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Journals and Serials ListLibraryVirginia Institute of Marine ScienceCompiled & Edited ByDiane WalkerCharles McFaddenCharles McFadden, Director(804) 642-7114Email: chuck@vims.eduMarilyn Lewis, ILL(804) 642-7115Email: mlewis@vims.eduDiane Walker, Public Services(804) 642-7116Email: dianeg@vims.eduFAX (804) 642-7097Included in this list are current subscriptions as v.ell as titles once subscribed to. The holdings re listed as a string of volume numbers,followed by a string of the corresponding years covered. If one or more issues of a volume are missing, brackets [ ) surround the volumenumber. A dash(·) indicates a run of successive volumes; a dash with no number or year after it indicates a current subscription. Joum:l!and seri.U titles are listed and shelved :l!phabetic:l!ly. Some abbreviations indiute locations other thm Seri:l! shelves: [A&l.] Abstracts &Indexes/Reading Room; [O&CL) Ocean & Coast;ll Law Office; [ARCH] Archives; [RB) Rare Book Collection (Librarim's Office)."Cataloged separately by tide' mems each volume held h2.S a distinct c;lll number. For this number look online or in card cat:l!og. Seri:l!swith c:l!l numbers ue shelved on upper level of sucks. If you find the title you are seeking but not the volume or number, please t.Uk withthe librarian at the circulation desk who will check your request g.Unst the Serials Shelflist and the Sepuates File.,,Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceSpecial Scientific Report No. 132Revised, June 1995

A A A S Observer (suppl. to Science): No. 1·8, 1gBB-Bg ··Ceased publicationA A P G Bulletin: 58·74, 1g74.go ··American Association of Petroleum Geologists BulletinA'lul'quoy: 1·5(1), 1gaa.g2 ··Continued by Ala/kayACROSES Bulletin (National Research Council Canada): 2(1), 1gB6AFS Membership Directory and Handbook: 1gg41g5 ··Look under REF SH203.A49aAFS:··Look under American Fisheries SocietyAGU:. Look under American Geophysical UnionAIBS Bulletin: [1·21·13, (1g51·521·1g63AMU News: Current YearASA (American Sportfishing Association) Bulletin: No. 453., 1gg4. ··Continues SF/ Bulletin with No. 453,1994 ··Merged with SF/ (Sport Fishing Institute)ASC Newsletter: Current Two Years ··Association of Systematics CollectionsASC Washington Initiative: Current Two Years ··Association of Systematics Collections (newsletter)ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts [A&I): 1·7(1·2), 1gB4·1ggo ·· ASFA- Aquatic Science and Fisheries AbstractsAWlS (Association for Women in Science): 18(4)·, 1gag.Academia de Ciencias de Cuba lnforme Cientifico·Tecnico: No. [11·241. 65, [113·1 871, (1g77·771, 1g1B, (1gBO·B11. Ceased publicationAcademia de Ciencias de Cuba Reporte de lnvestigacion: No. 1·64, 67·68, 70, 1gB2·B7, 1gB7·B7; 1gBB(1·1 B), 1gsg(1·12)Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia Proceedings:··Look under Proceedings Academy of Natural Scienceof PhiladelphiaAcademy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia) Notulae Naturae:··Look under Notu!ae NaturaeActa lchthyologica et Piscatoria: 1·, 1g7o.Acta Oceanographica Taiwanica: No. 16·, 1gB6·Acta Oceanologica Sinica: [1·21·, (1g7g·B01· ··Chinese VersionActa Oceanologica Sinica: 1(1 ), 3.g, 1gB2, 1g94.go ··English VersionActa Zoologica Sinica: 30-32, 1gB4·B6Acta Zoologica Taiwanica: 3(1), 1gg2Advance Abstracts of Contributions on Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in India: 1·4, 1g67·70Advances in Applied Microbiology: 1B, 23, 26·27, 31, 1g74, 1g7B, 1gao. 1gs1, 1gs6 . Look under DR1.A38Advances in Aquatic Microbiology: 1·3, 1g77.95 ··Look under DR 1D5.A3Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry: 24-37, ··Continues Advances in CarbohydrateChemistry·· Look under DD321.A3Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry: 15·23, 1g60·6B ··Continued by Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry andBiochemistry·· Look under DD321.A3Advances in Cell Biology: 1, 1g7o ··Look under DH573.A25Advances in Cell and Molecular Biology: 1·3, 1g71.74 ··Look under DH573.A24Advances in Chemical Engineering: 1, g. 10, 1g55, 1g74, 1g79 ··Look under TPT45.A4Advances in Chromatography: 1·30, 1g55. 1ggo ··Look under DD271.A23Advances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry: 1·8, 1g62·B2 ··Look under DP3T.A28Advances in Ecological Research: 1·, 1g62· ··Look under DH54D.A23Advances in Environmental Science and Technology: 2·24, 1g71· 1gg2 ··Continues Advances in EnvironmentalSciences·· Look under TD 1BD.A38Advances in Environmental Sciences: 1, 1g5g ··Continued by Advances in Environmental Science and Technology··Look under TDTBD.A381Advances in Geophysics: 22, 1gao ··Look under GC97.8.L65Advances in Hydroscience: 1· 14, 1g64·B6 ··Ceased publicationAdvances in Marine Biology: 1·, 1g53. ··Look under DH91.A 1A22Advances in Mass Spectrometry: g., 1ga2. ··Look under DD96.M3!58Advances in Microbial Ecology: 1·, 1g77. ··Look under DRTDD.A3Advances in Microbial Physiology: 1·2, 6, g, 12·, 1g67·6B, 1g7 1, 1g73, 1975· ··Look under ORB4.R63Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy: 1·2, 6· 11, 1g66·6B, 1g75. 1gag ··Look under OH201.A2Advances in Parasitology: 1· 12, 14·, 1g63·74, 1g75. ··Look under OH541.A38Advances in Plasma Physics: 2·3, 6, 1g5g, 1g5g, 1g75 ··Look under OCll B.A2Advances in Tracer Methodology: 1·4, 1g63·6B ··Look under TK94DD.A3Advances in Water Resources: 3·13, 14(3), 1gso-1ggo, 1gg1

Air and Water Pollution: 5·10, 1961-66Aix Marseille, Universite d'Faculte des Sciences, Marseille, Station Marine d'Endoume:··Look under StationMarine d'EndoumeAkademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Math-Naturwiss Klasse. Mikrofauna des Meeresbodens (Mainz, Germany):61·90, 1977 ·83 ··Look under Mikrofauna des MeeresbodensAlabama Marine Resources Bulletin: No. 1·12, 1963-77Alaska Fisheries Science Center Quarterly Report: 1992· ··Continues U.S. National Marine Fisheries ServiceNorthwest and Alaska Fisheries Centers Ouarter!y ReportAlaska Fishery Research Bulletin: 1· , 1994· . Continues Fishery Research Bulletin (Alaska Dept. of Fish andGame}Alaska University Sea Grant College Program Aquaculture Note: No. 9-11, 1987·87Alaska University Sea Grant College Program Marine Advisory Bulletin: No. 1·2, 7, 9, 12, 17, 24·27, 30-31,33-34,nd, 1971, nd, 1979,1982, 1986·87, .Alaska University Sea Grant Program Report: 172/1·91/01], [1972-91] ··irregularAlbemarle-Pamlico Advocate: 3(2)·6(2), 1991·94 ··NewsletterAllan Hancock Foundation Occasional Papers (New Series): N.S. No. 1·7, 1978-89 ··Cataloged separately bytitle.Allan Hancock Foundation Publications Occasional Papers: 1·26, 28·29, 1948·64, 1965-65 ··Look underOH301.L742Allan Hancock Foundation Technical Reports: No. 1·6, 1978·82 ··Cataloged separately by title.Allan Hancock Monographs in Marine Biology: No. 1·13, 1966·83Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Annual Report: 1987-1990Alolkoy: 6(2)·, 1993· ··Continues A'lu!'quoyAmakusa Rinkai Jikkenjo Contributions (Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory): No. [182·219]; Ser.A [223·361]·;Ser.B [6·671, 1965·70; [1971-921·; [1971·831Amakusa Rinkai Jikkenjo Publications: 1·, 1966· . Amakusa Marine Biological LaboratoryAmbio: 13-17(1), 1984·88American Aquarist: No. 1·, 1993·American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin: 41-74, 1957·1990American Biotechnical Laboratory: Current YearAmerican Fish Farmer and World Aquaculture News: 1·4(11), 1969·73American Fisheries Society Special Publication: No. 1·16, 18, 23·, 1948·88, 1990, 1992· ··Cataloged separately by title.American Fishes and U.S. Trout News: 13(6)·[16·181, 1969·[1971-731American Geophysical Union Transactions (EOS): [20-25, 271-!31 H33l-49, [1939·44, 1946H1950H19521·1968 .Contmued by EDS (Transactions, American Geophysical Union}American Journal of Botany: [35H38H621, [1948H1951H19751American Laboratory: Current yearAmerican Littoral Society Coastal Reporter: Current YearAmerican Littoral Society Special Publication: 4· 7,12-13, 1966·73, 1985·90 ··No. 8-Cataloged; No.14-SpecialIssues of Underwater Naturalist (v. 19(4} & 20(1}}American Malacological Bulletin: 1·, 1983·American Malacological Union Annual Reports: 16·36, 1950-70 ··Continued by American Malacological UnionBulletinAmerican Malacological Union Bulletin: 37-47, 1971-81 ··Continued by American Malacological Bulletin withvol.1, 1983American Malacological Union Newsletter: 14(2), 15(1), 1983, 1984American Midland Naturalist: 64·!77H791·117(1), 1960·[1967J.(19681·1987American Museum Novitates: No. [9·31061, [1921·941 ··Selected numbersAmerican Museum of Natural History (New York Lerner Marine Laboratory) Bimini Islands Collected Reprints· 8,1966/67.American Museum of Natural Jlistory (New York Lerner Marine Laboratory) Bimini Islands Newsletter: [1·51, 1969-74American Museum of Naturalllistory Bulletin:··look under Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural HistoryAmerican Naturalist: [92·93, 99·1 00]·, [1958-59, 1965-69)·American Scientist: 32(4]·, 1944·American Shore and Beach Preservation Newsletter: Dec 1987·American Society of Civil Engineers Index [A&I]: 1960-74American Society of Civil Engineers. Journal of .:··look under Journal of {division name} (ASCE}, ex.

Journal of Geotechnical Engineering (ASCEJAmerican Society of Limnology and Oceanography Special Publications: 1·2, 4·7, 12·23, 1936·37, 1940·41, 1943·55American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Special Symposia: 1, 1972 ··look under OH541.5.F7SBAmerican Society of Parasitologists Program and Abstracts Annual Meeting: 58th, 1983American Society of Plant Physiologists Workshop Summaries: 1·3, 1982·84American Water Works Association Journal: 50[511·60; 1958[19591·1968American Zoologist: 1·, 1961·Amsterdam Universitet Zoologisch Museum Bulletin: [3·51·, [1973·761·Anadromous Fish Law Memo: Issue 34·50, 1985·90 ··Ceased publicationAnales Cientificos (La Molina, Peru): 161, 9·[111. [19681. 197 H19731Anales del Centro de Ciencias del Mary Limnologia (Mexico): 1·5, 6(2), 197 4· 78, 1979 ··Continued by Analesdellnstituto de Ciencias del Mary limnologia Universidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoAnales dellnstituto de Ciencias del Mary Limnologia Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico: 8·12, 1981·85Anales dellnstituto de Investigaciones Marinas de "Punta de Betin" Supplemento: Suppl. No.1, 1977, No.2, 1983An ales dellnstituto de Investigaciones Marinas de "Punta de Betin": No.9·, 1977· ··Continues Mitteilungenaus dem lnstituto Colombo·Aieman de Investigaciones Cientificas "Punta de Betin"Analytica Chimica Acta: 33·158H1241·129,131·137,139·166, 2·1984,1992Analytical Biochemistry: 2·13·20H1 05)·, 1961·11962·1967H1980H1988)·Analytical Chemistry: 1· , 1929·Animal Behaviour Monographs: 1·6(3), 1968·73Animal Behaviour Supplement: 1, 1964Animal Behaviour: 6-133)·34, 37·, 1958·11985)·1986, 1989·Annales Biologiques: 1·41,1939·84Annales de l'lnstitut Oceanographique (Monaco): n.s.I2·44H47)· .11925·66)-[1969/70)· SUPPL TO 53-58Supplements bound in with tts volume.Annals and Magazine of Natural History: Series 8(15·20), 9(1·6),12(8·9), 13(1·6,8·9), 1915·17, 1918·20, 1955·56,1958·63, 1965·66 ··Continued by Journal of Natural HistoryAnnals of the Cape Provincial Museum of Human Sciences: 1(3·6}, 1984·89Annals of the Cape Provi cial Museum of Natural History: 1·, 1961·Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: 112·1251.11899·1965) in serials stacks; 1130· ),11965·) cataloged. Volume 130, 1965 to present cataloged separately by title.'Annals of the South African Museum: 16·66).1191 0·74)Annamalai University (Portonovo India) Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology Collected Reprints: 5, 1968/71Annamalai University (Portonovo,lndia) Center of Advanced Study in Marine Biology Seminars/symposia: 1964·65, 1969Annual Pittman·Robertson Report:··look under OH541.5.M3A4Annual Report of the Japan Sea Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory: 1972·73Annual Review of Biochemistry: 26·27, 29·, 1957·58, 1960· ··look under OP501.AlAnnual Review of Ecology and Systematics: 1·, 1970· ··look under OH540.A53Annual Review of Fish Diseases: 1·, 1991· ··look under SH171.A56Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics: 1·, 1969· ··look under OC145.A57Annual Review of Microbiology: 1·4 on Microcard, 5·, 1947· ··look under OR1.A5Annual Review of Physiology: 20·, 1958· ··look under OP1.A5Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology: 40·, 1989· ··Continues Annual Review ofPlant Physiology·· Look under OK71 O.A48Annual Review of Plant Physiology: 1·39, 1950·88 ··Continued by Annual Review of Plant Physiology and PlantMolecular Biology with val. 40, 1989Applied Microbiology: 25·30, 1973·75 ··Continued by Applied and Environmental Microbiology .Applied Ocean Research: 111·9 .119791·1987Applied Organometallic Chemistry: 1·5(1), 1987·1991Applied and Environmental Microbiology: 31·, 1976· ··Continues Applied MicrobiologyAqua Farm News (SEAFDEC): 7(5)·, 1989· ·· SEAFDEC- Southeast Asian Fisheries Development CenterAquacultural Engineering: 1·, 1982·Aquaculture Abstracts (ASFA):··look under ASFA Aquaculture AbstractsAquaculture Abstracts (SEAFDEC Philippines): 1979 (N0.1·5) ··look under SH21.A 68Aquaculture Digest lA& II: 15·81·14, 11980·831·1989 ··Split into Shrimp Farming and Mollusk Farming USA .

Located in the Abstracts & Indexes/Reading RoomAquaculture Magazine: 5(6)-[8·91-112-131· 1979·[1982-83)-[1986-87)·Aquaculture Research: 26· 1995· ··Continues Aquaculture and Fisheries ManagementAquaculture and Fisheries Management: 16-251 1985-94 ··Continues Fisheries Management with val. 16, 1985 ··IIContinued by Aquaculture Research with val. 26, 1995Aquaculture: 1-[341· 1972·Aquafarm Letter: 2(2)·3[1 0)1 1985-1986Aqualine Abstracts: 1·4(4)11985-1988 ··Formerly WRC Information·· Located in A&I Reading RoomAqua notes: 14-21(1)11985-92 ·· LSU Sea GrantAquaphyte: 7· 1987- ··Center for Aquatic Plants, Univ of FloridaAquarist and Pond keeper: [32·33)-[36-371·46, [1968-69)-[1971· 73)·1982Aquarium Journal: [18-361 [1947-65)Aquatic Biology Abstracts [A&I): [1·3), [1969-71 I ··Located in Abstract & Indexes/Reading RoomAquatic Botany: 1·, 1975·Aquatic Living Resources: 3(3/4), 4(4), 5· 199011991, 1992·Aquatic Mammals: 11·13, 1985-1987Aquatic Microbial Ecology:··Continues Marine Microbial Food Webs with val. 9, 1995.Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (CD-ROM): 1978· ··Located at WorkstationAquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts: 2-7 1972·77 ··Located in Abstracts & Indexes/Reading RoomAquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts. Part 1. Biological Sciences and Living Resources: 8-21(3), 1978-1991II··Hard copy located in Abstracts & lndexes/Readmg Room; CD-ROM at WorkstationAquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts. Part 2. Ocean Technology, Policy and Non-living Resources: 8-21 (3), 1978··1991 ··Hard copy located in Abstracts & Indexes/Reading Room; CD-ROM at WorkstationAquatic Toxicology: 1· 1981·Aquiculture: 1·2, 1970-79Archiv fuer Uydrobiologie. Ergebnisse der Limnologie:. Look under Ergebnisse der LimnologieArchiv fuer Protistenkunde: 1-96, 1902-43 on MF; [108-112)·, [1965-701·Archiv fuer Uydrobiologie. Supplementband: [26-52)-54, 56-851 89 [1961-771·1978, 1979-1990, 1991Archiv fuer Uydrobiologie: 57-119(3), 1960-1990 Beih. No. 3/4 1966Archiv fuer Mikrobiologie: [381·441[63-661-94, [1961)·63 1[68-691-73 ··Continued by Archives ofI1Microbiology··Archives lnternationales de Physiologic et de Biochmie: 74-88 11966-80Archives Neerlandaises de Zoologic: 1-1411934·61Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics: 113·[120·1211·128, 130-134, 166-207, 268-285(1)1 1966-[19671-681 1969,1975-81, 1989-1991Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: 1·, 1973·Archives of Microbiology: 95-[971-11 0 11-1123-1251·, 1974·[1974H1974H1979-801· ··Continues Archiv fuerMikrobiologieArquivos da Estacao de Biologia Marinha da Universidade do Federal Ceara: 1·8, 1961-68Arquivos de Ciencias do Mar (Brazil}Arquivos de Ciencias do Mar (Brazill: 9·[131·1171· 1969-[19731-119771·1Biologia Marinha da Universidade do Federal Ceara··Continued by··Continues Arquivos da Estacao deAsian Aquaculture: 4[2)· 1981·Asian Fisheries Science: 1·, 1987·Askoe Laboratory (University Stockholm) Contributions:··Look under Contributions Askoe LaboratoryAssociation of Island Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean. Reports of Meetings: 5-12, 1963-?7Association of Official Analytical Chemists Journal:··look under Journal Association of Official AnalyticalIChemistsAtlantic Coastal Plain Geological Association. Field Conferences. Guidebooks: 6- 19651separately by title; look in catalog for number.Atlantic Geology: 25-27, 1989-1991 ··Continues Maritime Sediments and Atlantic Geology . . CatalogedAtlantic Naturalist: [8·241·33, [1952-761-1980Atlantic Salmon Journal: 35(2)·[371·39(1), 1986-[19881·1990Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Annual Report: 1·29, 33-401 1942-70, 1973-81Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Fisheries Management Report: No. 1·, 1981·Atlantic s t tes Marine Fisheries Commission. Marine Resources of the Atlantic Coast Leaflet Series: No. 1·20; 1965·7

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Minutes: 1·16th, 18·20th, 24th, 30th, 33·38th, 1942·1957, 1959·61,1965, 1971, 1973·79Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Special Report: No. 1·6, 8·9, 15·17, 1976·84, 1987·87, 1988·89Atlantica: 1·, 1976·Atmosphere· Ocean: 17(3), 19·20, 27·, 1979, 1981·82, 1989·Atoll Research Bulletin: No.1·9,71·84,86·96, 10 1·126, 128·149, 151·162, 165·170, 172·173, 175·185, 190, 192·219,222·259,273·378, [1951·92]Atomic Absorption Newsletter: [6]·(8]·18, [1967].(1969]·1979 ··Continued by Atomic Spectroscopy··Atomic Spectroscopy: 1·9(1, 3}, 1980·88 ··Continues Atomic Absorption NewsletterAudubon Magazine: Current Two YearsAuk: 83·90, [94]·100, 108, 109(3·4), 110(1·2llndex for v.98·107, 1966·73, [1977]·1983, 1991, 1992, 1993Austasia Aquaculture Magazine: 1(4, 12),2·3(4}, 1987·88Australia. CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) Division of Fisheries andOceanography Circular: No. 5·7, 1969·77Australia. CSIRO. Collected Reprints: No. [15·576], [1941·651Australia. CSIRO. Fisheries Synopsis: No. 1·8, 1963·70Australia. CSIRO. Technical Paper: No. 1·35, 1951·73Australia. Inland Fisheries Commission. Report: 1964·74, 1976·78, 1980·89Australia. University of Sydney. Coastal Studies Unit:··Look under Coastal Studies UnitAustralian Fisheries Newsletter: 24·27, 1965·68 ··Continues Fisheries Newsletter (Australia}·· Continued byAustralian Fisheries . Shelved with Australian FisheriesAustralian Fisheries: 28·, 1969· ··Continues Australian Fisheries NewsletterAustralian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research: 1·, 1950·Australian Museum Records (Sydney): [30]·, [19771· ··Look under Records Australian MuseumBC Shellfish Mariculture Newsletter: [1·31·7(1), [1981·831·1987 ··Issues 5(4}·6(3} titled The BritishColumbia Mariculture Newsletter; Issues 6(4} and 7(1J titled Tile British Columbia Aqua culture NewsletterBacteria in Nature: 1·, 1985· ··Look under ORTDO.B33Bacteriological Proceedings: 49th·69th, 71 st Meeting, 1949·69, 1971Bacteriological Reviews: [1 1·41, [19371-1977 ··Continued by Microbiological Reviews··Bamidgeh: 22·[27·29].(32]·35(1 ), 1970·[1975·77H1980l·1983 ··Continued by Israeli Journal of Aquaculture··Barrier Islands Newsletter: Feb, July, 1988Basin Resource (James River Basin Association): 1(1}, 2(1), 1989, 1990Bay Journal: 1·, 1991· ··newspaper formatBay Watcher Bulletin (Chesapeake Bay Foundation):Bears Bluff Laboratories Contributions: No. 1·53, 1947·70Bears Bluff Laboratories Manuscripts: [1955·641 ·· T volume of separates catalogedBears Bluff Laboratories Progress Reports: No. [12·81], [1952·691Beaudette Foundation for Biological Research Annual Report: 1·2, 4-5, 1958-60, 1961·63Beaudette Foundation for Biological Research Newsletter: [1960·621Beaufortia: 6·43, 1957·93Bedford Institute of Oceanography Biennial Review: 1971·78 ··Continued by Bedford Institute of OceanographyBioReview··Bedford Institute of Oceanography Bio Review: 1981-85Bedford Institute of Oceanography Collected Contributions: 5·8, 1972·75Bedford Institute of Oceanography Reports: [72/1·75/20}, [1972-75]Bedford Institute. Biennial R

Advances in Aquatic Microbiology: 1·3, 1 g77.95 ··Look under DR 1 D5.A3 Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry: 24-37, ··Continues Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry·· Look under DD321.A3 Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry: 15·23, 1g60·6B ··Continued by Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and

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OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL -hp- Part No. 201 C-906 MODEL 201C AUDIO OSCILLATOR Serials Refixed: 0961 A Appendix C, Manual Backdating Changes. adapts this manual to Serials Prefixed: 35146357 and below, 331-, 311-, 308-, 236-, 133-, 006- and serials 1358 to 557 and below.

October 11, 1995 October 25, 1995 November 8, 1995 November21, 1995 (Tuesday) December 6, 1995 INDEX 1 -Volume 12 December 19, 1995 (Tuesday) January 3, 1996 January 17, 1996 January 31, 1996 February 14, 1996 February 28, 1996 INDEX 2-Volume 12 Volume 11 Volume 12 Will Be Published On April17, 1995 May 1, 1995 May 15, 1995

The Journals of Lewis and Clark. By Meriwether Lewis and and William Clark, 1804-1806. Note: These Journals are from May 14, 1804, the day the expedition left the Mississippi River, to September 26, 1806, a day or two after they arrived back in St. Louis. It includes all possible Journal entries of Lewis and Clark. Most of the "courses andFile Size: 4MBPage Count: 1023Explore furtherJournal Entries from the Lewis and Clark Expeditionwww.lewisandclarkexhibit.orgThe Journals of Lewis and Clark, by Meriwether Lewis and .www.gutenberg.orgThe Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition Center for .www.unl.eduHome Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expeditionlewisandclarkjournals.unl.eduJournal Excerpts Discovering Lewis & Clarklewis-clark.orgRecommended to you b

bullock 1984 to 1994 david shephard 1984 to 1995 terry chalmers 1987 to 1995 ronald cotton 1985, 1987 to 1995 rolando cruz 1985 to 1995 alejandro hernandez 1985 to 1995 WILLIAM O. HARRIS 1987 TO 1995 DEWEY DAVIS 1987 TO 1995 GERALD DAVIS 1986 TO 1995 WAL

Abbreviations of Names of Serials This list gives the form of references used in Mathematical R

61-10 Page 6 Serials 0687 & subs w/ optional McCauley Propeller EFFECTIVITY: CIRRUS AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE MANUAL MODEL SR22 15 Apr 2007 B. Propeller - Serials 0687 & subs w/ optional McCauley Propeller (See Figure 61-102) WARNING: Ensure master and magneto switches are off, and ignition key is removed.

A ABBREVIATIONS OF NAMES OF SERIALS J2 2327-0411. †Adv. Comput.Manag. Sci. Advances in Computational Management Science. Springer, Cham. §Adv. Comput. Math.