582-35290-8Lucky BreakSong, The*Tinkers Farm*White Oryx, 582-40289-10-582-50531-3OriginalsAnita’s Big Day*Between Two Worlds*Big Bag Mistake, TheBlue Moon Valley*Level 1 — 300-word vocabularyClassicsAdventures of TomSawyer, TheGift of the Magi, 0-582-43286-3House of the SevenGables, TheLittle -X0-582-41668-XBiographiesLeonardo DiCaprioRip Van Winkle and978-0-582-42051-9the Legend ofSleepy HollowTwenty-thousand978-0-582-85494-9Leagues Under the 82-36694-1Michael JordanMuhammad -582-41770-80-582-41778-30-582-42719-3Mike’s Lucky Day*Run for your -30-582-41776-XSix Sketches*Surfer!*Winner, 90-582-42659-60-582-41665-5Story of the Treasure978-0-582-41666-6Seekers, The*Tales from the Arabian 978-0-582-42658-0Nights*Tales from Hans978-0-582-42112-7Christian Andersen*Three Musketeers, The* 978-0-582-42113-4Three Problems for978-0-582-85493-2Sherlock Holmes*Treasure Island*978-0-582-41678-9Voyages of Sinbad theSailor, The*978-0-582-42122-6Washington Square*978-0-582-40162-4Wind in the Willows* 978-0-582-42660-3White Fang978-0-582-41815-8White Fang978-0-582-34273-6White Heron and Other 978-0-582-43049-5American Short Stories, AWhite Heron and Other 978-0-582-34281-1American Stories, AOriginalsBrown EyesGirl Meets Boy*Karen & The Artist*Level 2 — 600-word vocabularyClassicsAnne of Green Gables 978-0-582-52982-3Alice in Wonderland* 978-0-582-42123-3Black Beauty*978-0-582-42121-9Call of the Wild, The978-0-582-42049-6Call of the Wild, The978-0-582-34289-7Christmas Carol, A*978-0-582-42120-2Five Famous Fairy Tales* 978-0-582-42125-7Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 978-0-582-43048- 8Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 978-0-582-34282-8Gulliver’s ngle Book, ng Arthur and the978-0-582-42118-9Knights of the Round Table*Last of the Mohicans, The 978-0-582-42177-6Last of the Mohicans, The 978-0-582-34279-8Luck of the Roaring978-0-582-34370-2Camp, 582-34279-10-582-34370-4Luck of the RoaringCamp, TheMoby DickMysterious Island, The*Persuasion*Prince and thePauper, The*Railway Children, The*Robin Hood*Robinson Crusoe*Room in the Tower andOther Stories, The*Round the World inEighty Days*Scarlet Letter, TheScarlet Letter, TheSecret Garden, The*Simply 1-9ET: The ExtraterrestrialFlintstones, TheHulkJurassic Park 3Mr. 129-9Mummy, TheScorpion King, TheSmall SoldiersStranger than Fiction:Urban 6159-6Nelson Mandela978-0-582-46165-90-582-46165-0Amazon Rainforest, The 5492-X0-582-42655-3Ghost of GennyCastle, The*978-0-582-41800-40-582-41800-3Extreme Sports978-0-582-46168-00-582-46168-5Apollo 13Baywatch: The InsideStoryCay, 82-36401-1BiographiesAudrey HepburnAudrey HepburnOriginalsDownload an Order Checklist from www.longmanusa.com/penguinTitles available as book/audiocassette packages for 9.50*British vocabulary and spelling for books, British accent for audioreaders.31T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 7 7 . 2 0 2 . 4 5 7 2

ELL07 6-12.22-33 (RR1-0897).058/11/0612:36 AMPage 32 6.75 each13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBN13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBN13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNLevel 3 — 1200-word vocabularyClassicsAdventures of978-0-582-42050-2Huckleberry Finn, TheAdventures of978-0-582-34271-2Huckleberry Finn, TheBlack Cat and Other978-0-582-41774-8Stories, The*Canterbury Tales, The* 978-0-582-42114-1Count of Monte978-0-582-42701-3Cristo, The*David Copperfield*978-0-582-41636-9Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde* 978-0-582-42700-6Dracula*978-0-582-42663-4Emil and the Detectives* 978-0-582-42699-3Fall of the House of978-0-582-42128-8Usher and Other Stories, TheFall of the House of978-0-582-34267-5Usher and Other Stories, Hunchback of Notre978-0-582-81986-3Dame, TheIdeal Husband, An*978-0-582-50518-6Jane Eyre*978-0-582-41780-9Island of Dr. Moreau, The* 978-0-405-8999-9Man with Two Shadows 978-0-582-41682-6and Other Stories, The*Mark Twain Short Stories 978-0-582-85490-1Midsummer Night’s978-0-582-85491-8Dream, A*Red Badge of978-0-582-42126-4Courage, TheRed Badge of978-0-582-34265-1Courage, emporaryAmistad*Billy Elliott*Return of Sherlock978-0-582-42697-9Holmes, The*Romeo and Juliet*978-0-582-50514-8Scandal in Bohemia, A* 978-0-582-41639-0Sense and Sensibility* 978-0-582-41689-5Sherlock Holmes and 978-0-582-41698-7the Mystery of Boscombe Pool*Silas Marner*978-0-582-41640-6Stories from978-0-582-42694-8Shakespeare*Swiss Family Robinson, 978-0-582-42664-1The*Thirty-Nine Steps, The* 978-0-582-41641-5Turn of the Screw, The* 978-0-582-41692-5Vanity Fair*978-0-582-42693-1Yearling, The978-0-582-34439-6Young King and Other 978-0-582-42692-4Stories, 85000-10-582-40165-80-405-85000-0Horse Whisperer, TheNotting Hill*Rain 785-40-582-41637-X1-405-80203-00-582-41785-6Road Ahead, TheRogue 691-4978-0-582-51248-0-582-51248-4Martin Luther King978-0-582-77956-30-582-77956-1Princess 7-0-582-43837-3Great Discovery, The*978-0-582-42730-30-582-42730-4Ring, The*978-0-582-42737- 20-582-42737-1Go-Between, The*978-0-582-41920-9King Solomon’s Mines* 978-0-582-42690-0Locked Room and Other 978-0-582-41807-3Horror Stories, The*Macbeth*978-0-582-82999-2Merchant of Venice, The* 978-1-405-84353-91984*978-0-582-77731-6Oliver 582-77731-30-582-42688-XPicture of DorianGray, The*Three Adventures ofSherlock Holmes*Three Great Plays ofShakespeare*Time Machine, 31-405-83349-1BiographiesBeatles, The*OriginalsTitantic!Level 4 — 1700-word vocabularyClassicsCanterville Ghost andOther Stories, The*Doll’s House and OtherStories, A*Emma*Far from theMadding -582-41794-50-582-41764-3ContemporaryCinderella ManClient, 7-6Goldman SachsGoldman SachsInterpreter, o Coast, The*SevenStreet Lawyer, 82-41804-20-582-41804-6Inventions ThatChanged the World978-0-582-85489-50-582-85489-XManagement Gurus*Women in 3046-10-582-45327-5OriginalsDetective Work*Download an Order Checklist from www.longmanusa.com/penguinTitles available as book/audiocassette packages for 9.50*British vocabulary and spelling for books, British accent for audioreaders.32O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.22-33 (RR1-0897).058/11/0612:36 AMPage 33 6.75 each13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBN13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBN13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNLevel 5 — 2300-word vocabularyClassicsJane Eyre*Heart of Darkness*More Tales FromShakespeare*Outstanding ShortStories*Phantom of theOpera, 2-X2001: A Space Odyssey* , 2-45352-6Tale of Two Cities, A*Tales from ShakespeareTales of Mystery andImagination*War of the Worlds, The*Wuthering nmaker, TheTime to Kill, 697-00-582-36412-40-582-36410-80-582-41697-3Pride and Prejudice*978-0-582-41935-3Prisoner of Zenda, The* 978-0-582-41936-0Round the World inEighty Days*978-0-582-42720-4Stories of Detection978-0-582-41939-1and Mystery*Strange Case of Dr.978-0-582-42745-7Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The*0-582-41935-20-582-41936-0Firm, ThePartner, ThePelican Brief, poraryOriginalsStory of the Internet, The* 978-0-582-43047-10-582-43047-XLevel 6 — 3000-word vocabularyClassicsAnna Karenina*978-0-582-44835-3Crime and Punishment* 978-1-405-83348-6Great 3348-30-582-41947-6Les Miserables*Madame Bovary*Moonstone, The*Oliver 582-41822-40-582-41949-2Room with a View, A* 978-0-582-51264-1Snow Falling on Cedars* 978-0-582-41928-5Tom Jones*978-0-582-36414-1Woman in White, The* 6414-00-582-36413-20-582-36411-6Runaway Jury, TheSaving Private X0-582-41983-2Testament, The0-582-43706-7ContemporaryChamber, The978-0-582-36411-0Download an Order Checklist from www.longmanusa.com/penguinClassics OfferTitles available as book/audiocassette packages for 9.50*British vocabulary and spelling for books, British accent for audioreaders.One of each Classics title per level, excluding new titles13-Digit ISBNLevel 1 (6 Books)978-0-582-43706-710-Digit ISBN978-0-13-198749-4Price0-13-198749-6 36.5013-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceLevel 4 (14 Books) 978-0-13-240863-9 0-13-240863-5 85.00Level 2 (37 Books) 978-0-13-240859-2 0-13-240859-7 224.75Level 5 (14 Books) 978-0-13-240861-5Level 3 (31 Books) 978-0-13-240860-8 0-13-240860-0 188.25Level 6 (11 Books) 978-0-13-240858-5 0-13-240858-9 66.750-13-240861-9 85.00Support MaterialsFREE with Purchase of a Classroom Setor downloadable at www.penguinreaders.comPenguin Readers FactsheetCD-ROMPenguin ReadersTeacher’s GuidePenguin Readers Teacher’sGuide to Using Film and TV Provides practical advice and extraactivities to enrich students’ learning. Includes a plot summary and backgroundinformation about the book and author. Offers suggestions for developinglesson plans, setting up a classlibrary, and using the readers as abasis for communicative activities. Contains classroom activities andpractical advice on how to use featurefilms and TV series with graded readers.Penguin Readers Factsheet CD-ROM978-0-13-041546-20-13-041546-4Penguin Readers Teacher’s Guide978-0-582-40006-1Penguin Readers Teacher’s Guide to Using Film and TV978-0-13-027015-30-13-027015-60-582-40006-633T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5

ELL07 6-12.34-44 (RR1-0897).048/11/061:04 AMPage 34䉲All American StoriesUnit Openers include biographical information about the author.After You Read 䉴contains readingcomprehensionquestions, discussionquestions, and anextension activity.Books A, B, and CC. G. Draper Intermediate – AdvancedThe All American Stories series introduces students to thegenre of the short story through adapted classic tales fromfamous American authors. In addition to building readingand vocabulary skills, students identify key literary elements,practice word analysis, and apply critical thinking skills.Contents – Book AThe Gift of the Magi, O. Henry Love of Life, Jack London A Cub-Pilot’s Education, Mark Twain The Tell-Tale Heart,Edgar Allan Poe Of the Coming of John, W.E.B. Du Bois The Lady, or the Tiger?, Frank R. Stockton How I Went tothe Mines, Bret HartContents – Book BThe Story of an Hour, Kate Chopin The Romance of a BusyBroker, O. Henry The Ingrate, Paul Laurence Dunbar A Juryof Her Peers, Susan Glaspell The Whale Hunt, Herman Melville Paste, Henry James The Lost Phoebe, Theodore DreiserContents – Book CA White Heron, Sarah Orne Jewett The Cask of Amontillado,Edgar Allan Poe April Showers, Edith Wharton Rip VanWinkle, Washington Irving A Day’s Wait, Ernest Hemingway A Mystery of Heroism, Stephen Crane Hope Deferred, AliceDunbar-NelsonDale-Chall ReadabilityBook ABook BBook CTaken from Book C4.24.74.9LOOK!For Pricing & ISBNs, see page 37.34O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.34-44 (RR1-0897).048/11/061:04 AMPage 35True Stories SeriesSandra Heyer Low-Beginning – High-IntermediateWith the hugely popular True Stories series, English learnersfrom low-beginning through high-intermediate proficiency canenjoy the engaging “believe-it-or-not” quality of these colorfulnews stories, while building reading, writing, and speaking skills.Each book features: Pre-reading questions. Activities for pair or small-group work. A variety of essential reading skills. Carefully controlled vocabulary and structures. Exercises in vocabulary, comprehension, discussion, and writing.AudioFry ReadabilityAll New Very Easy True Stories2.6Very Easy True Stories2.6All New Easy True Stories3.5Easy True Stories3.3True Stories in the News4.1More True Stories4.9Even More True Stories7.0Beyond True Stories7.2䉱 Readings increase in lengthTaken from All New Easy True Storiesas students progressthrough the levels.LOOK!For Pricing & ISBNs, see page 37.35T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5

ELL07 6-12.34-44 (RR1-0897).048/11/061:05 AMPage 36䉳What A Life! SeriesStories of Amazing PeopleBooks 1, 2, and 3Keyvocabularyappears inbold type inthe readingpassage.Milada Broukal Beginning – Intermediatewww.longman.com/whatalifeWhat A World SeriesAmazing Stories from Around the GlobeBooks 1, 2, and 3Milada Broukal Beginning – IntermediateAudiowww.longman.com/whataworldBoth of these three-book series take a fresh approach topleasurable and motivating reading! High-interest biographiesfocus on unusual facts about famous figures, rather than thetypical chronology of events.Features: Pre-reading questions and activities. Vocabulary exercises — definition and usage. Main-idea and reading-skills exercises. Questions on detail and inference. Discussion, comprehension, and writing activities. Answers to exercises at the end of each book.Unit-opening 䉴photos andquestions draw onprior knowledgeand preparestudents for thereading passage.Taken from What a World, Book 3Fry ReadabilityWhat A Life! 1/What A World 1What A Life! 2/What A World 2What A Life! 3/What A World 3LOOK! Pricing & ISBNs, see page 37.36O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.34-44 (RR1-0897).048/11/061:05 AMPage 37ReadingTitle13-Digit ISBN10-Digit 3-192990-60-13-192986-00-13-192988-70-13-192990-9 19.95 19.25 19.250-13-118265-X 18.50978-0-13-134556-00-13-134556-7 9274-30-13-091814-80-13-184031-20-13-189274-6 18.50FREE 24.25978-0-8013-1089-80-8013-1089-X 18.500-201-34672-9 18.50978-0-13-175173-50-13-175173-5 1693-10-201-69516-20-201-69528-60-13-111693-2 18.50 18.75 1692-40-201-84660-80-201-89882-90-13-111692-4 18.75 18.75 24.25978-0-201-34

White Heron and Other 978-0-582-43049-5 0-582-43049-6 American Short Stories, A White Heron and Other 978-0-582-34281-1 0-582-34281-3 American Stories, A 13-Digit ISBN 10-Digit ISBN 13-Digit ISBN 10-Digit ISBN 13-Digit ISBN 10-Digit ISBN Biographies

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Teacher's Guide with Lesson Planner and CD-ROM . Each lesson is self-contained for the teacher's convenience. From Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary From Word by Word Picture Dictionary ELL07 HIED.030-050 (RR1-0897).04 8/11/06 3:15 AM Page 39. . Longman Essential Activator .

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