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Menai Bridge Footway Panel ReplacementWE ARE SPENCER GROUP BRIDGE ENGINEERINGLuke FisherSector Lead for Bridges and Structures at Spencer am proud to be part of one of the most innovative,collaborative and exciting engineering businesses in the UK.We work on some of the worlds most prestigious structuresproviding pioneering solutions ranging from bespoke cablecrawlers, enabling safe working over live bridges, to retro-fitteddehumidifiers, prolonging the life of bridges across Europe.Through our vastly experienced teams of engineers we seek tosolve our client’s challenges by developing innovative, bespokesolutions (both static and dynamic), to cater for the nuances ofany project.By listening to our clients for over three decades we havedeveloped a unique range of in-house services which add directvalue to our projects, from inception to hand-back.We support our client’s teams through optioneering; earlycontractor involvement; buildability; programme optimisation;cost analyses and value engineering to ensure we deliver thebest value-adding solution available.We focus on stakeholder management; sustainability; diversity& inclusion and the environment to ensure we do things in themost caring and empathic manner. In this way we minimisedisruption to the travelling public, the communities we workwithin and our clients.CAPABILITY AND EXPERTISEHISTORIC BRIDGE RENOVATION BRIDGE REPAIR, REFURBISHMENT & MAINTENANCE INNOVATIVE TEMPORARY ACCESS SOLUTIONSPERMANENT UNDER-DECK GANTRIES RAIL BRIDGES NEW STRUCTURESSERVICESSTEELWORK / CONCRETE STRENGTHENING BLASTING & PAINTING M&E AND SYSTEMS INTEGRATION SURVEYS & INSPECTIONSBEARING REPLACEMENT HANGER REPLACEMENT & TESTING A-FRAME REPLACEMENT

EARLY CONTRACTOR INVOLVEMENTJoe DiMauro CEng MICEEngineering Manager Bridges & Structures at Spencer applying our robust Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)processes, we are able to deliver best value for our clients byhelping to shape the most appropriate technical solution forthe project. We have a large in-house design team which worksalongside our construction professionals during the ECI period,making the process seamless and effective.ECI may include the preparation of initial engineering proposalsfor a range of options and then providing budget and programmedata for each solution so that the most cost effective andappropriate design is taken forward. The buildability / safety ofconstruction and the cost of maintenance of each option is alsoimportant - not just lowest initial cost.The ECI approach can yield greater construction cost certaintyand a significantly reduced risk/cost profile than a traditionalprocurement route. It means that construction mobilisationcan commence sooner through efficient transfer of knowledgeand removal of the procurement phase, provided a commercialagreement can be achieved or market testing can bedemonstrated.

Union Chain Bridge RefurbishmentLARGE IN-HOUSE DESIGN TEAMMick Renshaw CEng MIStructE MIMechE MIED FCMIEngineering Director at Spencer contractors in the UK have dedicated multi-disciplinaryin-house design capabilities whereby complex, turnkey projectscan significantly benefit from a bespoke design philosophy.Huge benefits are borne through the efficiencies of internalcollaboration between our construction engineers and civil,structural, mechanical and electrical control system specialistdesign engineers. Our collaboration extends to our clientteams, critical stakeholders and supply chain so that themost sensitive third parties can have ownership of the designdevelopment process.The importance of temporary works design is often overlookedat concept stage. We develop the most efficient, buildable andappropriate temporary works designs at pre-construction stageto ensure they are compatible with the permanentworks design. Our temporary works experience coverssuspended access, shoring of excavations and de-tensioningof hanger cables in addition to other interfaces such as liftingoperations.Permanent works design is implemented in a BIM compliantcommon data environment, making the sharing of informationand hand back as smooth as possible. Our team haveexperience working on both steel and concrete bridges and theexpertise of our in house mechanical engineers means we areequally adapt at working on both moving and static structures.

School Visit to the Humber BridgeOUR LEGACYDiane RoweStakeholder Manager at Spencer become part of the community of every project weundertake - even if only for a short period of time. It isimperative that we recognise the complexities and sensitivitiesof these relationships in order for us to complement andenhance and not create conflict during the delivery process.We see our projects as an opportunity to help support ratherthan be a negative experience – communicating positively withand caring for those who will see short-term impacts associatedwith our work.Our aim is to add value to the communities we work in, whetherthat’s through using local services and amenities to employinglocal people/subcontractors

Union Chain BridgeHISTORIC BRIDGESSpencer Group have over 25 years’ experience of refurbishinghistoric bridges over water, land and railways. Our bridgesteam of experienced chartered engineers and on-site deliveryteams are highly experienced in the refurbishment of grade Iand grade II listed structures across the UK.We have developed significant expertise in the refurbishmentof bridge decks, suspension systems, masonry repairs, gritblasting, inspections, steel-work execution, weld repairs andsubsequent repainting activities.Our in-house design team offer complex temporary andpermanent works design solutions, providing safe access forour workforce whilst limiting disruption to local residents andMenai Suspension BridgeHorkstow BridgeBalloch BridgeUnion Chain Bridgebusinesses.By combining pioneering engineering solutions withmeticulous planning and excellent stakeholder relationships,we can ensure that any project is delivered to meet the client’srequirements and expectations.Our bridges teams are highly experienced with working onaging structures to deliver carefully executed constructionmethodologies required to preserve and maintain their iconicsignificance and structural integrity. Our site teams diligentlywork to our in-house procedures to ensure a first class qualityoffering is produced, extending the lifespan of these historicstructures.

PROJECT DETAILSClient Northumberland CountyCouncilStart DateAugust 2020End DateJanuary 2022Duration17 monthsLocationNorthumberlandUNION CHAIN BRIDGE REFURBISHMENTSpencer Group were appointed by Northumberland County Council to carry out a programme of essential works to preserve the 200-year-oldUnion Chain Bridge linking England and Scotland. The works involve fully dismantling the bridge in order to carry out a complete refurbishment ofthe bridge components, restoring them to their original condition. This made possible through the use of a series of suspended underdeck accessplatforms, access cradles and an overhead cable crane which allow the project team to access any area of the bridge whilst it is being dismantled.PROJECT OUTCOMEPROJECT SCOPEKEY STATS131TBESPOKE OVERHEADCABLE CRANE & ACCESSSYSTEM DEVELOPEDOF WROUGHT IRONCHAINS REFURBISHEDThe project involves removing the entirewill go back in its original place. InstallingThe key aim of this project was to ensureThe approach roads from both Englandtimber bridge deck using a suspendednew suspension chain anchorages eitherthat all all modifications are in keepingand Scotland will be remodelledunderdeck access platform and overheadside of the bridge. Re-installing thewith the historical significance of theto incorporate parking for visitors to thecable crane. Removing all hanger rodsrefurbished suspension chains. Installingbridge whilst allowing it to continue tobridge, which is accessible to both vehiclesusing access cradles and an overheadthe new hanger rods using cradles and anprovide safe passage for bridge users inand pedestrians and is a popular touristcable crane. Removing all the suspensionoverhead cable crane. Installing the newthe future. This includes restoring, ratherattraction.chains. Refurbishing the existing masonrydeck, using timber sustainably sourcedthan replacing, the existing suspensiontowers using sandstone from the sametimber from managed woodland, andchains and using the same type of stonenearby quarry, Swinton, as used originallycompleting resurfacing repair masonry work on the bridge’sto match the colour and geologicaltwo towers.characteristics, along with the same type444CHAIN RODSREFURBISHEDTHESPENCERGROUP.CO.UKof mortar. Restoring the chains to theirA bespoke tagging & tracing systemoriginal strength, with links repairedallowed the site team to tag, remove andinstead of replaced wherever possible.refurbish bridge components, ensuringEvery link and chain that can be repairedthat they are put back in their originalposition on the bridge upon completion.

PROJECT DETAILSClientStart DateEnd DateDurationLocationEnvironment AgencyJune 1998June 199912 monthsLincolnshireHORKSTOW BRIDGE REFURBISHMENTThe overall project was to repair 6 historic bridges across Lincolnshire. The scope of works on this project was to fully refurbishment the bridge.The refurbishment entailed a blast and clean of all the stonework to the towers and anchor blocks, full encapsulation of the bridge to blast andrepaint the main cables and hangers, replace any of the stonework which needed replacing and to replace the hardwood timber decking and allthe crossbeams.PROJECT OUTCOMEPROJECT SCOPEKEY STATSII*GRADE II* LISTEDSTRUCTUREThe refurbishment works came with aBecause of this, Spencer Group wereDue to the excellent end product SpencerAll these bridges are also historic bridgesrange of difficulties such as matching thecontracted to take the stonework off theGroup were awarded the Historic Bridgewhere the scope of works Spencer Groupstonework and cables for colour and cut totop of the anchor blocks and towers thenAward for that respective year.were contracted to undertake were similarexisting stonework.refurbish the articulation of the bridge so itwas free to move again.11 OF THE EARLIESTSURVIVINGSUSPENSION BRIDGESWhile the works were undertaken Spencerproject were Saxby Bridge, BroughtonGroup discovered the articulation wasn’tBridge, Hibaldstow Bridge, Cadney Bridge,working correctly on the top of the towersSnitterby Bridge.and the anchor blocks had the chainjammed in them.1/6HISTORIC BRIDGES WHICHFORMED THE OVERALLPROJECTTHESPENCERGROUP.CO.UKfor each bridge.The other 5 bridges involved in the overall

Forth Road Bridge DehumidificationREPAIR, REFURBISHMENT& MAINTENANCESpencer Group has an outstanding track record of work onsome of the largest bridges in the UK and Europe. We havedeveloped significant expertise on undertaking highly technicalmaintenance and repair works to assist our clients in extendingthe lifespan of bridges, using a combination of disciplinesacross the civil engineering sector and beyond to developgame-changing solutions to unique problems.Our extensive experience in the maintenance of bridges allowus to perform works of all disciplines to maintain the structuralintegrity or the bridge aesthetics. prioritising innovativesolutions that save the client time and money are imperative inour bridge maintenance. From unique cable dehumidificationmethods on large suspension bridges to bearing replacementson large multi span bridges, we’re sure to have the experienceto complete the job successfully again. We’re often commendedby our clients in the speed in which we operate on the bridges,this is because of our years of extensive experience which haveallowed us to design and fabricate temporary access gantriesand platforms to ensure works are as safe and efficient aspossible.This innovative approach extends beyond the engineeringsolutions into the planning side, with a focus on ensuring ourclients experience as little disruption as possible during theproject by minimising the need for closures and carriagewaypossessions. By combining ingenious engineering solutionswith meticulous planning and excellent stakeholderrelationships, we can ensure that any project is delivered tomeet the client’s requirements and expectations.Humber Bridge Hanger ReplacementAldwarke Bridge RefurbishmentForth Road Bridge Truss End Link Replacement

PROJECT DETAILSClientTransport ScotlandStart DateAugust 2017End DateNovember 2018Duration15 monthsLocation South Queensferry,EdinburghFORTH ROAD BRIDGE TRUSS END LINKREPL ACEMENTSpencer Group were appointed as Principal Contractor by Transport Scotland to repair the truss ends on the Forth Road Bridge, following a highprofile fracture in the North East main span link that connects the tower to the road deck, forcing the bridge to close for three weeks. The worksinvolved replacement of seven truss ends which connect the bridge deck to the tower.PROJECT SCOPEKEY STATS7REPLACEMENT OF 7TRUSS END LINKSPROJECT OUTCOMESpencer Group were tasked with cuttingbearing, the current truss was modified,A number of key challenges wereFurthermore, the Forth Road Bridge, isout the obsolete sections and replacingwith a section of the end post and bottomovercome in order to successfully deliverlocated within a Site of Special Scientificthem with a unique sliding bearingchord cut away and replaced with newthe project, this included working safelyInterest, we therefore coordinated all worksystem. This required removing thesections.on an operational bridge and at height.with the Scottish Environmental ProtectionFor example, temporary scaffoldingAgency to ensure our works had no adverseenvironmental impacts.temporary solutions on the main deck and50MSSSISCAFFOLDING 50M ABOVETHE FIRTH OF FORTHSITE OF SPECIALSCIENTIFIC INTERESTTHESPENCERGROUP.CO.UKinstalling bearings, as well as installingWe also conducted modifications to makewas required 50m above the River Forthboth the temporary solutions and the newfuture works on the bearings considerablyand traffic management measures werebearings on the side decks.easier, this included installation of newimplemented on the bridge to reduceaccess stairs and permanent accessspeed restrictions and the number ofWe also strengthened tower cells to takeplatforms to allow easy maintenance allvehicles on the bridge.the combined 14 tonne weight of theyear round, reducing disruption to bridgesupport bracket and new sliding bearing.users during future repairs/maintenance.To enable the installation of the new

PROJECT DETAILSClientStart DateEnd DateDurationLocationScotland TranServFebruary 2018November 202033 monthsScotlandERSKINE BRIDGE BEARING REPL ACEMENTSpencer Group were awarded the contract by Transport Scotland to deliver an extensive programme of maintenance and painting on the ErskineBridge. An element of the project involved the temporary works design, replacement methodology and construction works for replacement ofthe main bridge bearings at the South abutment.PROJECT SCOPEKEY STATS400MM1/2TSSSICONFINED WORKINGSPACE DURING BEARINGREPLACEMENTSTEEL SECTIONS MANOUVEREDUSING BESPOKE TEMPORARYWORKS DESIGNRAMSAR & SITE OF SPECIALSCIENTIFIC INTERESTDue to wear and corrosion of the Southplates to existing structural steelwork. WeThe Inner Clyde Estuary is both a RAMSARThe bridge remained open to trafficEast bearing at the south abutment,also repaired cuts and painted the originaland SSSI site, requiring intricate planningand the public throughout the contract,supporting the deck box between thetie backs, in addition to preparing theand environmental protection measuresdemonstrating our ability to work at height,abutment and pier 1, the bearing rollerabutment wall and bearing shelf concreteto prevent any adverse impacts onabove an operational highway and withinwas not in full contact with both upper andsurfaces through using high-pressurethe surrounding flora and fauna. Weclose proximity to the general public.lower surfaces of the bearing assembly.water jetting to remove all traces of painttherefore worked closely with Transportand dirt, followed by concrete repairs andScotland and the Scottish Environmentalwaterproofing.Protection Agency to implement aWe were required to stiffen and strengthenthe end diaphragm to provide new jackingnumber of mitigation measures includingpoints inboard of the existing bearings toencapsulation of work areas, spill kits andpermit the deck to be jacked up using adebris netting.temporary jacking system. This enabledeach bearing to be dismantled andremoved, followed by the installation ofTHESPENCERGROUP.CO.UKPROJECT OUTCOMEnew bearings including welding new wear

PROJECT DETAILSClientStart DateEnd DateDurationLocationHumber Bridge BoardJuly 2013October 201415 monthsHullHUMBER BRIDGE A FRAME REPL ACEMENTFormerly the world’s longest suspension bridge, the Humber Bridge spans the Humber Estuary from East Yorkshire to Lincolnshire across a1,410-metre roadway. Wear and tear caused by 32 years of strong weather conditions necessitated the replacement of the A-Frames, whichconnect the deck to the towers and allow the bridge to expand and contract naturally in the heat and cold.PROJECT SCOPEKEY STATS1.4M421.4 MILE BRIDGELENGTHA FRAMES REPLACEDAWARD WINSTHESPENCERGROUP.CO.UKPROJECT OUTCOMEFollowing design optioneering, Spencerwas a complex scheme involving severalUsing Spencer’s in-house designConstruction Industry Awards 2015, the ICEGroup’s innovative scheme was selectedengineering disciplines, as well as workingresources, we were able to create anSmeaton Award and was nominated for theto replace the main span’s A-frames withat height in the cramped below-deck area,end product that was highly praised byPrime Minister’s Better Public Building Award,a pair of vertically orientated pendelswhilst minimising the effect on the bridge’sour client. As well as the design beingand was the subject of a paper by the ICE.and a wind shoe at each tower, thusoperation – as a vital artery and Hull’s onlyhighly innovative, the delivery of theSpencer Group implemented a new main spanseparating out the horizontal and verticalfixed crossing.project allowed us to keep the bridgeA-Frame replacement system that ensured theforces, with benefits for construction andoperational while works were carriedintegrity of the bridge and simplified futuremaintenance. This would not only replaceout, leading to an ongoing relationshipmaintenance.the existing A Frames, but also reduce thewith the client. The project won thestress on the new replacement to increaseCivil Engineering Project of the Yearits lifespan and reduce the cost and(up to 10m) category in the Britishfrequency of maintenance. The project

Humber Bridge Cable CrawlerINNOVATIVE TEMPORARY ACCESSSOLUTIONSSpencer Group has unrivalled experience in providing accesssolutions for our clients. Our multi-disciplinary approach givesus the ability to utilise engineering experience from acrossour sectors to deliver efficient & effective access on complexstructures within challenging environments.Originally used during suspension bridge main cableinspections, our patented cable crawler design has also beenused to retrofit dehumidification systems to some of the largestsuspension bridges in the world. Since then we have designedand built a range of gantries that allow our engineers to carryout suspension bridge hanger cable replacements, replaceHumber Bridge Hanger GantryForth Road Bridge Underdeck Platformsuspension bridge cable clamp bolts, repaint cable stay maincables an

of bridge decks, suspension systems, masonry repairs, grit blasting, inspections, steel-work execution, weld repairs and subsequent repainting activities. Our in-house design team offer complex temporary and permanent works design solutions, providing safe access for our workforce whilst limiting disruption to local residents and businesses. By combining pioneering engineering solutions with .

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