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Instructions for invoicesubmission at Nokia1 2021 NokiaConfidential

1. Guideline for orders2. Guideline for invoice submissionTable of content3. Guide to invoice submission channels4. 8 rules to remember for efficient andcorrect invoicing5. Support needed?6. Nokia supplier payment helpdesks7. Mandatory information to be includedin your query to the AP helpdesk8. Useful links2 2021 NokiaConfidential

1.Guideline forordersNokia applies a “No Purchase Order – No Pay” policy. Thismeans that the supplier needs to obtain a valid, systemgenerated purchase order prior to delivering goodsand/or services to Nokia.Only in few limited exceptions this policy may bebypassed. For further information, please reach out toyour contact person at Nokia.3 20212020 Nokia2019Confidential

2.Guideline forinvoice submissionSuppliers can find the correct invoice submission methodfor each country and the Nokia entity by using theInvoice Address Search Tool. In the tool you can also findthe country specific regulatory requirements.E-invoicing is set as mandatory or preferred method ofinvoice receiving in all countries where it is legally allowed.It ensures faster processing and lead time. Please look atthe Invoice Address Search Tool for migration if you stilluse manual/paper invoice methods. Please always submitcorrect invoice to Nokia.In case of questions concerning electronic invoicing, feelfree to contact [email protected] 2019 Nokia 2021 NokiaNokia internal useConfidential

3. Guide to invoice submission channelsThe right channel depends on the type of the purchase order (PO)Purchaseorder typePO number has 8 digitsPO number has 10 digitsReceived in Ariba Network3 4 , 6 or 9xxxxxxx(Prefix starts with 2 zero in case received viaAriba Network)39., 4200 , 4501 , 454 , 501 , 502 , 74 (received via Ariba Network), 82 or 85xxxxxxxx9xxxxxxxxx, BPOxxx or Cxxx - einvoice enabled;009xxxxxxx follow instruction in 1st column,74xxxxxxxx follow instruction in 2nd columnE2Open (WebEDI)AP Portal / Nokia Edicom(Nokia Edicom Portal for Brazil only)ElectronicsubmissionPaperinvoice5 2021 NokiaPlease register subject to region [email protected] [email protected] 3C3 PIP V11.01.00 andEDIFACT NVOIC97A.Send the invoice to the postal addressmentioned on the PO, or find the postaladdress in the Invoice Address Search ToolFor POs prefixed 4501 and 4200 through GXSusing EDI Standards, ANSI X12 and EDIFACTAriba Network (multiple channelsincluding EDI)Email addressesPlease check the Invoice Address SearchTool for country specific email addressesSend the invoice to the defined physical PObox, check the address in the InvoiceAddress Search ToolConfidentialN/A

4. 8 rules to remember for efficient and correct invoicing1Correct billing addressEnsure correct “bill-to” entityand address is in the invoice.For guidance refer toPO/contract/InvoiceAddress Search tool.236Contact for non-POEnsure that the name andNokia contact details areprovided on the non POinvoices.Web-portalEnsure invoice dataentered into the web-formand the attached PDFinvoice copy are matching. 2021 Nokia456Bank detailsEnsure the bank details are thesame as provided to Nokia.Registered suppliers can updatebank details through AP portal.Non-registered suppliers cancontact AP helpdesk for updates.Delivery note (freight)Refer to a purchaseorder/delivery note/uniqueshipping ID number on theinvoice.Updated informationEnsure your currentcontact details (includingemail IDs) stay updated inthe self-service portals.Confidential78Purchase order numberUse correct purchase ordernumber on the invoice. Donot use fully invoiced orincomplete PO number onthe invoice.Invoice contentEnsure all data on the invoice iscorrect and matches with thePO. This includes material codenumber, material description,VAT/TAX ID, quantities prices,payment terms, invoicecurrency, T&C and number ofpurchase order lines.

5. Supportneeded?To check the payment status of your invoices as well asto get user guidelines, please use: Nokia AP Portal Nokia Supply Chain Portal FullE2Openand photographyAriba Network captures attention.screenThe image reinforces the message.7 20212020 Nokia 2021 NokiaConfidential

6. Nokia supplier payment helpdesksTool specific helpdesks for technical and process P PortalSAP Ariba at [email protected] Ariba Help CentreAriba Support Guide8 2021 [email protected]

7. Mandatoryinformation to beincluded in your queryto the AP helpdesk1. 2021 NokiaConfidentialFull name of your company/vendor codePurchase order numberInvoice numberInvoice amountInvoice datePayment receiving dateSubject field of the mail: mention Nokia entityname or codeWithout this information your query cannot be responded

8. Useful linksToolInternet addressAP Portal: For uploading former t/Login.aspxE2Open: For uploading former AlcatelLucent /web/e2open/portalAriba Network: For managing Ariba Invoice Address Search Tool: For searchingthe invoice submission channel and theNokia kia.comNokia Policies: For general Nokia policiesand communications, including s/corporate-governance/policies/10 2021 NokiaConfidential

11 2021 Nokia

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invoice submission Suppliers can find the correct invoice submission method for each country and the Nokia entity by using the Invoice Address Search Tool. In the tool you can also find the country specific regulatory requirements. E-invoicing is set as mandatory or preferred method of invoice