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Name:Practice Test Chapter 4 MA 08Multiple ChoiceIdentify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.Find the slope of the line.1A)32B)23C) 23D) 321

2A) B)35C) D)3553533A) 1B) 0C) 1D) undefined2

4A) –1B) 1C) 0D) undefinedFind the slope and the y-intercept of the graph of the linear equation.5y 7x 21A) slope: ; y-intercept: 271B) slope: ; y-intercept: –72C) slope: –7; y-intercept: 2D) slope: 2; y-intercept: –73

61x 38A) Slope: 8; y-intercept: 3y 11B) Slope: ; y-intercept:3818C) Slope: 1; y-intercept:1D) Slope: ; y-intercept: 3872x y 7A) slope: 7; y-intercept: 2B) slope: 2; y-intercept: 7C) slope: 2; y-intercept: 71D) slope: ; y-intercept: 7283x 4y 203A) slope: : y-intercept: –54B) slope:13; y-intercept:2043C) slope: ; y-intercept: 204D) slope: 3; y-intercept:344

9 4y 2x 20A) slope: 11; y-intercept:2201B) slope: ; y-intercept: –2021C) slope: ; y-intercept: 52D) slope: 2; y-intercept:1012y 2x 9A) slope: 9; y-intercept: 21B) slope: ; y-intercept: 291C) slope: ; y-intercept: 92D) slope: 2; y-intercept: 9Write in point-slope form an equation of the line that passes through the given point and has thegiven slope.11(4, 8); m 34A) y 4 3(x 8)4B)y 8 3(x 4)4C)y 8 3(x 4)4D) y 4 3(x 8)45

Name the word that matches the definition given.12The of a linear equation is ax by c where a and b are not both zero.A)B)C)D)E)F)13A linear equation written in the form y y 1 m(x x 1 ) is in .A)B)C)D)E)F)14runy-interceptpoint-slope formx-interceptslope-intercept formstandard formstandard formslope-intercept formy-interceptx-interceptpoint-slope formrunA linear equation written in the form y mx b is in .A)B)C)D)E)F)y-interceptpoint-slope formslope-intercept formstandard formx-interceptrun6

Graph the line with the given slope that passes through the given point.15slope 2; ÊÁË 1,4 ˆ A)C)B)D)Find the slope of the line through the given points.16(–7, 7), (–1, 10)A)12B) 0C) 2D) undefined7

Graph the linear function using slope-intercept form.17y x 8A)C)B)D)8

181y x 13A)C)B)D)9

Which linear equation represents the graph?19A) y 3x 2B)y 3x 2C)1y x 23D) y 1x 23201A) y x 33B) y 3x – 21C) y x 33D) y –3x – 210

21Match the equation with its graph.8x 8y 16A)C)B)D)11

Write the linear equation in slope-intercept form.221x y –231A) y x 231B) y x – 23C) y 3x 2D) x –3y 23235x y 17117A) x y 55B)y 5x 17C)y 5x 17D) y 5x 1712

Write an equation of the line in slope-intercept form.244A) y x – 354B) y x 355C) y x – 345D) y x 3425A) y x 5B)y x 5C)y x 5D) y x 513

261A) y x31B) y x 13C) y 3x 1D) y 3x27A) y 3x 21x3B)y C)y 3xD) y 1x 2314

28Which chart shows proportional relationship?A)C)B)D)Use point-slope form to write an equation of the line with the given slope that passes through thegiven point.29m 2A) y – 0 2(x 2)B) y – 2 2(x 0)C) y 2 2(x – 0)D) y – 0 2(x – 2)15

30m 2A) y – 4 2(x 2)B) y – 2 2(x 4)C) y 2 2(x – 4)D) y 4 2(x – 2)31Find the x- and y-intercepts of the graph of the equation.y 3x 1A) x-intercept is 1 y-intercept is 3B) x-intercept is 13C) x-intercept is 3y-intercept is 1y-intercept is -3D) x-intercept is -3 y-intercept is 316

32Find the x- and y-intercepts of the graph of the equation.3x 4y 12A) x-intercept is 3 y-intercept is -4B) x-intercept is -6C) x-intercept is 8y-intercept is 8y-intercept is -6D) x-intercept is 4 y-intercept is -333The points in the table lie on a line. Find the slope of the line.A)34 14B) 4C) - 4D)14Which lines are parallel?Line 1Line 2Line 3Line 4A) Line 2 & 3C) Line 2 & 4E) Line 1 & 3B) Line 1 & 2D) Line 3 & 4F)17Line 1 & 4

35Which lines are perpendicular?Line 1Line 2Line 3Line 436A) Line 1 & 3C) Line 2 & 4E) Line 3 & 4B) Line 2 & 3D) Line 1 & 2F)Which graph does not show proportional relationship?A)C)B)D)18Line 1 & 4

C) point-slope form D) x-intercept E) slope-intercept form F) standard form _ 13 A linear equation written in the form y y 1 m(x x 1) is in _. A) standard form B) slope-intercept form C) y-intercept D) x-intercept E) point-slope form F) run _ 14 A linear equation writte